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It seems that everyone is more interested in the sexual exploits of our protagonist Hardy Cochran that the science fiction story line. As this section was already in the make I shall publish it as is. Rest assured from this segment forward the plot development will fall to the back ground while the night life of our hero is placed into the foreground. Hopefully it will be to everyone's enjoyment including Hardy Cochran's.
It was the very next day after Hardy Cochran had spent the evening with the dean of the junior college of aeronautical studies that a messenger arrived at his dormitory. It seemed that the general needed an aide and since Hardy Cochran was clearly the top of his class the dean felt he could take on the new responsibility as well as breezing through his remaining finals. Hardy was moved into the dean’s colonial mansion five miles off campus. He would ride to and from the general’s home with the general. Whenever he was not in class; he was to report to the general’s office.

Whenever Hardy was with the general on campus or when the general was entertaining, Hardy always addressed him as General Dustin or Dean Dustin. The dean would likewise address Hardy as Cadet Cochran. However whenever they were alone or with a small grouping of the general’s inner circle of friends, Hardy fondly called the dean, general daddy or daddy general, and the general called Hardy, son. Although Hardy was given a room of his own, at the mansion, he preferred to accept the invitation to sleep with his general daddy.

Hardy graduated top in his class and in the fall would attend the Space Academy, half way around the world in Japan. But between graduation and the start of his new adventure, Hardy remained at the general’s side, being introduced to all the influential people of the world. The dean kept the name Hardy Cochran in the minds of all the world leaders who had anything to do with the space program. By the time Hardy left his general daddy, there was no doubt he was on his way to greatness.

When Hardy arrived in Japan he was driven high up into the mountains above the pollution and filth. He was amazed to find that the entire Academy resided in a giant cave complete with artificial lighting and a top of the line air filtration system. Hardy was met at the entrance to the academy by one of his new roommates nick named “Kilts” because he was of Scottish decent and always wore a kilt. His flaming red hair and short muscular build, complete with the kilt made Hardy think of a leprechaun. Kilts spent the day showing Hardy around then brought him to his new home. It wasn’t quite a fraternity yet all the students there had something in common; each was a member of an inner circle.

The house was amazing! It was painted to look like outer space. There were trees and gardens in the front yard all equipped with some kind of lighting system. The lights shone on the front of the house causing meteors to streak across the heavens. Stars twinkled in numbers that Cochran wouldn’t even want to try to count. A moon was beginning to rise at the base of the wall of the house and was slowly retracing its nightly journey across the heavens. The front door was an actual door from a space craft, the guys who lived there had gotten somehow years ago. Above the door read a sign “If you’re a member of the inner circle, you know it; WELCOME. If you are not sure; you are not worthy. GO SOMEWHERE ELSE!” They stepped inside the building and Hardy was met by all of his new roommates.

Kilts introduced Hardy to the residents. “Well I’m Kilts, but you know that all ready. I’m in the communications program. He pointed to a large well-built man lounging in one of the sofas in the living room. His head was shaved but he sported a full jet black beard. He had a dumb bell in his hand as they spoke he continued to pump it up and down occasionally switching hands. “This is Toolbox; He’s from Italy. We call him Toolbox because he can fix anything and also because of the size of his screwdriver! He’s a weapon specialist.”

Kilts turned to the next member. The young man was tall and muscular. His ebony skin reflected the artificial light giving him a kind of aura or glow. He was wearing a tight fitting muscle shirt and a pair of gym shorts. He was sitting in an easy chair and nonchalantly lifted one leg onto the arm of the chair and winked at Hardy. As he did the end of his uncut black cock began to slowly emerge from one of his gym short legs. “He’s called Midnight, because that’s when he does his best work. He’s our resident geologist. He’s learning more about the Planet Mars than any of us can imagine.”

Kilts continued and said, “And here we have Hershey Kisses. When it comes to making out, there is none better. He’s in the navigation class.” A rather short muscular man with a dark tan, short blonde hair and a set of deep blue eyes that looked like the clear cool ocean Hardy had read stories about, stood and bowed. He was wrapped in only a towel and Hardy could tell that he too was well endowed.

The last member of the space house walked into the room. He was tall and built like a lumberjack, broad in the shoulders and narrow at the hips. He carried himself well in a walk that demanded respect. “This is Two Shots the president of our order. He prides himself on being able to cum twice every time he has sex.” Kilt said with a grin on his face. “He’s never failed me yet!”

Hardy looked over the president of the order; his tall commanding stature, his deep brown eyes, his thick chestnut hair which covered his head and his chest. His slightly tilted gate which accentuated a large cock package tucked away all on one side. Hardy squinted trying to remember, “I think I know you. You were at my graduation party with daddy general, weren’t you?”

”Yes I was. I was there to see if you passed the final test. You left me no reason to doubt I wanted you here. You see inner circles stretch around the world and every college has its favorites. But I think we are the elite of the elite and so we are very picky about the candidates we allow in. Enough said gentleman; initiation begins in one hour. Make sure our pledge is ready.” Two Shots said with a grin and an approving nod.

Kilts looked at Two Shots, “But he hasn’t a nick name yet.”

Two Shots turned to leave the room. Over his shoulder he said, “It’s a no brainer. Hardy Cochran………….Hard Cock. And from what I saw at the graduation party, the name fits him well.

Within the hour Hard Cock was blind folded and led into a large room. He was wearing only a t-shirt and gym shorts. There were throw pillows of every size strewn all over the place. In the center of the room there was a single bed elevated so the mattress was just above waist high. Kilts brought Hard Cock to the bed and told him to climb up onto it and lay silently on his back.

As Hardy climbed up on the bed he felt hands grab his clothes and start to remove them. Hardy complied and was soon lying flat on his back, naked except for the blind fold. The room was silent and for a moment Hardy wasn’t sure what to expect. He then felt the sensation of someone breathing very close to his face. The breathing continued and was soon added by someone lightly blowing air onto his lips. The sensation in the darkness was very erotic and Hardy could feel his cock beginning to get hard.

Slowly Hardy parted his lips slightly and allowed the tip of his tongue to escape from his mouth and sensually lick his mouth from one side to the other. His tongue was greeted by a pair of open lips and another tongue which slid easily into Hardy’s waiting mouth. As he began to kiss and tongue in the stillness, he had never been so aroused and realized that it must have been Hershey Kisses.

Hardy could sense people standing next to him. Slowly he reached out and felt to his sides. On one side he felt a washboard stomach covered with course curly hair. He slid his hand down and was able to latch on to a long thick uncut throbbing prick. Hardy new right away it belonged to Midnight. He began to gently stroke it up and down while he explored the foreskin with his thumb.

With his other hand he reached out and felt some woolen fabric. It didn’t take him long to follow the fabric down and reach under Kilts kilt and begin to massage his rock hard rod as well.

He felt someone press their hands on the inside of his thighs and spread his legs. Next he could feel them pull him toward them until his ass was on the edge of the bed. A tongue licked his shaft and balls continuing down until it found his tight hole and began rimming. Hardy moaned at the attention he was receiving. He heard Kilts say, “Look gentlemen we have a moaner with a boner!”

Hardy took a deep breath as he felt the tongue in his ass being replaced by the head of a firm cut cock. Hardy tried to relax as the cock pushed forward and slowly began penetrating his tight ass ring. It had to be Two Shot who wasted no time burying the full length of his rod inside of Cochran.

Cochran heard a click and the top third of the bed where he had originally laid his head. The end of th bed folded down. Now the top end of the bed stopped right above his shoulders at his neck. Hardy relaxed and let his head lay back and down .

Hershey Kisses pulled away and replaced the tongue in Hardy’s mouth with a cock of his own. Hard Cock could taste the pre-cum oozing out of the head of Hershey’s throbbing member. With his head now laid back, Hershey easily slid deep into Hard Cock’s throat and began pumping in unison with Two Shot’s slow firm thrusts.

Toolbox joined in by taking Hard Cock’s hard cock in his hand and began stroking it. Hardy couldn’t stand it. He began to moan loudly and buck his hips up and down as his ass and mouth were pummeled at the same time. He could feel his cock becoming even more rigid as his orgasm was building to an explosion. Hardy groaned as his cock spewed rope after rope into the air in one of the most intense orgasms he had ever had. Two Shots picked up his pace and injected his first load in Hardy’s burning ass.

Hershey Kisses soon shot a load of his own down Hardy’s throat filling his mouth so full that his semen was leaking out both sides of Hard Cocks mouth. Toolbox, Midnight and Kilts each grabbed their own cocks and jerked off feverishly until one by one they shot their load onto Hard Cocks bare chest. Hershey pulled the mask off of Hardy just as Two Shots pulled out of his ass and shot his second wave of man juice onto Hardy’s wet and sticky chest and face.

The men began to howl with laughter as the orgy began in earnest, pulling Hardy off the bed onto the pillows where everyone joined in groping and grabbing each other. They sucked and fucked each other until it was almost dawn, then one by one they each fell asleep on the floor of the pillowed covered room until only Two Shots and Hardy were awake.

“Welcome to the family” Two Shots smiled. As the two men lay side by side Hardy spoke, “I have a question. Each of the group has a different specialty. In the junior college all of my classes were general in nature. What will I be studying to become while I am here?”

Two Shots closed his eyes and rolled over away from Hardy. “Didn’t you know? You’re being groomed to be the commander.” Without saying another word Two Shots drifted off to sleep.
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