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Mandy schemes to humiliate Wendy, the housewife next door, but things go better than Mandy ever could have planned when Wendy’s son and daughter stay over for the weekend.

This is a sequel but I did my best to write it such that you don’t need the previous story for anything more than a little context. Please comment and let me know what you think, I’m always trying to improve my storytelling.
Ed grabbed his bags and headed out the door. His cab had arrived and he was headed back out on business. He said goodbye to his daughter and nephew as he left. It was a Thursday afternoon and he knew there would be traffic on the way to the airport. Ed hadn’t been this happy in a while. Mandy had somehow made a complete turn around and seemed to have a reason to get out of bed in the mornings. As he crossed his lawn he heard a familiar shrill voice, “Ed, Ed before you go do you have a minute?”

Ed was too polite to tell his neighbor, Wendy, to fuck off so he reluctantly stopped He knew what her gripe was going to be. “Ed, I wanted to talk to you about the hedge along our yards. It hasn’t been trimmed in months and it’s becoming unsightly. Can you please take care of it before I have to notified the HOA?”

Ed did his best to stay positive, and he knew she was blowing smoke up his ass. She was the VP of the HOA and so who was she really going to report it to. Still he wanted to be neighborly and he’d been meaning to take care of it but just hadn’t had the time. He put on a smile, “Wendy, I’ll let my nephew know and he’ll get right on it. By tomorrow afternoon it’ll be back in ship shape.”

“Thanks, that’d be great. I’ll be sure to walk it tomorrow and let you know how it looks.” She smiled again and turned to walk away. A dark thought entered Ed’s head that he quickly pushed away. Wendy wasn’t the hottest woman on the block but she did have pretty shapely thighs and a really full bosom. For a brief moment Ed wondered if she’d let him choke her if they fucked. He shook his head and walked to the cab. As soon as Ed was on his way he texted his nephew and explained that the hedge out front needed to get cleaned up.

Mandy had watched the interaction from the living room and was filled with a little rage. That old bitch had always been a pain in her daddy’s side. Between that and her boredom she started to develop a plan. She’d been fucking her cousin Alex the last couple weeks but it was losing the thrill that it once had. Maybe Wendy would give her an opportunity to push her limits again.

Alex walked into the living room, “Hey, do you know where the gardening shears are? I checked the shed and didn’t see them.” Mandy spun around with a devilish look in her eyes. Alex was starting to get worried that with Mandy sober and mostly off her meds her true crazy was coming out.

“The shears are in the garage behind the camping stuff, but hold off on that for a minute. Come to my room.” Mandy left and Alex obediently followed. He was expecting to fuck Mandy again and was surprised to see Mandy at her window. Alex walked up behind her and looked out.

Wendy had fixed herself a drink and was applying tanning lotion to herself in her back yard. Mandy stared daggers at her. “So you’re going to go ahead and cut those hedges, make them perfect. When you’re done, I’m going to go over and knock on her door and have her take a look to sign off on your hard work. As soon as she answers the door you’ll hop the fence and slip one of these in her drink.” Mandy handed Alex one of her pills.

Alex agreed and got to work. He wasn’t sure exactly what Mandy had in store for Wendy but he didn’t mind the thought of fucking the past out milf. It only took half an hour and the hedges were done. Before he made it back inside Mandy was already headed to Wendy’s door. Alex waited by the backyard fence till he heard a knock and Wendy got up from her lawn chair. It was only a couple more seconds when he heard Wendy and Mandy talking. Alex took his cue and worked his way over the six foot fence. Wendy and Mandy were still at the door as he crept over to Wendy’s half-finished drink. He dropped the pill in and hopped back to his side of the fence. He waited in the living room till Mandy came back in.

“You have a couple spots to clean up, mostly just picking up the branches you let fall on her property.” Mandy shook her head as she talked. Alex went out and took care of the little issues. When he came back Mandy was back at her window.

“I think she’s fallen asleep. When she came back she downed her wine cooler and hasn’t moved since.” Alex could feel his cock start to harden. He was pretty excited to fuck somebody other than his cousin, no matter how attractive he found her. “I’m going to go over and knock again. If she doesn’t get up we should head over for our fun.”

Alex waited for what felt like an eternity when Mandy walked back into the house. Before he could say anything Mandy started, “Rob, her son is visiting her this week. Bumped into him in their driveway. Guess his sister is coming over too.” Mandy looked pissed as she walked back to her window. Sure enough a guy about their age walked out of Wendy’s house and started talking to her. When she didn’t respond he went over and shook her. There was still no response and Alex started to get worried. What if he called an ambulance? Rob felt Wendy’s neck. His hand lingered there for a little while but he then stood up straight and looked around.

Mandy and Alex watched in astonishment as Rob bent back over his mother and began to feel one of her tits. Rob hadn’t wasted any time and had slid his hand right down the cup of her bathing suit and began kneading her large but saggy tits. Mandy reached back and began massaging Alex’s cock through his shorts. Rob dropped to his knees and pulled his mom’s tits out of the swimsuit. He looked around again before wrapping his mouth around her big areolas. He squeezed her tits hard and almost lost himself in the feeling of her hardening nipples in his mouth.

Mandy and Alex saw Rob shoot back up to standing almost as quickly as this had started. He stuffed Wendy’s tits back into her top and gave her another theatrical shake. A small blonde stepped out of the house. Mandy could feel Alex’s cock twitch at the tight body rocking a floral sundress. She was a caricature of what Mandy hated in other women. Mandy and Alex watched them talk a bit and then the two of them picked up Wendy and walked her back into the house. Rob came out and grabbed her empty wine cooler and her magazine and gave one last look around.

Mandy was smiling as she turned around to face Alex. Her hand was still on his cock. She released him and laid on the bed, stripping off her shorts and underwear, exposing her waxed cunt. “Eat me out, I need to think.”

Alex got on his knees and dove between her thighs. She was already pretty wet so it didn’t take long before he felt her pussy start to contract against his finger. He had grown so used to going down on her it was almost a reflex to start pushing on her lower stomach to slow her bucking so he could keep up and finish her. She began to shake and Alex knew he was almost done. She let out a cry and Alex pulled his face back and stood. In seconds he’d dropped his shorts and dug his cock into his cousin. He loved the feeling of her velvety snatch, but he was a little disheartened with how distant Mandy was. He laughed internally, he was fine fucking her passed out body, but if she was disinterested it messed with his mojo.

He was getting a little mad and pulled out of her and gave her a smack on her pussy. She reddened where he’d impacted her and she looked at him in shock. He hadn’t slapped her without her asking since she started making him fuck her. Before she could say anything he’d rolled her over onto her stomach and slapped her fat ass a couple more times. The red handprints on her ass and the shocked expression on her face were enough to get him back in the mood. He grabbed her hair and reentered her snatch.

It didn’t take long for Alex to cum having found his new confidence in fucking her. Mandy had grabbed her wand off her bedside table and was working herself to a second orgasm. She’d been so caught up with leveraging Alex she’d forgotten how amazing it was to get properly dominated. She squeezed her pussy as she started to cum. This was all Alex needed and soon he was dumping his load in his cousin’s eager pussy. He pulled out of her sloppy hole and gave her ass another slap.

When they finally caught their breath Mandy shared her plan. It was pretty simple. She wanted to drug and fuck the neighbors. Not just Wendy but all of them. She asked Alex how much cash he had on him and he coughed up $140. She decided this’d have to do, she might have to throw in a blowjob or two. She told Alex she’d take care of everything that all he would have to do is fuck Wendy and her daughter when the time came. Alex thought pleasantly about the neighbor girl’s asshole and wondered how tight it really was.

The following day Mandy asked to get driven into town to run errands. She came back and handed two bags to Alex. As he looked at them Mandy smiled and showed she still had a load in her mouth. She swallowed, “The blues ones in that first bag are for you and Rob, the pink ones will be for Wendy and her sweet little daughter. The other bag has something to get them in the mood.” Alex pocketed the pills. Mandy continued, “We’re having dinner with them tonight, Rob invited us. You just need to figure out to get those in everyone’s drinks and then I’ll take care of the rest.”

Dinner came around and Mandy walked into the living room. She was wearing a sundress that showed of her fat tits and tapered down concealing her thicker bits. She flashed her bare ass to Alex to make it obvious she wasn’t wearing panties. Alex was holding a bottle of wine and wordlessly headed to the door.

The dinner itself wasn’t too bad. It seemed that Wendy had wanted the two there so she could make slights against Mandy’s dad. Rob spent most of the night staring at Mandy’s tits. Alex tried to make small talk with Amber, Wendy’s daughter, but wasn’t getting anywhere with the pretty girl. Eventual they were done eating and had finished the wine on the table. Alex saw his opportunity, “I’ll crack open another bottle, let me get it.” He did his best to not make it obvious he was slipping something into each glass when he poured it. He was relieved when he poured the last glass and nobody said anything. Alex was reluctant to take the little blue pill but knew Mandy would make a big deal if he didn’t.

Fifteen minutes later the effects were noticeable. Amber had become talkative finally venting some of her frustrations, “How can we sit here and not talk about Rob staring at Mandy’s tits?” You could hear a pin drop. “I mean big deal she and mom have some fat on their chests.” Amber grabbed her top and pulled it down showing her flat chest with perky nipples, “Noboby cares about these?”

Mandy was worried she’d dosed them too much, and she knew that alcohol didn’t mix well with some of these meds but didn’t expect this. Luckily Wendy stepped in, “Honey, don’t worry. I was like that too until that asshole of a father of yours got me pregnant. I owe these puppies to Rob here.”

Alex cleared his throat, “Hey maybe we should play cards or something?” Mandy took the cue, they needed to ride the tension to its obvious conclusion. She piped in, “Yeah, let’s head to the basement and play cards.” Nobody put up a fight and soon they were in the basement with their glasses and the bottle of wine. Mandy topped of everyone’s glasses as they sat on the floor around a coffee table. Mandy put the bottle on the table and spun it. Everyone’s eyes were fixed on the bottle. The bottle stopped on Wendy.

Wendy laughed as Mandy crawled over to her. She shook her head no but as Mandy got closer and took her chin Wendy didn’t resist. Mandy kisses Wendy and immediately grabs the back of her head and passionately sinks her tongue into the woman’s mouth. It only took a second for Wendy to start kissing back. With her free hand Wendy reached down and unbuttoned Wendy’s pants and slipped her hand down. Everyone watched in silence as Mandy fingered Wendy. After a minute she stopped and returned to her spot around the table. Everyone looked at Wendy until she reached up and spun the bottle. This time it stopped on Rob.

Amber moved out from between her Mother and Brother settling next to Alex. Wendy inched forward and leaned in to kiss her son. She gave him a light peck on the lips and pulled back. Mandy interjected, “Hey now, give him a real kiss.” Wendy somewhat reluctant leaned back in towards her son’s face and began kissing him. She couldn’t believe what was coming over her. She was kissing her son in front of the neighbors and she’d never felt wetter. All she could think about was her son burying his cock into her. She reached down to feel what she wanted most of all. Sure enough he was more erect than Wendy could have imagined. She massaged him through his pants as she felt Rob take hold of her tits. He squeezed them hard, much harder than her previous husband would have and it felt amazing.

Alex had moved behind Amber and was playing with her nipple while she rubbed her clit, both watching the Mother and Son begin to undress each other. Alex began to nibble on Amber’s neck as he pulled on her nipples harder and harder. Mandy went in and helped Wendy take off her blouse and bra. Once freed, Rob grabbed his mother’s fat tits and began to alternate between nipples, sucking each one as hard as he could. Wendy had unzipped Rob’s pants and was fumbling with his cock. When she finally had it out she pushed Rob back a little and reset her position. On all fours she began sucking her son’s dick. She was sloppy at it but Rob’s mind was being blown. He’d thought about fucking his mom before but this was beyond his wildest dreams.

Mandy had undone Wendy’s pants and had exposed her bare snatch to Alex and Amber. Wendy didn’t pay any attention to her, all she cared about was sucking off her son. Despite her gag reflex she was doing her best to deepthroat his member. She thought he was almost there when she heard a crack and felt a pain in her left ass cheek. She pulled her face off her son’s dick and lucked behind her. Mandy was standing over her, buck naked but holding the belt from Wendy’s pants. Mandy cleared her throat, “What does Mommy want?”

Wendy was lost for word and turned back to her erect son. There was another crack and pain shot through her right cheek. “Mommy, what do you want?”

Wendy thought about it this time. She wanted cum. She wanted her son’s cum. There was another slap. Wendy looked at Mandy, and although she saw she was holding a phone she didn’t think twice about what she said. As Mandy raised the belt again, Wendy clearly stated, “Mommy wants her baby’s hot cum.” With that she turned back to sucking off her son. Mandy was satisfied for now and turned back to Alex and Amber.

“Amber, why are you still dressed? Your mom and brother are having fun, are you sad daddy’s not here to fuck you too?” Mandy knew Wendy’s husband had left the family for a younger woman. He hoped this sparked some hatred and lust in Amber. As predicted Amber got up and stripped naked in seconds. She was almost the exact opposite of Mandy. Skinny, tan, blonde, no tits, and a cute little innie pussy that just begged to get fucked.

Amber turned around and undid Alex’s pants and began sucking him off. Only a couple minutes passed when Rob let out some grunts and Wendy backed off, using her hand to get all of his cum into her mouth. She swallowed and sat back. Mandy grabbed Amber and told her to start sucking off her brother, show him was real head is like. She obediently went over and started licking her mother’s saliva off her brother’s dick.

Alex was rock hard and clearly disappointed he’d missed his opportunity to cum in Amber’s mouth. Mandy knew what he really wanted though, “Why don’t you go and fuck the milf?” In a flash Alex was holding Wendy’s ankles and pushing her legs back. To his and Mandy’s surprise, Wendy proceeded to put her legs behind her shoulders, opening her up wide. Alex plunged his cock into the waiting woman. He was shocked at how tight she was. It was a good thing she was dripping wet because otherwise he wasn’t sure he would have been able to penetrate her all the way on his first thrust. Years of neglect and yoga had tightened up her pussy to near virgin levels. In all honesty Wendy didn’t know the last time she’d put something up there.

After the foreplay with Amber it didn’t take long for Alex to start to cum in Wendy. She was a little disappointed but knew this was his first load of the night and there were sure to be more. As Alex pulled back Wendy stayed in the same position. Rob was getting hard watching his little sister lick his cock and balls. What he really wanted was to find out what her snatch felt like. Eventually he got too frustrated and pulled her up onto him. Amber had been in this position many times and expertly guided his cock into her and began grinding into him.

Mandy was hot and wanted to join in on the fun but still wanted a little more video. She went over to Wendy and helped her up and onto her son’s face. Rob hadn’t had his face sat on before but he didn’t have any say in this. His mom lowered her cum filled cunt onto his face and began grinding ever so slightly. Rob grabbed her fat ass and pulled her up a little bit so he could breathe. Forgetting that Alex had just dumped his load, Rob began eating out his mom.

The sensation was amazing but when her daughter leaned forward and began sucking on her tits Wendy was in pure ecstasy. This was the shot Mandy wanted. She walked around them taking in every detail as the small family fucked each other. It didn’t take Wendy long to cum and soon she was on the ground again twitching through her orgasms. Alex saw his opening and after getting hard watching Amber suck her mother’s tits he positioned himself behind the tight blonde. He pushed her down so her chest was against her brother’s and her ass hole was fully exposed. Hoping that his dick was wet enough he began pushing his cock into her asshole.

Amber had never taken two cocks at once and this sensation was more than a little overwhelming. The two men pounded into the Blonde’s hungry holes. She started to cry out, louder and louder as the fucking continued. She did her best to grind her clit into her brother. Between her clit’s stimulation and the two cocks filling her holes she quickly approached her first orgasm of the night. It was such a unique feeling, having both her holes at capacity. The anal wasn’t physically pleasurable but the combination was mind blowing. Soon she couldn’t take it anymore, “Fill me up with you cum!”

Mandy had stripped and was rubbing herself as she watched the magnificent site. Rob came first, but since Alex was behind Amber he still grinded her into her brother till she too started cumming. As Amber clenched her ass Alex released his load and collapsed back. Amber laid on her brother with his cock still in her cum filled snatch. Mandy figured that was enough footage to blackmail Wendy and her family. She put down the phone and joined the fray.

A little cum was leaking from Amber’s asshole so Mandy went up and delicately licked it up. She wasn’t a fan of rim jobs but the Blonde had bleached her asshole and everything so Mandy figured this would be the girl to do it on. Once Alex’s load was swallowed she carefully pulled Rob’s still hard cock from Amber’s pussy and gave it some licks. Rob had a bigger dick than her cousin and Mandy was excited to be getting a turn on it soon. She felt the shaft quiver as she licked the cum and Amber’s juice from it. When Mandy was sure Rob’s cock was cleaned she finally turned to Amber’s snatch. Mandy wondered what she’d have done with this Amber if she’d instead decided to just use a date rape drug on the family. Even as she cleaned Amber’s pussy with her tongue, all Mandy could think about was how badly she wanted to break that hole and ruin those cute little lips. Maybe she could try to get Rob to fist her? Mandy realized how ridiculous that was and continued licking.

Alex had started getting hard again or more accurately he started to want to use his hard cock again. The pills Mandy had gotten were amazing, he’d have to get some more. Mandy had her bare ass to him and was still face first into Amber’s pussy when he mounted her. Mandy let him fuck her for a couple minutes but really wanted to try something new. Mandy rolled Amber off of Rob and moved forward, pulling away from Alex’s dick. Rob was still a little dazed from his sister’s amazing snatch. As Mandy mounted him he was a little surprised at how loose her hole felt in comparison to his Mom’s and Sister’s. She still felt great and clearly knew how to ride a cock, so Rob wouldn’t be complaining. He didn’t see what Mandy was having Alex do, but soon Rob felt another warm object at the base of his cock. Mandy had leaned forward and Rob got distracted by the fat tits flopping around his face. They were both larger and fuller than his Mother’s and he needed to give them a try. He latched onto one of Mandy’s nipples and began kneading them with his hands. He became oblivious to the tightening of Mandy’s pussy as Alex’s cock joined his. When Alex thought of it, he wasn't entirely down with rubbing his cock up against another guy’s but in reality all he could feel was the tight hole and a lot of slippery warmth.

Mandy enjoyed the feeling as the two cocks battered her insides. There wasn’t quite enough stimulation to get her to cum but she felt like a queen as she got these two guys to fuck her pussy at the same time. She couldn’t tell who came first, since neither of the cocks got soft, but after she felt the second load dumped into her pussy she dismounted and shuffled over to Amber. Amber had been quietly watching and playing with her clit. Mandy grabbed her like a rag doll and put Amber on her back. She saddled up to her face in a sixty nine and slapped her pussy hard, “Eat me out you little slut.” She slapped her pussy again as she started to feel the little tongue play with her clit. This continued till Mandy began to approach her orgasm. Absent-mindedly she noticed that the guys were now double teaming Wendy. She gave Amber another hard smack and switched her attention to her nipples. Mandy reached down and grabbed Amber’s puffy little nipples. She squeezed hard and twisted, “You are right to be self-conscious of these mosquito bites. No guy would want to play with them.” She was talking quietly enough that the others couldn’t hear.

Amber continued to eat out Mandy’s pussy and the nipple abuse was getting Mandy pretty hot. She released Amber’s nipple and then gave them each a smack, eliciting muffled yelps. She grabbed the flesh around the nipples where Amber’s tits should be and squeezed. Mandy also began grinding her hips into the girl’s face enhancing the feeling of dominating the blonde. It didn’t take long before she was cumming.

Mandy dismounted and caught her breath. It was a beautiful scene, the five of them sucking and fucking each other in almost a blind furry. As soon as Mandy was able she was back at it sucking her cousin’s balls as he grinded into Wendy’s pussy.

As the night wore on, Mandy could tell some of the pills had started to wear off, and even she wasn’t really feeling the effects of the alcohol anymore. She went over to her cousin and pulled him off of Amber, “Time to get them to bed.” Alex reluctantly agreed and helped Mandy wrangle the family up into Wendy’s bed. Mandy positioned Rob between his sister and mother, making sure there would be some sort of confrontation in the morning. She and Alex got dressed and headed back to their home.

Amber was the first to wake up and quickly and quietly got out of the bed leaving her brother and mother alone. She was shaking as she entered her bathroom and turned on the shower. She looked into the mirror at her tight little body. Her nipples were red and sore to the touch. Her eyeliner had smeared at some point and she looked trashier than she could have imagined. There was still a taste of pussy and cum on her mouth, that brushing her teeth didn’t quite relieve.

The hot shower felt good and provided some relief to her sore frame. She didn’t feel hungover, but she knew they were all on something the night before. She felt a little sick as she reviewed the events from the previous night. She could remember it all very clearly, those creeps of neighbors must have just barely drugged them. This is what made Amber feel even more sick. The line between normalcy and having a threesome with her brother and mother could be crossed with a spiked bottle of wine. She resolved to confront her family about this and hopefully they’d get through this experience intact.

Rob had stirred when Amber got out of the bed. He watched her tight little ass as she silently left the room. Had he fucked her ass last night? He walked through what had happened and concluded he hadn’t. What a shame. He’d probably missed his opportunity. His cock had hardened as he reviewed the previous night’s events. Rob snapped back to the moment when his mother rolled over next to him. The covers were low enough that he had a view of her breast.

They looked flat and a little deflated as Wendy laid there taking shallow breaths. Rob couldn’t help himself as he reached over and cupped one of them. It felt as great as he’d remembered from the previous night. Wendy awoke as her tits were being groped by her son. Her initial panic quickly subsided. They were too far gone to be ashamed of what had transpired.

Wendy reached down and began stroking her son’s erection. Rob leaned forward and began kissing his mother on the mouth. As they kissed deeper and deeper they recognized the taste of pussy and cum in each other’s mouths but that just made them hotter. Rob pulled back the covers and got his mom on all fours.

Amber watched from the door as her brother slowly entered her mother’s pussy. She ran a hand down her stomach and pushed through her towel so she could rub her clit. Rob gripped his mother’s thighs hard as he began pounding into her sloppy hole. Wendy was more aware of the feelings today and did her best to squeeze down onto her son’s cock as he rammed into her. It’d been so long since she’d been fucked sober. Last night had been great but Wendy loved being fully aware of the juiciness of her own cunt and the warmth of her son’s cock. The sharp pain of her ass being slapped was so much better now that she didn’t have the alcohol to dull her senses.

Wendy felt her orgasm building as his cock scraped her insides. Nobody had said a word when Wendy finally couldn’t help herself anymore, “God damn Baby, cum in Momma, cum in my pussy!”

Amber was set off by this. She rubbed herself harder and was soon letting out little chirps as she approached her own orgasm. Wendy reached down with her right hand and began to apply a little pressure to her clit. This was all she needed to break her barrier. She squeezed down with all her strength as she cried out. Rob was already nearing his climax and with his mom’s pussy grabbing him like a vice he couldn’t help but release. He shook as he emptied his balls into his mom’s snatch. The two of them collapsed on the bed.

Amber had quietly orgasmed but she didn’t want to miss an opportunity to be a part of her family’s future activities. She walked over to the bed and dropped her towel. She crawled up to her brother’s cock and licked it clean. Here was the taste she hadn’t been able to get rid of. Her taste buds said it was musky and unpleasant but her horniness craved it. When she was satisfied with her brother's dick she did the same to her mom’s pussy. She had to roll her over to make sure she got in deep enough. With the improved angle and with some help from a finger she cleaned out as much of her brother’s cum as possible. When everything had been swallowed she crawled up and let her mom cuddle with her.

The following day Mandy was in her room coming up with elaborate plans on how she’d use her videos as blackmail against Wendy. She heard a sound and noticed Rob had started to cut the grass in his backyard. A couple minutes later both Amber and Wendy came out in bathing suits and started tanning. Mandy was surprised, they seemed perfectly normal with each other. She sat and watched for a while when Rob finally finished the grass and walked over between his mother and sister. He bent down and kissed his mother on the lips, he slipped his hand into the cup of her bathing suit and felt up her tits. After a minute of this he turned to his sister. He said something to her and took Amber by the hand. He walked her towards the house, giving her ass a hard slap as she entered the door. Mandy could see the erection in Rob’s pants as he followed her in. Wendy meanwhile had slid a hand down to her pussy and was clearly giving herself a rub down. Mandy sat in shocked silence realizing how desperately she wanted to be a part of whatever was happening next door.


2021-10-11 06:50:40
Shifting from blackmail, to repulsion to acceptance was a nice touch. I always enjoy a little twist


2021-10-05 20:21:02
if you were my neighbor you could have videoed the night my girl and her brother had me try ecstacy!!

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