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This is the first chapter in a series and a backstory to the Lacey-Steele series. It focuses on a sissy, if that doesn't interest you then please do not read this one.
6 years ago.

In a nice hotel room with a balcony and a view of the city, a 22-year-old who identifies as a ‘sissy’ and has recently agreed to accept “she/her” pronouns; kneels on a towel that has been laid out on the ground in an open area of the spacious room. She goes by the name ‘Daisy’ and has been fitted with a blindfold, a ball gag, and wrist cuffs which were now binding her arms behind her. She has been in this particular situation for around 20 minutes now; focusing on breathing and how the restraints were affecting her.

Daisy had been ordered to kneel and was restrained by a man and woman with whom she has been in contact with for a little over a month.

While breathing, Daisy thought about her correspondences with this couple.

Her messages were almost entirely with the man, Steele, although the woman, Lacey, was also on the group chat. Steele was forceful, and condescending to Daisy; but only after she had expressed that she was into that type of thing. He made Daisy buy a ‘chastity cage’, something Daisy had heard of and thought about but was hesitant to try out. Now, she had been ordered to purchase one. Daisy had been given tasks throughout the last month and had to send pictures to prove that the tasks had been completed. At this point they were mostly getting her used to wearing chastity, applying sluttier makeup, working on her gag reflex and her voice, and inserting a butt plug.

She met them at the coffee shop where she works. Daisy was used to getting odd and even nasty looks from customers because she was born male, but has since decided that she would prefer to accept a somewhat female lifestyle. Part of her wanted someone to ‘force’ her to be female, the other part just liked wearing makeup and female clothing sometimes. She had grown out her hair, and painted her fingernails regularly – enjoying the femininity.

The couple came in one day and ended up giving her a card with contact information; a handle for a messaging service. Daisy had been exhilarated from the moment the card came into her possession. She had reached out to them almost immediately; they had inquired into her interests and how she identified. For the longest time Daisy felt lost, these people made her feel for the first time in a long time that she belonged somewhere. That she could belong to someone was a fantasy of Daisy’s; this couple might fulfil the desire.

At the time, Daisy still identified as ‘male’ and had expressed to them that she was interested in being used for pleasure, being humiliated, and was open to being willingly ‘forced’ to do things, consensual non-consent (CNC) they called it. The couple seemed to like that. They asked if Daisy was willing to give up being male, permanently. Daisy agreed.

Daisy met them in person one time to get smoothies, because the couple wanted to see how they all ‘vibed’ together. She couldn’t believe it when the coupled offered to meet with her to ‘play’. She was given instructions to present herself completely as a female; including to make herself completely smooth, wear a short dress, her chastity, and female underwear. She was also given instructions and agreed to the process of what was going to happen when they met.

Daisy met the couple in a different hotel parking lot, leaving her car in that lot. She then rode with the couple who confiscated the belongings she had with her, blindfolded, gagged, and bound her. She rode to the second hotel with her head in Lacey’s lap while Lacey stroked Daisy’s hair gently; it was soothing, considering that the rest of what was going on kind of terrified Daisy.

The restraints were removed and Daisy was escorted into the hotel. While riding in the elevator, Steele told Daisy that if she needed to freshen up, she should do so, and then to kneel on the towel when ready; where she was at this point in time; the restraints having been replaced.

Becoming aware of where she was again, Daisy tried to pull her wrists apart to no avail; testing the strength of the cuffs. She had also tried to speak and moved her head, but the blindfold and gag did their respective jobs. At one point, Daisy tried standing but was forced back to her knees almost immediately. She would be lying if she said that this didn’t turn her on. The cage between her legs becoming more apparent restricting her sissy clit.

Finally, Steele removed the cuffs, the gag, and the blindfold. Daisy’s jaw was sore from the gag, her body weak from being on her knees with her arms restrained. Things were bright at first as her eyes adjusted. When she was able to see again, she didn’t know what to think.

Lacey was bound and gagged sitting up in a chair. Her legs bound by rope at the ankles and thighs, her arms which were behind her back were apparently bound as well. Lacey was looking back and forth, staring at Steele and Daisy.

Steele sat at the foot of the bed, directly in front of Daisy who was still kneeling. Steele then spoke.

“Do you remember your safe word?”, he asked.

“Red, sir.”, Daisy replied, they had messaged about this. She had also been instructed to call Steele ‘Sir’ and Lacey ‘Mistress’ at all times except when in front of others.

Steele: “Good, when do you use it?”

Daisy: “If things become too much for me to handle in any way, sir.”

Steele: “Good. And what about the blackmail safe word?”

When Daisy brought up CNC, Steele asked about her interest in blackmail play. She was completely turned on at the thought. Steele told her that at times, particularly if Daisy hesitated, he would act like he was holding leverage over her. If she continued to disobey, the leverage would become more forceful. If she had reached the point at which she was convinced that she was going to comply – she was to say a phrase as a cue.”

Daisy: “If I don’t want the blackmail to become more intense, I say: ‘I am a worthless fuck pig and I am lucky to be in your service’, sir.” Daisy had repeated the phrase over and over in preparation for today.

Steele: “Good. All of this is ‘play’, if you would like to take a break say that you need a break – we will have a different cue in the future, but for now it is as simple as that. If you do not wish to continue, say your safe word and explain. We will take you back to your vehicle safely. I am going to treat you in ways that I would not treat you without consent. The blackmail part particularly might feel ‘real’ even though it is not. I want you to allow yourself to believe that it is all ‘real’, let it exhilarate you, let it ‘free’ you – you are innocent, our prisoner.”

“Do you have any questions about this before we begin?”

Daisy: “No, sir.”

Steele: “Good.”

“Why are you here?”

Daisy was taken aback by the question. “I want you to do the things we messaged about, sir.”

Steele: “What did we talk about?” Acting as though he didn’t know what was said over the last month.

Daisy: “I want to be accepted, I want to be used and humiliated, I want to be owned.”

Steele stood up, walked over to Daisy, unzipped his pants, and pulled out his dick, smacking Daisy on the face with it, leaving pre-cum on her cheek, before letting it rest on her forehead. She could feel it throbbing on her, pre-cum now in her hair; his balls rubbing against her mouth and nose. She could smell and taste them.

Size is relative. Steele’s cock wasn’t as large as Daisy had seen in porn, but it was big enough to be intimidating, particularly knowing that it was currently on her forehead and that she was going to have to suck it; maybe even take it in the ass.

Daisy had never felt so ‘owned’.

Steele: “Do you feel in charge, right now?”

Daisy: “No, sir”

Steele: “Do you feel the way that you want to feel, right now?”

Daisy: “Yes, sir.”

Steele: “Explain.”

Daisy: “You are showing me who the boss is, I like that… I need it. Sir.”

Steele changed his stance, so that his dick was now hanging in front of Daisy’s face, he then pressed Daisy’s face to it, grabbing the back of her head, forcing her forward and not letting up. His cock now pulsing against her from chin to forehead.

Steele: “I know. I know”, he sounded like he was trying to reassure Daisy. “Being a man is difficult. There is pressure to be a provider, to be strong, to make decisions – wouldn’t it be so much easier, if you could just kneel and suck the dick of an actual man, while you accept your inferiority?”

Daisy felt like she was hearing her own thoughts being validated.

Daisy: “Yes, please, sir.”

Steele: “You are weak and you feel like you need protection, don’t you?”

Daisy: “Yes, sir.”

Steele: “I will give you a gift, the gift of freedom from choice. While we are together, I will tell you exactly what I expect from you, you will do it, and you will feel validated for it. Is that something that you would accept?”

Daisy: “Yes, sir.”

Steele: “Then start sucking, bitch.”

Daisy began sucking.

She had never given an actual blowjob, although she practiced on dildo’s a lot. She always took her time trying to act seductive, working her way down slowly, focusing on where her eyes should be; she always imagined that this would be the way she would give head to a real man.

Dildos don’t force you to choke, you do it on your own – this was nothing like that. Steele was forcing his cock into Daisy’s throat, pulling her head closer and closer to him causing her to gag and choke loudly; drooling uncontrollably and her eyes beginning to water. She was wearing out fast until Steele pulled out, slapping Daisy hard.

Steele: “Was that rude of me? Try again”, taunting Daisy.

Daisy grabbed the shaft and began licking and sucking the tip. Steele pulled out his phone and began taking pictures and videos.

Steele: “Eyes bitch, show me your eyes, don’t be shy you little fuck.”

Daisy couldn’t help but smile as she sucked and licked looking at the camera. Daisy’s sissy clit was throbbing and hurting in the cage. Being forced to choke on a dick was all Daisy had wanted out of life for quite some time; now she was living it.

Steele retuned his phone to his pocket then grabbed Daisy’s hair and began pushing her face forward again, forcing her to gag and choke. Daisy’s makeup was completely ruined as she looked up at him.

Steele: “You are a pathetic, weak, sissy, faggot, slut. You have no fucking rights, you have no choices, you will do what we say, when we say, without hesitation. Do you understand?”

Daisy - gagging: “Yes, sir.”

Steele: “It’s not me you need to convince - I think that you are going to be a wonderful blowjob fuck doll, for me. And I’ve tried to convince Lacey that you would be good for her too, if for no reason other than that you will save her throat and do chores.”

“You see, there are things that I want to do, and things that I want to say, that I just can’t do or say to her – but I am more than delighted to do to you.”

“She is less convinced.”

Daisy was now looking at Lacey who was watching Daisy sucking and gagging on her boyfriend’s cock, wondering what that meant and where this was going. Lacey was burning a hole into Daisy with her glare.

Steele removed his dick from Daisy’s mouth, put his pants back on and sat back on the end of the bed.

Daisy looked worn out already, her makeup smeared, drool and precum lathered on her face and dripping from her mouth.

She was kneeling with her head faced downward, her throat sore, trying to catch her breath.

Steele: “Show me your chastity.”

Daisy sat up and lifted her dress, removing her underwear and revealing it, never looking up.

Steele took more photos and retrieved a vibrator.

Steele: “You are not a person. You are a thing. Certainly not male, but not good enough to be female either. We are choosing to call you female in exchange for your body and your absolute servitude. Is that understood?”

Daisy: “Yes, sir.”

Steele turned on the vibrator and pressed it to the chastity cage, Daisy moaned as he did so. Her face was met with a slap: “More feminine you sissy fuck.” Daisy altered the way she was moaning, trying to sound like a woman. “That will do for now.”

Steele: “This, your pathetic sissy clit, you are never playing with it again. You are giving it up. If you cum from sucking or from anal, you may do so, but you will clean up the mess; probably with your tongue. Is that understood?”

Daisy – Moaning: “Yes, sir.”

Steele: “We are not friends. You are not our girlfriend. You are not our equal. If you show signs that you think you are, you will be put in your place. Is that understood?”

Daisy: “Yes, sir.”

Steele removed the vibrator.

Steele: “Did you bring your butt plug?”

Daisy: “Yes, sir.”

Steele then ordered Daisy to move the towel to the bed and kneel on it, face down, ass in the air. She was to use lube, and to begin inserting the butt plug to stretch her butthole.

As she was doing this, Steele was untying Lacey and helping her put on a small strap on dildo.

Steele: “Remember what we talked about – insert slow, take your time, show her which one of you is in charge.”

The next thing Daisy knew, a hand grabbed her by the wrist forcefully, the butt plug being pulled out slowly. The tip of the dildo breached her butthole and Daisy let out a gasp.

Lacey: “So you like sucking Steele’s dick, huh?”

Lacey spanked Daisy hard, Daisy almost started crying as Lacey pushed the dildo in further, about half way in at this point.

Steele grabbed Daisy by the face.

Steele: “Bitch, Lacey asked you a question. Are you stupid in addition to useless?”

Daisy: “No, sir. Yes, Mistress, I do.”

Lacey: “Why, the fuck, should I accept you as a submissive?”

Daisy: “I’ll serve you too. I’ll serve you too, Mistress. I’ll…” She broke out into a load moan as Lacey inserted the rest of the dildo.

Lacey: “What was that?”

Daisy: “I’ll lick your pussy Mistress, I will do chores, I’ll...” more moans cut her off as the dildo began moving in and out of her.

Lacey: “We’ll see about that.”

Lacey was now pumping the dildo in and out, finding a rhythm. She spanked Daisy hard again. This time, Daisy did begin crying.

Lacey: “Use your arms, lift your torso.”

Daisy complied and almost immediately, Steele began fucking her face. Daisy was now making moaning and gagging noises, being fucked in both holes. Steele was taking video and photos while Daisy watched.

Steele: “Daisy is dead. That is a name you assumed on your own, and I won’t have that. We are going to call you ‘Scarlette’. Say it”

Scarlette – Muffled and broken: “My name is Scarlette, sir.”

Steele: “Tell us your name, and that you are our worthless sissy fuck toy.”

Scarlette – Gagging: “My name is Scarlette, and I am your worthless sissy fuck toy.”

Steele was now inserting himself to the point where Scarlette was choking, her eyes wide open. One of Steele’s hands had a firm grasp on Scarlette’s hair, the other slapped her again then found its way to a strong grip under her jaw, shaking her head so that he could feel every bit of pleasure from her tight, wet throat squeezing on his dick.

Steele pulled his dick out of her mouth and finished, spraying his warm load of cum all over Scarlette’s face. Lacey pulled her dildo out and inserted the plug back into Scarlette’s now gaping butthole.

Steele grabbed Scarlette by the throat and lifted her so that she was kneeling again. Scarlette wasn’t sure of what to do with her hands, allowing them to flail around.

Steele: “We own you, you worthless fuck bag.”

Scarlette was nodding in agreement.

Steele: “You are going to walk out on the balcony and look out at the world. How much attention you draw to yourself is up to you, but you will not clean yourself. You will walk out and you will stand out there until we call you back in.”

Scarlette walked out onto the balcony, hanging her head low. She knew that no one would probably even notice her, and that even if they did, they wouldn’t see the details; but that didn’t help how she felt. A breeze rolled by and she felt the chastity and the butt plug under her dress, the still warm and wet cum on her face. She felt like everyone could see all of it. It really was humiliating, like she was naked out there with a sign that said ‘I’m a bitch and I have jizz on my face to prove it.’

Scarlette truly felt like she was in her place, for the first time. She was someone’s bitch.

The couple left her out there for about 10 minutes, but it felt like an hour.

When she was called back in, Lacey was no longer wearing the strap on. She was holding a larger dildo which had different straps on it.

Lacey: “On the bed, bitch.”

Scarlette walked to the bed.

Lacey put down the dildo and grabbed Scarlette by the hair then spanked her hard again.

Lacey: “Bitch, you will acknowledge me as your Mistress. Maybe I should have used a larger dildo, or maybe you’d prefer to walk back to your car.”

Scarlette: “I’m sorry Mistress, it won’t happen again.”

Lacey was now mocking Scarlette, slapping her face lightly: “That’s a good little bitch.”

Scarlette: “Thank you, Mistress”

Lacey had Scarlette lay down on her back and then attached the dildo to Scarlette’s face. Lacey mounted the dildo and began riding it while playing with her clit. She took her time, grabbing Scarlette’s hair, slapping her, showing her that Lacey was in charge.

Lacey came, the juice running down the side of the dildo and onto Scarlette’s face.

Lacey: “Maybe you will be a good fuck toy.”

After she dismounted, Lacey removed the dildo and forced it into Scarlette’s mouth, again causing Scarlette to gag and choke.

Lacey: “Clean my juices like a good fucking slut.”

All of this was being documented by Steele’s phone.

When Lacey was done, she slapped Scarlette again. Scarlette was now lying face up on the bed completely worn out.

Steele came over and grabbed Scarlette by the hair, rolling her over onto her belly so she was laying with her head pulled back hard. He spanked her then pushed her face down onto the towel which was still on the bed.

Steele: “Stay down, bitch.”

Scarlette was lying face down, her legs spread slightly, the butt plug and chastity beginning to make her ache, two types of cum smeared across her face. She couldn’t fight even if she wanted to as Steele bound her ankles to her wrists.

Lacey grabbed Scarlette by the hair and pulled, Scarlette was now hogtied with her head up and her face exposed, her mouth was open out of instinct.

Steele sat on the bed, resting on the pillows in front of Scarlette, apparently playing on his phone. After a minute, he showed Scarlette his phone and that a video and a couple of the pictures had been sent to their group chat.

Steele: “I wonder who else might like this video? Or any of the other ones…”, acting as though he was truly thinking about it.

Scarlette knew what was going on. She decided she wanted to see if Steele would push further.

Steele didn’t seem to be dismayed: “I wouldn’t worry about that right now though, if I were you.”

Steele slapped Scarlette playfully, then grabbed her by the face, looking into her eyes. After a moment, Steele stuffed the gag back into Scarlette’s mouth.

“What I would worry about…” Steele said as he showed Scarlette the phone one more time, this time revealing a picture of a very familiar driver’s license. “Is that I have your keys, I have your wallet, and I have your phone. That means I have your car, I know where you live, I have your credit cards, and I have your contacts – they are mine now.”

“I’ll let you think on it.” Steele said calmly, putting the blindfold back over Scarlette’s eyes.

Scarlette moaned loudly through the gag, but it didn’t seem to matter. Her heart was pounding hard, her mind was going in a million directions, all of them were horrifying. She was mumbling and flailing but Steele let her stew in her endorphins and her thoughts, while Lacey maintained a firm grip on Scarlette’s hair, a constant reminder that Lacey was dominant to her.

Eventually, Steele removed the gag. “I’m sorry, did you say something?”, he said sarcastically.

Scarlette: “I am a worthless fuck pig and I am lucky to be in your service, sir!”

Steele: “I don’t know about that, you didn’t seem so convinced a second ago, are you sure?”

He replaced the gag and let her keep moaning and writhing for a few minutes. Then removed the gag again.

Scarlette: “Yes, sir, I want to serve you, please! Please let me be your bitch!”

Steele and Lacey removed the restraints and allowed Scarlette to rest for a while, motionless.

Steele spanked Scarlette hard enough to leave a hand print, then he ordered her to take a shower, and to remove and clean the plug. If Scarlette needed to drink some water she should do so, there were also fruit snacks available. Once she was ready, she was to kneel back on the floor.

After she came back, the couple left her on her knees for a few minutes, then ordered her to crawl onto the bed where the couple was already laying.

Steele way laying with his legs spread, one arm over Lacey who was laying with her head on Steeles shoulder and chest. Scarlette was to crawl up in between Steele’s legs and press her face on his crotch. She did so, trying to be sexy while crawling.

Steele forced Scarlette into a laying position, his hand resting on her head pressing her face in harder.

Steele: “We are going to rest here for a while. You did a good job. If you do a good job, you get to rest with us in the bed. If you don’t, we will have you rest on the floor. When you are on the bed, your place is the foot of the bed. If you would like to crawl up here like this, you will beg by whimpering like a puppy. You are not allowed to crawl any higher on the bed. Do you understand?”

Scarlette: “Yes, sir.”

Steele: “If we meet again, I will collar you and I will walk you around on a leash. Is that understood?”

Scarlette: “Yes, sir.”

Steele: “Rest now, bitch.”

The three laid on the bed for around 10 minutes when Steele spoke again. “We are going to take you back to your car now. We will be in contact. Whatever it is that I tell you to do, you will do it. Is that understood?”

Scarlette: “Yes, sir.”

The couple dropped Scarlette back off at her car and returned her belongings. As she sat in her car, she checked her phone. The latest message from Steele had a photo of Scarlette with jizz on her face, her dress hiked up revealing her chastity. The message read “You’re ours now, bitch. Talk to you soon.”

Scarlette smiled.
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