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Hi, I'm Melanie. This story is part of a series documenting my husband and my journey as a polyamorous couple. This one came to me second hand from the girl in question. She's a wild little minx, who I can't wait to tell you more about. Enjoy
Whoever claimed women couldn't thrive in the tech industry had clearly never met Gabriela Hernandez. At twenty three years old, this 5' fit Latina was shaping up to be the youngest female programmer to run a department of her size. Her drive in the office was only rivaled by her tenacity. And as she inhaled the steam in her large waterfall shower, Gabriella relished the luxury her labor afforded her. She wasn't in love with all that was happening to her city, but she did love the beautiful, brand new corner apartment she called home. The massive, floor to ceiling windows that made up the entirety of the two exterior walls allowed any and all of the sunlight that made it to her through the high rises that surrounded her. She always kept the place pristine; cleanliness is, after all, next to godliness.

As she made her way from her bathroom into her bedroom she looked out at the view she had, mostly of various empty balconies. But there also was Guesseppe, the retired electrician across the street who was ending his day the same way he always did: a beer and a cigar. Guesseppe sheepishly averted his gaze when their eyes locked. Gabby bushed a little, but her eyes lingered. It was only expected that such a man would look away when caught ogling at the young broad in nothing but a towel. This was a little game she played every day. Though she’d never admit it — least of all to herself— there was something exhilarating about being somewhat on display like this. On some level it was why she always made this trek to and from her shower in this manner. Once in her room she slipped into some workout gear . Her all but religious exercise routine had kept her body even tighter than when she was in high school, only now, she had a rack to complete the look. Gabriella was most proud of her ass though, as it had also taken the most work to shape into the sturdy, plump arch that distracted every employee - man or woman - that chanced her in a pencil skirt. It wasn't typical practice for her to shower before the gym. Gabby also normally dressed more practically for the gym, but today’s motivations were different. In fact, today Gabriela planned to spend very little time working up a sweat, and most of her time doing targeted exercises that would give her 'feminine accents' a bit of a highlight. You see, there was someone new in her apartment building, a dark, tall and lean stud of a man had moved in down the hall. She had only exchanged hellos in the elevator, but the connection was there, and she aimed to make it a spark. Already butterflies formed in her stomach at the thought of the mystery boy.

Once the hour-long workout routine was over, Gabriela proceeded to freshen up before heading home to spring her trap. Looking in the mirror she wondered if the spandex booty shorts were too slutty when combined with the sports bra she wore.. it was, she concluded. Luckily' her zip up crop hoodie added an element of class to the outfit. After thoroughly checking herself out, Gabby gave the mirror a wink and headed out the door. Jackson was gonna be hers.

When she returned to the parking garage, Jackson's car was nowhere to be seen - perfect, he wasn't home yet. She checked her makeup again in the mirror, leaned the seat back and turned on a podcast. It had been such a long day at work that Gabriela could barely keep from dozing off in the warm summer evening air. With her mind on Jackson as she listened absently to the two people talking, as she started to fade, her dreams began to lean towards him as well. Her fingers unconsciously slid up her thigh as she pictured Jackson caressing her body with his firm grasp, she felt him kiss her navel and slide his tongue down to her exposed clit. As her mind slipped out of consciousness, her fantasy engulfed her in a lucid dream. Gabriela's hand began to massage her pussy lips through the dampening spandex. There was no room for panties when showing off her ass like this, which made the camel toe her fingers created, a seamless copy of her dampened hole. Her other hand began to mimich Jackson as she imagined him tugging on her delicate lingerie. Her mouth moaned with glee as he pinched an erect nipple. Dream Jackson coaxed the young woman to wave and wave of dreamscape orgasm.

A car horn startled Gabriella awake. She looked around in horror, it was dark out now. Gabby sheepishly tucked her breasts back into her top and half-zipped the hoodie. As she looked around the lot she wondered to herself, How long was I out?! Judging by the time she realized it had been an hour since she pulled into her spot. Hopefully no one saw what she'd been doing in there. Surveying the area, she came to accept that at least one person seemed to be staring now. Which meant, yes, at least, some people saw. Who? She'd never know. She felt her cheeks blush, she tried to shield herself from her onlooker.

Upon doing so, she turned her head and spotted Jackson's car. All this work for nothing? She thought, looking down at her terribly impractical exercise attire. She grabbed her work items and gym bag, taking her frustration out on the inanimate objects, and headed to the front door. Despite her annoyance at the situation, when the breeze cooled the damp patch between her legs, Gabriella couldn't help but smirk. Power-walking to the door, Gabriela frantically hoped to somehow catch Jackson -- maybe he was still waiting in the lobby for the elevator. She was so focused on her destination that she forgot to really look anywhere other than straight ahead. She didn't notice the tall dark and handsome Jackson with his head down in a book as his 6'4" frame casually paced at roughly the same speed as her frantic (but much shorter) legs. The latina spitfire all but trampled her target coming towards the door at a perpendicular approach. She watched in horror as her files, laptop and gym bag launched out of her loose grip and crashed to the floor. What else could possibly go wr --- in an instant, she was transfixed by the dark gaze of none other than Jackson Delanor.

"Sorry, Miss, I wasn't looking where I was going, didn't see you there." He paused, and Gabby felt him taking her in, even strewn on the ground, the outfit seemed to leave an impression. "Gabriela was it?" He said, trading his apologetic tone for that southern charm she was so intrigued by.

"Call me Gabby, and no, it's my fault. I was in a rush, not paying attention." She was worried her Hispanic accent may throw him a bit, but what could she do?

"Well, Gabby, here, let me help you." Jackson reached out and grabbed the majority of Gabby's work debris, leaving her with just the gym bag. The young professional was a little confused at first when he didn't simply hand it to her, instead he began to walk towards the lobby. Since the first look, Gabby had been avoiding looking anywhere near Jackson's face so as to avoid being swept into those chocolate eyes again. But why wasn't he giving her items back? Was eye contact a condition for him? She met him at the door, and gradually looked up at the face over a foot above her own, where he was looking on waiting for her free hand to unlock the door.

"Your hands are full. I can take this stuff up to your apartment for you." The man spoke with a suaveness that made Gabby hang on every word.

"You don't have to, sir" Her chest was aflutter.

"I insist, in fact," Jackson paused and smirked at her "I'm the one holding the cards in this instance." He gestured to the valuables he held hostage.

"That you are Mr..." Gabby pretended not to remember his name as she unlocked the door and let him in.

"Jackson, Jackson Delanor. We met a couple weeks ago. I'm a couple units down the hall from you." As he spoke, she wondered if he bought her feigned ignorance, or was simply playing along? Either way, the two walked forward.

"Right, of course. Well if you insist, wanna hold this while I check my mail?" She plopped the bag on top of his pile and turned to the mailboxes before he got a word in.

"My pleasure." He replied, though the truth of the statement had yet to be revealed. Gabriella wasn't all actually too concerned with her mail. But the tension was so thick you could cut it with a knife. With her belongings secure, she proceeded with her plans. She strutted across the lobby to where the mailboxes were, taking care to sway her hips like she was on the runway and slowly arched her back as she lowered down to reach her box. Empty.. irrelevant. She turned and sauntered back over to the elevator with a rehearsed gate that used just enough bounce to subtly jiggle her natural breasts with each step. She was elated to catch him staring and decided to give him a look of passive approval when he realized he'd been made. Everything was going perfectly.

"So what were you rushing off too earlier Ms. Gabby." Jackson said, clearly hoping to connect with the beautiful woman beside him in the elevator.

"Ms. Gabby? You must not be from here." She looked up to him as she spoke, hoping to convey her intentions with her vicious 'fuck me' eyes.

"No ma'am. Atlanta, got a job offer with a salary that made my jaw drop from the university. Now I give most of it to our landlord. Him and a couple overpriced coffee shops."


"Literature. I'm about as good with computers as your grandma." The two laughed as Gabby realised he was either the yin to her yang, or a poor match for her beyond the physical. Luckily the physical seemed to be her top priority at the moment.

"Sounds fun." She said, hoping the ingenuity of her statement wasn't toa obvious. Even if English wasn't a second language, Gabby had no time for books. And try as she may, she couldn't get into sitting down and reading. She was a woman of the future, for better or for worse.

"It is, and it pays. Especially when I get to meet interesting people running through doors without looking." He spoke with that sultry, slow, southern drawl that had intrigued her. It slowed her normal pace. Made her pause and listen.

"I guess that is a perk of sorts. Thanks for not being an asshole about that by the way." She was grateful more because it meant she got to be in that elevator with him than because she didn't want to get reemed out.

"Not at all, but you still haven't answered my question."

"Sorry?" She was genuinely confused

"What were you in such a hurry to get to? The urgency now seems to have worn off completely." It had. What she was rushing off to now stood beside her. Gabriela could feel her heart pounding so much she feared Jackson could hear it too. She wasn't one for dancing around things, but at this moment she felt like a little school girl all over again. She read his face, bubbling over with intrigue. He seemed as interested in her as she was him. But she was so occupied with taking the first step with him that she didn't even notice the way her teeth bit down on her lip as she crossed her hands behind her back and made the leap.

"Well, if you must know.. and.. no judgement.. I mean.. I'm just being honest here..." She hated the way she was fumbling through her English.

"Sure, Sure" His reply calmed her.

"I was waiting in my car since I got home from the gym waiting for you to come back from work." She paused and took a moment to gauge his response. "So you'd see me in the elevator while I was in this sexy little number." Gabby's heart stopped as she waited for him to reply..

"Oh?" She watched his eyes truly, truly take her in. "well mission accomplished Ms Gabby... Mission certainly accomplished." He paused and began to stroke the scruff on his perfect jawline, "But now, I must inform you of my mission”

“Oh?” She said, raising an eyebrow as she rolled onto her tiptoes.

“To see you out of that sexy little number.” He said, dripping with desire. So forward! She thought. She couldn't help but drop her jaw with excitement. With some effort, Gabby managed to take a step toward the hunk of meat - her knees weak. His statement had caused her hand to reflexively slide up her chest grazing an already erect nipple before she caught herself and guided it into her hair. Her big brown eyes looked up into the strong chiseled features of her new toy. She was ready. Gabby sprung into his arms and wasted no time sliding her tongue into his mouth. As his body replied, she became lost in his desire. Moments later when the elevator doors finally opened onto the fifteenth floor, Gabby realized her bra and hoodie were on the ground.... and her hands were in his unbuckled trousers.

Jackson quickly grabbed Gabriella's things in one hand and her in the other as they tongued their way down the hall to her apartment. The cold air from the AC unit in the hall gave her goosebumps and sent a rush through her exposed body. It reminded her how exposed she was, which lubricated her already soaking fuck hole. Gabriella wrapped her legs around Jackson’s waist. She could feel his bulge through her thin shorts. She groaned in anticipation as images of him inside her flashed across her consciousness. Trusting the grip he held her backside with, Gabriella lifted her hands off from around his neck and reached under his button up. She figured he’d be strong, but this was something else. His chest was rock solid. As her fingers surveyed his chiseled features she felt his hand slide down from her back into the backside of her shorts. She bit down onto his lip and tugged a bit when she knew he’d realized there were no panties down there to encumber him. His large hands slid down her anus into the wetness below. Gabby squealed as his fingers dipped inside her. In reply Jackson pressed her against the wall and ground into her pelvis, compounding the sensation. The young woman took the moment to break from their tongue fight and gasp and moan as his musings rimmed her closer to climax. She was desperate for his cock, she twerked and spasmed against his bulge and felt it part her lips through the spandex. Waves of pleasure bucked and flowed within their movements until she finally had enough. Gabby jumped off of him, dropped her shorts onto the floor and walked sensually over to her apartment in nothing but her running shoes. She looked back at him with her teeth pinching her bottom lip to reveal the candid desire she felt as walked through the doorway.

The two entangled themselves in one another on her large leather couch in the dark apartment. For two hours their bodies danced and writhed in a hot and sweaty embrace. By the end she had to admit it was best fucking she'd had experienced all year! He wasn't the biggest, but he knew how to use it, and that's 80% of the battle. Plus, Jackson's manhood felt almost as good as it tasted, especially as it tasted with her cum all over it. Her favorite part of any sexual encounter is licking up the mess upon completion. The only thing she'd wished he would have done was fuck her from behind, but all in due time. When they were finally done they collapsed on her couch in mutual satisfied exhaustion. He kissed her again and made his way to her bathroom.

As Gabby sat alone in the room facing the window, her eyes met those of a man standing on his balcony across the way. He smiled.. she smiled back before understanding what the man was smiling about. When she did, her jaw dropped as she reached to cover her nakedness. In an instant her brain started firing, not only was she visible now, but she had been since the moment Jackson walked in with her, they'd seen EVERYTHING! Anyone could have! She was appalled with herself, but also... something else. As Gabriella reached to recover her virtue, somehow the signals of alarm got crossed with a perverse sexual excitement at the thought of a stranger watching her. Her hand squeezed rather than covered her breasts and her attempt at modesty was undone by her spreading legs as the hand intended to cover her crotch massaged her clit. That’s when she realized he wasn’t the only one out there. A couple stood on their balcony watching through the other window. And a few younger men were watching from a story or two up. Her face turned red in embarrassment. She wasn't quite sure what was compelling her, but despite her knees shaking with nervousness, Gabby got up, and walked over to the window..

“Jackson, dear?”

“Yes Ms?” She turned, hearing the bathroom door open in response.

“I have an early start tomorrow and really need to get my beauty sleep, would you mind” As she spoke her eyes returned to checking every window and patio she could spot.

“No problem here hun. I’ll be out quicker than a hair. So long as you let me cook you a meal sometime soon.” Jackson said jokingly

“How about Sunday.” Gabby was only half listening. She actually had plans on Sunday.

“Sunday it is. Lord won’t be too happy with us though."

“Oh I’ll make sure of that." She said under her breath as she bit her lip, locking onto an intimidatingly sexy looking woman in the unit beside hers. She'd never noticed him before, but suddenly he was all she could think about.

With that Jackson was gone and Gabriella returned her attention to her audience. Rather than standing there, like a deer in the headlights, Gabby laid back on the hardwood floor exposing her wet pussy to the window. She slid a finger in, then another to make sure her clit rubbers were well prepped. Her nipples hardened, every sensation she was so used to feeling was magnified by the people staring into her private moment. She wasn't usually a big masturbator. Had always preferred finding a quick lay to buying a good toy. But tonight was different. It was only moments before this that she was reeling in the throws of ecstasy. Now she felt even more powerful, more sexual, more free. Her fingers danced in and out of herself as her other hand rubbed her throbbing clit. She was deafeningly horny, even if Jackson had thoroughly satisfied her mere minutes before.

The side window was much closer. She noticed that in the unit two down from the couple was a tall black man watching. She turned to face him and locked eyes as she dug her hand into her warm cunt. He held up a piece of cardboard, she read the sharpied letters “I bet I can make you cum twice as hard as he did. She nodded, pinching her nipple at the thought. He put it down after flashing a wicked grin and wrote on the back. “Unlock your door and blindfold yourself” she didn’t expect to bite her lip and nod... but that’s exactly what she did.


The man in the window didn't ask Gabby to restrain herself, but as she tugged the knot in the satin fabric belt she had fastened to her wrists, she couldn't help but yelp a little with giddy anticipation. Gabby kneeled on the couch she’d had for years, the leather felt foreign. It was as though she’d never truly felt it before. Everything was heightened. She could feel the fabric, smell the room, feel the cool from the window. She listened to the silence of the empty apartment.. it was blaring. Gabriella had been blindfolded for what seemed like hours to her. In reality she knew it was merely as long as it took the man next door to walk to the elevator, take it down to the buildings' shared garage, walk over to the elevator for her building and so on. She stretched her body out in anticipation as crawled onto her elbows. She sat on all fours, ready to please, ready to be pleased. She could feel all the eyes in the complex on her and loved how on display it felt to her.

Gabby's pussy quivered as she listened to the finally door open, close, then lock. The footsteps were quite faint, she ached with anticipation as he approached. The patter of feet continued, Gabriella heard the distinct click of her lightswitch. She knew the shading from the light fixtures would be quite flattering to her posture on the couch. She had taken care when she first laid out her furniture apartment to place the couch so that she looked good when sitting there hosting various... guests at night. She smirked to herself and began to twerk her ass a bit for her newest guests. The man smelled of expensive cologne. He inhaled her essence fiercely. Suddenly, Gabby became aware of how much larger than her the complete stranger she'd just let into her apartment was. She was quite literally helpless, even if she hadn't restrained herself she could tell by the weight of his steps that he could toss her around like a rag doll without breaking a sweat. At least if he tried something there would be witnesses... if she were honest with herself though, the helplessness was a turn on.

Goosebumps radiated out from her spine as his fingertips lightly traced her vertebrae. When he reached the top Gabby felt an immediate presence facing her as she listened to the sound of his belt unbuckling. Gabby swore the man was doing so in slow motion. She crawled forward to the edge of the couch toward the musky scent of the man before her only to be smacked in the face by the hard-on emerging from his trousers. She tried to do the mental math as to what the length must be - certainly longer than anything she'd had before, but her musings were cut short by the back of her head being yanked forward. Two large hands dug into her scalp as she became filled with a cock that stretched the sides of her mouth and smashed into her throat. Gabby had never enjoyed giving head like she did tonight. She reached down to her vacant pussy to tease her lips, making sure to make a show of it for both her lover and her audience. She began to rock back and forth on his member, slurping away with an ease she did not expect. Gabby had always prided herself on her head game, but this was easily the biggest she'd had to face. Before she saw oral as a service, it was a competition with all past and future lovers. Like in her office, she aimed to be the best whoever was experiencing her mouth ever experienced. Holding that title got her off, but this was the first time she really enjoyed getting her face fucked personally. She felt her pussy ache as her tongue darted along the underside of his shaft with each thrust.

The man's hands slid down her back. She was impressed that he was able to reach all the way down to her pussy without shifting his weight or altering his movements; figuring out how was cut short however when a pair of fingers dipped into her, parting and exploring her entrance. She moaned as the two fingers found her G-spot, and his thumb began to rub her clit. The two fingers outside of her clamped down on her labia which seemed to compound the other two sensations. She moaned and writhed as he leveraged his implanted hand to yank her forward into his thrusting pelvis. Her eyes rolled back under the blindfold as she worked to bury her face in his pubic hair each time. As orgasm approached Gabriella was too occupied to feel weight add onto the couch. She was far too distracted to notice that three hands now toyed with her groin. She didn't clue in until her walls parted by the head of another cock. She gasped as 10 inches of thick meat plunged unapologetically all the way down to the entrance of her cervix. Her eyes went agape and she flailed; slowly coming to realise what was going on. "I told ya girl, I'm gonna make you cum twice as hard." The deep voice of the man in front of her reminded her. As she gasped with bewildered elation.

She never protested; never tried to stop them. They say sometimes women freeze up during assault; that wasn't what this was. She never protested because before she even came to understand that a second person had started fucking her, Gabby started rolling into one of the biggest orgasms of her life. The finger on her clit had not stopped lightly rubbing back and forth while the large cock's slight downward curve quickly overwhelmed her G-spot. With her pussy fully filled by his girth, Gabby quickly began to spasm under the pressure building. A flood gate of creamy fluid began to ooze out of her entrance each time he withdrew. She sang an elated song of muffled moans of climax to the rhythm of the two sets of balls smacking against her wet holes. The orgasm only intensified as the man behind her began to massage her vacant ass hole... Exactly what she'd wanted all night. Her body began to rock back and forth without her control as she joined her two lovers in fucking her brains out.

In her head she fantasized about the men on either side of her. She wondered if more people had also started to watch her. Maybe the couple across the way were playing with eachother, or fucking to their cadence. The thoughts were cut short as she felt the hand at the back of her head yank on her hair, lifting the weight of her body by it. Suddenly two lips pressed against her own slobbery orifice. As their tongues danced, the other man began to nibble on her neck. A hand trailed down her chest and onto her vagina still being thrusted into, though now at an even more severe angle. She winced as the hand slapped her clit a couple times before sliding inside and lifting her off the other man's cock. She'd never been lifted by her vagina before, it impressed her the ease he was able to do so. At the same time another hand grabbed hold of the fabric tied around her wrists and pulled her arms up over her head. The man kissing her broke away to let the arms pass then returned to grip her by her throat rather than her hair. Once her arms were over her head, they were draped over the head of the man behind her, hooking the fabric on the back of his muscular neck. She moaned, now unencumbered by dick as the fingers inside her began to pulse back and forth. There was a slopping sound her stretched hole was making, but it was drowned out by her pleas for more dick. Gabriella was ravenous.

In an instant, Gabby went silent. A large, erect cock thoroughly coated in her creamy fluids pressed against her anus. The hand inside her slowly lowered her onto his friend. Gravity, it seemed, had little concern for how tight the entrance was. Normally she required far more preparation and foreplay before she could take dick this way, but she had unintentionally lubricated him so well already that her ass let him in with an ease that it quickly came to regret. She screamed as the head stretched her entrance then sank all the way down into her. She felt him in her gut, in her thighs, down in her toes.

"FAUuUUUKKK! Oh Myyy Fuckkinggggg!!!! It's TOOOO DEEEEP!!!!!! " She pleaded, but the man was not hearing it... or at least not hearing it as no. He began to grind his hips, agitating her entrance in a way that made her quiver. The fingers on her throat tightened, cutting off any further expression of apprehension. As she felt her face go red, the arm extended forward, pushing her backwards. At the same time the man behind her lowered his body until he lay on his back. Gabriella fell back with him, tied to him by her restraints but also pushed forward by the hand clamped on her neck. They lowered her slowly with a surprising degree of control. Each millimeter of rotation sent shockwaves through her core as the cock in her ass punched deep into her. As intense and ungracious as the insertion was, the reprieve granted as they lowered her allowed her body to accept him, she felt her muscles relax as her cavity made space for a dick she would have wrongly assessed to be far too large for her backdoor.

Once finally nestled against his muscular chest, Gabby turned her head towards where she assumed his face would be. The hand at her throat positioned her correctly before the man behind her pressed his face into hers. She ground her hips against the base of his shaft, thanking her with her lips and waist for his girthy present to her. The young woman moaned as two hands pulled her legs apart. One was pulled back at her inner thigh by the man behind her. He draped it over the sofa. The other leg was pushed by the man in front of her as he leaned forward. She felt his cock slide onto her stomach as his body pressed against hers. Her legs forming this wide V shape seemed to concentrate the pressure in her ass. Though it made it harder to continue grinding against him, it also made the sensation far more rewarding for both of them. She whimpered as the grinding seemed to somehow make his dick slide deeper into her. A further cause of her sounds was the way the other man's cock pressed against her entrance felt as she slid up and down its shaft. The man on top's grip tightened. He grabbed his manhood and slapped her cunt with his cock.

"You want this dick bitch" He said in a low growl.

"mmm uh huh.... .m" she whispered between sounds of elation and heavy breathing. It was the best she could do with her windpipe crushed.

"I can't hear you!" She gasped frantically as his grip relented. She had no idea how starved for air she was until that moment. It seemed to be capping her pleasure like a pressure cooker. Suddenly her body off-steamed and Gabby overflowed elated moans for more.

"Yes Daddy, give me that fucking dick! Ahh! I want you!!! To ohhh fucck mee Soooo FUcKINC HAARD!" She yelled, gripping the nerk of the man behind her to provide herself with better leverage to grind against the two erections. As she did so, the man below started to get more excited. She whispered other bile into his ear while he began to bounce her on his lap. Each time he pressed into her or she fell back onto him was like an electric shock that shot all the way up to her chest. She arched her back and leaned her shoulders against his begging for more.

Across the parking lot word must have spread. Despite the darkness it wasn't terribly late, 10:30pm. The complex was actually a collection of 4 buildings with a gated parking lot in the centre and underground parking below. Gabby's corner unit faced that lot, giving two out of the four towers a direct line of sight into the apartment and roughly forty percent of the third building. At twelve stories with fifteen units across, that was 180 units per building, about a third of those four hundred units were watching through her window. Some appalled, most intrigued. She didn't realize that cameras had turned on, that calls were being made, all she knew was that she was filled with dick, and doing so with an audience... and that she was cumming, hard.

As the man in front pressed his cock into her cunt, Gabby practically felt like a virgin. She'd done some wild things, this wasn't the first time she'd had sex with different people in one day, but she'd never been with two men at once! The invasion of her backside, she thought, rendered her vagina full as well, but as he pressed in, Gabriella felt herself stretch open like never before. She screamed and quivered, trying in vain to pull away from the force, but as the two men began to move back and forth, the pain gave way to pleasure. Her muscles began to crave the stretching; miss it when they pulled out. Though the man beneath her never really pulled all the way out, the man on top was pulling out all the way each time in order to play with her pussy. Each time he split her open stimulated her entrance in a way that sent her over the edge. He watched from above as her stomach muscles began to contract, her toes curled: climax neared. He got the message. The man punched the entirety of his girth into her entrance and began to fuck her furiously. His friend followed suit as the both began to thrust hard and fast. Gabby screamed her elation. She wanted desperately to break free from her bonds to pinch her erect nipples, but somehow being deprived of that option heightened her pleasure. Finally she remembered the four other hands groping and squeezing her delicate frame.

"Ohhhh Fucckkkk! GRabb my TITTIES !!!!! FUCUKKKK SQUeeeze TheEEEMEMM DADDDDYYYYYYY!" Her pitch jumped three octaves as the man's massive hands each clamped down on her breasts. She felt the soft flesh seeping out between his fingers while he massaged their skin. Her nipple protruded between his middle and index fingers; that was, until he pinched down on them, using his knuckles to maximize the force. Sure enough, this sent Gabby over the edge. Her convulsions reached their peak as her pussy tightened and juice ruptured inside her. She curled her toes as orgasm washed over her like a waterfall of pleasure. In response the two men began to buck wildly. The uncontrolled flailing only exacerbated her more. She writhed and groaned as her entire being was swept up in stimulation. This was a deep, full body orgasm, something she rarely experienced. Both men seemed to be somehow slipping deeper into her than before, she continued to squeal as she felt their cocks twitch, then spew hot seed deep inside her. The man on top continued to fuck her through spurt after spurt edging on her climax with ever lunge. She squeezed the neck she was attached to as her gracious house guests carried her into a new world of pleasure.

Finally, the man above gave his final series of full, penetrative thrusts, burying his full length into her and pressing his pelvis against hers as hard as he could. They sat in that moment, three sweaty bodies panting furiously from both fatigue and elation, until, without a word, they released her. The man behind her untied her wrists while the other slid his softening erection out of her sopping wet pussy. Worried he was attempting to leave, as soon as she was freed, Gabby lunged forward, grabbing his unsuspecting waist. She got to do something she wanted to do with Jackson, but had been too distracted. A cautious tongue, blindly searched for the base of his cock. When she found it, she slid her tongue and top lip along the shaft before sliding the head all the way down. She loved the taste of her own cum. Especially the thick creamy kind that the deep penetration this evening produced. Gabriella grasped the man's base, then sucked down with her lips tight. She almost gagged as his cock twitched in response, smacking her uvula like a punching back. Her eyes went wide under the blindfold as she instinctively - though pointlessly - looked up at him.

"Sorry gorgeous" He said with a shrug

As she slid her way back to the head, Gabby worked her tongue around the circumference. She was determined to leave him sparkling clean with one slow movement. She felt pride mix with her general euphoria as the man moaned his gratitude to her. There was another person she was performing for, or... well over a hundred other people, but she didn't know that yet. With a final pop she released him. Somehow not being able to see her work made it better. She squeezed her breast as she slid off the other man's erection. She'd never know how well she did, as a result, she would think about it constantly.

The second gentlemen sat in anticipation of his cock receiving the same treatment. Slowly, Gabriella turned around to do just that. Though, this was the first time he got to experience her mouth, or her face... what little was visible at least. She took her time, kissing and licking his thighs and hips. She could taste her fluid everywhere, in fused with the slight saltiness of his own sweat, and the distinct flavor of semen. Her small hand failed to fully grab the circumference of his member as she did her best to hold it in place for her mouth. She misjudged the curve however, and rather than slide in seamlessly, his head bumped the stretched out tongue covering her bottom lip and chin. With a quick correction, Gabby decided to try and milk his softening cock back to full height before saying goodbye. After all, neither gentlemen got to really see how good she worked with her mouth.

Up and down, she seamlessly flew along his shaft, jostling his newly spent balls. As she slid down either side, Gabby started to feel his sac spasm. Cum trickled down onto her cheek as his cock returned to full mast. She smiled as she returned to the tip to claim her reward. After sucking on the head for a little longer Gabby gave a final pop, then released him with the same smile she gave after her presentations at work. It read, translated in both settings the same way: "Happy to be of service."

The man kissed her cheek and whispered in a gravelly voice. "good girl" before affectionately slapping her cheek. And with that they were gone. When she heard the door close, Gabby pulled the blindfold down and exhaled a satisfied sigh of contentment. She turned to her audience and felt a combination of horror and excitement. She walked over to the windows, cum still trickling out of her holes to look at the figures speckled across the hundreds of balconies. Some had turned their lights on, some stood in the dark, some people were inside, about a dozen people were sucking or fucking, most were masturbating. She felt so dirty, so... filthy... She loved it. Rather than return to her couch, she laid down in front of the window and massaged the cum out of her holes as a tasty midnight snack... That was, until she heard a knock at the door.


Stay tuned for part two where Gabby explores her new fascination with performing for the apartment complex while navigating her fresh relationship with Jackson. Our young protagonist has only scratched the surface.
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