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This is pure fantasy, entirely from my twisted mind. Created at the request of a fan that wanted a story written about is submissive wife.

Never ever use what I write in real life. Do not fuck up your life or anyone else's. This is for reading enjoyment only.
Gemma looks up from her position of submission, into her loving master's eyes. She sees the love melt and the pure animal lust take over his features.

Gemma has done as Dave commanded the night before. He requested that she be nude, on her knees in the waiting position of submission when he arrived home from work the next day. Dave informed Gemma that she has learned her role well as his submissive sex slave, and now would be shared with whomever he chose. Gemma's only words in answer to the demand were, yes master, as a smile spread across her face, and her cum filled pussy clenched in excitement.

Gemma watches as the door opens further and four of Dave's closest friends walk into the living room behind him. All with wide grins at the site of Gemma on her knees nude, her large tits on display, and her pussy leaking clear fluid down her inner thigh from her freshly shaven pussy. The men enter and form a circle around Gemma at Dave's direction.

Dave looks down to his slave asking, “ Have you prepared everything as I directed slut?”

“Yes, Master, everything is as you wish.” Emma replies knowing what awaits her in the room Dave has converted into a soundproof playroom.

“Rise, slave. Follow” Dave commands.

Gemma rises to her feet making sure she looks down to the floor. She holds out her hand offering the end to the leash attached to her slave collar to Dave.

Dave takes the leash, gives it a firm tug and starts walking down the hall to the playroom. Gemma follows close at his heels, looking down. The four men watch as Gemma's tits sway and jiggle, her ass bouncing as she pads barefooted behind her master husband.

Entering the room, Dave instructs one of the four to close the door to seal the large room for sound.

Gemma stands, hands behind her back, legs spread looking down. Shivers run through her body, not because she is cold but from fear and excitement for what is about to happen.

Dave, strips down his already large cock stiff and protruding straight out. The other men begin doing the same. From Gemma's limited field of view she can see several sizes of cocks. Most average around six to seven inches. One catches her attention, he has to be at least ten inches long and almost as wide as her wrist. He is the only dark skinned friend Dave invited to the event. Gemma shudders at the sight of his cock.

Gemma feels a rough hemp rope scrape against her flesh, Dave is standing behind her looping coils of the harsh rope around her large tits constricting them. Gemma moans a bit as the pressure increases, her tits starting to turn red.

“Open your mouth, Bitch” Dave says harshly. Gemma obeys, dropping her jaw open wide. Dave presses a ball gag into Gemma's mouth sliding it behind her teeth. He secures it in place with a thick leather strap behind her neck.

“Hold out your wrists.” Dave commands. Gemma does as she is told, holding her wrists out in front of her angry red tits. Dave straps on a leather cuff to each wrist, then attaches a short bar between them that has a loop in the middle. He attaches the bar to a rope hanging from the ceiling. Pointing to one of his friends he tells him to pull the other end of the rope. Slowly Gemma's arms raise over her head and her body is lifted until only her toes are touching the floor. “That is good. Tie it off to that cleat.” Dave says. Gemma moans in discomfort from her shoulders and bound tits.

Next Dave attaches cuffs to Gemma's ankles with a spreader bar between them so that she can not close her legs protecting her pussy or ass. UMMMMPHHH UMMMMM Gemma moans behind the gag, now completely helpless to stop anything these horny men decide to inflict on her excited body.

Dave looks to the friends and tells them to feel free to sample the slut's offered body. Then steps back to watch as the men close in around Gemma. Slowly at first, a feel of her ass, a pet to her bound tits, a finger run between her wet pussy lips, the men start feeling Gemma's, body becoming bolder with each passing moment. Her moans of pleasure fuel their desires.

Two of the men step to the side taking a nipple each in their mouths, sucking and flicking their tongues over them. Gemma moans lewdly in pleasure looking down watching them suckle her sensitive hard nipples. Then almost like it was planned, both bite down hard at the same time. Firey pain shoots through Gemma's tits and she screams into the gag throwing her head back and struggling in her restraints. Both men continue to suck, nibble and bite at her nipples. Gemma groans and cries into her gag, the pain fading into pleasurable pulses racing to her neglected clit that is now swollen and throbbing between her wet pussy lips.

Dave hears the change in her moans, knowing Gemma is now enjoying the tit torture. He steps forward with a flog in his hand. It is made from black leather strips bound together at the handle. He swings hard but not viciously slapping the straps across Gemma's large beautiful ass making her scream again into the gag. After several strikes and her ass cheeks starting to show stripes of red from the flog, Dave pauses whispering loudly into Gemma's ear. “You like that, don't you slut?” Gemma nods her head. Dave steps back and delivers three more harsh strikes to Gemma's ass with the flog. Each time making her squeal loudly into the gag as her ass cheeks clench. Her beautiful ass is now bright red with stripes . Dave runs his hand over them feeling the heat of her skin as her cries melt into moans of pleasure. He dips his hand lower parting Gemma's soaked pussy lips feeling her excitement leak from her. “Almost ready” he tells the friends that are watching and stroking their hard cocks.

Dave sets down the flog. He picks up a set of clamps from the table that have strong springs in their jaws. Holding them up for Gemma to see he opens and closes them. She shakes her head violently with fear in her eyes. Dave roughly grasps a nipple twisting it. “Are you telling me no slut?” He asks. Emma groans into her gag, unable to answer and shakes her head no. Little pleading grunts and moans escape around the ball gag as she watches Dave pull her nipple out as far as it will stretch. He places the clamp at the base of it and lets the clamp snap shut, smashing her tender sensitive nipple flesh in its jaws. Gemma screams as loud as she can thrashing in her restraints. The pain igniting a fire in her tit. Dave repeats this process for the other nipple, again Gemma thrashes and screams. After a moment her screams become moans of pleasure and her hips start gyrating humping the air.

Dave points at her pelvic thrusts, “See gentleman, I told you she is a pain slut, she is trying to cum from the pain we have given her.”

Turning back to Gemma, Dave holds the point of her chin in place and bores his gaze into her eyes. “Don't you dare fucking cum yet whore.” He demands then lets her chin go. Gemma fights down the urges her pussy is sending her. She can feel her inner pussy walls clamping and relaxing as the orgasm threatens to fully bloom. Not only is the pain and stimulation driving her to this point, but also the humiliation of being on display to all these men she knows so well. Each and every one of them have been guests in her home, a few of them with their wives. Dinners, parties, and just hanging out over the years.

Gemma thinks to herself, “I am a fucked up slut, this should not be exciting me, but God help me I love it.”

Finally able to fight down the urge to cum, Gemma's pelvic thrusts slow and her moans get lower.

Pleased, Dave smiles at his well trained wife. “ I think she is ready boys. Let's get her into position.”

Releasing the rope from the wall Gemma is lowered back to her feet. The relief is almost overwhelming as the pressure in her shoulders melts away. Dave quickly removes the spreader bars between both sets of cuffs. He unfastens and gently pulls the ball gag from between Gemma's teeth. Gemma works her sore jaw a few times.

“Get on your fucking knees.” Dave commands. Instantly Gemma sinks to her knees looking down at the floor.

Dave reaches down, lifting Gemma's head by her hair. “Open” He commands. Gemma opens her mouth wide, and Dave feeds the head of his precum slicked cock into his willing wife's mouth. Pumping slowly he feeds more and more of his thick white shaft into Gemma's mouth. She expertly sucks and flicks her tongue over his cock head.

Looking up, Dave motions to the other men to approach. They all stand close cocks almost touching over Gemma's face. Dave tells the men the only rule. “Do whatever you want to the slut, she will let us know if we must stop. Her safe word is ONION. If she ever says that word or crosses her fingers on both hands if she can't speak, you must stop doing whatever you are doing instantly.” “Understood?” Dave asks.

All the men nod or say they understand.

Dave concentrates again on Gemma sucking his cock. He pushes her head back so she can see the other four cocks waiting to be sucked. Dave pushes harder, sinking his cock to the back of Gemma's mouth. She wretches violently for a moment, gagging on his cock meat then swallows quickly taking a deep breath. Dave feels her throat open for him and he pushes his mushroom cock head down her throat until his balls are resting on her chin. The pure bliss he feels as her throat milks his cock head as she swallows is almost to much, and he quickly pulls from his slave wife's mouth to avoid cumming to soon. Gemma never loses a beat and grasps the next cock in line swallowing the six inches of cock, he is not long enough to penetrate her throat but reaches to the very beginning of it as she bobs up and down his shaft while stroking another man's cock at the same time.

This goes on for a while until she reaches the large black monster cock she saw earlier. She places the huge head in her mouth and struggles to flick her tongue over the rim. She drives the pointed tip into his cock head scooping out beads of precum as he moans loudly from the pleasure. She tries to force his cock down her throat but the monster just wont fit. She can only manage about four inches of dark cock meat in her mouth but bobs on it anyway. Gagging and drooling around the shaft. Making sexy ack ack ack noises every time his cock head smashes into the back of her throat.

Dave lays back on a padded bench, his cock waving in the air like a flag pole. “Come fuck my cock slut.” he orders Gemma rises up and and walks to her master. He reaches up grasping the chain between the clamps on Gemma's nipples pulling her now purple breasts making her moan and squeal. Gemma straddles Dave, lowering her soaked pussy to his cock. She feels the swollen head parting her over excited pussy lips and prying her inner slick tunnel wide as she sinks down on his long thick cock.

Glancing over her shoulder she sees the other men stroking their hard meat, lust and need burning in their gazes, as they watch her husband's cock disappear in her excited cunt.

Feeling her nipples pulled by the chain and clamps again, Gemma follows the direction and lays forward on her husband's chest smashing her bound tits into him. She feels hands on her ass cheeks spreading her wide. A warm soft feeling strokes over her puckered asshole several times, as realization dawns in Gemma's mind. She whines in fear, but tries to relax. The warmth suddenly becomes an ever increasing pressure as the cock head presses in prying her asshole open to accept the cock.

Gemma cries out as the head pops in past her inner ring of muscle. The pain igniting her desires again. Gemma humps back forcing both cocks deeper into her. Inch after inch slide into her holes as the thrill and sensations conflict and shivers run up and down Gemma's spine.

Gemma's eyes start to roll back into her head and she moans and cries as the men saw their cocks in and out of her rubbery wet slick ass and pussy. So close to cumming, Gemma begs her master.. “Please let me cum, I can't hold it, ummm ohhh fuck, mmm please master let me cum like the whore I am.”

Pleased, Dave thrusts harder up into Gemma's quivering cunt, he can feel his friend's cock through the thin barrier between her ass and pussy. “Yes whore, cum on our cocks.” Dave says.

Gemma's body goes rigid, her breath catching in short sharp gasps, her pussy and ass slamming down tight on the two cocks invading her. A moan of ecstasy forms low and starts to escape her mouth as the waves of pleasure make her muscles convulse. Just as she is peeking, seven inches of hard cock are shoved into her mouth as one of the friends can not hold out any longer.

He shoves hard not wanting her to suck, but to swallow his cock. Gemma moans her pleasure out around the cock, the sound cut off every time he shoves the head down her throat. He grips her hair on both sides, turning her head to the side to take him. Gagging, drooling, and cumming hard Gemma lets the man face fuck her hard. He stands on his tip toes arching his back, his ass cheeks clench hard as she shoves balls deep down Gemma's throat and she feels his cock swell and pulse. She feels the hot liquid of his cum throb down to her stomach. Pulling back he jacks hard letting the last two pulses of his cum jet into her face coating her eyes, nose and mouth. “ARHHHH MMMM TAKE MY FUCKING CUM YOU GUTTER WHORE!!” He growls out as the last drops of his cum dribble from his angry swollen cock head.

“Suck him clean bitch.” Dave says.

Gemma still twerking her hips fucking the cocks buried in her as the men groan, opens her mouth and sucks the cum from the man's cock. She savors the salty sweet liquid, loving the taste of cum. She moans her pleasure then looks up to him. Thank you for your cum, she purrs showing him the cum in her mouth then swallowing.

Gemma feels the cock in her ass pull free, she moans in disappointment feeling empty, then screams in pain and pleasure as she feels an even larger cock taking its place spreading her asshole even wider. It is the large white cock about eight inches or so pressing desperately into her sinking to his balls as he groans out between gritted teeth.

The man that was just in her ass, presses his slime coated cock to Gemma's lips. She opens and takes him deep, sucking hard and retching from the taste of her own ass. He throws his head back growling out pleasure as hot spurts of thick cum fill Gemma's mouth. She swallows as fast as she can barely able to keep up with the flood of jizz he is pumping. After he slows and calms she sucks his cock head hard pulling the last drops from him. Panting and groaning still in waves of her own pleasure, Gemma thanks him for his cum.

Dave groans under Gemma, pushing her up disturbing the fuck session. He slides his throbbing cock from her drooling wet pussy and slides out from under her. He motions to the black friend to take his place.

After laying down Gemma, again lowers her pussy to accept cock and feels the huge member stretching her opening to almost the point of tearing her tender pussy flesh. Gemma cries out, sinking lower determined to take all of the offered cock deep inside her willing pussy. Try as she might, she can only get about ¾ of it inside her. She feels the head pressed hard against the inner ring of her cervix causing discomfort but at the same time pleasure. Leaning forward again she twerks her hips fast fucking her pussy up and down the meat pole that is stroking into her. Again hands spread her ass cheeks wide and the cock re enters her ass with little to no resistance. Both men alternate sawing in and out of the willing cock slave. Grunts, and groans of pleasure fill the room to match the sloshing wet sucking noises of the cocks stroking into Gemma.

Gemma feels her hair being pulled yet again and looks up to see her evil grinning husband with a tight grip around his hard cock stabbing it at her mouth.

“Open up you filthy cum dumpster, take my load.” He growls out.

Gemma bouncing wildly from the fucking opens her mouth wide whining in orgasm as her loving dominating husband pushes his throbbing cock down her throat cutting off her air supply. She feels him cumming hard barely stroking down her throat, the sweet tangy taste of her own pussy filling Gemma's mouth. Her eyes roll back again and she goes rigid while her husband pumps the last of his cum into her. He pulls back just filling her mouth now, letting Gemma get the air she needs. She sucks, milking his cock for the last traces of cum.

Dave sees the glassy look in Gemma's eyes and knows she has about reached her limit before passing out.

“Lets lay her back and let you fine gentlemen finish her off.” Dave says.

The man fucking her ass, pulls free. The black friend under her pushes her up and helps lay her back on the bench he has been laying on.

Gemma's arms and legs hang limp, her purple, bound, clamped, tits heaving as she continues to cum and moan. Her pussy and ass gaped open twitch in time to the pulses of pleasure still radiating through her body.

Both men stand over Gemma's face stroking their cocks hard moaning their pleasure.

Dave commands Gemma to open her mouth.

Gemma opens wide, holding her tongue out to catch cum like a porn star.

Both men start cumming at almost the same time. Jets of hot cum fly from their cocks spattering across Gemma's upturned face.

Dave reaches down, cutting the rough rope binding Gemma's tits, allowing blood to start slamming back into them. Then pulls the clamps from her nipples. He watches her nipples swell even more with the renewed blood flow. Gemma cries out from the throbbing pain in her tits, then moans harder. Her pussy convulses and she squirts jets of cum and piss from her pussy as the last of the men's thick hot cum glaze her beautiful face.

Panting heavily, Gemma sucks each man clean, thanking them for the gift of their cum. She starts scraping the hot jizz from her face, licking it from her fingers happily with a glazed look in her eyes as she lays relaxing on the bench.

The session over, Dave and his friends laugh and slap each other on their backs. All of them thank Dave for letting them have his beautiful slutty wife.

Dave looks over at a smiling, satisfied, but very sore Gemma. Get cleaned up then bring us some beers to the den slut. I have something to show you.

Sitting up and trying to stand on her weak knees, Gemma replies “Right away Master”. And stumbles from the room.

After cleaning up a bit, Gemma gets the beers from the fridge as she was told to do. She walks down the hall, her knees still weak but getting stronger.. She hears laughing and loud talking from the men in the den. She also hears female moans and groans. Entering the room the large screen tv is on. To her surprise the woman moaning is on the screen, and it is her. Dave recorded the session and they are now watching themselves abuse and fuck her on the big screen.

Blushing she hands a cold beer to each of the men then sinks to her knees beside her husband's chair.

He is talking to his friends describing how Gemma had confessed her desire to be a willing sub a few years back. Describing in detail how she submitted and was broken to each new degrading act he could think of. Several of the men want to know more. Their wives having given hints of being willing also but they did not know how to go about training them.

Gemma listens as her loving husband and master, plans another session but this time inviting the men to bring their wives to watch and take part if they want to. Gemma stifles a moan of pleasure, pussy throbbing again at the thought of being forced to eat their pussies. The women being some of her very best friends have no idea what a desperate, horny, submissive slut Gemma actually is.
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