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Warning: All my writing is intended only for adults over 18 years old. All people and events depicted are fictional and any resemblance to persons living or dead is purely coincidental. All characters are 18 years old or older. Karla’s Tale contains extreme situations. If this is not your kind of wine, please pass on it. But if you like this particular varietal blend, enjoy as many glasses as you wish.




A strange silence fell, an evil angel passed ... all silence. I felt a new body close to me: Gabriela's. She knelt in front of my pussy and waited.

"Wake up Karla," Ginger yelled as she ripped the mask from her eyes. I was blinded by the light. When I could see, I saw an image that I will never forget...

Gabriela was in front of me burning like a goddess, My New Goddess. Her hair gleamed in the light, her eyes widened coldly, her nipples erected, her belly strong and powerful ... and then ... a butterfly dildo, a heavy and obscene strapon, a little bigger and thicker than my pussy, made with bands of colored horizontal stripes like a rainbow.

She wasn't smiling, she was stern. "Karla, from this moment on, you will be transformed into my own lesbian slave, my FuckSow." Her voice was like cold steel hitting my ears.

She put the head of the strapon at the entrance of my vagina and I felt a lightning bolt throughout my body. She came inside me very slowly, making me feel really invaded for the first time. It was like a hand entering a velvet glove, expanding my pussy as this obscene strapon entered a ransacked city like a conqueror. Gabriela really possessed me, body and mind, my whole being. I couldn't stop looking at her, I didn't make any noise: I was entirely at her disposal, I was hers.

She started 'in and out' very slowly, using my own pussy wetness to lubricate the entire strapon from tip to root. Finally lubricated, she increased her speed, sometimes coming in with small and short backs and forths, sometimes big and strong end-to-end thrusts in a single entry. Oh God, it was not a question of being full, but of having been submitted to her will, to her strapon, to her eyes.

She combined all with twirling motions when she filled me up. I just couldn't resist her, I was perfectly bound at my hands and feet, gagged, just watching my own transformation to a lesbian sex slave with no will of my own. She leaned over my entire body as she moved the harness like a piston with just her hips.

She murmured icily cold: "Karla, in a few minutes you will be changed, transformed into my personal Sow. Remember, Karla, what is a FuckSow?

I nodded yes.

"Then so be it”. Gabriela said.

She increased the pace on the long strapon strokes going in / out in one hit. I started to moan as my orgasm built for the third time. Two mysterious hands entered in action and began to pinch my nipples, Ginger was participating in my mental and physical distortion.

Gabriela put her face millimeters from mine seeing my eyes and my reaction. "You have amazing hair Karla, of course you know, you fucking mindless worm."

She grabbed my hair and parted it into two strands. She then she placed the two strands of my hair in front of my throat and behind my neck like a tie. I felt Ginger grabbing a strand behind my neck.

For the first time, Gabriela showed an incredible kinky, weird smile I have never seen from anyone else since. Suddenly, the two of them pulled my hair with all their might behind my neck, strangling my throat with my own hair like it was two steel ropes. Pulling and pulling until I felt air was turning off. It was scarce while Gabriela entered and left my pussy with her rainbow strapon. My body finally betrayed me, my lust exploded overstimulated: I was a chaos of physical and mental sensations. As I was a bit ahead of suffocation, I began to moan with lust and then with fear. The two of them moved furiously against me, degrading me in my defenseless condition: "bitch, bitch, bitch, puta, putita, eres mi putita", said Gabriela, as they both pulled my hair with all their force down my throat.

As they were strangling me in the middle of my crazy lust I started to really gasp, to need more air, I wanted to scream but couldn't. The moment I was going to come, I thought: "I'm going to die".

Gabriela pushed with all her might and the strapon entered me to the root and filled me completely. And then... they let my hair down. I gulped air at once and then I came brutally, like never in my life. At the same time, I was breathing like I was born again and yet my orgasm came like a mountain that hit me sexually like no other coming in my entire life. The air, the strapon harness and my coming combined made for an instant orgasm in which I lost all sense of where I was, who I was: a Long Timeless Coming. I was my own orgasm, I was orgasm.

My Corrida/Coming lasted an eternity. I lost my sense of time. When I finally realized it, the first thing I saw was Gabriela's fase smiling at me: "Welcome, Karla, your Glorious Orgasm seals your total transformation. You are now my Little FuckSow now. No return, no turning back, Karla." and stood up.

Ginger stroked me, bringing me back to my senses. They removed all the strings and set me free, still floating in the rest of my chaotic sensations. When I finally got to my feet, I was shaking and walking like a drunk. Ginger dressed me in new clothes, all obscene: leggings with "bitch" written all over it, new and very expensive designer sneakers, a top with 'slave' written in phosphorescent yellow letters to cover my breasts. No bra, no panties, no thong.

At the door of the boutique, Gabriela was waiting for me, now dressed in leather with high-heeled boots. I could barely walk, but tried to keep going. When I walked through the door I turned to see Gabriela. I don't know what she saw in my eyes, what she saw in the deepest well of my soul:

"Anytime, Karla, anytime,", Gabriela said and closed the door on my face.

Two weeks have passed since that day, fifteen long days in which I am no longer myself. I do my daily things as usual but my mind is elsewhere. Deep in my soul, my lust cries and cries for more like a thirsty animal in a desert. Am I now a lesbian sex slave? Do I want Ginger to become my Mistress and Lady? Do I want to be fresh meat for Gabriela? Do I really want to give my body and my will totally to Gabriela as my Goddess? I don't know what I'll do with my memory of such a massive orgasm while they were degrading, debasing, humiliating me like never before.

But I think Gabriela really kept her promise. They never hurt me, they never did anything bad or extremely painful to me. But I remember quite well, engraved now in my mind Gabriela telling me "the worst pain is the fear of pain". I may add that the best orgasm overcomes any fear of pain and I feel my whole being ignite like a wildfire without control.

I don't have the answers when I go outside and walk like a zombie. Every step I take makes a sound in my head. "I am Gabriela's slave, her FuckSow now", step "I am Gabriela's Sow", another step "I was born only to be her FuckSow", the next step "I am her FuckSow", one more step "FuckSow ", step "FuckSow", step “FuckSow", many steps until I am in front of her right now. “I am your FuckSow, Gabriela, I am yours ", I end up stammering. She smiles.

To be continued
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