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Having finally deflowered my high school Sweetheart, I could not wait to penetrate her super tight warm pussy again. Every night I replayed the main event and the unbelievable sensations to help me explode before falling asleep.
BASEMENT (Continued)

It was another week. She noticed I was restless and agreed to another 'date'. On the way to her home, she turned to me 'I can make you come!', I held her hand and promised I won't hurt her. I dropped her off and followed the routine of parking on the street behind her house, walked through the back lane and her backyard quietly. She was waiting at the basement backdoor already. She took my hand, sneaked into her room and locked the door.

We started kissing passionately, sucking each others tongue. Our tongues danced together sensually, rubbing each other while our hands caressed each other all over. Suddenly she put one finger from each hand on my shirt gently drawing circles on both my nipples. 'Oh Oh!' The new sensation caused by the moving friction on my nipples sent shock waves to my spine. My nipples and cock all stiffened immediately. Then she used her nails to scratch the shirt over my hard nipples. My cock started throbbing while I moaned in ecstasy. I unhooked her bra to fondle her firm tits and she started moaning too.  We fell on her bed facing each other and I licked and sucked her firm Asian tits and nipples.  She reached for my manhood and grabbed the head firmly while I pulled down my pants.  She gently massaged my balls while slowly stroking my stone.  She bent down to lick then switched to drawing circles on my super hard nipples with her tongue.  We both knew this will get me to explode fast but my plan was to give her orgasm first.  So I quickly pulled down her pants and climb on top of her, gently rubbing my hot cock on her clit and slid down along her wet slit. She shivered as more fluids soaked her pussy lips and my manhood. She moved her firm thighs to hold my penis against her very wet pussy lips while sliding up and down. Knowing how sensitive her nipples were, I started massaging them while kissing her passionately.  She moaned, pushed her mound up against me and grabbed my cheeks as expected.  I positioned my cock against her pussy lips and clit as much as possible as she breathed faster and moaned louder.  Suddenly she quickly opened wide and then close her legs several times and took a deep deep breath. I can feel the spasms while her entire body stiffened.  Eventually she let out a big sigh and began to slowly relax her body. She opened her eyes, I smiled 'how was it? She looked into my eyes and smiled back 'Thank you! I love that!'

I covered her mouth with mine and sucked her tongue.  She responded by reaching for my very hard manhood to rub her clit and soaked pussy lips. She started moaning, then slowly inserted the head into her slit as we continued to kiss passionately.  That warm tight sensation is once again a reality!  Nervous of her 'ouch', I slid my throbbing cock gingerly inch by inch, pausing in between, into her warm and very tight vagina using her lubrication, until it was completely tightly wrapped.  She gently rubbed both my nipples and I was in heaven!  'Is it hurting?' I asked.  She looked in my eyes 'not right now'.  WOW! Finally!  Gingerly I raised and dropped my hip while watching her expression.  Nothing negative!  Still I did not want to lose a good thing so continued moving my hips slowly and she seemed ok.  I must say the slow penetration gave better sensation of her warmth and tightness.  We continued to kiss forever until I could not hold back the urge to speed up.  My cock was cursing me as I slowly pulled out and she squeezed my super hard manhood with her thighs as before.  I pumped madly against her soaking wet pussy lips and thighs as I moaned towards my new high!  As I began to squirt, she pushed down on my cheeks to add pressure on her mound.  She then moaned towards another orgasm. 

Obviously our regular 'dates' became more rewarding.  I started buying condoms since pills weren't easy to come by without too many questions.  She would let my throbbing cock enjoy her warmth and tightness until my urge made her protected.  I always got her to climax at least once by pressing my weight and rubbing my hard cock on her mound before inserting my manhood.  We enjoyed embracing each other so I stayed inside her after I cum.  Surprisingly the sensation of my cock softening inside her was another sure way to give her orgasm!  'Your cock sliding so slowly while turning soft inside me makes me tingle, I love that a lot!'  I could feel her spasms during orgasm because my softening cock continued to be so tightly wrapped.  On a good day, that was enough to get me going again and I didn't bother changing condom!  She usually ended up with more than 2 orgasms each session!  Life was just perfect.


She asked what I like for my upcoming birthday.  Without thinking 'Make love with you all night!'  She giggled 'Seriously!' 'I am serious!'  I knew she would have something else already like the hand made scarf last year.  We followed our routine to her room that evening after a day together.  I was already hard when we started kissing.  She held my hand and sat on the edge of her bed.  With me standing, that was perfect for drawing circles with her tongue and finger on my nipples.  I pulled down my pants and she squeezed my mushroom head tight.  Tingling sensation went up my spine but I had something else in mind.  I put her down on the bed and gave her the first climax.  She responded quickly with a super orgasm.  As she calmed down I moved up kneeling to slide my cock between her firm Asian tits. I grabbed her tits to add friction and used my thumbs to rub her enlarged nipples. She stared intensely at my rock hard cock sliding back and forth and smiled sweetly. After a while I pushed my hard cock a little further up in front of her face.  She looked at my manhood and started stroking slowly but firmly.  She also caressed my balls the way I liked.  'Please taste my cock as my special present!' 'It's dirty!' 'I knew you would say that. I showered extra clean and even washed it again in the restaurant before coming here! Please inspect and smell it!' I said smiling with extra charm.  She looked in my eyes and eventually opened her mouth as I shifted my hard cock on her lips. 'Please use your tongue!'  By now she already knew my sensitivities and started licking my glans, paying extra attention to the bottom. I shivered but did not want to lose control so I pushed my cock inside her mouth.  'Please suck!'  Wow! Where did she get this talent!  I was moaning louder as her tongue massaged my shaft and sliding around my glans. She sensed my climax cumming from my fast breathing and throbbing and she stopped.  'Please don't cum inside my mouth because I don't like the smell, even tasted worse, when I was cleaning up!' That was a disappointment but I must count my blessing so I slowly pulled out.  She sensed my disappointment and started licking my balls!  My excitement came back. 'That's so good! How do you know that?'  'Well I just use my tongue to do what you like me to do with my hand and fingers!'  Wow I was so lucky!  My cock was throbbing again! 'You could also gently suck my balls.'  She complied while squeezing my manhood at the base and moved one hand to finger my super hard nipples.  I was in heaven again!  She stroked my cock slowly but firmly. I thought my veins were going to burst.  My moans got louder as my dam burst!  She lifted her blouse to wrap my throbbing cock but some cum still sprayed on her face. Remembering her dislike I wiped her face quickly.  'Thank you for my special present.'  We both smiled while looking in each others eyes.

After cleaning up and changing her blouse, we kissed again facing each other on her bed.  We held each other and slowly caressed each others body. She sensed my manhood coming alive on her smooth thigh. 'Want me to suck again?' 'Of course!' She brought my hard cock to her face, 'It smells!' She took the glass of water by the bed and dipped my cock in to wash! The cold water made my cock even harder. After some rubbing and wiping, she checked and then started licking again! This time she licked up and down my shaft and then my balls while tightly squeezing my glans. My dream birthday gift came true! I could not believe her talent! I got on top of her and slowly inserted my super hard cock into his tight warm home. I really enjoyed the erotic sensation of slow movements and besides why should I rush through my birthday gift? I began kissing her as I fondled her firm tits and nipples. She moaned in response but suddenly reached down behind her thigh and caressed my balls. She whispered 'I think you like that' 'Oh my god! This is so good!' I moaned and breathed faster and faster as my thrusting picked up pace. I almost forgot to pull out and rushed on protection. I pumped hard and fast and burst into another record climax. I stayed inside her tight vagina as usual while kissing passionately. 'This is the best gift. Thank you!' She smiled, obviously proud of her accomplishment. But we weren't finished. She began her 2nd and 3rd orgasms tensing up while my cock softened and slid out very slowly. I kept the pressure on her mound with my semi erect cock slowly sliding against her soaked pussy lips. I massaged her enlarged and super hard nipples and sucked her tongue as she climaxed.

We fell asleep in each others arms. I felt her kissing me. 'It's 5 o'clock already! You must go!' Then she pulled off the condom I was still wearing! Even though I was ready again, I didn't want to be seen so I kissed her and left in darkness...

To be continued...
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