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Charles and Kevin are good friends. Debby is Charles' girlfriend and a serious flirt. Charles' bravado leads to daring Debby into inviting Kevin into bed.
Debby, Charles and Kevin got really stoned. They were watching a nature program on TV, sitting on the couch. Debby sat between Charles and Kevin. On the TV a male giraffe was mounting a female.

Kevin said, “I always wondered how baby giraffe’s were made.” Everyone laughed and Debby put her hands on the guy’s thighs, giving them a pat. One on Kevin’s. One on Charles’.

Kevin looked at her hand, then looked at Charles, who made a mock surprise face and they all laughed. Debby said, “You guys are silly.” Then she moved her hands to their crotches.

“Charles,” Kevin said in a tattle tale sing song, “Debby’s touching my crotch.”

Charles leaned over and looked at Kevin’s crotch. Sure enough, Debby was rubbing Kevin’s crotch. Charles said, “She’s such a tease.” He flopped back on the couch. “She’d never take it out.”

Charles immediately regretted saying it. He wasn’t sure why he did. Saying it to Kevin in front of Debby was bravado. Charles struggled with bravado.

Charles acted like any girl he was with would only want him. When someone flirted with her he’d give tacit approval for her to flirt back. Any other girl would act shy or embarrassed.

Not Debby. Debby loved sex. And she was handsy. She had rubbed Kevin’s crotch before, thinking Charles hadn’t noticed. And Kevin had squeezed her tits behind Charles’ back.

Debby laughed and attacked Kevin’s jeans with gusto. It was obvious to Charles that she had been wanting this. She weedled Kevin’s pecker out of his zipper and stroked it.

As Kevin’s penis inflated Debby said, “Damn, your dick is big!”

Charles leaned forward and looked, “Sure ‘nuff. Like a toadstool.” It was the first time Charles had seen Kevin’s dick while it was erect. The shaft seemed normal but the helmet was oversized. It was a big, good looking dong.

“Or a mushroom,” Debby said. “That big ol’ thing could give a girl stretch marks.”

“On her cheeks,” Charles said, again, instantly regretting it. It was one of the many things he’d regret saying that night.

“Can I try to get stretch marks on my cheeks?” Debby said looking straight at Charles.

Charles sighed.

Kevin froze: his head was buzzing. Was Debby asking Charles for permission to suck his dick? If she was asking Charles if she could suck his dick then Kevin had to stay very still. He held his breath.

In moments like these Kevin’s brain would abdicate control in favor of his prick. His brain was now largely ceremonial: his dick was running the show.

Kevin should have said he didn’t think it was a good idea if Debby sucked his dick, but blowjobs were ALWAYS a good idea. Even if things were awkward afterward. At least, that’s what Kevin thought when his pecker was in the driver’s seat.

Charles stared at Debby as she fondled Kevin’s penis. His cavalier attitude was being challenged. Could he handle seeing his girlfriend suck his friend’s above average sized dong? Or would he be jealous thinking Debby wanted Kevin more than she wanted him?

Charles sighed and said, “You go girl.”

Debby giggled. Then she leaned over and kissed Kevin hard on the mouth pushing her tongue inside and swirling it around.

Charles made note of the fact that a kiss wasn’t in Debby’s initial request. His girlfriend was about to put Kevin’s dick in her mouth, but that kiss really annoyed him. The kiss made the blowjob more than a sexual act: it made it more intimate.

Debby brought her lips down to Kevin’s mushroom headed dong like she was trapped underwater and it was her only source of air. She grabbed his shaft, opened her mouth and dropped down on it as far as she could go.

To Charles’ dismay, it wasn’t very far. Kevin’s dick head was big. Debby made smacking and slurping noises as she moaned and gobbled on Kevin’s knob. Charles wondered if she sucked his dick with such gusto? It was hard to compare how she sucked his dick against how she sucked Kevin’s dick, because while you’re getting your dick sucked it’s really hard to concentrate on anything else. Was she loving Kevin’s penis or was she just stoned and horny?

Debby kneeled on the couch, her backside in Charles’ face, which was okay with him. Her butt was nice to look at and with it in his face he couldn’t see her going down on Kevin.

Charles put his lips to her backside and kissed the left hip pocket of her jeans. Then he kissed the seam of her jeans where it passed over her vulva. She wriggled her butt to say ‘I felt that’. He rubbed her crotch and pushed his thumb into her clitoris. She moaned but kept working on Kevin’s dick.

Charles reached between her legs and grasped the button of her jeans and twisted till it came loose. Then he eased down her zipper.

Debby pulled her mouth off Kevin’s dick with a ‘pop’ and looked between her legs at Charles, who had hooked his fingers into her hip pockets and was working her jeans down. Her butt crack was exposed.

Charles thought if he could get her pants down far enough he would entertain himself by licking her pussy. Maybe slip his dick in her while she was strangling on Kevin’s fat headed cock.

But Debby didn’t want to be distracted by Charles right now.

She grabbed a belt loop and pulled her jeans back up. “What are you doing?” she laughed, alarmed. “You ain’t gonna turn this into a gangbang.”

Charles raised his eyebrows pretending to be shocked. He was still too stoned to realize that Debby was on a mission and every move he made, every word he spoke, she would twist into something she wanted to hear.

Charles stood up and tugged at her hips pulling her face away from Kevin’s cock. He wanted to get her mind off Kevin's wang.

He said, “Let’s go to bed.”

Debby’s mouth fell open. Her right hand squeezed Kevin’s veiny weenie and said, “Okay . . . c’mon Kevin!” She jumped to her feet and pulled him to his feet by his dick. Kevin held onto his pants to keep them from falling down. He hobbled in front of Debby, backwards.

Then Charles’ mouth fell open. He was trying to get Debby to stop sucking Kevin’s dick. He was trying to get out of what his bravado had gotten him into. He had not meant for her to suck his friend’s dick in the first place. Debby was supposed to dare Charles and he would act like it was no big deal. Then they’d all laugh and Charles would make an excuse for Kevin to go home.

Charles thought that if he claimed he was tired and moved Debby to the bedroom, Kevin would just sit and watch TV while he rode out his buzz. Then Charles could fuck the horny out of his girlfriend.

Charles watched as Debby pushed Kevin into her bedroom and pushed him onto her bed. At any point he thought he could have stopped the whole thing with a word. An honest word, but Charles kept playing along thinking, ‘she won’t do it’, ‘Kevin won’t let her do it,’ so it was with anxious disbelief that he saw his girlfriend eagerly tugging off Kevin’s pants and kicking them aside.

Charles said, “I’m gonna get a beer. You . . . start without me.” Why did he say that? Charles had to stop getting stoned. He walked to the kitchen shaking his head. ‘How did I get into this mess?’ he thought.

Debby said with a leer, “You heard the man, let’s get this show on the road!” Debby waggled her ass as she tugged down her own stone-washed jeans. She whipped off her panties and tossed them at Kevin’s face with a laugh. She shrugged off her top and her little titties jiggled. Then she jumped on the bed, threw a leg over his torso and kissed him hard on the mouth, shoving her tongue roughly inside.

Debby was anxious to fuck Kevin before Charles took the opportunity away. She had known Charles for a long time. She knew how he would act aloof while Kevin flirted with his girlfriends thinking they wouldn’t flirt back. She was different. She had been trying to get Kevin into bed before she had gotten with Charles, but Kevin would shut her down saying he had a girlfriend. Debby knew that. So did all the other girls Kevin was screwing.

Debby felt Kevin’s erection bump her butt. She moved her hips from side to side, trying to align her twat with his dong. She knew she was wet enough for him to slide in but his dick head was so big it would take a significant push to get him inside her.

Charles came back with his beer in time to see Debby reach between her legs, grab Kevin’s hardon and guide it into her sweet little fuck hole.

Kevin’s legs dangled off the edge of the bed as Debby rubbed his swollen dickhead in the slit of her vulva. She pushed her hips down a little. She was wet but the love canal was small. She pushed her hips down harder.

“Good grief!” Kevin said, “don’t break my dick!” Kevin grabbed Debby’s butt and pulled her cheeks apart.

This time when Debby wiggled her hips back and forth Kevin’s swollen schlong slowly disappeared inside her.

The entire time that Debby was attempting to get Kevin’s dick inside her she was kissing him on the mouth, which seemed worse to Charles than the fact that she was pushing her cunny down his shaft.

When Kevin’s big dickhead finally worked it’s way into her tight wet cock sock she threw back her head and gave a low groan that Charles hadn’t heard her make before. Maybe she was just excited and surprised to be having sex with Kevin; a man she obviously wanted to fuck.

Debby pushed down and Kevin’s dick disappeared. Not all the way. It would take a few more downward thrusts of her hips before she could take him all the way in. Her butt cheeks flexed with each rise and fall. Her face was a rictus of ecstasy. Her mouth a perfect curve of joy. “Oh oh oh,” she grunted, “I love your cock!”

Charles was thinking, ‘prolly should have had her grab a condom.’ Of course, he hadn’t thought he’d be watching his girlfriend fuck his best friend. Things had gotten out of hand very fast.

In spite of himself Charles got an erection. He didn’t want one and admonished his penis for being so inappropriate. ‘You’re supposed to be flaccid with outrage,’ he said to his inflating member. ‘Who’s side are you on?’

Charles realized that sulking meant he might be left out and he didn’t want to be the only one not getting laid.

Debby humped up and down on Kevin’s dick. It fascinated Charles to watch his girlfriend being penetrated. His stoned brain appreciated the sight of a man and woman fitting together so naturally and that it gave them such great pleasure to do this thing he was watching.

Charles thought about initiating anal sex with Debby but he’d never been able to talk her into it before. Maybe she’d be willing since Charles had given her permission to screw Kevin. He thought that, if he were to talk Debby into double penetration, the conversation should have started long before he allowed her to suck his best friend’s dick.

Charles rubbed his crotch. Then he pulled his prick out and stroked it. Then he let his pants fall to the floor and stepped out of them.

Kevin saw Charles standing there holding his hardon and wondered what his intent was. He felt like he knew Charles well enough to think he wouldn’t try to initiate sex with him . . . but he wasn’t sure. Kevin was always grabbing Charles’ ass and making sexual innuendo, so maybe Charles was ready to call his bluff.

Kevin thought playfulness might diffuse a storm that seemed to be brewing in Charles’ mind. Charles didn’t look happy that his girlfriend was in flagrante delicto with his friend. Charles had even accused Kevin of wanted to have sex with Debby but Kevin denied the desire. Debby had been angling to have sex with Kevin and it would arouse him sometimes, but Kevin didn’t like Debby. So Kevin said, in a tattle tale sing song, “Debby won’t stop fucking me!”

Debby stopped humping and looked back at Charles as if gauging his temper. Someone had stated the obvious and Debby thought it might break the spell.

Charles burst out laughing. Then Debby and Kevin started laughing and she went back to her task. Up and down, up and down.

Charles stepped behind Debby and between Kevin’s legs. Kevin wasn’t sure what Charles was doing but didn’t say anything. Probably just getting a closer look . . . though, he is holding his dick . . .

When Debby’s ups and downs started to bring Kevin closer to climax, he grabbed her ass and pumped her up and down until he started to cum. Charles pushed his dick against Debby’s pussy which still contained Kevin’s penis. It felt really weird. When Kevin started to squirt he could feel Charles’ dick pressing against his. It felt like Charles might be trying to push his dick inside Debby alongside his own.

A final downward thrust and Debby ground her clit into Kevin’s pubic bone, her insides pulsing. She lay across his chest and kissed his face all over.

Kevin couldn’t see because Charles' girlfriend was sprawled on top of him and shoving her tongue in his mouth. From time to time his penis would pulse with pleasure, nestled in Debby’s warm wet pulsing body.

Charles wanted to have sex with his girlfriend but Kevin's dick was already in there. So . . . he pulled Kevin’s dick out of her. When it was in his hand his brain said, ‘I'll bet his dick tastes like her pussy.’ It only seemed natural to want to put it in his mouth.

So, for a few seconds, Charles sucked Kevin’s dick. He hadn’t thought about how it might taste like Kevin’s semen as well. He didn’t do it with gusto. He just licked the head, then pushed it in his mouth a few times. It did taste like Debby.

Kevin was stunned. Was Charles sucking his dick?

Then Kevin could feel Charles put his mouth on Debby’s pussy. Kevin thought, ‘she’s full of my cum.’ Charles is weird, he thought.

Then Charles straightened up and shoved his dick inside Debby. He started thrusting with gusto. Charles thought, ‘Debby is full of Kevin’s sperm: I should have put on a condom.’

For a minute or so Kevin’s dick lay alongside Debby’s vulva and when Charles hit bottom he was slamming Kevin’s dick into Debby’s pelvis. Kevin pushed his butt into the bed and got his pecker out of harm’s way so Charles could continue to screw Debby without his dick being in the way.

Kevin got the impression that Charles wasn’t happy with how the evening had played out. Charles was fucking Debby knowing Kevin’s dick was in the way and instead of making sure there was no dick to dick homosexual contact, he pounded Kevin's big headed prick into Debby’s pelvic anvil. ‘It’s probably gonna be bruised’, thought Kevin.

Charles fucked and fucked Debby as she lay on Kevin’s chest, her little tits pressing into him. She was so wet that Charles’ wasn’t getting a lot of traction and his leg hairs were tickling Kevin’s legs.

After what Kevin thought must be a few hundred thrusts, Debby arched her back and pressed her tits hard into his chest, pushed her lips against his and jammed her tongue in his mouth. Then she went stiff as a board. Charles kept hammering away, squeezing her ass cheeks and Debby started crooning and chanting, “Oh! uh! oh! uh! Oh!”

Then Charles shuddered, froze, thrust 3 more times, went rigid for 10 seconds, then collapsed across Debby’s back.

Debby said, “Oof! I’m a sex sandwich!”

“My favorite kind,” Kevin said.

Charles rolled off the pile and onto the bed.

Debby stretched out on top of Kevin and kissed his chest. She leaned in and stuck her tongue in his mouth. She was getting all the kissing in before Charles made her stop. Then Kevin rolled her off between him and Charles, embarrassed that Charles’ girlfriend was all over him.

They all crawled towards the head of the bed and grabbed a pillow. Debby stretched, smiled, then reached down to the foot of the bed and pulled a quilt over them all.

Charles flipped the quilt aside and went to the bathroom. As soon as Charles left the room, Debby dove under the blanket and took Kevin’s placid flaccid penis into her mouth and rolled it around.

“Stop, stop,” Kevin said, in a whisper. He sensed that Charles had had enough of his girlfriend being intimate with another man. So she surfaced and curled into him, being the little spoon. Kevin was too stoned and fucked-out to care at that point and fell asleep.

Charles came back to the bedroom, looked at the couple asleep on the bed. Sighed. Turned off the lights, then curled up on the edge of the bed as far from his friend and girlfriend as he could get, and lay there for a long time before sleep overtook him.
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