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A man gains the power of being unseen, how will he use it?
They say, people who wish for the power of flight are good and those who wish for invisibility are evil. This story follows the journey of a good man who’s granted the power of invisibility.

George had been standing at a busy intersection, when an old woman with a walker ambled into onrushing traffic. George sprung into action, with barely a thought, stepped into the road, wrapped his arms around the woman’s waist and yanked her backwards and to the side, they both tumbled to the ground next to the curb, George cushioning her fall with his body, the truck came to a screeching halt 40 feet down the road. The woman’s walker was now a crumpled twist of aluminum piping, lodged under it. George’s laptop bag had gone directly beneath the heavy vehicles tires and was flattened beyond repair.

The old woman rolled off George’s chest, he helped her to her feet, a few people looked on, asking if they were okay. The old woman smiled at George and placed the palm of her hand on his chest. She seemed to thank him in a language he didn’t understand, Italian maybe, he thought or Greek, he really didn’t know and his guesses were wrong regardless. Her smile was one of clear thanks and a glimmer in her eye hinted at a bit of mischief. Her hand felt odd on his chest, like a warmth, at the time he passed it off as the adrenaline rushing through his heart from the near death experience. She stood and dusted herself off as George walked over to retrieve his laptop bag, opening it and looking inside to see broken plastic and bits of laptop. By the time he turned back toward the woman, she was gone. The feeble old woman had disappeared into the crowd.

He didn’t know how, but George knew that the woman he’d saved had gifted him with magic, or perhaps cursed him with magic. He didn’t realize anything was odd until he’d gotten up the next day, taken a shower and while washing his chest, noticed something written on his skin. Like a tattoo, half hidden under the hair on his chest. It looked like a word, but he couldn’t make it out. He got out of the shower and stood in front of the mirror to get a better look. In small print, written so that it was correct in the mirror, was the word “arcanus”. He’d uttered the word out loud that first time reading it. Wondering what it meant. How it got there. Eventually remembering the old ladies hand on his chest and the strange feeling. He would go on to learn the meaning of the word, and the gift given to him. Hidden. Whenever he uttered that word, he became hidden to the world of man. To him, he remained as visible as ever, with no noticeable change. But the world around him ignored him as if he didn’t exist. To rejoin the living, he only needed to utter the word once again.

At first, George didn’t know what to do with his new power. It took him several days before he came to understand it. That first day, he’d gone to work, without anyone noticing him. Nobody said good morning when he entered the office. Nobody paid any attention to him the entire day. His emails left unread and unresponded to. He stood next to his buddies' cubicle asking him to go out to lunch only to be completely ignored. Eventually getting angry enough to shout at his friend. No response. Nobody even looked his way. That’s the moment that he realized something was definitely not right. He went through a series of hand waves, gestures, moving his friend’s keyboard out from under his hands, trying to get his attention. But still, nothing. Finally, he poked his friend in the hand with a pencil. That got a reaction, his friend finally realized George was standing there. “What the fuck did you do that for?” he yelled, holding his hand. George apologized profusely, and the second his buddy looked away, he’d seemed to have forgotten about George’s existence. Rubbing his hand for a moment before getting up and heading for lunch.

George wandered off, stunned by the revelation that people didn’t seem to notice him. He tried the same experiment with other people in the office, with the same results, nobody paid him any mind, unless he hurt them. At which point they’d see him, but it didn’t last long before he’d become “invisible” to them once again. He found himself in the men’s room, his shirt unbuttoned, staring at the word on his chest. Some other colleagues came and went while he was there, paying him no attention of course. Upon uttering “arcanus” once again, everything changed. “Are you alright George?” a co-worker asked, seeing him standing at the mirror with his shirt half opened. George apologized and quickly buttoned up his shirt. The method of his new found powers slowly dawned on him over the remainder of the day.

Over the next few weeks, George became emboldened to take advantage of his powers. At first, it was simple things like walking out of the convenience store without paying for his coffee. Nobody seemed to notice. He ramped it up to a grocery cart full of food. He also found that it wasn't helpful to be “invisible” when he called people or needed to order food. People would answer the phone, but not hear anything he said, and hang up. He could stand in line, but nobody took his order or served him.

It wasn’t until his third day with the new powers that George tried anything “daring”. He uttered the word and walked into the women’s bathroom at a fast food establishment. The woman he bumped into as he opened the door, ignored him and walked past. He stood inside for a moment as another woman washed her hands at the sink. He walked up next to her and used the sink beside her. She didn’t pay him any mind. He worried that cameras would catch him and that if he did anything truly heinous, someone would review the video tape and he’d be caught. But no cameras in a bathroom, so… he waited until he saw an attractive woman enter a stall. She was blonde and young and as she went to close the stall door, he caught it with his hand. She made a few more attempts to close it, then gave up and began to unzip her jeans. George cracked the door open and peered in at her as she hovered over the toilet. She didn’t seem to notice the man staring directly at her. Not being into water sports, George turned and left, having realized the girl didn’t notice him staring at her as she lowered her panties and jeans. And of course, forever etched in his mind, the image of her smooth bald slit. This image burned through him for days and eventually put him on his current path.

George walked the mall, invisible, just wandering, he’d snagged a few items he wanted and put them in a shopping bag he’d helped himself to from behind a sales counter. He’d even pulled a couple of 20s out of a drawer as a salesperson rang up a customer. To be careful, George wore a ski mask. Just in case video’s were reviewed. That’s when he saw them. A fit mom and her daughter, both in form fitting black yoga pants. They both had fit tight asses, the mother probably from a personal trainer and hitting the gym 3 to 5 days a week and the daughter, undoubtedly from the cheer squad emblazoned across her t-shirt. The mother’s top was a nice blouse, conservative but still displayed her shape and breasts nicely. The daughter’s tee was tied in a knot at her side, exposing her belly button and tight stomach. They clearly had money, each had a designer bag over the shoulder, and who else had children with washboard abs, but people who could afford to put their kids in dance and cheer classes for many hours a week.

George walked behind the two for a while, mesmerized by their bubble butts. It was clear that each wore thong underwear, or none at all. He felt his cock thicken in his jeans. He adjusted his cock, as he followed closely behind the mother and daughter, aiming his hardening cock down his right pant leg. Nobody paid any attention to him. Inspiration hit him, why not find out if they were wearing thongs, he thought. The two had stopped to look at some clothes on a rack at a store front. Slipping up behind them, George hooked a finger in the top of “Sarah”, the daughter’s, yoga pants and pulled them away from her ass. Looking down, he saw the top of her beige panties, close in color to her skin and the top of her smooth cute ass. The girl wiggled her ass a little, freeing her pants from his finger. She reached back and adjusted her waist band, but didn’t even bother to turn around.

George was emboldened and excited by his success. The mother was next. He reached out his left hand and pulled “Mommy’s” yoga pants downward, until the top of her ass crack was exposed. Her ass was gorgeous and smooth, but no panty was visible, he double checked to see if he’d hooked her panties along with the yoga pants, but no, it didn’t seem so. “Naughty girl!” he said out loud. Mommy reached back with both hands and readjusted her yoga pants, pulling them free of his grasp. She turned around and made a brief glance around the mall, seemingly not noticing him at all. His cock throbbed at the sexy sight of the two women’s bare asses.

He’d never done anything like this before. His mother and sister’s would be appalled if they knew he’d taken advantage of his new found powers to ogle women, objectifying them for their sexuality. But George’s cock was whispering in his ear, “I wonder if she’s displaying a camel toe?” the devil in his pants seemed to whisper. George circled in front of “Mommy” and squatted down as she lifted a top from the rack to inspect it. At the same time, George inspected the crease formed in the front of her yoga pants. Her flat stomach accentuated her pronounced pubis, but sadly, no camel toe was present. Not to be disappointed for long, George pulled up on the waist of her yoga pants, and there it was, two plump lips separated with a deep cleft in between. The mother squirmed a bit, from the front wedgie. Then his greatest fear happened.

“Mommy, what’s that man doing?” asked Sarah

An icy jolt went down George’s spine, he’d been caught with his hand in the cookie jar. His rock hard cock began to instantly deflate, and his bowels tightened. His eyes shot up to the two ladies. The daughter was looking toward her mother, but past her, and past George. Relief flooded through him as fast as the fear had. She was looking beyond her mother to a man at the next rack of clothes over. He was pretending to look at clothes, but really he was just squeezing his cock through his sweatpants while looking at the two sexy women.

Mommy quickly put the blouse back on the rack and ushered her daughter away from the store and down the mall gallery away from the pervert. George stood up and watched his ladies quickly walk away, their dual tight asses clenching sexily as they moved. He turned to their assailant. He was angered by this man, who would dare to scare “his women”. The irony being lost on him in his moment of rage. The man began to follow the two ladies, his sweatpants poking out from his erection. George noted in the back of his mind with pride that he, himself was much better endowed than this common pervert. He casually stuck a foot out and caught the man in mid stride as he passed George, he took one awkward step in a vain attempt to regain his balance, reaching out to the clothes rack to steady himself. George yanked the rack over and both the pervert and clothes rack crashed to the floor. George stepped back from the cacophony as a hundred pair of eyes all around the mall turned toward the man who was laying on his back with a rack of clothes on top of him.

George smiled with a satisfied grin and walked quickly away to catch up to his ladies. Store personnel rushed to the aid of the fallen man and toppled display. He didn’t think the man even got the chance to notice him. He gained on the two ladies who’d slowed their walk. The mother was fidgeting, her cameltoe wedgie was clearly bothering her, but she couldn’t bring herself to pull at her crotch in the middle of a crowded mall. She pulled her daughter’s arm and ducked into the next clothing store. George caught up with them as they made their way behind a clothing display.

“These damn yoga pants keep riding up” mumbled the mother.

“Mom, you have a huge cameltoe!” her daughter said, disparagingly.

George was able to get a first hand view as the mother pulled and tugged at her yoga pants to get them back in order. George, feeling emboldened, stepped up to her. “Let me help”, he slid his right hand straight inside her waistband as she held it open momentarily, his fingers curled so the backs of his knuckles pushed the crotch of the yoga pants downward and cupped her pussy in his palm. “Oh my god” he moaned, it was soooo smooth. The woman’s pussy was as bald and smooth as the proverbial baby’s bottom. It felt simply delicious. George’s cock leaked pre-cum on his thigh, the head of his cock well down the pant leg. His head actually grew light at the amazing feel of this woman’s utterly hairless and pliant labia and mons. He held his hand motionless, luxuriating in the feel of her pussy. George hadn’t held a pussy in his hand in over 2 months, since he stopped seeing that money grubbing bitch of an ex-girlfriend.

“Mommy” released her yoga pants and smoothed the fabric over the outside of George’s hand. He could clearly see his hand and fingers through the tight material.

“That’s better” she said, her voice seemed a little dusky.

“Um” her daughter Sarah muttered. She was looking at her mother’s crotch, not sure what to make of it.

“God damn that’s a nice pussy” George mumbled, he slipped his middle finger between the woman’s outer lips, finding it warm and a little moist inside.

“Look at this top” the mother said to her daughter, distracting the girl from her contemplation of her mother’s odd looking pubic mound. George stood to the woman’s right, his right hand held snugly between the woman’s legs. Her daughter stood to her left, turning to look at the clothes her mother pointed to. George worked his finger around inside the woman’s hot cleft. He felt her clit and rubbed it, she was getting wetter by the second. “Isn’t this one… unnnff… isn’t it...hoo….nice?” She had difficulty forming the sentence, as she unconsciously reacted to the unexpected pleasure emanating from between her legs.

Sarah looked at the blouse, it must have been made for a preschooler, why was her mother showing her this? She looked at her mother, with concern in her eyes. Her mother reached out and grabbed the rack with two hands, widening her feet and squatting downward, giving the unseen hand more leeway to fondle her tender bits. George was now rubbing her clit directly with his middle finger, side to side, working the tiny but firm peanut, using her slick fluids to help his finger glide over her.

“Oooooohhh…. Fuuuuggggg….” the woman started to shudder, on Georged’s hand. Her hips began to twitch as her orgasm approached. The woman’s eyes clenched shut as her pleasure mounted.

“Mommy! What’s wrong?” Sarah’s face was a mask of confusion and concern.

“Mommy’s ok….just…. Just give me a second...oooof… almost there…. Just a second baby.” she stuttered, trying to calm her child.

And then her hips rocked forward, quick thrusts of her hips as her climax crashed over her, standing in a store, with her daughter beside her, the woman had no idea why it happened, why this incredible pleasure played across her wanton pussy, but it did and she came in a huge orgasm. Her slick pussy juice coated Georges fingers and the front of her yoga pants.

Sarah held her mother’s arm and glanced about, embarrassed to see if anyone else in the store had seen her mother have a spontaneous orgasm in the children’s section of the store. Mommy was biting her own lip to keep from screaming out, she was usually a screamer and had to fight hard not to make an even bigger scene.

George pulled his fingers from her yoga pants, and slipped his middle finger into his mouth for a taste of this sexy mom. It was a clean sweet taste of pussy. The woman, still grasping the rack with two hands, lowered her head to the children’s clothes panting, trying to regain her breath. George wasn’t satisfied with that taste, he had to have some more, he quickly dropped in front of the woman again and pulled down the front of her yoga pants, the fabric stretched away, exposing her pale slick smooth cleft. He hooked his index and middle fingers inside her pussy and used them to pull her mound to his lips. He leaned in and ran his tongue up the length of her puffy wet lips. He took a couple of licks before the woman regained her composure and stood up. Moving her pussy away from George.

The daughter stared open mouth at her mother’s bare pussy. “Mom!” her eyebrows raised and she made an exaggerated look downward.

The still flushed mother glanced down and quickly pulled up her sopping yoga pants. George stood up, his huge cock was painfully hard down his pant leg and the smell of pussy fresh on his lips.

“I’m ok, I’m ok” the mother said, trying to placate Sarah’s shocked and concerned look. “Nobody saw.. I’m sorry, I don’t know what came over me.”

“You don’t have any panties on!” gasped the daughter. Sarah’s deeply confused look inspired George to do something. He reached up and rubbed the two wet fingers he'd just had in “Mommy’s” pussy, across the young girl’s lips. Her lips glistened with her mother’s thick clear fluids. Unconsciously, her tongue licked across her lips, which was followed by her eyes widening briefly at the unexpected taste of pussy. Her nostrils flared, the heady smell of pussy fresh on her upper lip. She’d been playing with her own pussy for a little while now, and enjoyed her own taste and smell, and now, here in this store, for no apparent reason, she was tasting and smelling pussy on her lips.

Mommy was calming down, having recovered from her unexpected public orgasm. But Sarah was far from calm, having witnessed her mother cum in a store and now smelling pussy with every breath, she was far from calm.

Sarah once again glanced down at her mother’s wet crotch..”um Mom, maybe we should go to the bathroom”. Her mother glanced down.

“Oh dear, yes, maybe we should”

George followed the two into the nearest mall bathroom. There was only one other woman in there, and she was washing her hands as they entered. Sarah wasn’t the only one flustered, George needed relief as well.

Mommy dragged her daughter into the handicap stall, George was able to follow behind and make it through the door before they closed and latched it. It was quite spacious and aside from the toilet the stall had its own sink.

“You look like you peed your pants mom!” Sarah said, her tongue subconsciously licked again at the pussy juice on her upper lip.

George opened his jeans and pulled out his painfully hard cock. Clear pre-cum dripped from the end. He was almost ready to explode as he gripped the shaft in his girl cum covered hand.

“I’ll show you a trick.” the mother said to her daughter. She stepped out of her heels as her daughter watched. Both women were oblivious to the man stroking his large cock just 3 feet away from them.

Mommy quickly stripped out of her yoga pants and turned toward the sink, showing George her gorgeous bare ass. George wasn’t the only one staring at Mommy’s smooth bubble butt.

“If you make the entire pants wet, nobody will be able to tell.” said the mother educationally to her daughter.

George was so close to cumming, and Sarah remained entranced, staring at her mother’s ass and licking her pussy juice off her lips. George stepped up to the girl as his orgasm approached, he pulled her yoga pants away from her bare midriff, pulling her panties away as well. Like mother, like daughter, Sara’s pussy was bare and smooth as well. “Oh my fucking god!” gasped George, he bent his legs, pulled the girl's panties downward and nudged his big bulbous cockhead right against her bare slit.

Cum exploded from his cock, painting the young girl's cunt with thick hot man cum. His cock head nuzzled deep in her cleft filled both slit and the gusset of her panties with his second rope of jizz. Sarah quivered and tried to back away from the unexpected feeling against her pussy, but George’s fist full of panties and yoga pants held her firm. He finished pumping the rest of his cum over her soft smooth mound and all over the inside of her yoga pants and panties. Gasping and panting, he let go and staggered backwards against the stall.

Sarah’s mother, nude from the waist down, had just finished wringing out her yoga pants as best she could. “...and then you just put them back on.” She stopped and stared at her daughter. Sarah was holding the front of her yoga pants open and looking down in a daze.

“Not you too?” it was Mommy’s turn to be concerned.

Sarah just glanced up at her mother, wide eyed, cum slid down her bald mound to collect with the rest, pooling at her slit and soaking into the crotch of her pants. All she could do was shake her head in confirmation.

George’s breath was coming back to him, he held his softening cock in hand, watching the concerned mother finish stepping into her now uniformly wet yoga pants. Sarah pulled her cum filled pants up, trying to see if she would look ok. It wasn’t going to work. George had hosed her down with a huge cum shower, there was no hiding the growing wet spot that was growing down her thighs.

Mommy pulled up the back of her pants over her glorious ass globes and then turned to help her daughter. “You’re going to have to take yours off too. Mommy will wash them, it will be okay.” She said in her best caring mother tone. Sarah still seemed to be in a bit of a daze and began to slide her yoga pants down her thin legs. Her mound glistened from the sticky sheen of George’s cum. Sarah got her pants down to her ankles before realizing she should have taken her shoes off first.

“Here, let me help you with those”, said her mother, seeing her dilemma. She squatted in front of her daughter, her face less than a foot from Sarah’s cum covered pussy. She could smell the cum, which confused her, but she didn’t want to alarm her daughter.

George watched and wished the mother would lave his cum from her daughter’s pussy with her tongue. But that wasn’t likely, so he decided to help. He reached over the kneeling mother and slid a finger across the girls smooth pussy, collecting his cum and then brought it to Mommy’s lips as she looked and said “Baby, can you lift your right ….ggggfff” He stuck his cum covered finger between her lips and across her tongue, he barely pulled it out in time before she bit him. The mother shook her head, thinking a bug had flown into her mouth or something. She tasted salty cum, smacked her lips a few times and swallowed. “What the fuck?” regaining her composure, she helped her daughter out of her shoes, yoga pants and panties. She stood and brought them to the sink, leaving her sexy daughter to stand naked from the waist down.

Sarah grabbed some toilet paper and wiped her cum covered mound dry, and then ran more up between her plump lips, drying away George’s cum as best she could.

George watched the mother inspect her daughter's panties and yoga pants, she brought them to her face, sniffed them, and then stuck her tongue out and tasted the cum on the panties. Her look of confusion grew. She glanced over her shoulder, and watched her daughter, with a foot on the toilet, wipe away at her pussy with toilet paper. She shook her head, turned back to the sink and washed and wrung out the clothes.

Finally done, Mommy turned and handed Sarah the yoga pants, “Put these on.” she said, keeping the panties and putting them in her purse. George watched the sexy girl slide on the tight leggings. Both mother and daughter were now sporting impressive cameltoes in their wet leggings. His cock couldn’t help but start to thicken again.

Tucking his cock away for the moment, George decided to find out more about the two ladies, he pulled Mom’s wallet out of her purse while they put on their shoes, snapped a picture with his phone and then put it back. The two ladies walked out of the stall, their wet yoga pants clinging to their sexy asses.

George left a few moments later, he felt both guilt and elation at the experience he’d just had. This was the beginning of a path that led to greater and greater debauchery and darkness.

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2021-12-01 15:12:26
great story. cant wait for more of his adventures


2021-11-27 13:56:46
Fantastic story line, keep them and us cumming.


2021-11-24 07:17:25
A good premise of a story and we'll written. Will be looking forward to more of your work.

Norty OldmanReport 

2021-11-21 09:53:31
More please :)

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2021-11-21 09:53:05
More please :)

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