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About a year and a half ago Trish took a chance and went with her husband Ben to a sex party at her friend's house. Now there's a new party and the stakes are higher.
It had been well over a year since Steph and Al's sex party. Trish was unsure going in, but it was the best thing for us long term. She had really opened up to trying new things in bed with me. And for that matter she didn't require it to be in bed anymore either. We'd had a couple of escapades outdoors in the past year. Trish now often delighted in playing games. Tonight I had her cuffed to the bed while I teased her pussy, just touching it with the tip of my cock while my fingers danced around her most sensitive spots. I let her beg and plead to fuck her hard. Yes, she now used dirty language at the appropriate times. Tonight I was requiring the foulest she knew.

"Tell me what you want Trish. Beg for it."

"OH fuck Ben, FUCK me."

"Tell me." My cock was sooo close, I pinched her nipples, there were hand marks on her ass. "I can wait all night..."

"FUCK me, give me your cock NOW."

"Hmm, maybe." I swatted her ass again. "I'm not hearing what I want."

"Please, put your cock in me." Swat. Not too hard. She wasn't into pain. That's ok. Swat.

"Fuck me with you cock. My pussy needs it PLEASE."

Swat. Squeeze the nipples, let my cock tease along her slit. She was wet. Very wet. When the time came, I'd glide right in. Swat.


Ah, better. I teased a moment, found the spot and gave her the whole thing.

"OOOOOOOOOh, fuck that's good." Now I got down to fucking. I had hold of her hair with one hand and her ass with the other. She was so wet I was sliding right in and out. Her ass was lifting trying to find me, pushing back. I let go of her hair and held her by the hips driving into my wife of four years. Once so shy sexually. Now my partner in sexual adventure. I was moving fast, she was cumming hard, I kept going until I pulled her to me and gave her my cum deep inside. I added a few extra thrusts for emphasis then let her go and uncuffed her. Trish turned and grabbed me in a tight hug.

"Oh fuck Ben, I love when you take me like that, but you just wait, next time I get to be boss." I smiled,

"I can hardly wait." Now we cuddled and enjoyed each others company. After a bit Trish sat up and looked at me with an excited grin.

"We got another invite from Steph!" Remembering back to the last party I was intrigued.

"And? Is it a regular cocktail party or..."

"MMM, it's been awhile but she asked who's up for more dirty play."

"Interesting. Same group?"

"Uh huh. I wonder if Brit will come this time? Steph is raising the stakes. Oh and there's one additional couple."

"Raising the stakes? And who's the new couple?"

"Another of the old sorority crew. Jen? Not sure you know her. She was on a trip last time, but if I recall she was always up for fun. She and her new hubby Charlie. I don't really know him."

"Jen, hmm, no I don't think we've met. What's she like?"

"Oh a scouting report. Let's say she's just your type. Tiny with big tits."

"Oh so you'll have competition?" Trish has a delicious set of 34D tits that were the hit of the previous party.

"No, more a C, but she's so small they look huge."

"So why no Brit?"

"Oh yeah, Steph says there will be a trading game and more sharing. You know how reluctant Brit was."

"Yeah." I must have sounded let down. Trish held my cock in hand.

"Someone sounds like they wanted a shot at Brit's blonde pussy."

"Oh, and which hard cock are you lusting after?"

"Lusting? More like interested."

"It must be Al's, the other's weren't that much different than mine."

"Caught. But then I worry about fitting that thick club."

"Ah so you have been thinking about this."

"Every now and then I think back to having Al's cock between my tits. You don't think about sucking on Brit's bush?"

"Guilty. So you think there will be sex, with others? That's ok with you?"

"From the invite I think there's a good chance it'll go that way. I'm ok if you are. I guess we better practice some more, get our skills up." I flipped Trish over and pulled her pussy to my mouth. I felt Trish coaxing my cock back to stiff with her tongue. I licked her pussy tasting both of us. Her pussy was always so sensitive after a good pounding and she now loved how I could get her off. I loved how she could now get my cock deep into her mouth. She'd worked on that for awhile after the party and had mastered her gag reflex. She was damn good at it now. My innocent Trish. She had me balls deep went she pushed her pussy into my face and came on me. I was now a mess of cum, lapping at her as she sucked me to a forceful orgasm, pumping my second load of the night into her throat. We cleaned up then decided to accept the invite.

Trish had drifted off to sleep. I lay awake thinking about possibilities. I'd never come close to cheating on Trish, but we had had a little fun with our friends last time and now she was basically giving me permission to have sex with one of her friends. Of course I was also agreeing to let her sample another cock. I had been her first and only. Now there would be another. I wouldn't deny her that. But my own thoughts and a twitching cock were on the possibilities. Last time Steph had sucked me deep, much further than Trish could at the time. Steph was firm and athletic, but with no tits to speak of. And did I really want to try satisfying her after she gets fucked by her husband's thick cock all the time? There was Connie. A little meatier than I generally preferred, but she liked anal. Trish and I have never even thought about it. Hmm. And the newcomer to the group, Jen. Some possibilities there. An even tinier version of my 5-3 wife. Definitely my type. But now my cock firmed up even more. Brit, mmm, Brit. In all honesty I secretly lusted after her a bit. She'd sat that blonde bush on my face and let me suck and lick her to orgasm. Oh how I'd love to sink my cock into that blonde pussy. She was a bit shy and reserved. Even moreso than Trish as it turned out. Maybe that was part of the allure. That and the wispy blonde pussy. I'd just cum twice this evening and here I was as hard as I get thinking of Brit. Tall slim Brit. I tried thinking of something, anything else and finally fell asleep.

This was to be an after holiday, holiday type gathering. So festive sweaters were called for. We'd be doing a gift swap game, but the gifts would be our wives. Trish said there was discussion among her sorority sisters about being fair and making the guys the gifts, but they eventually decided it would be easier to have the ladies sit on men's laps and move around.

"Besides, we've got better parts to unwrap."

"No argument there. So everyone's going?"

"It seems like it." She looked at me. "Ben, it's ok, I know you want some Brit in the worst way."

"No, really I was just..."

"Liar, liar." I hung my head in defeat.

"You're not mad? Or jealous?"

"Why would I be jealous. I've got what you really want. She's just different. Kind of opposite of me."

"You really are who I want and not just because of physical attributes, wonderful as they are."

"That's the good answer. And I'm not mad or I wouldn't be going to Steph's parties with you."

"You're too good to me."

"Remember that lover."

---The Party

We wore our best, ugly holiday sweaters. Then off to Steph and Al's place ready for whatever Steph had cooked up. We'd seen everyone, except Jen and Charlie, since the last party so there was no awkwardness. When we got there it seemed we were the last to arrive. We said the usual hellos, maybe slightly different since we all knew we'd be naked at some point. Jen gave me a hug and complimented Trish on a good catch. Trish returned the favor. I noted the height difference between them. Charlie was the tallest in the room, maybe 6-2 and Jen the shortest. Given the activities on my mind I immediately imagined them having some interesting lovemaking positions.

Steph had us all settled down, drinks in hand. When we agreed that we were ready she explained the game. She brought out an oversized plush die, then started,

"OK, ladies sit on your man's lap. But first guys, off with the sweaters. Let's see some beefcake." This was easy enough. I kept generally fit, though not a hardbody like Al. Geez that guy had more muscles than last time. Will and Kev looked as I remembered and Charlie had a healthy fit build. "OK ladies, in position. We are the gifts, of course. As with a gift exchange we will be passed around. Unlike the usual gift exchange, the gifts are able to sample their current owner. So, kissing, touching these nice chests, and such IS encouraged. Really everything is encouraged!" The ladies made a show of running their hands over our chests. I kissed Trish's neck and waited for the rest.

"Now, the die. The guys will take turns rolling. 1 = pass your gifts one to the left. Everyone shifts. 2 = Gifts

go to the left two spots. 3 = Man may remove one article of clothes from the gift he has. 4 = All gifts remove one article of clothes, 5 = All men remove an article of clothes, 6 = Gift gets naked. Got it?"

There was general agreement all around. I looked at my likely companions. To my left across the room was Steph, then Connie, Brit and to my immediate right Jen. She turned and winked at me. Steph raised her hand for attention again, "I almost forgot the best part. If a gift and owner find themselves both naked, they belong to each other for the night and may get as friendly as they want. I'm sure by then, both will be more than ready. OK, Ben why don't you start then we'll go clockwise."

I rolled a 1. All the ladies moved to the left. Jen settled onto my lap.

"Hi, nice way to get to know you." She kissed me lightly on the lips then turned to watch Al roll as I held her around the waist. Al rolled a 4. Nice job Al. By general agreement the ladies removed their sweaters. Jen was now bouncing on my lap with a bra barely holding her very nice pair of breasts. "Not exactly Trish's big'uns but not bad huh?"

"No not bad at all." I was definitely getting hard staring down at Jen. I was thinking that maybe I wouldn't mind spending the night with her as my partner. Then Kev rolled a 5. The ladies booed when we removed our socks. Shoes had been left at the door. Will got a 1 and off they went. Sorry to lose Jen, but not at all sorry Brit was on my lap. Going from 5-1 Jen to 5-7 Brit was a bit of a change. As Brit sat she looked back at me with one eyebrow raised as she happened to sit right on my rod. I shrugged and watched as Charlie rolled a 5. Whoops from the ladies as the men lost their pants. Now it was obvious that we were all stimulated. As the die came around to me Steph made a change to the rules.

"Going forward on a 5, only the guy rolling it loses his underwear. This way we can add to the suspense." We all agreed. I rolled a 3. I chose to remove Brit's bra. She had a nice set of 34B that looked like they would fit nicely in my hands, so I did. She exclaimed,

"Oh, hey there."

"Just following the rules." I knew she was a little embarrassed, but I couldn't resist. When I kissed the side of her neck she apparently agreed,

"MMM, that feels nice." Al rolled another 4 and we eagerly watched as each of the ladies took off their pants. Everyone except Brit, who was now on my lap nearly naked, was down to their undergarments. I knew Brit could very clearly feel my cock beneath her. I held her around the stomach and tried not to make her too uncomfortable. When Kev rolled a two, she was off and I now had Steph, who was completely uninhibited grinding on me. She turned and took my tongue into her mouth, sucking at it as I felt her tight toned body. To my right Trish was getting to know Charlie better. She seemed to be moving her hips feeling what he had pressing against her. She looked over at Steph and mouthed,

"It's long." Steph just winked back at her. Will rolled a 3 and let us all get a look at Jen's two gifts. They were perfect. Still firm enough, with the nipples sitting up enough. He lifted them and held them for us to see. Charlie then rolled a 2 and his wife's assets were now sitting in my lap again. She sat facing me and asked,

"You like?" Wow, and hell yeah. I sucked at one then turned her around to face the crowd as I rolled. Fuck. A 5. I'd be the first guy showing his stuff. Jen clapped and hopped off as I slid down my boxer briefs. Then she sat on me letting my hard cock rise in front of her. She leaned back for a kiss and whispered, "Charlie's long but I'd be happy if I got this one all night."

"Thanks." As we touched and held each other, and yes she held me, All rolled a 1. Off to the left went Jen and here came Brit. She looked down at me trying to figure out where to sit. My cock sat up straight as a suggestion. She decided that straddling it was the best course and did what Jen had done. My cock was oh so close to that blonde pussy. I reintroduced myself to her tits and whispered to her,

"You know, with the right roll it might be us."

"I know. That would be ok. But right here?"

"I guess."


Kev rolled a 3 and now Trish's tits were on display. Jen looked over and,

"Damn girl, I forgot just how big they are." Kev was having fun feeling just how big and heavy they were. The die went to Will who rolled the blessed 4. Steph and Connie we now down to their underwear. Trish and Jen were naked. Interesting, Jen's dirty blonde hair was natural. And Brit was now also naked, but so was I. Steph reminded us of the rules,

"Off with them Brit. And oh my look at that hard cock. What are you going to do with it?" Brit looked over at Will who had a nearly naked Steph dry humping him. Will shrugged as if to say, sorry. But it was his roll. Now we waited. Would Brit or wouldn't she? She turned to face me, lened over and hugged my neck, probably forgetting she was giving the other guys a good look at her ass and pussy. She put her face alongside mine and whispered,

"I'm happy it's you." Then I felt her holding my cock and rubbing it on her. And, oh god, I was in. She lowered herself on to me as some of the others cheered. I looked over at Will who gave me a thumbs up to say he was ok. So I held Brit and let her move and take me as she wanted. We were out of the game and would watch, and fuck. Charlie rolled a 2 and since we were out they skipped us. Trish was now on Charlie's lap having her exposed breasts tested for taste and firmness as I fucked her friend alongside her. She watched and said to Brit,

"It's ok Brit, I think he wanted you all along." Brit leaned her head back and look at me,

"Really? I'm skinny and flat compared to Trish."

"You're sexy in a different way. If I'm getting a pass I might as well try someone different. And yeah, you're my first choice." I think she felt better as she added more enthusiasm to her movements. I'd been distracted, but apparently Al had rolled a 2. As the remaining participants shifted positions and Brit turned her head to look I suggested,

"Why don't you turn around and watch? I'm sure they'd all like a better look at you." She slapped me on the shoulder,

"Somehow you make me feel less shy."

"Maybe it's because you're riding me in front of your hubby and friends?"

"Oh shit don't make me think of that." Then she hopped off me, turned around and let everyone see my cock splitting the blonde bush of hers. I pulled at her tits and reveled in the feel of her pussy sliding on me. I kissed at her neck and made rude comments about the other couples. Her laughs indicated less nervousness. I hoped part of it was also the fucking I was giving her. In the mean time the game had continued. Kevin's 3 had him naked with Trish on his lap. She may have been slightly disappointed, but Kev was happy to get her boobs for the night. I called across to her,

"Dare ya." She looked at me confused, then startled. At first she shook her head. I stared at her, my cock balls deep in Brit. Brit asked me,

"What's the dare?"

"We've never done anal. Kev knows what he's doing there."

"Oh god, never. Don't even think of it."

"No worries, I'm just where I want to be." Brit was slim, but so long, there was so much room to let my hands roam. I looked back at Trish who was whispering to Kev. He shrugged his shoulders and nodded his head. This would be interesting. Then Steph announced.

"Well there are two couples left and no one should get their own spouse so let's call the game over and Jen can come sit with Al. Charlie, you sit right there. Steph dropped her underwear and Charlie smiled at her bald pussy. He was about to get a ride to remmeber. When Steph pulled down his shorts she was pleased to see a long shaft. Thinner than Al's but all the length she wanted. Their reactions were nothing compared to Jen's when Al stood and dropped his,

"Holy fuck. You'll split me in two with that and I can't wait."

Will and Connie stood laughing. Will said,

"Hey what about us?" Steph slapped her head.

"Shit, I miscounted we had four groups last time. Do you guys mind?" Will looked at Connie. I knew what he was thinking. Connie knew too,

"Sure, I love it." I said to Brit who was resting on my cock,

"I think Will's about to get some ass."

"Wow really? Good for him. He doesn't get that at home."

To ensure everyone got a good look at everyone in action the ladies all started reverse cowgirl as Brit was. The only difference is we had been going awhile and I felt mine coming on. Brit was also starting to get worked up as my hand worked her clit.

"Ben I'm turning around again." She was off and back on me faster than I realized. Now facing me she brought her mouth to me and locked on, biting at my lower lip as she bounced on my cock. When she threw her head back, cumming on my cock, I bit along her neck then held her to me as I felt my cum surging up into her beautiful pussy. Oh how I'd dreamed dirty dreams about fucking Brit. Now the reality was as good as I'd hoped. When we'd both cum, she relaxed on me. I surveyed the room, telling her all the dirty things I was seeing.

"Damn, I think Kev has his tongue up Trish's ass. Will is working some lube into Connie. She must have brought it along. Oh he just tossed it to Kev. Steph is giving Charlie a workout. His cock must be reaching places even Al hasn't gone. And Oh shit you have to see this. Al is holding little Jen up and lowering her on his cock. It looks impossible but I think he's stuffing that thing into her." Brit turned stretching across me as we slid to the floor. The sounds from around the room were getting us turned on again. Trish, louder than I've ever heard her, reacting to Kevin's cock invading her virgin ass. Will smiling as he buried his cock in Connie's ass. Steph and Charlie in a contest to see which would give first. And the main event, Jen waking the neighbors, screaming in ecstasy as Al spread her wide, letting her sink ever more onto him. She put her feet up on his knees and with his support began raising and lowering herself begging for more, more, more. I let my hands wander over Brit, exploring her body that I'd lusted for. She nuzzled my neck and let me have my fun.

Will whooped and sent his load into Connie, then used his hand to get her off. Steph and Charlie both came together in a chorus of noises. Kevin was holding on to Trish's tits while his cock worked her ass. She looked shocked, turned on and amazed at what she was doing. She actually came first from Kev's thrusts, then begged for his cum. Before he did, Al declared,

"So..fucking...tight...Aaagh" and spurted his cum into Jen. Jen now sank lower on his slick cock and screamed that she was done,

"Oh fuck this thing is wide. Oooo fuck." She managed to get off of Al who was known to be able to keep going after cumming. "No more, but.. I'm not done. Who's going to lick my messy cunt and get me off?" From across the room I heard,

"Ben will." I looked over to where Trish was smiling at me. I asked Brit,

"Are you ok?"

"Sure." So I crawled over to Jen.

"I'll clean it out if I can fill it up again." She lay back letting me see her pussy, spread wide open and dripping Al's cum.

"Deal, but I better cum." I settled in between her legs and began licking around, sucking her engorged clit, tasting their combined fluids, but knowing I'd get a second pussy tonight. And yes, Jen was just my type. So I ate her pussy and listened at what was going on. People were pairing up and I wondered what Trish wanted. Then I heard her near me,

"Al, you look ready to go again, mind if I join you?"

"Hop on Trish, but face me, you know I love your tits." When Jen threw her head back I could look up and see Al sucking on Trish's tits as she carefully let Al press his cock into her. I couldn't see but it sounded like Connie and Charlie were going at it. That left Kev for Brit. I wondered if she'd go for more. I knew Will and Steph would be up for more. I turned my attention fullly to Jen who was growling and moaning as I stuck my tongue in her gaping pussy. Licking around and around she clamped her knees to my head.

"Oh fuck yeah. Clean out my poor cunt. Ahh, yeah Ben, yeah, mmmm." When I went back at her clit she finally came in a hip lifting, leg stretching, kicking orgasm. "Ah fuck yes you prick, that's it suck my cunt." Damn but she was agressive. She told me to stop then pulled my head to hers, kissing me hard, taking the breath from me. Then she laid back. "OK, whew, good. Now fuck me good. After Al you can just pound me senseless." I was up for it. I knelt between her legs, looked down at the dark blonde hair matted with fluids, her tits flattened slightly, her nipples pointed up still. I took one of those nipples into my mouth and held on as I pressed my cock deep into her. I wasn't as long as he husband, or as wide as Al, but that meant I could go hard and fast and slam against her. She could take me with ease. I started by fucking her and biting her nipples, then fucking her and rolling her tits in my hands, then fucking her with her legs in the air, then leaning down on her and thrusting all the way each time, slapping our bodies together until I felt my cum spurting, way inside Jen.

When I was drained I sat back and watched Al fuck my wife in a way I never could. Her head was back, he never left her tits and his thick cock was well up inside. She came multiple times, whimpering and moaning, rolling from one to another, then wrapping her arms around his neck holding on as he thrust up into Trish and came, filling her.

Looking around it seemed most were spent. Brit had gone to the bathroom to clean up. Others were lying about, not necessarily with their partners. Jen was laying with her head on my stomach, flipping my cock this way and that. Brit returned wearing her panties and carrying her sweater. It seemed she was done. I was a bit sad to not be able to see her blonde bush, but I'd have memories of slipping my cock up there. It must have made my cock move. Jen looked up,

"Still some life there? Mind of I suck you off?" I pushed her head down a bit and felt her tongue licking around my tip. I wasn't sure but with all the naked bodies, maybe one more. If Jen worked at it. To my right Trish was crawling across the floor on hands and knees. Judging by her direction it seemed her target was Charlie whose cock was hanging between his legs. The sight of my wife, big tits swinging, brought a smile to his face. Will and Brit got up to leave, thanking Steph and Al along the way. I looked at Brit, sharing a moment, then asked,

"Sure you don't want to sit just a little longer?" I showed her my tongue and a smile.

"No thanks Ben. I think I've had enough for tonight." Will just shrugged from behind her. He got more than maybe he expected, but probably less than he now wanted. Looking down it seemed Jen was determined to coax more from me. Behind her it looked liked Connie was trying to determine if she could fit Al's cock up her ass. Damn but she liked some anal. Steph and Kev were locked in an embrace. Trish had reached Charlie and now had his cock between her tits. Charlie was sitting back admiring the view and the feeling of his cock sliding between her pillows. He seemed to be getting stiff faster than me. Jen noticed too,

"Hmm, I never did that for Charlie. I probably could. Let's see." Jen moved up and wrapped her tits around my cock, sliding them up and down my less considerable length. When I moaned she realized she was on to something. When my cock got good and hard she knew it. Trish had moved on to the rub tits, lick cock, slide tits up and down, part of the program. Charlie was enjoying every bit of it. His hands were on either side of Trish's tits and now he was pausing with each thrust to let Trish suck at the head of his cock. Jen had gone from rubbing her tits on me to sucking my length into her mouth. She went quickly from just my head to nose in pubes, working her tongue and throat on me. After being with Charlie I guess I was easier to take. Still the effects on me were more than satisfying. When I held her head in place she simply said, "mmm hmm", when I started thrusting my cock into her throat she said, "mmmmm", when I held her head and came down her throat she took every bit of it and came up with and "aaaah".

"Fucking awesome Jen."

"Thanks! But you must do ok from home by the looks of that." I turned to see Trish with all how ever many inches of Charlie in her mouth and down her throat. She'd only recently been able to take all of me, but that must have been enough to master her gag reflex. Charlie was bouncing her tits in his hands and letting her milk his cock. When I saw his balls lift and his body tense I knew Trish was getting it all. It was a sight to see when she slowly backed up and more and more cock became visible. With a satisfied smile Trish hopped up on Charlie's lap and gave him a big kiss. He reciprocated and sat happily fondling her right breast. Jen was taking in the scene laughing,

"No matter how big our tits are a guy will get mesmerized by bigger ones."

"What can I say?" That may have been a bit smaller, but I was still holding one of Jen's in my hand."

"I like you. I'll tell Trish that too. And they seem to be getting along over there. Maybe we can all get together sometime?"

"Like for dinner? Sure."

"Dinner, drinks, fucking. Tell you the truth, I think Charlie might want to mess around with a guy too. You don't have a problem with cum, so?"

"Oh, wait. I don't know if Trish would want to. And I don't know about me handling cocks."

"Hmm, talk to her. Or I could. Something more intimate maybe." Her body was soft against mine. I almost wished I had anything left in me because she was very fuckable, but I was spent. Actually everyone was. By mutual agreement we cleaned up a bit, then sat with our partners for a last glass of wine before dressing for the ride home. I asked Trish on the way home,

"So, what did you think of this party?"

"I think I'm past any inhibitions I ever had. Just think, next time you can do my butt too." Yes, she was feeling free and unencumbered by anything from her upbringing.

"Seems so. More fun for us. Did Jen speak to you?"

"Yes, matter of act she caught me in the bathroom."


"Between kissing me with her tongue and putting a finger up my pussy she asked about the four of us getting together."

"What do you think?"

"I think it would be a lot more than me fucking Charlie and you fucking Jen."

"I got that idea."

"It might be fun."

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