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Trying something different, and want to try my hand at a continuing series. First few chapters are here. Let me know what you think.
I was enjoying a cool hike in the nature preserve near my house, when I heard a tiny voice calling for help. I searched for the voice in the brush, and soon found it. A tiny figure, tangled in twigs and spider web, struggled for freedom.

I knelt down and carefully picked it up, taking care not to crush it. "Hey. I'm here to help. Hold still so I can get you free." It apparently understood me and stopped wiggling. As I freed it, I could not believe my eyes.

Standing at his full height of maybe three or four inches tall, with wide, gossamer wings, was a tiny male fairy. I held him in my hand and watched as he picked off the remaining bits stuck to him.

Finally, he finished, cleared his throat, and extended his hand. In his piping voice, he said, "Hi! I'm Jonjacobjingleheimerschmitt Hisnameismynametoo. You can call me Dick, for short."

Stunned, I asked, "How do you get Dick from Jonjacobjingleheimerschmitt Hisnameismynametoo?"

The tiny man looked at me squarely and said, "Well, you just ask nicely." He paused for a moment, looking blankly, before he cracked a smile and started laughing. He fell over laughing at his own joke, and took a few moments before he could compose himself.

"Well, you helped me," he said when he started breathing regularly again, "so I'm going to help you. No strings attached." He pointed at the shredded web when he said that last part. "Sound good?"

I just nodded dumbly, expecting to wake up in a straight jacket soon. I'm a young guy, fairly straightforward and grounded, and it sure seemed a nice place to finally go completely insane, it seemed.

"Great! I'm going to give you a bit of fairy magic. Yeah, it'll be great." He drew a tiny knife and cut himself, drawing a tiny droplet of blood. He coated the blade in it, then stabbed me in the hand.

"Ouch!" I shouted as I jerked away. He caught himself midair and lightly landed on a branch about head height to me.

"There ya go, buddy. Now you can enjoy a bit of fairy power. When you will it, folks will be a lot more agreeable. It won't make them mindless slaves, but will make them more willing to do things they already would be willing to do, even if that willingness is buried deep. Afterwards, they'll just have warm and fuzzy memories of anything even happening, as if a half remembered dream."

Rubbing my hand, I asked, "What's the catch, Dick?"

"No catch. You helped me, so we're even."

"Okay, but where's the speech about great power and great responsibility? Or telling me not to abuse this gift?"

Dick laughed and said, "Oh, none of that nonsense here, bucko. This is fairy magic. What's the point of having fairy magic if you can't abuse it? Just be careful, because if someone knows they're being manipulated, it becomes harder to do. So no blabbing about it, but only because it makes the magic stop working. Abuse the hell out of it though."

With very little else, Dick flitted away and was soon lost in the foliage. The only thing I had to show myself I wasn't crazy was the mark on my hand, already looking like a tiny scar.

As I left the preserve, the weather had started to turn. I decided to take the bus home, but as the bus pulled up to the stop, I realized I had no money. The driver looked impatient as I explained, "I don't have any money, but my stop isn't far. I just want to stay out of the rain."

He looked grumpy, and I put on my best "charming" face. Slowly the grumpy look faded into a smile as he said, "Sure, kid. This one is on me." He flicked his thumb back, indicating that I could have a seat.

"Maybe I'm not crazy," I thought as I took a seat. I mean, free bus fare isn't too far fetched. "I wonder what I can get away with now."


The bus pulled away, and I hurried home, getting in the door just as the sky opened up. My dad was watching baseball in the den and having a beer. He was a retired baseball player and now he sold cars. Well, he owned several dealerships, but same thing, right? I sat down to join him, and decided test my luck.

"Hey, dad. Toss me a beer?"

He seemed to hesitate a moment, then reached into his mini-fridge to grab a can before tossing it my direction. "Sure thing, champ. How was the hike?"

We chatted a bit, cheered his team, and had a couple more beers, when my mom walked in. Mom was a lawyer, mostly helping charities get set up. She saw my beer and looked at dad. "Jonathan, what do you think you are doing?"

Dad replied, slightly slurred, "Watching the game and having a beer with my son. Is that a crime, Beth?"

I could see mom was mad, and I didn't want them to erupt into a shouting match, so without thinking, I interrupted, "Hey, mom. Why don't you sit with me and watch the game?"

She pondered for a moment, then said, "I guess that would be nice." I expected her to sit next to me, but to my surprise she sat sideways in my lap, leaning against the end of the couch with her arms wrapped around my neck. This had the effect of putting her luscious breasts right in my face. I was keenly aware of how low cut her shirt was.

It had a fairly instant effect on me, as blood rushed to my member. I had never thought of her as anything but my mother before, but the beer was loosening me up, and I saw mom was a very sexy woman, especially after two kids and nearly two decades of marriage.

I started squirming a bit to get more comfortable, and mom noticed. "Honey, are you okay? You're acting like you're getting a-" She stopped as she felt my stiff member press into her hip through my pants. "Oh. Did I give you that?"

Embarrassed, I said, "Yeah. I'm sorry. If you could just help me out I can take care of it." I just intended to adjust myself as she moved, but that's not what happened.

She smiled mischievously, "Help you out? I'd love to help you out." Mom started grinding her butt on my bulging pants, to my enjoyment. Her hips swayed, bouncing her breasts in my face. Dad ignored us and cheered for the game, so he missed mom pulling her top and bra off, and putting my hand on them. She put my other hand on her rump, where I could feel the firmness of it as she grinded on me.

"Mom, you're so fucking hot. Your tits are fantastic."

"Oh? You're not so bad yourself. It's been a while since I was lusted after by a teenager."

"With your body, mom, I seriously doubt that. You are incredibly sexy."

She smiled and stood, before kneeling down in front of me. "You say the sweetest things." She undid my belt and fly, then reached into my pants to pull out my engorged cock. "My, my. You mean all of this is because of me?"

She began to stroke me, smearing my precum along my head and shaft. She then leaned forward and slipped my cock between her breasts. The milky smooth skin felt amazing on my shaft, and as she rocked back and forth, squeezing her arms against her chest, she put the head in her mouth.

Her lips and tongue lapped against my dick, and her saliva slicked her tits as my dick slipped in and out of her cleavage. I knew I wasn't going to last long. I could feel myself tettering on climax.

Three sounds dominated the room. My dad watching the game a few feet away, the rain pounding away outside, and mom slurping at my dick.

"Mom. Mom, I'm gonna cum."

"Do it, baby. Cum for momma."

My first spurt came with force, hitting her chin and stretched to her cheek. The next came across her neck, and the last few coated the tops of her breasts.

"Wow, all of that for little ol' me? I'm flattered," She said, before using her finger to wipe the cum from her chin and cheek. She popped it in her mouth with a satisfied sigh.

From upstairs I heard my sister Annie shout, "Hey, when will dinner be ready?"

Mom licked another glob of cum from her finger while smiling at me. She shouted, "Soon, dear. I was just watching the game with your dad and brother."

She gathered her top and walked out of the den. Dad turned as the game wrapped up. "That was great, wasn't it? Total blowout!"


Dinner was interesting. Nobody acted like anything had happened, though mom did seem to look at me a bit more, and for a bit longer. Dad talked about the game, mom talked about work, and I didn't really listen to Annie. She had a long history of being a pesky little sister, and that hadn't let up as we got older.

Later that evening I was in our shared bathroom getting ready to shower, when like clockwork Annie started pounding on the door. "Hey, hurry up! I need to take a shower, too."

Angrily, I replied, "I literally just got in here."

"So? Hurry up!"

I wrapped a towel around me and opened the door. "Why don't you just shower with me if you're so impatient?"

Annie hesitated for a moment to think it over, then said, "Actually that sounds good." She pushed past me and pushed the door closed. She neatly hung her towel and stripped down right there. Our bathroom, unlike mom and dad's master bathroom, was fairly small, and I realized how close I was standing to my stark naked sister.

Dumbfounded, I watched her brush her hair and get ready as the shower warmed up. I saw that my annoying twerp of a sister wasn't such a twerp anymore. She was sexy as hell, her waist flaring out into very shapely hips, and perky breasts, that while they were no match for mom, hinted at things to be. Her body was hairless, other than a small patch on her mound.

"See anything you like?" She asked with a smirk. I had been caught red handed. "Here, can't shower with this on." She tugged my towel loose and put it on a hook near the shower door. She looked at my erection, then at the standing shower. With a smile, she looked up at me and said, "I think this will be a tight squeeze, but we can make it work."

She stepped into the shower and beckoned me to follow. As I stepped in, she pulled the door closed. The shower, built for one, did not leave much room to move. Annie pressed in close to me, her head coming up to just below my chin. She spread her legs momentarily before closing them again, trapping my erection between her thighs. "Mmmm, a VERY tight squeeze."

She reached behind me and came back with a sponge and some body wash. "Well, we're going to have to help each other out. You know, wash each other. I'll do you, then you can do me, *big* brother." She emphasized "big" by squeezing her thighs together.

She soaped the sponge, and started rubbing me down. I was covered in suds, but she continued to clean me, lingering occasionally. I realized she had put the sponge away and was rubbing my wet naked body with her hands, in particular squeezing my butt forward. This had the effect of pulling me into her and rubbing the top of my shaft against her clit.

She shuddered for a moment with her eyes closed. When she stopped, her eyes opened and she looked up at me. "Oh, I guess you're all clean now." She backed up slightly, releasing my dick from her control. "Time for you to do me."

She ran her fingers over her perky tits, pinching her nipples between her fingers. "Would you prefer the front?" She turned, running her hands down her shapely behind, "or would you rather do me from behind?"

I grabbed a sponge in one hand, and Annie in the other. I held her back pressed to my chest as I covered her tits, abdomen, and vulva with soapy suds. I planted kisses along her neck and shoulder while she rocked her hips against my iron hard cock.

Annie reached out and knocked the sponge away, then guided my hand back to her slick pussy. She pressed my hand with hers, and lifted a leg as I explored deeper. I drove two fingers into her tight cunt as she spread her legs further. Soon both feet were off of the floor as I held her tightly against me and finger fucked her tiny twat.

"Ah, fuck. Fuck me, oh God. You feel so good inside me." She called out.

I whispered in her ear, "whose pussy is this?"

She cried, "it's yours. I'm yours. I want to be your slut. Only yours. I want you inside me all the time. I've dreamed about this for a long time. I want to worship your cock."

"You want my cock?" I asked, still furiously pumping her snatch with my fingers.

"Yes. God yes. Can I have your cock please? I'm on fire and I need it!"

"Oh, you need my cock, yeah? Where do you need my cock most? Here in your pussy?" As I asked, I gave her a squeeze. "Maybe here in your ass?" I rubbed my slick fingers against her anus, illiciting a moan. "Or do you want to taste it?" I stuck my pussy soaked fingers in her mouth and let her suck my fingers clean of her juices.

"I want… I want to taste it. I want to swallow your cum while you lick my pussy clean."

I turned the shower off and carried Annie across the hall to my bedroom. She grabbed our towels as we passed, and we dried off enough to not soak the sheets before we attacked each other, tongues battling for supremacy in each other's mouths.

She pushed me down onto my bed. She swung her leg over to straddle my chest, and looked back at me with a grin. She wiggled her ass at me. "What are you waiting for? A written invitation?"

I pulled her hips to my face and started licking up the juices draining from her pussy. "Oh fuck, your tongue feels even better than your fingers!" She pressed herself fully against my mouth, and set off with a cry as her body began to shudder. I licked up her cumming pussy until she fell forward.

I slowed down to give her time to recover, just kissing her clit and lips lightly, tasting her gently.

She stirred, and I felt her grip my cock and seemed to be examining it. She pumped it slowly and looked at it from every angle. She caressed my dick, held it gently against her face, and toyed with it. She wasn't trying to make me cum. She seemed to just be taking a moment to enjoy it.

We lay there, softly enjoying each other's sex for a while, until my dick was drawn into a soft, warm, and wet place. At first she just suckled on the tip and let her hands do the work. A fresh surge of blood seemed to rush to my dick, and she noticed my dick growing harder in her hands.

She took more into her mouth, and began gently fucking me with her lips and tongue. Her one hand gripped the base of my cock as the other caressed my balls. The room was filled with gurgling and slurping sounds as the storm carried on outside.

I pulled her tightly against me again and started tonguing her tight anus. I felt her try to moan around my cock in her mouth. Her legs gave out as she collapsed onto my face. Her pussy was against my chin as I licked her freshly cleaned asshole, and her body felt like a ragdoll on top of me.

Her mouth kept up, however, and I felt my balls tightening. She noticed, too. She tried to take more of my cock into her, and I felt the head of my dick reach the back of her mouth, then squeeze into her throat. She pressed until her nose was pressed into my balls.

My hips rocked quickly, and my orgasm built as I throat fucked Annie. Her fingers dug into my thighs, and I could only think of giving her every bit of cum I could spare. I pumped into her a few more times before the floodgates opened.

My first few spurts went down her throat, and I could feel her trying to swallow. It was too much, and she pulled away with a gasp. Her hands pumped away, prolonging my orgasm. She tried catching it in her mouth, swallowing with a satisfied moan each time.

Finally I was empty, and she licked up any cum she missed. When she was satisfied, she moved up, cuddled against me, and pulled a blanket over us. Her head rested on my shoulder, and soon after she was fast asleep.

I lay there, idly touching her hip, when I heard a tiny throat clear. I turned to see Dick sitting on my desk. It was hard to tell in the dim light, but he seemed to be smiling.

"So, how was your first day of magic?" He asked excitedly.

"It was crazy. You said it would make them more agreeable. You didn't mention it making people want to fuck me. What's up with that?"

"What can I say? Fairy magic is wild magic. Blessings affect everyone differently. One guy years ago wanted to be a successful business man. It didn't work out, but a bunch of people *believed* he was. Hell, if enough people believe something like that he could be president or something if he wanted to. Not a good one, but still."

I interrupted him before he went too far off the subject. "So wild magic makes people want to fuck me? That seems too much."

"No, no. Wild magic doesn't *make* anyone want to do anything. We can't mess with free will. But it seems in your case, if someone has some buried desire to fuck you, it comes bubbling up. Fairy magic is weird, man."

"Okay, so I'm not going to get hounded everywhere I go, right?"

"Hounded? Nah. I mean, probably not. Maybe? Fuck, I don't know, dude. But it's not like you can't just use your blessing to politely turn them away."

Thunder from the storm rolled through the room, and when it faded, Dick was nowhere to be seen. Annie stirred momentarily, and her hand found its way to my softened cock. She purred contentedly against me as she slept.

Before drifting to sleep, I though, "Wild magic, huh? This may get complicated."


2021-11-06 20:40:05
I have the next set of chapters ready, but it's a bit of world building with only one sexy bit, so I'll get ch 7-9 done and publish them back to back.


2021-11-06 15:35:54
Pretty good. One could even say it was "wild," haha.


2021-11-05 10:57:29
I enjoyed that story so much fun!

Trib FanReport 

2021-11-05 10:25:34
Kind of a fun fantasy....
I doubt that a sequel is needed as they are never as interesting as the first installment.

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