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A daughter learns that the old tradition of bedtime stories can be made fun again.
"Daddy! Daddy! It's bed time. You know what that means, right?" My daughter looked at me so expectedly. "It's time for my special bedtime story." She stood on the bottom step, holding a book tightly to her chest, with her smiling face beaming at me, excitement bubbling up.

I was equally excited, but I had to play my part. "Oh, I don't know, sweetie. Are you sure you aren't getting too old for bedtime stories?" I said in my best fake-serious tone. "Most girls your age don't want their daddy to read to them."

She shook her head no, vigorously. "No, daddy. Not since my birthday when you gave me my first *special* story. I want special bedtime stories every night now."

My wife laughed and told me, "This is your own fault. I told you she would get hooked. Now get your butt upstairs, and make it an amazing bedtime story. And you better not stop until she is completely conked out."

Outnumbered and outgunned, I had to accept defeat. I stood up, kissed my wife, and followed my daughter upstairs. Despite my verbal complaint, I was also bursting with excitement for the story. I took a moment to enjoy the view of the thin thong peeking out from under her short nighty every time she took a step up. Her smooth thighs looked tantalizing, and I had to restrain myself from running my hands between them. My heart was racing just imagining how soft her-

"Are you coming, daddy?"

"What?" I asked, snapping out of my reverie.

My daughter stood waiting at the top of the stairs, one hand on her hip, her nearly see through nightgown riding up, this time putting the front of her thong in view, enticingly displaying every detail of her tight pu-

"I asked if you were coming, silly."

I thought about responding with, "Not yet, but I'm getting real close," but decided against it. Special bedtime stories were, well, special, and not a time for crude jokes. Instead, I simply nodded, and continued upstairs to make her story the best ever.


Soon we were in position. We were snuggled in her oversized chair that gave us plenty of room for stories and snuggles. She sat with her legs on one arm of the chair, her upper body snug against my shoulder, and her round bottom grinding against my rigid cock every time she squirmed.

I opened the book to the story of the night. I began, "This is story of the Princess and the Pea…" As I read, she buried her face in my neck. She vaguely payed attention to the story, instead she gently kissed my neck. The softness of her lips moved up to my ear. Mischievously, she lightly bit the tender flesh below my ear, and electricity rand down my spine. My cock twitched, gently bobbing against her thong, and this brought a happy purr from her. She slowly rubbed herself against my hardened shaft, and I could feel the precum oozing out of it. This was going to be a difficult story, I could tell already.

"If she truly is a princess, then she would notice a single pea under a hundred mattresses…" I continued the story, as she reached down between her legs to my shorts. Deftly she freed my dick from its cotton restrictions. She closed her thighs around my erection and quietly rocked to and fro. Soon it was quite lubricated from my precum and her juices soaking through her thong. She pulled them to the side, and her bare pussy lips grinded against my shaft. The silky warm flesh felt like heaven, and I slid my hand down and absent-mindedly rubbed her clit while I read on. I pulled my hand away, licked my fingers, enjoying the sweetness clinging to them, and turned the page.

"Oh, I just couldn't get any sleep. My bed was too lumpy…" I carried on, determined to actually finish the story this time. I had gotten close a few times, but I was determined this time. I put my free hand on her hip, and slowly followed her curves up and under her nightgown. I came to her firm tummy and gently rubbed it. She giggled and squirmed, as her pussy found the head of my dick. My hand moved further up, and I found her nipples as my little minx tried to angle her hips to slip my cock into her tight cunt. Unfortunately, the position we were in, coupled with the slickness and tightness proved to be too much for her, and she let out an exasperated sigh. I touched her breasts almost absent-mindedly as I continued reading.

"She has passed every test. She must only be the lost princess…" She made a pouty face,, untangled herself from our snuggle and kneeled down in front of the chair. She tugged at my shorts, so I lifted up, allowing her to completely remove them. Freed, my dick stood fully erect and throbbed. She took hold of it and licked the precum away. She gently licked and kissed my shaft, then soon enveloped my cock head in her mouth. Her soft lips gave way to slippery tongue, then tight throat. She expertly fucked her own throat using her daddy's dick, while her hands slipped down and pulled her thong down to her ankles, exposing her tight snatch, before burying her fingers into it. Her fingers pistoned into her slick pussy, keeping time with her mouth on her father's throbbing dick.

"'Surely, good prince, you don't want me sleeping alone again tonight,' the princess purred, slipping the prince's cock between her breasts. She fucked prince's dick between her ample bosom until he showered her face and chest with sticky cum." I read on, determined to finish the story rather than simply casting the storybook aside. She stood up, tossed her nighty away and kicked the thong to the side. I was able to enjoy the view momentarily before she turned around and sat, my shaft between her ass cheeks. She wrapped an arm around my neck and began bucking her hips, my slick cock sliding smoothly between her firm round ass cheeks. With my free hand, I reached around to rub her clit, trying to match her pace without losing my place in the story. Her bare back rubbed my naked chest. I pulled her tightly against me and slipped my fingers into her gorgeous snatch. I slowly finger fucked her, while I moved my hips in rhythm to her movements. My cock, still firmly wedged in her butt cheeks begged for release. I fought the urge to simply drive my dick into her ass, and instead focused on her clit. I picked up my pace, holding her just at the brink of release, until finally it proved to much. "Daaaaaddyyyyy! I'm cuuuummiiiiing," she cried out, then soaked my hand as her orgasm tore through her. Her pussy gripped my fingers like a vice, and her entire body vibrated against me. After she stopped shaking, she lay gasping across my chest.

"The Princess exclaimed, 'Of course I will marry you, as long as it means I get this every night,' as she bounced on the prince's dick happily ever…" I said, as I gently closed the book.

Breathless, my daughter looked up at me. "Okay, daddy. You finished the story. Will you *please* fuck me now?" She looked so hopeful, her naked body covered in sweat, and still exhausted from her own orgasm.

I tossed the book onto her dresser, lifted my daughter's pussy over my erect cock, and slowly lowered her down. Inch after inch disappeared into her wondrously tight pussy, made possible only by her well lubricated walls. Still exhausted, and now impaled on her daddy's dick, she felt almost like a ragdoll. I rolled my hips, slowly fucking her, while her gasps became contented purrs. My hands, now both free, roamed her chest and snatch. When she had finally started to recover, she sat forward and began riding my dick in earnest. Her round bottom had my full attention. She would raise up until my cock head was all that remained inside her, then slowly slide back down until my full length was completely inside her again.

"Mmmm, daddy. You fill me up so good. I can feel every bit of you inside me. No matter what, you better not stop until I'm full of your cum. Promise?"

"I promise, sweetie. I'm going to give you the best bedtime story yet." I pulled her body back close to mine and stood up with her still impaled. I wrapped my hands around her hips as my dick pushed into her silky depths.. Her legs wrapped around behind me, and she hooked her feet in at my thighs. She arched her back, reached over, and grabbed hold of my head. She let out a groan as I was buried even deeper into her already strained cunt. She turned her head, and we passionately kissed. Her mouth tasted all the sweeter knowing her kisses belonged only to me.

I started lifting her off of me, before letting her own weight drive her back down onto my dick. Each time I did, she gasped out. I stretched her walls with each stroke, and every few strokes she would lightly shake as the tremors of smaller orgasms built up in her body. I knew neither of us had much longer before we went completely over the edge, so I increased my tempo, driving my prick into her tiny cunt faster and harder, and her gasps became louder and higher pitched.

"Oh, fuck me. Fuck your little girl, daddy. I want you to fuck me good, daddy!"

"Oh, baby girl. You're so fucking tight. You're going to rip daddy's dick off with your tight little cunt."

I pounded into her. All of my previous focus and self control was redirected into pounding this little cunt with everything I had. I could feel her pussy convulsing as another massive orgasm took her.

"Daddy. Oh, fuck daddy. Oh, fuuuuuuuuu…" She screamed out in shrill ecstasy, and my own orgasm took hold.

"Daddy, your cumming in my pussy. Daddy, I love you so much." Her voice trailed off as exhaustion took her and she slowly drifted into unconsciousness.

I fucked into her limp body until my cum was leaking out from around my shaft and ran down her dangling legs. Her tight snatch kept my shaft erect deep inside her, milking every drop of cum from it.

When I was completely drained, I cradled her gasping, purring body in my arms and carefully walked to her bed. It wasn't until I laid her in bed that I finally pulled my dick from her still twitching and well fucked pussy.

I looked up and saw my wife's silhouette in the doorway. "I told you she would be hooked. What are you going to do when she goes off to college and doesn't have time for bedtime stories?"

I looked at her sleeping form, her body covered in sweat and cum, and sighed. "Well, I don't look forward to it. But I'll find something to do to distract me." My wife, naked, giggled as I grabbed her waist and lifted her onto the dresser and slipped my still erect dick into her ready pussy. "What about you? Would you like a bedtime story?"

"Mmmm, yeah. I think I could use a good story. If you still have one in you, that is."

"Once upon a time…" I began, as I gently fucked my wife's pussy and my daughter slept nearby.
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