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A young man, a hair stylist with few boundaries.
I was in high school, my hair was long, kind of disheveled, lacking in any kind of style. It was the early 1980's; one of those new hair styling places had opened a couple towns over so I decided to go in and see what they could do.

My name is Jim Carson. I was 5-10 at the time. Kind of skinny at 155 lbs. And not much experience with the girls at my school. A couple of them had said I was cute, but it seemed they liked the stronger, hot guys better. Oh well, I was young, there was time. Maybe a new hair style would help.

I took the bus up the avenue and got off a block from Cricket's Hair Salon. I wasn't too sure just yet. After years of going into the local barber shop for a trim, this was a different looking place. I decided, what the hell, and walked in. Once inside I realized this was NOT your daddy's barbershop. Missing was that barbershop smell. And the four older men ready with scissors at an industrial strength chair. At Cricket's there were plants and lighter decorations. Different color lights, the room separated into work areas by decorative curtains. And women everywhere. Young women. Attractive young women. There was a receptionist. Pretty, with a ready smile,

"Hi, welcome to Cricket's. Do you have an appointment?" I was tongue tied. I wasn't used to talking to women her age who were so hot.

"I, um, uh, I didn't know I needed one. Sorry, can I come back?"

"Oh no, no problem. We take walk-ins, but next time call and you can schedule a time and a stylist. Let me have your name and you can wait right over there."

"OK, I'm Jim. Thanks." I took a seat and tried not to stare at the receptionist. That got easier as I realized I could also watch the stylists as they were coming and going. Wow, this was better than the high school hallway. They were all in their early 20's, one nicer looking than the next. I saw other men and women coming in. Those with appointments getting matched up with their chosen stylist. Then a tall thin young woman came out from behind a curtain. She looked over at me, smiled, then went to the reception desk. She chatted a moment with the recptionist, nodded and turned to me,

"Jim, come on back." As I followed her, she led me to a chair by a sink. "I'm Crystal. I'll be cutting you're hair, but first everyone gets their hair washed. Carol here will get you washed up then you'll meet me over there." She was pointing to one of the cutting stations. I was nodding, but taking in everything about Crystal. She was my height. Long slim legs, rounded tight butt, encased in jeans. She was thin all the way up, small breasts, maybe no bra. Her hair was dark brown, and of course, styled nicely. When she turned back to me and smiled I took in her cute face, large white teeth, pouty lips. I watched her go, then sat back in the chair as Carol tilted my head back and began washing.

"First time here?"

"Uh-huh." It was nice to have someone washing and running their hands through my hair. From the corner of my eye I tried getting a look at Carol. All I saw were her larger breasts shaking as her hands vigorously shampooed and washed. I relaxed and tried not to get an erection in my own jeans. When she was done Carol led me over to Crystal's work area. I noted that Carol was a bit shorter and a little thicker all around. Still way beyond the kind of girls who talked to me. As she handed me over to Crystal I noticed a quick wink and,

"Good luck." Was that for me, or Crystal? I sat on the chair and looked around as Crystal pulled the curtain over and got a covering for me. She brushed my hair back then stood back to look at me. She asked,

"So what are we doing?"

"I'm not really sure, my first time here. I usually just let a barber give me a trim."

"Oh, no, no. Not here. Trust me? I'll do something that'll have all the girls checking you out."

"Ha, that never happens."

"Why, you're cute."

"They all like the big football guys. I'm too skinny." Now she was running her fingers through my hair, fluffing it up, watching it fall. Kind of casually she said,

"I like skinny guys." That was it. No more explanation. Just, "You want it a lot shorter, or still long?"

"What ever you like, er, think." She almost giggled. Crystal began working on my hair. I was used to being in and out of the barbershop in no time. But this was a process. She began moving from side to side, tilting my head this way and that. As she worked on my right side I felt her pressing against my hand as I held the edge of the chair. Her crotch was settled right against my bent fingers. She must have known, but she kept cutting. Then when the scissors stopped and she was again running her hand through my hair I'd swear she was grinding againt me. Very subtly, but she was moving against me. Then she moved away. I let out the breath I'd been holding. She worked around the back. I could smell her scent. A light perfume. Subtle. Nice, very nice. She made small talk. Asked about school. Noted that she went to the same school a few years ago when she lived over that way. When she moved around to my left, I'd made sure my hand was in the same position as the other side. She did it again. Right up tight against my hand. The sheet, her jeans and whatever underwear she had separating my knuckles from her pussy. She cut, she fluffed my hair, she ground her crotch. Then maybe having gotten further along than she intended, she stopped. Cutting, not grinding. She put a hand on my shoulder, now there was no doubt. I turned my head slightly left. Her smooth belly showing as her shirt lifted with each breath, her tight jeans pressed against my covered hand. She sucked in a breath, held it as she gripped my shoulder hard, then relaxed. She stepped back.

"Oh, ok. Whew." Then without further comment Crystal finished my hair. When she turned me to the mirror I was looking at a new me. Looking up I also saw a flushed Crystal holding a mirror to give me a view of the back. My hair looked great. I nodded my head.

"Thanks, looks great." She leaned forward and whispered,

"My pleasure." Then she cleaned me up and took off the sheet. As she used the hair blower to clear away clippings I wondered if she could see the lump in my jeans. She walked me out to the reception desk where the girl glanced at us, then did a double take at Crystal, raising an eyebrow. I paid and gave Crytal a generous tip. She thanked me then before turning to go back said, "Ask for me next time." The receptionist asked if I wanted to make an appointment.

"Yeah sure, next month?" She looked at their book,

"Maybe sooner? Crystal is free three weeks from today." I'd have to work some more odd jobs to afford this place so often. Coming in I wasn't even sure if I'd come back. But I liked my new look and,

"OK sure."

Three weeks later I was there, right on time. The same receptionist was there. She checked me in and pointed to the waiting area,

"Crystal will be a few minutes. Running late with a walk in, sorry." I shrugged,

"No problem." As I turned to walk away she added,

"My name's Sharon." I turned back to see her pointing to a small name plate resting on a very nice chest.

"Hi Sharon, I'm...well I guess you already know my name." She laughed and I went to wait. As I waited I tried leafing through a magazine while trying not to get caught checking out Sharon. Sharon happened to find a need to get up and rearrange some items on a shelf. This gave me a good look at a very nice full butt in a tight skirt. She was about 5-5 and not nearly as thin as Crystal. She caught me eyeing her as she returned to her seat and gave me a hands on hips look to let me know she'd caught me. I blushed and went back to the magazine.

It was about five minutes later that a middle aged woman came out from Crystal's area. Her hair looked fine to me, but she was complaining to Sharon as she paid,

"And you're going to charge me full price for this? She doesn't listen. Thinks she knows everything." And on she went as she paid and stormed out. Crystal came out rolling her eyes explaining to Sharon. Sharon stifled a laugh then pointed towards me. When Crystal turned I could see her physically relax as she welcomed me and called me back. As I watched Crystal's long, long legs, emphasized by a short skirt, I also noticed Sharon watching me.

After Carol washed my hair I walked to Crystal sitting in her work area with her head in her hands. I asked,

"Are you ok?" She looked up, her eyes red, sniffled and replied,

"I shouldn't let them get to me. I know I do a good job. I don't need their praise, but when they get all bitchy like I butchered their hair. It bothers me. Sorry, you don't need all this drama."

"That's ok. Let it all out before you put sharp objects near my head." She laughed,

"Thanks, you're funny." She let me sit and arranged the sheet over me, letting it fall so my hands were free. I noticed. "So how was your hair at school? Were the girls more interested?"

"I did get a lot of compliments." I did get a few, but I wanted Crystal to feel better. She brightened up and looked me over.

"Now that we have it in shape I can touch it up here and there and see what works." She began by standing in front of me pushing my head this way and that. Normally I'd close my eyes, but this was a perfect chance to take in Crystal's body. Her small breasts jiggled in the lightweight shirt, he nipples showing as small points. The tight shirt conformed to her straight lines, her skirt sat low on her thin hips and extended just far enough and no more. It had a flap that wrapped around to her hip. Below I knew there was quite a bit of legs on display. As Crystal moved to my right I let my hand sit on it side. As Crystal moved in to work on my side she again let herself press against my hand. Now though, rather than jeans there was a skirt that rode up a bit. I let my hand move and found my fingers touching soft cotton. Holy shit, my fingers were just above...Crystal adjusted her position, moved closer hand felt her mound, then letting my fingers extend, found her puffy outer lips and the slit between them. There was no doubt now, so I began letting my fingers slide up and down her slit. She stopped her work and put a hand on my shoulder. She said nothing but pressed herself forward onto my hand. She gasped as I pressed her panties into her slit, letting my fingers prod and search. Moving up I found her clit and began circling it with my index finger. Round and round and she now put her head on my shoulder, whimpering into my ear as I increased the pressure on her, pinching and rubbing. Doing her best not to alert the rest of the shop, she clenched onto my arm, letting only the slightest sounds to escape into my ear. Her underwear was now soaking wet, clinging to her pussy as she came, her teeth clenching just a bit on my shoulder. We she'd cum Crystal collapsed against me. I reached up and cupped her breast, easily covering it with my hand, her hard nipple poking through the material. As Crystal leaned against me, she reached down and felt for my hard cock. When she found it she whispered,

"Nice. I close up tonight. Be here at 7:30. I owe you."

She stood up and put herself together. Looking at my shoulder she said,

"Sorry 'bout that." I was lost in the thoughts of what lay ahead. This hot woman's sexy body had been laying on me, my hand had been on her pussy. She CAME on me.

"That's ok. Happy to make you feel better."

"Better? I forgot all about that bitch. Now let's get you finished up. Oh, and please move your hand or we'll never get done."

When we were done, she let me out to Sharon. Sharon covered her mouth and looked up at me. Since Crystal's work area was closest to the reception desk, I wondered. Sharon, gave me the answer,

"WHAT was going on in there?" She saw my red face as I shrugged as if I didn't understand. She nodded knowingly and scheduled me for three weeks out. With Crystal of course. I walked out and waited until I was a block away until I brought my right hand up to take in the smell of Crystal's pussy. It was a good as expected.

I killed a few hours. Took a shower at home, fixed my hair just right and was back at Cricket's just after 7:30. The door was locked, but there were a few lights on. I knocked and Crystal came out to unlock the door.

"Come inside, quick. I could get in a lot of trouble for this." When I was inside, she locked the door. We walked towards the back, then she turned to look at me. "Don't be offended, but I told someone we'd be here, cause you know, I don't know you well and..."

"I understand. I won't attack you or anything, but I thought we were..." She put her hand to my face,

"Oh sweetie. You're a cute guy, but you're in high school, I'm 25. I'm sorry to have led you on. I can't do that. But you were so good to me, well, come with me." I followed her to a back room. She was in jeans now and wearing a loose shirt. Crystal had me sit in a chair. There were no arms so she straddled me, facing me. She reached down and pulled her shirt over her head. I tentatively lifted my hands to her small breasts. She nodded and kissed me as my hands covered her nipples. She rested her head on my neck and talked to me. "You need a girl closer to your age. Someone who can appreciate you and how generous you are. You need a girl who can give you what you derserve."

"And you?"

"I can't be dating someone in high school. And I..."

"You have a boyfriend." She leaned back, I could feel her body pressing down on my hard cock. She had her arms locked around my neck. Crystal looked me in the eyes.

"Yes, I do. But I owe you. I'm not a cock tease. So this is between us." I waited to see what she'd do. She slid back, then down on her knees. She opened my jeans and pulled them down. When she pulled at my briefs my cock sprang free. She took hold of it and lightly slid her hand up and down, looking it over, deciding. "You have a nice cock. Surprising for a thin guy like you, it's thick and veiny. I wish I could feel your nice fat head splitting me open. Then she pulled it towards her, sucking my head into her mouth, letting her tongue circle it and poke at the opening, finding a drop of pre-cum waiting. Crystal stroked my cock while taking more of me into her mouth, letting me into the back of her mouth, then sucking and licking as she pulled off. Twisting and stroking she had me straining, my cock as hard as ever, building. She felt my cock getting harder, then took me into her mouth and held my balls coaxing me, waiting, then sucking and swallowing as I filled her mouth, swallowing again, then popping my cock out of her mouth and licking off any cum she found. "MMM, you'll be a good catch. Are we even?"

"One more thing?"

She smiled, "And what would that be?"

"Can I see, all of you?" Crystal stood. My eyes followed her up, watching her tits. She unsnapped her jeans and in one motion, pulled everything down. She kicked aside her jeans and stood letting me look her over. From her smile, to her tits, down to her bald pussy. "I didn't think I'd felt any hair."

"Oh yeah, I get it waxed. She seemed unconcerned as she pushed her hips forward letting me see her bare outer lips, her inner labia poking through. She took my hand and rubbed it along her mound, letting me feel how soft and smooth she was. My cock was getting hard again.

"Better get dressed. The temptation is getting strong." She leaned forward and kissed me on the mouth. Then turned to pick up her jeans giving me a great view of her ass. I caressed one cheek then as she stepped away, picked up my clothes. When we were both dressed again Crystal stood facing me holding my face in her hands. I asked,

"Will you still cut my hair?"

"Yes, if you want, but sorry, no more funny business."

"Ok I understand."

"You know, I do know someone more your age who thinks you're very cute."


"You haven't noticed?" I was about to say no, then thought, hopefully,


"Yes silly, haven't you seen her checking you out? She says she's noticed you looking at her."

"Wow. She's so hot. I never thought she'd be interested."

"You underestimate yourself. Go for it Jim."

"My friends call me Jimmy."

"OK, Jimmy. And Sharon's the one I told about tonight. She'll be expecting a report from me."


"Oh, I have lots of good things to tell her." Crystal walked to the front of the shop, looked out and seeing no one, quickly unlocked the door and let me out. I gave her a little smile then walked down to my bus stop, letting the events of the past hour swirl around in my head. Holy shit, the babe who had been cutting my hair, the babe whose pussy I'd fingered, she sucked my cock. She really did. And she was 25.

Waiting for my next appointment seemed forever. Sure Crystal had said we couldn't do any more. But still, I couldn't wait to see the adult babe who had blown me. When I got there I went to check in. Sharon said,

"Oh sorry. Someone should have called. Crystal's out today." My shoulders slumped. "Um, I could do it. It's just a trim right?" Now I was surprised.

"I thought you worked up here?"

"I just got my license. I can cut hair, but they give me the walk ins who don't need anything complicated. While I get experience." I thought about it. I also thought if what Crystal had told me. Time to take a wild shot.

"OK, if..." Now she was looking at me, hard, right in the eyes. I knew I better not go overboard. "..if you'll go for pizza with me after work tonight." I was relieved to see her whole expression soften.

"Deal! Thanks. I need the practice. Promise, I won't do much." She took me back to get my hair washed and let Carol know to watch the front desk. When I went to sit at Crystal's station Sharon called me back. They set her up with her own area in an alcove at the back. "it's not much but it's mine until someone leaves. Sit, sit." Honestly she didn't do all that much, but she was happy.

At dinner Sharon filled me in on Crystal. "I think Crystal purposely called out last minute to help me, us. She's really cool like that. You've seen, everyone there is 20-23. We call Crystal 'Mom' because she's so old. 25. But she is like the den mother. She gives us advice. She told me you liked me. I kinda knew, but she, um filled me in on details. Encouraged me."

"She told me you liked me. I probably wouldn't have had the nerve."

"Because I'm too old?"

"Because you're too hot." I said it before I realized it. She sat back.

"You really think so? I wish I was tall and thin like Crystal."

"You have lots of great qualities yourself." Now she reached across the table and held my hand.

"She told me you were sweet and nice. And other good stuff."

"Really?" She nodded her head.


"And that doesn't bother you?" She shrugged.

"You hadn't gone out with me yet." We talked about a lot. Then made plans to go to a movie on the weekend. I told her she could do my hair in the future. "Since I'm new you won't have to pay full price. As the new girl I need to open up in the morning. If I cut your hair before hours you can get a freebie." I agreed that it sounded like a good deal. We went out a few more times, then Sharon suggested that my hair might need a trim.

"How about Wednesday morning? 8 am?"

"Sure, see you then."

I was there by 8. Sharon greeted me with a smile and a hot cup of coffee. I asked,

"What time do you open?"

"At ten."

"Hmm, seems we're a little early." She smiled and took my hand walking back to her work area. Once inside she pulled over the curtain and pulled my shirt over my head. She giggled as she let her hand slide over my skinny chest. "Something funny?"

"You are, so, skinny. I like it." She kissed my chest, let her nails lightly scratch down my arms, then brought her lips to mine. I kissed her softly. He stood there for who know how long, kissing, pulling at our lips, tongue running along my lower lip, touching my tongue, soft, tender. My hands came up searching for her breasts. Feeling my hands on her bra she reached back and shrugged it off. Now I could feel her fuller breasts filling my hands, rounder than Crystals. I kept our lips together as I rolled her nipples under my thumbs. Now Sharon was moaning into my mouth. I let my hands slide around her back, then lifted her shirt. I bent to kiss her left breast, kissing around as I held it to my mouth. I let my tongue reach out and circle the nipple, finally sucking it into my mouth. Sharon reached down and found my hard cock, stroking me through my pants. I felt her unbuckling me, letting my pants drop. I stepped out of my pants and stepped back to the chair. I slid down my briefs, letting Sharon see my hard cock waiting for her. I wasn't sure what she'd do next. When she removed her own pants my hopes escalated. She pushed me back so that I was sitting on her chair, "Ever since I saw these chairs I've thought of doing this." With me sitting, Sharon climbed onto me facing away. She put her feet on my thighs and braced herself on the arms of the chair, "OK you do the next part." Trembling slightly I reached around and rubbed my cock on her pussy, then when I found the spot I let the head sink in. Now Sharon took control, raising and lowering herself onto me. I let my hand fondle and caress her tits, then down across her belly then finally through the hair on her pussy. I found her clit and let my right midde finger slide along it as my left hand pulled at her nipple. Sharon let her head lay back on my shoulder, moaning into my ear as she raised and lowered herself onto my cock. Who wouldn't feel good with a sexy woman riding your cock and groaning, "MMmmm so big, so full, oooh fuck me, oooh, Jimmy, Jimmy..." She must have been in good shape to keep herself in position for so long, before finally resting more of her weight on me as I lifted my hips to meet her. I could feel her body trembling a bit, then clenching as she came on me. I moved my hand up to her other tit and squeezed tight as I came in her wet pussy, letting her settle onto me as I filled her. She reached down and reclined the seat a bit as she lay back on me. Turning her head, she kissed the side of my face. "Skinny boy with a big fat cock. I like it."

Sharon somehow managed to turn over on me rubbing her tits on my chest and trapping my soft cock between us. Holding my face she rained kisses over my face. I held her by her ass and gripped her cheeks hard letting her know how much I was turned on. Looking back she asked,

"You like my ass?" I wasn't stupid, but I actually did like it so no lie,

"Yeah, matter of fact I do." She just said,

"Hmm." Then checking the time she said, "Too bad you fuck forever, we need to get ready already. Next time we meet at 7. Now get dressed and let me do something with your hair." She slid off me and looked me over. I looked at her too, now getting a chance to take in her full body. "Like what you see?" From her sandy brown hair to her nice boobs and darker haired bush, I had no complaints.

"Yep, I like it all."

"Even my hair down here?"


"I know Crystal is bald. I've seen it."

"Me too." She playfully slapped me.

"I was thinking about shaving it. To see how I like it. Want to help?" Oh wow, this was cool.

"Um, sure if you want to." Now she was holding my cock which had shrunk down but quickly revived at her touch.

"We could trim you up too."

"What, why?"

"For one, it'll look even bigger. Not that you need it. But when I suck your cock, I won't get pubes in my teeth." I laughed. She was so forward and matter of fact about everything.

"If you want. Promising blowjobs will get me to do a lot."

"OK cool. Now get dressed. Next time, we shave." Sharon gave me a quick trim then went to open up. We had a few minutes, so we discretely made out a bit more before I left.

With school I couldn't be late again, so we waited until Saturday. I was at Cricket's at 7 am. Sharon was already there and hurried me to the back. She looked at me eagerly,

"Are you ready? We can do me first." Sharon quickly removed her pants and underwear. I watched as she took an electric shaver and quickly removed the hair on her mound. She asked me to hold a mirror as she trim the hair on her lips. I was getting hard from watching her handle her pussy up close. "Careful, don't shake the mirror." Now she sprayed some shaving cream on her hand and spread it all over her pussy. Then she came to the delicate part. Sharon bent one leg up then looking in the mirror used a razor to carefully shave herself. She had prepared and when she'd finished she had a hot towel to clean herself. "Now inspect me closely. I don't want any strays." OK, this 20 year old babe wanted me to carefully and closely inspect her pussy. I was up for it.

"OK, you're expecting everything to be gone?"

"Yep." So I ran my hand over her mound, and down along the side and along her lips. Looking closer I separated her lips and looked carefully at each side. Sharon put her legs over each side of the chair as I got in closer. Trying for something more sensitive I ran my tongue up and down. Finding nothing unwanted I let my tongue find its way inside, flicking around tasting and testing. I sucked on her lips with my mouth. By now Sharon was moaning and lifting her hips. I wrapped my hands around her thighs and began sucking on Sharon's pussy, lapping at her juices, then working my way up to her clit. When I latched on and sucked it into my mouth, Sharon let out a muffled screech and grabbed two handsful of my hair trying to smother me with her pussy, grinding herself to me, puffing and moaning until finally she could let go and sink back into the chair.

"No unwanted hair." I smiled up at her, my face wet with her juices. She slapped my head.

"Oh fuck Jimmy. I need to rest a moment before working on you."

"Yeah, don't be cutting off my dick."

"Whew, no. But you'd still have that tongue." We laughed. I got her a drink of water. Then I took off my pants and shorts and replaced Sharon on the chair.

"Do we have to?"

"Trust me, it'll be cool."

"What if someone notices in the locker room or showers?"

"Tell them you're banging a hot 20 year old and she likes it." She smiled. I kind of didn't mind that she knew she was hot. She still liked me. Now it was my turn. Out came the electric razor. Then the shaving cream. When I saw the straight razor I asked,

"Is that really necessary?"

"To get you nice and smooth. Don't worry, I'm trained and licensed."

"Do you often hold guys' junk and shave them?"

"No, not really a sevice we provide. Now shush while I work." Now I did close my eyes. And cringed hoping not to feel any pain. Sharon hummed to herself as she scraped away my pubic hair. Despite my fears, with her hands holding my cock this way and that it began to stiffen. "Hmm, that does help. Keep it up." More humming, no pain. So far so good. Then, "Ok, now for the delicate part. Your scrotum needs to be cleared off. Just relax." Oh sure, I'll just relax while she take a razor to my balls. She took her time. It seemed an eternity. I knew she was done when she started licking my balls, then underneath my sack, then sucking one and then the other into her mouth. Popping them out Sharon sat back, pleased with her work. She held a mirror to show me. "See, not a hair, from your ass crack to the top of your pubic area. Let me put some lotion on. I had to admit, my cock did look bigger, but the feeling was strange.

Sharon looked around her table and found what she wanted. Squirting a generous amount on her hands she began spreading it all around and up and down my cock. The feeling was amazing. While making sure my cock was nice and smooth she looked up at me,

"It feels so nice. I could fuck you right now."

"And why won't you?"

"Another idea. Get up." I stood, my smooth cock sticking straight out. "Do you like my ass?"

"Yeah!" I reached out and caressed the soft cheeks she'd presented to me.

"Don't think I'm weird, but I really like getting my ass fucked." Holy shit. I'd never done that. Hell I really hadn't fucked all that much either. But what the hell.

"No, I, um never have. Like that."

"You're all nice and slick. Here, I'll lean over the chair. Put some lotion on your fingers, two is plenty, and push them in first." So I slicked up her asshole, let my fingers spread it around, then pushed in. "Mmm, that's nice. Move them around. I need to be good and ready if you're sticking you cock up there. Mmm." I did as instructed, then, "Ok, run your cock on my pussy, get it wet. MMm hmm, like that, ooh that feels good. Don't stick it in or I'll tell you to just keep going. Now press it on my anus. Ooof, mmmm, like that. Push, easy, ok, getting there. Your head is nice and big, push, ooof fuck, there you go. Ooh, haven't had one like yours before, ooooh, go ahead. I'm just gonna, lay here and take it. Fuck my ass Jimmy." I hadn't felt anything like this before. All the way in her ass gripped tight on my cock. I pushed until I was nearly all the way in, then pulled back and pushed again. Sharon was holding the chair in a death grip, moaning and humming and accepting me. I picked up the rhythm and was soon plunging in, my body slamming into her soft ass cheeks with each thrust. Now Sharon was getting louder, imploring me to "fuck me, fuck my ass, fuck me Jimmy." She seemed to be loving it, so I kept giving it to her, my thick cock spreading her wide, stretching her with each thrust. Finally I held her hips and began hammering short fast hard until my cum was shooting into her. WIth one last push I held myself against Sharon's ass as the last bit ran from my cock. Then I pulled out as Sharon slid to the floor, cum oozing from her open anus. "Oh Jimmy, that was sooo good. I like fucking but I love a good ass workout too. You don't mind?"

"No, I...that was wild."

"Some guys like to slap a girl's ass while they do it. I liked how you held me."

"I didn't know. Um, how many have you?"

"I knew you'd ask. A few. In high school, before I gave up my virginity, I let some guys do my ass. I'm 20. I was active in high school. So, yeah, I've done a few guys. You don't mind?"

"Why would I? Are you just doing me now?"

"If that's what you want. I mean, I'm a bit older. I never dated a high school guy after I got out. Oh, jeez, I better clean up. Can't have your cum running down my leg while I cut hair."

"So you like doing that."

"Yeah, I'm kind of kinky. Nothing too crazy. But I can show you a few things. We can have fun."

"Who knew? The innocent looking receptionist."

"I know how to behave when I have to. But when Crystal told me you were nice AND had a nice cock, I was interested."

We cleaned up. Sharon told me she'd have me over to her apartment for dinner one night, then it was time for me to go. The dinner was put off for a bit with me having school work and Sharon picking up any extra hours she could. Still I'd get to Cricket's early on Sharon's opening days and get in a good fuck before school. I sometimes wondered if I seemed different to the kids at school. A week or so later as Sharon sat naked on my lap, both a bit sweaty from our just completed morning exercise, Sharon invited me over for dinner Saturday night.

"Not a school night, so no rush to get home. Oh but one thing, I hope you don't mind."

"What's that?"

"My roommate might be around. And it's my night to cook so she'll have dinner too. So not all romantic and all."

"Oh ok, I just thought."

"Oh no worries, after dinner I'm still gonna give this cock," She lifted my soft cock hanging between my legs, "a good working over."

"That won't bother, your roommate?"

"No, if you're lucky Maria may join in."

"What? You two share.."

"Not exactly. She likes girls better. But sometimes she does stuff with guys. She's a little freaky."

"Do you two?"

"Oh, you want to watch some girl/girl action? Naughty boy. Ever seen that?"

"In person? No!"

"Hmm, maybe we can break down more barriers. Maria would definitely be up for that." Wow, what was I getting into. It was all so much new. You didn't hear about stuff like this at my school. "So have you told your friends you're banging an older girl?"

"Hope you don't mind, but yeah. They don't really believe me."

"Oh it's ok. Let's meet where your friends hang out Saturday. Want me shy and innocent or hot and a little slutty?"

"How about shy and hot?"

"Hmm, I can pull that off." We got dressed and set a time for Saturday. It was going to be a great week.

I was hanging outside the pizza joint where my group of friends generally meet at about 5:30 Saturday when Sharon drove up to pick me up for dinner at her place. When she got out, the general reaction was "whoa". She looked amazing. Dressed casually, but with style, hair and makeup (of course) just perfect, her sexy woman's body obvious, but not on display, she walked up and gave me enough of a kiss to show we're more than acquaintances, without being overboard. I introduced her to my friends who were duly impressed. She laughed at their comments to me while wrapping an arm around my waist. I could see them wondering if what I'd told them was true while also wishing they were me. We said good-bye when Sharon "reminded" me we were going to her place for dinner. She handed me her keys and asked me to drive. I could just hear the muttering behind us as we turned to leave, now giving them a good look at Sharon's ass in perfectly fitting jeans. I let her into the car then looked at the guys as I walked around to the driver's side. I think they believed me. When I got in and pulled away Sharon asked,

"How did I do?" I looked over at Sharon. Did she really need to ask?

"Amazing. And the bit with letting me drive your car, perfect. And you do look incredible."

"I asked Crystal to do my hair and makeup. She was happy to help." It wasn't far to Sharon's apartment. She explained that 'it isn't much', but I was just impressed that she had her own place, was supporting herself and wanted me to be with her there. We got inside and she quickly showed me around. A small kitchen, dining area, living room and hall with bathroom and two bedrooms.

"It's nice. I can't wait until someday I can be on my own."

"Ah, some days, dealing with bills and shit breaking, it's not so fun. But it is fun to have a place to bring a special friend." Now she was holding my arm in her hands. She led me to the dining area and sat me down. I couldn't help taking in her pretty face and nice body. She noticed, "This," posing with hands on hips, "is for later. For now, get ready for my homemade lasagna."

I turned when I heard a door close and someone walking in the hallway. A moment later a young woman entered. I assumed it was Maria. She was wearing a loose tshirt and gym shorts, bare feet and hair that looked like she may have been napping. Her long dark hair framed a plain but not unattractive face, her complexion was a bit darker than Sharon's as if she had a good summertime tan. She looked at us,

"Seems I may be underdressed for the occasion?" Sharon laughed,

"Jimmy, this is Maria. Maria, my new guy Jimmy. I dressed up a little to pick him up and show off for his friends."

"Hi Maria."

"Ooh, boyfriend/girlfriend intrigue. Welcome to our humble apartment Jimmy. I see Sharon is trolling the schoolyards these days." Now Sharon came up behind me and put her arms around my neck.

"Be nice Maria, he's a little younger than us but quite mature. And look how cute." Maria gave me a once over.

"I suppose if you like 'em with dicks. And anyway Jimmy I'm just teasing. Sharon's been telling me just how grown up you are."

"No offense taken. And I think Sharon's plan is to fatten me up a bit." Now Sharon jumped up and turned for the kitchen,

"Oh, we're busy talking, I need to get the lasagna out." Maria got out plates and utensils then sat across the table from me. Through dinner, which was quite tasty, it was mostly small talk. After cleaning up Sharon took me by they hand,

"Jimmy and I are going to go have some fun." She gave Maria a look. "Some things he's never seen, or done." Now Maria was looking from Sharon to me,

"Is that an invite?" I was watching the exchange, still not sure where teasing me stopped and real invitation started. I kind of shrugged. Maria looked at Sharon, "Don't want to get in the way." Sharon was past playing the shy or innocent girlfriend. Her hand was roaming over my body finally settling below my belt,

"Maria, there's plenty for both of us. And I know, you know I like anything." Maria now looked at me,

"What about you Jimmy? Not going to get all prude on us?" Now I was being asked directly.

"No!, I'm up for anything." Now Maria was interested.

"Really? Anything?"

"With you two, sure." Maria smiled. Sharon put her head against my shoulder,

"You may have set yourself up there." Now she was rubbing her hand on my cock. "Let's go get comfortable."

Maria said, "You guys do that. Don't wait for me. I'll be in sooner or later."

It took almost no time for Sharon and me to be naked on the bed. This was our first time able to stretch out in comfort, to lay side by side, to feel our bodies together. Sharon quickly straddled me and let my cock sink into her wet pussy. She lay against me and slid her body up and back feeling me enter her, stretching her pussy. Then she put her hands on my shoulders and let me watch as her tits rocked above me as she rolled her hips causing my cock to put pressure on various parts of her as her movements caused me to press and rub against her. Leaning down towards me she opened her mouth and accepted my tongue. She preferred to let our tongues dance and touch rubbing against each other. She sucked at my tongue, held my bottom lips between her teeth, all the while varying the motion of her hips, giving me pleasure and ensuring that I hit her spots. As she arched her back from intense feelings within, her breasts were presented to me. I flicked my tongue and caught a nipple, then held a breast in place so I could suck at the nipple. She tensed from these new stimulations and began moaning out loud as I gripped her ass and held her to me, grinding my bare pubic area up against hers, stimulating her clit and soon sending her off. She never stopped grinding on me, lifting and dropping, drawing me up into her then settling down, asking, begging for more, then receiving what she'd been begging for as I spurted inside her pussy as she sat back taking me fully inside. When we'd both finished she lay on my chest. From the doorway we heard a slow clap. Looking up I saw a nude Maria leaning against the door frame,

"You guys are pretty damn hot. Mind if I join you?" I patted the bed next to me. Maria walked towards us. I saw that she had medium sized breasts, dark nipples, wider hips than Sharon and tightly trimmed dark hair between her legs. Her body was of a fairly even complexion. Maria lay along side me. Sharon turned her face towards her roommate and eagerly returned Maria's kiss. I had my right hand caressing Sharon's back and tentatively let my left touch Maria's. She broke her kiss with Sharon and tilted her head back to look up at me, "It's ok, you can touch me anywhere as long as I'm in here with both of you." I let my hand slide further down her back. I now had two women leaning over me making out with some intent. I now had a handful and more of an ass cheek on each side. For my teenage brain this was a bit of overload. Here I was with two more experienced women. One my supposed girlfriend who was free with telling me about her experiences and a willing participant in bed with her lesbian roommate. Or at least she said she was. While kissing Sharon, Maria was now also testing the size of my cock. She stopped a moment to look at what her hand was holding.

"Hell of a nice cock you have here Jimmy. He split you open with this Sharon?" Sharon was leaning on my chest resting on her arms,

"I can take it, but it does fill me up nice. And it felt huge in my ass."

"He fucked your ass with this?" I was just laying there listening to them discuss my parts.

"Yeah!, you know how I like my ass fucked, this was wow, real nice." Maria looked up at me,

"Don't think about it kid. I might let you fuck me, but not in my ass. But I wouldn't mind watching you go balls deep in her." Maria pointed her head towards Sharon. I was feeling more sure of myself so I let them know,

"With all this talk I'm about ready to fuck someone, somewhere." Both of them said, "Whoa." Maria added,

"Look who's feeling confident. OK stud, get up there and fuck some ass." Sharon reached over to her night stand and found her tube of lube. She handed it to me with instructions,

"Use plenty. On both of us." In the mean time Maria had settled herself at the top of the bed, legs spread, giving us a clear view of her pussy, spread open, ready for action. She pointed at Sharon,

"You can get your tongue down here and give me some." Sharon got on hands and knees getting her face in good and close to Maria's thick lips, while I settled in behind her liberally applying lube to my cock then pushing some into her ass with my fingers. When I replaced my fingers with my cock, she moaned into Maria's pussy, "If she's gonna moan like that then start pounding her Jimmy."

That was no problem. The angle on the bed was better so my straight cock now slid right in. Remembering what Sharon had said, I let my hands glide over her cheeks as my cock slid easily in and out of her. I could see my cock disappear into her stretched hole, no longer puckered and tight. Then rocking my ass back, watched it appear, pulling at her as I came out, then straight back in. From my vantage point I could see the back of Sharon's light haired head as it moved back and forth between Maria's legs. Maria put on a little show for me pulling at her nipples and stretching her tongue to flick at her nipple, then letting her dark hair shake as he thrust her pussy up to Sharon's face. She was encouraging me all the way,

"Fuck her ass Jimmy, give it to her good. Oh fuck, that's it, fuck that bitch, suck my cunt Shar, lick my clit." She was dirty and funny and clearly the leader of this little show. Now with both of her tits in her hands she held them out to me, "like my tits Jimmy? Want to suck on these dark little nipples, want some of this dark cunt that Sharon is loving?" She made me want to push into Sharon and force her harder onto Maria. Then as Sharon got Maria really revved up, she began cursing in English, Spanish and who knows what else. When she finished she slid out from under Sharon and came around to watch me ass fuck her roomie. "Damn Jimmy, stuff that cock in there." Reaching underneath she started rubbing Sharon's slit and stuffing fingers up into her until Sharon could take no more and was cumming in waves of back rolling, bed slapping pleasure. And now it was me. Not being shy Maria got my balls in her hand and rolled them, she put two fingers in Sharon's wet pussy and got them slick. Then she got up close to me, hugging me, offering her mouth and tongue as I continued plowing into Sharon. And just when she had me locked to her lips, she slid her slick fingers in my ass. I clenched, stiffened, she probed, pressed, I pulled Sharon tight to me and went off like a rocket,

"Oh fuck, oh god, uuuuuuh." It felt like I was exploding in Sharon. I felt tingling from my toes on up, I just wanted to cum and cum even though I had no more. Then I gave out and fell onto Sharon. Sharon was slapping my shoulder to get me off of her. Maria was laughing,

"Never felt anything like that kid?"

"Hell no."

"Did you like it?" Now at that time, a guy like me didn't admit to certain things. I shrugged. "So, you didn't NOT like it?"

"I guess."

"You said you're up for anything with us."

"Yeah, but..."

"Tell you what, get down there and licking on my roomie. I'll be right back." Sharon scooted up on the bed. I could see cum still leaking down below, but her pussy looked ok. Still a little sticky from before, but I had said anything. So I got on my knees and went for it. That's when Sharon covered her face and said,

"Oh my god." I turned my head to see Maria wearing a fairly large rubber cock.

"What the hell Maria?"

"Hey, sometimes I like to fuck too. So I'm going to do you, then you can fuck me good with your cock. Deal?" Sharon was laughing now. I was torn between the chance at Maria's pussy and getting ass fucked. I shrugged my shoulders and went back to sucking on Sharon's pussy. I felt something dripping onto my ass, then Maria narrating for Sharon.

"Your boy's got a nice ass Shar. Not too hairy either. Did you shave his ass too?"

"Ooooh, noooo Maria, just, ohhhfuck." I was working hard on Sharon. Maria continued,

"Well my fingers have already been inside, time for some cock Jimmy." I felt the pressure against my ass. I tried to relax. Sharon was holding my head to her demanding that I lick her cunt, Maria was pushing her rubber cock into me. It had what looked like a huge head and veiny bumps all along. "Relax Jimmy, more coming, it's no bigger than yours. Shar, his ass is spreading wide, I'm going all the fucking way," WIth another push she was in. Sharon was slapping the bed and bucking her hips. Maria was pushing deep into me. I tried to pay more attention to Sharon's clit, but my ass felt incredibly full and her dildo was pressing and stretching me. Sharon came again, but I kept going. I had nothing else to do until Maria stopped reaming my ass. Ny cock was hard again, Sharon now demanded I stop and backed away from me. Then she crawled down to the end of the bed to watch her friend violate my ass. Sharon exclaimed,

"So that's what is looks like! How long do you go?" Maria seemed to be enjoying herself,

"As long as I want, it'll stay hard forever, now bring your tongue up here." Now I heard them making out as Maria fucked me. I hoped she was stopping soon, because I needed to use my cock. The pressure inside had me rock hard. I was going to take Maria for a ride. Finally, with a low pop, it was gone. She sat back satisfied, she and Sharon pointing out how my anus was still open. She slapped my ass and said, "OK, your turn, how do you want me?"

"Lay face down." She got in position. I handed her a pillow she put under he hips. I got low in behind her and fed my cock into her tight pussy. "You haven't done this a whole lot?"

"More with a dildo than a cock. But go ahead, I owe you." I braced myself with my arms either side of Maria and began pushing balls deep into her. Each push was cushioned by her soft ass cheeks, so I went full force. "Damn kid, that's a nice cock. Keep this one Sharon, thick cock and just freaky enough." I rode her good and hard. She was taking me without complaint. It felt good to fuck for fucking's sake. When I felt myself nearer I made sure I could cum inside. "Thanks for asking, go ahead." So I gave Maria what I had left finishing with short fast thrusts while holding tight to her ass. When I pulled out I offered my cock to Sharon, who willingly sucked our cum from it. We were spent and all three lay around Sharon's bed. Since we were still all together I idly squeezed tits and pulled at nipples. A bit later Maria kissed us both and went to her room. Sharon asked how I was.

"Tonight was different than anything I'd ever imagined."

"You don't think I'm weird or a slut or something."

"No. Not typical maybe. I feel kind of lucky. You're so open and fun." She rolled to lean over my face, looking me in the eyes,

"And you, boyfriend are all the man a girl could want." I wanted to stay over. To sleep with Sharon's legs around me, my head against her chest, but I had to remind her that I did still have to be home. We washed each other in the bathroom, then I dressed and thanked her for a great night.

"Jimmy, we can come here all the time. No more early morning sneaking at the salon." Wow, I hadn't really considered, but yeah, kind of obvious.

"OK, yeah cool." I kissed her good night, shouted good bye to Maria and walked to the bus stop. She'd offered me a ride, but I didn't want her to have to go out. I walked down the street, the autumn night air feeling cool without a jacket. I took my time anyway reliving the night.

And to think, I'd just wanted a trim.


2021-10-10 10:21:24
Great story! The plot was unique and had a nice build up to the climax. Keep up the great work!


2021-10-09 21:00:23
Ignore that arse. That was a great story, I really enjoyed it. I liked Sharon, she felt like a girl you could meet anywhere.


2021-10-06 05:35:01
King 3 Girls and the same suite of the dorm they were in.. one climbed out of the dorm window ro spend the night with me.True story. Needless to say, since this was 1966, she Had to be there for bed check.. But they didn't check to see if she was still in the room later that night. Believe it or not, 2 of the girls were 4' 10. One Was 5' 2" with a 32 dd bra size. Both of the other girls were under 100 lb and less well endowed. But that's a story for another time.


2021-10-06 05:01:15
Just.the right length. Could have happened to me if I wasn't growing uup in the 50s. Really good story. Come to think of it, I was fuc


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