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I get caught masturbating by mom.. She is awakened..
Once I had discovered masturbation the switch had been flipped, shit I did it at least two or three times a day. I swore it was going to fall off from being jerked so much. Needless to say sex became a preoccupation of my every waking moment. Be real what eighteen year old male doesn't spend half his life thinking of food and the other half thinking of sex.

I had a routine where I would get home from school and head to my room to "do my homework"; which of course required a relaxation session first. Ostensibly to help my concentration, or so I reasoned to myself.

I remember the day exactly; it was a Tuesday. Mom always did laundry on Tuesday, but always in the morning while I was at school. The hormonal teenage brain rarely functions well, and when I threw my backpack onto my chair and headed for my bed to stretch out, the fact that there were still clothes on my floor, and my bed was not made; never entered my horny brain. My dick was hard from a full day of staring at teenage girl asses and was screaming for relief.

What I didn't know was that the washing machine had been broken, and just repaired that morning. Mom was doing laundry but was apparently in the process when I made my silent trip through the house.

I was deep into a fantasy of getting a blowjob from this little blonde at school, my hand stroking my throbbing cock; I never even heard the door to my room open. Just as I felt my balls start to tighten in that delightful release, I heard this sharp intake of breath. My eyes popped open, and I stared at my mother, standing just inside the doorway of the room.

I could see her eyes locked to my cock even as I felt my orgasm trying to shrivel in my balls. Now, I'm no ten-inch porn star, but I am a respectable eight inches, and fairly thick. Yeah, all guys do the comparison thing in the gym locker room, give me a break.

"Mom" was all I could gasp as my cock began to pulse.

"Sorry" my mom mumbled "I need your dirty clothes."

Then, the strangest thing happened. Instead of stepping out, mom went about picking up my laundry from the floor and dropping them into her small basket. All the while I could see her glancing over at me stroking my cock.

That was it, my teenage brain shut off and I lost it right there. My eyes slowly rolled back as my body began to tremble.

"Oh Goddddd" I moaned. My cock jerked in my grip and the first molten rope arched skyward and then splattered on my belly.

I grunted again as a second and then third thick stream spewed out, leaving a puddle of white goo congealing on my stomach.

"Oh" I faintly heard mom gasp. My eyes fluttered open to see mom now standing, her eyes riveted to my cock as the last of my load dribbled from the tip and slid down my shaft, coating my hand.

"You might need this" mom said in a hushed whisper, as she handed me one of my dirty t-shirts from the laundry basket.

Before I could utter any thanks, she turned and walked from the room. She didn't run, she didn't scream, nothing. She just silently walked out. All the while my numbed brain wondered what had happened.

We never spoke of what happened that afternoon, at first it was if it had never occurred. The following week I came home from school, and realized mom was doing laundry as I walked through the house. Had she altered her routine to match mine?

That time, when she silently walked into my room, I made no effort to stop or hide what I was doing. My fist kept pumping my throbbing dick as my mother stood in the center of the room watching.

She made no pretense of picking up clothes, as she stood holding the small laundry basket, her eyes glued to my pulsing cock. I wasn't sure what was happening, and yes I was a mess of conflicting emotions, but believe me that didn't stop me. Having someone watch you jerk off is one of any guy's hottest fantasies, even if it is your mother.

The third time she watched me I totally lost it. This time she was wearing her flowered sun dress, and I could see her slender legs and painted toes. Her breasts were pushing out against the thin fabric. It didn't take long to blow a massive load all over myself.

"Oh mom" I gasped as my orgasm hit. Her eyes grew wide as what felt was a gallon of hot cum coated my body.

Without a word, and not handing me a t-shirt this time, mom turned on her heels and left the room. I thought I had just fucked up royally, and that the fun was now over. Boy was I wrong.

Through dinner and after mom seemed preoccupied, but never said a word. By nine that night Dad was in the study preparing his sermon, my sister in her room behind locked door doing God knew what.

I had retreated to my room to play some video games, but needless to say teenage hormones once again took over. I had just stripped down and stretched out on my bed when there was a soft tap on my door.

I threw my sheet over my nude body and told them to come in. I watched as mom slipped into the room, closing the door behind her. She stood hesitant by the door, and then sucking on her lower lips, she looked up at me.

"What were you thinking of...last time?" she asked softly.

"You" I said, not seeing any reason to hide the truth.

"Why me?" she seemed surprised.

She was wearing the same sundress and I let my eyes travel over her. The barely hidden swell of her breasts, the slight pooch of her belly, and the hint of firm thighs just under the hemline. I could feel my cock stirring under the sheet as I gazed at her.

"Because I think you're hot" I told her.

Mom had not missed the shift of my sheet as my cock thickened and hardened, her eyes were riveted to my groin. Slowly she eased down into my desk chair, facing me.

"I've never seen a man..." she said hesitantly. "Do it again.” Her soft voice almost sounded pleading.

I drew the sheet back until my now steel hard cock slid into view. I reached down and gripped the shaft holding it upright. A drop of pre cum oozed from the tip.

"Oh my God" mom whispered. "I do that to you" she said in awe.

"Yes, you do" I honestly told her. "Now, you show me." I said.

"What?" she asked confused. Then her eyes widened again. "Oh nooooo, that wouldn't be right." She gasped.

"And this is?" I wagged my cock back and forth. "It may not be right, but fair is fair; I showed you." I encouraged her.

I could see a lot of conflict cross moms' face, and then her hands reached down to the hem of her dress. I watched as it slid up inch by inch, revealing her creamy thighs. My hand began to stroke slowly as the cloth slid higher and higher. At the top of her thighs it stopped, and my hand stopped with it.

"Don't stop...please." That pleading was back in her voice.

"Higher" I told her, holding my hand still.

I was shocked when she complied, pulling the hem the rest of the way to her waist. She wasn't wearing a hidden thong, but she wasn't wearing granny panties either. I would call them bikini style as they fit more like a swimsuit bottom on her. The fabric pulled tight as my hand pumped away.

"Oh God" I groaned as I felt the rising boil in my balls.

"Do I make you want know." She asked.

"You mean cum?" I finished for her. She nodded silently.

"You're going to make me cum very soon mom" I groaned.

It was then the next amazing thing happened. Without a word mom slipped from the desk chair, her forward movement bringing her to her knees at the side of my bed in the small room.

My body literally vibrated as mom reached out and wrapped her hand around my pulsing cock. Releasing my grip, I dropped my hands to my sides as mom took over slowly pumping my cock.

"Show me" she whispered.

"Unnngggggggggg" I groaned, now past words as my balls erupted.

"Yesssssssss" mom hissed softly as my hot cream exploded from the tip and sprayed across my belly.

By the time I had emptied every drop out of my balls; my belly was covered in hot seed. I could see a thick strand coating her painted fingers as she drew her hand away, but she made no effort to wipe any of my cum from her hand.

"Before your father...changed" Mom stared at her cum covered hand as she spoke. "I used to do this for him."

With a sigh mom rose to her feet and turned to the door. I knew it was now or never, so I spoke.

"Mom wait" I said softly. She turned and faced me.

"I'd love to return the favor" I told her.

Mom studied my face silently for a moment. Then she spoke softly.

"You mean that don't you" she seemed surprised.

"Very much" I told her.

Mom stood at the door and studied my face for a moment, I thought at first, she was going to say something, and then she turned and left my room without a word. I just lay on my bed but stunned and tremendously turned on by the fact my mother had just jacked me off. The image of her hand sliding up and down my cock now forever burned in my memory.

It was less than a week later that the next encounter came. It wasn't laundry day, so I really wasn't expecting anything. There hadn't been anything interesting on television, so I had headed off to bed early.

Dad, as was his usual, was working on another sermon or something in the den, and mom had gone to take a shower; so, I figured I had a little private time. I hadn't gotten the chance to jerk off after school, and my balls were beginning to ache with that familiar feeling.

I had just slipped off my shirt and jeans and was standing in my underwear in the middle of my room when mom quietly slipped inside. This time there had been no knock, no indication she was coming.

I opened my mouth to say something when I realized she must have just come from the shower. Her damp hair was combed and hung to her shoulders. Her body encased in a fluffy blue robe I watched her once again sit in my computer chair.

Mom watched me with this expectant look on her face, but this time I wanted something a bit different. Rather than stretching out on my bed, I stepped closer to her in the small room. Standing in front of her, I lowered my boxers and kicked them free.

Mom gave a small gasp as my hardening cock began to expand only inches from her face. With almost a reverence she reached out and wrapped one hand around my throbbing cock, she gave a small smile as she felt it twitch in her grip.

"I really excite you." She whispered. I could only grunt in reply. "Why, you can't see anything." She slowly began to pump my dick.

"I can...imagine." I almost moaned. This was such a new sensation I was still getting used to the idea my mother was jerking me off.

I felt my knees want to buckle as mom's other hand reached up and tugged at the belt to her robe. I couldn't believe what she was doing as the two folds separated in front of my eyes. The expanse of skin flooded my vision as her breasts came into view.

"Oh my God" I groaned; her breasts were fantastic.

The twin globes stood proud on her chest, full and round. They looked so soft and my hands ached to reach down and touch them. I could see them rise and fall with her labored breathing as she smiled at the sensation of my cock stiffening even more in her grip.

"Is that better?" she asked softly.

"Fuck yes" I moaned. I realized then she was offering herself to me, the fair exchange I had mentioned before.

I lowered a hand and cupped her soft flesh. I could feel her shudder at the touch and a soft sigh escaped her lips. She gave a little moan as my fingertips caressed her hard nipple.

"It's long" she looked up into my eyes.

My God, how my father could just ignore such beauty, I wondered. Here she was in need, and if he wouldn't I was damned if I was going to be the same insensitive asshole.

I pulled my hips back and slid my cock from mom's grip. She seemed startled as I kneeled on the floor at her feet. Reaching up I laid my hands on her knees and began to gently separate her legs.

"You shouldn't...what are you..." she whispered. Then a low groan followed as my lips landed on her firm inner thighs.

"Oh my God...Oh my God..." she moaned as I left a moist trail higher and higher along her thighs.

"My turn" I said as I opened her thighs even further.

Mom's eyes widened as the dark fur covering her pussy came into view, she knows what I am going to do, I thought. Glancing between her now spread thighs; I could see her swollen and glistening lips through the tangle of hair.

My only exposure to a pussy had been in porn, and almost all of them shaved. There was something so primal and exciting seeing my mother in her natural wonder.

"We can't...ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh" mom moaned.

I had ignored her comment and extending my tongue I dragged it up the length of her soaked gash. Her scent filled my nostrils, and her taste coated my tongue as I gripped her now quivering thighs.

Finishing at her throbbing clit, I pulled my head back, staring into her fever filled eyes. I knew she wanted this, but she needed to admit it; to herself as much as me.

"Should I stop?" I asked in a teasing voice.

Mom reached down and tangled her fingers in my hair. An almost wild look filled her eyes as she tightened her grip.

"God help me no" she panted back. Then she spewed more filth than I think I had ever heard her say in my entire life.

"Lick mommy’s cunt baby" she half growled. "I want to fucking cum all over your face." I felt her tug at the back of my head.

In shock my mouth closed on her, my tongue driving through the mat of hair to spear between her lips. I heard a guttural moan as my mouth tasted her hot nectar. This was my first time being with a woman. Oh I had watched a ton of porn; but doing it yourself was totally different.

I sucked, licked slurped, and drank every drop I could. I wanted nothing more than to please this woman. I found her pulsing clit and pulled it into my mouth, sucking on the hard bud.

Mom reached up one hand and grabbed the lapel of her robe, stuffing the soft cloth into her gaping mouth just in time to muffle the wail that rolled out of her.

"Mmmppfffffffffffffffffffffffff" mom screamed into the soft cloth, as her other hand ground my face between her spasming thighs.

A flood of hot cream pumped out into my mouth, and you could hear me swallow as my mother orgasmed on my tongue.

"So good, oh God" mom moaned as she dropped the cloth away. One hand holding my head while the other cupped her breast, pinching her aching nipple.

For some reason I didn't want once to be enough, I slid one hand off her thigh and deeper into the valley. Even as her body trembled and shook from the after-shocks of her first orgasm, I slid two fingers into her drenched hole.

"Oh fuck...fuck yes." Mom moaned. "Finger fuck me baby”, mom groaned down at me.

My face coated in her juices, I looked up at her face. It was bright red, and the veins on her neck stood out as her back began to arch in the chair.

"Going shit" mom gasped. Quickly I lowered my mouth back down and engulfed her swollen lips. Then an animal gurgle came out of her mouth as my mouth flooded full once again.

I can't tell you how good it felt to make my mother feel such pleasure, but it did. I held her spasming body and drank deeply of her as she roared through her orgasm.

By the time mom eased back in the chair my entire face was covered, and hot juices dripped off my chin to my chest. Her hands tugged at the sides of my head and I slowly withdrew to stare into her eyes.

"Do you know what you just did?" she asked still panting.

"Yes, I do." I said simply. I wasn't going to brag, but neither would I hide from the fact I had just given my mother two fantastic orgasms.

Suddenly mom rose from the chair, pulling her robe tighter around her still trembling body. Still kneeling in front of the chair I watched her step around me and to the door of the room. She reached out and gripped the doorknob.

Looking back at me, she couldn't miss the tent in my boxers. She looked into my eyes, shock on her face.

"You want to fuck me" she said.

I couldn't see hiding what was more than evident. "Yes" I told her with total honesty.

Before I could say another word, mom opened my bedroom door and slipped out. I stayed kneeling for a moment, the thought of jerking off in my mind. No, I wasn't going to jerk off. There would be nothing until my cock was buried between those thighs, I thought.

Mom and I got together twice more over the next two weeks. Each time they were more intense, but each time she finished her orgasm, she skirted quickly out of my room before I could say or do anything.

To say I was frustrated was an understatement, but I bided my time. I knew that eventually something had to give. It did, but in a surprising way.

Dad had a wedding one Saturday, and while mom usually helped the women's group with the meal, she was recovering from a cold the previous day. Dad agreed it might not be best to not infect the congregation and newlywed couple; so mom stayed home.

I had settled into a chair on the deck with my IPad, thinking I would give mom some quiet to rest. Only a few minutes later the sliding door opened and mom came out with two glasses of ice tea.

She was wearing that blue fluffy robe again, and I wondered if the being "sick" had been to be alone with me. I soon discovered I was right, but for a different reason.

"We need to talk." Mom said as she settled in the chair beside mine.

"OK" I nodded.

"Things are...escalating." She said hesitantly.

I thought of the hot hand jobs she had given me, and the taste of her juices. I knew she was right; if things continued there was only one end to all of this. I sat silent waiting for her to continue.

"There are some things you need to know" she said with a heavy sigh. "I don't know how much your sister or brother remembers" she took a sip of her tea.

"But all of this" she waved her hand in the air. "Isn't how it once was. In fact it isn't even how it was supposed to be." She frowned.

"What do you mean?" I asked confused.

"Before your father found God. Mom said carefully. "When you father and I first married, things were...well just different."

"What do you mean different" I was getting curious.

"For one thing, your father could fuck like an animal." She turned and looked at me.

I wasn't sure which I was more shocked at; the bluntness of my mother and her language, or the thought my father actually could fuck. I just stared at her in surprise.

"How do you think we had three children barely a year apart?" mom half smiled back. "We fucked in the bedroom; in the living room; God even the shower. He was insatiable." She told me.

Mom sighed. "Overnight it suddenly became dirty. Every time I wanted sex he spouted some bible verse then rolled over and went to sleep."

"My God" I whispered.

"After you get rejected enough, you just give up." She said sadly. "Over time I simply locked up those desires...those needs." She took a deep drink of her tea as I watched her.

"Then, I caught...saw you." She looked over at me.

"I was masturbating." I said simply.

"Yes, you were masturbating." Mom stared at my groin. "That cock; that cum...God that cum." She almost moaned.

"You woke up?" I suddenly understood.

"With a vengeance" mom sighed back. "I went to my room and frigged myself to four orgasms after that. I thought I was going to pass out." Mom half smiled.

"I have to ask" I looked at mom. "Why stay?" I was curious.

Mom just turned her head and stared silently at me. It took me a moment, but the light finally came on in my head.

"You stayed for us." I said in a hushed voice. "For your children" I said.

"Yes." She admitted.

I was stunned. The sacrifice she had made; to totally bury her own needs and wants; for her children, made all my trials seem so trivial.

"Then, I saw you; and that magnificent cock." She continued. "You weren't a child anymore. You were a man, and God you wanted me." She looked into my eyes. "You wanted me as a woman, something I hadn't felt in a very long time." She said softly.

"I do want you" I told her. "I want to feel you, taste you; be with you." I stared back at her.

"Prove it" mom's voice was husky.

I knew what she was asking. Without a word I unsnapped my jeans, raising my ass slightly from the chair, I slid my jeans and boxers over my hips. My cock caught on the edge of my jeans and slapped against my belly as I pushed them lower, finally kicking them free.

I now sat on our deck with my mother, a raging hard eight-inch cock doing most of the talking for me. Most of, but not all thank God.

Mom moved her eyes from my cock to my face; I could see the lust glowing behind her eyes as she ran her eyes over my body each time. My cock twitched causing mom to gasp slightly at the movement.

"Now or never baby" she whispered with a hoarse voice. "Tell me what you want."

I thought carefully about her request. I knew what I wanted, but I didn't think the time was right. That part of her had been buried for so long was just coming back, and I wanted to take this a step at a time.

"I want..." I stared into her eyes. "I want my mother to suck my cock."

"Oh baby" mom moaned as she slid from her chair and onto her knees.

Like some wanton slut I watched her crawl the short distance between our chairs. I opened my legs, allowing her to slide closer, her hand coming up to wrap around my dick.

I opened my mouth to tell her to go ahead, but only a groan came out as without warning her hot mouth descended over my cock. I looked down and watched in amazement as my mother gave me my first blowjob.

"Mmmmmmmmm" mom moaned as her lips glided up and down my shaft.

I shuddered as she swirled her tongue around the sensitive tip. I thought my balls were tight enough, but when her hand came up and cupped my full sac I thought I was going to blow right there.

Her mouth suddenly slipped off me, her hand tightening into a ring around the base of my cock. I felt the pressure build in my glands, making my balls slowly settle back down.

"Not yet" mom hissed with sheer lust. "I'll tell you when to cum, not before" I could see the fire glowing in her eyes.

I couldn't believe the woman she had kept hidden inside. Every movement reeked of sex and lust. When she totally released my cock from her grip, I watched as her mouth sucked hard around my crown, and then slowly slid down until her nose was buried in my pubic hair. Fuck, she had just deep throated me, I realized.

At the same time she reached up and pulled her robe free, and I could only stare as her totally nude body came into view. I tell you this, there is nothing like having a nude and horny woman kneel between your legs with your cock shoved down her throat.

I couldn't stand it anymore. Reaching down I wrapped my fingers into her dark hair, holding her head still I began to arch my hips. I could hear the wet slurping as I began to fuck her hot mouth. I thought she might get mad, but instead she only hummed her approval of me taking command. The vibration went straight to my balls, sending my body into overload and shutting my brain down at the same instant.

"Take it mom, suck that cock" I roared as my orgasm built. "I'm going to fucking cum." I told her.

I arched my hips up harder, driving deeper. I could hear her start to gag on my length, but she seemed to feed off the motion. I felt my balls slap against her spit covered chin. The sight of my cock buried down her throat was too much.

"FFFUUCCKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK" I roared as my balls exploded.

I heard her choke as the first rope pumped deep into her throat, so I pulled back slightly, letting the second thick wad flood her mouth. I watched the muscles in her throat working as she tried to swallow what had to be the biggest load of my life.

"Mmmmhmmmm" mom cooed as she slid her mouth off my slowly deflating cock.

I could only sit in my chair in wonder and watch as this woman who until recently had been the staid and dour mother I knew, reached up and used a finger to wipe up the string of cum that had dribbled from the corner of her mouth.

"God you're delicious" mom sighed and then sucked her goo covered finger clean.

I had never seen her look so alive and vibrant as she did kneeling at my feet right then. It was then I saw the woman my father had fallen in love with, and I pitied him. He couldn't remember this beautiful and sexy creature, and now she belonged to me.

Mom rose to her feet in front of me, bending at the waist she cupped my chin and stared into my eyes. It took all my will power not to look down at those pendulous breasts swaying in front of me.

"When you fuck me; and you WILL fuck me" her voice dripped with lust.

"There are two rules" she calmly pulled her robe back on. "One, there will be no condoms." I could only nod in response.

"Rule two" she bent down her hot breath in my ear. "Don't you dare fucking pull out, understood."

"Yes" I croaked back.

I swear over the next month I went about crazy. I wanted to fuck mom so bad it was about all I ever thought about. I held back though, I wanted it to be her decision. She had admitted that day on the deck that we would be together, but the time had to be right; for both of us not just me.

I won't say we were idle during that time. I dry humped her in the kitchen while dad worked in his study. Once she slipped into my room and sucked me dry while dad showered. It was like I had released years of wanton desires, and this amazing woman intended to make up for lost time.

I realized just how devious my mother could be when Dad announced the annual bishopric meeting for the church. He would be gone for the weekend.

After watching Dad drive away, mom and I entered the house. I heard the sound of the front door lock snapping and the dead bolt being set. I turned and faced my mother leaning against the front door.

"Neither of us is leaving this house for the next two days." She said. "I want you to go upstairs and take a hot shower, and then come to the master bedroom." I nodded my agreement and started for the stairs.

I looked at mom. Her eyes were bright but there was something there, I thought carefully for a moment. For the first time I think I really did understand. I straightened my shoulders and steadied my voice.

"I am going to take a shower" I repeated, letting her know I heard her and did agree. "I expect you on that bed, waiting; and nude." I stared at her. "If you have any clothing on, I will rip it off of you. Do you understand?" I said.

Mom's eyes widened and a smile spread across her face. I swear to God her nipples instantly hardened at my words. I knew she was going to answer as her lips parted, but instead I turned and mounted the stairs, I wanted the message clear I expected compliance.

Washed and dried, I walked nude down to my parents' bedroom. For the next six days it was going to be my bedroom; and longer if I had anything to say about it.

Stepping into the bedroom I was greeted by the sight of my mother kneeling in the center of the bed. Her body almost glistened in the light from the sun coming through the window. Then I saw her test, the bra she still wore. I thought something was different, and then realized she had actually changed. This wasn't the same bra she had on earlier. This was an older worn one. One you can afford to lose, I thought silently.

Mom continued to kneel and watch as I crossed the room. When I stood at the side of the bed, mom lowered herself to her hands and knees and crawled to the edge, my hard cock only inches from her face.

"Finally," she whispered.

Without a word I reached down between us, gripping the tops of the cups of her bra. Her eyes grew wide as the muscles in my arms flexed, followed by a ripping sound. The two cups separated in my hands and I pulled the now destroyed garment free.

"Welcome home...Man of the House" mom whispered.

"Now I will honor my mother" I told her softly.

"Fuck me...please" she sounded like she was begging.

That was all I needed; I reached down and held my pulsing cock in one hand while I supported myself on the other. Aiming the engorged head for her swollen lips, I lowered my hips. Just as the tip touched her moistness, I looked into her eyes.

"I will fuck you now" I whispered.

My cock head parted her lips like wet petals, as I slid the head inside accompanied by a soft wet sucking sound. I could feel her tight walls gripping my cock as I held still.

"Oh Jesus" mom groaned as she stared into my face. "Slow baby" she gasped. "It's been two years."

Two years since mom had had sex, holy shit, I thought. No wonder her walls felt like a velvet vise, she was back to being as tight as a virgin against my eight inches. With a grunt I pushed down, sliding a couple more inches into her.

I watched as mom's eyes fluttered again, her mouth opening in a silent Oh as her body gave a small spasm under me. I could feel her nails dig lightly into my ass and then slowly eased up.

"My God" mom breathed out a long sigh. "I just came, fuck that was good." A small smile crept on her face. "Fuck your mother good baby" she encouraged me more.

With only half my cock inside her tight tunnel, I began to rock my hips, slowly sliding in and out of her now dripping pussy. With each forward motion I slipped more and more of my length inside her.

"Oh shit" mom grunted as my pelvis came down on hers, my entire eight inches now buried to the hilt inside her. Her grip tightened on my ass, holding me in place.

"Don't move" mom gasped.

I could feel her hips grind in a slow circle under me, as her mound pressed against my pelvis. There were like rhythmic waves pulsing along her tight walls as my mother skewered herself on me.

"Oh baby" mom moaned "I want...I'm going to..." Then I watched as her eyes slowly rolled back.

"Nnnaahhhhhhhhhhhhh" Mom softly keened as her entire body jerked under me. She stopped moving as a swamp of fluids gushed out to soak my cock and balls, and then slowly run down the crack of her ass to drench the sheet under her.

"Wow" Mom whispered, as her eyes refocused on my face. "Are you sure you're a virgin?" she asked.

"I was until a moment ago" I smiled back. "Why?"

"Because you have already made me cum twice" she told me. "Yet, you haven't even started fucking me."

I pulled slowly back until just the head of my cock rested inside her. Hovering over her I locked eyes with her. I gave a silent thanks to hours of watching porn that I actually knew what to do.

"Like this" I grunted; and then rammed my weight down hard.

My cock sliced through her walls driving deep. Mom's legs shot out and then wrapped around my waist as her nails dug painfully into my ass cheeks. I felt another gush of warm fluids wash my belly as her third orgasm ripped through her unprepared body.

"YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS" Mom screamed as she convulsed under me.

My hips rose and fell as I pounded down into her with wild abandon. One advantage to youth was an almost unlimited energy supply. Wet slurping filled the room, as the scent of our sex hung heavy in the air.

"Fuck me...fuck me..." mom chanted as I hammered into her.

I knew I wouldn't last long for my first round. Hell, I was surprised I had lasted this long. I could hear my balls slapping her cum soaked ass as I fucked into her with everything I had.

"Oh My Fucking God" Mom's eyes grew huge. "Again...oh fuck...oh God..." Mom gasped.

I watched as mom devolved into a quivering mass under me. Her body was continuously jerking and spasming. Her hands slid up my back to the sides of my face.

"My son is making me cum so fucking hard" her gravely lust filled voice washed over my face.

I felt her walls rippling along my shaft, trying to milk the boiling cum from my balls. As I watched mom orgasm a fourth time, my body simply gave into the sensations as my nuts started to tighten.

"Rule number two." Mom gasped, her eyes locking to mine.

I tried to keep looking into her eyes as my orgasm hit, honestly; but it wasn't going to happen. My eyes rolled back as my released cum exploded from my balls and shot the length of my cock.

"Mooommmmmmmmmmm" I gave a primal roar as the first blast jetted out to wash her walls.

I refocused on moms' face as best I could as my ass cheeks tightened, and a second burst pumped out to flood her waiting pussy. I could see the look of wonder in her eyes.

"Jesus" she moaned. "I can feel it, oh my God." She shuddered under me.

By the time the last spasm of my cock hit, it had to be three or four hot ropes I had let loose inside her. I rocked back on my heels between her lewdly spread thighs, looking down between our joined bodies.

The erotic sight of my cock buried inside her tight pussy was bad enough; but the additional image of white globs of cream that matted both our pubis hairs, as our mixed cream seeped from her sent a shiver down my spine.

"I'm no longer a virgin." I looked down at her.

"No, you're not" mom said.

With a huge sigh, I slide off my mom, and collapsed onto her pillow on the bed.

"Fucking fantastic" mom whispered softly as sleep took her.

I couldn't even find the words to agree with her as I cuddled next to her. We were both so sated that neither of us caught the shadow that pulled away from the bedroom door.

An hour later, I roused myself from the bed. I had a triple threat staring at me. My nude and sexy mother lying on the bed, a full bladder screaming at me, and my stomach growled its empty need.

Padding down the hall I stood in the bathroom and emptied my bladder first. I pulled on my robe from the hook behind the door and headed for the stairs. My mind was so preoccupied with the utterly fantastic way mom and I enveloped each other, I was halfway across the kitchen before I saw her.

I stopped dead and stared at my sister sitting at the kitchen table eating reheated leftovers for lunch. I quietly resumed my path to the refrigerator, finding a Tupperware container of left-over pasta. Popping it in the microwave, I stood silent while it reheated.

"I hope you washed your hands." My sisters' soft voice broke my private thoughts.

"Ummmm, yeah" was all I could answer.

I never heard the microwave beep as she stood and walked to the kitchen sink to deposit her plate. She turned and stared at me only a couple of feet from me.

"Good, you know how mom hates it when you come to dinner dirty." Her emphasis on the word come sent a shiver down my spine.

I had this sinking feeling in the pit of my gut. Mom and I had been in such a hurry to consummate the last few months, we had both totally forgotten about my sister. We had locked the door, thinking we had secured the house. Not realizing there was someone else who had a key.

"How long have you...been home?" I asked.

"Long enough big brother...long enough" there was a glint in her eyes as she spoke.

"Look we just...I mean..." I stuttered.

"Skip it" my sister stepped closer; I could smell her perfume. "I don't judge like dear old dad" she said softly. "Mom has been awakened after many years of being dormant.”

I was struggling to find words to explain when she leaned in, her hot breath in my ear.

"Besides" she said as her soft voice wafted against my skin. "You really are a "big" brother."

I was dumbfounded and could only watch as she turned and walked to the kitchen door. My eyes were glued to her tight ass encased in those high cut jean shorts my father hated so much. They showed off every curve of her cute ass.

"Where are you going?" I asked in a strangled voice.

"You had your fantasy fulfilled" my sister smiled. "Now it's my turn."

"Oh Jesus" I murmured. "What are you going to do?" I asked her.

"I'm going upstairs to suck my brothers cum out of my mothers' nasty cunt." She said in a calm voice as her fingers undid the snap on the front of her jean shorts.

Even after my sister had walked out of the kitchen, I stood rooted to the spot. My food was forgotten as I grappled with what she had just said. She wouldn't really, would she? My mind reeled in shock.

Finally gaining motor movement in my legs, I headed back up the stairs, my empty stomach totally forgotten in my haste. I hit the doorway to the master bedroom just in time to watch my sister drop her panties onto the pile of clothing at the foot of the bed.

"Oh my God" I whispered as she slowly crawled onto the bed.

My sister held up a finger to her lips to silence me, so I did what any male would do, I just stood there and watched as she crawled to my mothers' sleeping form. Mom has sprawled on her back, one leg bent at the knee, her large firm breasts rising and falling with her even breathing.

My sister reached out and slowly straightened her bent leg, drawing it further out. I watched her reach out a hand and dip one finger into the glistening wetness between moms' thighs. She then brought that same finger up and slowly licked my dried cum into her mouth.

This was going rapidly from heaven, to hell and then back to heaven again. I stared at my sisters' tight bare ass as she settled on her stomach between moms' thighs. She was like a younger version of our mother, I had to admit, and damn was she hot.

"Mmmmm" mom moaned softly, I watched as she trembled. I was looking at the back of my sisters' head as I imagined her hot mouth descending on our mother's hot sex.

I thought of saying something, waking mom, but the rising blood flow in my cock reigned, and instead I slipped further into the room and to the side. Now I could see as my sisters' face buried between my mothers' thighs. I thought what had happened earlier with mom was hot, damn this was scorching.

My cock gave a huge surge as my sister extended her tongue and drew it up the full length of moms' snatch.

"Oh baby" mom moaned. God she thought it was me, I realized.

"Fuck yes, eat momma" my mother moaned. I could see my sister press her head between those thighs; I knew her tongue was now probing deeper.

I watched as mom slid her hands along the sheets, she was going to hold her head. For a second I panicked, if her hands hit my sisters long dark curls, she would know it wasn't me. Suddenly my sisters' hands shot out and gripped moms' wrists, holding them down.

"Not fair...of fuck that's good" mom murmured. "My clit...yes my clit baby." Mom groaned.

Mom rocked her hips back and forth; damn my sister had to be fucking her with her tongue I thought. I could see her rock hard nipples capping her swaying breasts as her entire body got into the motion.

"Oh God...oh shit." Mom moaned. "Baby, I going to cum; you're making mommy cum." She mewled.

I couldn't take it anymore, reaching down I wrapped my hand around my steel hard shaft and began to stroke. What I was watching was the most erotic thing I had ever seen. As moms' orgasm began to hit the point of no return, I could see her belly muscles start to flex.

As if she knew, my sister released her grip on both wrists and wrapped her arms around mom's quivering thighs, grinding her face in even harder.

"Oh fucking yessssss" mom moaned.

Mom's hands shot down and gripped my sister's head, fingers wrapping into her flowing dark curls. Her eyes snapped open as she instantly realized something was different.

Mom raised her head and I could see the confusion in her eyes as she tried to process what was before her. Her daughter was stretched out between her thighs, lapping at her now flowing cunt with total abandon. While her son stood mere feet away stroking a raging hard dick.

Then the freight train hit the station and I watched as mom rolled her eyes back, her head dropping back to the pillow. Her ass slowly rose from the bed, while her hands gripped fists full of hair, grinding her pelvis into her daughters face.

"Cu...cuumm...CUMMMINNNGGGGGGGGGGGGGG" mom screamed, as her body began to convulse on the bed.

"Mmmmmhmmmmm" My sister hummed, sending what had to be the last straw of vibrations through mom's pelvis.

I watched as mom thrashed about on the bed, my sister desperately holding onto her thighs, as her orgasm ripped through her. Rising to her knees, my sister ground her face in harder; I could hear the slurping as she drank the mixed cream that was pouring out of mom's spasming cunt.

I couldn't take it anymore. The sight of my sisters' tight ass sticking up in the air as she knelt between mom’s-soaked thighs was too much. I was listening to my mother gurgle her way through a mind-blowing orgasm, as my sister noisily swallowed her hot cream; I quickly shed my robe and climbed onto the bed behind my sisters jutting ass.

When I gripped my sister by the hips and lined my cock up with her dripping hole, she finally pulled her mouth away and looked over her shoulder at me. She had a look of fear and surprise written all over her face.

"What are you doing?" she gasped.

"I'm going to fuck my sisters' cunt" I rumbled.

" can't...I'm not... My sister tried to protest.

I heard nothing as my engorged head slipped between her swollen lips, and then I began to ease in inch by inch. Knowing she wasn't as experienced as mom; I took my time sliding in. God, was I glad I did, she was so fucking tight I wondered if she was a virgin, but I never hit a hymen as I seated myself fully into her.

"Oh shit...oh God...noooo" my sister babbled. "Gay...I'm gay, I don't do guys..." my sister grunted as my full eight inches sank home.

My ears registered her words, but my brain was in hormonal shutdown and didn't register a damn thing. I pulled back and then rammed my hips forward hard. I began to pump into her tight pussy with long powerful strokes.

"Oh fuck...never had...oh my God..." My sister moaned, as I spent the next few minutes pounding into her.

I could feel her back begin to arch as her ass started to push back against me. She may be denying it, but she was starting to get into being fucked.

What couldn't be more than ten minutes into hammering into my sisters' pussy, she dropped her head down until it lay on my mother's soft belly. I could feel the river flowing out around my cock as she was in a constant orgasm, but I knew the big one was building as her walls ripped around me.

"Oh God, I can't like this" she moaned. "But it's so fucking goooddddd" she moaned.

"It's OK baby, let it go" my mother cooed as she reached down and stroked my sisters hair.

"I can't...I've never had a man..." my sister gasped. "Oh God it comes" she raised her head and stared at mom.

Knowing she was close gave me a sudden burst of energy. I pulled back and then slammed in as hard as I could; I swore I drove my cock so deep the tip bounced off her cervix.

"ARRGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH" my sister screamed as I felt a sudden gush of fluids flood around my cock to run down her thighs.

"Cumminngggggg...on a man's cock" my sister wailed as her body convulsed. She let her arms go again as her head landed on mom's belly with a wet smack.

"Fuck" I grunted as her vise tight walls slammed down on my cock. I felt my balls fiving. "I'm going to cum." I panted.

"Do it" she hissed at me. "Fill me up.”

That was all it took; I totally blanked as my body erupted in raw lust. My sister wanted my cream as much as my mother did.

"YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS" I roared in agreement.

I watched my sisters’ eyes grow wide as my first fiery blast sprayed her walls. I knew she could feel my hot cum filling her belly as I pumped wad after wad deep inside her.

"That's it...give it to me...give it to me." My sister chanted as I unloaded in her.

By the time I had spent myself, I was totally exhausted. I had just fucked two of the hottest women I knew in the same morning. I was starved and exhausted. God was this going to be a long weekend. Right then, I didn't really give a shit if my father returned or not.

The next day and a half seemed almost surreal. I don't even remember how many loads I dumped between my mother and my sister. The hottest was when I would pump my steaming cum deep into one mouth, and then they would share a hot kiss. I could see both their throats working as they shared my cream.


2024-03-07 23:44:05
as a women i can feel the come squirting up my canal, my son has a huge one and when he shoots i feel it hitting my insides, i also arent on the pill, while fucking i screamed for him to do it on me, he did!


2024-03-07 23:42:56
as a women i can feel the come squirting up my canal, my son has a huge one and when he shoots i feel it hitting my insides, i also arent on the pill, while fucking i screamed for him to do it on me, he did!


2024-01-03 20:57:54
Beautiful sexy story


2024-01-03 20:19:25
Beautiful sexy story


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This demands more chapters.

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