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A sweet little story about Danni, her brothers, and their friends
Tomboy (fm, fm+, Incest, Exhibitionist)

Story Summary - Danielle plays with the boys.

Disclaimer - This is a work of fiction, make-believe and fantasy. You must be 18 or over to read this story. In real life, incestuous relationships, particularly when an under-aged person is involved with a parent or adult, often causes deep psychological damage. This story is provided for entertainment purposes only. The author does not condone any sexual activity with persons under 18 in real life.

Note – It is OK to have fantasies, but turning a fantasy into reality can destroy lives. Don't be a dick with other people's lives!

Danielle Parker was a tomboy. Everyone knew she was more boy than girl, at least on the outside.

Growing up with her two older brothers, Noah and Justin; she quickly learned to love playing with toy cars, baseball, wrestling, cops and robbers, dirt bikes and mud. She often came home with scuffed knees, scratches, scrapes, and more that her share of bruises. She was never afraid of a worm or a snake and had more courage than most boys her age.

Her mother and father had tried to get her interested in ‘girl-things,’ like dolls and pretty dresses, but she would have none of it. Her preferred attire consisted of blue-jeans, tennis-shoes, t-shirts and baseball-caps. The pretty clothes and dolls she received as gifts from well meaning Aunts and Uncles collected dust in the back of her closet, untouched and unwanted.

And poor Noah and Justin – they always had to take their little sister with them everywhere they went. If they tried to leave without her, she would catch them sneaking out and whine to their parents, “I want to come too!” and their parent’s answer always seemed to be; “Take your little sister with you!” and her brothers’ sad reply? A whining, “Aw, Mom!”

Noah and Justin finally accepted her, as did their friends; but sometimes only after a fight with one of Danni’s brothers, or a quick wrestling match with Danni herself, leaving the losing boy begging for mercy and agreeing to let her play. Besides, she was a good ball player, fun to be around, and being younger, they could cajole her into doing things they didn’t want to do, or she could do better - like poking a dead animal with a stick, or sweetly asking someone’s parent for a snack or a cold sweet drink on a hot summer day.

Her short brown hair, bright green eyes, and freckled cheeks often confused people who met her for the first time. She was too pretty to be a boy, but she sure acted and dressed like one. Her teeth were white and her face was tanned from playing outside. She was lithe and muscular; not the bulging muscles of a boy, but the well toned muscles of an active young lady. Her legs were long, her waist was flat and her ass was round and tight. She was in fine shape from riding her bike, playing in the creek, wrestling with the boys, and running through the fields, chasing butterflies and lightning bugs.

Puberty visited Danni about the same time it did her brothers. She first noticed her breasts getting sensitive and swelling a bit, then, a short while later, her nipples began to enlarge and puff out. Her little cunny seemed to need a lot of attention lately and she began to get ‘extra’ good feelings when she rubbed it against things, like the thick, metal poles on the monkey-bars at the play-ground, or the big, round, wooden, ball at the foot of her bed, or a strategically placed baseball-bat or bicycle-bar. She would absentmindedly rub her little kitty often, trying to be discrete, especially after her mother once admonished her for rubbing her itching pussy against the corner of the produce bin at the grocery store.

Danni was fascinated with her little hole. She was amazed at how her slit would open when she slid her finger up and down her zippered-crack. She would feel the slippery discharge between her fingers, not knowing the cause of it, but grateful for the lubrication it provided.

Lying awake at night and rubbing her little, bald pussy, was the only time she was happy to be a girl. She felt superior to her brothers and their friends, knowing they didn’t have such an amazing toy to play with at night. She was curious about the things between her brothers’ legs though. She had seen them when she was younger; watching her older brothers getting ready for their bath, or covertly spying on them when they peed, slightly jealous at their ability to stand while she was mostly forced to squat. Danni and her brothers had grown more modest with their genitalia recently, both with the onset of puberty, and with their parent’s insistence on separate bedrooms and bath times.

However, Danni’s growing breasts soon presented a problem for her. Wearing her favorite t-shirts, she could no longer hide her budding bosom. Danni adamantly refused to wear a training bra, so she and her parents compromised by buying her loose fitting tops. That only solved the problem for a little while; Danni’s breasts continued to grow, and when summer arrived, her fat nipples and swollen flesh became the subject of quiet whispers between her brothers and their friends.

On the first warm day of summer, the neighborhood kids were playing in the huge backyard at the Parker’s home, when Danni’s breasts again became the topic of conversation.

“I can see her tits and nipples through her shirt!” Conner whispered to Danni’s brother Noah. Conner Copeland was Noah’s age, and like Noah, already had some hair on his balls. Both boys were jacking off and shooting their sperm whenever they had the chance, which was never often enough.

Noah had noticed his sister’s breasts before but never gave them much thought, until recently, that is. Lately, he found himself staring at his sister’s chest, wondering what her developing titties looked like naked.

“I’d suck those fat nipples until she creamed her panties,” Caleb said. Caleb was Conner’s older brother. He always pretended to know a lot more about sex than he actually did. The younger boys looked up to him. He was smitten by Danni.

“Knock it off, Caleb,” Noah said, “She’s my sister!”

“So what?” replied Caleb.

“You are just being a jerk because she beat you at wresting last week!” Noah said, trying to stick up for his little sister.

“Whatever,” Caleb said. In actuality, he had suggested a wrestling match, just so he would have an excuse to fondle and grope Danni. It worked too, and no one suspected a thing, even after he cupped her butt and ‘accidently’ felt her tits. He finally admitted defeat, with Danni sitting on top of him, her breasts heaving from exertion and sitting on his hard pecker, which he ground into her ass while pretending he was trying to wiggle free. It didn’t bother him being teased about it, besides, he planned to ask for a rematch and straddle her next time.

“Look at how hard her nipples are!” Calvin said to Justin. Calvin was Justin’s age. He didn’t have pubic hair yet, like his older brother Noah, but recently noticed a couple wild hairs in his arm-pits and he played with his hard little dick whenever he was alone. He couldn’t ejaculate yet, though not from lack of trying. He had started getting funny feelings when he often spied on his sister in the morning, as she walked across the hall to the bathroom without a shirt on, her fat nipples on display. He knew she was changing and growing up, just as he and his brother were.

“Let’s have a water-gun fight!” Caleb suggested, grinning evilly. Caleb couldn’t help but notice Danni’s breasts developing a few months ago and would shyly stare at them when he thought no one was looking. He had begun to observe how pretty her eyes were, how the sun made her hair shine and how long and sexy her legs were getting in her tight, demin shorts. It amazed him that Noah’s stupid, little, tomboy sister was causing him to get hard and painful erections whenever he was near her.

The water-gun fight soon ensued, with riotous laughter, slips and falls on the wet grass and shrieks of alarm as the icy cold water landed on a warm back or a happy, sun-kissed cheek.

Caleb took special delight at chasing after Danni. He would blast her face, chest and ass at every opportunity. Caleb took a perverse delight in watching the long, fat stream of water splashing against Danni’s pretty butt or intriguing breast-lumps. Soon, Danni was soaked and her loose t-shirt was plastered to her breasts, her nipples were taut from the cold water, and her heaving chest only accentuated her small, developing titties.

Soon, shouts of “Truce!” and “Time-out!” were called, and the boys and Danni, exhausted from their play, sat in a circle on a dry area of the yard, beyond the trees and far way from prying eyes, nearly into the un-mowed field that bordered the short stretch newer homes, on property recently converted from rich farmland.

They all caught their breath, laughing and reminiscing about their game; whether it was a certain covert attack, a perfect water-blast to the face, or an awkward, hysterical fall. The boys soon grew quiet and each of them in turn stopped and stared at Danni’s wet t-shirt; her hard, pointed nipples were sitting atop her swollen areolas and the budding flesh behind them. They were hypnotized by her deep, rhythmic breathing which caused her newly developed titties to rise and fall repeatedly. Danni was oblivious to their gaze. Her eyes were closed and her pretty face was turned to the sun, basking in the heat and letting her hair and clothes dry in the warm summer sunshine.

As the boys often did, they took off their cold, wet shirts to feel the sun on their bodies. Danni heard them moving about and opened her eyes to see the four shirtless boys. She had never noticed how firm their chests were and how slim and handsome they were getting. For some reason, she felt a small thrill as she admired their bodies. Seeing their eyes upon her, she too pulled off her shirt, misinterpreting their stares, and spread her shirt on the grass next to her to dry. She again closed her eyes and attempted to relax in the warm sunshine.

“Danni!” Noah’s harsh voice scolded her. He looked at his friends and brother apologetically, embarrassed by his little sister’s actions.

“What?” Danni, asked, opening her eyes and seeing the shocked faces of her brothers and friends. She looked at the boys intently, wondering what was going on. Justin and Connor began smiling and staring at her chest. Noah looked angry, and Caleb had the most stupid, happy and dazed expression on his face. As if he had never seen her without a shirt on before.

“Put your shirt back on!” Noah yelled, waving his hand and pointed at her discarded clothing.

“Why should I?” she asked, confused, “It’s all wet!” Danni and the boys often played without their shirts and couldn’t comprehend her brother’s consternation.

“Your breasts!” Noah hissed, now pointing at Danni’s chest.

“You’ve seen them before!” Danni s shot back, “What’s the big deal? You guys see me without a shirt all the time!” Danni looked at the five shirtless boys and became indignant. “You guys have your shirts off... And, why are you all staring at me like that?”

“Your breast…, your breasts are different now!” Noah said.

“So what?” Danni said, looking down at the swollen lumps where her smooth, boyish chest used to be. “I can’t help what they look like!”

“But, you can’t go around with your tits hanging out!” Noah said exasperated at his little sister.

“Is it because they’re weird and bumpy?” Danni said, suddenly getting embarrassed and hiding her breasts with her arms. ‘Oh no!’ She was so different now! ‘Her friends probably thought her lumpy breasts were ugly!’ Danni looked like she was about to cry, but, she made it a point to never cry in front the boys. Her lower lip began to quiver.

“It’s not that! Girls just…, you know…, keep themselves covered up!” Noah told her. “Did you ever see mom walk around the house without a shirt, and her tits flopping around?”

“No…, but it’s hot out here!” Danni whined. “And my tits are not flopping around!” She pulled her wet shirt to her chest and said defiantly, “I’m telling mom that you guys won’t let me take my shirt off!” Danni knew she only had to threaten her brothers with tattling on them, and they would give in to her demands. Especially if they said she couldn’t do something with them because she was a girl!

“Go ahead and tell!” Noah said.

“I will!” Danni stormed off towards the house with her wet shirt in her hand.

Caleb ran after her and grabbed her by her shoulder. Danni spun around, her naked, small breasts slightly jiggling. “What!” she screamed.

“I…, I think your b…, breasts are pretty, Danielle,” he stuttered, staring at them.

“Don’t call me that name!” Danni said, pushing Caleb to the ground and storming off.

Danni arrived at the back door to her house and cautiously decided to put on her shirt before tattling on her brothers.

“Mom!” Danni yelled, stepping into the house from the back deck. “Mom!” she yelled again, a little louder, slamming the door and searching for her mother.

“What Danni?” Her mother jumped up from the couch and met Danni as she marched into the room. She was pleased to see her daughter was not hurt, only soaking wet. “Are you OK, Danni?” she asked.

“Noah and Justin told me I can’t take off my shirt, but all the other guys have their shirts off!” Danni tattled. She expected her mother to get angry, like she always did when the boys didn’t let her do the same things they were doing. Instead, her mother was smiling at her!

“Oh, Danni…,” her mother sighed, holding back a giggle.

“You have to tell them that I can take off my shirt anytime I want to!” Danni said, “Right mom?”

“Oh honey, I’m so sorry,” Danni’s mother Cheryl said. “Let’s go get you some dry clothes and then we will have a little talk.” Danni and her mother went to Danni’s room where Cheryl motherly explained to Danni that now that she was maturing, societal norms did not allow young girls with budding breasts to walk about uncovered.

“That’s not fair!” Danni exclaimed, pulling off her wet clothing.

“I know dear, it is definitely not fair, but that’s just how it is,” her mother told her. She went on to explain to Danni how naked breasts on young girls can have ‘peculiar’ affect males, both young and old, the same with her naked kitty, or butt. She told her about men and their erections and how puberty affects both boys and girls. She also reminded Danni about their ‘Birds and Bees’ talk last year and went over it again in detail, but returned to the subject of keeping her breasts covered up, lest she get the boys ‘too excited’.

“Boys are weird!” Danni exclaimed, “Getting erections just from seeing a girl’s titties!” She remembered the last time she saw her brothers’ penises and tiny ball-sacks, and imagined their little ‘things’ getting hard. She vaguely remembered her brother Noah’s penis once sticking out like a little pinky finger, back when they used to share baths together. Her mind briefly imagined the other boy’s penises, and wondered if they got hard when they looked at her breasts and nipples. She was sure Caleb would have gotten an erection, as she remembered the funny look he gave her and how intently he had stared at her breasts when she took her shirt off. She smiled, recalling he said he liked her small breasts.

Danni was sitting on her bed naked. Her wet clothes lay in a heap on the floor. As she bent over to pull on a fresh pair of panties, her mother casually examined her daughter’s breasts. She noticed how hard and full her daughter’s nipples were, thinking a lot of dirty old men and horny young boys would like to get their lips around them.

“Let me see your breasts a second, Danni,” she said. Danni pulled up her panties and stood in front of her mother for her examination, but not before rolling her eyes in exasperation.

“Your breasts are growing nicely, Danni,” she said, noticing their asymmetry, “They still have some growing to do, and will get nice and round like mine, soon I’m sure.” She glanced down to her daughter’s bald pussy and added, “You will be growing hair down there soon… and getting your period...”

“Oh, boy. I can’t wait,” Danni said sarcastically, but contemplated her changing body. She was very curious and wondered what would become of her. She wanted to know more.

“Uh, mom?” Danni hesitated, biting her lower lip. “Can I see your breasts?” Danni asked impulsively. “…to know what mine will look like… someday…?”

Cheryl looked at her daughter’s face and watched it glow pink with embarrassment. She decided to humor her tomboy daughter, and casually glanced at the door to make sure it was closed tightly. Her boys were still outside and her husband Tom was out running errands. She was safe from prying eyes. “Sure, I guess so,” Cheryl said.

Cheryl smoothly pulled off her shirt and reached back to unclasped her bra-strap. Her breasts strained against the cloth as she tugged and worked at her strap. Cheryl pulled her bra away and let it fall. Her full, round breasts tumbled out. She cupped them gently and hefted them up, putting them on display while slightly regretting what three children, Mother Nature, and gravity had done to her once perfect breasts.

“They are pretty, mom!” Danni said, staring at her mother’s large titties. “Will mine get that big?” Danni cupped her own small breasts.

“They will get bigger because you are still growing yet. How big? Who knows…? It depends…,” Cheryl said. “Your grandma on your daddy’s side has smaller breasts than mine, but you never know…, and, thanks for the compliment. You are sweet to say they are still pretty.” She started to put on her shirt then stopped suddenly.

“Watch this,” Cheryl said. She reached her arms up slowly and cupped her breasts again. She gave them a gentle squeeze before gripping both of her soft nipples between her fingers and thumbs and gave them a firm pinch, then a couple tugs, and ended with a firm, nearly painful twist. She took away her hands and showed her daughter her rock-hard nipples. Her areolas had tightened and her nipples stood out firm and taut.

“Wow!” Danni said.

“That’s not what I wanted you to see…” Cheryl said. She put on her shirt, leaving her bra on the bed. After pulling her long, brown hair from inside the shirt, she tossed her head and pressed her shirt flat on her belly. Her hard nipples poked thru her shirt, firm, fat and proud.

“See. That is why I wear a bra most of the time,” she explained to her daughter. “Just like a boy’s penis, our nipples can get hard at anytime, sometimes for no reason at all.”

Danni looked down at her nipples. They were fatter than her mom’s and always seemed to be getting hard.

“That’s the reason young ladies like you should wear a bra, Danni.”

Danni realized what her mother was trying to tell her; she had been inadvertently displaying her hard nipples and breasts to the boys, exacerbated by her steadfast refusal to wear a bra.

“Do you still have that training-bra I bought you Danni?” her mother asked sweetly.

“Yes, mom…” Danni replied and plodded to her dresser. She pulled out her white, pull-on training bra. Her mother helped her put it on.

“Do I have to wear it all the time, mom?” Danni whined.

“No, of course not,” her mother told her. “When you are outside playing, or going to the store – yes. At home – no.” She watched her maturing daughter examining herself in the mirror. “And, if your brothers tease you about it, you let me know, OK?”

“OK.” Danni said. “And mom?”


“Can I see your kitty too?” Danni asked, not quite as embarrassed as before.

For an answer, her mother quickly pulled down her panties and shorts with one quick motion. She stood there for three full seconds then pulled up her clothes.

“You have a lot of hair!” Danni said, watching her mother’s thick, brown triangle of curly hair disappear behind her shorts.

“Yes, but it is the same as yours underneath, Danni.” Cheryl said. “Some girls even shave their hair off. I like to keep my trimmed….”

“I’m going to shave mine,” Danni declared.

“I see…,” she said, before adding, “Anything else?”

Danni looked at her mother. She was so pretty, she thought. Long hair, pretty, a smiling feminine face with a woman’s soft, sensual body.

“Would you show me how to put on make-up?” Danni asked.

At first, Cheryl wasn’t sure she heard her Danni correctly. Then she smiled. “Absolutely,” she said. Cheryl was so happy; her pretty little daughter was finally acting like a girl!

They went into the master bedroom. Cheryl had Danni sit down in front of her make-up mirror where Cheryl giddily instructed Danni on the finer points of make-up artistry. Danni had a lot of questions about the different cases, pencils, brushes and colors. Cheryl dutifully explained everything, and between the two of them, applied some understated blush, eye-liner and lipstick to Danni’s pretty face.

“Wow,” Danni said, “I look different…” She admired herself in the mirror.

“You are beautiful, Danielle,” Cheryl told her, wiping away a tear. Danni’s mother was almost ready to sob with joy, seeing her little tomboy transformed into a pretty, feminine lady. “I can give you some of my extra make-up, and we can go shopping for more, if you want…

“Do you want to try on a skirt, Danni?” her mother asked her, hoping beyond hope, “Or maybe a dress?”

Danielle gave out a resigned sigh. “OK.”


“Noah, who’s that cute girl on your back deck?” Caleb asked, seeing a pretty lady in a pretty yellow dress sitting on a chair on the Parker’s large, wooden deck. The boys had finished drying in the sunshine and with Danni gone, had spent their time talking about tits, pussies, fucking and other sexy stuff, and were now heading back to the house, tired, thirsty, hungry and horny.

“I don’t know,” Noah said, “Maybe a cousin or something.” He peered at the girl’s face, trying to discern who it was.

“She’s hot,” Conner said.

“I’d fuck her,” Justin said.

“That’s Danni!” said Caleb.

“Danni! No way!” said Calvin.

“It is Danni!” said Noah.

“You just said you’d fuck your own sister, Justin!” Calvin teased his friend.

“Well, I would!” he stammered, “I mean, if she wasn’t my sister and everything!”

Still giggling, the boys climbed the stairs to the deck, not taking their eyes off of Danni. She was sitting pretty with her legs crossed demurely. Her hair was slightly curled and hanging over her bright green eyes. Her soft make-up was flawless and her long legs extended well beyond her short sundress. She had noticeable ‘breast-bumps’ underneath her cute dress.

“Lemonade, boys?” Danni asked, teasing her friends.

The boys were too busy looking at Danni to notice the platter of glasses and a pitcher of lemonade on the table beside her.

“Sure!” they all responded. They watched Danni pour out the glasses of lemonade and then they watched as she picked up each glass delicately from the platter. Her pink, painted fingernails and warm hands provided a cold glass to each of the boys.


“Yeah, thanks, Danni!”

“What gives?”

“What’s with the make-up and dress?”


“Oh, mom and I were just fooling around,” Danni said, starting to feel a little silly.

“You look nice.”


“Really nice.”

Danni smiled. “You really think so?”


She smiled brightly.

They slurped their lemonade, sucked on ice cubes and watched Danni’s long legs rocking underneath her dress. They talked about what they were going to do this summer and then Danni asked if they had any plans for tonight.

“Oh, no, nothing,” Noah lied. He and the boys had just finished discussing how to ditch Danni and have a sleepover in Caleb, Conner and Calvin’s tree-house. Their father was a master carpenter and had built his sons an impressive clubhouse in a huge oak tree in their backyard. It had a ladder, a pulley system for hauling up whatever they needed, and even electricity! It would have made a great ‘boys only’ clubhouse, but of course, Danni and her parents insisted that Danni be allowed to play with her brothers and their friends too.

Tonight was going to be special though, and Noah definitely did not want Danni there. Caleb had received a new laptop computer for his birthday last week and was telling the boys about all the pornography he had been watching on the internet. Tonight, they were going to watch porn together.

“What if we get boners?” Conner had asked.

“Jack-off, dumb-ass,” Caleb told his younger brother bluntly. “I’m going to.”

“Me too,” said Noah, although he wasn’t sure about jacking-off in front of his friends.

“Me too,” said Justin, trying to fit in.

Noah had been excited about seeing porn, but was worried how they was going to sneak away without Danni trying to tag along.

Then, in front of Danni, his friend told Danni everything!

“How about a sleepover in the tree-house?” Caleb suggested, “It will be warm enough tonight.”

“Caleb!” Noah chastised his friend. He was wrecking their plans! How could they watch porn and jack-off with his little sister there?

“Sounds like fun!” Danni said.

“Danni, you can’t come!” Noah said.

“Why not?” Danni was already getting angry at her brother and ready for a fight.

“Boys only!”

“Oh yeah?” Danni stood up, ready to tackle her older brother wearing her pretty dress or not!

“Let her come,” Caleb said quietly.

“What?” Noah said, and then whispered, “What about the porn?”

“Porn?” Danni said, her keen ears hearing every word. “You guys are going to watch pornography tonight? Ooooh! I want to watch it too!”

“But Danni!” Justin said, “We might end up jacking off and stuff!”

“Jacking-off?” Danni said quizzically. “Oh, you mean masturbating! I like to masturbate!”

“You do?”

“Yeah!” In actuality, Danni had just learned that word from her mother, less than an hour ago. “Mom says everybody masturbates!”

“She did?”

“Yeah, mom told me even she masturbates!”

“Wow… your mom masturbates, Justin,” Calvin said. “I wonder if my mom masturbates...”

“OK, you can come.” Noah said, thinking it might be fun to have Danni there after all.


Noah, Justin and Danni left the house an hour before sunset, cutting through a couple of backyards and through the adjacent field to the Copeland’s tree-house.

Their mother was only slightly apprehensive about Danni spending the night with five young boys, but, since her brothers were there to protect her, and they had all slept together many, many times before, she allowed her daughter to go. Danni even insisted on wearing her pretty yellow dress, telling her mother she would change into her pajamas once she reached the tree-house. Her mother sighed, foreseeing many dirty and torn dresses in her future. Danni was still a tomboy at heart, she knew, putting on a pretty dress and make-up wouldn’t change her overnight, but, it was a start.

Caleb, Conner and Calvin were already at the tree-house, hoisting food and drink up through the trapdoor. The sleeping bags and other supplies the Parker’s brought soon followed, and the younger boys scampered up the ladder. Caleb held Noah and Conner behind, and extended his arm to Danni.

“Ladies first,” he said, bowing to her.

Danni looked at him in feigned disgust but began climbing the wooden ladder. Caleb quickly motioned Noah and Conner over to him, pointing upwards. The boys peered up intently, and from their vantage point, saw Danni’s white cotton panties. Noah pushed Caleb and called him a ‘pig’, but kept looking at his sister. The others soon followed her, Caleb in the lead, nearly sticking his head up her skirt to peak at her.

They congregated nervously after setting up their sleeping bags. It had been nearly nine months since they had last sleep outside and things seemed more awkward than before, mostly because they were nervous and excited to watch pornography together. The toys and games tucked away on dusty shelves seemed childish now.

The tree-house was impressive and built to last. It wrapped around the trunk of the old oak tree, providing 360 degree views. It had sturdy railings, walls, windows and a cedar roof. A large room sitting on a massive branch provided a play area, where six sets of sleeping bags were now spread out. To pass the time, they took turns spying on the neighborhood with binoculars, spitting over the rails, drinking sodas, eating snacks and watching the glorious sunset, until it was nearly dark, and time to get ready for bed.

Usually, they would all change in front of each other, easily stripping down to their underwear to put on their shorts and pajamas - but tonight was different. Caleb was first. He brazenly kicked off his shoes and socks and dropped his pants. Danni pretended not to glance at the boy-bulge in his briefs.

The other boys soon followed his lead, quickly dropping their trousers and putting on long, soft pajama bottoms or soft shorts and tee-shirts. When finished, they all glanced at Danni expectantly. She was so interested in watching the boys undress, she now realized she was the only one not dressed for bed and all the boys would be watching her. However, she had undressed in front of them many times before.

This time, though, she turned her back to them before pulling off her dress. The boys stared long and hard at her white cotton panties and bra. In her haste to be modest, she had forgotten her bed clothes were still in her backpack. ‘Oh, well’, she thought. Danni turned to face everyone again and bent over to get her things.

Seeing Danni in a bra was new to the boys, and they all wished she would display her naked breasts to them again, even her brothers. They peered at her crotch, noticing the peculiar lack of lumps, bumps and balls. She pulled on her soft, cotton shorts, holding her large tee-shirt in her hands. There was no way she was going to wear her bra all night.

“If I take off my bra, you guys won’t get boners or anything, will you?” she asked.

“No,” said Justin and Calvin lied.

“From looking at my stupid sister, no way,” added Noah.

“Maybe,” said Caleb, “I’m not making any promises.” For some reason, his comment made Danni smile. It excited her to know she could have such an effect on boys.

“I’ll try not to, Danni,” Conner said, “I really will, but…” Conner knew he couldn’t control it when his pecker got hard.

“Boys!” Danni exclaimed, not understanding the opposite sex at all. “No peeking!” she said. She turned around again and slipped her training bra over her head. The boys looked at the red impression marks left by the tight, stretchy material.

“Aaaahhh!” Danni sighed, loving the feeling of finally being able to remove her bra. She didn’t know how she could continue to wear such a confining garment all day long. She dropped her bra to the ground and groped her breasts, lifting them, tugging at them and rubbing her hands under them, where her bra had dug into her sensitive skin.

The boys watched her from behind. A long moment passed. Her arms and elbows were visible from the back, as she continued to massage her aching breasts.

“Can I play with them too?” Caleb asked. The boys chuckled. Danni turned red and quickly slipped on her shirt.

“Uh, I got carried away,” Danni said, now facing them. “But you try wearing that stupid thing all day long!”

“It looks like you were enjoying that a bit too much,” Caleb said. His cock was already getting chubby.

“Well, it did feel nice…” Danni said.

“Who’s ready for porn?” Caleb said suddenly.

“We are!” or “I am!” everyone exclaimed.

Caleb sat down next to a small table in the middle of the room and loaded his favorite website. “This site is great,” he said, “They have full length movies and everything!” He found a movie and announced, “This one looks good.” He pressed play, set the movie to full screen and adjusted the volume to they could all hear without the sound traveling too far into the night. He pulled the chain on the single overhead light, sending the tree-house into darkness, except for the bright glow from the computer, and sat down to watch the movie.

They started reading off the names of the porn-actors and giggling at their obvious sexual implications.

“Melanie Melons!” they snorted.

“Tiffany Suckwell!” they sniggered.

“Lance Hardwood!” they laughed.

“Shhh! The movie’s starting!”

It was typical porn with lousy music and bad dialog. A large breasted woman walked to a house and knocked on the door. A man answered and they soon started making out on the couch. She quickly removed her shirt and her large double-D’s tumbled out.

“That must be Melanie Melons!”

“Look at the size of those tits!”

In the movie, Melanie allowed Lance to suckle her breasts, with Danni wondering how nice it must feel, while hoping her breasts never got that big! How could she play baseball with those things getting in her way?

Melanie pulled out Lance’s cock and immediately began sucking on it. It grew to eight inches, fat and hard. “Look at the size of his cock!” the boys said, feeling inadequate. Danni stared, mesmerized.

Before long, Lance began to lick and suck Melanie’s pussy. He opened her up and licked her from top to bottom before plunging his face into her hot hole. The boys glanced at Danni, whose attention was riveted to the screen.

After a screaming oral orgasm, Lance pulled away from Melanie’s cunt and the two began fucking. Lance fucked her long and hard while Melanie moaned in fake ecstasy.



“Look at that!”

“So that’s fucking!”

It grew quiet in the tree-house, except the sound of Melanie Melons groaning, moaning and begging for more. The camera showed close-ups of the actors’ contorted features, bouncing breasts, driving cock, juicy-pussy and swollen balls.

Small hands surreptitiously slid into underwear. The boys fondled their hard dicks. Danni rubbed her wet pussy. They all wanted to cum – they were so turned on and so aroused, but they restrained themselves, not daring to orgasm in front of each other.

On the screen, the two actors continued to fuck and skillfully and smoothly changed to the doggie position. Melanie’s breasts swayed grotesquely as the two sweaty adults grunted and moaned.

The boy’s cocks got harder. Danni’s pussy got wetter.

Lance suddenly pulled his hard cock from Melanie’s cunt and began jacking-off to Melanie’s opened mouth.

“What’s he doing?” Danni asked.

“You’ll see,” said Caleb.

Danni made an audible gasp as a huge blast of cum erupted from Lance’s cock and splattered Melanie’s face. Spurt after spurt filled her mouth and painted her face. She looked into the camera, rolling the fresh spunk around with her tongue before swallowing it down and sucking on Lance’s slimy cock again until the screen went dark and a new scene began. More bad dialogue ensued. They all turned to each other, sheepishly pulling their hands from their underwear.

“Did you see how much he shot?” Calvin said.

“Do all you guys shoot that much sperm?” Danni asked.

“No,” replied Noah.

“I shoot a lot, but not that much!” added Caleb.

“He had a big penis!” Danni commented, wondering how such a big thing would fit in her tiny hole.

“I wonder how a blowjob feels,” Conner said.

“I have a boner.” Justin said.

“Me too,” said Calvin.

“Me too,” said Conner.

“Me too,” said Noah.

“Me too,” said Caleb.

“My pussy is really wet,” added Danni.

“Do you guys want to jack-off now?” asked Caleb.

The rest looked around at each other. Their faces were flushed, their genitals were engorged and they were all extremely horny. There were several grunts of “OK.” “Sure.” and “I will if you.”

Caleb stood up. His hard erection was making a tent in his shorts. He pulled down his clothes all at once. His hard erection bounced free. His cock was about five inches long, fat, hard and leaking pre-cum. He pulled off his shirt so his ejaculate would not get on his clothes. His brother Conner followed his lead, then Noah, Justin and Calvin.

Five naked boys with hard peckers nearly surrounded Danni. She glanced from cock to face and from face to cock. She noticed her brothers’ cock-heads were covered with skin, while the Copeland boys’ penises were exposed. She licked her lips nervously.

“Well?” Caleb said. “You said you were going to masturbate with us, Danni...”

“I…, I….,” Danni said, feeling a little scared.

“If you aren’t old enough to play with us boys, why don’t you go home and play with your dolls?” Noah said. That was Noah’s favorite insult for Danni. It always worked.

Danni stood up and dropped her shorts and panties. They boys stared at her naked twat. It was shiny with moisture where she had been rubbing it.

No one said anything. Caleb stared at Danni and began to stroke his cock. He smeared some pre-cum on his cock-head and fondled himself slowly. “Your shirt too, Danni,” he added breathlessly.

“Yeah, Danni,” Noah said. He wanted to see his sister’s tits again.

“It’s only fair,” Justin added.

“Fine!” Danni pulled off her shirt, exposing her breasts. Her nipples quickly hardened in the cool, night air. She flopped down with her legs closed and pretended to rub her slit.

The other boys sat down too. Calvin attempted to slide into his sleeping bag, but his older brother stopped him. “No hiding your junk!” he said. He didn’t want Danni to have an excuse to hide too.

They watched the movie. Two women had been talking and now were making out. Soon, they were sucking each other’s breasts and then eating pussy.

“I want to see more cocks, not pussies,” Danni uttered, looking at the screen then glancing around the room to see her friend’s hard dicks. Most of them were covered by their hands, so she couldn’t see them clearly.

“Do you want to see my cock, Danni?” Caleb said.

Danni looked at him. She did want to see his cock - up close. She was so horny and so curious. She nodded imperceptibly.

Caleb stood up and walked to Danni. Danni sat up, her legs crossed. Her pussy opened up a little from the tension of her spread wide thighs. Caleb stopped in front of her. His straining cock inches from her face. Danni peered at his hard cock, admiring the flared head, bulging veins and dangling balls. It was so different from her genitalia.

Caleb watched her staring and barked out, “Turn on the light.”

Noah jumped up and pulled the chain. The room flooded with light. Danni blinked a couple times and continued to stare. Noah stepped over to watch his little sister stare at his friend’s cock. Danni stared at her brother’s cock too.

“Don’t they hurt?” she asked, “All swollen up like that?” Their penises were so hard and painful looking.

“No,” Caleb answered. “It feels really good when I’m naked and my cock is hard.” He stared down at Danni’s inquisitive face. He stared at her breasts and naked pussy. “When I’m hard, it makes me think of girls and pussies and stuff. Something comes over me and I just have to jack-off and make it shoot, or else I think I’ll go crazy.” His cock throbbed and bounced in front of her. Danni’s eyes opened wide in surprise.

”Do you want to touch it?” he asked, pushing his cock towards her a bit more.

“Kinda…, yeah…, sure.” Danni said. “It is OK?”

“I want you to touch it,” Caleb said.

Danni tentatively reached out her manicured hand and touched it with a single finger. She pushed it down and watched it bounce back up, hard and firm.


“Go ahead and grab it, Danni,” Caleb encouraged, “You can’t hurt it.”

Danni gripped his shaft delicately and then gave it a firm squeeze. A drop of pre-cum oozed out.

“What is that?” Danni asked.

“Pre-cum,” Caleb said. “It is really slippery.”

“Like my pussy…” Danni said, thinking about hard cocks, slippery pussies and intercourse.

“It tastes good too, try it,” he said, hoping Danni would lick his piss-slit.

“Gross!” Danni said. Then, she was surprised when Caleb scooped up a fat drop of pre-cum with his finger and licked it.


Still, Danni wasn’t ready to taste Caleb’s pre-cum. Besides, there was none left. “So, why are your cocks different,” she asked Caleb and Noah.

“I’m ‘uncircumcised’ Noah answered, “They cut the skin off Caleb’s pecker when he was a baby.”

“Wow, boys are strange…” Danni said. “Can I touch your penis too, Noah?”

“I guess so…” Noah thrust his hard cock in front of his sister and shivered when she gripped it. She played with it a bit before pulling the skin back firmly until his cock-head was exposed like Caleb’s. She let it go and was surprised to see the skin stay behind her brother’s fat, flared cock-head. The two penises were so alike but completely different. Caleb’s cock was a little longer while Noah’s cock was thicker.

“Wow, your cocks are so cool,” Danni exclaimed, now gripping two hard cocks. She was amazed at how a boy’s penis went from small and soft to hard and big – really big!

“Conner, show Danni your cock too,” Caleb suggested. “You too, Calvin!”

“Justin, come on!” Noah prompted. “Let Danni see what all of our cocks look like.”

The other boys had been peering wide-eyed as Danni played with their brothers’ cocks. They quickly stood up, their penises straining and surrounded Danni with hard, boy-flesh.

“Wow!” Danni giggled, peering at all of her friend’s hard little peckers. She had to touch each one of them and fondled everyone’s balls. She knew to be gentle with their balls, having seen her friends doubled over in pain, caused by an errant baseball or elbow. All this time they had been friends and she had never considered playing with their cocks before.

“I have to pee,” said Conner, breaking the mood.

“Me too,” admitted Noah.

“OK, let’s take a quick piss break,” Caleb said. He paused the video.

The boys went outside to the railing to pee over the edge. Danni usually climbed down the ladder and squatted under the tree-house where the boys couldn’t see her, but tonight, she followed the naked boys outside to the deck. She could see their hard peckers and naked bodies in the moonlight. It felt so naughty to be naked! She felt the cool breeze on her naked body and shivered.

“Can I hold someone’s penis while they pee?” Danni asked. She had always seen the boys peeing from behind, and jealously watched them laughing while shooting their streams high in the air. Since she already held their penises, she figured she might as well ask if she could hold their cocks while they pissed.

“Sure!” Caleb said, interrupting the other boys who were also eager to volunteer.

Danni stood next to Caleb and watched as he pushed his still firm, but softening penis between the spindles of the railing. She reached around and gripped his cock. She waited. She waited some more.

“Aren’t you going to pee?” she asked.

“It is kind of hard to pee with you holding it!” Caleb said.

Danni felt his cock hardening beneath her fingers. “Yeah, I can tell its ‘kind of hard’ she giggled, squeezing his thick, hard shaft. Caleb turned red and tried to pee with all his might. His stream finally began to flow, arcing high due to his erection.

Danni felt his penis come alive and laughed out loud as she watched his urine flying into the sky before falling to the ground below. She aimed it to the left and to the right. Her brother Noah began to pee next to them, and they playfully dueled their streams against each other.

“This is fun!” Danni said, giggling. All too soon, Caleb emptied his bladder. He pushed one or two more spurts out and then stopped. Danni reluctantly released her grip and she watched Caleb shake it dry.

“Do you want to hold my dick, Danni?” Conner asked. He had held back, in spite of his full bladder, wanting to feel Danni’s fingers on his cock again.

“Yeah!” Danni said, and grabbed Conner’s cock, pressing her breasts into his back. His penis also hardened beneath her fingers. She tugged it a couple of times to encourage him. Finally, she gave a whoop of joy when he began to pee. She was so happy to play with another pissing penis. She arched his stream and was amazed at how far it went and forceful his urine was. His cock felt so strong in her hands. She almost wished she had a penis.

All too soon her fun ended. “That was cool!” she said. “Any more?” She looked around hopefully but all the boys were finished. “Aw,” she sighed, “But let’s do that again!”

“I still have to pee!” Danni announced, to no one in particular. She didn’t want to climb down the ladder. “I wish I could pee up here, like you guys,” she moaned, and started to climb down the ladder.

“I’ll go with you,” Caleb said. He wanted to watch.

“I’ll go too,” said Noah.

“Let’s all go!” said Conner, “It will be fun to walk around naked!”

They all climbed down the ladder and watched Danni squat and piss into the grass. She stood up and impishly pushed Caleb.

“Tag! You’re it!” she screeched, and ran away naked in the moonlight. Soon, the others were running and screaming, naked as the day they were born. Their penises flopped, a pair of breasts jiggled and naked, pale asses shone in the bright, grey light. They grabbed at each other, cupping butt cheeks, grabbing breasts, and fondling both hard and soft cocks along with yells of “You’re it!” and “No, you’re it – no touch-backs!”

Suddenly, they heard a door slam in the distance. They looked towards old man’s Fletcher’s house and saw his back-porch light flick on. His big, mean dog started barking and they all scrambled back up the ladder in mock terror, laughing and pushing at each other’s asses to encourage them to climb faster.

Danni felt a hand grip her naked butt and felt a couple fingers softly push against her kitty and slip into her wet slit. She didn’t mind. Besides, she was sure it was a mistake. When she got to the top of the ladder, she waited for to see who was behind her. Expecting to see Caleb, she was surprised to see her brother Noah climbing up behind her. She noticed his cock was hard and his face was flushed. He rubbed his nose while sniffing his fingers. Danni smiled.

Caleb turned on the video again just in time to see the two women finger fucking each other and eating each other to orgasm. Danni wondered what it would feel like to have a wet tongue in her pussy. They all sat down to watch.

“I never knew two girls could do it,” Justin commented.

“Or why not two guys…?” Danni suggested.

“Or a girl and two guys,” Caleb said, as the next scene began, with Melanie, Lance and another actor. They watched intently as Melanie found another excuse to take off her shirt. Before long, she was sucking both cocks, alternating between them, sucking one and stroking the other.

The boys again sprouted hard, throbbing boners. Danni’s pussy was soaked.

“I wish someone would suck my cock,” Conner said, humping his hard pecker into an imaginary mouth.

“Yeah, me too,” Justin said.

“I bet it feels great,” Calvin commented.

“Almost as good a fucking, I’ve heard,” Noah added.

“Can you imagine a hot, wiggling tongue up in your pussy?” Danni added, trying to fit in. “Uh, no, I guess you can’t!” she giggled. The others laughed too. Eventually, it grew quiet – even Melanie the porn star was quiet, except for all of the slurping. She had her mouth full of hard cock. Nervous and horny energy filled the room like steam after a hot shower.

Breaking the silence, Caleb said quietly, “I’ll lick your pussy for you Danni.”

Everyone looked at Caleb in surprise.

“Don’t you want to feel a hot, wiggling tongue up your snatch?” he teased. “And feel someone sucking on your pussy, like those two girls did in the video?”

Danni was horny, wet and eager. She did want to feel all of those things. She wanted to know what it was like to have someone between her legs. She wanted to feel her friend’s penises again and stroke them with her hand until she felt their powerful cocks erupting and spraying sperm, just like she had felt their urine surging up their shafts a short while ago. She wanted to know what it was like to suck a cock and longed to feel a hard penis sliding into her and fucking her pussy…

Danni paused and thought furiously. She was surrounded by her horny friends and knew they loved her. ‘Why shouldn’t we be able to have sexy fun together?’ she thought. ‘So what if her brothers were here. They were more like best friends than family. All of these boys were her friends! They had grown up together,’ she rationalized. ‘Besides, being a girl, she had equipment they didn’t have. It was only right that she share her body with her friends, so they could learn about sex together! It was perfect! Her friends would never tattle on each other for playing naughty, sexy games!’

Danni looked at Caleb, smiled naughtily and nodded. She imitated one of the porn stars and spread her legs and opened her cunt-lips with her fingers. “Come here and eat my pussy, Caleb,” she said huskily.

Caleb dove between Danni’s legs. He looked at her juicy, pink pussy shining wetly in the harsh light of the incident light bulb. “Hand me your pillow, Noah!” he said. Caleb grabbed the pillow and shoved it under Danni’s ass, positioning her cunt level with his face. Everyone crowded around to watch Caleb lick Danni’s pussy. Their cocks were ready to burst, it was so exciting! They were going see real sex, up close!

“HOLD IT!” Danni said sternly. Everyone stopped, hoping Danni hadn’t changed her mind. “We can play sex together, just like we do baseball and other stuff, but you guys have to pinky-swear not to tell anyone!”

“Pinky-swear!” every one exclaimed, agreeing to her demand at once. The punishment for breaking a pinky-swear oath was too horrible to contemplate. One by one they hooked pinkies with Danni, looked her in the eyes and said, “I pinky-swear!” Caleb was last. He reached up from his position between her wetness, hooked pinkies with Danni and said, “I pink-pussy-pinky-swear!” and began lapping at Danni’s pussy.

Danni felt his tongue licking her from the bottom of her slit to the top. Electric jolts went through her as his tongue hit her swollen clit. He plunged his tongue deep into her hole and wiggled it.

“Oooohhh!” Dannie moaned, closing her eyes and reveling in the feelings coursing through her. “Mmmm, that feels wonderful, Caleb!” Danni ground her ass against the sleeping bag and humped Caleb’s face with her steaming pussy, pressing her clit against the bridge of his nose. His hot tongue felt so much better than her fingers! She opened her eyes and saw four sets of eyes staring at her and four hard cocks being neglected.

“Someone give me their cock!” Danni groaned, reaching out her hand, “And another pillow.” Danni placed the pillow behind her head and wrapped her hand around one of the offered members. She recognized Noah’s cock and began to stroke it. His pre-cum oozed from his piss-slit and she rubbed it over his thick cock-head, sliding his foreskin back and forth. “Is this how you do it, Noah?” she asked.

“Uh-huh,” he grunted, watching his little sister stroking his hard cock. He stared at her hard, fat nipples. He heard Caleb slurping his sister’s juices. He wondered if he was having another wet dream.

“Let me have your cock too, Justin,” she moaned, seeing her brother on the other side of her, looking sad and left out. She gripped Justin’s cock and began to stroke him off too.

Melanie Melons began to groan loudly in the video. “They are fucking her ass-hole now!” Calvin told everyone. “One dick is in her pussy and one is in her ass-hole at the same time!”

Danni groaned too, wondering what it would be like to have a hard cock in her pussy and her ass and her mouth and in her hands! She wanted to massage her breasts, but both hands were busy. “Someone suck my titties!” she groaned.

Calvin immediately crawled over and latched on to her breast. “I want one too!” Conner said, and pushed everyone out of his way over to begin sucking the other one.

Danni was on fire! She had had good feelings before from rubbing on her pussy and squeezing her breasts, but this was a thousand times better. Her pussy began to tingle, her thighs began to twitch and something big began to happen!

“Unnnhhh! Unnnnhhhh!” she moaned. She felt something wet land on her cheek and looked towards Noah. She felt his cock pulse in her hand and watched huge gob of sperm shoot from his cock and splatter her face. She blinked her eyes and flinched. Another spurt and her pussy began to convulse as Caleb sucked her gash. Her body felt like it was ready to burst with all of the intense, good feelings washing over her. She opened her mouth to moan out loud and saw another spurt erupt from Noah’s cock and felt the wet splash on her lips and tongue. It was salty but tasted good. Another wave crashed over her.

She felt Justin wiggling and heard him groaning too. She watched him orgasm, shaking his body so sweetly as he came. She felt wetness dribbling from Justin’s throbbing cock. She felt Noah’s sperm dribbling down her other arm. Another wave rolled over her.

She saw stars when she closed her eyes and grunted loudly as the boys sucked her titties. Her orgasmic groans drowned out Melanie Mellon’s fake ones. “Nnnnnaaa, nnnnnaaaa, oh, oh, oh, oh!” she moaned, “Aaaaaaahhhhhh-mmmmmm-pppphhhh-fu-fu-fu-FUCK!” Wave after glorious wave washed over her until she fell back weakly, pushing Caleb away from her quivering pussy. The sucking mouths were pulled from her teats and she released both of her brothers’ spent cocks. She curling up into a ball as the tingles in her pussy slowly faded away.

Danni lay there a long while, catching her breath. She finally came to her senses, and feeling the cum on her hands, curiously sniffed and then licked the thick, white goo. “Not bad,” she exclaimed, and licked the remaining sperm from both hands and wrists.

“That was the first time I spermed, Danni,” Justin said, proudly. “Thanks!”

“Cool, Justin, I’m happy for you,” she said, tousling his hair.

“How was it, Danni,” Caleb asked, his face still shining from her juices. For an answer, she sat up, wrapped her arms around him and kissed him sloppily, long and hard. He kissed her back, and they fell to the floor. She gripped his shaft and jacked it impatiently. She was just getting started.

“Can I suck your cock, Caleb?” Danni asked sweetly, knowing what his answer would be.

“Yes, please,” he said.

“Me too!” said Calvin.

“I want my cock sucked!” said Conner.

“Would you suck mine too, Danni?” Noah asked her.

“And mine?” Justin added.

Danni smiled. It was going to be a long, fun night.


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The joys of being young.


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