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Dad fucks his daughter in the bathroom of his in-law's house.
"You really should invest more Thomas. You want to retire someday, right?"

My father-in-law went on and on as usual about our financial choices, our home that we hadn't upgraded out of in 15 years, my dead end career, my wife's wasted education. Every month it was the same.

I dreaded our monthly family dinners for that reason, among others, but I couldn't bring myself to argue back for once. I wasn't enjoying myself, but this dinner was different. My wife sat to my left, her mother on her other side. My father-in-law was to my right. And my daughter, Tori sat across from me. All of that was typical. What had changed was my relationship with Tori.

Three weeks ago, shortly after the last torturous dinner at my in-laws, I took Tori's virginity. My present to her for her 17th birthday. Exactly what she told me she wanted.

We'd been fucking like animals ever since at every opportunity. So my father-in-law could say whatever he wanted. I was remembering how it felt to sink into my daughter's body. I blocked him out by thinking of the next time I could fuck her. I could ignore him in favor of letting my cock get hard for his granddaughter under the cover of my mother-in-law's fancy tablecloth.

Tori had been really paranoid about getting caught, whereas the prospect always made my dick harder. My wife had come home early one afternoon as I fucked Tori from behind in her twin bed. I came so fucking hard listening to my wife call out to us from downstairs, wondering where we were.

We were eating dessert when I decided I had to have my daughter that night, right under my in-laws noses.

When my wife and her mother began clearing the table, Tori excused herself to use the restroom, promising she'd be back to help clean up.

"Come, Thomas. We'll watch the game in my study while the girls take care of the cleanup".


"Sure, John, I'll be right there. I just need the restroom first."

He nodded and disappeared down the hallway opposite the direction of the guest bathroom. My wife and mother-in-law chatted away while they took care of the extra food. It was now or never.

I slipped quietly from my chair while their backs were turned and made my way to the bathroom. My dick was still hard and ready to take what it wanted. I tested the knob when I arrived. Locked. I leaned against the wall opposite the closed door and tried to be patient. My hand wandered to the front of my slacks and rubbed at my erection. I heard the toilet flush so I unbuttoned, unzipped, and parted the black fabric. I pulled my dress shirt free. Water started running in the sink as I freed my cock from my boxers, smearing the pre-cum around that had leaked from the tip.

The door opened and Tori gasped as I pushed off the wall and moved her back into the half bath. I closed the door quickly and reengaged the lock.

Without a word, I grabbed my daughter's face and pulled her to me until our mouths fused, tongues dueling in the space between. I pushed Tori into the counter before taking her hand in mine and leading it to my cock. She wrapped her fingers around me, but pulled her face back.

"Daddy?" There was nervousness in her eyes, but lust too.

"Daddy needs your sweet pussy, baby."

I lifted her up and planted her ass on the edge of the vanity. Thankfully her skirt was short and loose and I pushed it aside with no issues. I could have come just from her stroking hand, but I wanted inside her. I wanted her full of cum when she said goodbye to her grandparents.

I jerked at her panties, until I could slide them down and off, then spread her thighs, slapped her small hand away from me, and shoved my cock into her heat.

Her breath hitched. She was unprepared for my entry and resisted any more than four inches of length. Still, the sensitive head of my cock was in heaven.

"Ohhhh fuck yes, baby." I moaned. "Daddy's sweet girl has the sweetest cunt I've ever fucked."

"Shhh Daddy, please!"

I pulled all the way out and thrust forward again. More slid inside. I knew she would take all eight eventually.

"They're all gonna hear me, Tori. They're going to hear me fucking you. I should make you scream for me again."

She had the most beautiful voice when she sang out in pleasure. The first time I heard it, I was sucking on her clit and her mouth was full of my cock. I felt the vibrations of her yell shoot through my balls and I started filling her mouth immediately, cutting off the very scream that made me come.

She could say she didn't want to get caught, but her pussy grew damp faster than ever before at my threat. With a final violent shove I was balls deep. I held her hips and began pounding my cock into her hard enough to rattle the soap dish.

I was going to smell like her pussy all night. Sitting with my father-in-law. Driving us home. Laying in bed with my frigid wife. I would have Tori's dried pussy juice all over me.

I kissed her again, losing myself in our forbidden fucking. Something made my wife laugh hard enough to carry the sound to our hiding spot. Tori's pussy clenched around me and I fucked her faster. Harder.

"If we can hear them, they'll hear us, baby. They'll hear me yell when I come inside you."

"Daddy," she panted, her breath falling across my face smelling like the wine we let her have once a month and reminding me of the way she looked sitting across from me.

"I wanted to throw you down on the table and eat your sweet cunt in front of everyone."

"Oh God."

"They will find out one day. One way or another, I'll make sure they all know how much I love fucking you."

Her legs squeezed my hips and her hands looped around my neck. She was close. I'm ashamed to admit that her pleasure was not my goal when I entered the bathroom. It made me feel like a God that she was going to come anyway.

"You love it too, don't you baby?"

"Yes, Daddy."

I felt the muscles of my back begin to tighten. "Tell me."

"I love it, Daddy." Her whispers were interrupted with each impact of my hips.

"What do you like Tori? Say it."

My balls moved up against my body and stopped slapping her legs and ass. My spine tingled. I waited to hear what I wanted, never slowing my thrusts. My cock swelled or she got even tighter, it's hard to say which. All I knew was we were both racing to finish.

"I love fucking my Daddy."

"Fuck yes, sweet girl. You want Daddy's cum don't you?"

My jaw clenched when, at the mention of my cum, her body jerked and a flood of wetness soaked my cock. I could hear her pussy getting fucked.

"Yes, I want all of your cum in my pussy."

"Ohhh baby girl. Daddy's little cum slut. Here it comes baby. Fuck!" I tried to keep my voice down, but it was near to impossible as my vision blurred and my back arched, driving my dick as far into Tori as I could get.

My hips froze. The first shot of cum left my cock so hard I was sure the tip exploded with it. Like a volcano, I sent violent bursts of churning hot cum into my own daughter's cunt. She came too. Her pussy milked my cock, making it worse. And so much better.

She whimpered. Her legs vibrated around my hips. All I could picture was my cum being sucked through the wall of her cervix with every contraction I felt. If I spoke, I would scream.

"Daddy. Daddy. Daddy". Tori chanted still coming around my cock after my balls were empty. I wanted to cry out, I was so sensitive. Every flutter of her pussy felt like a hammer.

I softened enough to slip out of her, a slick trail of cum followed and dripped to the floor. I retrieved her panties and worked them back up her legs, pulling her off the counter so I could secure them around her hips.

"I want to watch you suck on these tonight," I whispered. "After your mom goes to bed."

She nodded and slipped out of the bathroom.

I actually did use the restroom then. I found myself looking forward to spending time with my father-in-law knowing what I'd just done to his kin. I washed my hands and took a look at myself in the mirror. I finally loved my life again. After years.

I was still smiling when I opened the door to leave. My mother-in-law pushed off the wall across the hallway and backed me into the bathroom.

"I want some too," she whispered.


2021-10-13 21:43:14
YES! Great ending!

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