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A long time friend of my wife and still is as of this day had sex for almost 4 years
My Sexual past

I like writing stories about the girls I have had a sexual relationship with some lasting almost 5 years. This one is about Missy ,who is still one of my wife's oldest and dearest friends.It all started after 6 years of marriage , Missy came to live with us after her latest boyfriend walked away.

My wife and I have a decent sex life but I often lasted too long for her liking. That night when she told me to finish quickly I just pulled out and laid down beside her.A lot of the time she would take my cock and give me a hand job ,but this night she had a better idea.

When she rolled over supporting herself on one arm she looked at me and said”do you think Missy is pretty? I feel sad for Missy ,she has never had a good man in her life”she said “then put a hand on my cock.”I was thinking maybe you could go cheer her up for me, I have shared my boyfriends with her before”.

My wife got up and threw a robe on then handed me my boxers “come on “she said walking me down to Missy’s room. Since her door was ajar she walked into her room and sat down on the bed . “Sit up “my wife said, shaking Missy’s shoulder “this might make you happy”.

When Missy rolled over my wife pulled my boxers down “here use him “ then slapped my cock making it bounce.Missy rolled back over covering her face “come on “my wife said “you shared a few boyfriends with me”.My wife got up and then had me sit beside Missy,she kissed me and said “she’s all yours”,she then walked out of the room.

Now I have to tell you about Missy, she really is 27, a good looking woman,5’10” average build , blonde hair ,curly. She has a great personality and we have a good time when we are together. Since we have known each other for 6 years and seeing one another half naked before I thought tonight might be the night.

Missy sat up on the bed and ran her hand up to my cheek “I can't “she said. She did give me a kiss and ran her hand down my chest then sighed “I can’t “she said again. “ I know she has shared with me her boyfriends,but you are not her boy friend.You are a nice guy , then again rubbed my cock, but I could fall in love with you” .She then sighed again”I just cant so just go”she said and gave my cock a squeeze as I stood up.

I wasn’t going to pressure Missy so I walked to the door hoping that she might change her mind ,but she didn’t. I stopped and turned around “you're a beautiful woman “I said “you could fall in lust with me”.Missy just turned away from me and laid down,I guess the answer is no, then walked away.

Now let's move on because I didn’t get the chance with Missy that night or even the next 6 months.But finally after three more boyfriends dumped her my wife talked her into it.It was a nice night out when my wife told me to go out and talk to Missy. She was outside by herself laying down on the picnic table just looking up at the stars.

“Hey there beautiful” I said to her when I sat down pulling a chair up to the table, ``beautiful sights” .

Missy sat up placing her arms on her knees and her face on her hands “why is she wanting to share you with me “she said.Are you two having marriage problems,or isn’t Rhonda not enough for you”?

“She wants you to be happy”I said to her, placing my hand on her cheek.I was very surprised when Missy moved in and gave me a kiss.Even more surprising just how many she gave me with her tongue getting deeper inside me.

We started kissing longer when I moved in front of her still sitting on the chair. She stopped me when I placed my hands on each of her knees and started sliding them up.She then laid back on her arms and said”are you sure this won’t hurt your marriage”?

She never said no again when I spread her legs and began kissing up along them. The farther I licked up the closer she moved her pussy towards my face. When my hands hit her hips my fingers went in to pull her panties away,her hand went to my head.

She moved her legs over my shoulders and laid flat on the table running her fingers through my hair while I lapped at her juices.Missy kept her hands on my head ,sometimes holding it still when I licked the right spot.The longer I sucked away at her pussy the more her juices would seep out and the louder her moans became.

I have always loved to hear them moan and feel their legs tremble and Missy ,by her actions, told me I have done well. I finally stood up and began kissing my way up along through her blonde pubic hairs past her belly.I knew what she wanted next when she unbuttoned her blouse . She then reached behind, hooking her bra and tossing it to the side.

I had only imagined how nice her breasts would look, but now I was able not only see them I could kiss them.Missy had moved her fingers to her nipples and was rubbing to get them hard.When I moved in to kiss them I felt my hard cock laying on her juicy lips, and she felt it too.

That caused Miss to reach up wrapping her arms around my neck and sit up which slid my cock a little farther past her lips.She stared into my eyes “ I hope I am not making a mistake”she said then started kissing me.The farther her tongue went into my mouth the deeper my cock went inside her ,she had a slight orgasm when it hit bottomed.

I couldn’t understand why Missy couldn’t keep a man ,as she seemed to be a really good fuck. Along with her looks,and how she shows a lot of passion with everything she does ,she should be a great catch.And so far she has outlasted my wife with the amount of time she has let me please her.

She is very adventurous as well ,when I stood up I pulled her legs up under my arms and carried her to the end of the table.We continued fucking all while moving her over with my hard cock throbbing deep inside her.

I then let her legs fall to the ground still holding her until she could stand on her own. I then kissed her letting my cock slip out from her soaked pussy and turned her around. This was how I fucked Missy hard for at least a half hour until she began to tire .

Just seeing Missy laying there grabbing at the table with her head turned and eyes closed took me over the edge. “Yes “ she said loudly, lifting her chest up off the table then started slamming her pussy back against me .You could easily hear her cum being pushed out and feel how the cool breeze was cooling it on my balls.

Finally she let out a loud cry”cum in me you bastard” then said “yes cum several more times as she felt my cock firing shots deep inside her. When she felt the last throb of my cock she started giggling,”fuck” she said then stood up. “Why the fuck haven't I done this before when Rhonda first told me to “ she then said “damn”.

She then pulled her cum soaked lips to the side and started looking at the amount of cum running out and onto the ground. When most had drained out she rubbed her finger through the last drops then up to her mouth. She licked her fingers then went back for more” I give pretty good blow jobs” she said with a grin.

She cupped my balls “well I think I need to clean you up” she said then dropped to her knees.

“I need to keep you around,” I said, placing my hand on her head as she licked up and down on my cock. “Rhonda doesn’t do that “I said “and I haven’t cum so hard in years,thank you”. She didn’t stop with the shaft she was even sucking my balls in her mouth.

She seemed quite surprised when she felt my balls tighten and my cock began to get hard. “Sorry “I said “it has been a long time since I have cum that much,and for that long”. I pulled her up and held her tight in my arms then kissed her deep.

We made out passionately for several minutes before letting go and sat down on the table where we sat talking again. “You kissed me after I had your cock in my mouth”she said “why would you do that”.

“Why not “I said and kissed her again, “I really appreciate a woman that would take my cum anywhere”.

“Well I have lost a lot of boyfriends by kissing them after I had their cock in my mouth” she said “we do have a problem”. After I asked her what that problem would be she stated that sucking a hard cock was one of her favorite things to do.

“Rhonda doesn't care much for giving me head ''I said “and will never let me cum anywhere other than inside her. I don’t see where we have a problem” I said “I love a woman that swallow”.

“The problem may be it “I liked it too much”,then reached over and grabbed my cock”how long until you can cum again she asked. About 20 minutes later she was sitting in the chair ,happily sucking on my cock again. I can't count the many times we had long lasting sex 4 years later until she found another guy and moved in with him.

Maybe I will write how well some of them went during those 2 years.
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