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Please respect girls and make them come before you do
Ari Boyer sat up in bed, the very first day of summer vacation, even though her alarm hadn't gone off yet. She was wide awake on this fine sunny Saturday morning.

It was not even 6 o'clock yet, and both her parents and her brother were still asleep one floor below her, she knew. None of them had a reason to be up this early on a weekend. Dad wasn't due at the office until Monday, Mom had today off from the diner, and Billy wouldn't even start stirring until 10, at the earliest.

Ari was awake for a very good reason, though. She had a date today, the very first one of her life. Even though she had celebrated her eighteenth birthday last week, both her parents had sat her down in Dad's study and expressly forbid her from dating until she moved out. Not only was she defying her parents for the first time in her young life, she was also going to move out without permission!

She sat up and stretched the sleepiness out if her system, reveling her bare breasts to the morning sun. She had slept totally naked last night for the first time in her life. She glanced down at her discarded clothes on the floor by the side of the bed. She stood up and stretched once more, then grabbed the clothes she was planning on wearing today, a thin sleeveless T-shirt called a wife beater by the great unwashed and a thin pair of running shorts that had several strategically placed holes in them.

She pulled on the T-shirt with no bra, then pinched her nipples to get them erect so they would be showing through her shirt. When inserting her foot into the shorts, she inadvertently snagged her big toe and widened one of the holes in the butt cheek. She pulled them up anyway, then checked in the wall mounted mirror to make sure she wasn't exposed more than she intended. Even though she wasn't wearing panties, she shrugged and left them on. If someone got a glimpse of her bare pussy and became offended, well, she wasn't worries about melting snowflakes.

She opened the window and grabbed the duffle bag of her clothes she had prepared last night, then unrolled the rope and wood ladder down the side of the house. The ladder was her fire escape and even though there was no fire, she had used this means of getting out of the house several times before, as a means of avoiding the creaky set of steps that led down past her parent's room so she didn't wake them up.

Once in the yard, she got her bicycle unlocked and rode away, going to the end of her dead end road and turning right, heading to her boyfriend Rob's house. Rob was also eighteen, and had been in her class at school until he dropped out last year to get a job to support his mother and sister after their father had left with all the savings.

In the thirty minutes to took her to ride there, Rob had wakened and got into the shower, washing off the light sweat he had worked up last night in their unairconditioned house. Just as he got out, he passed his year older sister on her way in.

The girl hadn't bothered dressing last night and simply wore the towel she would later use to dry herself off to preserve her modesty between her room and the bathroom. Rob got quite an eyeful of his sister's naked bottom as she passed him in the hall, and being a guy, he turned to appreciate it.

She saw him looking and thought to herself, “What's good for the goose is good for the gander” and watched as he dropped the towel on the floor, spread it out with his feet and stepped into the cubicle, turning the sprayer on

He didn't mind the cold water spraying on his body, and it had no real effect on his nine inch hard-on, which his sister eyed admiringly, because he had never really been hard in front of her until today. She knew he was hung, but until now, she hadn't really realized just how big he truly was.

Then he did something she did not expect at all! He grabbed his rock hard cock in one hand and began stroking his fist over it slowly, up and down over the whole length, and by the expression on his face, it felt pretty good. Fascinated by this new insight into her brother, she stayed to watch.

He had his eyes closed, so he didn't see her there, and she had a perfect view, because there was no door to the bathroom. There was no door because their father had punched the top panel out in one of his many drunken rages before he finally left. The curtain to the shower had disappeared in a different rage fueled storm. As long as one was mindful, a towel on the floor would absorb any over spray.

She had never seen anything like this in her life, so she stayed to watch. She was curious as to what was about to happen. She knew from her friends at school that a bunch of white stuff would shoot out of him at the end, but she had no idea how much or what it looked like, and she was curious. It was also beginning to stir feelings inside her that she had successfully ignore before. Her mother had given her very strong lectures on the dangers and evils of masturbation, but here was her very own brother doing it, so how wrong could it be?

Amy decided the feeling were beginning to be too much, so she opened the towel and used both hands to caress her breasts. Gosh, that felt good! It caused her pussy to begin to tingle, so she slid one hand down her belly and began playing with her clit. That felt even better, and she let out an involuntary moan.

Rob heard her, and turned his head as he opened his eyes. He was shocked to see his very naked sister standing in the door watching him as she also masturbated! The sight of it excited him to no end, so he stepped out of the spray and wiped his feet on the towel. Fortunately, he hadn't spent much time getting wet, knowing Ari was on her way over and wanted to take some pressure off before she got there. The sight of his naked sister was more than he could take, because he had been secretly lusting after her for quite some time now.

He and Ari were planning on eloping today; to get married before anyone in either of their families could stop them, then they would come back here and live together. Ari would get a job after school was done, so the extra income would help all of them. He and Ari were both virgins, but he wanted a little experience before his wedding night so he would not make any missteps with the girl he loved. He wanted her evening to be perfect; her life had been so hard thus far, and she deserved it.

He took the two steps that separated him from his sister and got right in front of the girl, who also had her eyes closed. He looked her right in her closed eyes as he stood in front of her, still stroking his cock in one hand. Amy was one of the most beautiful girls in his life, and he was as much in love with her as he was Ari. She hadn't heard the water change sound in a long moment, so she opened her eyes to check on him. Getting caught in such a compromising position would be one of the worst things she could imagine; She very much admired her brother and was secretly in love with him too, even though she could never admit it; not even to herself.

She was shocked to find him right in front of her when she opened her eyes, and he quickly muffled her shocked scream of surprise with one hand over her mouth and the other on the back of her head to keep it in place. She moaned lightly a moment later, quietly, to signal to him to let her go, that she was in control of herself now. She made a mental note in her own mind that the hand that had been touching himself down there was now the one over her mouth, and she tried to satisfy a bit of her curiosity by licking his palm, hoping for a taste. She'd heard stories of girls who used their mouths and had always wondered about the taste.

He felt her lick his palm as he looked into her soul and instinctively knew what she wanted. He would do anything for her, he loved her so much, so he leaned close to her ear.

“Shh.” he whispered. “Mom doesn't work until later, so let's not wake her up, okay?” He rested both hands on her shoulders after she nodded her agreement.

“What were you just doing in the shower?” she asked, already knowing the answer. She just wanted to hear him say it to lessen her own transgression.

“The same thing you were doing as you watched me.” he replied.

Her heart leapt into her throat as a panicked look flitted over her face. He KNEW! Her mind twisted, trying to find a way out of this without incriminating herself further.

“You licked my palm.” he whispered, looking into her eyes. “You want to know what it tastes like, don't you?”

She was trapped; he knew EVERYTHING! She simply nodded, admitting it as she looked down at the floor in shame, blushing.

“What did it taste like?” he asked, also curious.

“I don't know.” she replied. “I could only taste your hand.”

“Do you want to try it again?” he asked, barely daring to hope. She met his eyes and looked at him, feeling more vulnerable now than she had ever before in her whole life.

He saw the look of fear in her eyes and reassured her. “Don't worry, Amy, I'll keep your secret.” he told her. “I promise; I'll never tell anyone about this. About you.”

He gently increased the pressure of his hands on her shoulders, and she knelt in front of him, getting a very close look at his erection an inch in front of her face.

“What do you mean, about me?” she whispered, fearing he knew the truth she had suspected all her life and never acted on. “What secret?”

“Don't worry, Amy, I'll never tell anyone; I promise. I'll never breathe a word to anyone that you're a slut.” he told her, rubbing his cock over both cheeks and across her nose. “I'll keep you safe; I love you.”

“Oh my God, how did you even know?” she whispered, letting his cock slide over her forehead ind into her hair. “I'm a virgin; I never even kissed a boy! I've always been too afraid of that to even talk to a boy in case he figured it out!”

“Remember that swimming trip we took with the 'rents when were kids?” he asked. She remembered; she had sat in her Daddy's lap while wearing her bathing suit and rubbed her butt over his groin for quite a while.

“You remember that?” she asked, fear filling her heart once more.

“Of course I do. That's when the whole family figured you out, and we all made a promise to protect you from yourself that very afternoon while you were in bed, asleep.”

He pulled his cock back a little and tapped her upper lip with it. She looked up at him, her eyes filled with desperation as she used every single bit of her will power to not begin sucking on him, no matter how desperately she wanted to do it. Every bit of her life had told her how wrong it was to be like this!

“I don't understand, little brother!?” she whispered frantically, then despite herself, she licked his cock head and moaned in fear of what she knew she was about to do. “How is this going to help me? We both know that I'm not allowed to do this!”

“It will you help you control these feelings, now that you know you have them. You can be a slut when we're alone and I'll keep your secret. You're safe with me, I promise. You can suck on it; I know you want to, I know you do.”

She moaned again and looked him in the eye once more. “Please don't hate me for being this way, Rob; I couldn't stand it if I lost you! I love you, little brother.” She opened her mouth and gave in to her desires, sucking on his cock and taking more than half his length in her mouth on the first go.

“You're not going to lose my, Amy; you're my forever girl. Now and forever!”he said, putting his hands on her head and stroking her hair lovingly. “You are the first girl I've ever done anything like this with, and I'm glad you're my first. I love you!”

“You love me more than Ari?” she asked, a moment later. Ari had been his girlfriend for over two years now, and she knew how much she meant to him.

“I love her, too.” Rob said, a moment later. “I want to learn everything with you, so that it can be truly special when it's her turn.”

“We can learn everything together.” she told him, taking him in her mouth again, then brought her face back when she heard him groan. Instinctively, she knew what it meant, and opened her mouth an inch away. She wanted to see it come out as much as she wanted to taste it, and used her hand the same way she had seen him using his, jerking him off right in front of her open mouth.

“Uurgh, oh God, here it comes!” he said, warning her before three strong jets of come shot out and straight into her mouth. She swallowed it, then took the head back between her lips and sucked out the dregs from his shaft and balls.

The was a knock on the door downstairs. It was Ari, he knew. She was here.

“That's Ari.” he said. “Why don't you come down with me and help me welcome her here.”

“I... I'm not dressed!” she whispered, shocked. “Let me go put some clothes on, okay?”

“If she followed my orders, she's not wearing very much, either.” he said, smiling. “You can put the towel back on if it will make you feel better.”

She grabbed the towel and wrapped it around herself, tucking the corner in to hold it in place, then let her brother move her in front of him as they went down the narrow hallway to the living room. He fingered her bare ass beneath the towel and smiled at the distraught expression in her eyes as she looked over her shoulder at him.

“You promised!” she whispered as he went over to the door.

He opened it and gave Ari a big hug when he saw her there and what she was wearing. “Good girl!” he said, smiling broadly. “You wore it. No underwear, right?”

“Yes.” she said simply. “You told me not to, so I did as you asked.” She saw Amy as she came in, and was surprised at her lack of attire. “Oh, hi.” she said. “I figured there wouldn't be anyone home over here, considering what your brother asked me to wear.”

“No, my Mom is here, too, but she's still asleep in her room.” Amy said. She looked at Ari and the way she was dressed. A fair amount of side boob was visible, and the girl could see that her brother's girlfriend was not wearing panties, thanks to a few strategically placed holes in the thin cloth.

“You're not dressed like normal.” she pointed out.

“You're not dressed at all.” Ari pointed out. “Do you normally wear just a towel in the living room?”

“Not normally, no.” Amy replied. “Only when my brother tells me to.”

“I know what you mean.” Ari said, returning her secretive smile. “He told me not to wear underwear today, along with these really skimpy clothes... and here I am.”

“He really has a way about him, doesn't he?” she said. “He has a way of getting a girl to do... unexpected things.”

“He does.” Ari agreed. “What has he gotten you to do?”

“I'll tell you about what I did if you tell me what he's gotten you to do.” Amy challenged.

“Come on, girls, we're all friends...” Rob said, interrupting, but Amy gave him a withering look that silenced him.

“We're having some girl talk, so just be quiet, little brother.” Amy said. Ari shrugged.

“He got me to come over here wearing less clothes than I've ever had on in public.” she said. “He also convinced me to sleep naked last night. What did he get you to do?”

Amy blushed, but the look on her brother's face told her to tell the truth or he would.

“I peeked at him when he was in the shower this morning, then he made me admit that I'm... I'm a slut, and then he let me suck him off!”

Ari looked shocked by this admission, and looked at the girl with newfound respect. “Really? You really did that?” she asked in an awed whisper. “What was it like?”

Amy looked about ready to cry. Her secret was out! She just shook her head, too ashamed to speak. Ari came over and hugged to weeping girl.

“Don't worry, Amy, your secret is safe with me.” she said. “You want to know something about me? I'm a slut, too.” she whispered. “I mean, I haven't given a blowjob yet, but I won't say no when the time comes, either.”

Amy let out a sob and hugged her harder. “Thank you, thank you!”

Rob smiled at Ari. “Guess what, girlfriend. The time is right now.”

Ari looked at him wide-eyed. “What? Right now?”

He put his hands on the girls shoulders. “Right now. Kneel down, beautiful.”

Ari blushed, then knelt down right in front of him. Amy tried to scoot away, but Rob took her arm and stopped her. “You're going to kneel with her.” he said. She simply stared at him, speechless.

“Kneel, dear sister. Someone needs to show her how, you see, and you were very good at it.” he told her. “I know, I know, it was your first time, and you were very good. Very good.”

“But I-” He cut her off.

“I can think of no better teacher.” he said. “Do it for me. Please? I want her to learn. Will you teach her?”

She let out a little sob. “I love you, Rob.” she said, whispering through her tears. “I love you, little brother. If you want me to teach her, I will. I can't refuse you anything!”

He kissed away a tear. “I love you too, Amy. Show Ari what you learned today, okay? Show her everything.”

“Ari, pay attention, okay? I only did this once, but I'll show you everything I learned today. Rob wants me to, and he wants you to learn, so pay attention and learn!” said Amy earnestly. Ari nodded, not taking her eyes off Rob's groin as Amy pulled his boxers down and exposed his cock.

He wasn't even hard yet and Ari couldn't believe the size of the thing. She watched as Amy took it in her hand and stroked it up and down it's length. Ari was amazed as it began to swell and grow, lengthening and swelling as she did it.

Ari was fascinated as it neared her friend's face. She knew what was going to happen, but she'd never seen it before except in a porn movie once, and she didn't believe it was really real. You could pay actors to do ANYTHING; surely, nobody would do that willingly!

Ari couldn't believe it when she saw Amy smile up at him, then open her mouth and take his cock inside ALL OF HER OWN VOLITION! Then her friend turned her head to the side a little and looked at Ari and WINKED with a small smile on her mouth.

“Oh my God!” Ari whispered in disbelief. “She LIKES it! How is this even possible?”

Amy took her mouth away for a moment so she could speak. “It's fun, Ari, you'll see, when it's your turn.”

Ari shook her head. “Nope, not me!” she said, determinedly. “I'll never do THAT, no way!”

“”Yes you will!” Rod said, pulling his hips back so that his cock left his sister's mouth and moved in front of her. He put both hands on her head and held her there so that she couldn't move away. “Ari, do you love me?”

She looked up at him, surprised by the question. “Of course I do!” she said, sounding hurt that he would even ask such a thing. “I came over here, dressed like a slut for you, didn't I? Of course I love you!”

“Then show me you love me, Ari; I really want you to do this! It will feel SO good, and the memory of your pretty face with my cock in your mouth will stay with me forever!” he said, and then it was touching her lips as he moved his hips forward.

“It's fun, Ari, it really is!” Amy told her. “I didn't think it would be either, but oh man!” She licked her lips. “I really like the way it tastes at the end, too!”

“No way!” Ari whispered, then it was touching her lips. “Wait, Ron, I- mmph” It was in her mouth, and Amy was telling her,

“Suck it, Ari, suck it!” Amy said emphatically, grinning. “It's fun, isn't it?”

Ari looked at her and blushed. She took her mouth away so she could speak. “Okay, it is.” she admitted sheepishly. She began sucking it again. “I guess I'm a cock sucking slut.”

“Welcome to the club.” Amy smiled. “It's a bigger club than you know. More than half the girls in our class are in it.”

“No way!” Ari mumbled. “Who?”

Amy giggled, knowing she was going to spill the beans on some of her friends. Ex-friends, if word of this betrayal of confidence, ever got out.

“You want the biggest shocker first, or last?” she asked. Ari mumbled “Last.”

“Okay.” Amy said. “Their all good, though.” She looked at her friend to see her reactions. “Mary Anderson.” she said, and laughed as Ari nearly choked. “Beth Richards.” Ari nodded. “Here's the shocker, ready?” Ari nodded again.

“Mandy Webber.” Amy said, and laughed at the look on Ari's disbelief in her eyes as she was shocked into not sucking.

“Who?” she gasped.

“You heard me.” she said, giggling. “Mandy has done this twice that I know of, and probably more.”

“No, I mean, who did she do it to?” Ari asked. “Mark Flagler, the basketball captain?”

“He was there.” Amy told her, with a small smile. “She did it to the whole starting team after they won State last year. The second time she did it was the starting line-up of the football team when they won State at the end of the winter last year. All eleven of them at the same time, one after the other.”

“Oh my God!” Ari said. “How do you even know about this?”

“I was one of the cheerleaders, and all of us knew about it.” she said. “We were sworn to silence about it, though.”

Mandy was still the head cheerleader, which obviously carried some extra duties and Ari had no doubt the girl had done it, even though she was the most prudent virgin in the whole school.

“All those guys!” Ari breathed. “I can't even imagine!”

“Yes you can.” Amy smiled. “Trust me, thinking about it has been in some of my naughtier fantasies. I bet it will be in yours now, too.”

“Oh man!” Ari said, smiling, then took Rob in her mouth again. She went down about halfway and Amy pushed on the back of her head when she started to come up.

“He likes it when you go deep. Can you take the whole thing?” Amy asked.

Ari wondered, but his sigh as she had gone down told her that the other girl had spoken the truth. Ari had heard her and tried on her next down stroke, wanting to make him happy.

She looked up at him and took her mouth off his cock and smiled at him as he looked down at her. “I've never done this before; never even thought about it, really, but I'll do it for you, because I love you. I'm not really this kind of girl. I don't wear clothes like this, but I will for you. I'll become anything you want. You want me to be a whore? I will. You want me to be a slut, just for you? I'll do that, too. I love you, Rob. You can even have my virginity. I love you that much!”

He smiled back down at her. “You don't have to be a prostitute, Ari.” he told her, and she breathed a sigh of relief. She hadn't even known she was holding her breath until she exhaled, that's how nervous she was. “And you only have to be a slut when were alone, okay? I won't embarrass you in public. “I love you too, more than I've ever loved anyone before. You're my forever girl!”

Ari glanced at his sister, then looked back up at him. “What about Amy?” she asked nervously.

“What about her?” he asked. “I don't have any secrets from my sister OR my mother.”

She whispered. “You want me to a slut?”

He laughed lightly. “I don't WANT you to be a slut; I'm just acknowledging reality.”

She got a shocked look on her face. “You think I'm a slut?”

“Hell, I know it for a fact!” he told her. “No worries, though. Amy is one, too!” He looked at her out of the corner of his eye, “My mom is one as well.”

“Rob, I'm not a slut!” she said emphatically. “I'm NOT!”

He stroked the back of her head again, then touched her lips with his cock. “Suck it, Ari. I want you to suck it!”

She opened her mouth and allowed him to enter. “Do it all, pretty girl.” he said softly, using his pet name for her, so she did her best, taking all but the last two inches of it. It started to enter her throat, so she pulled back in a hurry to stifle the gag reflex that rose automatically.

“”Try swallowing next time it goes that deep.” Amy told her. “It helps; really it does.”

Ari let him push it into her mouth again, and took Amy's advice when she felt herself begin to gag, swallowing several times until his pubic airs were tickling her nose. A little moment later, he pulled back, and she turned her face up to his to see his very proud smile at her achievement.

“You're as good a slut as my sister!” he said approvingly, and she blushed.

“I'm not a slut!” she retorted, getting angry. “Quit saying that!”

“No?” he asked. “Let's ask an expert, shall we?”

“An expert?” she demanded. “Who?”

“My mom?” he suggested. “Maybe you'd be more comfortable talking about this with your mom, instead.”

“I could never talk about this with my mom!” Ari said quickly. She thought about it for a half second, and shook her head. “No way! Never MY mom, she would freak out. If she had heard about even half the things we've done!”

“She'd call you a name, wouldn't she?” Rob said. Ari paled when she realized he was right; that she truly was a slut. Ari's face crinkled up, and she began to cry.

“No, no, none of that!” he said soothingly. “Don't feel ashamed, it's one of the things I like best about you!”

“Rob,” she sniffled, “Nobody can ever know! My reputation would be ruined forever!”

“So would mine!” Amy told her, hugging the other girl. “Luckily, we have the best protector either of us could ever want!” she said, then caressed Rob's bare leg. “My brother! He loves us, and won't ever tell our secret to ANYONE!”

“That's true, ladies.” Rob said, smiling down at them. “I promise to keep your secrets as long as necessary. Especially if you bring me some of your friends who need to learn the truth about themselves, too.”

They stared at him, shocked. “Our... our friends?” Amy asked. “What do you mean, our friends?”

“Easy one to answer.” he replied. “If either of you girls know someone who lives in denial, I'm more than happy to be the one who helps you help them figure it out.”

He looked down at his sister. “Amy, I think it's time.”

“Time?” she asked, stammering, puzzled. “Time for what?”

“Time for you to lose your virginity.” he said. “I know Ari will benefit from seeing it, too, so she knows what to expect when I take hers.”

Amy gasped and cupped her hands protectively over her groin. “No, we... we CAN'T!” she whispered. “You're my BROTHER!”

“Step brother.” he corrected her once more. “Come on, Ari deserves to know what to expect, don't you agree?”

“I guess so.” Amy admitted, then looked up at him again. “But, I'm scared! It's going to hurt! My hymen is intact. I know, because I tried to break it with a carrot last year, and it hurt REALLY bad; so bad that I gave up trying.”

“Luckily, you have me here.” Rob said, helping her to her feet and getting her to sit on the couch. “I promise not to quit until I'm all the way inside you.”

“What if I want you to stop?” she asked, in a tiny voice. “Are you going to stop if it hurts too bad?”

“That's up to Ari.” he told his sister. “If she tells me to keep going because she wants to see it, then I'm not going to quit until I come inside you.”

“Oh my God, Ari, if I tell him to stop, you HAVE to make him do it! Please, I'm begging you; you HAVE to make him stop!” Amy said, looking at the other girl pleadingly.

“We'll see.” Ari said cryptically. “I kinda want to see what it looks like when another girl gets fucked.”

Amy looked up at Rob hopefully. “I'd like to see that, too. Can you fuck Ari before me so I can watch?”

Rob bit his lip, thinking thoughtfully, then looked at Ari and smiled a little. She shivered a little and looked up at him with fear on her face.

“Rob, please no, not me first!” she begged pleading with her eyes.

“Ari, it will be my first time, too.” he said. “I want to share it with you more than my sister.”

“Step sister.” Ari said, with a small smile. “Okay, we can both have our first times together. It will a special moment that we'll both remember forever.”

“Good.” Rob said, smiling. “I've been wanting to fuck you ever since we met.” He licked his lips. “The first time we met I thought about doing you doggy!”

“You want me like this?” Ari grinned,betting on her hands and knees with her back turned to him.

“Almost.” he smiled at her, and she looked over her shoulder at him. “I want you like that, only all the way naked.”

She just looked at him abashedly. “I wore these clothes for you against all my better sense, and now you want me to take them off? I'll be naked in front of your sister!”

“That's exactly right.” he said. “She's already naked, so what's the big deal?”

“I've never been naked in front of anyone before!” Ari said, blushing. “This outfit practically shows everything anyway! Isn't that good enough?”

“Naked.” he said “All the way naked, right now.” She blushed and looked at Amy for help.

“Don't worry; you don't have to be the only one nude.” she said, and dropped the towel, standing naked and turning in a slow circle. Rob likes to look at me naked; I see him looking almost every time I take a shower.”

Rob looked at Ari. “Your turn, cutiepie. Show me some skin!”

“Rob, why are you being so mean?” Ari asked, her voice choking with unshed tears. “Don't you love me anymore?”

“Of course I still love you.” he said. “And I'm not being mean; I'm just treating you like the slut you are, that's all.”

“Rob!” Ari said, shocked. “I told you not to call me that!”

He scoffed a quick laugh. “You think you're not?” he asked. “I thought we already covered this!”

She looked at the floor, ashamed, then looked up him. “You promise to keep it a secret? Nobody can know!”

“And nobody will ever know... uness they figure it out from your behavior!” he said, in a teasing tone. “Now, naked and on your hands and knees, please, unless you want to watch me do it to my sister first!”

“No, you can have me, like I said.” Ari told him, then stripped the shirt off her head with both hands. Before he could grab her now naked, bouncing breasts, she pushed the shorts to the floor and stepped out of them. Next, she went to her knees, then bent at the waist and supported herself with both hands.

“Very good.” he said, smiling. “Now, Amy, lay down on front of her with your legs wide open on either side of her arms.”

Amy swallowed hard, seeing where this was going, but she remembered how good it felt to have him using his mouth on her, and was curious to see if Ari's would feel as nice.

Ari saw his sister get in position in front of her, but didn't think anything of it. It was simply unusual and that's all. She felt Rob get behind her as he put his hands on her hips and slid his cock between her plump asscheeks.

“I think it's a little lower.” she joked, and he chuckled.

“Put your head down.” he told her, and she looked over her shoulder at him.

“Tell your sister to get out of the way.” Ari said.

“She's right where she belongs.” Rob retorted. “I told her to be there, remember?”

“Yeah, but...” Ari began, but Rob cut her off.

“Put your head down.” he repeated, sliding one hand up and twining his fingers into her hair. He pushed on the back of her head and made her look straight down at Amy's pussy.

“Rob, I...” Ari said, but Rob cut her off again.

“This is what I want, Ari.” he said. “Are you going to deny me what I want?”

“This is what I want, too.” Amy said suddenly. “Come on, Ari, I'll do it for you, after.”

“Do what for me?” Ari asked, curious. “What am I supposed to do?”

“Lick her.” Rob told her.

“L-lick her?” Ari said, stumbling over her words.

“Yes, lick her. Suck it, too.” Rob said, pushing down on the back of her head again. “Go on; do it! I want to watch her come while I take your virginity.”

“Rob, I... I've never even considered doing this!” Ari said, resisting by pushing up with both hands. “Oh my God, this is SO wrong!”

“I'll keep this a secret, too.” he said, relaxing the pressure he was putting on her head. “Do it because you want to, Ari, not because I'm forcing you to do it.”

She turned to look at him again as he took his hand out of her hair. “You really want me to do this?” she asked, almost whispering. She felt his cock probing into her fleshy labia but not entering; just holding position at her opening.

“This is what I want, Ari.” he said, and pushed the head of it inside, feeling her barrier just inside and stopping before pushing through it. “Go ahead, taste her. She's delicious!”

Ari turned to look at the other girl again, breathing through her nose and found out she could smell the arousal, and saw the fleshy lips part as Amy grew excited. Ari dipped her head lower and licked between the lips of Amy's labia and took her first taste of another girl. It was musky and a little sweet, not unpleasant at all.

She licked it again, then moved up a little and put her lips around the small nubbin of flesh peeking out of the clitoral hood and sucked softly, hearing Amy moan with pleasure as she did. She felt Rob's hand take her hip again, then he was pushing it inside and tearing through the little membrane, voiding her virginity with that single thrust that didn't end until he was fully inside her.

“Ohh, Rob!” Ari sighed, knowing she had just entered womanhood for all time. “I love you.”

“I love you too, Ari.” Rob said, kissing the back of her neck. He moved his head to the side and kissed his sister's pussy. “I love you too, Amy.”

Amy looked down at him, startled, then smiled. “Of course you do! You're my little brother!”

“Step brother.” he corrected her with a smile that matched hers. “But I'm more than that. I'm your lover, too.”

“We haven't made love yet.” she said. “So you can't be in love with me. Simple.”

“I know a way to correct that.” he said. “And you won't be a virgin anymore, either.”

“No, wait, little brother!” she said, her voice sounding panicky. “It's Ari's turn! You have to finish inside her first!”

“She might become pregnant if I do that.” he said. “Besides, I want her to taste my seed this time.” He looked up at her, then pulled out and slid up a little. “It's your turn.”

“No, Rob, wait!” she protested, feeling his cock rub her pussy. “I'm not ready!”

“Yes you are.” Ari said, moving Rob into position with one hand. “I could taste how excited you are, and like he said, it's your turn!”

Ari had a close up view of the thing that had just happened to her as Rob pushed inside, and she was amazed to see Amy's labia parting as Rob's hard cock entered the other girl. First the head went inside, and she heard Amy gasp out a hiss of pain as he encountered the fleshy barrier inside her, then Rob pushed through it and didn't stop until he was fully inside her, his balls resting against her taint.

When he pulled it back, Ari saw a light film of blood covering it, mixed with a frothy white cream, evidence of the other girl's excitement. Curiousity got the better of her, and she craned her head forward a bit and licked the side of his cock as he pushed it back in,

Rob felt her do it and looked down at her, flashing her a grin. “That felt nice.” he said. “Will you do it again?”

Ari smiled back up at him. “Sure thing.” she said, then licked him again. This time, there was less blood and more frothy wite cream, and she kept licking as he went back inside, displacing even more of the girl cream. She had to lick Amy's asshole to get it, and the girl gasped when she felt te tongue licking her most forbidden place.

“Did you like that, Amy?” Ari asked her, then grinned as she placed a finger over the girl's crinkled back door. Amy couldn't speak, too shocked by Ari's actions to protest, so Ari continued and inserted her finger two knuckles deep and kept licking. Amy could do nothing except gasp with pleasure at the things she was feeling.

“She likes it, Rob.” Ari smiled at him. “Perhaps you should take the last of her virginitys?”

“Good idea.” Rob smiled back. “But you first.”

“What?” Ari gasped. “Not me! Not back there! I never said I liked it that way; this is about Amy!”

“I disagree, Ari.” Rob said. “This has ALWAYS been about you. This has been about proving to YOU your slutty nature. Amy has admitted hers right from the very beginning, when I walked in on her in the shower. She even volunteered to suck me off this morning. You had to be cajoled and shown what to do.”

“I'm sorry!” she said desperately, holding both hands over her nethers. “Please, not there! Do me the right way again, and you can finish inside me this time. I want to be pregnant with your baby; I really do! I'll... I'll marry you! Our baby will have your last name and everything!”

He looked at her. “You'd have my baby instead of losing your anal cherry?”

“Yes!” she said desperately. “Please? Anything but doing it that way!”

“Okay.” Rob agreed. “You can carry my baby. I'd like to see you pregnant. Wife!”

“Oh, thank you, thank you!” Ari sobbed, relieved. She opened her legs for his hand as he began rubbing her pussy.

“First, though, I want to see Amy eat you out. Straddle her head and let her lick you, okay?”

“Okay!” she agreed, getting over Amy's head once the other girl had lay on her back. She felt Rob's cock sliding over her labia once more as Amy began licking her clit. “Ohh, I think I'm going to like this!”

“Really?” he asked, grinning, even though she couldn't see it.


“What do you mean, anything?” she asked, confused. “I never said anything!”

“Are you going to deny me something?” he asked, his tone of voice challenging her.

She shook her head. “You can have anything.” she told him.

“Good girl.” he said, and she smiled at the praise. “You are my very good girl.”

“Thank you.” she replied automatically, to the compliment.

“Thank you, sir!” he corrected her automatically. “I am your master now, and you should adress me with respect, don't you think?”

“Yes sir.” she said. “Will you forgive me, sir?”

“On one condition will I forgive you this transgression.” he told her. She swallowed hard, suddenly nervous.

“Anything, sir. Please forgive me?” she said meekly.

“You will have to give me something.” he told her.

“Yes sir.” she said, thoroughly cowed into submission. “Anything.”

“Good girl.” he said. “I'll be taking the last of your virginity.”

She grabbed her ass with both hands. “Sir?” she asked. “I thought you said I don't have to do that?!?”

“That was before you fucked up.” he replied. “Consider this to be your punishment, and let's have no further transgressions!”

“Yes sir.” she said, in a weepy tone of voice.

“Aww, don't sound so sad.” he told her. “I'm still going to marry you and put my child in your belly.” He turned her face to look at him with one finger on her chin. “Isn't that something you still want?”

She looked at him with hope in her eyes. “Yes, of course I still want that!” she told him. “What I don't want is the pain from doing anal!”

“What if you like it that way?” he asked. “Have you ever tried it, even one finger?”

She shook her head. “I've never touched myself at all; not even the right way. My parents forbid it, and I was a good girl, so I followed their commands”

“You're still a good girl, Ari.” he told her, caressing her shoulder in a very friendly way. She beamed a smile at him, and the love she felt for him increased in a significant proportion in that very moment. “Let Amy lick your asshole until it's ready to go in there, okay

“Let me do what?” Amy said, her tone indignant.

“You're going to lick her asshole and get her excited, slippery and loose enough for my cock to penetrate her.” Rob smiled at his sister.

“I'm going to WHAT?” Any gasped, shocked to the core.

“Rob, I'm not gay!” Amy protested.

“Neither am I.” Rob replied with a smile. “I'm not ASKING you to fuck her; I'm TELLING you to eat her asshole.”

“No!” Amy said. “I'm not doing it! That's gross!”

Rob looked at her in disbelief. “You licked her pussy with no hesitation, even fingered her butt no problem, but licking her asshole to get her wet enough for me to fuck it is too gross?”

Amy blushed. “You make what I just did sound dirty and ridiculous!” she said, affronted. “For your information, hers was not the first pussy I've ever licked! Andrea Miller and I have fooled around several times.”

“Really? What else have you guys done?” he asked. “Anyone else you guys fooled around with?”

“Well, I've only messed around with her, but she's done it with a few others.” Amy said. “Like I said, I'm not gay, but Andrea might be, even though she doesn't want to be.”

“Has she ever been with a guy?” Rob asked. “I've never heard any locker talk rumors about her...”

“No, she's never even kissed a guy before.” Amy said. “She would if asked, though. I think she'd even go all the way on a first date, if the guy showed interest, however.”

“Any of you other friends like that?” he asked, grinning. “I've got some guy friends who would like to get laid...”
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