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Chapter 4 of the Beast series
Tempest fumbled in her satchel, "I only have a few oranges and pieces of molasses left." she told Brick. he knelt beside the river bed getting himself a drink.

"It is still two days to my home lands." he told her, "I am fine living on the lands but Tempest you are a carnivore."

she nodded. for the last 5 days she had only been eating what they had been able to find. she had stashed the oranges from a tree the day before. her stomach growled, she knelt down digging through her bag yet again, hoping to find a piece of dried meat that have perhaps gotten lost but found nothing.

Brick moved to her side and knelt beside her, "drink." he told her giving her the canteen he had filled for them.

"Brick…" her eyes watered as she looked up at him, "I don't wish to be a burden but…"

"You are growing weak." he finished her thought. "I know this. I told you I am unable to protect you." he looked around, "We are on wolf land." he sighed when her hand touched her stomach, "Come, I know the wolves in this area perhaps they will assist us."

"Are you sure?"

"We have little choice." He lifted her in to his arms pulling his cape around them as the winter winds began to blow. He carried her along the road a bit longer until she saw a large country mansion move in to view. a female wolf stood on the porch, her long pure white tail moving behind her as she smiled up at a red wolf. "Do not let them know who you are."

Tempest looked up at him, "My name is well known to all wolven kind." she said worried suddenly. When he looked down at her she frowned, "I need a name."

He nodded thinking for a moment, "I will call you Clara."

She smiled, "Clara."

he nodded, "My mother's name was Clarabelle."

She snuggled herself in to his strong chest, "I like it."

He called out from across the way to the wolves at the porch, "I apologize for intruding but I am in need of assistance for my companion."

Killen looked over, "Luna go inside."


"Go inside, I will deal with this."

Luna looked at the large Minotaur that stood holding something in his arms. "Should I get Eyolf?"

"No, just go inside."

She nodded and moved toward the door. she looked back once again before she closed the door behind her.

Killen stepped off his porch, "You are a far away from your lands Minotaur."

"I am traveling home, but my companion and I are in need of assistance."

"What can wolves do for you?" he questioned.

Brick approached Killen he stopped several feet away his hand moving to his cape. he pulled back the side of his cape revealing Tempest, "Clara is of your kind. we are still a long way from my lands but have no provisions left for her."

Killen's eyes moved to Tempest, "Your kind does not tend to travel with wolf kind."

"No, but we met on my journey to the capital where I was asking for assistance with the humans who are encroaching on my lands. she asked to travel with me. as you can see she is young and has no family so I obliged her."

"Are you asking for my pack to take her in?"

"No, she will travel with me. we have little to offer but she has not eaten in nearly 5 days."

Killen looked between the two of them, "Cub, what is your true name?"

"Clara." she answered. She let her paws touch the ground as Brick leaned down. "I have no home or family and met Brick in my travels. I have little I can offer but if you can please spare any meats…"

her hand held Brick's cape tight. Killen's blue eyes lit with his Alpha power as he looked over her body. her silk robe was worn and dirty. her small ears still flopped as she moved her head. He nodded, "Wait here." he moved to the doorway, "Luna, Have the servants bring something for our visitors to eat."

Luna stood in the doorway her eyes moved behind him. her body stiffened, a low growled from her throat. "Of course." she forced out.

Killen was curious to her reaction. though he knew these two where likely the wolf and Minotaur that the king sought he still had no intention of turning them over as the young wolf seemed reliant on the Minotaur that stood at her side. "Come sit." he motioned toward the porch.

Brick led the way up sitting on the top step of the porch while Tempest chose to sit in his lap. Killen grew more curious as his hand rested around her small frame.

"My mate will have the servants ready shortly." he turned Luna stood in the doorway her eyes glued to the wolf girl. "Luna?"

Luna jerked at her name, "The servants are getting what is available." she told him.

Tempest's eyes grew wide, instinctively her body moved back in to Brick's harder. he looked down feeling her reaction to the wolf mate. he wondered why she suddenly seemed frightened. though young the wolf woman in the doorway appeared to be a bit older than Tempest. her white fur was without flaw. though he preferred Tempest's tan fur and white under coat.

Luna looked to her mate and motioned with her head. He nodded, "I will be back please rest yourselves." he moved inside as the door closed he regarded his mate, "what is it?"

"that is no cub." she told him.


"She is older than I but a runt."

"I take it you know her."

Luna nodded.


Luna realized that she was now going to have to tell him. her stomach churned. when he had given her the name Luna she had become no longer Veronica. She had gone from what she used to be to what she was now and though she missed working in the fields she liked the way things where now. she took a breath, "She is the younger sister of Torak."

"Torak is the prince of our country." the way she called him Torak and not Prince Torak issued warning bells in his mind. "You speak his name very informally."

Luna nodded, "Yes. Torak is… was my betrothed."

Killen's eyes regarded her surprised, "Your betrothed?"

"before you gave me a proper wolf name I was betrothed to be married. before when I thought to run from you I was headed to his castle for help."

"That is why before…" Before he had laid claim to her she had begged him for a new name. she had known his giving her a new name and claiming her as his mate would break her tie to her life before him. inside his Alpha howled with victory. she had submitted to his desires before he had laid his claim to her. "I am right in my assumption that she is the runaway princess."

Luna nodded, "Yes, though I do not know the Minotaur."

"I do, he is Brick of cattle lands. like myself he is the leader of their people and has been missing for some time. before you came to me I had been asked to assist them in finding their leader. My pack had no way of assisting at the time." Killen looked down at Luna, "We will not report them and leave them to do as they wish."

"But she is…."

"Luna, we will not report this. I told you yesterday if the princess was willingly with the Minotaur and not in danger I had no cares of the capital. He has given her a Bovine name just as I have given you a wolven name." His hand touched her face, "If that is the case then we will leave them as they are."

Her eyes searched his, "Do you think they are lovers then?"

he nodded, "The way they are close they seem so. Tonight will be near freezing, we will let them take shelter in the barn for the night. Go and inform the servants and Eyolf."

She nodded and turned to head to Eyolf's residence. Killen headed outside where he observed the two beasts that sat on his porch. "I would like a moment with the cub." he said as he moved out of his home fully, "As leader to your own people I am sure you understand why."

Brick nodded, "Clara."

She nodded and stood, "Alpha." she said quietly. her face tipping downward in an attempt to hide her iridescent eyes.

He motioned in to the house holding the doo open for her. Once inside he let the door close behind him, "Clara is a Bovine name, is it your true name, or the name you where given at birth?"

She kept her face tipped downward, "It was the name Brick gave me." she said softly.

"Then you have accepted that you are not of your old life anymore."


"Look me in the eye and say so." he commanded.

She took a deep breath and looked up at him, "I have accepted that my past life means nothing to me any longer." she told him.

Killen nodded, "Very well, I will not report to your father."

"My father?" her hand clenched, "Then she told you."

Killen nodded, "My mate has told me of her past before I gave her her wolven name. just as she told me who you are as she recognized you."

Clara watched him closely, "She is not seeking to…"

"My mate is seeing that you and Brick are made comfortable after a meal in the barn. there is a loft that you are welcome to use to rest until morning as the winter wind is blowing in tonight and it will be freezing."

Clara wondered why Veronica wasn't pushing for him to turn her over she knew she hated her. Torak was to have been her husband by the end of the year. "Has… has Torak been though? does he know about Veronica?"


"Sorry, your mate Luna… she was to be his wife by the end of this year but her farm was taken over. a few weeks ago Torak heard about it and set off just the other day to find her."

"No, he has not been though here." He frowned at the name she had used for his mate. Veronica was a human name. he thought he remembered her saying she held a human name and had hated it. though as she had spoken that night he had been sure she had been ashamed of the name.

Her hands fidgeted with her robe.

Killen watched her closely, "As you are now named Clara and have accepted a new life you are no longer of wolven kind." he said suddenly. He tossed his head to the side. "As a fellow beast I warn you that taking a mate outside of your race is forbidden. but as you are not of wolven kind even as Alpha of these parts I have no say in such things."

Clara nodded and moved out of the door. Brick stood waiting for her to return to his side. His hand immediately moved around her shoulders as she stopped in front of him. her head tipped upward to look at his face, "I am no longer of wolf kind." she told him.

Brick nodded, "Then you are truly Clara from this moment on." he said. His eyes moved to Killen who stood in the doorway.

"My servants will bring you a meal, my Beta will be out shortly. after a meal you will be taken to the barn for shelter for the night." he turned at Eylof exited the house, "Eylof, see that Brick and Clara are made comfortable in the barn loft for the night after their meal. his eyes moved to His mate who stood silent in the doorway, "Luna, we are retiring for the night."

Luna nodded, her eyes watched Clara for a moment then turned with Killen and headed in to the house.

Eyolf motioned for Killen's servants to bring a meal for them. Clara's eyes lit up at the sight of roasted chicken and lamb chops. "It is strange to see a cattle beast and a wolf together." Eyolf stated as the meal was set before Brick and Clara.

Brick shrugged as he was given a large bowl of steamed vegetables. Clara grimaced at the vegetables having had more than her fill lately of raw fruits and vegtables. She immediately dug in to the meat before her. Brick watched her as she hungerly ate, he himself grimiced as her sharp teeth ripped fleash from bone. after eating their fill Eyolf lead them to the barn. "The Alpha's mate has already made sure that the loft was comfortable for you both. she even ensured that there where extra blankets should the chill in here get to great for you."

"Thank you Eyolf." Brick said shaking the black wolf's hand, "Should your people have need once I have returned to my lands I extend my gratitude and assistance."

Eyolf nodded, "Your acting head has already done such as well as we ourselves have had wolven kind in these parts seeking you."

Brick nodded, "I was imprisoned with in the castle for a time. it was due to Clara that I am freed now." He motioned to Clara at his side.

Eylof looked down at her, "Then surely you people will welcome your savior."

Brick nodded, "Again I extend my gratitude."

Eyolf shook Brick's hand again, "I will have a meal sent up at dawn." he turned and left.

Clara looked up at Brick, "Are you the leader of your people?"

Brick nodded as he turned and headed up the stairway to the loft. "Yes. That ring of mine you wear was a sign of that." he told her.

Her hand touched the ring around her wrist, "OH… do… do you need it back?"

"No." he said as he laid out a blanket over the hay and laid down on it pulling a second over his body, "I gave it to you as a sign of my trust in you and my word to take you with me."

She moved toward him, "but… but you tried to leave me…" Her body stood over his as she look down at him. her hand still on the ring on her small wrist.

"I did." he looked up at her as she stood over where he lay, "Because I was unsure I would beable to protect you on the road to my lands and even still I worry once in my lands again. I was willing to break that promise and in turn lose my lands to my successor."

Her eyes moved to the ring again, "But if you don't want it back then… what does that mean for you now?"

"So long as you are mine then I still possess that ring." he said. "There for I am still the ruler of my lands." He patted the blanket covered hay beside him motioning for her to join him.

"So long as I am yours?"

"Clara, bovine do not mate as wolves do. We seek lovers for breeding and comfort."

"Oh…" she stood silent a moment, "then that means… you will have other lovers?"

He nodded, "For breeding yes." his hand reached toward her, "Wolves can not bare the spawn of bovine, however you are my comfort." when her hand rested in his he pulled her down on top of him, "Clara, I will still need to produce calves with many a heifer but if you will allow it I will make you my wife once we are in my home." his hand moved over her back to her long sand colored hair, "You will be my comfort in life and in bed."

Clara looked down at him for a moment. could she do it? it was for her own kind to mate for life. the fact that he knew he would still be having relations with other women bothered her. her hand moved to the ring in his nose. her furry fingers wrapped around it, "I don't know." she said. "I understand the need to procreate and I know this sign you wear of fertility is a great honor for you but… it is for my kind to mate for life. I don't know if I can stand by while you have relationships with other women."

"You understand that I know not many of my own spawn. Once a heifer is with child she moves on back to her own life. She will raise the child on her own or within her village. My kind are of community. there are many children with in a community that do not know who their sire is. there are many a heifer that do not know who impregnated them. but they all live together and happily." his hand pulled her head to his chest, "I do not seek to do more than is my station and continue to provide women with children. but for you I wish to share my home. if you will have me."

Clara rested her face against his chest, "Do you love me?" she asked.

Brick took in a deep breath, the ring in his nose vibrated under her hand, "If I did not I would not have given you that promise." he said looking at the rafters of the barn.

"So long as you swear I will be your wife and allow me to provide you with comfort in your times of need then…" her fingers fisted tighter around the ring in his nose, "Then I will have you."

His arms moved around her tightly. he rolled over pinning her down on the blanket that covered the hay beneath him, "I will be unable to provide you with child." he told her. his mouth moving to hers, "but I will provide you with unsung pleasures."

Clara moaned as he kissed along her face and neck.

His hands began removing her clothing, "Clara…" He paused as he opened her robe baring her body to his eyes. His brown eyes moved along her torso to her breasts. His tongue moved along her soft fur.

Her hands captured his face drawing his attention to her own. "Brick, I'm no longer recognized as a wolf." she said softly. "The Alpha here… he…" her breath was shaky as she tried to breathe in, "He asked if I accepted the name you gave me, I don't know if it is this way for your kind as well but for wolf kind if your mate gives you a new name then… then you are no longer tied to your past. Because I accepted the name you gave me in front of an Alpha then my past was broken from me."

Brick nodded, "Then you will be treated as Bovine." he told her. "I named you for my mother who I am sure once gets to know you will enjoy your company in my home." His kissed her muzzle.

She smiled up at him before he pulled himself away enough to move the blanket that covered him and pulled her robes from her body leaving her naked. the temperature had already dropped greatly. Even in the shelter of the barn the cold was well felt by her.

Brick moved back over her once he pulled the cloth from his waist. he pulled the blanket over his back covering himself as he covered her. He licked along her fur as he reached between them and adjusted himself to her entrance. "Clara, if I hurt you…"

She smiled in to his brown eyes, "I trust you to never hurt me intentionally, Brick." She cried out as he pressed into her. her iridescent eyes rolled back as her nails bit in to his biceps, "Big.. big.." she moaned.

Though she gasped beneath him it was a breathy aroused sound. he moved himself farther in to her. once she could take no more of him he moved his hips dragging her insides with him. Her eyes rolled back harder, her fingers tightening on his arms. a few thrusts and her mouth gaped open, her tongue loled out as her toes curled. "I'm… oh goddess Brick I'm…." a strangled cry erupted from deep within her.

Brick continued to move within her doing just as he had promised and making her sing untold pleasure, her voice echoing in the cold night air around them.

Clara moaned as his dick drug along her tunnel, each outward stroke of his large cock felt as though it pulled her innards with it. her small body was unable to take all of his length but he felt so good inside of her that she wished for more. the large member moved hard within her.


"Brick…" she moaned arching her back.

"If it is to much…"

"No." she moaned under him more, "More… oh god Brick harder." her head fell back as her back arched hard sending her small breasts upward toward him. Her walls clenched around him tightly as he drove himself harder in to her. his cock head hit something inside of her. at first he was unsure about continuing but she cried out her long pink tongue loling out of her mouth as she gasped. her iridescent eyes opened wide as her entire body began to quake.

He pressed his lips to hers, "Clara, I'm about to release my seed."

She nodded. he felt so good with in her that the cold air around them was lost to her completely for the moment. her paws tried to wrap around his waist and pull him in tighter as she felt him stiffen with in her more. then he released a torrent of semen in to her body filling her until it came pouring out from around his own dick plugged deep within her.

Luna lay in her and Killen's bed, "What is it between you and that cub?" Killen asked as his mate lay her head on his chest.

"She is Torak's younger sister."

"I know this. why is it she seems afraid of you?"

"Because she is. Tempest is a weak runt." luna said bluntly.

"Why do you say that?"

"Because, she is a princess. she expects everything to be given to her. she doesn't work for anything that is her own."

"I take it you know her well."

"I do. She would often join Torak on his trips to my farm lands. While there she would expect to be served as though she where still in the palace."

"You where to wed her brother, you do not expect these things as well?"

Luna scoffed, "No. Torak did not seek a bride that would only hold her position. I was raised to work for the things I wished for. to work the field both planting and harvesting as well as making meals." she closed her eyes, "Torak was as an older brother to me." she said softly. "He came to my farm often, he worked at my side in the fields, he cooked alongside my mother and myself in the kitchen." A smiled moved over her lips. "He taught me sword play and expanded my education for battle. my father was a guard for the royal family when my mother was born. Mother was the 4th princess of the previous king."

"Then your mother was Blu."


Killen watched the shadows in the ceiling, "I remember her as a cub, very soft and nurturing. her magic gift was amazingly strong for being the 4th child of the king and queen."

Luna nodded, "Lobo inherited that gift from her."

"You did not?"

"No, Torak always said I was more my father's daughter. that had I been born in the royal city I'd have probably been a guard. But my father's mother passed away just before I was born so my parents moved to my grandfather's farm and took over. It was my grandfather's mistress that named me. Torak said I should have not been ashamed of my human name but I despised it. I know our servants looked at me with distain. a full blooded wolf with a human name. it was as though I was meant to be unfit for the life I was born to have."

Killen rolled to his side and looked down at his mate, "You are now Luna, named for the moons glow on your beautiful fur." he kissed her lips, "My mate, a woman no other man can touch."

Luna smiled, "Any longer."

"I have been curious when was it you lost your chastity?"

Luna smiled, "the eve of my coming of age. Torak and I slipped away from the party in to the woods along his castle. Does it bother you to know that another man has left his seed within me?"

Killen growled, "Depends how much was he able to pump in to this wondrous body of yours."

Luna giggled as Killen's teeth nipped at her flesh as he rolled on top of her. "You have a way to go to even compete with the times he filled me."

Killen's growl deepened. He reached between them finding her center. "How much?" he demanded.

Luna's eyes began to glow green, "Far more than you have filled me." she said, "Though I enjoyed his body I have never held his heart as I do yours." she moved her hips sending his fingers in to her, "The way you rut me is far more enjoyable."

Killen pulled his hand from her and grasped his cock. and pressed in to her then moved his hand to her face.

Luna turned her head slightly as his hand moved beside her face. her tongue moved out of her mouth and licked along his fingers until he put them in her mouth. she licked and sucked her own fluids from his fingers.

Killen smiled down at her, "You are my mate." he slammed his hips in to her hard.

Luna grunted, her whole body jerking as his body stopped at her farthest reaches.

His pulled his hips back, "You are mine." he slammed in to her again.

Luna's head feel back, "Killen…"

"When our lands are safe I will do what he did not and fill you to the brink with my seed. you will be my mate and the mother of my cub at that time. until then you will take my seed within your body every chance I am able to give it to you."

Luna smiled, "No more breeding quarantine?"

He looked down at her confused.

Luna smiled, her tongue moved along his muzzle, "I have other holes that you can use to put your seed when I am with in my breeding time. I know of others who make good use of them to hide their passions from those who are not to know of their activities."
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