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My twin sister finds more ways to show her.
My Sister gets me to Show Her

by Vanessa Evans

Part 6

As mentioned before, both Alice and I are on the same psychology course and we were both looking forward to the human sexuality part of the course. We’d been told that we’d have modules on it in each year of our course, getting deeper and deeper into the subject in each subsequent year.

Well we had to wait until the early new year for the first module and we were told that we’d be doing things that were designed to really look into our own beliefs and attitudes towards human sexuality and that we would take part in scenarios where we would have to question our beliefs and attitudes, and those of other people.

When one girl on the course asked what exactly they would have to do the tutor replied,

“Well Charlotte, I know that at least one girl in this room isn’t wearing underwear (he was looking at Alice and I looked down at her lap and saw that her knees were a few centimetres apart), and there are social stigmas around that subject but what if I told you that for next week’s class I expect all of you, girls and boys, to arrive here without underwear on, or even naked so that we could analyse each other’s feeling about being naked in the classroom.”

That statement, unsurprisingly, got a few murmurings from a few of the now very wide awake students.

“You’re going to tell us to arrive at class naked, totally naked sir?”

“I might, would that be a problem for you Charlotte?”

“I, I, I don’t know, probably.”

“Well Charlotte, take a situation five years from now where you have qualified and you are having a consultation with a patient who is clearly a closet exhibitionist but can’t come to terms with that. How could you expect to help them if you have never even tried it yourself?”

“You have a good point there sir.”

“Yes Charlotte.”

“Sir,” a student called Rob asked, “is it true that in a lot of American states it is compulsory for all students to spend at least one educational week totally naked, both in and out of their education facility? And that it is permitted for other students to explore the naked person’s body?”

“That’s a good point Rob. There is a Naked in Education Facilities (NIS) program in America, do you have any idea what that program is all about?”

Multiple people suggested reasons, the main ones being: -

Promote self awareness.

Prevent body shaming.

To stop boys objectifying girls.

Hopefully result in less rapes, sexual attacks and pregnancies.

“That just about covers the main objectives, and do you agree with the American authorities that those objectives are a good idea?”

Everyone agreed, some elaborating on the benefits of one of the items.

“And is it also true that the naked students have to submit to ‘Reasonable Requests’? Rob asked.

“Yes Rob, but it is down to each education authority to define what is reasonable and what isn’t.

“Do you think that the education authority in this country will see the light and implement a similar program in this country?” One girl asked.

The response from just about everyone was laughter then the tutor said,

“Unfortunately the authorities both in this country and this university are a real part of the problems with society’s attitude to human nudity. And for that reason I cannot ask you to come to next week’s class totally naked so we will have to confine our research to one person getting naked in this room. So next week I will be asking for a volunteer to strip naked in the middle of this room so that we can explore the feelings of both that person and everyone else in the room whilst we look at the said volunteer. Also, I encourage you all to take part in naked in public scenarios when there were no children around and for you to make a note of the reactions of the people around you.”

One guy replied,

“Why only when there are no children around because I would have thought that children would just take it in their stride as being part of life.”

“You are right Andrew but the problem, well one of the problems, with society is that so called well meaning adults want to protect the younger generation from the real world which is probably the reason why there are so many sex related attacks in the country.”

Just then the tutor’s watch started beeping and he said,

“Okay, time’s up, see you all next week and think about volunteering.”

Everyone started leaving and Alice went to the tutor and told him that she would volunteer to get naked the next week.

“Thank you Alice, I thought that you would. You are obviously comfortable with your body so thank you, it is much appreciated.”

As we walked to out next class Alice said,

“I can’t wait for next week, all those guys staring at my body.”

“Most of those guys will have already seen your pussy Alice,” I replied.

“True, but being naked in front of them is soo much better, I’ll probably cum just looking at their faces.”

“Knowing you dear sister, you probably will.”

A couple of times during the next week Alice mentioned that she was looking forward to getting naked in our class and each time we ended up fucking minutes afterwards.

The big unveiling day arrived and I’d noticed, but didn’t comment on, that when she got dressed that morning she’s put an a bra and G-string, albeit both totally see-through and it was an excited Alice that walked into the classroom with me and we took our usual seats.

When everyone was there the tutor started talking.

“Good morning everyone, if you remember last week you will know that today I am going to ask for a volunteer to strip naked so that we can discuss and explore the feelings of both the naked person and the observers to try to establish why society is so against nudity.

I am sure that the vast majority of you are sat there with heightened heart rates and also fear at the thought that I might ask you to volunteer. Some of you will also be sexually aroused at the thought of seeing a naked person in front of you or that in a few minutes you might just be that naked person in the middle of the room.”

The tutor paused there for a few seconds probably to let the fear and sexual arousal increase, then he continued,

“Well, I’m sure that some of you will be pleased and some of you will be disappointed when I say that one person has already volunteered and I have accepted Alice’s offer to be the lucky person, so Alice, would you come to the front of the room please?”

Alice stood and walked to the front while I looked around the room at the faces that were showing a mixture of feelings. I noted that two of the girls did look disappointed.

“Before I ask Alice to disrobe would any of you care to describe your feelings from when I started talking?”

Jeremy was the first to speak,

“I’ll admit that I was excited at the thought of being in Alice’s position but at the same time I dreaded the embarrassment that I knew that I would have.”

“By the embarrassment do you mean by being naked or by having an erection whilst being naked Jeremy?”

“Both I guess, being naked would have been embarrassing enough but to have an erection as well would have been doubly embarrassing.”

“Thank you Jeremy, now would any of you girls like to share your feeling from when I first started talking.

It was Mary that spoke,

“My feelings were similar to those of Jeremy, obviously not the erection part but I was aroused at the thought of being stood where Alice is stood right now. I would have been mortified if you had asked me to ‘volunteer’ but at the same time I would have been aroused.”

“Thank you Mary. Now, how many of you felt relieved when I said that Alice was going to be our subject?”

Just about everyone’s hand, including mine, went up. I noticed that a couple of girls didn’t put a hand up.

“How many of you felt some disappointment when I said that Alice was going to be our subject?”

I noted that all the hands that had been up went down and that the two girls who’s hands didn’t go up now went up.

“Good,” the tutor continued, “you will be pleased to hear that I have had similar responses from this session in other years. Yes, society has conditioned us to believe that being naked in front of people is wrong, but as with everything there are people who do not agree with society and can see nothing wrong with nudity, after all, we were all born naked and all naked bodies are basically the same. Now, let’s turn to our volunteer, Alice, would you like to share why you volunteered?”

“I can tell you but I’m not sure that I understand it.”

“Okay Alice, lets start with telling us.”

“Well, a few months back I had the urge to show my naked body to my brother. Of course, being of the same age as me there had been hundreds of times that we’d seen each other naked and never thought anything of it but that time I felt different. I guess that I was looking for some sort of approval that my body wasn’t ugly that I was normal.”

“And did you get that approval Alice?”

“Yes I did, but I also got something that I wasn’t really expecting, arousal, sexual arousal.”

“So was sexual arousal new to you at that point in your life Alice?”

“No, I guess that like all girls I had discovered what we have between our legs but that time being naked in front of my brother was different, I realised that not only did I like my brother seeing me naked but I wanted other men to see me naked.”

“Isn’t that one of the main trait of an exhibitionist?” One of the guys asked.

“Yes Tony it is.” The tutor answered. “So Alice, you sound to be saying that you wanted your classmates to see you naked, is that right?”

“Yes I guess that it is.”

“What about sexual arousal Alice? Did you get sexually aroused last week when you volunteered?”

“I did.”

“And when you walked into the classroom this morning knowing that I was going to tell you to take all your clothes off? On a scale of one to ten how was your arousal?”


“And when I asked you to come to the front of the class?”


“Okay Alice, from a purely educational point of view, let’s see if that number increases when I ask you to take your dress off.”


“Yes Alice, please take your dress off.”

Alice did and I thought how magnificent she looked, even if she did have a bra and a G-string on. I noticed that she tuned her back to everyone, showing her bare butt, as she folded her dress and put it on the nearest chair.

“Thank you Alice, I see that you are wearing underwear today even though you normally don’t. Was that you trying to tease your classmates?”

I immediately realised that Alice had been giving unintentional (probably) flashes of her tits and pussy to the tutor every time that we’d been in that room.

“I think that that must have been my subconscious.” Alice replied.

“So we’ve established that so called ‘flashing’ can be deliberate and accidental and that sometimes the person doing it might not be consciously doing it. Now the underwear please Alice.”

Alice stood facing everyone and first unfastened her bra and took it off then she pulled on the strings on both sides of the G-string and holding just one let the rest of the garment fall and hang from the side that she was holding. Then she placed both garments on top of her dress.

“Thank you Alice. Now everyone please can you tell me what you observed just now?”

“Alice didn’t hesitate.” One guy said,

“Yes, Alice is obviously not shy and didn’t need to find the courage to do it, unlike most people who find themselves in that situation. Anything else?”

“Alice was wearing see-through underwear so we could see everything before she took them off.” One of the girls said.

“Correct, there are two things there, firstly, a lot of girls, and some men, put on their favourite, and dare I say, ‘sexy’ underwear ‘just in case’ someone should see them. In Alice’s case she she actually wore underwear which is not normal for her, is that correct Alice? (Alice nodded) knowing that she would be taking her clothes off and subconsciously wanting to look ‘sexy’ when she did so. Secondly, Alice chose to wear see-through underwear. That too was probably a subconscious decision to let people see the parts of her that are normally hidden and to make her more attractive to the opposite sex.

Both these things are part of human nature to attract the opposite sex but are suppressed by society’s obsession with keeping one’s body covered.

“Did anyone observe anything else?”

“Yes,” Tony said, “All the girls that I have seen take their knickers off turned their backs to me when they did it and then turned to face me covering their tits, sorry breasts, and pubic area with their hands, yet Alice didn’t.”

“Yes Tony, studies have concluded that there are two reasons for this, firstly, and the most popular theory is that women put a greater emphasis on hiding their pubic region than their buttocks, but the other theory is that a lot of women like to show off their buttocks. If you were to ask all the girls in here I’m sure that you would get a fair mix of both answers. Alice, why did you not turn around?”

“Because I prefer people to see my pubic region rather than my butt, men have butts too so seeing my butt is no different to them looking in a mirror.”

“Alice, I’m one hundred percent sure that every man, and some of the women in here will find your buttocks a lot more pleasant to their eyes than their own.”

“I certainly do.” Tony said.

“Yeah, that’s because you are a fat bastard Tony.” I thought.

“Okay, let’s get back to the purpose of this module, without being crude, who would like to tell us all what they see when they look at Alice?”

It was one of the girls, Andrea that spoke first,

“An average young woman’s body.”

“Expand please Andrea.”

“Well average height, shoulder length hair, slim, smallish breasts, no pubic hair.”

“Okay, lets look at her breasts, yes they are smallish, an ‘A’ cup I’m guessing but what about the shape of them?”

A few people contributed with answers,



“No sag.”

“Slightly conical in shape.”

“Hard nipples.”

“Small areolae.”

“Okay, I think that that’s enough, yes, you are all right. There is no such thing as the ‘average’ breast, all are different, sometimes both breasts on the same woman are different. People, both men and women can easily become obsessed with the size of breasts, some believe that it’s ‘the bigger the better’, others prefer smaller, more manageable breasts..

Remember that the primary function of breasts is, to provide food for their offspring, small breasts will do this just as good as large breasts, when a woman gets near to giving birth her breasts will grow to the required size to feed the baby then shrink back to their previous size when the woman is no longer feeding her offspring.

Also note that small breasts, including ones that have been used to breastfeed will start to sag if the muscles in the breast are not exercised, it’s like the old saying goes, ‘use it or loose it’.

As you observed earlier Alice was wearing a bra, something that I am sure that some of you will have observed that she rarely does. You will have also noted that the type of bra that she wore provided her with no support, it was there for cosmetic purposes only, part of Alice’s attempt to make her more attractive to men when she is undressing.

Bras serve two purposes, firstly to provide support for women with large breasts, and secondly for social reasons. All you girl will have been told by your mother’s that you should always wear a bra. Apart from the reason just mentioned the reason is that society doesn’t like nipples making bulges in outer clothing, although this idea is slowly changing.

Like the penis, the owner has very little control over the state of the said organs, but unlike the penis which shrivels when cold, low temperatures make the nipples go hard. As you can see Alice’s nipples are erect so she is either cold, and if that is the case I apologise Alice, or she is aroused.”

The tutor paused for a couple of seconds so Alice said,

“I’m not cold.”

“Okay Alice, I’m pleased to hear that. Now moving down, you see that Alice has a slim waist. Over the years, on average, waists have got bigger but that isn’t a real problem, What is a problem is when people put on so much weight or go so slim that their weight is a medical problem. I am sure that over the years you will all need to deal with people who eat too much or too little. That will be covered in a later module.”

Alice interrupted saying,

“Could hypnosis be used to solve either of those issues?”

A big grin appeared on my face and I looked over to Alice and saw that she was looking at me.

“Yes Alice, that is one possible solution but not all people are susceptible to hypnosis. Have you been hypnotised Alice?”

“No, I doubt that it would work with me.”

I was still smiling when the tutor said,

“Moving down, the pubis. As you can see Alice shaves hers, as do the majority of girls, and some men do these days. There are hygiene issues with both shaving and letting it grow, more so with people with lots of pubic hair, it is an individuals personal choice. Alice, would you care to share the reason why you shave yours?”

“I don’t shave mine, I used laser treatment to remove it permanently but there were four reasons for doing it, personal hygiene, I didn’t like the sweaty feeling, oral sex, I’d hate for a boyfriend to get a hair stuck in his teeth, I don’t like the idea of my clitoris or vulva being hidden and finally because I think that I look better bald.”

“All valid reasons Alice and all ones that go towards the definition of an exhibitionist which you admit to being. “

“I do.”

“As you can all see, unlike men, there is not much for anyone to see round Alice’s pubis and what there is to see doesn’t increase in size dramatically when the person gets aroused, unlike males. This is the main reason why it is more socially acceptable for a woman to be seen naked than a man. An engorged clitoris is deemed to be less threatening than an engorged penis, an assumption that I disagree with because, as I mentioned before, men cannot control when they get an erection and if they have one it does not mean that they are a threat to anyone. You need to look between a girl’s legs to see her genitalia, Alice, would you sit on that desk, lay back and spread your legs please?”

Alice did, propping herself up on her elbows so that she could see everyone, and she spread her legs very wide apart. I thought that there was a good chance that Alice wouldn’t be able to stop herself from having an orgasm and I wondered if she’d try to conceal it like I knew she could.

“Right, now that you can see Alice’s genitalia you can see her arousal. Having seen Alice’s vulva a few times before I can testify to the fact that she is aroused, her labia is larger than when she isn’t aroused and, although you probably can’t tell, I can testify to the fact that her clitoris is larger than when she isn’t aroused.”

“Yes,” Harry said, “I guess that standing at the front of the class every lesson does give you the opportunity to see her pussy, sorry, vulva every lesson.”

“Moving on, one of the other things that you have probably noticed about Alice’s vulva is that she has no inner labia and before she opened her legs you could see nothing other than her outer labia and her clitoris sticking out between the two halves. Only a relatively small number of women are like this, but I remind you that all people are different. If all the young men in here were to allow us all to compare their erect penis’ we would soon realise that everyone of them is different from the others.

Back to Alice’s vulva, as you can see there is copious amounts of vaginal lubrication leaking out of her vagina which isn’t fully closed due to her arousal. The female sex organs as so much more complex than the male ones.”

Just then it all became too much for Alice and we all heard her moan as the orgasm that had been building since she awoke that morning, exploded out of her. Her body tensed up for a couple of seconds then relaxed and started shaking.

There was deadly silence from all but Alice as they all watched Alice go through the throws of her orgasm then slowly return to normal.

“Well, we all know what happened there, did any of you notice that Alice’s vagina had opened even more and that her vaginal muscles were contracting and relaxing as she was having her orgasm?”

“Yes.” Eight people replied.

“And would anyone like to explain that to the rest of us?”

“Yes,” Harry said, “when the female brain is expecting sexual intercourse to occur it sends signals to the vagina telling it to excrete the liquid that we saw to facilitate intercourse more easily. The muscle contractions are also a result of messages from the brain and they are designed to try to hold on to the penis and pull it further into the vagina so that when ejaculation occurs the sperm has a better chance of fertilising the woman’s eggs.”

“That’s a very good explanation Harry, especially from a man, and is near enough for the purpose of this course. Yes ladies and gentlemen, although Alice’s brain couldn’t possibly have been expecting sexual intercourse to take place her arousal was so great that she orgasmed just like she would if intercourse was happening.

You may be wondering how it is possible for Alice to have orgasmed without any physical contact, well arousal and orgasms are triggered by a state of mind. Indeed it is also possible for a woman to orgasm without any arousal, there is a little know condition that some women suffer from, although I’m not sure that ‘suffer’ is the right word, whereby a woman can have spontaneous orgasms at literally anytime both with and without any stimulation. This condition is known as ’Persistent Genital Arousal Disorder’ or PGAD for short. I once knew a girl who had this condition and she told me that it was both a curse and blessing. At that time the only know cure was rather drastic, removal of the clitoris, which she refused to consent to.”

When the tutor said that there were audible groans from around the room.

“Back to Alice,” who was still laying there propped up on her elbows with her legs wide apart, “you may, or may not be pleased to hear that we have finished the practical side of this lesson but back at the beginning of the lesson when I told you that Alice had volunteered I noticed that some of you girls looked disappointed. Apart from the obvious wanting to see a member of the opposite sex naked, I suspect that some of you actually wanted to be at the front in the position that Alice is right now, but were too shy to quickly volunteer. Studies in the past have concluded that women are less likely to be embarrassed or nervous about being naked in front of men, and that they adapt to being naked in front of men quicker than the other way round. The studies concluded that this was because men’s arousal is more obvious than that of women, or to put it in simple terms men are embarrassed about getting an erection whereas a woman’s moist vulva isn’t that obvious if she keeps her legs closed.

So you may be wondering why it is that society dictates women should be clothed all the time, especially when a lot of men have breasts as big as some women do and we all have nipples. Going down to the nether regions, women have a lot less to see when they are standing, in fact if the woman hasn’t removed her pubic hair that is usually all there is to see, pubic hair, and we all have, or had that. That question is a conundrum that I do not know how to answer but as a psychologist, from time to time, you will be expected to use therapy to treat patients to come to terms with, and live with, not only what society dictates but what people have both inflicted on others and been victims of unwanted assaults. I just hope that what you have learned today will help you understand the needs of the human body better.

Okay everyone, I think that we have all learnt a lot this morning and that your own arousal lever decreases ready for your next class, but before you leave would anyone like to tell us all what you think of the idea of a program similar to that of the American NIS program being implemented here in the UK?”

“A brilliant idea.” Mary answered.

“Who agrees?” The tutor asked and all hands went up.

“I too agree, but I can’t see it happening and I’m sure that I don’t need to go through the reasons. But looking on the bright side, it will keep some of you in work when you get your degrees and go into practice as some sort of psychologist. Okay, next week we will try to work out why people murder other people. Enjoy the rest of your day, and Alice, thank you for helping us out today, I’m sure that all the students, and myself, thank you for making the lesson so much easier and entertaining, you may get dressed now, unless you intend to go to your next class like that.”

Alice got off the table and put just her dress on as everyone watched her. She picked up her bra and G-string, carried them to her desk and put them into her bag then sat down.

“Okay class, that’s it, you may leave now.”

As Alice and I walked out I could tell that Alice was still as horny as hell and we were both extremely happy that we didn’t have another class until the afternoon. We almost ran back to the apartment.


Having said that the last interesting event didn’t take place until the early Spring reminded me that I haven’t told you about either Imogen’s desire to use Alice’s body, or the apartment’s Christmas party. I’ll start with Imogen.

Imogen expressed a desire to be able to manipulate Alice’s naked body and abuse her pussy like she had done before. The problem was that Alice had been pretending to be in a hypnotic state when that had happened but shortly after that I had let it be known that Alice’s fictitious, unpleasant past had been erased from her memory and that she was now happily back to her old, slutty dressed self.

Alice and I had to decide if she was going to be in a fake hypnotic state or be her true self when we invited Imogen up to abuse her body. We discussed the pros and cons and Alice decided that she wanted to be her true self.

The next time that I saw Imogen I took her to one side and explained that as Alice was back to her old self I had discussed with her the Flexi-Doll scenario and together we had watched a couple of the videos. At the end of the second one Alice had stated that she wouldn’t mind being one of those girls. I told Alice that I had offered to role play but the videos that we had watched had girls doing the manipulation and abuse so she wanted to try it with a girl. We had discussed how we could make that work and I had suggested you Imogen as everyone had seen that you also sometimes don’t wear underwear implying that you might be game for that type of fun. As I am usually the ‘Mr. Fixit’ for Alice I told her to leave it with me. Are you still interested Imogen?”

“Hell yes, your sister has a sweet pussy and I’d like to taste it again.”

“Okay, come up to my apartment on Friday at 7 p.m.”

We left it at that and I went and told Alice that it was on for the Friday.

A few things that had happened in the past had led me to believe that Alice liked girls as well as boys and Alice’s excitement during the rest of the week led me to believe that I was right.

At 7 p.m. on the Friday Alice and I were sat in my apartment with drinks in our hands when we heard the lift ping. We’d left the door open and when Imogen walked in I offered her a drink. She put down the bag that she was carrying, took the drink and sat opposite Alice and myself. She didn’t cross her legs nor clamp her knees together and I could see that she was knickerless. Alice spoke about the plan first,

“Imogen, I don’t know how the subject came up but Archie tells me that you’ve watched a FlexiDoll video and that you wanted to make a similar video yourself.”

“That’s right Alice, and Archie tells me that you are the same and that is why I am here.”

“Good,” Alice replied, “I’ve never done anything like this before so I’m nervous and don’t really know how to start or what to do.”

“Okay ladies,” I said, “let’s start by finishing our drinks then Alice can play the part of the doll and Imogen the owner. When that comes to its natural conclusion we can reverse the roles and start again.”

“Oh, I didn’t know that we were going to reverse the rolls,” Alice said.

“Neither did I.” Imogen added. “I mean, I’d end up naked as well.”

“Is that a problem for you Imogen?” I asked.

“I guess not, I just wasn’t expecting it.”

“I won’t be upset if you are wearing granny knickers Imogen.” I said.

“I’m not wearing any knickers Archie.”

“Well that’s one vision I won’t have to try to erase from my memory.” I said then qualified it, “the granny knickers that is.”

We finished our drinks then I told Alice to go outside to the hall and shut the door.

“What do I do them?” Alice asked.”

“Nothing, absolutely nothing.” I said, “Imogen will do everything, you don’t even move a muscle Alice.”

And she didn’t. Imogen opened the door, looked puzzled then lifted Alice into the room.

The rest went very similar to what it had with Imogen the last time and with Caleb, apart from the obvious differences. When Imogen started working on Alice’s pussy I zoomed the camera in to capture all the details, even when she orgasmed although this time there were tell tale signs that both Imogen and I saw. But Imogen kept ramming one of her huge dildos in and out of Alice’s hole.

Just when I thought that Alice was going to cum again Imogen stopped and pulled the dildo out. She then bent Alice’s legs up and over and placed her legs under Alice’s arms. We were both looking down at Alice’s very wet, spread pussy and butt hole.

“Fuck her Archie.” Imogen said, “Fuck your sister’s brains out Archie.”

“She’s my sister Imogen.”

“Archie, get out of those fucking clothes and FUCK HER, NOW.”

Well, what’s a guy supposed to do? So I did as commanded, Imogen abusing Alice’s tits as I did so.

Neither of us lasted more than a minute before I started pumping my seeds into Alice as her body shook and jerked caused by her cumming at the same time.

“Fucking hell Imogen, that was hot.” Alice finally said. Give me five then you are going outside that door then I’m going to do the same to you.”

“All of it?”

“Yes Imogen, all of it.”

Alice and I both saw the smile on Imogen’s face as she slowly got dressed. As she was doing so Imogen said,

“Can you use my phone to record it all Archie, I’d like to watch myself being tossed around then fucked.”

“Sure, no problem I said, but we have to exchange copies.”

“Of course, I want to watch me doing the same to Alice, and watch you fucking her.”

It was a naked Alice, watched my a naked me holding my phone whilst I recorded everything, that opened the door and said,

“Well, what do we have here?”

The next ten or so minutes saw Alice strip Imogen then put her limbs into all the positions that hers had been in a short while ago. I zoomed in on Imogen’s bald and wet pussy as Alice forced her legs further apart than they were meant to go.

My cock had gone rock hard when Alice had revealed Imogen’s naked body to me and it went even harder when Alice was fucking Imogen with her own, huge dildo. Imogen wasn’t able to keep as quiet as Alice and she was soon begging Alice to go faster and deeper I wondered who was in the room below and if they could hear her.

Alice made Imogen cum twice, her fingers on Imogen’s clit helping the orgasms to build to explosion time, and just before Imogen’s third orgasm arrived Alice turned to me and said,

“Now Archie, fuck her brains out., and give me her phone so that I can record it.”

I leant over Imogen’s butt and held her wrists against the bed above her head as my cock entered her, Imogen letting out a long sigh then saying that she really needed that.

“Now pump her up Archie.” Alice said.

I did, ramming my cock into Imogen’s pussy just as hard as I had done with Alice.

Imogen came in no time and also let us know verbally that she needed it. But I hadn’t stopped fucking her and I was glad that it wasn’t that long since I’d unloaded into Alice. In and out I went, my left hand holding her wrists above her head and my right hand playing with her clit.

“That’s it bro.” Alice said as her hands went to Imogen’s tits and started puling and twisting her nipples.

Imogen orgasmed again and still I kept fucking her and now pulling on her clit. Just as her third orgasm exploded out of her my balls emptied into her then I collapsed on top of her still holding her ankles behind her head. After a minute or so I felt Alice’s hands rolling me off Imogen then I felt Imogen’s legs descend to their normal position.

“Oh gawd,” Imogen finally said, “that was fucking awesome, literally. We’ve got to do that again sometime.”

Imogen and I just lay there for a good couple of minutes before I sat up and looked down at Imogen’s naked body complete with slightly spread legs. Then I said,

“You know that you’ve got a great body there Imogen don’t you?”

“So I’ve been told Archie. Hey guys, question for you, you two are fucking all the time aren’t you?”

“What makes you say that Imogen?” Alice asked.

“Well this place for starters, it doesn’t look very lived in, and what sane guy, brother or not, could keep his hands off a hot body like yours Alice? And you are so cool about being naked around him, it’s like you are naked all the time that you are with him.”

I looked at Alice and she looked at me. We nodded at exactly the same time so I said,

“Okay Imogen, our secret is out, we’re fucking like rabbits and have been since we reached eighteen nearly two years ago. You won’t tell anyone will you?”

“Hey, I doubt that anyone would care but no, I won’t tell anyone, your secret is safe with me but it will cost you, both of you.”

“Before you tell us what, can I ask you something Imogen?”

“Sure, go ahead.”

“Can we spend more evenings like this one?”

“Ha, I was going to say that the price of my silence was more threesomes like this one, well not exactly like this one but the three of us naked on a the same bed at the same time.”

“Deal.” All thee of us said then Alice said,

“You know Imogen, you are only the second woman that Archie has fucked.”

“Is that right Archie?”


“Well anytime that you want me to find some more for you just let me know, I’m sure that I can find lots of girls who want you to fuck them.”

“Alice is enough for me and if you’re going to be joining the party sometimes the pair of you might just have to find a wheelchair to push me around in.”

“Aaw bro, don’t worry, we’ll be gentle with you.”

“Good, I’m a fragile young man.”

Alice grabbed my flaccid cock and pulled it saying,

“This part of you is anything but fragile when it’s ramming into me bro.”

“Okay, you got me, now can you let go of my cock before you do some damage to it?”

“I would never do that bro, too much to loose.”

“Hey you two, a little less of the family squabbles, you’ve got a guest here.”

“Sorry Imogen,” Alice said, “come on, let’s go and use the shower in my place, it’s more girl friendly. Archie, would you bring our clothes please, Imogen and I are going to caress each other’s bodies.”

“Can I watch please?” I asked.

They didn’t answer but I sorted a few things then followed them to Alice’s bathroom and videoed them making out in the shower.

Imogen does come and join us for a threesome around once a week and we’ve often watched the videos that we made that first night, and some of the other ones that Alice and I have made. Imogen knows about some of the crazy things that we do and Alice and I keep trying to decide when we will tell her everything.

Those threesomes often turn into sleepovers and we’ve introduced Imogen to being woken by a cock sliding into her pussy. The first time that I did it Imogen jumped saying,

“What the fuck are you doing Archie?”

But she quickly relaxed and asked me to continue. Since then it has been her that has woken me by making use of my morning woody just like Alice often does. It’s a wonderful feeling waking up to feel a lovely, warm, wet pussy sliding up and down on your cock and not knowing who that pussy belongs to until you open your eyes.


Body Painting, or to give the course it’s proper name, ‘Human Body Art’, Alice signed up to be a model at the Body Painting classes at Clarkson university. I still can’t believe that people would want to get a degree in Body Painting, but hey, it meets a requirement for Alice and that’s all that counts. When we first went I was a little surprised that they would let me be in the same room as where the painting was happening but they did and I’ve watched lots of girls get painted.

There were six painting areas, each with a pedestal for the ‘canvas’ to stand on and surrounded by containers of paint, water, brushes, spray guns and other things that I didn’t recognise. The art tutor, or whatever his job title was, came up to us and after introductions he explained that there would be six ‘canvas’s’ at each session and they would each be allocated to a student who would explain what they were going to paint on their canvas.

Before introducing Alice to Adrian the teacher told Alice that it would be okay for her boyfriend to take photographs but only of her unless he (me) got permission from the other canvases.

I followed Alice and Adrian over to his allotted work area then found a chair and brought it over. Adrian explained a few things to Alice then she walked across the room to where I saw a changing area (open plan), and three shower cubicles. I watched Alice strip naked then walk back over to Adrian.

It was then that I started to look around the room in more detail. Three of the other work areas already had girls standing on the pedestals and I realised that one of them only wore a G-string, one had a full bush and the other girl was as naked and bald as Alice was.

I wondered how the student who was allocated the girl with the bush would paint that.

Alice stepped up onto her pedestal and I saw that she stood with her feet as far apart as the pedestal would permit. I was happy that I had sat in her front as I could see her hard nipples, slit with her clit poking out, and it wasn’t cold in there.

I was sat near enough to both Alice and Adrian to hold a conversation and I started asking Adrian questions and learnt that body painting went back centuries with it mainly being practised by the indigenous tribes of the darker skinned people of the world and that it was done for a variety of reasons from trying to intimidate other tribes that they were attacking, to indicate that the person was looking for a mate, to god worshipping, often before a young girl was sacrificed.

But it had only started to get popular in first world countries when in the 1930s a cosmetics manufacturer, Max Factor, decided to fully paint a model. My first thought when Adrian said that was to wonder if the model was naked or shaved.

When I asked Adrian if he was really going to get a degree in body painting he explained that Human Body Art covered a lot more that just painting bodies, it included tattoos and piercings and the students had to know all the history of them. As soon as the word piercing was heard Alice said,

“That’s brilliant Adrian, I’ve been thinking about getting some piercings, could you do some for me?”

“Not officially, I’m not qualified but I have done some in the classroom.”

“But you could do my nipples and clit if I asked you?”

“I suppose so, but it’s not the clitoris that normally gets pierced, it’s the hood, and from what I’ve already seen of you Alice there doesn’t appear to much of a hood covering yours.”

“But you could find somewhere to put a ring or a bar?

“There are lots of areas down there that can be pierced.”

“Will you be having any more practical lessons in body piercing Adrian?” Alice asked.

“Are you wanting to volunteer to be the subject for the lesson Alice?” I asked.

“I can speak to my tutor if you want Alice?”

“Yes please Adrian.”

“So what are you going to paint on Alice today Adrian?” I asked changing the subject.

“Oh just some squares and diamonds, similar to a diagram that I saw of a girl from an African tribe who was about to be offered to their gods as a sacrifice.”

“You’re not planning on offering me as a sacrifice are you Adrian?” Alice asked.

“Ha, no, but I could tie you down on one of the desks over there and we could all dance and chant around you if you want.” Adrian replied.

“She’d like that.” I said.

By then a few white diamonds, triangles, circles and squares had appeared on Alice’s thighs and torso, Adrian explaining that the white was just a base layer, like people use undercoat when painting their house.

One of the diamonds covered Alice’s stomach from her belly button down to her clit. When the paintbrush touched her clit I heard Alice moan a little but Adrian just ignored her.

“So is that paint water based and will it wash off easily?” I asked.

“Yes, but there are waterproof paints that take days to wear off. We only use water based paints most of the time, the waterproof paints are for special events where the person needs to keep the art work on for a few days.”

I could see Alice’s face and her brain thinking of opportunities to wear just paint outside.

“What sort of special events Adrian?” I asked.

“The main one is the Caribbean Carnival in the late Spring, students here offer our services for free for local events like that. As well as the waterproof body painting we do water based face painting for kids. Both the kids and the parents love it.”

“So how do I get to be part of the Carnival?” Alice asked.

“You know, I have no idea,” Adrian replied, “but I know someone who will know, let me have your number before you leave and I’ll pass it on.”

“Thank Adrian.” Both Alice and I said almost in stereo.

There was a long pause in the conversation as Adrian got on with the job. As I watched I never realised just how complex squares and diamond shapes could be. If I’d been doing it they would have just been coloured boxes but Adrian was bringing out a 3D effect with all different colours. I decided that I’d never pick up a paint brush again.

When I’d got over the feeling of being useless at art I asked Adrian if he’d ever painted clothes on a body so that from a distance the person looked fully clothed.

“I have, I’m bragging a bit here, but the other week I painted an impressive pair of denim shorts on a girl, she looked amazing but it did take me nearly three hours to do it.”

Again I could almost see Alice’s brain working away.

“So Adrian” Alice asked, “how much would you charge to paint some shorts and say a halter top on me?”

“That would depend on what type of paint I used, the long lasting waterproof, latex paint is quite expensive, so is the Backlight UV paint. Both are flexible which helps them to last longer.”

I just knew that Alice’s brain was doing the same as mine and wondering how we could one of our parents to pay for it. I was also curious about the UV paint so I asked Adrian what that was used for.

“Halloween mainly, well in my experience, but I’ve also heard of it being used in some theatre productions.”

“Well I guess that Halloween costumes are supposed to be scary,” I replied, “but can you give us a rough price for some shorts and a top in water based and waterproof please?”

Adrian gave us a figure for both water based and latex paints and it didn’t sound too bad, I wondered if Alice would try to knock the prices down with an offer of doing something other than painting her pussy.

“So is it illegal for someone to walk around outside wearing only paint Adrian?” I asked.

“Our class has spent hours discussing that subject and it’s a legal minefield, what they call a ‘grey’ area. We haven’t found any legal precedents about paint instead of proper clothes, but we’ve found that there is less chance of any problems because people are less likely to realise that you are only wearing paint but the simplest way to treat it is like you are totally naked and technically nudity in public isn’t illegal in the UK unless you are performing some sort of sex act or behaving in a lewd manor. But there are a million reasons that a policeman could arrest you from just someone saying that they are offended by your nudity to a policeman being in a bad mood. Believe me, if a policeman wants to arrest you he will find a reason, but as I said, technically it isn’t illegal and there are examples of almost mass nudity, for example the London Naked Bike Ride. Also, events like the Caribbean Carnivals, there’s not total nudity but plenty of girls wear only paint and the police just ignore it at both those events.

Nudity in private and public buildings and property is different and it s up to the people responsible for the building or property to make their own rules but in general you would only be asked to cover-up or leave, they don’t want the publicity that a court case would bring.”

I could see Alice’s brain thinking of opportunities and the idea of me walking down the street or through the park with Alice just wearing painted on shorts and top did appeal to me a bit but nowhere as near as it would to Alice.

There was a few seconds silence as Adrian continued with his work. That was broken by Alice moaning again and I saw that Adrian’s paint brush had touched her clit again. That reminded me that I was supposed to be taking photographs and I lifted my phone.

When he was finished Alice posed for me as I took photographs from all angles, then Adrian’s tutor came over with a very professional looking camera and he too took lots of photographs, Adrian explaining that the photos would count for marks on his course work.

I just had to congratulate Adrian as Alice looked wonderful. As I said earlier, I never imagined that geometric shapes could look so good. I again imagined Alice being strung up and offered to the gods by being fucked senseless then having a dagger stuck into her heart. The tutor seemed to agree with me, well how good she looked, because he praised Adrian.

“Want to go and see how the others are getting on?” Adrian asked.

“Wow, those students had a lot of imagination, and they’ve got a lot of bright paint colours.” I said looking at a very brightly coloured girl.

“Oh, that’s Ryan, he’s practising for the Caribbean Carnival. Have you volunteered for just this session Alice, or all six if them spread out over the academic year?”

“All of them.”

“Okay, I’ll do a Caribbean theme on you next time.”

“We get the same artist each time do we?” Alice asked.

“You do if I ask for you Alice?”

“Please do Adrian,” Alice replied, “and if you want a victim anytime unofficially you just let me know. I’ll give you my number when I get dressed.”

Another student was painting a pair of shorts on one girl, not denim shorts but they did look good. I saw Alice bend over and Adrian asked her what she was looking at.

“Her pussy, I wanted to see if it was painted.”

“That is the girl’s choice, some girls have the body shape to need it and some don’t.” Adrian replied. “It also depends upon what the girl is going to be doing, there’s no point painting an area that isn’t going to be seen.”

“Or not.” Alice added and both Adrian and I smiled.

We came to the girl with the full bush and although the student had done, presumably, the best that he could do, it looked horrible.

“Best of a bad job but we have to work with what we are given.” Adrian said and we moved on.

We arrived back to where we had started and some of the other students were finishing their work so we followed the tutor and he went to each one and took some photographs.

When just about everyone had seen everyone’s work the ‘canvases’ they were told that they could go and shower. There were only three showers and the girl who had kept her G-string on had to take it off in the shower so, in two lots of three I saw 6 totally naked girls showering then getting dressed. Going there with Alice definitely had its benefits.

As we were walking the half mile back to our apartments Alice and I discussed how many times we could afford to get Adrian to paint some denim shorts and a top on Alice in latex paint so that it would last a few days and give us more fun.

“I take it that you won’t be getting Adrian to paint your pussy?” I asked.

“Not even my clit brother, I don’t want you to swallow any latex paint when you are chewing it.”

“So considerate dear sister.”

We went back to Clarkson for each of the subsequent modelling sessions and twice Adrian painted clothes on Alice and twice Alice decided not to shower it off in the provided showers, but to walk back to our apartments in just the paint. Alice got a couple of strange looks but nothing was said and we guessed that it was because we were walking along holding hands looking like any other young couple.

One time it was a very pleasant and not so cold day so Alice decided to walk back via the park so that she was outside feeling very naked in public for as long as she could.

The third time that we went we got talking to Adrian about the room that we were in and he told us that students could use the room and equipment any time that they wanted but they had to provide their own paint and other consumables. He told us that some of the students did the odd paint job for friends or business’ to supplement their living loans.

I didn’t think that Adrian was dropping hints to make some money but it got my brain working and before we left there we had arranged for him to purchase the required latex paint and the other things that he needed for him to paint some denim cut-off shorts and a halter top on Alice. He bought what he needed and arranged to meet him on the next Thursday evening for him to do the deed, knowing that we didn’t have a class or a lecture on the Friday.

Unfortunately, on the Thursday afternoon our class schedule got changed and we were required to have a lesson on the Friday morning. On the way over to Clarkson university Alice and I discussed the problem Alice said that she’d wear just a light summer dress over the paint job even though she might look a bit silly.

Anyway, we went ahead and Adrian did a superb job and from just a couple of metres away I couldn’t tell that Alice was just wearing paint. That was the first time that Adrian had used latex paint and Alice said that she felt more naked than when Adrian had used the water based paints. Like the other times that Adrian had painted shorts on Alice the only part of her pussy that he’d painted was the front part of her slit. Adrian had pointed out that he could still see her pink clit but Alice had insisted that he not put any paint on her clit. She didn’t give Adrian a reason but I was sure that he knew why.

Adrian gave me the receipts for the things that he’d bought and while he was working on Alice I transferred the money, along with a nice tip, to his bank account.

It was dark when we left Clarkson with Alice’s clothes in a backpack that I had taken for that purpose and we got back to the entrance of the apartment block without attracting any attention when we saw Ethan, Mason and Henry coming out of the building. None of them paid much attention to Alice and as we all said hello, Mason said that they were going for a burger then for a pint and he asked if we wanted to tag along.

Alice immediately said that we would and we all started walked towards the burger place.

It was Ethan who first realised that there was something strange about Alice’s shorts and top. In the light from a shop window Ethan got everyone to stop and he looked closer at Alice. Henry and Mason also looked at her, Henry saying that Alice’s pokies were bigger than the previous times that he’s seen them.

“Yeah,” Ethan added, “and that camel toe is, hey, I can see your clit Alice, those short look odd, hey, are those shorts painted on you Alice? And that top, yeah, you’re naked Alice.”

“Yeah, that makes sense.” Henry added. “Bloody hell Alice, you’re outside naked.”

“No I’m not, I’ve got painted clothes on, it’s not illegal.”

“Well that’s a debatable point.” Ethan replied, “are you really going to come to the burger bar then the pub with us like that?”

“Yes, you guys didn’t notice until we got this far from the apartment so why should other people notice?” Alice replied.

“You’re going to let your sister walk around town like that Archie?” Henry asked.

“Hey guys, you’ve all seen what’s under that paint so what’s the big deal?” I replied. “And who am I to tell my sister what to wear or what not to wear?”

“Well, I, we, are a bit worried about you Alice, we’d hate for you to get in any trouble, isn’t that right guys?” Ethan said.

“That’s sweet guys, you’re not just trying to get into my knickers are you? Oops, no knickers. Tell you what guys, if you have to rescue me tonight I’ll give you all blowjobs.”

“Deal.” Ethan said.

We got to the burger bar and went in. It was bright in there but, amazingly, no one gave Alice more than a glancing look and we ordered and all sat at a table, me next to Alice and the other three guys opposite. I noted that all three could see Alice’s lap and slit. It wasn’t long before she opened her knees to let them see the rest of her pussy.

Our burgers arrived and the girl who brought them gave Alice a strange look but said nothing.

After the burger we left and headed to the pub that we often go to and found that it was quite busy, a late happy hour aimed at students. Ethan led the way in and we managed to get some space to stand near the end of the bar. The other three guys seemed to stand in a circle around Alice and it seemed like they were either protecting her from being seen by other people there, or that they just wanted to look at her all the time.

As we stood there with out first drink in our hands Alice said,

“It feels amazing to be in a crowded pub with no clothes on.”

“I thought that you said that you were wearing paint?” Ethan said, “doesn’t that count as clothes when you don’t want it to?”

“As you yourself said Ethan, a debatable point that I don’t want to get into right now, I just want to enjoy the feeling.”

“Turns you on does it Alice?” Mason asked.

“Actually yes, you three might just get your blowjobs even if you don’t have to defend me.”

We had a couple of drinks there but the place was too crowded so we made our way to the door to leave. It was only then that a man, presumably the manager, bumped into us with a lot of empty glasses in his hands and when he saw Alice he said,

“Bloody hell girl, if you want a job here dressed like that come back when it’s quiet and look for me.”

“Alice, the naked barmaid.” I said when we got outside. “Would you fancy that sis?”

“Not when I’m wearing paint, I’d be too scared that all the groping would rub some of it off. It was bad enough forcing our way through the crowd just now, I need a mirror to see if it’s still good. I don’t want to spoil my fun for the weekend.”

“You’ve got to get through tomorrow as well, I hope that the paint is tougher than it looks.”

We made it back to the apartments and as we entered the building Alice said in a very authoritative tone,

“Communal lounge now guys.”

Us four guys sat down and Alice went to each of the other three, got their cocks out and sucked them until she had three loads of cum sitting on top of the drinks that she’d recently had.

Then it was up to her apartment where she lay on her bed with her butt perched on the edge and I made love to her pussy doing my best not to come into contact with the paint.


The next incident is very related to the previous one because it was the day after, the day when Alice had planned on walking around the city parks in just the painted on shorts and top but instead we had to go to a re-arranged lesson.

After checking and discovering that the paint job was still in excellent condition Alice dug out a white, very thin, short mesh summer dress to wear to the lesson. When she put it on I could clearly see the blue shorts and the red top through the sheer material of the dress. It is a button down the front dress and Alice only buttoned it from below her tits to her belly button. When she was just stood there it hung and covered her pussy but as soon as she moved a leg it opened and I could see her slit and blue pubis.

Alice didn’t even get any strange looks until we got into the classroom when one of the obviously more observant boys said,

“Are those shorts painted on Alice, because they missed at bit at the top of your legs.”

That caught the attention of a few other people in there and they all looked at her.

“Okay, yes,” Alice replied, “they’re paint, I wasn’t planning on coming here today.”

“Let’s have a look then.” Another boy asked.

Alice looked towards the tutor who by then had realised what was going on and he nodded to Alice who unfastened the last few buttons and pulled the dress off.

Alice got a few comments about how good the paint job was, and some wanted to know where she had got it done. After she told them the tutor stopped everyone talking and said,

“Guys, I’ve just had an idea, we can swap today’s intended lesson to another day and do a little social experiment, everyone except Alice, get a clipboard, some paper and a pen and we’re going for a walk around town. With Alice walking in front of us through the busy parts of town I want you all to look at the people all around and note down the reactions of anyone who looks at Alice. Some will realise that Alice is only wearing paint and others won’t. I want you to roughly estimate the percentages of people who look at Alice, look at her and don’t apparently realise, those who do realise, those who look offended, upset, amused and even lustful towards her. Then next week we will discuss your findings and see what conclusions we can draw.

One more thing, although it isn’t technically illegal for Alice to wear just paint out in public, I don’t want any confrontation with the police so if someone starts shouting blue murder or the police appear I want you all to surround Alice so that no one can see her. Alice, are you okay with all this?”

“Yes I am, it’s just as good as my original plans for this morning.”

“I thought that you might like it Alice, right, let’s go, Archie, you bring Alice’s dress just in case. Meet everyone back here in one hour.”

Leaving all our books we traipsed out, all following what looked like a proud and excited Alice. No one in the building appeared to notice anything ‘odd’ about Alice as she strolled out like she owned the place.

For the most part it was the same when everyone followed Alice along the streets as she walked at normal walking speed, occasionally stopping to look in a shop window. Only occasionally did someone turn their heads to do a double take, and even less so did someone stop and stare.

As had happened before, it was only the young men who said anything and none of it could be classed as insulting.

Some of the time that we were out I ran ahead watching Alice walk towards me and I swear that I could see her juices running down the insides of her thighs and her clit looked to be as big as I’d ever seen it. I even wondered if she was going to have an orgasm but I never saw any of the tell-tale signs of that.

Fortunately, there were no ‘incidents’ and no policemen appeared although I did wonder just how much detail the people who monitor the CCTV surveillance system could see.

As we all made our way back to the university the tutor walked alongside Alice for a while and she later told me that he’d asked her if she was okay and what her feelings were. She later told me that she replied,

“I was, and still am, so close to having an orgasm, does that answer your question sir?”

“Yes, thank you Alice.”

Back in the classroom the tutor reminded us to hang on to our notes and to collect one of the sets of reading material that he would be asking questions about at the next sesson.

I offered Alice her dress back as we were leaving but she told me to leave it in my backpack and we strolled to the park and all around it with Alice only wearing the paint. We even stopped at an ice cream stall and bought one, eating it as we continued our stroll hand in hand and discussing how so many people could be so unobservant and suffer from tunnel vision.

We made it back to the apartment where Alice demanded that I relieve her frustration then we checked the paint job and were pleased to see that it was still intact.

For the rest of the day Alice said that it was strange looking down or catching sight of herself in a mirror and seeing red and blue on her but feeling her usual naked self. We even went up onto the roof for a while but Alice said that it just wasn’t the same as being without the paint.

“I feel naked but I don’t.” She tried to explain.

“But at least you are naked enough to be out in public.” I replied, “and that nearly made you cum this morning.”

Alice put her arms round me and hugged me. The strange thing was that neither of us looked around to see if anyone was watching us.


As previously mentioned, Adrian, the Human Body Art student, had told us that part of his course was body piercing and that he’d done some in his classes. One time when he was painting her she asked him to pierce her nipples for her. He agreed and they arranged a time and a place for the procedure to take place. It turned out that Clarkson university also let the students use their facilities in a designated room for doing such procedures, all Alice had to do was provide the sleepers that she would wear until the piercings were healed. Adrian also told her what the best metal was to get, and where to get them from.

A couple of days before the procedure Alice and I went to the shop to buy the sleepers and also to look at what she could replace the sleepers with when her nipples were healed.

There was a middle-aged man and a young girl serving in the shop and it was the man that approached us when we went in. Alice explained that she was going to get her nipples pierced and that she needed some sleepers. Both Alice and I were a little surprised when the man asked Alice what her nipples were like but Alice, being Alice, just pulled her top down to below her tits.

“Ah yes, nice and big and hard, perfect for piercing,” the man replied.

“So what is the best metal to have them made of?” Alice asked leaving her top bunched below her tits. “I’ve heard that it’s stainless steel.”

“Stainless steel is s very good choice, but there are different types of Stainless steel. We only sell 316L Stainless steel and Titanium which is another excellent choice. Let me show you some.”

The man went to another part of the shop, Alice left her top down and the young shop girl walked passed, looking at Alice’s tits and smiling.

The man came back with two trays of sleepers and to be honest, most of them looked the same to me but he went through them all, sometimes picking one up and holding it over one of her nipples which were still rock hard even though it was warm in the shop.

After a good five minutes Alice ***********ed a set and said that she’d have them. The man took the set and put them on the counter then took the two trays back to where they had come from. When he got back to Alice she said,

“What about when the wounds have healed, I was thinking of dumb bells and D rings would work well with those nipples. We have an excellent range of those, would you like me to show you?”

“Silly question.” I thought.

The man got some more trays and Alice went through them, again holding some to a nipple to see what it would look like. After she’s chosen some Alice turned to me, held a dumb bell with a D ring attached to her right nipple and asked me what I thought. Not being too impressed with the time that it had all taken I replied,

“Perfect, I can attach some ropes to them and pull you around by them.”

But Alice was just as quick coming back with,

“Yes, they’re better than a collar and leash for a walk in the park.”

The poor man looked a bit flustered but the girl had a big grin on her face. I looked at her chest and could just see the outline of some sort of nipple jewellery. I wondered if she would like to be led round the park by her nipples.

The man took Alice’s credit card and in a couple of minutes came back with her receipt and a little fancy bag.

“Thank you madam.” He said, then as Alice took the things and turned to leave the shop the man coughed and said,

“Err excuse me madam, but you may like to err, your chest.”

Alice pretended that she’d forgotten and was shocked as she quickly pulled her top up, and we left.

We met Adrian as we walked into Clarkson university and we talked about the upcoming Caribbean Carnival as we walked to the designated room, When we went in we saw a girl flat on her back on a table with her legs spread and totally naked. Two young men were stood beside her, one with his latex gloved fingers doing something to her pussy.

“Oh hi Ben,” Adrian said, “I didn’t realised that you had booked this room before me, getting in some practice?”

“Hi Adrian, yes, this is Angie and Tom, Angie wants her nipples and her clit hood doing. Come and watch, make sure that I’m doing it right.”

“Don’t worry Angie,” Adrian said, “Ben is only joking, he’s done it hundreds of times before and only three have ended up in the morgue. No, just joking, everyone of the girls was one hundred percent satisfied. Hey, I’m going to pierce Alice here’s nipps and she’s thinking about her hood, would you mind if her and her boyfriend Archie here watch Ben in action to see if it will help her make up her mind?”

“Why not, it isn’t as if there is any more of me to see.”

“Hi Angie, Alice said, I’ll get ready for my piercings now so that the guys have two girls to look at. That should mean that they are only looking at you for half the time.”

Alice didn’t wait for a reply and she started taking her dress off. Yes Alice had worn a dress knowing that she’d only have to bear her tits to get her nipples pierced but she wanted to get totally naked.

Tom’s eyes were glued to Alice whilst Alice’s and my eyes were glued to what Ben was doing to Angie’s pussy.

Surprisingly, Angie only slightly winced as the needle went through Angie’s clit hood but I totally cringed at what I was seeing. Also surprisingly, well to me, there wasn’t much blood as I watched a sleeper being pushed through Angie’s hood. Nor was there when we all watched the needle going through Angie’s nipples. Neither was there much pain because Angie’s face didn’t even register that it was happening. We all watched at Angie’s sleepers were inserted.

Ben was soon cleaning all around Angie’s wounds and telling her how to keep them clean and sterile, then Angie got off the table and asked Tom what he thought.

“Cool.” Tom replied and went to put his hands on Angie’s tits.

“Whoa there buster, you’re going to have to keep your hands to yourself for a while.”

I smiled as I enjoyed the view then Adrian said,

“Up on the table Alice.”

Seconds later we were all looking down on Alice’s naked body, her automatically having spread her legs even though she wasn’t having her hood pierced.

“Okay Alice,” Adrian said, “last chance to back out.”

“Do it Adrian.” Alice replied.

Alice’s nipples were already rock hard and as Adrian swabbed them with whatever they appeared to get even bigger as Adrian said,

“These are going to be easy, look at them, they’re just begging to to be pierced.”

We all watched as Adrian got to work and I noted that instead of wincing with pain when the needle went through, Alice actually moaned. I looked at her pussy and saw that she was wet. I wasn’t sure if it was jointly because of the pain, and the fact that four guys were staring at her naked body.

All too soon for probably everyone there, Adrian was finished but instead of just telling her to get off the table he moved down and looked at her pussy.

“Hmm, obviously I’ve seen this before but looking closer piercing your hood wouldn’t be as easy as Ben found Angie’s to be, you don’t have a very big hood Alice which is why your clit sticks out so much.”

Adrian reached over to Alice’s clit and moved it from side to side causing her to moan then he continued,

“But there is enough to put a ring or bar in if you want, what do you think Ben?”

Ben stepped over and had a close look before he too moved Alice’s clit from side to side causing another moan.

“Yes, there’s enough there.” Ben said then added, “Nice clit Alice.”

“That wasn’t very professional Ben.” Adrian said.

“I’m not a professional yet mate.” Ben replied.

“Thank you Ben.” Alice said.

I smiled.

“So what do you think Alice,” Adrian asked, “do you want it piercing or not?”

“Well definitely not today but I’ll think about it some more. I’ll let you know Adrian.”

“Fair enough Alice, I think that you can get off the table and get dresses now, but remember what I’ve said about the hygiene.”

Adrian, Ben and I watched the two girls get dressed then I handed Adrian the money and we left. Just before Alice’s tits disappeared behind her dress I thought about joking about leading her round the park again but I didn’t.

As we walked back to the apartment Alice kept holding the front of her dress away from her nipples saying that the movement of the fabric was irritating her a little.

“A good job that you can stay naked for the rest of the day then.” I replied.

“Yeah, but I can still ride you brother, and my gawd I need you inside me as soon as possible.”

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