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I woke up the next morning with both a smile and a horny pussy. How is it that after getting fucked three times yesterday, I could still wake up wanting more?! Just replaying yesterday's events in my mind... the look of Ben's face when I was naked in front of him... I craved more!

I removed my sleeping mask and sat up in bed. I was still nude from having sex before going to bed, so I threw on some shorts and a t-shirt and looked out the window door that led to the backyard/pool. It was beautiful outside, and the weather forecasts it will be all week. I looked at myself in the mirror, and I have to admit... I looked hot, lol. Hair a little messed up, nipples poking hard against my t-shirt, baggy shorts... not necessarily conventionally sexy, but sexy never the less.

I walked out of my room to see if Ben was in the living room, but I could hear his games playing in the room he was staying in. I walked in and asked how he slept. He told me "I kept waking up, so I didn't get a lot of sleep". It didn't take long for him to notice my bra less t-shirt, as he paused the game to awkwardly stare. "I'm sorry to hear that" I replied. "I have sleeping pills you can take tonight, or would a sleep mask help?". He just kept looking at my tits (which I made sway by moving around a bit) and replied "nah, it's OK". I told him I was going to get a jump on my work, and that he could always take a nap if he wanted. I felt him staring at my ass again as I walked away.

Once in my office it was difficult to focus on my work. I kept thinking about ways to let Ben see me in various states of being undressed, without making it obvious I wanted him to see. I wasn't sure how I'd make it happen, but I figured I'd take any opportunity I could find! I had to force my self to stop thinking about it so that I could get work finished and actually act on it!

Once done I went to Ben's room, and he was on his bed looking at his tablet. He was so focused on what he was looking at that he didn't hear me walk up... and he had his cock in his hands. I slowly backed up so he wouldn't notice me, and once out of view I slipped my hand up my shorts and gave my pussy a quick rub. I didn't expect seeing his hard dick to turn me on so much! I didn't want to walk that way again and make him feel bad by catching him, so I went to my room to play with myself for a bit while thinking about what I just saw. My shorts were so loose around the legs that I could rub it easily... and then I realized that he could probably see my naked pussy easily if I laid just right.

So I went through the bathroom, and knocked on his door in the shared bathroom. He waited a second and then told me to come in. He was still on his bed with his tablet, but he had his dick put away (although his erection was still very evident). I asked how he was doing, and he stared at my tits again and said he was good. I jokingly asked, "what are you looking at on the tablet, naked girls?". He turned red and said "no, just gaming stuff.". I looked at him with a smile and said "It's OK, it's normal for guys to look at porn online. There's no need for you to be embarrassed by it... it'd be weird if you didn't look at stuff like that, actually". He looked at me and said "I guess". I said "I was just teasing you, I fully expect you to look at stuff like that. It's not like you're a little kid. All adults look at stuff like that, and all adults masterbate". He looked at my face a little shocked when I said that last part. I smiled at him and said "yes, girls do too. Never feel guilty about any of that". He smiled at me at stared at my nipples trying to poke through my t-shirt.

"Anyway" I said as I sat on his bed, "I was going to ask if you could help me with my left leg... it gets sore and needs to be stretched and rubbed sometimes. Would you mind helping me out?". He looked at my shorts and said "sure, no problem" with a small grin. I scooted back on the bed so my upper body was against the wall (making sure all the slack from my shorts was pulled to one side... making it easy to gap wide, which I pretended not to notice but I could see he did). I said "just push and pull the leg around slowly, but not to far that it hurts... I'll let you know if it does". He looked at me a bit confused and said "just move it around?". I said "yeah, like stretch it different ways, rotate it, stuff like that". He grabbed my leg (which instantly turned me on, because I knew the next step was him looking at my pussy) and said "sure".

Of course the first thing he did was stretch my leg apart, which led to a fast open view of my naked pussy. It didn't take long for him to notice, as his eyes darted between my legs and staid there. The shorts were gaping so much I could feel the cool air on my pussy... I knew the shorts weren't obstructing his view at all, and he was clearly liking it. I felt so slutty, letting him spread my legs so he could look at my pussy... all while pretending I had no idea. I could see in his eyes he was looking at my pussy while moving my leg around in different ways so he could manipulate my pussy lips. I pulled out my phone and said something about checking today's news... but I just wanted him to think I was distracted so he could look at my pussy without concern of being caught.

He started to bend my knee and push forward a bit, which I could feel make my pussy open up a bit. I kept staring at my phone and said "that feels good, go ahead and push hard like that". He didn't even look up at me, he just did it while keeping his eyes on the prize... and I could feel my pussy gap open, and I knew he had a great (and now closer view). I put my phone on silent, and snuck a picture to send to Peter. You could see in the picture that Ben was holding up my leg and looking down at my gaping shorts, and I sent it with the caption 'no panties '. Peter replied back and said "Mmmm you're such a good little slut tease".

I figured it had probably gone on to long, although he didn't seem to want to stop for some reason... I said "Thanks, that really helped a lot". He said "no problem, anytime... just let me know". I told him I appreciated that. I said I was going to get in the hot tub and asked if he wanted to join me. He said he would and then paused and said "which bathing suit are you going to wear?". I actually hadn't thought about it, but decided to have some fun with it. I said "good question, let me see. Go ahead and change into your bathing suit, and I'll see if I can pick one out". I left his door and my door to the shared bathroom open, leaving a straight path as I went into my room. It took him no time at all to change into his swim shorts, and walk over and ask if I figured it out.

I held up the first bathing I tried on in the dressing room, and the third one... "I'm not sure which one to try out first" I said, knowing he would suggest the first one, because it barely contained my tits. "Hmmm... "He said, as if he didn't know which one he'd pick. "Probably the first one". I acted nonchalant about it and said "OK, I'll meet you out there". I started to lift up my shirt, but he was still standing there, so I paused and jokingly said with a smile "go on, you little perv" and giggled. He smiled and went out the glass door to the backyard.

Once I got out there, he was already in the hot tub. I walked up to the hot tub (careful not to move to quickly and have my tits exposed before I even got in), and slowly sat down across from Ben. "Ahhh... that'll help get the soreness out" I said as I settled in. I could see he was looking at my top, I'm sure hoping my boobs would fall out again. Ben said "this is really nice.... how often do you guys use the hot tub?". I said "at least a few times a week... whenever we're sore or just want to relax". I looked down at my top, seeing it was barely containing my nipples. "This is the first time I've worn a bathing suit in the hot tub... it's usually just Peter and I, so we don't usually bother putting one on. Ben smiled and said "feel free to go all natural, I won't mind". I smiled back and said "no way, Peter would kill me" and laughed. "You got lucky you got to see my tits pop out in the dressing room, that was enough". Ben smiled, knowing he saw a lot more than that, but didn't think I knew. I also knew I would "accidentally" fall out of my top again soon... I was just biding my time.

Ben was quite for a bit, and suddenly said "Diana, can I ask... ah, never mind". Of course I wasn't going to let that go, I was way to curious. "It's OK Ben, you can ask me anything.... what is it?" Ben looked at me for a few seconds and said "you said girls masterbate... but do they do it as often as guys?" I smiled and said "honestly, not as often as most guys, but we do still enjoy it from time to time". Ben looked down and then back up to me and asked "how often do you?". I wasn't quite prepared for him to ask me that, but I did say he could ask me anything... I said "well... I probably shouldn't say this to you, but between the two of us... I do it a lot more often than most girls... I have a really high sex drive, and get aroused easily... and Peter's not usually around, so...". I paused and said "I really shouldn't be telling you this... but I know it'll stay between us".

Ben smiled, and I noticed he was rubbing his crotch under the bubbles... it wasn't clear, but I could tell. I asked him "so... I told you about me... how often do you masterbate?". He sheepishly smiled and shrugged, then said "a few times here and there". I didn't want to embarrass him, so I told him "most guys your age do it multiple times a day... nothing to be ashamed of". I paused and then said "matter of fact, just between us, I did it this morning". I smiled, and he smiled back and said "I did too". I lifted my hand and said "Hi five", and he responded with a high five, and when he snacked my hand, I allowed my tits to pop out of my bikini to again... all it took was a little bounce. I acted like I didn't notice at first, while Ben obviously stared. I then looked down and said "when did that happen?". Ben smiled and said just now during our high five. I looked back down and saw one boob was completely out, and the other had just the nipple peek out. I blatantly hesitated to cover up while pointing out the "accident", saying "well, I guess you get to see them one more time" and giggled. He laughed as well while never taking his eyes off of my chest. I said "OK, that's enough" while slowly adjusting to cover them up. As I adjusted I said "I don't know why I bother, you've already seen them a couple times now", as I finally got them both covered.

Ben was quick to reply to that, and said "I don't mind if you want to go topless. You did mention that you usually use the hot tub nude" with a witty smirk. I looked at him and said "True, but I can't be in here without my top while you're in here with me! Peter would freak" Been smiled, but also looked a bit disappointed. "Although" I said, "you have already seen my tits twice now... so maybe it doesn't matter at this point... as long as Peter doesn't know". Ben looked at me and said "It's settled then, let them free". I laughed and said "i guess.. I shouldn't... but fuck it.... it's just tits" and I removed the top. Ben looked like he was the happiest I've ever seen him as my tits were bare in front of him with my blessing. He said "yes, hi five" and lifted his hand in the air, and I in turn did the same. I said "I'm sure this goes without saying, but this is another secret between us... Peter would be upset that I'm showing you my tits" (of course Peter wouldn't mind, he'll probably be turned on when I tell him... he loves when I'm slutty, which only encourages me). Ben smiled and said "of course... and thanks for showing me your tits!". I didn't mean to say I was "showing" my tits to him... I should have worded that differently, like "I went topless"... but it was too late now, and he seemed very happy, so I enjoyed knowing I was now "showing".

I asked him "what do you think of my tits? Are they too big or small? Are my nipples too big? As I lifted them toward him. He said he thought they were absolutely perfect... which I knew he really didn't have any real idea, what it was flattering regardless. I asked "have you ever thought about what my tits looked like before seeing them?". He shyly said "yeah... your nipples always poke through, so it's hard not to". We both laughed and after I moment I said "I can't believe I'm letting you stare at my tits!" To which he responded "me either, but I'm sure thankful!" With a grin. I said, "but don't get any crazy ideas. I'm not going to be getting naked or showing my pussy, ok?". He said, with a smirk "ok". He knew he had already seen me up and down... and I knew that I'd find ways to show him more, but that was my secret.

I gently rubbed my pussy under the water, making sure he couldn't see, while he stared at my tits... and I could tell he was rubbing himself as well... he wasn't as subtle, but you could tell he didn't think I noticed. Have you ever been so horny that it makes your face burn and your stomach in knots?... because that's how I was feeling, and it worried me a bit, because I didn't want things to go to far. I decided to sit on the side of the hot tub to cool off a bit, but by doing so gave more of an unobstructed view. "I need some cool air, but I'll let my leg soak" I said while sitting above him, leaving my left leg in the water, and pulling up my right leg. This of course spread my legs, putting my covered crotch into view.

I was feeling really turned on, and asked him "did you jerk off thinking about my tits after you saw them?. He got quiet and looked down, and then looked up at me and quietly said "yeah". I knew he had of course, but hearing him say it to me while looking at my tits... it just made my pussy ache really hard. I gave him a reassuring smile and said "that's OK... it's flattering really... I'd probably be a bit upset if you said no". He relaxed, and I felt like he was finally realizing he didn't have to worry about upsetting me. He smiled and said "it wasn't the first time I thought about you while doing it... but those tits sure helped me!" I was a bit surprised by his blunt honesty, but very glad to hear it. "I'm glad I could help" and jokingly said, "make sure to make a good mental note for later" while wiggling my chest. He said "I am!" As he, without shame, looked me up and down.

He started staring at my crotch again, I'm sure thinking about the view he had earlier while stretching my leg. I tried to lighten things up a bit, and said "I see you looking toward my pussy, which is fine, but that's staying covered" in a joking tone. He looked up at my face and said "is it OK if I get a closer look, as long as it's covered?". I wasn't expecting that, and it threw me off because I just said it was fine to look... and I didn't want to make him feel like he did anything wrong. I said "sure... as long as it's covered... but," He scooted between my legs and interrupted me by saying "It's our secret?". I looked down as he openly stared at my covered pussy up close and said "exactly".

I knew he had seen my pussy earlier, yet he was closely studying my crotch as much as he could. I looked down on him (who never stopped exploring me with his eyes) and said "wow... you really want to see my pussy, don't you?". Without looking away he said nodded yes, and then said "Is that ok?". I got really flustered, and wanted to pull the bottoms aside badly... but I wanted to play this out more. It was just day two of seven, and I was already blatantly showing my tits... I liked watching him sneak looks at me, I like teasing him, and I didn't want it to end just yet.

I said "It's OK... but I can't show my pussy. Knowing you want to see it... well, honestly it makes me want to show it to you. Having you look at me turns me on too". He looked up at me and said "really?". I said "very much so... but I can't go to far, I'm already showing you my tits, which I never thought I'd do... but it makes me happy that you enjoy looking at me". Ben said "thank you for letting me look... I have more material to work with next time I jerk off" and smiled at me. I smiled back and said "I'm glad I could help... come on, let's go back inside the house". I stood up, leaving my top off, and walked down the steps. I turned around to see him stand up with a massive erecting in his shorts... I guess he couldn't hide it. He looked at me with a slight smile and said "sorry, but you did that to me". And we both laughed. I playfully shook my tits for him and said "you're welcome"...



2021-11-11 01:22:24
Once again, superb writing, making me wish you were teasing me....

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