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My Dad putts pressure on me to get laid
I was a senior year of high school and I needed a date for prom. I hadn't even planned on going to prom; but the "this isn't an option Justin" from my dad stopped that thought. He still thinks I'm gay and I can't convince him otherwise; which meant I had to find a date, or he was going to flip out.

It was Saturday morning, and I was in the driveway shooting hoops with Katherine my sister; when it hit me like a load of bricks. Oh my God, Katherine is a girl. Now, you must understand my sister is a bit different, which is why we've always gotten along great. She got to college on a basketball scholarship and she ran track in high school. She's fit, trim; and will beat the shit out of a guy in a heartbeat.

"What's with the shit eating grin?" Katherine looked at me.

"You're a girl" I said dumbly.

"No shit Justin, what gave you the first clue; the tits?" Katherine barked out a laugh.

"No, I mean you're a GIRL" I smiled.

"Whoa, whoa, whoa" Katherine held up her hands. "You can skip that idea" she gave a scowl.

First of all Katherine knew about my rounds with Dad over the prom, hell she had heard them enough around the house. Second, my sister is both very smart, and not bad looking.

At twenty Katherine has that natural look that honestly a lot of women would kill for. She stands five nine and weighs in at maybe a hundred and twenty pounds. She's has an athlete’s body with toned legs and muscular arms; that taut belly and a natural tan from spending years outside. Add to it a not so bad set of 34B's she keeps bound up in sports bras; even for a sister she's kind of cute.

"Come on, I'll throw in fifty bucks" I said quickly.

"First...fifty isn't near enough to go on a date my sicko brother" she snatched the basketball from my hands. "Second, we live in the same house; I can see dad's face when I march down the stairs as your fucking date" she snorted.

"What if I make it a hundred" I added back quickly. "And I actually have an idea about how to get around the house thing" I told her.

"Look Kat" I said quickly before she could open her mouth. "You know what this is've been there" I threw in my biggest shot.

Katherine did know; two years ago, when she was a senior, she had gone through the same thing with dad. I was about the only one who knew that her prom "date" was a member of her basketball team she had paid a hundred dollars to fake being her date. She had pulled the same thing I was suggesting.

"Bite it" she growled. "Look Justin he won't buy it; he'll know it was me." She sighed.

"I figure you spend how many nights over at Jess's" I shot back.

Jessica was Katherine's longtime friend; and I suspected she might be a lover for Kat; but it was none of my business. I just knew that at least once a month Katherine spent an overnight at her friends.

"Let me get this straight, you want me to go spend the night at Jess's, and be your prom date?" She stared at me.

"It could work" I insisted. "We go to the prom, word gets back to dad I actually had a girl for a date, and he gets off my back" I argued.

"While I admit I pulled it off", Katherine shook her head. "It won't work for you", she said.

"Why not, you said it worked for you". I was desperate.

Katherine looked at me for a moment, and then slowly walked up closer. She stood almost nose to nose with me; so close I could smell her sweat.

"You do know you're asking your sister out on a date", she stared at me with fire in her eyes.

"No", I said calmly. "I'm asking my best friend out on a date", I said.

The fire in her eyes dimmed and she stared at me. "Justin..." she said slowly, and then sighed.

"I'll need to talk to Jess. If I'm staying with her, she is in on this; got it?", she said quietly.

"Understood" I said quickly as I realized she was agreeing. "Just tell her she gets a couple extra carpet munching sessions", I said smartly.

A bit too smartly as Katherine's slender hand came straight up and wrapped around my throat. The fire flared in her eyes as she looked at me.

"You ever say that again, I'll rip your nuts off" she hissed. "Besides" she smirked, as she let go of my throat, "She tastes fucking awesome!"

I just shuddered at her remark as she dropped the ball on the driveway and headed for the house. Halfway across the lawn she turned at looked at me.

"We do this the right way Justin" she told me. "You ask proper, I'll decide; and YOU pay; got it?"

I just nodded happily. Once again problem solved, I figured.

A week later, after checking my finances from my part-time job; I knocked softly on Katherine's bedroom door.

"Come in", I heard from the other side.

I stepped in and looked around. There was teddy bear sitting on her properly made bed; the smell of perfume in the room; and just a hint of pink that showed a hidden female lived here.

"Hey", I asked softly.

"Yeah", Katherine looked up from her textbook she was studying from.

"I was wondering...", shuffling my feet. "Uhhh, if you are free Saturday...maybe we could go grab a pizza at Montalupo’s?”, as I looked up at her.

Katherine sat on her bed and looked at me for a moment. "I'd like that", she said softly.

"Cool!" I started to turn and leave. "How is say seven?", I asked quickly.

"Sure”, she said back.

God help me I felt a surge of happiness at her sudden agreement.

"Great", I said quickly. "I'll pick you up at Jessica’s then", I told her.

I can't explain why, but I was actually thrilled having a date; and having it with Katherine for some reason made it even better. It wasn't some girl I had to pretend with; she knew who I was. For once I could be myself. When I told Dad, I could tell he was on cloud nine. He spent the next 30 minutes, going through date etiquette with me; and when he was done handed me a condom. I wanted to groan with frustration.

The day before our date, I got a haircut. For some reason it was important to me to be presentable. I showered that evening, and carefully picked out a pair of jeans and a button shirt.

I pulled up in front of Jess's place at ten minutes before seven. I was nervous as hell; I'd never been on a real date, and my hand shook as I rang the bell.

Jess smiled when she opened the door. "Hey Justin, come on in”, she said with a chuckle. I stepped inside the doorway and waited.

"Katherine your date is here", Jess called out. "Remember this is my girl you're taking out", she turned and looked at me. "Hands to yourself big boy", she smiled.

"Uhhh, I promise" I said softly.

"Relax Justin", she smiled. "You look pretty good dude"

I opened my mouth to thank her; when footsteps came from the hall, and then Katherine rounded the corner. I froze in my movement and could only stare at her. I mean I knew she was a female; shit she was my sister; but holy shit. Long dark hair flowed out around her shoulders, highlighting her face and those big brown eyes. She seemed to move with a fluid grace as she walked towards us. She was wearing an angora sweater that hugged her body; those 34B's jutting straight out at me. She had on a pair of form fitting jeans that hugged her hips and muscular thighs like a second skin.

"Jesus", I whispered.

"Pretty nice package, eh", Jessica chuckled at my soft outburst.

"No shit", I whispered softly as I stared at Katherine.

"You can put your tongue back in", Katherine said as she looked at me, picking up her purse.

I shook myself, trying to regain control. I opened the front door and held it for her.

"Have her back by midnight", Jess called out as we walked down the driveway.

I own a beat-up old Ford truck. Most people hate trucks; that night I found another reason to love mine. I held open the passenger door and helped Katherine climb into the passenger seat. The view of that tight ass encased in those jeans; sent a surge south of the belt line like I had never felt before.

Down boy, I screamed silently to myself as I rounded the truck and climbed in. The drive to Montalupo's was quiet; but when we started to both laugh at dad giving me the condom, things finally started to lighten up. I must admit, for someone who does not date, the next two and a half hours were some of the best I could ever recall.

For the first time, I could open up to someone who actually cared, and she listened. I heard her talk about her school studies and basketball, listening to her frustrations and victories; and for once, I was actually interested.

When Katherine glanced at her watch, I knew it was time. With a heavy sigh I asked the waitress for the tab. I slipped cash for the bill and a tip inside the folder while Katherine sat and watched; a small smile on her face.

"You know I've never had a guy buy me dinner", she said softly as we settled in for the drive back to Jess's.

"Then I consider myself very lucky", I said quietly.

"You mean that don't you", her voice came in the dark cab.

"Very much, it's been one of the best nights of my life", I answered honestly.

"I have to admit...mine too". I felt her slender fingers twine in mine as my hand rested on my thigh. "Thanks Justin", she said in a soft voice.

"No, I should be thanking you", I gently squeezed her hand.

I pulled into Jess's driveway and got out, coming around to the passenger side. I opened the door and held out a hand. Instead, Kat slid out and down into my arms; her back against the seat. We were hidden beside the truck with the open door blocking the house side.

"You know he's going to ask you if you kissed your date good night", she said in a quiet voice.

"I know", I shook my head.

"Do it", her voice came softly to my ears.

"Katherine...", I felt my throat tighten.

"Be a man Justin", she murmured softly.

We were standing in that tight space, so close I could smell the strawberry in her shampoo; and yet with only a dim porch light casting a shadow, only her large brown eyes shone as she watched me.

Something inside me, maybe it was the smell of her hair or the touch of her hand, I moved without thinking and closed the final inches as my lips found hers in the dark.

"Mmmmmmmm", I felt the tremor of her lips as she moaned softly.

This was no sibling kiss; this was a dates' kiss. It was soft and yearning, with a hidden hunger in the background. By the time we pulled apart I could hear her labored breathing and I fought to catch my own breath.

"Sorry", I mumbled.

"Justin, do me a favor", Katherine's voice filled the darkness. "Do that again", she said softly.

I didn't think about it, I just responded. I pulled her into my arms, wrapped them around her. Her firm breasts pressed against my chest as my lips found hers a second time. This time, my tongue slid into her mouth; to duel with hers. I felt her hands slide up my back as she held tightly; her throat thrumming as she moaned into our kiss again.

By the time we separated again, we were both gasping for breath.

"This is dangerous", she whispered softly.

Without a word Katherine slipped around me and walked to the front door of the house. She stopped and looked back at me as she held the doorknob.

“How ‘bout a movie next Saturday?”, I yelled.

"I hope you pick a good movie", she said back to me, and then disappeared into the house.

I drove away, with seven inches of steel hardness between my legs caused by my sister. I kept hearing Katherine say, ‘this is dangerous.’

" did it go?", Jess asked.

"He was the perfect gentleman", Katherine said softly. "And I'm soaking wet", she continued looking at her friend. Jess said, “then let’s clean you up”.

Justin knew he only had a few more weeks before prom, so the time crunch made me him push a bit faster than he wanted. He informed his parents he had another date the following Saturday.

His father had given him the scowl when he said he had not bedded the 'girl' on their first date.

"Get with it boy", his father had scowled.

But when I told them it was a movie date, his father applauded.

"Perfect", he told Justin. "The old hand can land anywhere in the dark and who is to blame."

Justin felt his stomach flip. After the ending of their first date, the kiss he and Katherine had shared was far beyond anything a brother and sister should. Could he really make a pass at her in the dark theater? How would she react?

Those thoughts never totally went away; even when he pulled into Jess's driveway the following Saturday. The last week he and Katherine had hardly seen each other; she was finishing her exams and he was trying to get every extra he could in at his job. He hadn't heard her leave the house earlier in the day, and he had wanted to see how she would dress.

As he stood inside the entryway waiting, Jess just watched him. He could feel butterflies in his stomach, he shook himself inside; this is your sister for God's sake, he thought. He turned at the sound of steps and when Kat walked around the corner, he couldn't stop the surge of blood that filled his cock even if had wanted to.

Her hair was done up in softer curls and lay splayed out on her shoulders. This time she wore a touch of make-up and her lips were glistening a light pink. She wore a light blue button blouse, and the first two buttons were undone, giving just the hint of cleavage from her breasts. The material was thin enough Justin could just barely make out the hint of her bra through the fabric.

She was wearing a mid-thigh leather skirt that hugged her hips and flowed with the curve of her ass like a black velvet second skin. Justin trailed his eyes from her firm supple thighs down her tanned legs to the sky-blue painted toenails in open heels.

"Holy fucking God", he whispered softly.

Katherine turned and looked at him, hearing the soft murmur.

"You're beautiful", Justin choked out.

"Thank you", Katherine gave a shy smile as she walked past him to the front door. As she passed by him her voice barely above a whisper, hit Justin like a load of bricks. "And you're hard", she said laughed calmly.

Helping her climb into the truck again, he couldn't tear his eyes from her. Katherine looked at him.

"Is my outfit too overboard?”, she asked.

"No, it's fucking hot!", Justin admitted.

They rode in silence in the growing dark until Justin could barely discern her tanned thighs next to him, but the image was burned into his brain from his continuous peeks when Katherine shifted in her seat or crossed her legs.

Picking the movie had been one of the easiest things Justin had done. He and his sister had almost the same likes and dislikes. He pulled into the theatre parking lot and found a spot. As he turned off the engine, Katherine reached out and gripped his hand in the dim light of the parking lot.

"We've always been honest with each other", she said softly.

"Yes", Justin said slowly, not sure where this was going.

"Are you still hard?", he heard her ask in a small voice.

"Yes". Justin couldn't deny it, and she was right they had always been honest together.

"Why you still hard?" Katherine asked as she turned and looked at him.

"Don't ask", he choked out. "It's wrong."

"Is it because of my outfit?" Her voice sent a tremble through him.

"Yes", he could barely speak the word.

Justin walked around the truck and opened the door. He extended his hand, but this time Katherine turned to full face him. As she prepared to slide out of the seat; her thighs parted. Justin couldn't help himself; it was like a magnet pulling his eyes, and he glimpsed the color of purple lace between her firm thighs just as she started to slide towards him.

For the first hour of the movie Justin was in pure hell. He barely saw much of the show as every time Katherine crossed her firm muscular thighs, his eyes were drawn to her legs. When he glanced up his heart rate nearly doubled. Didn't she only have two buttons open? He thought. Now three were undone and the top half of her breasts were clearly in view in the flickering light of the screen.

He had hoped that the distraction of the movie would help his raging hard cock subside. Instead, it was the opposite. He lost track of how many times her fingers gripped his arm; and once, she reached out and gripped his thigh only inches below his groin. The constant contact and the sight of her exposed flesh kept a steady flow of blood pumping into his engorged cock.

Finally, he couldn't stand the tension and suspense. The words of his father rang in his ear; you could always blame it on the dark, he thought. He reached out and took a drink of his soda; replacing it in the holder, instead of resting his hand on the armrest, he let his hand drift to the side and let it come to rest on the smooth skin of Katherine's thigh.

For a brief second, he felt her tense under his touch; and then she relaxed. He had expected her to yell at him, but her face stayed locked to the screen. He was more shocked when she made no attempt to stop him as his hand slowly drifted over her thigh.

Her skin was warm and soft under his fingers; and Justin marveled at how smooth her legs were. He began to explore the length and width of all that bare skin; each inch sending more blood into his already painful hard cock. When his hand bumped the edge of her skirt, Katherine reached down and gripped his wrist.

Oh God, she's going to tell me to stop, Justin thought. Instead, he was shocked by her soft words.

"What color are they?", Katherine asked in a soft whisper, while her eyes never left the screen.

Justin knew then she had seen him peeking when she got out of the truck. His immediate reaction was to deny and to claim ignorance. But it was the thought they had always been close that changed his mind.

"Purple...lace", he whispered back.

Justin was further shocked when she slowly released his wrist but did not move his hand away. Instead, she lifted her hand and rested it on her arm rest at her side. When he didn't move his hand for a moment, in rabid fear, Katherine gently parted her thighs, inviting him in.

Sliding higher Justin found the edge of her now drenched panties, amazed at how much moisture clung to her thighs and seeped through the cloth. God, she's a fucking swamp he realized. He slid his middle finger up the crease of her thin panties, until he found the hard bud of her clit. He began rubbing it lightly.

"Unngggggghhhhhhhhhhhh", Katherine gave out a low guttural moan.

Justin continued to tease and pleasure that hard bud. Her breasts rose and fell as her breathing became even more labored. Finally, she turned and looked at him, a fire glinting in her eyes.

"If you don't put your finger inside me right now, I swear to God I'll scream" her voice low and husky.

Justin knew what they were doing was wrong. It was not only culturally illegal, but morally wrong. And if his parents ever found out, he would be disowned. It didn't matter at that moment, as he saw the sheer pleasure on Katherine's face. Katherine pulled her soaked panties aside. Extending his middle finger, he watched her face as it slid between her soaked lips and into her steaming depth.

Her knuckles turned white as she gripped the arms of her chair; her mouth opened in a silent moan and her eyes fluttered. Without moving his arm, Justin gently pumped his fingers in and out, moving slowly to hide the sloshing of her wet pussy. Katherine rested her head on his arm, and her orgasm hit. He watched as her body began to tremble.

After she finished, she gasped softly, "No man has ever...touched that. Until now, Jess is the only one who ever made me orgasm."

Justin could feel warm juices flowing over his hand. She reached down and gripped his wrist, slowly pulling his finger free. She stared at the fluids that clung to his finger is amazement.

Katherine brought her wet fingers to my nose. The scent was intoxicating. I opened my mouth, and she stuck them in. The taste was more intoxicating.

Justin wasn't sure what was going to happen. It's not every day you sit in a dark movie theater and finger your sister to a mind-numbing orgasm. But Katherine quietly rearranged her clothing and seating. She reached out and twined her fingers in his and they sat and watched the remainder of the movie.

Through the rest of the movie and quiet drive back to Jess's place, one thought kept invading Justin's mind. After they had pulled into the driveway he turned to his sister.

"Listen, if I invaded you in anyway...", he started to say.

"You didn't", Katherine turned to face him.

"I mentioned you and Jess, and I didn't want to..." Justin tried to explain.

"Look", Katherine reached out and rested one hand on his thigh. "Jess and I have explored, I'm not going to lie", she smiled. "But she is as much into guys as she is girls", Katherine chuckled.

"Oh; I thought maybe you two know", Justin looked over at her.

"Lover's?", she asked. "Look Justin, Jess's bi-sexual. And me...well I wasn't sure." She sighed.

"Wasn't sure about what?" Justin asked.

"I thought maybe I might be gay." Justin felt her other hand slide onto his lap as he stared into her eyes. "I'm not; no guy attempted to do that to me...until now."

Justin shuddered as he felt her fingers deftly unsnap his jeans and begin to draw his zipper down.

" don't have to..." he tried to protest.

"I know I don't have to", she dipped her hand through the opening of his boxers. "I want to", she purred as her hand wrapped around his hardening cock.

"I've never done this before", she husked. "So, tell me what to do."

His cock was hard as steel. “Put your mouth around the head, and swirl your tongue around it.”, Justin instructed her. He just sat and watched as Katherine's head lowered between his stomach and the steering wheel. He couldn't see through the mass of dark hair; and with only the dim porch light, there wasn't much to see. But God, he could feel it.

Wet warm surrounded the head of his cock, and he felt her tongue slowly making circles.

"Oh Goddddddd", Justin moaned.

He reached out with both hands and gripped the steering wheel, as he felt his sisters hot mouth slide down his cock. He looked around in fear, God if anyone saw what was happening it could get back to their folks.

"Oh shit...Kat", he moaned as her mouth began to move up and down. The sound of her sucking filled the cab as she devoured his throbbing dick. “I think you got this!!”

Justin could feel his balls tightening. If this was her first blowjob, he couldn't imagine what she could do with experience. He moved one hand down and curled his fingers in her dark hair. Glancing over, he was shocked to see Jess standing at the door to the house watching them. There was no way she could miss the bobbing mass of hair in his lap. Jess gave me a thumbs up, and slipped back into the house. He knew then there was only one way this was going to end.

"Oh fuck...Kat...that's so fucking good.", He gasped!

Justin felt her mouth come free and her muffled words from his lap.

"Am I doing that good?", Katherine questioned a little out of breath.

"Keep it up and you’ll make me cum", he warned her.

"Good", was her one word reply and then that heat wrapped around him again.

"Oh shit...don't stop...oh fuck Kat...", Justin babbled as his nuts tightened until they ached.

"Oh my Goddddddddddddddddd" he moaned as his body jerked; and the first blast of hot cream pumped into her mouth.

He heard her softly gag on the first blast; followed by the sound of her swallowing as he fired off a second and third blast.

"Mmmmmmmmmmmm", Katherine murmured as he unloaded his balls into her eager mouth.

Justin's brain spun with sheer pleasure as his sister drank his hot seed. He never came like that. EVER!!! Part of it was the forbidden aspect of Katherine being his sister. And part of it was also how soft and gentle she was.

By the time Katherine lifted her mouth from his softening cock, she had managed to suck out what felt like was every drop of cum his balls had held. He just stared in wonder as she rose back to sitting, a small dribble of white goo trickling from the corner of her mouth.

"Holy shit", Justin breathed out slowly.

Katherine reached up and used the tip of her finger to swipe at the small glob, popping it into her mouth. She smiled at Justin.

"Now that was hot", she murmured.

Justin couldn't move as Katherine opened her door and slid from the truck. He tucked his limp cock back into his jeans as he watched her walk to the door. This was simply going too far, he realized. He needed to rethink this arrangement, but for tonight he just wanted to remember the hottest blowjob of his life.

For the next three days, Justin thought and pondered over where things were going with Katherine. It was a route he had never intended; and one that both troubled and excited him. She made him feel in ways he had never felt before; but the nagging thought this was his sister kept bubbling to the surface. Finally, just when he thought he had worked up the nerve to talk to her; Katherine floored him once again.

Coming home from working second shift, everyone in the house was sleeping and Justin quietly picked his way through the darkness to his room. Closing the door, he flipped on the light and then he stepped to his desk to drop his keys. Sitting on his desk was the hundred dollars he had given Katherine for being his prom date. It was resting on a note.

His heart sank as he picked up the hundred, and then the note. She was calling it off, he thought. No prom... While his dad would be pissed off, he knew she was right. Then he looked down at the note.

'I want to do this because I choose too, not because you paid me.'

As Katherine's words sank in, Justin wasn't sure whether he was scared of what might come next or thrilled his dad would get off his back if it did.

For the next week, his father kept going on and on about the upcoming prom and Justin's date. Every time he bragged about 'his boy' bagging some hot high school girl, Katherine would just stare at him and then shake her head. It was so bad his father gave him money for a tuxedo, and bought him a fresh box of condoms, which he flaunted at the dinner table making Justin blush as Katherine looked on.

On prom night, he was in Jess's house waiting for Katherine to get ready.

He heard her coming down around the corner of the hall. His first sight was red painted toes in a pair of strapped high heels. As she came closer, his eyes traveled up her calves and lower legs, to the expanse of firm tanned thighs. The hem of her rose dress ended just above mid-thigh, low enough to be proper, but high enough to create the threat if she bent or moved wrong.

By two more steps, he didn't know which way to look. That firm ass that the skirt flowed over. Or the taut belly clearly visible through the rose lace of her top. It was so sheer; Justin could see the glint of silver from her belly button piercing.

But it was when she got to him, he almost stopped breathing. The rose lace continued up and over the curve of her breasts. The sheerness highlighting the globes of flesh they barely hid; the dress had just enough thickness at the right two spots to hide the caps of breasts, taking the nipples from his view. There was no bra, he realized. The top was tied in a single bow at her neck; and the back, well, there wasn't one. Bare tanned skin ran the full length down to just barely above the crack of her ass. It was apparent she also had no panties.

"You can breathe now", Jess's amused voice sounded in his ear.

"Oh my God", Justin let out with his held breathe. Katherine looked at him in surprise. "You're stunning", he said more softly.

"Thank you", Katherine gave a demure smile. "Shall we?", she asked softly.

All through the drive Justin couldn't tear his eyes from her; he was still in shock at how stunning this tomboy sister he had never noticed was. It didn't help that the obvious tent in his slacks showed his approval. Katherine said nothing as he kept stealing glances; she just sat quietly with her hands in her lap.

As they entered the dance hall that had been rented, Justin felt like he was on cloud nine; there was no doubt the most beautiful girl here tonight, was on his arm. He had purposely given them an extra half hour so that people would already be present, and their entry would hopefully not be noticed by some; unfortunately, he was wrong.

"Yo Dawg!", rang out behind them; and Justin felt Katherine stiffen in his arm.

"Hey Reilly", Justin acknowledged him.

"Your Dad must be a very proud man tonight.", Reilly offered.

Before Justin could retort Katherine spun on her high heels and faced the young man. "That’s because his Dad knows Justin is going to fuck my brains out tonight", her sultry voice spoke as she looked at him.

Reilly’s mouth dropped open at her frankness.

Katherine turned back to Justin. "I think it's time we danced", she said. Grabbing Justin’s arm, she spouted, "Shall we?"

"Holy fuck", Justin let out his breath as they moved towards the dance floor.

She turned back to look at Reilly, his mouth was still agape. “You be sure to tell Justin’s dad.”, she yelled.

He wrapped his arms around Kat and pulled her close. It was such a contrast to him; the swiftness and power he had seen in her reaction to Ricky; and the soft feminine form he now held.

Justin reveled in Katherine's closeness as she never was far from his side. Small touches from her hands, the smell of her hair when they danced; all of it made the evening pass like a swift bolt of lightning. He had lost count of how many dances there had been; both fast and slow; and as the band began to play the midnight lovers song, he knew what he wanted.

"This has been the most perfect night, thank you", he whispered into her hair.

"Not 100% perfect yet.", Kat's voice was a soft murmur.

Justin’s eyebrow raised, “Yet?”, he questioned.

Katherine pulled his face to hers, and her lips ascended to his. Her tongue slipped into his mouth. She felt one of his hands slide lower, all but cupping the cheek of her ass. She knew this was so wrong, but she wanted to stop her dad from pressuring Justin. And she knew he wouldn’t lie. As their lips parted, she looked into his eyes.

"We need to leave" she said softly.

Justin nodded; and the two headed over to gather their things from their table. Katherine was silent as they headed for his truck, Justin wanted to ask what she was thinking, but was terrified of her answer. As he slid into the driver seat, Katherine looked over at him.

She said, with lust in her voice, "I rented a motel room.”

"You're not wearing panties". Justin didn't even look at her, instead he stared out the windshield.

"You need to drive...NOW!!", Katherine told him.

The drive to the hotel was silent, and Katherine never left his side as they checked in. Together they rode the elevator to the fifth floor and walked down the hall to the room door. Kat used the key card and opened the door; he stepped into the dark room and looked back at Katherine standing on the threshold.

"Are you all right?" Are you sure?" he asked nervously.

"I just run my finger over my very wet pussy.", she said. As she moved her finger to his lips, she spoke again, “you tell me?”

"Justin...I cross that threshold I'm no longer your sister...I'm your date." She stared at him, “do you understand?"

Justin reached out and gently took her hand; and then swiftly jerked her forward. With a squeak Katherine half stumbled through the door and into the room, plunging into darkness as the door closed.

"Jus..mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm" her words turning to a moan as his lips smashed into hers, his weight pinning her to the wall beside the door.

"Oh God yessssss", Kat moaned as his lips began to travel down her neck.

"God I want you", Justin disembodied voice echoed in the dark.

"Then take me...I’m yours!!". Kat moaned as his hot lips traveled over the lace of her dress.

Like frenzied animals they tore at the others clothes. His jacket went flying to the floor, followed by his shirt; as Justin pulled the bow at the back of her neck, causing the top of her dress to fall free.

"Oh God suck them", Kat moaned as hot lips wrapped around her rock-hard nipple.

Katherine shimmied her hips as Justin tugged her dress down; at the same time her nails clawed at the front of his slacks. Justin moaned as he felt her hand wrap around his rigid cock.

"Fuck, you're so hard" Katherine whispered.

Justin released her nipple and rose, pinning her against the wall. His hips ground into hers as his cock searched for her opening.

"No", Katherine husked as her hands pressed against his chest. "Not like this" she told him.

He heard her hand sliding along the wall, and then the dim light of the entry way to the room came on. Katherine looked around and saw the bed; taking Justin by the hand she led him over and had him stretch out on the bed on his back.

Katherine leaned over and tapped the base of the bedside lamp, bringing it to life. Justin blinked and his eyes adjusted to the light as a nude Katherine climbed onto the bed and straddled his hips.

He watched as she reached down and gripped his cock, holding it upright, her hips easing down until the tip nestled into her dark hairs; he could feel her moisture seeping onto his cock head as she positioned herself.

"I want to see your face", Katherine said. "I want to see you when you slide inside me" she husked.

Justin opened his mouth to answer, but all he got out was a low guttural moan as pure heat surrounded his cock. It started at the tip and slowly slid down until he felt her pelvis grind into his.

"Oh God yessssssssss", Justin groaned.

"Oh my fucking God", Katherine breathed out.

For the next ten minutes neither could speak as Katherine rose and fell on him. Sucking noises filled the room, and the smell of their sex hung in the air as she rode him.

"Oh God...Justin...never felt...oh shit...I'm going to cum...I never...", Katherine began to babble as her body bounced faster and faster.

Justin reached up and gripped her hips, watching her face; he waited, and just as her body began to violently tremble; he pulled down on her, impaling her on his thick cock.

"AWWWW FUUUCCCKKKKKKKKKKK", Katherine screamed as her body convulsed.

Her hands slapped down on his bare chest, her nails digging into his skin. He felt her thighs quiver as they tightened around him. A hot splash of fluids across his groin drenched him in her juices. Her body slowly eased down until her head rested next to his; her breasts pressing into his sweaty skin.

Neither was moving and yet he felt her walls squeeze and relax around his cock as waves rolled over her. It felt like she was milking his cock, and he could feel his balls begin to ache.

"Kat...oh God", he moaned. "You need to get off...I can't...oh fuck..." he moaned into her ear.

"God yes...cum for me", her voice was hot against his neck.

"Oh shit" he was getting desperate. "I'm not wearing a condom!", he was trying to lift her hips up off his now pulsing cock.

"I know", Katherine ground her body down harder, holding him to her body. "Have you ever fantasized of cumming in me?", she asked softly.

"Oh my God Kat, yessss" Justin moaned as his balls tingled.

"Then do it", she leaned down pressing her firm breasts into his chest. "Cum in your date...cum in your sister", Kat told him.

Justin reached up and wrapped his arms around her back, and then slid his hands down her smooth skin to fill his hands with the firm globes of her ass. With a grunt, he heaved his hips upward and twisted her. With a squeal Katherine landed on her back, Justin's cock still buried to the hilt inside her.

Pushing up on his knees between her spread thighs, he gripped her ankles and lifted her legs to his shoulders. The silky feel of her nylons drove his crazy as he began to pound into her.

"Oh God yes, fuck me...don't stop...oh good.", Katherine babbled as Justin hammered into her.

Justin watched her head roll from side to side as she clawed at the bed sheets. He could feel her tight walls rippling around him as her hips lurched up to meet his; the sound of skin slapping together filling the room.

The smell of their sex filled his nostrils; the sounds of Kat gurgling and whimpering under him in raw pleasure sent tingles down his spine that settled in his balls.

"Oh shit...Kat" Justin felt his balls tightening. "I'm cum" he moaned between thrusts.

"Do it" Katherine hissed up at him.


He jammed his hips down hard, impaling himself in that hot cavern' he looked down at his sister in shock as his cock jerked; the first thick wad pumping deep inside her.

Katherine felt that incredible heat fill her pussy, her eyes staring wide up at him. "So fucking good!!", she managed to whisper out as her second massive orgasm on the night slammed home.

Justin gripped her convulsing hips as hot juices splashed across his lower belly. He watched his sister’s eyes roll back as her orgasm roared through her, even as his balls spewed a second and then third thick rope into her.

"Holy fuck" Justin gasped as he tried to catch his breath

"That was incredible" Katherine cooed into his ear.

"God I am in so much trouble" Justin whispered.

"What's wrong" there was a tremble in Katherine's voice.

Justin raised his head and stared into her eyes.

"Because I just fucked my sister came insider her", he stressfully moaned.

"Don’t worry, I’m on the pill", her voice whispered back.

"What now?" Justin looked at his sister.

“Dad will get off your back”, she laughed.

He smiled, looked at her and said, “the room is rented all night, right?”

Katherine swiveled her hips slowly, feeling his still hard cock embedded inside her sopping wet pussy. With a glint in her eye, Katherine shoved her hips upward, causing Justin to tip sideways. This time it was his sister as the pair rolled over once more until she was seated straddling him.

"Yes. Your date needs to be fucked again!!”, she smiled.

‘Get ‘er done boy’, was all Justin could hear in his head…

Justin reached up and gripped his sisters' hips, her words setting off a flame in his balls. With a lunge he lifted his ass straight up, impaling her on his dick.

"FUUCCCKKKKKKK YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS" Katherine screamed, as the pair began to fuck again.


2022-03-14 09:36:27
Its awesome that fucking one's sister can be so exciting. I never had a sister to fuck but I'm sure I would have if I had one. If brothers and sisters or even parents and children can get past the taboo of incest life would be so much better. Love everyone fully.

The Bull BhorrReport 

2021-12-02 14:16:49
You had me glued to the screen - very very well done!


2021-06-12 17:53:16
Not bad, but the tense goes from the author telling the story that happened to him and then it goes to the author telling a story that happened to someone else. Not true.


2021-06-09 19:38:08
Another amazing story! You're a talented writer! The buildup and excitement was expertly paced, and the final scene was just as it should be. I'd love another chapter describing what happens further between these two - and maybe even Jess!


2021-05-28 20:04:38
I didn’t date in high school, because I was awarded with girls my age. My girl cousin was my date for my prom. We had a lot in common and I was not shy around her. You can call us kissing cousin, we.done more then kiss each other. We told each our deep desire. We had sex with each other more then once. I told her I wanted to have sex with my sisters also. She told me her brother fuck her and her dad also.

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