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Levi and Franky wrestle over the ethics of sex. Franky is oblivious to Levi's growing desire to buttfuck Derek.

Again, bisexual material is in this story, so keep your judgments to yourself.
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When I came out Franky was chatting with an older lady that I'd seen before. I couldn't see a scene like that without imagining that they were screwing. The lady was in her 30s or 40s with long wavy hair. She was wearing a short skirt and tall boots. She was dressed a little young for her age, and she seemed to be hitting on an 18 year old man. If Franky wasn't fucking her yet, he probably would be soon.

"I'll see ya later, Linda," Franky said, and 'Linda' gave him the little wave you give to a child, and a teasing little smile.

"She seemed nice," I said, allowing him to tell me about her if he wanted to. I wasn't going to come out and ask him if he had designs on her. I wasn't going to give him a reason to call me a hypocrite.

Franky just stared.

"What?!" I shouted. "She seemed nice!"

Franky kept staring.

"Dude," I said, "I wouldn't blame you if you wanted to fuck her. I want to fuck her."

"It's always about sex with you," he said.

"Dude," I said, "We're 18. We're supposed to be thinking about it night and day, right now. I've had a boner for as long as I can remember."

"Don't you ever think about Amy?" Franky said. "What if she found out you were fucking every little tart that came into this store?"

I shrugged. I love Amy. We had fairly regular sex but it was hard because of our schedules. She's a manager at a Burger Stop, which was okay when I was working at a different Burger Stop, but, when I got fired, I went to 7-Eleven and everyone starts on the night shift. I had a lot of time on my hands and the night shift afforded a lot of opportunities to meet women of easy virtue. Especially after the bars closed.

"You didn't mind fucking Amy," I said. Franky had come over to my trailer to watch a movie on a Tuesday night and we were drinking. My rule was, if you're at my house drinking, you have to spend the night. Amy didn't drink at my house because she knew I'd make her stay no matter what her mom and dad said.

Franky blushed and stuttered. "You . . . dammit . . . you said it was okay! You were lying right next to her! You said she wanted to suck my dick!"

"My point is," I said, "that sex is not a big deal. I enjoyed watching you fuck Amy. It was like being out of my own body so I could watch her enjoy sex."

"Then why'd you bring it up?" Franky said, exasperated.

"Because sex is great fun," I said. "We take the act far too seriously. You ain't the only one we've had a threesome with."

"Why on earth would you make her do that?" Franky said.

"Make her screw other guys?" I said, "I have never made her do that. The fact is, she is obsessed with blowjobs. She said she'd suck anyone's dick if that's all they wanted."

"You used to suck my dick when we were kids," I said.

Franky went bright red and whisper shouted, "You sucked my dick too!"

"I know," I said, "and neither of us turned out to be gay, right?"

Franky said, scrunching up his face, and attempting to put the conversation on it's original track, "you allow Amy to suck any random guy's dick if she wants to?"

"Why not?" I said, "I couldn't stop her if I wanted to. Especially with our schedules so out of sync."

"Then why did you let her fuck me that night?" he asked.

"Because I wanted to watch you fuck her," I said, simply. "I told her I'd let her suck your dick but she had to let you fuck her."

"Seriously?" he asked, very much more confused. "So she didn't want to fuck me . . ."

"No," I said, "she did, but she doesn't feel like fucking everyone she blows. She just loves giving blowjobs. Don't you love getting BJs?"

Franky was finally starting to lighten up. My attitude towards sex seemed to confuse him. So I explained a little further.

"We grow up thinking it's okay for guys to get as much pussy as we want because we're thought of as a lady's man, as macho," I said. "But a girl doing the same thing is called a slut. Why is that? If she and I are not together and she fucks someone, it doesn't mean I lose a fuck that she could have given me. I don't love her because she likes fucking me, I love her because of all the other things."

"You're one weird dude," Franky said and shook his head. "You don't tell her about all your shenanigans do you?"

"Why would I do that?" I said, "I don't ask her if she blew anybody while we were apart."

"And it wouldn't bother you if she was sucking dick," he said, "behind your back?"

"She's done it in front of my back," I said, "many times."

Franky stood there quietly for a while, contemplating all this new information about me and Amy.

Then I asked him, "Why are you screwing Karen?" Karen was our boss.

"That's between us," he said.

"She's probably fucking her husband too," I said, "dontcha think?"

"She said she's not," he said, "which is why she seduced me."

"Bullshit," I said, "she's getting it from both of you. You're not that naive, are you? What about Amanda's mom? Don't you think she still fucks her husband?"

"Amanda's dad is gone all the time," he said. "She's never told me if she's still fucking him."

"And what difference would it make if they were having sex with their husbands?" I asked. "Just because they 'give' you pussy, doesn't mean you're taking away a 'fuck' that they could've given to someone else."

"All I gotta say is that you’re one weird dude," he said.

"A weird dude who watched my girlfriend suck and fuck you," I said.

Franky nodded. "Imma go finish mopping," he said.

I didn't think I would get any more guff about screwing the 'tarts' that came into the store anymore. I still needed to keep Derek under my hat. I wasn't really sure why, but it gave me butterflies thinking Franky might find out.

I finished up my swing shift duties about eleven and stood around chatting with Franky by the register as we always did before I left. He was my best friend, no matter how judgmental he was towards my randy escapades.

"Are you going to fuck Kyla and Marti?" Franky asked.

"Maybe," I said. He seemed to soften to the idea of me making the love with the young girls.

He punched me lightly on the arm, basically saying he knew better. I punched him back and unzipped my smock.

"Well," I said, "I've got a lot of homework to do, so I better get to it."

Franky laughed and shook his head.
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