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Day 3 of the Janice and Ginger saga. Janice meets up with her sister and sister-in-law and is introduced to lesbian sex.
It was Wednesday and it Started like the previous two days Janice bade Stephen and David farewell for the day. She was about to lock the door as she usually did but something told her to leave it unlocked.

She walked through into the front room and stopped, she could not move, Janice tried to pick her feet up she could not, however hard she tried she was frozen still like a statue.

Suddenly memories of the previous two days came flooding back, she remembered what Ginger had made her do, he had raped her and by controlling her mind he had made her enjoy it and join in. She had walked naked down her street and he had buggered her.

She tried to move desperate to get away but she really was stuck.

The front door opened she was scared about what he was going to make her do.

If was not Ginger! It was her sister Christine and Susan her sister-in-law. Chris commented.

“your door was unlocked so we just walked in”

Janice found she could talk and started to pour out words explain she was frozen where she was, what Ginger had made her do.

Mid flow Chris stopped her by stepping forward and gently kissing Janice on the lips. That stopped Janice.

Janice’s eyes opened wide when Christine took her face in her hands and kissed her hard, probing her mouth with her tongue.

Janice found she could not speak.

Sue was watching her eyes glinting. She came up to Janice,

“you sexy thing we are going to have so much fun with you.”

Sue whispered in Janice’s so quietly that Chris could not hear.

“My dear sister-in-law I have spent years pretending to like you but really you are just a spoilt bitch, I am going to enjoy today and a few more days like it.”

Janice did not understand what was happening.

Still frozen like a statue Janice watched.

Sue turned to Chris and she watched in increasing horror as Sue and Chris kissed hard, tongues in each others mouths. The two of them quickly undressed each other, Sue had really big breasts especially compared to Chris.

They moved on to the floor completely ignoring Janice.

Chris wasted no time grabbing a handful of Sue’s tits. Chris was so turned on as she was caressing Sue’s naked body.

Chris was paying special attention to every delicate curve when suddenly Sue couldn't take any more. She suddenly gave Chris a deep kiss.

Sue’s fingers ran down Chris’s body and touch her pussy Chris let out a soft moan as she enjoyed Sue’s finger softly fondling her delicate pleasure center. Sue’s tongue soon found its way to Chris’s nipples which Janice noticed were hard and erect. Each gentle lick was driving Chris crazy she was moaning loudly.

Janice wanted to cut out the vision of the two of them but she was still frozen in her place.

Chris felt her body was about to explode when she felt Sue’s finger enter her pussy.

"Uhhh God," Chris said, as Sue gently inserted a second finger into her. Sue could feel Chris was close as she continued to finger her, so she knelt down between Chris’s knees and gave Chris's clit a gentle lick which sent her over the edge. "Uhhhhh," Chris moaned as the orgasm hit her, she was loud. Sue started kissed her harder and deeper pushing her tongue deep into her pussy. Chris was writhing with pleasure. A loud aaaahhh with her head thrown back and Chris slumped back her body spent.

Sue sat down on the floor and spread her legs. She looked hot and flushed.

Chris regained her senses and seductively crawled over between Sue’s legs. They kissed again and Chris worked her mouth down to Sue’s nipples, sucking and nibbling on them. Moving further down Chris put her tongue to work. Sue tasted so good.

Ò"Oooooh right there, don't stop," Sue moaned.

She wanted all of Chris’s attention focused on her clit. Chris was French kissing her pussy, every second was pure heaven for Sue. Chris was lying on her stomach eagerly licking her private parts.

Janice saw Sue’s toes curled as she had her orgasm. They both sat on the floor panting.

Chris stood up, “your turn” Janice.

Her lips were soon on Janice’s frozen lips she could even taste Sue’s cum on her sisters lips.

Janice was reeling, these were her family performing together and intent on involving her.

Chris was intent on unbuttoning Janice’s shirt and Sue moved behind her pulling the shirt off her shoulders, down her arms and dropped it on the floor.

Sue unclasped Janice’s bra and dropped it on the floor.

Janice was helpless as Sue sucked on one nipple and Chris on the other. Her denim skirt was then unzipped and dropped on the floor.

Chris knelt in front of her and pulled her knickers off, kissed her pussy and inserted two fingers into her dry cunt. Janice looked down at her sister wondering what was happening.

Chris pushed Janice on to a sofa spread her legs and started licking her pussy, Janice cringed inside at what they were doing to her.

Chris moved to one side and Sue stood over Janice.

A message seemed to flash across her mind.

Janice’s body started to move it was involuntary, in her mind she immediately knew what her body was going to do and she could not stop it.

“No she,”cried inside her self, “I am not a lesbian.”

Janice could feel her pussy getting wet, she stood up and her hands went straight to Sue’s breasts, she could feel them warm and heavy in her hands, the nipples hardening.

She tried to hold back but her mouth found Sue’s they wrapped arms around each other kissing each deeply. Janice moved her mouth down to Sue’s nipples sucking them, she could feel them hardening against her tongue.

Sue pushed Janice back down on to the sofa and knelt on the floor in front of her. Janice found her legs spreading wide and in an instant Sue’s tongue was at her pussy, lapping at her folds there. Janice was cringing at what her body was doing what it was enjoying, she knew she could not fight it.

"Unnnng," Janice said eloquently as her hips instinctively moved to more fully meet Sue’s mouth. She was licking with abandon.

Chris came and sat beside Janice turned and started sucking her nipples, which grew rock hard.

Janice gasped out as she felt her thighs begin to clench.

Janice grabbed the top of Sue’s head running her fingers through her hair.

She could feel the rising tide that gathered strength down below.

Her legs closed around Sue’s head, trapping her against her pussy as she stepped within inches of her edge.

She started to moan in earnest. Her hips began to shudder in anticipation.

She kept her hand on Sue's head, now pressing her firmly against her as her back began to arch.

She wasn't quite there yet, though. Her legs graduated from quivering to bucking, and she took care not to box Sue’s ears with her clenching thighs. Her toes were curled, and her breasts were shaking as the pleasure mounted.

Then, the pleasure overtook her. She was dimly aware of massive amounts of fluids coming from her pussy, coating Sue’s face.

She fell back on the couch, still shuddering. Her mind was shuddering as well at the horror of what she was going through.

Chris laid on her back on the carpet and beckoned Janice with one finger. Janice knelt across her sister one knee at each side of her. She bent forward and kissed her lips hard while Chris put her hands to Janice’s breasts. After a moment Janice moved forward almost sitting on her sisters face, presenting her open pussy her.

Chris did not hesitate her tongue found the wet pussy above her face and licked. Janice was still very sensitive there following Sue’s licking.

Janice’s juices ran down the inside of her thighs they dripped into Chris’s open mouth. Chris stopped licking for a moment and plunged two fingers deep into Janice feeling the wetness, she pulled her fingers out and offered them up to Janice who took them in her mouth tasting her own pussy juice.

Chris was licking at her clit again and Janice knew she was moaning, her arching and a climax shook her body again.

Janice moved down kissing Chris’s breasts, stomach, pussy hair and thighs.

Chris opened her legs and Janice kissed the inside of her thighs, she looked and could see every detail of her sisters folds and clit, it was shining with wetness. She put her tongue out and pushed into Chris tasting her, she found her clit with her tongue and made a little circle around it.

She could hear Chris moan as she continued exploring the recesses of her sisters body with her tongue. She started licking at her clit in a regular pattern and was rewarded with streams of pussy juice.

Chris was starting to shake at her sisters actions she brought her legs up and wrapped them around Janice’s head and started rocking in time to the rhythm of the licks at her clit.

Chris could feel her climax building like a wave.

Janice carried on licking hard, she could feel Chris shaking and her muscles tighten. The was a loud scream and moan and Janice felt juices from Chris soaking her face. She stopped licking and crawled up to Chris’s face and kissed her lips.

Inwardly Janice’s was recoiling at what she had done, she knew she was going mad her sanity slipping.

Janice could feel Sue rubbing at her back. They turned to each other and kissed. Janice with her tongue in Sue’s mouth felt her close her mouth and bite down gently on her tongue.

Sue rolled Janice on to her back and laid on top of her in the 69 position. Janice opened her legs for Sue to get to her. Janice kissed the inside of her sister-in-laws thighs and then went straight in to her body with her tongue.

Sue was fingering and licking Janice tasting her juice’s again. Janice was enjoying the taste of Sue.

Janice was so busy licking at Sue if almost came as a surprise to realise she was at the edge of her own climax. She was starting to shake as it built, she continued with her tongue in Sue.

As the climax came she spread her legs wider and moaned into the pussy she was licking the climax rippled through her pussy as her juices ran. Moments later Sue reached her own climax her juices running down her thighs and into Janice’s mouth.

The two of them collapsed together breathing hard.

Janice rolled on to her side and Chris laid in front of her their breasts and bodies pressed together. Sue laid behind Janice her breasts pressed against Janice’s back.

Chris kissed Janice on the lips and whispered now you are my lover and sister. The three of them had sex together again and again until they were exhausted.
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