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Lindzee shows a couple a house, but they need some time to look around and discuss things. Lindzee finds out they're going it, but little does she know that this couple doesn't take to kindly to being watched even if they're not supposed to screw in someone else's house.
"So, this is still in your price range, but close to the higher number," I said, leading the way. "Obviously, it's up to you."

"I like it, Ray; it's spacious."

"Yes, it is, but that does reflect on the price tag. I could tell you liked it from the second I saw your face, Ashley."

"Yeah, so?" she giggled, stopping them both.

I turned back to see them kissing, but looked away. I jiggled a bit, but respected both the client's privacy. They made out for a moment, and I just waited for them to continue the tour. I wasn't sure how long they'd keep going, but I was willing to wait.

"I love you," Ray mumbled.

"I love you too," Ashley added, before coming my way. "Sorry, Lindzee."

"It's okay," I mentioned, peeking at them.

We continued the tour, and they stayed together the whole time. I smiled at them quite a few times as I was happy they were happy with each other, it appeared.

A few minutes later, I saw them kissing again. 'Damn, you two must be in love, and they're feeling some fireworks. Yes, feel that butt, Ray; it looks somewhat plump, but those jean shorts don't paint the best picture. I should be getting annoyed because I'm trying to show you this house, and I don't make money until you buy a house. Yet, you two are displaying something sexy to look at indeed. Ashley, are your hands moving to his crotch.'

"No, babe," he murmured, stopping her hands.

I turned around again and tried to make it seem like I wasn't watching them at all. Although, I still felt my pussy getting wet, I vibrated quite a bit. I tried to play it cool, but of course, they were clearly horny and could've seen the signs.

Even after I kept my eyes off them, I still heard kissing sounds and even a little moaning too. I bit down on my bottom lip because I felt a little uncomfortable, but at the same time, I still felt turned on as well.

After a few minutes, I finally heard their lips come apart. "Oh, we're sorry, Lindzee, I'm sure we can look around for ourselves. You can just chill out for a little while."

I viewed them again and nodded. "Okay, sure," I said, prior to glancing at his crotch. 'Well, you're rock hard, Ray,' I thought, before sitting down on the couch. "Don't forget, you can purchase this furniture here in the living room and the king-sized bed in the bedroom if you'd like."

"We might have to think about that, but thank you, Lindzee," Ashley stated before they headed that way.

I watched them walk away. "Well, a sexy shorter brunette, with a tall brunette man get together, and then the clothes must come off too. I can see that, but I hope they wouldn't just do it in the bedroom. They were eye-fucking each other to death out here, and that's when they weren't making out. So, shit, I don't know, but I wanted to feel my drenched cherry," I moaned, before I bit down on my bottom lip.

I watched my crotch for a moment, even through my skirt, and desired to feel my snatch. I glanced at the door to the bedroom and saw it closed. I couldn't be certain if they were doing something naughty beyond that door, but my head went there, though.

After a couple of minutes, I let my hand into my skirt and then into my panties as well. I couldn't resist, but to feel my wet cherry. It just became real, so to speak, even though I already knew they had me rather hot, actually feeling it was different.

I rubbed my pussy ever so slowly for a moment as my eyes didn't come off the door even for a second. I was roughly twenty-five feet away from the door so that I couldn't hear anything either, but I didn't get up to investigate.

For the time being, I just masturbated nonchalantly and licked my lips too. I knew they could come out at any second, but I rolled the dice and eyeballed the door nonstop. That put out the bait for me, but I stared for the time being.

I felt my slit and shook the couch in the process. I bit down on my bottom lip even more as I knew I was soiling the couch, but I couldn't just stop. I went past the point of no return and kept going.

"She was feeling his crotch earlier, but I wonder if she's got his dick out now. She could be down on her knees right now, with his schlong in her mouth. It could be happening right at this very second. I don't know for sure, but they were making out, and she looked like she was dying to get out of her clothes. I saw her rack a few times too, it looked like they could be C-cups, but I still don't know. Shit, they are like tempting me just to peek in there. How can I, though? Even if they are having sex in there, they might fire me. I could be shit out of luck, and I've had them as clients for over a month now. Well, they know I'm out here, so what all could they be doing in there?"

"Oh," I faintingly heard Ashley moan.

I cheesed, but couldn't get up though. "That's the proof I need; they're screwing in there, I know it. Why else would she moan like that? I know I heard it."

"Be quiet, babe," I heard Ray add quietly.

I covered my face with both hands but didn't speak. I had to picture them doing it, but of course, I had never seen either of them naked, but I still envisioned them the best I could. I scrubbed my twat and breathed heavily too.

"Oh, yes, Ashley, you're being bad and letting your husband plow you from behind in a house you're touring. That's not right, but oh, so sexy, though. I'm sure your snatch can take his big pecker, it might be devouring your pussy, but you can handle it."

I felt my juice coming out more and more and surely getting the couch, but I didn't care. My horny mind took over indeed, and I tried my best to keep myself under control. I almost forced myself to peek at the door from time to time too.

That didn't stop me from masturbating like mad. I just kept my fingers moving nonstop and sweated up a storm as I was all but positive that they were screwing in there. Those faint words painted quite the picture, but I still didn't have actual proof.

Feeling my pussy, under those circumstances, was so much better than just masturbating for any other reason. As I had the concept of this going on as well, all bets were off because I never discovered anything else like this before.

"I've never actually seen anyone have sex in person before, but would I dare get a look at them? They could be doing it, or something else for all I know. I still have no real evidence proving that they are having sex, but shit," I whined, jiggling around even more.

Even if the door suddenly opened, I wasn't certain I could look away quickly, but yet, I continued to eyeball it. Obviously, from the angle of the door, they wouldn't be to tell I had my hand down my skirt, but still, it was a risk.

After twenty minutes, I made myself cum several times, but I still couldn't look away. They trapped me in some kind of sexual vortex, so to speak, and I knew there was no escape. All I could do was wait.

"Even if they come out right now or in another hour, I'm still gonna be wondering the whole time what they were doing in there. I'm rather confident, but I still don't know," I muttered, before a gap. "There's only one way to find out, though," I let out, prior to calmly getting onto my feet.

I evicted my hand and calmly strolled towards the bedroom door. I breathed as lightly as possible and moved my feet as calmly as possible as well.

"Oh, just like that, Ashley, I love you," I heard Ray moan.

"Yes," I mouthed, stopping in my tracks. "They're doing it," I added, before closing the gap. "I don't hear anything from Ashley, but her mouth could be plugged up at the moment," I whispered, before pushing my head on the door. 'Yes, I'm sure that's some sucking sounds; she's blowing him right now.'

My vibrations spiked, and I already felt my juice leaking down my knees nonstop as well. I didn't know what to make of them doing it in a house they didn't own, but they did it and turned me on in the process.

"Yes, suck that cock as we make Lindzee wait for us. Just make sure you swallow; it's rude to soil the carpet or the blanket on the bed."

Then the words ceased, but his moans increased. I backed away from the door, not to make the door rattle. Nevertheless, I had to let my hand back into my panties again. So, I knew Ashley was sucking Ray's pecker directly from the horse's mouth.

I couldn't resist, but to listen and play with my pussy too. Again, I had no idea if they'd just stop and come to the door, but I didn't care. Ray was worried about getting his seed in there, but I couldn't be sure if Ashley would even let his seed pop out at all.

Either way, I wasn't about to walk away or stop playing with myself. I continued to invade their privacy, even if it wasn't warranted for such a thing in that setting. I heard those slurping sounds and him seemingly enjoying himself.

'I'm picturing what's happening perfectly if I was either of them, I know I'd be happy. It's wrong to have sex in someone else's house, especially one you're touring, but shit, you two are naughty. I can't be that mad at you two because it is still hot and sexy.'

I resisted the urge to get a real view of them, but my cherry was begging me to crack the door open just a tad. I desired to see them, but I knew that would be opening up Pandora's Box, and there was no telling what would come out of it.

Nevertheless, I had to glare at the doorknob, but I kept my hand off it for the time being. All the while, I heard the sucking sounds intensify, and his moans get louder too. I had no idea if they forgot I was just outside the room, or they wanted to push their luck, but either way, I got to listen.

"Holy shit, every time you remind me of why I married you: it's that mouth."

I heard her giggle a tad.

"You know what, you shouldn't get cum on the floor or the bed, but you can get my tits, though," she offered.

"I can do that because when I see these boobs, you're bulletproof."

"I know," she added.

"She's at least half-naked now, and she is blowing him still. So, shit," I whined, gently, grabbing the doorknob. "You only live once," I muttered, before opening the door a bit.

From one second to the next, I got to see the image of them together. "Oh, yes, Ashely, you are half nude and giving your hubby one sloppy blow job too. Oh, you two naughty people, you must be extra bad to pull some shit like this. I can't see all of your cock, but it appears to be big and thick. Your hotwife is sucking your dick slowly, but hardly, and you're a good hubby by rubbing her head too. Making it clear how much you love it, and you already have the go-ahead to shoot her melons too. I can't see them too well, but I'm sure they're to die for indeed. Although, you did say you married her because of her mouth, so if I wasn't in the house, would you be screaming in praise of it?"

I had no idea, but I had to keep watching them, even though he only had his rod out and her mouth kept covering it. The act itself was still quite the sight and made me melt too, so I was helpless, but to keep my eyes on them.

I saw him bitting down on his bottom lip more and more, so I was sure he'd need to pop soon, but I still waited patiently for him to do just that. He kept his hands on her head, though, and pulled her hair, but nothing and no one was gonna stop her.

I scrubbed my twat so much, it began to burn a tad, but I managed to keep it lubricated with my juice continually coming out. Nevertheless, I was still feeling it bad, and I trembled too, but I fought to keep watching as long as I could.

"Yes, you're almost there, Ashley, and I'll shoot an ocean all over your hooters if you want. I don't care if this isn't our house; I'll get it done."

"And buy the house too, horny people?" I whispered.

I wasn't sure if the sale was even in the cards, but of course, I had something else to deal with at the moment. I also wanted to take off my clothes because I was sweating heavily, but I resisted again, but pressed my face on the door and opened my mouth as widely as possible.

"Oh, yes, here you go, Ashley," he moaned, gently pushing her face off his rod. "Here you go, babe," he let out before he stroked his schlong.

I still couldn't get a good look at her jugs, but I did see his uncovered dick as he rubbed it and then let his seed burst out to her boobs. He twitched and couldn't keep his eyes on her, but still shared the cum with her.

I certainly reveled in the sight and did my best not to give myself away. Seeing Ray's seed blast out was beyond mind-blowing to me, but knowing his cum landed on her bosoms just made it so much sweeter, though.

"Oh, you know how to use that mouth; there's no doubt about that."

"And you know how to use your dick too," she added, rubbing it into her tits.

"I agree with both of you; even now the deed is done, I'm still masturbating," I muttered.

I tried to control myself the best I could, but I played with fire.

"Oh, shit," I moaned.

"Lindzee? Are you fucking watching us?" Ashley asked, glancing at me.

"Shit," I whined as I felt my heart nearly stop.

"We know it's you, Lindzee," Ashley made clear as I heard footsteps. "What the hell, you were watching me give my husband a blow job?"

I couldn't make eye contact with her and bit down on my bottom lip.

Then she took my hand and yanked me in there with her. "What the hell, Lindzee? You thought it was okay to peep on us?"

"Well, babe, this isn't our house."

"I know, but still. They're just tits, Lindzee; you don't need to cover your face, wench."

"Okay," I mumbled, bringing my head towards them.

I had to check them both out for a moment, and neither of them covered up at all. I tried my best to stay calm, but considering Ashley's attitude, I thought for sure I was screwed.

"Maybe this isn't our house, but that still doesn't make it okay for you to watch us."

"Well, you were in here for a long time, and giving each other those looks before you came in here. Was I just supposed to wait until you two were done?"

"Yes, that's exactly what you should've done. You make money just showing houses, so deal with the job. Regardless of what we were doing in here."

"Okay," I whined, closing my eyes for a second. "Can we just forget this even happened?"

"Are you looking at my hubby's wood now?"

"No," I answered, looking away. "Please, can I just finish showing you the house now?"

"No," she replied, tugging me back towards her. "Why don't you get a closer look, considering how much you love it," she ordered me, pushing me down towards his crotch. "Look, touch, taste, or whatever you want, perv," she said, getting behind me.

I backed away, but pushed me right back. I felt my heart rate soaring through the roof too, but I didn't speak. I tried moving to my side too, but she grabbed both of my thighs and kept me right in front of Ray.

"Go ahead, feel it, Lindzee," she offered, applying pressure to me. "You wanted to watch us, remember? Did Ray and I just imagine catching you just now? No, you were clearly watching with your hand in your panties. Maybe we aren't supposed to have sex in a house you're showing us, but that doesn't mean you can just watch us, though, bitch."

I bit down on my bottom lip and felt her pushing herself on me too.

"We were nice before, but when you pull shit like that, we're gonna be mean. Now grab my husband's dick."

"Okay," I cried, before I calmly brought my hand to his cock. "There, I'm feeling it. Are you happy?"

"No, now stroke it for him. He likes smooth hands, and you definitely have them here," Ashley added, wrapping her hand around mine. "I know how hard his cock is; you saw me sucking on it, remember?"

"Yes, but why are you so mean now?"

"Why did you watch us, Lindzee? Is that in the realtor's handbook?"

"No, but I'm sorry, I didn't mean to piss you off. Now, may I please go?"

"No, we're even having some fun with you now," she added, putting her other hand on mine. "Don't you like his cock, Lindzee, or my boobs?"

I couldn't answer, but Ray leaned to her and kissed her. They obviously showed they were in love, but I wasn't feeling it.

"I don't know what kind of sick game this is supposed to be, but I'm out of here," I said, attempting to break free again.

"No, you're not going anywhere, Lindzee," Ray made clear, pushing off my vest. "You're not the realtor anymore, you're the horny skank that's gonna have some fun, or you're fucked. We'll make sure you lose your license, so cut the shit, will you?"

I sobbed more, but Ashley moved my face towards hers. "Don't worry, we can be nice," she said, before kissing me. "You just did something mean, so you gotta and will make up for it. Now, you're gonna take off more clothes, or you're going to suck my husband's johnson. We'll be nice and let you choose. We want to know if you have sexy jugs or give great blow jobs. I like giving my man mean blow jobs," she explained, before tugging her hands away. "So, what's it gonna be?"

I viewed his cock and jiggled a bit, but I was still unnerved. Ashley kept pushing herself on me and even smooched my neck several times too. Truth be told, I was slightly turned on, but I was scared given their mean demeanors.

"Pick one, damn it!" she yelled.

"Okay, okay," I fretted, wiping my face. "You don't need to be so mean."

"Trust me," she said, before swatting my ass and pushing her face on my neck. "We haven't begun to be mean. Now pick one, Lindzee; we'll tolerate a little reluctance, but not a lot. Now, we're going to feast our eyes on your boobs, or Ray is gonna know how mushy your lips are. You have ten seconds."

I cried a little more, but took off my shirt.

Ashley helped herself to undo my bra and took it off me too. "Oh, these are nice too, Lindzee," she complimented me, rubbing them. "You see, we can be nice."

Ray leaned to me and felt them as well. "Yes, these are perfect, now grab my rod again."

I bit down on my bottom lip again and calmly moved my hands to his pecker.

"You have a great set of boobs, and you've proven yourself to be a voyeur too, you dumb floozy. Maybe if you don't pull bullshit again, you won't have to deal with us being mean," he added, letting his palms onto my face. "Don't you think?" he asked, before kissing me.

"Yes," Ashley made clear, before undoing my skirt.

She pushed it down and then my panties as well. "You're naked now, Lindzee," she added before her hands came onto my pussy. "Wow, you were turned on, woman, this is soaked. Was that mean too?"

"Yes," I griped, pushing her down. "Both of you, keep your hands off me," I commanded them, standing.

She pushed down her shorts and panties. "Oh, you have a mean side too," she added, as they both came up with me. "So, what are you gonna do when we do this?" she pondered, when they placed my hands on their private parts.


My mouth opened up widely and shook too.

"Oh, you like that, don't you, cunt?" Ray asked, rubbing my hand. "You don't have to be ashamed; there are millions of horny pervs like you all over the world. Now since you're feeding us like this, we should get in some more boob play, too," he said before they both felt my jugs. "You're not gonna cry some more, are you?"

"No, you asshole."

"Hey!" she snapped, prior to spanking me. "He's definitely an asshole, but he's my asshole. Now, you're going to make it up to him. Get down on your knees and suck my husband's dick. You decided to watch me doing it, now you're gonna extend me the same pleasure, or we will make sure you get fired and lose your license, understand?"

I bit down on my bottom lip and calmly lowered myself to my knees. I was still scared, but Ashley even got behind me while staying on her feet and pushed her pussy on my head. I couldn't keep the tears from forming, but I leaned towards his cock.

"Grab it, damn it, his prick isn't gonna suck itself. Give him some oral pleasure, Lindzee. You were drooling over us earlier, so this should be easy, shouldn't it?"

I still felt my slit getting wet, and she made me hornier while pushing her twat on me, but they still pushed me though, which made me very uneasy.

"Come on, suck on it, and get my husband's cum, bitch. We're getting tired of waiting, so just do it already."

I turned around and shoved her down. "You're a fucking hussy, Ashley."

We looked at each other with mean eyes for a moment.

Then she soared back down with me. "I like you, but now you're gonna give my husband head, skank," she ordered me, before turning me around.

She grabbed his schlong and pulled it towards me. "Open your mouth and suck it; we all know you're horny, so do it, reluctant slut. Prove to us that you can pull the shit off, and don't even think about wussing out on us either. We got you naked for a reason, now please us."

I bit down on my bottom lip and calmly let his pecker into my mouth.

"Oh, there you go, tramp. You liked watching me suck his rod, and now it's in your mouth," she moaned, pushing herself on me. "Put your hands at the base, too, and suck it hard. Make him want to cum a river all over your tits, Lindzee. I want to see you suck it until he had to explode, and not a second beforehand. I'll just be rubbing these boobs the whole time, so keep going."

I closed my eyes and let my lips thrust slowly; all the while, I felt her keep pushing herself on me, and Ray even placed his hands on my head too. So, I was conflicted, but I certainly knew Ashley wasn't about to let me stop even with my tears.

She placed her chin on my shoulder too, but of course, the motives behind it weren't nice, so it was still rather taboo, to say the least. I didn't love the taste of Ray's wood, but I did get into it a bit after a while.

"Yes, suck that johnson, just like that. You're making him moan and jiggle a bit too. So, keep sucking, and get that seed. Get it, witch, get it just as the perverted tart you are. Who the hell just watches someone fuck? What kind of bullshit is that?"

I pushed her down again, but she calmly came back up to me yet again. That time, she let her hands come onto my cherry and immediately began rubbing it too. I shook and felt my nerves cringe at first, but let it go the time being.

I felt her breath attack my neck too, but I kept at it with my lips moving back and forth ever so slowly. He continued to fondle my head as well, but then they both decided not to talk. I felt a little less threatened by then, but I knew I wasn't free.

I even made eye contact with Ray, but he still didn't let a word drop. Although, he did let his hands go even harder on my head. The veins in his wood did go off a bit too, but I could tell by his stance he very much in control of himself.

He even licked his lips, but showed no signs of losing it. All the while, Ashley kept fingering me and making me frequently jolt as well. I felt her cherry rubbing all over my butt and lower back, so she left quite the trail of juice too.

I pressed my lips on his cock too in hopes of reducing his defenses, but it was pointless. I watched him hold firm, and there seemed to be no corner-cutting at all. After a few more minutes, I closed my eyes again and angled my head forward too.

I also made sure to keep my hands at the base, but again, it was futile to making him give an inch so I could stop. I felt Ashley grab my titties harder and harder with each passing minute and even began hurting them a bit.

Nevertheless, it made me push the envelope with her pushes and his resistance. I made my lips go further down his prick, but yet, I didn't get him to shake. He played with my hair, but never smiled at me or give me any other positive reinforcement.

The best I got was some massaging from both of them, even though it wasn't exactly welcome from either of them. Needless to say, the extra happy, but mean couple fed off my reluctance, and once it worked in their favor, they got a little more handsy.

I breathed out of my nose the best I could and still had a speeding heart, but I didn't allow them to bite my head off again. I was still nervous, but they humiliated me somewhat, so I needed to get back at them.

Ashley used both hands on my vagina and even let a couple of fingers go in there as well. Still, I wouldn't say I liked it, but I allowed it to happen under their threat. I felt my body tense up quite a bit, but I tried to fight the disgust, but I had to let his wood.

"Were you just gagging?" Ashley whined.

"Yes, his dick is too big; it went back too far, you stupid tramp," I griped, turning to her.

"You pathetic woman," she branded me, before pushing me away.

She took his cock back into her mouth and immediately went all the way back.

"Oh, yes, that's how you suck a schlong, Lindzee, not how you were fucking doing it."

"Well, you two were being horrible to me; what the hell do you two expect?" I fretted.

She released his rod. "Nothing, but get back over here and suck his cock until he cums," she ordered me, pulling me back to his crotch. "Suck it and make him give you his seed, woman. This is your last chance, or you're fucked."

I slowly opened my mouth again and let his johnson in there.

"No, push those damn lips back and make my husband feel good. We're getting tired of waiting for you. I showed you how to do it, now get it done. It's not that hard, wench. Shit, a fucking virgin could get this done, and I swear if you start crying again, I'll slap the tears right off your face."

I let his wood out again and looked at her.


I slapped her myself and made her fall. "Shut the fuck up, you conniving harlot! If you say one more damn word, I'll rip off those two sacks of silicone you have hanging off your chest that you call 'boobs.' Do you got that?"

She smiled as evily as possible and rose back up with me. She snatched my arms and yanked me back to her to kiss me. I surely didn't like it, but she was still very much the boss. My arms stayed down at my sides, but she kept her lips on mine for over a minute.

Her lips abruptly launched off mine. "Don't make me tell you again."

I advanced her onto her butt again and went back to his cock. I grabbed it at the base as hard as I could and took it into my mouth. I held his member as hard as possible and pressed my lips down on it as much as possible too.

"Everyone needs a damn push, woman, now use it, and use it well for your favorite clients, Lindzee," he implored me, scrubbing my head.

"Yes, what the hunk said, woman. Are you gonna do as you're told and make him shoot his load? Do I need to swat your ass again?" she pondered, leaning up with me again.

I didn't answer her and just kept sucking as hard as possible. I finally got some results and had Ray shaking a bit, but I knew I still had work to do, though. I used my tongue to go all over it too, but it seemed like I was using scissors to mow the lawn.

It was near pointless for me to make him cum, and those two were gung ho on making me feel like shit and getting the supposed result they wanted. At the same time, he caressed my head, and she rubbed my melons too.

"You saw him shoot before, so you know he'll explode, but you gotta work for it, though. Suck on it so hard that you force the cum to blast out. Do it, you dumb Bizare chick. I don't know why you thought watching us was okay, but you're going to make it up to us. There's no half-assing bullshit here, and if you fail us, trust me, you'll regret it."

I pushed my lips down his schlong as far back as I could and gagged again. I knew they both noticed, but they didn't say anything. I felt them pressure my head just a tad, but they didn't make me too uncomfortable, but it was unnerving though.

I kept going and thought about their bullshit, which made me just want to make him cum that supposedly possible river. I couldn't be sure I was mentally able to make it happen, but after a ten-minute blow job, he calmly pushed my head off his cock.

He stroked it in front of my face with his other hand on top of my head. "Now be a good start and take my load," he muttered, before letting out his first stream.

They both held me tight and made me take his load all over my face. He let out four different shots and made me cringe even more with each one. I closed my eyes as tightly as I could and tried not to shed tears. Although, I was still fighting an uphill battle.

"Oh, that's a good hussy, taking all that seed," Ashley whispered, rubbing my cheeks. "You should feel proud to take such a load, but yet, you're crying. Why are you sobbing like a little bitch, Lindzee? Do you not like cock, is that it?" she asked, before coming to my other side.

She looked me over with the meanest look I could fathom; all the while, I couldn't keep it together and covered my boobs as well.

"You look like shit, Lindzee," she pointed out, before kissing me.

"Probably because you two are assholes and threatening me too," I cried, wiping my face.

"Oh, is that not alright?" she pondered, pushing my face towards her hooters. "You only decided to peep on us, but we're the ones being mean here. Now lick my nipples as Ray sticks his cock inside you."

I looked at her melons and backed my head away a tad. "I'm not a lesbian."

"We don't give a fuck, floozy," Ray branded me, sticking his schlong in my twat.

"Oh, that hurts," I fretted, rubbing my face with one hand.

"Hey, buck the hell up already," she whined, grabbing my face with both hands. "You're really starting to piss us off now. Now your tongue is about to touch one of my nipples or my cherry; if you don't pick in five seconds, let's say my husband is gonna make it hurt back there."

Even though I felt repulsed, I immediately went to her boobs and licked her left nipple.

"Don't you love it when you listen?" she muttered, caressing my head. "We love it when stupid cunts listen. Now feel my snatch as my husband devours yours."

"No," I objected, leaning my head away. "I'm not a lesbian; I don't like you at all that way."

"We don't care, Lindzee," she let out, letting her hands on my shoulders. "We do not give a shit what you like or dislike, do you understand? If you keep griping like the whore you are, then we're gonna go right to your boss and get you fired. So, we suggest you cut the shit and roll with it. If you want to end it, then leave. We can show ourselves out," she explained, before stole my hands and transported them to her snatch. "If you're staying, then finger fuck me and lick my nipple too," she ordered, before shoving my face to her tits.

I cried more and more as Ray kept thrusting his schlong. I tried to take it as much as I could, but they both made it clear they didn't care about me at all. I barely moved my fingers on her twat and licked her nipple slightly.

I didn't look up at her, but she placed her hands on my head. I tried to please her the best I could, but it was all pretty much futile. I couldn't get anything really right because it was like trying to swim when they kept throwing anchors at me.

"You have a slick tongue, but use it right, Lindzee. You have to move it quickly and push harder too. What the hell is wrong with you?"

"I've never been with a woman before, Ashley, and his cock is making my slit feel horrible too, you bitchy woman," I cried.  


"Get your shit together; we're still far from even here. You're never going to make it if you keep on crying, so quit it already. Lick my nipple like it's the last thing you're gonna do," she told me, prior to shoving my head to her boobs yet again. "Now open your damn mouth and let my nipple in there. Suck on it, and make me feel good. You owe us, so get it done."

I had tears forming nonstop, but I did it for her.

"Come in, grab my tit with at least one hand; you don't need both to finger me. What happened to your mean side, by the way?"

I grabbed her bosom as well and sucked on her nipple marginally. I didn't know what I was doing, but I still did it. Ray did slow down his thrusts a bit so I could concentrate a little bit better. He caressed my butt too, so it appeared he did have at least some semblance of a soft side.

"Suck it, woman," she whined, swatting my back. "You're a fucking woman, aren't you? You know how you liked to be pleased, right? Stop making this the most difficult thing ever. Just fucking do it."

"Okay, okay, you cunt, I'm trying my best."

"Well, try harder, Lindzee," Ray added, pushing his dick harder into me. "Next time you find out a couple is having sex in a house you're showing, just wait until they're done."

I wiped my face again and took her entire nipple into my mouth as I still had no idea what I was doing. Even if I did know how I'd like to be pleased, they fucked my mind, so I could barely put a sentence together.

Although, I did have her caressing my head. I didn't look up at her because I finally managed to do something right, and I didn't want to mess it up. I also moved my fingers on her snatch slowly as well, so she trembled.

Ray kept went back to thrusting his wood slowly, and he fondled my butt cheeks as well. I did my best to keep my chin up, but history proved that they could tear me down like I was made of glass and they were sledgehammers.

"Oh, yes, give me some more suction now, Lindzee. Once again, don't you love it when you listen? Even a dumb tramp like you can listen."

I didn't look at her even for a second. I just wanted to please them both the best I could without them speaking, and maybe this could end. I didn't even care about them buying the house; I just wanted nothing to do with them by then.

I couldn't see her, but she was moving around a bit, and she pressed her hands harder and harder on my head too. I didn't fall into the trap of taking pride; I just kept going on her nipple as I was.

Although, she pushed my head to the side. "Get my other tit," she ordered me, pushing my face on it, and right before she angled my head up too. "Look at me, Lizzie. Don't give me that face; at least pretend you're enjoying yourself. It's not like you've gotten laid in the past year, have you? Not if you decide to watch clients have sex."

"Damn, Ashley, you're one giant cunt; why do you gotta break me down at every chance? Why can't you cut the shit?"

"Well, we're in charge here, Lindzee," Ray made clear, before spanking me. "Didn't you get that memo?" he asked, leaning on me. "I mean, what part of that isn't clear?"

I bit down on my bottom lip again, and they both made me rise. His cock remained inside me, and then she leaned to my knockers.

She grabbed onto both of them. "I might be the harlot in charge here, but I can do what I preach," she added, before opening her mouth.

She immediately took my entire right nipple into her mouth, and I felt like her mouth was a vacuum.

"You see, my wife just wanted you to do that for her; why was that so hard?" Ray asked, pushing his body onto mine. "Ashley knows what she's doing, but you were thinking she was just a total bitch ordering you around not knowing what she was doing, right? That's exactly what you were thinking, don't even think about lying."

"Yes, you fucking asshole."

"Don't worry, Lindzee," she moaned, bringing her lips to mine again. "You live and learn. So, I hope you learn all the lessons here today," she mentioned, before advancing my head back to her boobs. "Now pick one and suck it just as I did for you, wench. Do it as my husband keeps thrusting his wood."

I closed my eyes again and sucked one of her nipples into my mouth again. I was so distraught; I wasn't sure which one it was. I didn't use my hands at all and sucked as hard as I could.

Once again, I did get her to caress my head. "Oh, you're using your tongue too? Dare I ask: are you learning now?"

I didn't respond at all, but indeed used the hate I had to please them. I hated the extra happy, but mean couple so much that I wooed them to just make them let me go, so to speak. My pussy hurt like hell too, but I tried to fight it the best I could no matter what.

Although, as Ray saw how good I was making his wife feel, he began thrusting his cock a little faster. That got me to stop sucking just for a second, but then I kept going without conflict. On the other hand, she did grab both of my hands and bring them to her beaver.

She put them on it and covered them with both of hers. "Get yourself some pussy too, you horny perv. Finger me good, just as you were doing to your muff earlier, you remember, right?"


"You didn't like my husband cumming all over your face, did you?" she asked, shaking my head no. "Of course not, but you're looking to keep your job. You'll do anything to please us now, won't you?"

"Yes, you condescending floozy."

"Yes, feed that anger with more anger, Lindzee. Let it control you; it leads to better sex. Now I have his cum on me too, and I love it. Are you gonna cry again if he does reshoot you? Perhaps on my your butt, or maybe on your pussy?"

I didn't respond again, but I felt Ray pushing his pecker deeper into my cherry and expanding it even more. He made me cry on command, but then they decided not to comment on it. I just continued to suck as hard as I could, even though I got a headache from it.

Needless to say, she was right, but I didn't give her the answer she wanted to hear. Once again, she made me switch nipples, so I sucked on it other one, but she didn't keep my hands free on her twat either.

She pretty much forced me to please her, but I knew resisting wouldn't be a good option. As time went on, my snatch did feel better, but it was still no walk in the park for me. Therefore, I still found myself aching for him just to pull out and shoot, even if it was on me.

Then Ashley yanked up my face to hers and kissed me. "My husband wants a kiss too."

I bit down on my bottom lip and turned my head to his. He helped himself to kiss me and feeling my bosoms too. He felt them just as his wife did, but she decided to feel my cherry. My lips came off his as she did, but nothing changed.

He kept his hands on my boobs and even squeezed them a bit too. After two nonstop minutes, Ashley moved my face back to hers with one hand and brought my hand to her beaver with the other.

I was still far from being a lesbian, but that hussy shoved herself down my throat, which she literally did when she let her tongue into my mouth too. Once again, I jerked my head back, but they both let it go.

"Oh, yes, make out with the skank, babe. I love feeling both sets of hooters coming together. She might be a pathetic wench, but she does have a sweet slit and great set of melons too," he moaned, before I felt him evict his pecker.

He stood up, and she pushed me somewhat. "You're gonna take another load, Lindzee," she made clear, turning me to him. "Now stick out your tongue time and drink of it."

I bit down on my bottom lip, but reluctantly did it before the first stream came blasting out. Once again, I gagged, but took it the best I could again. Needless to say, I let out more tears, but I knew the alternative was worse.

"I know I love it when you listen, Lindzee," he added, rubbing his schlong on my tongue. "Are you gonna listen to us and not pull this shit again?"

"Yes," I sobbed, angling my head down.

"No, don't be like that, now we're going to do you a favor, and no, we're not gonna buy this house. We're going to show you how to eat pussy, but to make it clear we're not the horrible people you think we are, I'm gonna do it on you. Study up, though, because then we're going to want you to do it on us. So, you're gonna get some pleasure and learn how to give it too, so get those damn tears off your face already; we're sick of looking at them," she explained, before pushing me down to my back. "And again, to show I'm not some cunt, I'll take his big cock and fuck you sideways at the same time."

"You're that for threatening me, Ashley. I never thought you didn't know what you were doing."

"Shut the hell up and watch me," she commanded me, before leaning down to my beaver.

She immediately began licking it quickly, and Ray stuck his member into her muff too. I leaned back on my palms and watched her as she told me to, and she knew what she was doing indeed. She looked right into my eyes and fucked me like nobody's business.

"Put a hand on her head already, Lindzee, and get with the program."

I felt my nerves cringe again, but I followed his command. I rubbed it too, but it was difficult to keep myself upright, though. I shook so much, the bed quaked, so it did feel very good.

"It's alright to enjoy it, woman, but watch her, I assure you, you will be tested, and you do not want to disappoint us."

I nodded and swallowed. Ashley moved her tongue both inside and out of my pussy, all the while, she kept her hands on my thighs and maintained intimate eye contact too. Whether I liked it or not, Ray made it clear that I had to return the favor, so I tried to calm my nerves as much as possible.

Although, with her licking my cherry and Ray thrusting his dick, they heightened the pleasure, but we were still in a stressed out atmosphere, though. I never felt such a mix of joy and misery before, and I knew if I went nuts too quickly, they'd get upset again.

With that in mind, I fought like hell to keep myself down. She proved herself to be one smart-ass floozy considering she not only physically screw, but mentally too. Once again, I was drowning, but they were throwing me anchors.

"Fine, you can lie down now, Lindzee; we won't kill you," she mentioned, taking a break. "We're assholes, but not mean assholes."

"That doesn't make any sense, and yes, you are," I griped, lying down.

"We're still gonna test you, though," she made clear, before going down on me again.

I covered my face with both hands and felt her get me. Ray and his hard cock played no role in getting to throw her off her game. Her tongue moved so quickly; I nearly thought she was superhuman. Added with the fact with Ray, I just hated her more.

After a minute, I felt her head again and fondled it a bit. That didn't stop her from going down on me, and she even sucked my lips down there into her mouth. I couldn't look at her, but glued my hands to her head.

Her tongue came down on my lips, and she let them drag all over them. I wasn't sure what all she could do to make me feel good, but she seemed not only to be covering her bases, but pouncing on them.

"Oh, shit, you're a total fucking bitch, but you're good."

"I know," she replied, leaning up and climbing to me. "I hope you learned something, Lindzee, because if you didn't, you're screwed," she told me, before rising on her knees with her crotch at my face. "Now lick my pussy, and again, we're not horrible people, so he's not gonna stick his cock inside you just yet anyway. So, you don't have any distractions."

"You may not be horrible, but some symptom less intense."

"Shut up and eat me out already before you make us worse."

"What my wife said," Ray added, pushing himself on her back and kissing her.

I took a deep breath and licked her pussy once. They weren't looking at me, so I hid my repulsion, but I knew if I stopped, they'd whined. So, I began licking her twat some more and fought through my disgust.

I was still very much not a lesbian, even though she did make me feel really good when she fucked me. I tried my best to like it as much as possible, but it wasn't easy. I kept my tongue on her lips, but I did it much more slowly and went in random directions too.

I received a good dose of her juice, and some of it drizzled onto my chin and chest. Once again, I wouldn't say I liked it, but nothing and no one was gonna make me give up. In fact, they were dreadful people as they displayed themselves the way they did, but I peeled them somewhat.

After a couple of minutes, Ashley peeked back at me. "Oh, you know how my lips taste, but go faster and let that in the past those lips. You need to fuck me good, and trust me; you don't want the consequences of failing us."

I nodded and closed my eyes. 'Fine, you repetitive wench.'

I didn't picture someone else, but just the idea of licking a snatch and trying my best to like it, if only the time being. She had a somewhat big bush down there, but I pushed it back a bit and kept slathering her lips calmly.

I wasn't sure if she was looking at my face, but with her juice coming out at me, I was confident she was. I knew she was full of herself indeed and needed to validate the pleasure I was supposed to give her too.

After a couple of minutes, she confirmed my theory by pushing my eyelids open. "I'll be patient with you now, but trust me, my patience is running out now. I don't care if pussy isn't your cup of tea, but stick your tongue into my muff and get a good taste of it. You're not doing the best you can, and remember, his dick isn't distracting you yet, so do better. Once again, if we see you cry, we're gonna lose it."

I fought the urge to shed tears, but spanked her. Then I made her come down even closer to my face. As I got it there, I managed just to push myself and let my tongue in past her lips. I felt her vibrate, and she leaned her head back too.

She kept hands on the sides of my head, but didn't speak for the time being. They kept to their word, and Ray didn't fuck me then, but I knew it wouldn't last forever. I let my tongue roam freely in her slit and felt those pussy walls.

As I knew she liked the thrills, I had to like it a bit more myself. Even though I had hate coursing through my system, I had no choice, but to enjoy myself. I hated the fact that I liked it solely because she did, but it happened exactly like that.

"Oh, yes, just like that, cunt, lick all around in there," she moaned as Ray came around to my face.

"That's Ray's dick rubbing on your forehead, Lindzee."

I didn't look to see it, but I felt it. Ray stroked his member on my head as I kept fucking his wife.

"Do you want your dick sucked by the floozy, baby?"

"You bet I do."

Ashley pushed off my mouth off her vagina. "Now suck my hubby's pecker, you pervy hussy."

I took a deep breath and let his dick in my mouth. He pushed his crotch, and therefore, his cock went in as far as it could. He made me gag again, and but he didn't shove it down my throat. After a moment, he let it out, and Ashley pushed her twat back to my mouth.

So, I took turns making them both feel good. They fed off my reluctance, but didn't force me to fuck them. They just waved their job loss threat over me nonstop. I saw them make out more and more, so they were fucked up, but they loved that about each other.

He dropped his hands down to my head as well and massaged it for me. After a moment, Ashley released my mouth and made way for his dick again. My hands just stayed down, and I solely used my lips and tongue.

They weren't whining to me to use anything else or even going that I wasn't doing it right. I knew I'd never feel adored by the extra happy, but mean couple, but they certainly did give me some shots of them being human. On the other hand, they both still showed their narcissism because when I fucked one, the other needed to rub themselves on me.

They both needed attention simultaneously, but of course, I couldn't fuck them both at the same time. So, I took roughly thirty seconds on each of them. I got them both to twitch somewhat, so I knew I was doing something right.

Needless to say, my tongue and lips were getting rather tired, but I kept going on them still. They both massaged my head and neck, so they did console me a little bit. I couldn't keep my eyes on them the whole time, but did as much as I could again.

Oddly enough, they saved all of their mean words again. I surely never liked licking her cherry, but found some desire as they both made me feel okay about how I did it. I went nonstop for over ten minutes, just going back and forth, but they kept their lips zipped.

I sucked his cock as slowly as I could and pressured it too, but being in that position, I was still not going to woo either of them. I needed to be on my stomach or maybe knees to do it right, but even then, I fucked them as well as possible and enjoyed the results.

As I had Ray's cock in my mouth, he abruptly yanked it out. "Oh, you're making me cum now, Lindzee," he moaned, stroking it.

I closed my eyes and tensed up my face, but I didn't get his seed that time. I felt some of it, but it splashed off Ashley. She pushed her pussy on my face again, but kept some of it uncovered to get that cum.

"Fuck yes, Ashley, I love you," he moaned, before I heard kissing sounds.

I looked up to see them kissing, but they saw me after a minute.

"What the fuck are you looking at, cunt?" Ashley attacked me, getting off me. "Don't fucking look at us, you had your fun, now get your clothes on and get out now," she whined, pointing at the door. "Just get the paperwork ready for us to sign; we'll take the damn house," she told me, yanking me up with them. "If you tell a soul about what happened here, we'll go straight to your boss and get your ass fired, got it?"

I got up and looked at them. "You'll take the house, though?"

"Yes, what part of what she just said did you not understand?" Ray questioned, coming up with me. "Get your ass out of here and get the paperwork ready. Again, we're not the total fucking assholes you pegged us as, witch."

"No, you're just fucked in your heads. What the hell is wrong with you two? You bust me to make me fuck you two for watching you two even though you're in the wrong, and you're still treating me like shit?"

"Yes," he answered, pushing me down. "Again," he mumbled, leaning down with me. "Don't let anyone find out about this. If you don't like being threatened, then don't watch someone have sex. If I see a single tear, I will slap you, now fuck off, Lindzee."

"Wow, shit, you two suck, just when I thought you two were maybe okay, you just turn back into these awful people," I whined, grabbing my clothes.

"Shut the fuck up and get out already, but know this, your reluctance was hot, you clueless hussy. And try this on for size," she added, coming to me. "We're gonna be the bigger people and make sure you get a bigger commission by offering two grand over asking," she said, before pushing me. "Even though, you sure as shit do not deserve it for whoring yourself."

"You made me fuck you two."

"We didn't put a gun to your head. Now for the last time, leave; I'm gonna fuck my husband without anyone watching," she made clear, coming to him and wrapping her arms around him. "I don't care if we're in here for an hour or six; you fucking wait outside, slut."

I couldn't help, but shed a few tears. I didn't even put my clothes back on, and walked out the door. Even though I was happy to get more money, they both still stole the joy out of that by making me feel like shit.

I put my clothes back on and got the paperwork ready for them to sign too. I got everything ready for the seller, and even though they were happy, I still wasn't. I cried nonstop, but still got it done.

"Holy shit, those two are awful. Even with that generous offer, they're still the worst clients I've ever had. I'll never let my pussy get the better of me like that again."
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