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I was asleep or was I? She got into bed under the covers and I waited to see what she would do.

I get in bed and sigh thinking of how bad the day was. I start to doze off with the only sound of hum of a desktop fan. Just wanting to forget about everything.

Sometime in the middle of the night I groggily wake up. I dreamed I heard my name, or did I? Very soft steps on the carpet I hear,I feel someone crawl in bed. Still out of it, I felt this person who I figured was a female since I felt two mounds come over me as she rolled to the other side she settled down next to me and after afew moments I rolled over realizing she was clothless except for the blanket as I was too.

Still tired, I go up against her. I doze back off but aware of my surroundings. I feel her grind against me, but now she pushed her bum against my front and my hand unconsciously moves to her hip. My heart starts beating now more awake. It's completely dark in the room. I feel myself get turned on as my manhood presses against her bum. I act asleep as I get closer to her, my head against her my breaths go across her semi long straight hair, which then filters to her ear and neck. She pushes closer like the desire of a hot knife with butter on bread, she rolls over facing me. It is dark, I can’t see with my open eyes, I shut them anyway. After movement of a bit her leg gets between mine. It’s not enough.. she wants to be closer. After afew minutes thinking I’m still asleep, she gets her upper body on me. I feel her breath on me as I breathe on her. I can't doze off now, I open my eyes to watch. she lightly runs the side of her foot lightly up and down my foot. I hear a faint but deep moan from her. It gets hard and I know she feels it. Her hand cups my groin, my penis goes full erect. I breathe deeply as she gasps in surprise feeling my length and already getting her hand sticky from pre game fluids. She decided I needed her right here right now. Her lust lost control she put my other hand on her hip I let her roll on me I acted dead asleep. It was like our bodies were designed to fit , her curves formed so perfectly around me no matter how she laid or sat on or next to me.

She grabbed hold of my hard cock, whacked it against her readied wet clit, just the head though. Her love fluid I feel getting on me I know she is at point of no return I feel her guide herself and me into her, the head she rubs with hand back and forth it. Her wetness drips down my cock I moan in pleasure from her tease And I feel like I’m holding my breath. Her thrusts and Her rubbing go out of rhythm, it goes into her what she’s wanted all this time, she gasps and it slides with ease into her firm grasp around my manhood. I gasp at the indescribable feeling of this going down the shaft. She stops with the gasp but continues till she can’t go any further she collapses on to me in disbelief of how good that felt with her energy off the charts. After intense seconds and quick deep breaths, she starts thrusting while laying on me. I lay still for now. My arms are on its sides and she places one on her hip. I let it naturally fall. Satisfied I’m still asleep , as she thought, she stays a slow but deep thrust to where it comes out but like skill she pushes deep back into her last millisecond. I moan after a handful of times. She hears me as she picks up the pace. My hand this time holds her thigh where the crease of her butt cheeks meet her thighs. Her arousal heightens at the touch. I let my body naturally take control by thrusting with her. we get our tempo going, I open my eyes and in the dark I see her silhouette. She put her hair in a ponytail at some point. The pony tail bouncing up down each with it over her right

shoulder in front of her. Her hair smelled a beautiful fruit smell kinda citrus smelling. I breath in deeply to smell the aroma from her hair and our sex filling the room. I feel her lean in, she kisses me, then again and again the 4th time, I finally kiss back but lightly. She kisses again and I kiss back and it immediately turns into us kissing as we continue our thrusts. She lifts up her body still kissing my left hand moves to her breast while the right touches her left cheek as we kiss. My heart is beating so hard and my mind is racing 100 miles a minute. Who are you, why me, why are you even in my bed? I lose thoughts when she breaks our kiss, sits up, starts riding me. She goes for so long she exhausts herself and lays on me for abit to rest. I can’t handle it after a seeming to be hour, but maybe 10 seconds. I roll her over, I’m on top, she gasps.

I’m to where I’m breathing in her ear. I go slow at first but in no time pick up speed. She tenses, gasps and moans with pleasure, curling her toes. Pretty sure she knows I’m awake at this point. I lift up and kiss her lips but these were hard, deep kisses, passionately biting and pulling the lip firmly. She starts getting short of breath. Her womanhood pulsating around my man hood. After several more hard deep thrusts from a down to up angle she tenses and I feel her orgasm explode. I keep thrusting through her resistance, as I go slower for her sake ,but I'm not done yet. I pull out, kiss and nibble at her lips and her neck I go down to chest.

I kiss lick and nibble her breasts, especially the nipples. Then continue kissing down her stomach. I blew air up the path I kissed. She feels the hair raising goose bump breeze along her and tenses and moans. I blow air going back down. I spread her legs and immediately got the hint and quickly spread them willingly revealing her well trimmed glistening pussy with the little moon light from a half moon shining perfectly on her. I start licking her. At first a gentle slow lick at top of the labia and the next one alil deep and like a dog licking water, I was licking her. She was moaning holding my head there. She came close to another. but I stopped. I come back up and look into her moonlit blue shining eyes of lust, which makes me wonder if she saw my lusting puppy brown eyes at the same time. I feel my penis go fully erect as it goes into her. I didn't even wait for her permission. I slipped it in without hesitation and started thrusting. I can’t hold my pleasure. I start gasping and moaning with her. Fuck baby please cum in me she gasps, as I go fast and hard as I can I lift myself up she plays with her right boob the other she slides down to clitoris and rubs with my thrusts. I feel myself pulsating in her. She's pulsating. Her hand goes up against the bed headboard. I can’t hold it any more. “baby cum...with...~she trails off, her eyes close and head tilts back I moan with her screaming. I feel the pressure of fluid build around my cock and I release it. I push deep into her as the first huge wave goes deep into her uterus, she feels that and tensed and released again. Her orgasm went all over us that resulted from her intense ejaculation. I fall onto her as I continue milking my orgasm into her. I had no rubber on, which was the last thing on my mind as I was looking at her and she looked into me with a sleepy satisfied smile and fell back in love. I rolled her onto me to get out of that wet spot, leaving me in her. I kissed her, but a deep passionate kiss and we fell asleep while I rubbed her back.

I woke up as the sun was hitting her beautiful sleeping body. we were still in the same position and she was dripping wet from our sex. I smiled and kissed her cheek in love, she didn’t even stir. I fell back asleep to enjoy the future.
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