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Don’t need to read chapter 1 but probably helps.

Chapter 3 coming soon. Share ideas for future chapters in the comments below
It had been a few weeks now and although each day was busy, it hadn’t got too crazy. I would say anywhere between 10-15 guys a day as an average with busy spells at lunchtime and around 5 as all the men stopped off for a quick blowjob on the way home to their wives lol. I’d even had a few guys answering the phone as I sucked their dick through the gloryhole. “Sorry I’m having to work later than planned but I’m about to leave” , “just had to stop off at the shops but I’ll be coming soon” if I didn’t have a mouth full of his dick that one might have actually made me laugh out loud and got us all into trouble!! Luckily I didn’t and true to his work he did indeed cum soon!!

It’s strange how all I get to see is their dicks but certainly got to recognise a few regulars. Either by a noticeable feature such as a mole, or the shape or bend of their cock. Its rewarding to know I had regulars as must be doing something right!

Id also learnt more and more what guys enjoy. The first few days I didn’t really know what I was doing as not had that much experience, but I’d estimate by now, including regulars, I must be at around 150 blowjobs. I don’t know exactly but I’d say only around 10 of them I've not been able to make cum which I always feel saddened by. That’s for a few reasons, first they’ve paid their money and I want to give them what they wanted but also I’d learnt to love the taste and it was my little reward for a job well done! I couldn’t swallow it all but the guys didn’t know that. When I did spit I would do it subtly and then make a loud swallowing noise followed by “mmmm thank you”. One thing I had also learnt was that although I can’t deep throat all (although getting closer) and little gagging noise is always appreciated!! As soon as I gag I can feel a little twitch in their cock. I’d also learnt how to control the guys. If it had been a busy day or I wasn’t really in the mood I had a few tricks to make the guys cum quickly, I mean some do anyway lol. But sometimes if I was really horny or it was a nice one to suck I would slow down or move to the balls when I could feel they were about to cum to keep them in the edge, some guys I could bring up the edge 3-4 times before finally feeling their blast in the back out my mouth. “Fuck you’re a little tease” or “wow you’re a proper cock sucker” are some of my favourite comments. If only I could set up google review!!!!

I’d not paid my car off yet but was well on my way to and starting to build up a healthy bank balance. I’d been able to get a new phone and also a new smart watch which I’d wanted for ages. I had to be careful though as didn’t want too many questions about where id got the money from!

I’d also agreed a deal with the owner where I didn’t have to pay the room rent in exchange for a couple of blowjobs a week. We had this joke where instead of putting money through the hole he would pass me notes. They stared with really badly drawn £20 notes, then things like “blow job with fries please”, nothing too crazy but enough to break the monotony of it sometimes and give me a little smile. Luckily he had a really nice dick, he claimed it was 7inches but I’d say closer to 6, nice girth, not too fat but not too thin, just all in proportion really and fitted nicely in my mouth. After I complained to him one day, he was always smooth or very trimmed too! I almost always made sure he got the best of my ability, although would try to annoy him on some occasions and make him cum really quickly, can’t let him have all the fun can I!!

It had been a typical day, think maybe 4-5 guys had been in and just before lunchtime the buzzer went which was to let me know someone was in the gloryhole. I made my way to the hole and the guy handed me a piece of paper, not the usual money. ‘Great’ I thought as I expected it to be another light hearted note from the owner. It was just before lunch so would be a good way to finish before a break and I could let him know to put the sign on the door.

I unfolded the note to see what quip he had written… “amazing blowjobs, but I’ll give you £50 if you let me fuck you, knock once for yes and twice for no”

First thing I noticed was it wasn’t his writing, it must be one of the normal guys. I read it three or four times. My initial reaction was no. It was a huge step to even start coming in to suck guys but it was a different game to actually let guys fuck me!! I mean I’ve only ever had sex with two guys who were both boyfriends at the time. But my heart was racing and I must admit it did excite me a little bit. I enjoyed watching gloryhole porn and that’s what always happened. But I’d made my decision, I knocked the wall once and went to knock twice… but my hand stopped. My heart raced, my mouth went dry but my hand didn’t move. It felt like an eternity but like time had stood still at the same time. £50 came through the hole. This was my opportunity to just take the £20 for a blowjob. But the the hand that had betrayed me in knocking reached out and took all the money. As I put the money down a condom covered cock came through the hole. It was a good size for my first, maybe 5.5” long and reasonably girthy but not too thick. Luckily I was in a skirt so I took it off, along with my thong and bent over with my pussy up against the hole. As much as they make it look easy in porn I can assure you it isn’t!! The hole was at an awkward height so I had to half bend and half squat and killed my legs!!

I felt a couple of fingers come through the hole and rub along my pussy, I was certainly very wet and despite my nerves was also excited for my first gloryhole fuck. His fingers were very quickly replaced by his cock. The hole wasn’t very big and he was struggling to find the target so I learnt back, grabbed his dick, held it as the entrance to my pussy and slowly slid back taking him fully in my wet teen pussy. I let out a little moan and bit my lip and heard him moan to. I started to rock backwards and forwards on his thick shaft taking him slowly all the way in before rocking off his cock again. My legs were starting to ache so once he was full inside me I pressed my pussy up against the wall as much as I could. He took the hint and started thrusting in and out of me, moans coming from both sides of the wall. He started slowly before building up speed, it wasn’t easy as the gloryhole was quite small but it was an amazing feeling. Being fucked by a guy I didn’t know but equally could have walked past in the street dozens of times. He built up the speed and power and I could feel him reaching the end. I started to rock backwards and forwards to meet his thrusts before he thrust hard into my and I could feel his cock twitching in the condom deep inside me.

After a few seconds he pulled out and left the gloryhole. I collapsed to the floor where I was, sweating, legs burning but with a deep feeling of excitement and satisfaction all over my body and in my pussy. I reached for my phone to text the owner

“I need a quick break. I’ll let you know when I’m back”

“Everything ok??”

“Yes fine. I’ll tell you after the shop closes”

The afternoon was fairly quite, just 4 more guys but all I could think about was the guy fucking me. I sat down with the owner after the shop closed and had a cup of tea “so… what happened earlier?” He asked.

I told him all about it and could just see the look of shock and surprise in his eyes.

“You really are something special. So will you do it again” he asked

“Yes I think so, I was really nervous but it’s the most exciting thing I’ve done. I’m still shaking now from it” I replied. “But can we make some changes? Can we make the hole bigger and higher?”

We went into the room to ‘measure up’ and decided the best thing to do would be to have a sort of mini door that could be opened for sex and closed for blowjobs so that could still do both with full anonymity. We also made a little sign that hung inside ‘blowjob £20, fuck £50’. It was going to take a few days to do the changes but that was fine.

I’d had a message to say the changes were ready so can I go in a bit early just to make sure everything was fine.

I arrived 30 mins early and made my way to the business side of the gloryhole. From my side it all looked good but I couldn’t open it so wasn’t sure if that worked. I nearly jumped out of my skin when the owner spoke “what do you think” he said. “Fuck sake you scared me half to death. It looks fine from this side, what do you think?”

“Looks fine” he said “but only one way to be sure”

Before I could register what he said the door opened and a familiar cock came poking through, this time in a condom.

“Haha ive not even had my breakfast yet” I said

“We have to make sure it works. Don’t want to upset the customers” he said as I was already taking my skirt and panties off. I gave his cock a playful flick before bending over and presenting my bare pussy to the hole. He took no time in getting the tip of his dick at the entrance to my pussy, I could tell he was planning on rubbing his head along my pussy folds and teasing me a bit so before he could I thrust all the way back taking his dick deep inside me in one motion “Fuck” I called out as he filled my tight teen pussy. He wasn’t huge but was the biggest I have had and felt amazing. “So that’s how you want to play it is it” he said laughing. He rearranged his feet to get better balance before he started to fuck me. The last guy had started slowly but this was all out fuck from the start! With the hole now bigger it was much better and could feel his groin slapping against my ass without the wall in the way. It must have been the excitement and anticipation of seeing the new gloryhole, combined with the hard fucking I was getting that meant my legs started to shake and go weak as I came on his cock deep inside me, I let out a little yelp and just about having enough energy to keep me standing but that must have made my pussy tighten around his dick as I soon felt his balls tighten and he started to cum.

“Think it’s fair to say it works” he panted as I heard him pull up his trousers and zipper

“I’d say so” I breathlessly replied.

“One more thing” I said

“What’s that” he asked

“Black coffee please”.

He left the room laughing as I regained my composure and sat down to get my breath back for the day ahead


2021-10-26 00:02:42
I KNEW Dirty Samone would suggest an ass fucking. I love it.


2021-10-13 21:09:37
Great read thank you. I have never tried a glory hole but you have now tempted me to do so.
Ideas for further episodes, I know from my writing it is difficult to continue a theme but vary it sufficiently for new episodes. Here are a few suggestions that cum lol to mind - she could allow clients to fondle her breasts and pussy through the doorway as a prelude to sex, anal sex could be a logical extension, lesbian sex might bring a new dimension, two girls behind door doubling pleasure for client.
Hope any of these can be used, I will keep checking your stories for more episodes.


2021-10-07 19:14:01
I applaud you, great story! I really liked the first chapter but wondered how you would make the second interesting and you found the perfect escalation of the young lady's introduction into the world of sex worker!

Also, I tried to vote a positive vote but it wouldn't let me, said too many already. That seems strange but I guess it is to keep the bots from running up a story that isn't deserving but it hurts good ones like this one!

Dirty SamoneReport

2021-10-06 20:41:50
50 for a fuck is ok, but 75 for an ass fuckin is better. A good ass fuckin is good.


2021-10-06 12:22:46
Great development, hope to see the next chapter soon.

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