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The loss of a wife/husband/lover can kill the spirit in a person and leave them devastated. Karen and Bill have experienced this traumatic loss. They meet today and Karma takes over.
The summer pool barbecue party was well underway with a real mix of age groups and diverse occupations. The hosts, Ben and Claire, were both leading citizens in their community; Ben, an active twenty-five-year veteran of the fire department, and Claire, a clinical psychologist at the local general hospital.

Their guests gathered today ranged from friends and co-workers to some of Claire's clients. Ben and Claire never expected everyone to accept their invitations and were pleasantly surprised when they ended up with a full house of forty people.

Some of the more confident guests were in their swimwear, enjoying the pool on this sunny, hot day, while the conservative individuals stayed in the shade and mingled.

Ben had an ulterior motive today; his mentor from the fire department had finally accepted one of his invitations, and he had a lady he wanted Bill to meet. Bill Westman was a bit of a legend on the fire department for his heroics over a thirty-five-year career, especially to Ben. Bill retired as a deputy chief at the mandatory sixty years old, and unfortunately, his wife of thirty years died of cancer that same year. For the past four years, Bill turned into a recluse as he dealt with his grief in his way.

Claire had tried unsuccessfully over the years to bring Bill back into the world of the living, and it excited her to see him talking and interacting with the other guests this afternoon.

Bill walked among the guests as he tried to evade the attention of one woman in particular. It wasn't that Linda was ugly or undesirable; she kept herself in good shape for a woman in her sixties. Her short shorts revealed a firm ass on her small frame, and her large breasts bounced freely in her tank top. Bill's late wife had been almost twenty years his junior, and he found women his age just didn't move him. He didn't want to be rude to Linda, but he also didn't appreciate her aggressive nature. Everywhere he turned, she seemed to be waiting for him.

Ben could see the cat and mouse game going on between Bill and Linda and stepped in to see how his friend was making out. As he walked over to them, he saw Bill was semi-listening to Linda but seemed more interested in a young woman sitting by herself on the garden bench at the back of his yard.

"Hi, Bill, hi Linda," said Ben, "are you both enjoying the afternoon?"

When Bill rolled his eyes at Ben, it was a sign that things were not going well, and he thought quickly. "Linda, would you mind helping Claire bring out some of the food while I catch up with my old buddy?"

"Of course!" Linda gushed as she rubbed Bill's arm, "I'll be right back, sweetie!"

They watched Linda's exaggerated wiggle as she walked away and saw her turnabout fifteen feet away to make sure they appreciated her efforts. She smiled when she noticed both men were watching and continued on her way to the house feeling good about herself and her chances with Bill. She was going to have to use the bathroom and dry her wet pussy off before her shorts sported her arousal. Bill was such a good-looking man, and his masculine physique had her juices flowing just thinking about being with him.

"Fuck, Ben!" said Bill when Linda was out of earshot, "that woman just won't leave me alone! I mean, she's nice and everything, but fuck!"

"Sorry, buddy," said Ben, "Claire thought you two might hit it off. By the way, thanks for honoring us with your presence today!" Ben laughed as he slapped Bill on his back. "I'll see if Claire can get her to tone it down a bit."

Bill looked over at the young woman sitting by herself on the garden bench at the back of the yard under the shade tree. "So, who is that?" Bill said as he pointed with his chin towards her.

"That's one of Claire's clients," said Ben. "Her name is Karen. She lost her dad last year. Karen has had a hard time dealing with the loss."

"She looks sad," said Bill.

"This is her first time out in a group," said Ben, "just like you."

"Can you introduce me to her?" asked Bill. "Maybe I can get away from Linda for a bit too."

Karen was a bit intimidated as she watched the two large men walk towards her. She knew Ben, Claire's husband, but the other older man was a stranger. He was a very handsome man with a full head of silver-grey hair. His sizeable masculine frame showed the results of years of physical exertion. As he walked towards her, she swore she could see his cock bouncing on his right leg with each step, and it looked like he didn't believe in wearing underwear.

"Hi, Karen," said Ben, "hope we aren't bothering you."

"No," she said, hoping they didn't realize she was avoiding the crowds. "It's just a little cooler here in the shade."

"This is Bill, a good friend of mine," said Ben as he looked from Karen to Bill. "He wanted to meet you."

"Me?" said a surprised Karen. "Why?"

"Well, I'll leave that to Bill to explain," said Ben as he turned and walked away.

"May I sit down beside you?" said Bill hesitantly. "If I'm bothering you, it's okay to say no."

"Oh," said Karen as she glanced way up at him. She liked how confident he was, but also that he asked first. "Please sit down, the bench isn't that big, but I think we can fit."

Bill sat his large frame beside Karen, and the difference was almost extreme. Karen was at the small end of five feet, whereas Bill was six foot four. They could both feel the garden bench groan under his weight. Karen tried to move away, but the small seat just didn't allow it, and their legs touched.

"Sorry," said Bill as she tried to reclaim her personal space again. "Would you prefer I stand up?"

"No," Karen said, a little breathy as she felt the bare skin on her leg, touching his. "It's too hot to stand."

"Thanks," said Bill as he put his arm behind her back on the top of the bench to avoid accidentally rubbing her breast with his arm or shoulder. "This must be a junior-sized bench," he laughed.

Karen laughed as well. She liked the sound of Bill's laugh; it wasn't boisterous or loud, just masculine.

"Oh-oh," she said as she looked towards the patio. "I see your admirer is looking for you."

They watched as Linda surveyed the crowd, searching for him and finally spotting him. She waved at them and headed their way. Ben quickly ran over from the side to intercept Linda on the far side of the pool. They watched him gesturing at them and then talking to Linda, whose face noticeably dropped as she looked their way. Ben stopped her in her tracks, and Linda turned and headed back into the house.

"Thank god!" said Bill. "Hey, what did you mean by admirer? Have you been watching me?"

"Maybe a little," said an embarrassed Karen. "She's been chasing you all day, like a little puppy dog."

"I know!" said Bill, "you're rescuing me." He laughed as he put his arm on her shoulder and, without thinking, squeezed her towards himself.

Karen didn't know whether to take his squeeze as sexual harassment or just a friendly hug. Just as quickly, Bill relaxed his arm again, and she could feel it rest against her back. Karen adjusted her leg once more, but the effect was more of a gentle caress than breaking apart.

"Sorry," said Karen, "it's been a long time since I’ve been so close to a man."

"Me too," said Bill as he lowered his head to look at the beetle crawling across the paving stones before realizing what he said. "I mean with a woman!" he laughed, turning to look at Karen.

"I guessed that, silly!" Karen laughed back as she held his gaze. "So, why did you want to meet me?"

"I love that," he said, "a woman who speaks her mind. Can I be frank with you as well?"

Karen couldn't decide if Bill was this polite or if he was playing a game with her. "Okay," she said.

"You looked as lonely on the outside as I feel on the inside," he confessed.

"You hide it well," Karen said but not expanding on his observation of herself.

They were both quiet as the singing birds serenaded them. Karen felt comfortable in the silence and laughed out loud as one of the guests was 'accidentally' thrown into the pool.

"Did you bring a suit?" asked Bill.

"Oh my god, no!" said Karen, "I mean, I would scare everyone away!"

Indirectly, Karen had just given Bill permission to look at her body. "Well, from what I can see with your clothes on, you look pretty fine to me."

The laughter of the people in the pool caused Bill to look away, and Karen inspected Bill. He was probably not wearing any underwear as she could see the outline of his cock in his hiking shorts. The polo shirt he was wearing stretched out against his chest muscles, and she could see by the grey stubble on his face as he didn't shave this morning.

"Are you done yet?" laughed Bill. He could feel Karen's eyes on him, and his cock inadvertently gave a small pulse.

Karen laughed again as she continued to look at him. "No, give me another minute or three. There's a lot to take in." Karen rested her hand on his thigh and squeezed him. "Thank you, Bill," she said, "I haven't laughed like this in a long time."

"Um, Karen," said Bill as he looked at his watch on his left arm and then showed it to her. "You have your hand on my cock, and you have a half-hour to remove it."

Karen's first impulse was to remove her hand quickly, but his comment surprised and delighted her. "Only a half-hour?" she pouted as she squeezed once more. "That's not fair! What if I want more playtime?"

"Oh fuck," said Bill as his cock started to grow under her fingers. "Take as long as you want. You're making this old man feel young again!"

Karen looked down at Bill's crotch and couldn't believe his cock ran down his leg that far. She could feel his cock under her fingers and had a hard time letting go. Her sex life had been none existent for the last few years, and in just a few minutes, Bill had made her feel like a woman again.

"I'm sure I should be feeling embarrassed," said Karen as she removed her hand and looked into his deep-blue eyes, "but I don't."

"I'm not going to lie," said Bill with real emotion, "I think you are a stunning woman, and I haven't felt sexual chemistry like this in years."

It was evident to Karen as she looked at Bill that he was telling the truth. Rather than focusing on a reply, Karen went in a different direction.

"I can't even say this with a straight face!" she laughed. "But I usually have a much better technique when I’m holding a man's cock."

"I'm sure you do!" he laughed as he hugged her to him once more. "Oh my god, that was a priceless comeback!"

Bill looked into Karen's green eyes, glad to see he wasn't the only one smiling like a fool.

"Don't look now, but there is a gate in the fence right behind us that leads to a secret world," Bill said. "I would love to go through it with you."

Curiosity got the better of Karen, and she twisted to see if he was telling the truth. Her breasts pushed up against Bill's arm, and she didn't even realize her nipples were on fire until they touched his arm.

"I love how soft your breasts feel," said Bill softly as he looked down. "Are your nipples always so hard?"

Karen looked at Bill's smiling face, "How did we get so comfortable with each other so fast?" asked Karen in bewilderment. "I don't even know you."

Bill was just as amazed as Karen; he only wanted to meet her and know her better. Now he was commenting on her breasts, and she had touched his cock, albeit through his shorts.

"I can't answer that," said Bill, "at least not yet, but I don't want whatever this is to end."

Karen felt the same way, but the suddenness of it all scared her. She saw Claire smiling and looking her way. She felt an urgent need to talk to her. "I need to talk to Claire," said Karen. "Are you going to run away if I leave you?"

"No," said Bill. "Why don't I ask Claire to trade places with me? This is a nice private place to talk."

"Thank you, Bill," she said as she placed her hand on his knee and squeezed him.

"Well, I may be big, but not that big," he laughed. "You missed my cock that time!"

"Oh! You're terrible!" Karen laughed. "And for your information, NO, my nipples are not always hard. So there!"

Bill chuckled and rose as gracefully as he could from the tiny garden bench. He made his way through the crowd of people towards Claire, smiling and nodding to those he knew. Bill could feel Karen's eyes on him, and the echo of his heart pounded in his ears. After what seemed forever, he finally made it to Claire. The back of his shirt was soaked in sweat, and he knew some of it was from nervousness and not the heat.

"Hi Bill," said Claire with concern. "You okay? You look a little flushed."

Bill hesitated for a minute, "Can we talk?"

"Of course," said Claire. "Is it about Linda? I am so sorry; I thought you and her would hit it off when you met."

"No, not that," said Bill as he looked around to see if anyone could hear him. "Karen would like to talk to you. She wants to talk to you about me."

"You?" said Claire. "I don't understand."

"Please, Claire," said Bill as he took her hand in his and squeezed. "This is important to me."

Claire looked up and could see that Bill was anxious, and his eyes were getting moist. "Of course," she said, "I will do it right now."

"Thank you!" said Bill. He gave her hand one more squeeze before letting her go.

Bill couldn't bear to watch the interaction and decided to go into the air-conditioned house to cool down. It was all in Claire's hands now. Depending on what Claire told Karen would determine if this was all a quick fancy or maybe the start of something special.

Bill mingled and talked to people in the house for fifteen long minutes and picked at some of the appetizers laid out on the kitchen island. He snuck a glance through the window and saw Claire and Karen hugging each other. Damn! It looked like Karen was crying. He felt the urge to run out the front door and not look back. He never intended to hurt Karen, but it seems like he did.

The loss of his wife four years ago had left him devastated; his best friend and lover wilted away from inoperable cancer right before his eyes. It took a lot for him to be here today, and now Bill wished he hadn't made an effort. His body language said it all as he shuffled his way to the front door and outside. He walked up the street to his car and just sat there, alone in his thoughts, slumped over the steering wheel.

"Fuck! Fuck!" shouted Bill as he hit the steering wheel with his hand. "I'm a fucking idiot!"

The knock on the side window startled Bill, and he looked over to see Karen standing there looking at him. He hit a button, and the passenger window rolled down.

"Yes, you are, mister!" said Karen as she poked her head into his car. "You promised me you wouldn't run away!"

"I'm sorry," said Bill, "I thought I had hurt you, and I couldn't bear it."

"So, are you going to invite me in?" asked Karen, "or do I have to hang on like this while we go on our first date?"

"What? First date?" stammered Bill, "I saw you crying and thought the worst."

"Oh, Bill," sighed Karen, "that's so sweet but so wrong."

Karen opened the door and sat down uninvited. She found out so much about Bill from Claire but knew there was much more to come. There was no rush; they had all the time in the world to mend their hearts, hopefully together.

"Do you like sushi?" asked Karen.

"Isn't that raw fish?" replied Bill with a turned-up nose.

"It's good to try new things," said Karen as she smiled at him. "Maybe we can try lots of new things? Claire said you're called 'Big Bill' for a reason."

"Oh fuck," laughed Bill, "looks like Claire told you more than I thought she would."

Bill reached over and held Karen's hand in his. "Thank you, Karen," he said, "I would love to try new 'things' with you. But sushi? Really?" he laughed.

"Maybe next time," said Karen as she relented. "First, let's get to know each other better."

"I'm a little hot. Are you up for a walk around the lake? It should be cooler up in the hills."

"Will you hold my hand?" asked Karen.

"Is that all?" teased Bill.

"One step at a time, Big Bill," laughed Karen as she felt her nipples harden.

"You're so fucking beautiful," said Bill as he beamed at her.

"You say fuck a lot," said Karen.

"Does it bother you?"

"Not really; it just seems natural when you say it." she laughed. "Maybe I will start saying it too."

"Hmm," said Bill. "You can say fuck as much as you want, especially when you want me actually to fuck you." He laughed.

"Fuck, Bill," laughed Karen, "I don't know how you do it, but you make me horny for you."

"Do you want to feel my cock again?" he laughed. "You did mention something about technique."

"You're incorrigible!" laughed Karen. "Yes! I do want to feel your cock again! I mean, feel it for real this time!"

"Right now?" asked Bill.

"You wouldn't!" screamed Karen in delight.

"Ask me, Karen," teased Bill.

Karen was coming out of her shell, and so was Bill. They played on each other as they bantered back and forth. She looked at Bill and then at the lump in his shorts; she did want to see 'it.'

Karen nervously looked around the car to see if anyone was nearby. "Oh, my God, I can't believe I’m saying this! Show me your big fucking cock!"

Bill did another look-about before undoing the zipper and the top button on his shorts. "Pull it out for me," said Bill, "feel me for the first time."

"Oh my god," said Karen shakily, "Really? Right now?"

Karen slid closer to him, along the bench seat of his classic convertible car. "I dare you to!" he said as he put his arm around her shoulder.

Karen's hand was shaking as she rubbed his cock through his shorts; he felt huge compared to her small hand. She could see her earlier guess that he wasn't wearing underwear proved correct. Her hand snaked its way into his shorts. The unexpected warmth of his cock on her fingers brought the moment to reality.

"Oh, fuck!" said Bill as he hugged her closer. "Your hand feels so good!"

Karen looked up at Bill as her fingers encased his cock. She snuggled into his chest. "It does feel fucking huge!"

Bill leaned down, and his lips kissed hers for the first time. He could feel her urgency as her hand pulled hard, bending him until she finally succeeded, and he was free.

Karen broke off the kiss, amazed that this was happening so quickly. Involuntarily, she drew in a breath when her eyes caught the first glance of his cock. Bill was massive, larger than any man she had ever seen. She couldn't imagine how it would feel in her pussy, but hoped she would soon find out. The urge to kiss and suck his cock was so intense her stomach was full of butterflies.

"You're huge!" Karen laughed, "You are Big Bill."

"I'm glad you like it," he laughed. "Trust me; it gets a lot bigger!"

"Fuck!" said Karen. "Now you have me scared!"

"Ha, ha," Bill laughed. "Okay, playtime is over." The last thing Bill wanted was to get discovered in such a compromising position.

"Ah, spoilsport!" she laughed as she gave his cock one last squeeze.

Bill pried Karen's hand off his hardening cock and stuffed himself back into his shorts and zipped up. Karen didn't move away from being so close to his body.

"Where to?" asked Bill as he started up the car. Bill loved his classic, red and white, '57 convertible Bel Air, especially the exhaust's rumble when he revved the motor. "Do you want the top down?" he asked.

Karen knew Bill meant the convertible top, but she wanted to tease him. "Would you like me to take my top down?" she asked innocently.

Bill smiled and rested his hand on her bare thigh. "Babe, there is nothing more I would like than to see your pert little breasts!"

"What?" Karen frowned, "You think I'm a babe?"

Bill wasn't sure if Karen was upset or not as he stammered a few um's and ahs.

Karen burst out laughing as she enjoyed his awkwardness. "Fuck Bill," she laughed, "I was just teasing you!"

Bill looked at her with a straight face. "You say fuck a lot."

They shared a good laugh as their eyes shone at each other, enjoying the unexpected moment.

"Do you think my tits are perky?" Karen asked, changing direction, "I'm not that young, you know."

"Well," said Bill, "I think that would take a little hands-on examination to determine, but from my view, they look very fucking perky!"

Karen looked at Bill as she squeezed her legs together. "You're making me wet, and you haven't even touched me. How?"

Bill was overjoyed at her revelation, "Well, it’s a gift I have," he laughed. "On a scale of 1 to 10, how wet are you?"

"Oh my god!" Karen laughed at his directness. "Well!" she disclosed, "at the moment, I am a 3, but closing in on a fucking 5!"

Bill laughed as he squeezed her bare leg. "So," he said, "top up or down?"

Karen had never thought of herself as an exhibitionist, but she let caution fly out the open window. Bill had that effect on her. With both hands, she grabbed the hem of her tee-shirt and pulled it up over her bra.

"Do you still think I’m perky?" she laughed.

"Fuck!" Bill exclaimed as he quickly did a perimeter search. Finding no one around, he relaxed and examined Karen's breasts. They were of small size but perky. "Hard to say, "said Bill seriously, "might take a hand's on."

Karen just held her top up. "So," she said, "what the fuck are you waiting for?"

"You sure do say fuck a lot," he laughed.

Bill reached over and ran his hand over her tight tummy. She was in good shape and athletic. His fingers found their way under her tight bra, and her breast felt very perky.

"Yes," said Bill, "you’re definitely in the perky group."

Karen had always been self-conscious about her small breasts and today was no different. It took all her inner strength to expose her weakness to Bill, and she hoped he wouldn't be disappointed.

"They're perfect!" said Bill as he gave another squeeze. "Just the right size!"

"Really!" beamed Karen as her anxiety dissolved. "You're not just saying that?"

"No," he said as he removed his hand and pulled her top back down. "I always say more than a handful is a waste."

"Top-down please," said Karen as she smiled at Bill, "I want to feel the wind in my hair."

Ten minutes later they were on their way cruising like two innocent teenagers, laughing and singing along to the songs on the radio. She was right by his side with a hand on his bare leg, and his arm was around her shoulder. Karen enjoyed the waves from strangers as they admired Bill's classic car and she found herself waving back. She didn't care where he was taking her; the journey was more important than the destination.

It had been a long time since Bill had felt this happy or comfortable in his skin. Today a miracle had come his way in the form of a beautiful diminutive woman. Bill could feel his late wife smiling down at him, and his heart was at peace.

It was a good day for a long drive and a new beginning.

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