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More doggy love.
The Rottie had gone to a good home. I knew he would be looked after. I also knew Cindy would get more dogs for me to train and she had new customers lined up for me to entertain.

All week I looked at the empty pen and felt a sense of loss. Finally I decided to stop being sad. I knew Claudia would look after him and give him plenty of “exercise”. I wondered if her husband realised that he would be always number 2 from now on. The weekend was coming up and I told Toni I was working Saturday night. She accepted the fact that I was required to work at odd hours. “That’s fine honey” she said “we still have the rest of Saturday together”.

Cindy had told me this couple wanted to see what dog sex was all about. I was sure they had viewed it on line so I suspected the wife might be more interested in doing it rather than watching me do it. Still, if they wanted to see it first hand, I was more than willing to perform for them. I had worked extensively with the Labs as I suspected that as first timers the wife may not be ready for the Great Dane. I would keep him as either back up or as an encore. Either way I would enjoy him even if they left early. I was always happy to go that extra mile to please clients.

Saturday afternoon I went to work and prepared the dogs. The labs seemed very frisky as if they knew something was afoot. The couple, Allan and Sharon, arrived around 6pm. Allan explained that they had been watching dog videos for several months and Sharon had wondered if they could see something live. They found Cindy’s business on the dark web. I gave them a quick look around. Sharon squealed, actually squealed, when she saw the Dane. “It is ok honey” I assured her “you should stick with the Labs I think”. She actually looked disappointed. I don’t think she really understood just how big he was.

Allan said they wanted to see some action live. I think he just wanted to look. Sharon, on the other hand, seemed keen to participate. I don’t think she had made that clear to her husband. I think he was in for a shock. I got one of the labs out of his pen and led him into the shed. I got them both to side on a couple of chairs that Cindy had put in place. I had already explained the simple commands that I had been teaching the dogs. “Lick” and “mount” were the words they recognised. I slipped of my knickers and leaned against the bench. “Lick” I said and the Lab padded over and buried his head into my crutch. I gasped as I felt his tongue pleasuring my pussy. Allan stared closely and Sharon shifted in her seat and licked her lips. There was no doubt that she was getting into it.

I tried to tell them both what the dog was doing and how it felt in between lustful moans. I could see Allan too was getting excited. I smiled at Sharon. “A dog tongue is wide and rough and so much better than a human tongue” I explained. Just then I yelped as he made me cum. I guess doing this in front of them had me turned on as well. They both realised what had happened and Sharon moaned. There was no doubt that she wanted to experience it too. But I still had more to show them. Pushing the Lab away I quickly got on my knees and bent over the bench facing them. “Mount” I said loudly and my doggy lover climbed onto my back. A couple of fresh air thrusts and then he found what he was seeking and started to hump me furiously.

“Oh God Allan he is fucking her” Sharon exclaimed. She wasn’t wrong. His cock now sliding into my soaked pussy and growing with each intrusion. Sharon was leaning forward as was Allen. Then she said “I want to see” and she got up and walked around behind me and the Lab. I couldn’t see her but Allen was staring wide-eyed as I moaned and squealed as I could feel the knot rubbing against my clit. That sent me over the edge again as he struggled to push it all the way home. Then he pushed a little harder and I was tied to him. He stopped moving and Sharon walked around in front of me. “What is happening” she gasped, as if she didn’t know. “He is cumming honey” I said as I moaned and felt the hot juice being sprayed deep inside my love canal “he is cumming and cumming”.

Sharon sat down and turned to Allen “I want to do it darling” she said “please let me do it. I will do anything you ask afterwards. Just let me do it”. I don’t know if he had planned to let her or if her pleading worked. A bit of both I suspect. But he nodded and she hugged him. She waiting patiently has the Lab finished and his knot shrunk. He pulled away and licked at cum oozing from my pussy. “My turn” said Sharon excitedly “I want to do it Beth honey”. I never doubted it really. I stood up and led the Lab back to his pen and got his brother. “Come on boy. I have got a nice fresh pussy for you” I said. By the time I got back to the shed Sharon had already shed her knickers and was leaning up against the bench. I could see her pussy was already wet and ready.

“You know what to say Sharon” I said. “Lick” she cried “please lick me”. The Lab just heard the work lick and zeroed in on Sharon’s crutch. She squealed as he went to work. “Oh shit” she cried “it feels so strange”. “Are you ok love” said Allen, showing concern. “Yes darling, better than alright and she spread her feet further apart to give him better access. “I want to cum” she moaned “make me cum doggy” and moments later she squealed “oh God yes” as she climaxed. “I want his cock” Sharon declared. “Are you sure darling?” asked Allan. “I have never been surer in my like. I want him to fuck me” and without she got on her knees, leaned over the bench and yelled “mount me now”.

True to my training the lab mounted her and I was relieved then he found the warm embrace of her pussy without any help. She squealed as he found the target and proceeded to do what came naturally. She moaned and groaned as she was fucked like never before. I suspect no human could be that vigorous as he ploughed her while she moans grew loudly as his cock grew larger. “Oh God I feel the knot Allan. Just like those videos” and she squealed as he forced it inside her. The moan was now quieter now as she took his doggy cum, filling her up more and more with little chance of it escaping her sealed love tunnel.

Finally, having satisfying himself his bitch was impregnated he pulled away and laid on the floor cleaning his cock. She looked around and gasped. “My God, did I take all that?” Allen stood up and looked “bloody hell Sharon, I can’t compete with that cock” and we all laughed. I handed Sharon a towel to clean herself up a bit and she put her knickers back on. The crutch was immediately wet but I suspected she didn’t mind a bit. “Oh Allen it was amazing she said and hugged. She then turned and hugged me. “Thank you Beth. Thank you so much. We have been watching videos for weeks but never thought it could be that wonderful”. Turning back to Allen she said “I want to get a dog honey. I will do anything and everything you ask me to do. Just let’s get a dog”.

“Well Sharon” I said “the Lab who just had you is for sale. Talk to Cindy about what you need to get for him and how much he will cost”. Allan smiled as Sharon headed to the office. “Thank you Beth. She gets a dog and I get whatever I ask for” and he winked at me. I had a feeling Sharon would regret saying she would do anything. I was sure Allen was already thinking of things for her to do. As he turned to walk away he turned back and said “we will be in touch”. My pussy tingled.


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oh wow that was a really great chapter

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