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A shy girl comes out of her shell. Risking it all, for a little fun.
Hello, I'm Daisy, a teenage exhibitionist. I'm visiting a waterpark today and I can't wait to unveil my new t-string bikini. I made it myself with a flat white shoelace, which is great, because I am super white, so it looks like I'm naked. My parents wont let me, but I snuck it in under my suit. Good thing they are just dropping me off. At the entrance now, my heart is pounding. If security finds me, I will have to run. I'm going to get acclimated in the wave pool and take my suit off, it'll be easier for me to blend in. There are a lot of really athletic teenagers here, I think they like this kind of stuff. My revealing body... maybe a girl willing to dare. I'm up to my neck now, I'm taking the bottoms off... oh my god that's so nice, I feel so free. I love the way it touches me down there. Snug against my little clit. This bikini is very low, it T's off right at my clit, and the string in the back goes right above my asshole. For some reason this feels really good, I just love how it rubs against me. Oh my god, there are people with goggles on swimming around me... they don't seem to be disgusted by it. They're not calling the life guard. They seem to like it.

Maybe I'll show them more, I'll widen my stance a little bit, I think they can see a little better now. Maybe they'll enjoy the top too. The lace around my neck comes off, then the back; I can feel the water rushing at my chest. My nipples became really sensitive and hard and pointy, its hard for the shoelace to stay on. That's all it is, one shoelace, no shoulder straps, it doesn't even cover the entire nipple. Haha! Oh my god the teenagers have waterproof phones and are taking a video. I have never felt a rush Like this before. The waves are starting, the tide is getting really low, I should squat. My legs are far apart, and there's just that tiny string to protect me; oh my god it feels really good down there. I have to tug on the string. I'm grabbing it and jamming it into my clit. Rubbing it really hard. It's an itch that wont die down. Oh shit, my pussy swallowed the string in front of everyone! It looks like a shoelace skirt above my cameltoe. I look and admire it for a while, I knew they would enjoy it too. But I have to pluck it out. I put my finger under where it T's off and slowly lower my finger hovering my body. Giving them 4-5 seconds of heaven. The waves are really high right now, I have to swim. They are still filming me, I wonder what they can see. I should go down and give them a show. I submerge myself and smile and wave at the camera. Oh there are multiple cameras. They had masks and waved back. I pose underwater for them, like a model would. I swim from side to side, like an interested mermaid, giving them a nice shot of my ass; swim towards them and swim in a backflip keeping my legs wide. I can see the guys cheering before I come up for air. They stand up, or float, and we smile at each other. I swim over.

Me: Do you like my swimsuit?

(All at once): Oh hell yeah! Yeah baby! It is super cute!

Me: Thank you I made it myself.

One guy: Do you think we could get a closer look? It's so tiny!

Oh my god these guys want to look at my privates up close, I should totally not let them do that. But for some reason my brain and body are telling me "yes yes yes!"

Me: I guess it's ok for a little bit.

I smile, hold my breath and go under. The guys are really close to me, all huddled in front, I prop myself up on my back and spread my legs, I knew the string didn't cover much, part of my pussy was definitely exposed. I grabbed one of their arms and guided it onto my body, he started feeling my leg, another guy reached and I pulled his arm to me as well. They started touching and tugging on my T-string, rubbing my thighs, my shoulders, stomach, my face, but I knew they really wanted to touch me someplace else. I wanted them to. Their hands were on my inner thigh, and I was buzzing with pleasure. I grabbed one of their hands and guided it to my pussy. Then an electric shock flew up my spine. I closed my legs with his hand there as I rubbed myself on his fingers. Everyone else froze, their hands were somewhere else. I had to come up for air. They came up with me.

One guy: Are you ok?

Me: I'm sorry I grabbed you like that, it just felt really good.

One guy: Yeah, that felt really good for me too, you seemed to like it. Do you want to do more?

Me: Yeah, but I don't want to drown. Lets go someplace else.

One guy: Hey look, there is a really long line for that ride over there. We have to get the four seated tubes, that can give us some privacy.

Me: Ok, gonna stretch really quick.

The 11 of them got three tubes, leaving a space for me. I had to walk with them in my tiny bikini. I lost my original swim suit almost immediately. My legs are shaking, my nipples are so hard, I can see everyone looking. They don't seem too annoyed. I could stretch for them I suppose.

Me: Hey I think I’d like to do some stretching first.

One guy: What, and give these people a show?

Me: Everyone is smiling at me, I’m the elephant in the room. I should give them something.

I go to the center of the beach at the wave pool. Smiling at everyone. There’s a mass of lounge chairs behind me, and hundreds more in the pool in front.

I widen my stance and clasp my hands above my head and lean back, I think that jostled a nipple out. Hehe. Now I'm bending forward. Arching my back like they want it. I'm mooning everyone right now, I think my string slid into my pussy a little bit, I don't know how much it covers. Now I'll inch my way towards the splits. Yeah, I am really flexible like that. All the way down in one go. I like to stretch by rolling on my back too, keeping my legs apart. Oh my god my pussy is in the air right now. I can see the string has disappeared into me. Everyone can see everything. My asshole is only partially covered, so much is exposed. But it's a good stretch nonetheless. I switch into some yoga poses and get on all fours, arching my back inwards. I think I can feel myself getting wet. I wonder if they can see it. I lay my chest on the ground and imagine someone fucking me. But they let me be. I finish my routine, making sure both sides got a view, then I look over at my new friends. I could see bulges in their pants. My pussy tightened up really fast and let out a powerful gush. I remember sex ed., but I didn't think my desires would be this strong. There are strings of pussy juice slowly dripping from me, I’m leaving a trail. We are at the back of the line now.

One guy: I think we can hide out in here.

Gesturing to the tent they made, the one with the tubes, to be clear.

Me: Ok, so am I having company?

One guy: Me and a few others will join you, others will stand guard and join in later.

Me: Ok, so do you want to keep touching me?

One guy: Yeah, I mean, if that's ok.

Me: It's fine, but I want to touch you too. All of you.

One guy (smirking): What do you want to touch?

Me: All of you, everywhere, especially whatever that thing is in your pants.

I swat his cock as I say it. I can't believe I said that though. This is my last chance, if I want to escape now is the time. I can't bring myself to do it. I want to see this though, I have to. The guys are touching me now, they love touching my ass. They're going over my nipples, and my pussy too. Tugging at the stings. The one on my clit feels really good. I reach out and grab a mans bulge in front of me, I can't get my fingers around it. But touching it feels really good. I grab someone elses with the other hand, their swimsuits clung around it nicely. I began to rub both of them.

One guy: Do you want to see it?

Me: Can I?

One guy: If you want, you can take these off.

I reach around his hips and grab the waist line and slowly pull down. I could see his pubic mound and knew I was getting close. This will be the first one I've seen in real life. I pull it further down and the base is as wide as a coke can. I keep pulling, slowly revealing the length of his cock, it kept going further and further down, a massive, meaty member as long as my arm. The rest of them pulled out their cocks as well. Also impressive. I grab ahold of his naked cock, it throbs in my hand and a little drop comes out. I catch it and rub my fingers together.

Me: Cumming already?

One guy: Ha! Precum.

Me: You know I’m ovulating today.

One guy: What? You’re not on birth control?

He was trying to act concerned, but the grin told the truth.

One guy: Do you want us to pull out?

I just froze. My mind stuck imagining all 11 of their cocks shooting inside me. I knew I could get pregnant, but it’s exactly what I wanted. I didn’t know what I would do with it. I think I would be a terrible mother, but something told me I should always be pregnant.

Me: I don’t know. I do but I’m scared.

One guy: Listen to your body, it’s acting that way for a reason. Its what nature intended. Trust your instincts. Do what appeals to you. It could happen, it could not, I just think it's good to enjoy the moment.

The words felt like a big relief to me, just enjoy the moment. There is no turning back now. I have to see this through. I respond by sucking the head of his cock, and grabbing someone elses cock with my left hand. I suck and feel it engulf my mouth and tickle my throat. He starts to thrust. I pull myself deeper onto him then back up, then further down. He was deeply fucking my throat. Someone grabs my pussy and picks me up to a standing position, aside from being bent over. They really start rubbing my ass now, and they're giving me a wedgie with the string. My knees buckle.

One mans cock is out and pressing between my legs. I rub my pussy back onto him. I really want this string to go away. Who needs swim suits anyway? I tear my swimsuit bottoms away from my groin, giving myself a super tiny micro skirt. Then quickly rubbing my exposed pussy back on his cock. Then he places the tip at my entrance, I arch my back down, surrendering control. My pussy got really hot really fast. Stretching wider to accommodate his girth. I fall forward as he bumps into my cervix, but I was gripping too tightly to fall down. Instead I deepthroated the cock I was sucking.

One guy: I'm gonna cum, can you swallow it?

I pull myself to the hilt as my answer. The whole thing convulses and I can feel my throat get hot. I can feel the cum traveling down his urethra with my tongue, it swells up thick and then shrinks over and over. I can feel it flooding into me.

Guy behind me: Mmm this pussy is so good. Oh shit did you swallow that?

Me: Mmm hmm.

I take out the cock in my mouth and start blowing the guy I was rubbing with my left hand. He looks like he is about to burst.

The guy behind me presses hard against by cervix, trying to get as much of his cock in me as possible. He jams it in repeatedly, making me deepthroat faster than I wanted. Then I was skewered. They stabbed me from both ends and flooded my insides. My whole body throbbed with them as they shot out their seed. Blasting straight into my womb. Straight into my stomach. Lighting me on fire.

Two new guys quickly took their place. They were so snug in me, I bet I could turn around like a rotisserie. I go to do that.

Everyone: Woah! This chick is amazing!

They pick me up and start spinning me faster. Then they started thrusting again. The guys remove their hands and do a hula hoop like motion, keeping me spinning on their cocks. Making me dizzy, but it felt euphoric. Then they started spurting and switching, filling my insides with more stickiness. Both sides were flowing into me, inflating me like a balloon. Good thing too, I don't want anything to escape.

The guys take their turn at guarding, letting others in. They could tell the gangbang was going on beforehand, and were already very hard. I get them warmed up with a quick suck. The next guy picks me up and drops me on his cock, I sink as deep as possible. Then someone from behind pokes his cockhead in my butthole. I tense up. This doesn't feel as good. But I'm able to manage. The man carries a bottle of tea tree oil. Fair enough. The guy infront of me picks me up to fuck me, also guiding the cock in my ass further inside me as well. I felt really stuffed. They started fucking me deep, alternating their thrusts, then thrusting together. When they thrust together it felt really tight, like I was going to pop. They picked up the pace then jammed into me, coating my insides with another thick cum dump. I cum with them. Contracting my body over their cocks. Squeezing them into high pressure nozzles. I felt my body catch all of it, like it sucked it in. I don't care if I get pregnant anymore, I have to feel cum inside me at all times now, this is amazing. I tense up really bad, I was afraid I was crushing their cocks, but they just came harder, prolonging their orgasms. I felt safe to not hold back as I fully clamped down with all I had. This repeated the cycle. The rest of them were at the edge, I sucked down on the next guy and I immediately caught another load of cum in my mouth. Moments later I was being creamed in my pussy again. I love that. They moved on and I was quickly filled again by new guys. They were so hard. They picked me up again, then slid two cocks in my pussy. They were already massive on their own, but this caused me to yell a little. It was painful, but my pussy told me to keep going, it was going to feel good. And it did. Little by little, as they fucked me, it started to stretch. I couldn't believe how wide my pussy is now, I had no idea it could do this. I mean, I knew we could give birth, but its different when your pussy is actually opening up that much. Then another cock swiftly jams in my ass, then my pussy tensed up again. They all three thrust in unison, filling my holes with an avalanche of messy cum. I did the best to catch all of it, but it felt like it was going to fall when they pull out.

Me: Wait, I think it's going to come out, flip me upside down.

I roll backwards then keep my legs above my head as I watch my pussy filled to the brim with cum. Hollowed out like a bottle with no cap.

Me: Oh shit, it's gonna spill.

One guy: You are going to have to swallow it, keep your legs over your head and catch it in your mouth.

I was relieved we found a solution, and it involved playing with cum! This is the first time I've seen cum as it's supposed to be, all thick and hot. And now I was going to really taste it. I pour cum from my pussy into my mouth and let it pile up, then some guy brings his cock to my mouth and shoots his load perfectly into that little pool. I finish draining my pussy, then more men fill my pussy and drop loads in my mouth. My cheeks are puffed out and my mouth is wide open. I catch more cum from my pussy. I'm afraid if I close my mouth cum will spill out. I bring my hands to my mouth to catch any spillage then swallow. It doesn't go down in one gulp so I swallow again, and again. Another man enters my pussy, and cums as I swallow again. Then someone else enters my ass. The guy in my pussy gets replaced. They fuck me down deep. I can see the bulge in my stomach. I need another cock. They're not cumming fast enough. My wish was granted, someone dropped their cock down next to me rammed it into my pussy without their hands. As he was fucking me, a slow trickle of cum dribbled out. Making a mess of my pussy. I could feel it coat my entire vagina. Then his cock swelled and the trickle stopped. Then he jack hammered me. 1000 times a minute; ringing my cervix like a bell. Then he pressed my uterus in on itself and a full blast of cum shot out. Adding to the ocean swelling inside me. I continued to catch loads from them for the whole walk up. They would pick me up, sometimes without their hands whenever the line moved. They would cum sometimes when walking, this felt especially good, and a little funny. It reminded me we are in a public place and could get caught at any moment.

My uterus felt bloated, like I was already deeply pregnant. God I hope it's triplets. I don't want this cum to go to waste. I need to get pregnant. I cum again as I felt another creampie. Then the finale. They all worked up another two loads and shot it into me in three minutes. A constant bombardment of throbbing cocks, filling me deep. This time, penetrating my cervix and violating my fallopian tubes, one cock in each tube. Double fallopian tube fucking. Making dead sure I get pregnant. The mashing of my ovaries caused a massive orgasm, stimulating their spent cocks for another load. I can feel my fallopian tubes swell, their cocks are about to erupt. I could burst! Their cocks throb. Jizz explodes towards my ovaries. Each of my fallopian tubes swell up. Their cocks plugging me. My little egg, oh poor thing. Drowning in semen. They take turns violating my ovaries. Blasting sperm directly onto my egg. Finally, they pull out. I hold my palm against my pussy, keeping in cum until my cervix closes back up. Afterwards, I lick my hand clean.

One guy: Noticed you lost your swim suit. Here, you can have my draw string.

Me: Ha! Thanks. But I like my new skirt!
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