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Jen will learn the hard truth about the world of the 20th century and the minds of truly evil people.
It was the year 3000, many advancements had been made in technology. For the longest time humanity lived in perfect peace and tranquility. All babies were genetically pure with traits that the parents wanted their child to have. Until one day when an accident in the genetics lab happened and a canister was spilled and leaked down into the drainage system. This is where the first mutant, Ransic, was born he grew at an alarming rate and when he tried to seek help from the humans above they shunned and feared him for how he looked.

This filled him with hatred and anger and lead him to creating many more mutants like himself and gathered a small army to destroy humanity. Luckily for humanity there was the time force to help keep things under control. Ransic had been on a rampage for years and had managed to elude the time force until one faithful night When he was cornered in a warehouse and finally apprehended by the time force.

He was quickly sentenced to life imprisonment in cryo stasis. It was the duty of four time force agents, Jen, Lucas, Trip and Katie to transport him from the court to the prison where he would serve his time. Unbeknownst to them Ransic had a daughter, Nadira. She was as beautiful as her father was hideous. She was also as deadly with nails that could extend and slice anyone that got in her way. She aided in the escape of her father from the transport vehicle. They had made their way into the cryo prison killing anyone in their way and were preparing to use it as a ship to travel back in time.

Luckily the Red Time Force Ranger, Alex; who happened to be Jens Fiance had showed up just in time and tried to stop Ransic. He put up a good fight but Ransic managed to capture him just as Jen and her team arrived on the scene to help. Jen saw that Alex was in trouble and started to run to help. Ransic saw her and yelled, “Unless you want to watch him die, I would stop right there and put down your weapons.”

Jen and her team stopped in their tracks looking at the scene before them. Alex was in bad shape. His helmet was cracked, Nadira had her razor sharp nails at his throat just waiting for her father to give the word. “What do you want Ransic,” She screamed.

Ransic let out an evil laugh that filled the night sky, sending goose bumps across the teams arms. “Its been a long time since I have had any fun. On your knees in front of me little time force girl.”

With a slight hesitation, not knowing what he would do to her she slowly got to her knees in front of him. She watched as he unzipped his pants and pulled out a monster of a cock. It was at least ten inches long and really thick. She stared at it in shock and horror as she heard gasps from her friends behind her. She heard Katie yell out. “You sick bastard.”

“Silence” Ransic yelled, “or you will join her.” He looked down at Jen with a grin. Im sure you know what to do with this,” he laughed

“No Jen Don't do this, forget about me.” Alex yelled from the side.

“Quiet,” Yelled Nadira as she pressed her nails in harder.

Jen looked over at Alex with tears in her eyes. “I'm sorry. I have to do this, I cant lose you.”

She started to reach out and grab his cock. “uhhh uh take your top of first I want to see those tits.” he laughed. By now she knew she had to do this so she simply took off her jacket and started lifting her shirt when she looked around at her friends standing there, powerless to do anything to help her. She pulled it off completely and unhooked her bra letting her tits loose. She was a nice 34 B in size. Ransic reached out and pinched one of her nipples. Jen jumped at the unexpected touch but managed to hold still and let him touch her.

“These are not to bad at all. A Nice handful to play with.” He laughed as he roughly squeezed and twisted her tits in his hands he tweaked and pinched her nipples and Jen couldn't help but let out a small moan of pleasure. Her body betrayed her as he fondled her tits. “Now on your knees and get to work.” said Ransic.

She quickly fell to her knees and watched as his cock hardened to its full size right before her face. She wrapped both hands around it and gently flicked her tongue over the head of his cock. She thought she would be disgusted at the taste as she had never done this before. However, she thought it tasted quite good, she was just repulsed by the person that it was attached to. She managed to get the head of his cock into her mouth and was running her tongue over the head when she felt Ransic grab her head and shove. She felt the pain as his cock forced its way into her mouth and part way down her throat. She was flailing around unable to breath as Ransic thrust his cock in and back out of her throat a half dozen times. The slurping, gagging noises could be heard all around them as her friends stood by unable to do anything for fear of Alex being killed.

Ransic decided he wanted more. He pulled her to his feet and reached down ripping her pants from her. “Now I think its time to see just how good this pussy feels.” He laughs

“No you sick freak don't do it.” Yelled her team as they started to run to her.

“Take another step, I dare you.” Yelled Nadira as she ripped Alex's helmet off and pressed her nails into him drawing blood. They all stopped and watched on in horror. Ransic Pushed Jen to her knees and got behind her. He placed his cock at her entrance and laughed, “Get ready for the best ride you will ever have, little girl” He thrust with one hard shove until he was balls deep inside her. She screamed out in pain as she had never felt before. Ransic laughed as he began to pound his monster cock in and out of her tight pussy going fast and hard as she knelt there sobbing from the pain and humiliation that he was putting her through.

It wasn't long, however, before her body once again betrayed her and she was getting wetter and wetter. She let out a small moan and tried to stop it from happening but could not help her self. As he thrust faster and harder into her warm wet pussy she could feel the pressure building up inside her as if it would burst at any moment. At last she felt his cock explode shooting massive amounts of hot cum inside her womb and this caused her to scream out in pleasure as her own orgasm washed over her.

She collapsed to the ground, exhausted and unable to move. She felt Ransic move away from her laughing as he went. “Come find me little girl if you want some more” He laughed as he walked away.

Her friends ran to her, Katie crying as she covered Jen in her jacket the best she could. “She yelled at Ransic, You got what you wanted you sick fuck, now let Alex go.”

Ransic grabbed Alex and pulled him up, “Oh don't worry ill let him go.” They made their way closer to the door of the prison and Ransic pulled one of his bone blades out of his body. HE held it up to Alex and said, “Say good bye to your friends Red Ranger.” as he slashed his sword down the front of Alex causing him to drop to the ground. He immediately retreated into the prison bolting the doors.

Jen yelled out. “Alex, Noooooooooooo” She stood up and ran to him, bot caring that she was completely naked and pulled him into her arms as she cried out for him.

He looked up at her and with his last breath he said “Promise me Jen, you will go after him and bring him in.”

“I will, I swear I will,” she said as she watched the light fade from his eyes and his hand fell to the ground. He had died right in her arms. She stood up ready to storm into the prison after Ransic but as they were about to go to the doors the entire prison disappeared. She yelled out in frustration “I will find you Ransic if its the last thing I do!”

To Be Continued.
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