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Mystery and steam awaits.
My pink toes dig into the warm sand of the night, and the tide washes up on our bodies as Manny’s warm mouth sucks the cream out of my pussy. My hard swollen nipples vibrate with nipple suckers stimulating my body causing me to flow like a waterfall.

My eyes roll to the back of my head, the arch in my back rises, my legs spread even wider, and higher. As my stomach caved in I grabbed the back of his head and squirted everything in me into his mouth.


Flinching snapping out of my daze I hurriedly answered the call. Towel delivery confirming routine drop off in the morning; knocking me out of my daydream.

11:30pm had a joint waiting for me with my name on it, and I couldn’t wait after being on my feet in heels for 13 hours! Being Regional Manager for Marriott paid well but it kept me extremely busy.

Dark, and perfect outside at 72 degrees, not too hot, not too cold. As I walked to my car, my heels clicked the pavement. I let my hair down from its high bun, and let my curls bounce down my shoulders.

Removing my red blazer, my Dior scented body got a gist of fresh air. My blouse lightly blew in the wind, and my matching red pencil skirt lifted as the wind caressed my thighs.

I unbuttoned the first four buttons on my blouse allowing my cleavage to breathe. My tits felt like swollen melons being pushed up in this bra all day.

This was my favorite place to park because it was so quiet, and remote. Nothing but the back of the hotel and trees back here. Only the elements, and sounds of nature, birds, and crickets chirping. I parked in a small circle of trees outback because I loved to smoke during lunch breaks, and before I went home. When balancing so much a girl can use the relief.

Speaking of relief that I so much needed. . . my pussy hasn’t been popped in three years. Horny wasn’t the fucking word! Try sexually muthafucking frustrated.

Between the death of my fiancé, and remaining focused on my career I just wasn’t interested in physically sharing my energy with anybody.

Be that as it may, to function under all the pressure it became vital for me to fuck me daily; more often than not, more than once. Shit they didn’t make waterproof, travel size, silent proof toys, and toy cleaners for nothing! I kept a discreet pouch in my Gucci gym bag. With my schedule, if I waited until I got home I’ll be tense as fuck every day.

Sparking the joint to my lips felt like an instant orgasm. Instantly I’m relieved. I feel all the weight from today escaping, and I feel myself relaxing and grounding. Laying my backseat down I eagerly pull my skirt up to my waist, spreading eagle exposing my phat and throbbing hot pussy. Juices dripped down my phat ass from my swollen, palpitating clit.

I was so fucking horny, I needed immediate gratification. Wasting no time to attach my nipple suckers, my body jerked, and my pussy muscles pulsed vigorously. My clitoris is so sensitive and juicy that as soon as I attach my Tongue Master I felt my body fall into a bliss. My eyes rolled in the back of my head, my shoulders relax, with each flickering lick I feel the atoms in my body regenerate. My toes curl, my titties vibrate from my nipple suckers compressing my swollen milk duds. Cum flows from my honey hole through my ass cheeks and forms a river beneath me.

Switching gears to suction mode. My toes curl harder, and I use my free hand to brace myself and hold my breast. As I cum the flickering intensifies and I squirt straight through my front seat watering my windshield. I came constantly, harder and harder, and began to squirt more. Pulling my hair, I came harder and squirted back to back wetting my legs, upper body, face, and hair. I was in pure bliss, so deep in it, I didn’t realize I had company.

I jumped up completely startled, trying to stay silent, and unseen. Parked in my little discreet circle of trees I can see them but I’m not certain if they cam see me. It's almost midnight and my car is as black as night.

1 all black new Escalade, and 1 new black Mercedes pull up alongside one another but nothing happens; both cars sit with their lights on. The longer they sit, the more nervous I’m getting as I scatter to clean myself up.

As I scramble, men dressed in tailored suits get out; one from each car. They walk to the back of the Mercedes and the short guy driving the Mercedes opens the trunk. The tall guy from the Escalade pulled out a pistol with a silencer attached, opens fire into the back of the Mercedes and slams the trunk.

I just witnessed a fucking murder!

The two guys exchange words for a second and the guy in the Mercedes gets in the car and pulls off, but the tall guy in the Escalade stands there on the phone for a while.

Now. . . I’M CALM because this ain’t got shit to do with me. I don’t have shit to say, because I didn’t see shit, didn’t hear shit and therefore don’t know shit. Fuck I wasn’t even here, my shift ended 30 minutes ago. Now I just wanna get the fuck out of here, eat, and go home. Soon as this guy leaves I’m leaving a few minutes after just to be less inconspicuous. As he talks on the phone he begins to pace so I begin to get increasingly nervous again. I was kinda of sure they didn’t see me or else that wouldn’t have went down, but the longer he’s here, the bigger the risk gets. Regardless I can’t leave.

As he stands facing toward me, still talking on the phone I start to notice this man looks familiar!! It’s the fucking hotel owner! I’ve only ever seen him come to the hotels for board meetings. When he pulls off, rest assured this situation in my memory is as good as erased. I chuckled nervously to myself “The fine ones are always crazy.” Finally, he hung up, got in his car, and pulled off.

“Shiiiiiit,” I thought, relaxing in my seat feeling like the sweat was over as I watched him pull away.

Instead of pulling off though, he slowly looped his truck around the little circle I was sitting in. Trying to keep my head down, and remain calm I peered upwards watching to see what he’d do next.

As he circled around one last time my eyes darted up in his direction, and he looked me dead in my fucking eyes. Now I know for sure he fucking saw me, and I can just about shit a brick knowing this man knows where all his employees live, and I just witnessed something I shouldn't have seen. . . He pulled off.

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2021-12-03 06:58:36
Different. I want to know how this develops. A little more time on character development would be nice. Thanks for the effort.

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