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wife finds new black co-worker wants to help cuckold her husband
Barbara is a beautiful woman. I know that as her husband you think that I am duty bound to say this but I'm not alone in my views. Often, when she is dressed-up and we have gone out somewhere, I have seen other men looking at her; particularly her full breasts and the curve of her ass. However, I also think she looks gorgeous at other times as well.

I have been very pleased to notice that she has been in a good mood these past few weeks. Recently the stress of life seemed to be getting to her. I think that part of the reason for the recent uplift in her mood is that her work is going well. Her company has finally listened to her and hired an assistant for her. So now, when she comes home, she is smiling and telling me what has happened and how Pierre, her new assistant, is settling in.

At first I didn't think much of this; it's only natural that she would chat with me about a new colleague. However, his name seemed to crop up more and more so I started paying more attention and asking her more about him. It turns out that Pierre is French and has only recently moved here. He is intelligent, tall, probably 6' 4”, and keeps himself fit. Apparently he is a few years younger than Barbara and a smooth talker. He is also single.

The more I found out about Pierre the tighter the knot in my stomach got. Since before we were married I have fantasied about Barbara fucking another man or men, even though she has resolutely shown no interest in this. However, these fantasies were about the act of sex; they were about Barbara surrendering to another man, a man with cock larger than mine. They were about the experience of her being satisfied in a way I will never be able to offer her. It hadn't really occurred to me how she would get into a situation where she was with another man. It hadn't occurred to me that another man would probably have to flirt with her and seduce her.

This realization sparked pangs of jealousy that combined with the eroticism to produce an intoxicating mix. Showing interest in anyone in this way was out of character for Barbara but I subtly started to suggest that I was comfortable with her talking about him.

Over the following weeks I noticed that Barbara had started to dress differently for work. Perhaps I was imagining it but I sure she was choosing to wear slightly tighter clothes than normal and occasionally a shorter skirt. I didn't mention this to her.

So far, Barbara and Pierre had only met while at work and occasionally for the odd chat after. However, while we were having our evening meal, my wife reminded me that tomorrow was her day to go to the gym and she would therefore be back later. She also happened to drop into the conversation that Pierre had said he was interested in finding a good gym and that she had asked that he join her tomorrow to see if he liked hers. At this news my stomach knotted but I played it cool and just responded with a breezy 'Okay'.

The following evening, Barbara returned from the gym only a little later than I would expect. She had the usual glow of someone who has been exercising hard for the past hour but seemed a little distracted. What with that and preparing dinner, we didn't really get a chance to chat. Barb went to bed before me while I tidied up and switched out the lights.

As I walked into the bedroom, she was sat up in bed with the covers over her legs. I could have sworn that her hands moved rapidly from between her legs as I opened the door.

On the bed beside her were an old pair of Lycra shorts of mine, left over from a time when I used to go down the gym with her. With a mischievous smile, she picked them up and dangling them from one finger in my direction.

"Put these on."

I looked at her questioningly, "Why?"

"Just do it for me. I fancy seeing you in them."

I took the shorts from her, not quite understanding what she wanted. It was out of character for Barbara to want to role-play or anything similar in the bedroom but if she wanted to try something and it resulted in us having sex, as I expected it might, I was game. I quickly shed my clothes and squeezed into the shorts, my penis already half way to being erect.

Barbara reached out a hand and started to trace the outline of my penis, moving it into different positions within its stretchy fabric confines. Seemingly still unhappy with its arrangement she started giving directions.

"Can you push it more down the leg", "Is that as long as you can make it?", "Are you fully hard now?"

She pulled me towards her and peeled down the top of the shorts until my penis was released. While continuing to pull the shorts further down my legs, she took my penis in her mouth and started to suck. I stepped out from the shorts and she began alternating between sucking and stroking me before I fell into bed with her and we made passionate love to each other.

As we laid curled up in each others arms half dozing in a post-coital glow, I asked her "What got into you with the Lycra shorts?"

"Nothing, don't worry about it?", she mumbled

"I'm not worried, I just want to know what it was all about."

She giggled and said, "Okay, but promise you won't get upset."

"I won't", I said.

"Okay, well you know how Pierre came to the gym today. Well, he wore a pair of Lycra shorts and, well, I couldn't help but notice his package." she said getting all embarrassed.

My mind was suddenly tumbling with possibilities while my penis began to harden with the idea of Barbara, my wife, looking at another man's cock. "and...", I prompted.

"Well I know that you have always said that you weren't very well endowed but I always thought that there can't be that much difference between them; that is until I saw Pierre..."

"and.." I prompted again.

"...and I'm sorry. I just wanted to compare you with him."

"No, don't be sorry...Well, how do I compare?"

Barbara turned away from me. "He seems to be quite a bit bigger."

"There, I told you so. How big is he?"

"No, he must have had some padding or something down there because, flaccid, he looked to be bigger than you. I mean bigger than you when you are erect. But no, it can't have been padding I could see the shape of the cock as it snaked down one leg."

"I bet it wasn't padding. He's just one of those lucky guys whose much bigger than me. Were you thinking about him as we fucked? Were you imagining what his cock would look like when turgid with blood, pulsing in front of you?"

"No, yes, no" she said embarrassed, burying her head in the pillow. "Stop it, he's a colleague."

I tried to rub my now hard penis against her to instigate a second round but it wasn't happening.

The following day, when I got home, I was hoping to find Barbara still in a horny mood and up for a repeat performance. However, I couldn't have been further from the truth. In reality, I found her anxious and upset.

After much coaxing, she finally told me that during the day Pierre had had a quiet word with her, letting her know that her observation of his groin hadn't gone unnoticed. He, quite rightly, had also realized that her attention to his manhood was a little more than idle curiosity and, it transpired, had used his smooth talking to get her to confess this to him.

Naturally, I was concerned that my wife was upset; however, I can't deny that the little brain in my pants was following a different train of thought. I tried reassuring her by talking through what had actually happened.

By the sounds of it, Pierre wasn't acting in a threatening way but merely trying his luck by pushing her to see if she was a faithful wife or a bored one looking for some fun. To this end, he had persuaded Barbara to go out with him tomorrow evening to discuss this some more.

It took some doing but I eventually convinced her that this was a reasonable request and that she should go. After all, no harm could come from having a drink with him to put her at ease with him seeing that they will be working together.

Another day of distraction at work for me that eventually came to an end. Due to the time of their meeting, Barbara came home before going out to meet Pierre. She was anxious again about the meeting but did go. As she shouted that she was leaving and scuttled out the door, I happened to notice that she had changed into a tight pair of pants and a loose shirt that was unbuttoned to reveal some of her gorgeous cleavage. Nobody would say that she was necessarily dressing sexily but it was interesting that she had made the effort to change.

The bar they were meeting at was only a short walk away and, in all honesty, I didn't expect them to be more than an hour or so, Therefore, I was beginning to get a little concerned when, almost four hours after leaving, Barbara wasn't back. I was beginning to think I ought to ring her mobile when I heard her keys in the door. Barbara stumbled in; it was obvious that she was a little tipsy and I also noticed that at least one more buttons on her blouse had come loose.

"You're back! I was beginning to get a little concerned about you, Darling." I said, giving her a hug. I could smell his cologne and my heart started beating a little faster. "How was it? Did you have a good chat with Pierre and figure everything out?"

"Oh, yes. We had a good chat, a very good chat." she said, grinning at me as she fumbled to remove her shoes while leaning on my shoulder.

"Good. What did you chat about?"

"Oh, lots of things."

"Yes, such as what?"

"Oh, such as you."


"Yes, you. You and your small penis."

"My small penis! So you now think it is small? I thought you were there to talk about you looking at Pierre's cock." I replied, slightly stunned and aroused that she had been sitting in a bar talking about my marital equipment.

"Yes, we were; we did. He asked if I was staring at his cock because I hadn't seen one that big before. So, when I said yes, he knew you must be smaller. He then asked how much smaller. So, I told him."

By this time, Barbara had sat down at the kitchen table. "Fetch me a glass of wine would you?" There was a pause while I did this. Handing the glass to her, she took a large sip and continued. "It's so easy talking to him. He explained a lot of things to me. He confirmed what you said about cock sizes and he explained why you are so interested in me sleeping with another man. I think I understand it now."

My heart was really raising now. "Did you sleep with him?" I asked with a dry mouth.

"No", she snorted, taking another gulp of wine before giggling, "but we did kiss....well a bit more than kiss."

I was stunned. "What, what happened?" I stammered.

"I don't know really but all this talk of cocks and sex got me excited and when he kissed me I didn't resist. Nor did I resist when he took my hand and gently placed it on his cock."

"You touched him?"

"Yes," she said now looking me straight in the eyes, "and I bet you want to know what he feels like, don't you?"

"No, yes.....yes, I do."

"I only touched him through his pants but that was enough to tell that it definitely isn't padding. It was so warm and large. He was only half erect but it felt so different, so good. I think I would need both hands if he were erect. Does it excite you to know that your wife has been stroking another man's cock?"

"No...well, yes" I confessed, slightly embarrassed. "Did he touch you?"

"Are you hoping that he did?"


"Then you won't be disappointed. He wanted to know how turned on was, so he slipped his hand into my panties and ran his large fingers over my cunt before dipping one inside me. I almost came, right there in the bar."

The sexual excitement had got too much for me, an a****listic part of my brain had taken control and, while still standing in the kitchen, I had taken my penis out and was furiously jerking.

Part of me felt ashamed of this response and didn't want Barbara to know how I felt but the overwhelming majority desperately needed some release.

"Let me help you with that." Barbara said, replacing my hands with hers. "Hmm, he's so much bigger." she muttered under her breath.

Hearing these words triggered my orgasm. I came so hard that I almost blacked out and collapsed into the chair, my legs shaking. She kissed me and said she was off to bed. By the time I had cleared up the mess on the floor and joined her, she was asleep.

It was Saturday the following day, which gave us more time to discuss the previous night. Barbara revealed more of their conversation.

"Pierre says that we need to talk because, if we are both willing, he would like to sleep with me."

"Do you want to?" I replied, not entirely believing that we were having this conversation.

"Do you still want me to sleep with another man?"

"Erm..yes, I think so."

"In which case then, yes I think I do too, but I have a few things I would want to make clear. Firstly, if I do this it's because you want it. Secondly, it doesn't give you the right to sleep with anyone else. And, finally, I love you and don't want to loose that but if this experience is going to be as good as you think it is, this probably isn't going to be a one night thing. I'm going to want to experience it again and you won't stop me regardless of how you feel. What do you feel about that?"

"I think that makes sense and you should do it." The words just slipped so easily from my mouth.

"Very well, I will arrange a date with Pierre." and that was it.

We got on with the rest of our weekend and didn't mention it again. However, unusually for us, we made love every night. I don't know about Barbara but on each occasion I was acutely aware that this might be the last time I make love to her before she finds out what an above average cock feels like.

Half way though dinner on Wednesday evening, Barbara just said, "I'll need to let you know I will be going out on Saturday evening."

I was about to ask her "Why?", when the penny dropped. "Oh right." I responded. "Okay". A wave of nausea passed over me. A sudden flood of doubt combined with the knowledge that it was going to happen.

I think Saturday was the longest day of my life. Barbara went out shopping in the morning leaving me alone. A couple of hours before her date, Barbara ran a bath and started the preparations for her date or, more accurately, preparing herself to fuck another man.

I would have loved to have watched the process. I could hear her splashing around in the bath and then her getting out. Her hair-drier went for a long time and then the closet doors before I got a waft of her favorite perfume (she's wearing that for him!). About fifteen minutes before she was planning to leave, I ventured into our bedroom. She was in front of the mirror putting the final touches to her make-up.

"How do I look?" she asked glancing back at me in the mirror.

"Fantastic!" I said ogling her from top to bottom. She was dressed simply but to great effect. Her shirt was tucked into her skirt pulling it taught across her breasts. The faint outline of her nipples suggested that she was begging to get aroused. The skirt was knee-length but its material billowed and flowed around her legs.

"Stockings or tights?"

She tuned towards me slowly lifting the front of her skirt higher and higher. With each inch, my penis stiffened. Eventually the tops of her stockings came into view but she kept lifting the skirt higher until it revealed her panty-clad pussy. Her shopping trip earlier had obviously been for lingerie as I hadn't seen before the sheer panties she was now wearing. Their sheerness provided another surprise.

"You've shaved!" I exclaimed, my eyes fixed on my wife's labia that appeared to be pouting at me through the thin material.

"Yes, but not all of it; there's still a strip above. Pierre said he would prefer me like this. Do you mind too much?"

"No, not at all. It makes you look so...wanton."

"Well I feel it at the moment. Right, it's time I should be leaving. I don't want to be late for Pierre." With that she dropped her skirt and smoothed it down while giving herself a final check in the mirror. She kissed me on the cheek (not wanting to spoil her make up) and headed for the door. Pausing, she turned back towards me.

"You are still sure that you want to go ahead with this? It's not too late to cancel it you know."

Dry mouthed again, I told her to go ahead.

"Okay, I think it's probably best you don't wait up for me, don't you? If Pierre gives me what you want him to give me, I probably won't be back until the morning."

As you can imagine, I didn't sleep that night. Not just because I'm used to having my wife next to me but because her absence indicated that she was in someone else's bed. Someone who, quite possible at that moment was thrusting their 'much bigger' cock in and out of her.

I must have slept a while because when I awoke the sun was up and Barbara was still not back. There was now none of the wondering of the previous hours about whether they had or hadn't done the deed, by now it was over. My wife had surely had her second cock inside her.

It wasn't until mid-morning that she finally returned. Compared with how she looked when she left, Barbara was now a mess. Her clothes were creased and her hair ruffled. I was concerned that our neighbors had seen her like that because it was quite obvious that she had had a hard night.

I gave her a hug and asked "How was it? Did you have a good time?"

Barbara smiled, raising her finger to her lips to quiet me. "Come to the bedroom."

When I got to the bedroom, Barbara had brushed her teeth and was standing in the middle of the floor waiting. Once I had closed the door she hugged me and kissed me.

"Thank you, thank you, it was wonderful. The best sex of my life." she said barely able to contain her excitement. Realizing the implications of what she had said, she quickly followed this with "I'm sorry, I didn't mean to say it like that. Have I hurt your feelings?"

"A little but I guessed that that would be the case. I mean that's the whole reason I wanted you to do it. I'm happy for you. Tell me all about it."

"I have something to show you first." She quickly unbuttoned her shirt, revealing her bare breasts, and threw the shirt in the corner. Then she unzipped her skirt and let it fall to the ground. I was expecting this to leave her completely naked but instead she still had on her sheer blue panties.

However, they were no longer the pristine fabric that she showed me before she left; they were soaked from a mixture of her wetness and his cum. The pungent aroma of sex that now filled my nostrils confirmed this. There was so much wetness there that, between her thighs, the tops of her legs were glazed with a damp sheen.

"You let him fuck you without a condom?"

"Yes, I just had to know what it felt like to have him in me; skin to skin."

I reached up and slowly pulled the panties down. Barbara spread her legs a little to help. The fabric momentarily stuck to her before coming away, connected by a couple of strands of cum. Then a glob of cum fell from her swollen lips and this was followed by a steady stream that ran down her leg. Barbara quickly grabbed the panties and used them to collect the escaped semen.

"He is a heavy cummer isn't he?" she commented as she spread her pussy and scooped up yet more fluid into the thin material of the panties. Once she felt she had tidied up sufficiently, Barbara took my penis in her hand and started to stroke me.

"You are so hard. Was it agony having to wait here while I was getting fucked by Pierre?"

Consumed by the sensations of her hand on my penis and the images flying through my brain, I couldn't answer.

"I think I'm too sore for sex but I will get you off but we will have to be quick. I 'm not stopping here long. I really only popped in to show you your present and tell you that Pierre and I have decide to go to the nude beach this afternoon to recuperate after last night."

This brought me to my senses. "Are you both going nude?"

"I think so, I'm strangely turned on by the thought of being naked by him in public. I'm sure others on the beach will look at his cock and not be able to think of anything else but it at its full height penetrating my pussy."

This imagery was too much for me and I blew my load over Barb's chest. She massaged it in and then went to shower.

She came out all wet and steamy and gave me another hug and we kissed. "You don't mind me going to the beach with Pierre, do you?"

"Well I was hoping that now you were back we could spend some time together. Even if you are too sore to do anything, I would like to hear all about it."

"I know. I will tell you everything later but I've hardly had any sleep and a swim and a snooze on the beach will help refresh me for you."


After Barbara had left, I was struck by a brainwave. I too could go to the beach and see if I could find them. The idea of seeing them to together, naked, was thrilling and I would get to see the cock that has apparently just given my wife the best fuck of her life.

I had no idea where they would be so I wondered up and down the beach several times looking for them with no luck. It was hot and I had sat down to catch my breath when I saw Barbara out in the water with a man that must be Pierre. They were wading, hand-in-hand, towards the beach and, more importantly, towards me. I was admiring the way my wife's breasts jiggled and swayed with each step but as the water got shallower and revealed more of their naked bodies, my attention turned to Pierre and his black cock.

It turns out he shaves his pubic region, which gives the effect of making the considerable length that was swinging between his legs seem even longer. It was not just his cock that was longer but his balls as well seemed to have been super-sized.

Just as Barbara predicted, as they got closer, all I could think about was what it would look like erect and slowly easing its way in and out of my wife's cunt.

By now, they were coming close to me. I snapped out of this hypnotic stare only to glance at my wife and find that she was looking directly at me. She must have seen me but didn't react. Instead she carried on walking hand-in-hand with Pierre towards me. I was now captivated by her nakedness in front of all these strangers.

We've been to nude beaches before but I've never convinced her to go completely nude and yet here she was just so. In fact, her recent hair cut made her seem even more exposed. Her pussy, still slightly red and puffy from last night or perhaps a more recent encounter were clearly visible to anyone who wanted to look and she didn't seem at all bothered. If anything, there was an air of confidence and pride about the way she strolled right past me.

Later that evening we both climbed into bed and caressed each other.

"So you decided you couldn't stay away from the beach?"

"No, I'm sorry about that."

"Did you like what you saw?"

"Yes, I can see why he was able to satisfy you so well and I thought you looked beautiful too."

"How long did you stay?"

"Not long. I left after you walked past me."

"That's a shame. Had you spied on us a little longer you would have probably seen Pierre subtly fingering me to a very quiet orgasm. Did you see us fucking in the water?"


My penis was already erect but this made it rock hard. As usual, Barbara reached for a condom and put it on me. Carefully, I slid into her.

"How does that feel?" I asked.

"Different, a bit sore, and not as full as it been feeling recently."

"Tell me all about last night."

"Okay, we met in the bar and had a nice drink and meal but both of us knew what the evening was about and were anxious to get started. Oh, during the meal, he did get me to pull my skirt up so he could see that I had prepared myself for him as he had asked. There was some touching and kissing but mostly we saved this for the moment that the door to his apartment closed. Well perhaps a little before; we were kissing in the elevator up to flat and he even managed to get his hand inside my panties before the elevator doors opened. Shaving has made my lips ultra sensitive and the feeling of his fingers running across them got me so turned on. So, anyway, we have just closed the apartment door and he has me pinned against it kissing me and I can feel the bulge of his cock pushing against me and I can't wait any longer. I spin him around so he is against the door and then kneel down and start unzipping him. With you, it wouldn't take much more than this to free your penis but with Pierre I had to work harder, reaching inside and pulling him free." Irene lost focus for a bit as she obviously played this moment over again in her head.

"It is the most beautiful black cock I had ever seen. Hot and twitching with the softest skin. It took both my hands to hold it and there was still length to spare. For a while, I just played with it; stroking the loose skin back and forth over the glistening head. Obviously, as I did this he got more erect. I was aware that my hands could only just reach around his girth. I began to lick him and try to suck him. Whereas I can fit all of you in my mouth I was struggling to get any of him in. Do tell me stop if this isn't what you want to hear."

"No, this is just what I want but just trying not to come already." I panted, slowly easing my penis back and forth."

"Okay. He didn't want to come yet and I was suddenly a bit nervous about taking him inside me, so we made our way to his bedroom and we kissed some more and he stripped me and then went down on me. If having the perfect cock wasn't enough Pierre is so talented with his tongue, he had me orgasming for the first time that night within minutes. Eventually, after a good deal of licking and fingering, I was ready for him.

He offered for me to be on top so I could control the process but I had a deep urge to be taken by him. I wanted him to fuck me not the other way round. While on my back, he pulled me to the edge of the bed, placed a pillow under my shoulders and spread my legs. He stood between them, his hard cock pointing straight at my cunt and then slowly moved forward. Slowly, unbearably slowly he began to feed his length into me. The feeling of his girth as he entered me was fantastic. I felt like I was fully stretched and yet the combination of my wetness and the skin of his shaft allowed me to also feel each stroke. Of course his girth was only part of it; I also had his length to contend with.

I was scared that he wouldn't fit but after a bit of time I could feel myself stretching to accommodate his entire length; although I felt deliciously full to bursting. I'm not sure how long this took us but I think I had at least two small orgasms during it. Just the sight of his cock sliding in and out of me was enough to almost make me cum. Especially the way my lips seemed to cling to his shaft. Once I could take him, there was no stopping us. I don't think there is a way of fucking that we didn't try and I lost count of the number of orgasms he gave me"

Again Barbara was lost in her own world as she recalled the events. Her hand had drifted down between us to her clit where it was stroking away.

"Oh god, from behind was awesome. Not once did he slip out, no matter how fast or roughly he fucked me. His cock was rubbing all sorts of places in my cunt and, at the same time, he was reaching around and rubbing my clit. I kind of exploded in a cascade of orgasms from which I almost passed out. This was the first position in which Pierre filled me with his semen. I could feel his powerful jets of cum erupting deep in me."

I couldn't take it any more. My own penis erupted, filling the end of the condom.

I pulled out of Barbara and rolled over exhausted.

"Did you enjoy that?" she asked.

"Yes, almost as much as you by the sounds of it?"

"Good, because Pierre and I have already decided that you are going to be spending time alone a lot more often in the coming weeks."

My wife, Barbara, was out again and I was attempting to load dirty laundry into the washing machine at the same time as cooking supper. As I grabbed a handful of clothes, my fingers came into contact with something cold and wet; I knew instantly what it was. Looking down, I separated out a pair of my wife's panties from the pile. They were not her normal cotton ones but a pair of sheer black Brazilian panties that she used to keep for our special times together.

Sure enough, when I held them open I could instantly see that the gusset was soaked. Looking inside I found a pool of pearly liquid, the edges of which had begun to dry.

Absent-mindlessly, I ran my thumb through the combination of my wife's slippery juices and the copious ejaculate of her lover, Pierre. My nostrils are filled with the scent of slightly stale sex and my mind wanders, imagining the acts that lead to this.

How Pierre's cock must have spread Barbara wide and then filled her with his cum. How Barbara must have got up from Pierre's bed early this morning and dressed in her clothes before making her way back to our apartment; how she would have walked through our bedroom with her pussy soaked in his seed before discarding these panties, showering and then dressing for another day at work.

It was about a month ago that Barbara, with my blessing, first slept with Pierre. From her account of the night, sampling the only other cock she has ever fucked turned out to be a life-changing experience.

She was in love. Not with Pierre but with what he could do to her. Barbara was very inexperienced before we met and I always thought that she was somewhat un-sexual, never really being too bothered one way or the other about having it.

However, that has changed, Barbara is now like a dog on heat, lusting after the pleasure Pierre can give her, and it's begun to effect our home life.

I have had to field questions from friends and family when they call and wonder why she isn't at home at odd times of day. Also, I've been having to pick up on her chores around the house. Don't get me wrong, I'm not bitter.

Quite the opposite, I have spent the last few weeks in a state of almost constant arousal too. For a long time I had fantasied about Barbara being fucked by another man, specifically a man with a larger cock than mine. I felt that she deserved experiencing it at least once. However, I didn't anticipate her reaction to it when it did finally happen.

When we discussed the possibility of her sleeping with Pierre, she had said that it might not just be a one night stand and I had agreed not to try and prevent this, even if my feelings changed after their first encounter.

I had encouraged this and I needed allow it to run its natural course. I don't want to stop Barbara from seeing him. For some bizarre reason, it gives me unbelievable pleasure seeing her possessed with an a****l-like desire to get fucked by him; however, I was beginning to miss having her around.

I snapped out of my day-dreaming to find myself holding Barbara's cum-soaked panties, a rock hard penis in my pants and a pot boiling over on the stove.

The following evening, Barbara was back home at more or less her usual time. Barbara started telling me about her most recent escapade with Pierre.

In particular, how she had been flashing her bald cunt at him in the office.

Half wanting to push her for some more details and perhaps some relief, I decided instead to tentatively broach with her the topic of how little time she had been at home recently.

"Dean, I told you when we started this that, if I enjoyed it as much as you said I would, that it would not be an isolated incident. As you know, I loved the experience and therefore..."

"I know, I know. But this isn't about the sex it's about the time we have together."

"I think I know what you mean." Irene said in a less accusing tone. "Someone else said something similar today."

"Who? What?"

"Doris, my boss, took me aside and asked be flat out whether I was having an affair with Pierre. As she felt that it was quite obvious by our behavior at work. Apparently others in the office have been speculating about it."

"What did you say to her?"

"Well, I told her the truth. You know that we have discussed your penis size in the past, so I let her know that I had found someone who can reach places that you can't and that I was having a lot of fun with it.

However, it did make me realize that, while fun, spending a lot of time with Pierre has meant that I have perhaps not been devoting as much time to you.”

"That sounds fantastic; I'll cook us something nice for dinner."

"That would be lovely. I'll go shopping for something special to wear for the occasion."

Saturday eventually arrived and I was excited about spending it with Barbara. We spent the morning leisurely walking around the shops, arm in arm like new lovers. Barbara would disappear into clothes shops, forbidding me from joining her so as not to spoil the surprise. Occasionally she would reappear with another bag in hand. We found a quiet little bistro and had a romantic lunch.

I was loving spending time with Barbara but I was wanting to get her home where I could make love to her without the usual distractions. Hey, we could even do it in the living-room if we wanted. So, after lunch, I suggested that we do a quick bit of food shopping for dinner and then head back. Barbara agreed and we found a nice butcher's shop.

After perusing the ***********ion of meats for inspiration, I decided to cook a light but delicious dish of whole roast quail.

"Could I have four of those quail, please." I asked the butcher, pointing to the ones I wanted.

"You mean six." said Irene.

"I think two each should be enough, don't you?"

"Yes, two each. So we'll need six."

"Why six?" I asked quizzically.

"Two for me , two for you and two for Pierre. Six" said Irene, counting them out on her fingers.

"Pierre! He's coming to dinner?" I was shocked and a little confused. “I thought that we were spending the weekend together.”

"Well yes! That was the whole idea. You get to spend time with me and I get to, spend time with Pierre." She said lowering her voice a little.

The butcher was standing there with the fifth quail in his hands wondering whether he was adding it to the others and also listening with interest to our conversation.

"Hmm, six quail please." I said weakly. The butcher chuckled to himself and handed me the bag of birds while eyeing up Barbara.

The trip back to the apartment was a quiet one. By the time we got there, I was apprehensive and felt somewhat detached from myself, unable to quite believe that Pierre was coming to our house and all that might entail.

However, these emotions were also beginning to mix with a strong feeling of arousal...the pit of my stomach was knotting.

"Pierre should be here at about 7:00 but I think we should have a bit of a tidy up before he arrives. Could you vacuum the living-room and straighten things?" said Barbara as she headed towards our bedroom.

At about 6:30, the apartment was clean and tidy and I had started preparing supper so I went to our bedroom to change as I knew Barbara would be wearing something special.

Barbara had had a bath and the room smelt of hot damp air infused with herbal fragrances. As I opened the door, Barbara was standing naked in front of the mirror, her skin flushed pink from the heat of the bath, I instantly had a desire to hold her against me feeling the warmth of her body down mine, the aroma of her body fresh and clean, her neck smooth and kissable.

As Barbara saw me coming in, she leapt over to the bed and covered up what I presume was the outfit she had bought for tonight.

"No peeking. I want you to both see what I'm wearing at the same time." she said teasingly.

"Okay." I replied mentally noting that she had put fresh sheets on our bed. Instead, I turned my attention back to my wife's naked body. She looked radiant. My eyes fell to her pussy; shaving her lips was a new thing for her. It fascinated me the way it made her look so much more sexual. Those lips, framed by her trimmed bush above, seemed to say "this cunt is for fucking" while at the same time reminding me that she does it because Pierre likes her that way.

Barbara remained nude, putting on her make-up, while I changed. She then asked that I leave her alone to dress and that I let Pierre in when he got here. Almost on cue, the doorbell rang.

I opened the door and there stood Pierre. I recognized him from the beach, although he was now smartly dressed, but as we hadn't officially met he wasn't sure who I was.

"Hello, are you Dean?"

"Yes. Hello Pierre. Come in. Would you like a glass of wine?" I said shaking his hand.

The conversation that followed was somewhat stilted but we did manage to maintain some polite small talk. There were topics that were so obvious they were almost palpable, yet we both avoided them.

Such as the fact that here was the man that had seduced my wife and has been fucking her regularly for the past few weeks.

Or that he knows that I have a small penis and that I know he is much better hung.

I couldn't help but think about his cock, picturing it as I had seen it on the beach.

We didn't have to wait too long before we were joined by Barbara. I think that my mouth must have fallen open when I saw her, she looked stunning.

She had on a loose short black skirt with a hem just above her knees. She had tights or thigh-highs on her legs and she was wearing black high-heels.

However, the central feature of her outfit had to be her top. It was a black halter-neck that hugged her body. Her breasts seemed to be supported perfectly by the panel of material that disappeared around her neck, leaving her shoulders deliciously bare.

The nakedness of her shoulders was further accentuated by the fact that she was wearing her hair up. Although the shape of Barbara's breasts in this outfit was stunning, this isn't what had taken my breath away.

No, the cause of this was the fabric that the top was made. It was a lace-like mesh that obviously had no lining as I could clearly see my wife's nipples through it. The effect was erotic with something about its blatantness making it almost border on being obscene.

"Barbara, tu es un chaud-lapin!" ("Barbara, you're a hot-bunny!") Pierre exclaimed, breaking the silence that had fallen across the room as she had entered.

Barbara walked past me and embraced Pierre kissing him on the lips. I watched as the kiss continued, Barbara's tongue exploring his mouth as his explored hers. She held herself close against his body while one of his hands dropped to her bottom where it slowly squeezed her buttock. I wondered whether he could tell what type of knickers she was wearing or whether she had tights or thigh-highs on.

I got Barbara a glass of wine and we all sat down, Barbara and Pierre together on the sofa.

We chatted as expected from a husband and wife entertaining a guest. Although I found my eyes frequently drawn to Barbara's breasts as they jiggled sensually whenever she laughed.

Only occasionally did the surrealness of the situation become apparent, such as when Pierre started absent-mindedly stroking Irene's thigh, slowly moving her skirt higher and higher. At one point in the conversation Barbara crossed her legs causing the skirt to ride up. From my vantage point opposite her I got a glimpse of laced stocking top, confirming that she was in fact wearing thigh-highs.

Eventually, I left Barbara and Pierre chatting on the sofa so that I could start cooking the quail. They would take 20 minutes but I needed to give them my full attention. As our kitchen and living room are connected, I could occasionally check up on what they were doing.

On my first look Barbara had twisted around to face Pierre. She was running one hand through his hair as they talked. His hand was still stroking her thigh but now had moved further up under her skirt. I wondered whether he was stroking her bare skin above the lace top.

On my second look, a little while later, Barbara was sitting with her legs spread slightly further apart and now her hand was resting on his Pierre's thigh, close to his crotch, gently squeezing and massaging a thick bulge that lay beneath.

On the third look, the sofa was empty and I could see that Pierre was now standing out on our balcony, leaning on the railing with his back to me. I guessed that Barbara had gone to use the bathroom but then, just as I was returning to tend to the birds, I caught sight of her.

She was crouched between Pierre and the balcony railings. I couldn't see but it was obvious that she was sucking his cock. Not only that but I could now see that her legs were spread revealing a perfect view of her bare pussy lips, she was going panty-less.

As I watched her body bobbing in front of him, one of her hands dropped to her thigh and then ran up to her pussy, running a finger along the length of her slit before rubbing her clit. The eroticism of the first two sights had got me aroused but this third vision was almost overwhelming.

My stomach lurched with jealousy and excitement and I slipped a hand inside my trousers to try and find some release from this BEEP, BEEP, BEEP, BEEP. The oven buzzer sounded, drawing me away from the doorway, forcing me to cease my ministrations.

From the kitchen, I loudly announced that we were almost ready to eat and that they should make their way to the table. Barbara quickly appeared in the kitchen, complimented me on the smell of the dish and kissed me on the cheek before grabbing a bottle of wine and going to join Pierre at the dinner table.

I couldn't help but think how those lips had probably just kissed the tip of Pierre's cock before she took it in her mouth, her lips taught around his girth. Had she just swallowed his cum?

As with our drinks before, on the surface the dinner was a cordial affair. However, beneath the surface, or perhaps more accurately beneath the tablecloth, there was more going on that met the eye. From their closeness and the occasional giggle from Barbara, I imagined that Pierre's hand hadn't stopped its exploration of her thighs nor her of his manhood.

I didn't see him come in from the balcony so, for all I know, his cock could have out and standing proud throughout dinner while Barbara slowly stroked its length between bites of her food.

These thoughts and the odd surreptitious rub I gave myself kept me in a constant state of hardness.

After we had drunk our coffees, we were still sat around the table when Pierre excused himself and went to the bathroom.

While he was out of the room, Barbara asked me to pass her the photo album with photos of our trip to the mountains before we were married. I found the right one and brought it to her at the table before sitting down opposite her.

I was about to ask her why Pierre would be interested in that particular holiday but he came back into the room before I got the chance.

"Ah, Pierre, come and have a look at the photos from that holiday that I was telling you about earlier."

Rather than sitting down again at the table, Pierre stood behind Barbara with his hands on her shoulders, leaning over her to see the album. Barbara flicked through the pages reminiscing over the various pictures.

As she did this, Pierre made attentive comments but I noticed that while one of his hands remained on her shoulder, gently stroking her with his thumb, the other hand had slipped down her back and was now under her breast, gently cupping it, his fingers squeezing and massaging her through the mesh of her top.

I was no-longer listening to what Irene was saying, instead engrossed by what his hands were doing to my wife. He hadn't yet touched her nipple but seeing it so clearly through the mesh, straining to escape the confines of the material, and so close to his fingers seemed far more erotic than if there had been no material at all.

Barbara continued to talk but her voice was beginning to crack. Pierre leant into her neck and kissed her just below her ear, she faltered as she sighed, but she continued on with the commentary.

The hand on her shoulder now moved to the back of her neck and with a small movement the material that had been taut with the weight of Irene's breasts became slack.

The halter fell from her shoulders, exposing her breasts.

Kissing her on the neck, he slowly cupped her breasts with both hands.

Still Barbara tried to continue talking about the holiday photos but her voice has rasped through her heavy breathing and the words weren't really making any sense.

Pierre now gentle squeezed both her nipples and, at the same time, whispered in her ear, loud enough for me to hear.

"Je veux te lécher des hanches jusqu'aux pieds. Je veux manger ta chatte. Je veux mettre me doigt dans ta fente."

("I want to lick you from your hips to your feet. I want to eat your pussy. I want to put my finger in your slit.")

Barbara's eyes closed and she melted back into his embrace.

"Oh, oui, fais-moi grimper au rideau!" ("Oh, yes, make me climb the curtain!") she whimpered.

She turned her head towards his and they kissed while he continued massaging her now fully engorged nipples.

She stood up, making no attempt to cover her exposed chest.

With a dreamy smile she said to me "We're going to bed now." before turning and putting her arms around Pierre, guiding him towards our bedroom.

As they were leaving, Pierre ran his hands up Barbara's legs, under her skirt and, if he wasn't already exploring her cunt with a finger by the time they disappeared through the doorway, he surely had one in her before I heard our bedroom door close.

I was left sitting at the table in a state of shock. I could hardly believe what had just happened.

I had just watched a man, who I hadn't met before a couple of hours ago, fondle my wife, strip her of half her clothes and, I presume, tell her he wanted to fuck her; all right in front of me.

Meanwhile, Barbara had melted in his arms and calmly told me to my face that she and Pierre were going to go and fuck.

I felt a cold sweat pass over me. This was really happening!

Obviously, I know it's no where near the first time that my wife has slept with Pierre but having it happen here, in my own house, with me so close, suddenly made it very real.

My penis was aching it was so hard.

I got up and went to the door of the bedroom. I could hear what sounded like kissing, sighs and giggles but I didn't know what to do, so I went back and cleared the dining table.

Once I had stacked the plates and dishes, I turned off nearly all the lights and again went back to the bedroom door.

The apartment was now quiet except for the noises coming from our bedroom.

Pierre was obviously doing something that Barbara approved of because I could hear her sighing and whimpering.

I released my penis from my trousers and started to try and relieve the incredible erotic tension I was feeling but it felt strange and somehow dirty to be standing outside my own bedroom door masturbating.

I knew deep down that this wasn't going to be just a quick fuck. I knew that they were going to be together all night.

I decided that I would sleep in the spare room, next to where they were.

I crept in, leaving the door open so I could hear as much as possible, and there placed on the bed I found a box of tissues and a letter addressed to me.

"My Dearest Dean,

I assume that you are reading this note because you have decided to sleep here while Pierre and I sleep in our room. Dean, the events of the last few weeks have shown me how much I love you and, I believe, how much you love me. When we got married we pledged ourselves to each other for ever and I still stand by this but, as you pointed out to me, this area where another man can provide me what you can't. You were right, giving my body to Pierre has allowed me to experience levels of pleasure that I couldn't even imagine before. I am still yours but, for a while, I feel my body is Pierre's. You have been so loving and generous to invite Pierre into our home so that we can share time together.

I hope that you don't feel too left out sleeping alone. I also hope that we don't keep you awake! I should probably warn you that, unlike when we make love, with Pierre I sometimes can't help but be vocal. If you hear me screaming please don't barge in. Rest assured that I'm not in pain, just getting truly fucked. You will enjoy hearing what a large cock can do to your wife. I will enjoy knowing that you are lying here, listening.

With all my heart,


I couldn't take it any more, I quickly dropped my trousers and lay down on the bed, my penis in one hand, my wife's letter in the other. Through the wall, I was beginning to get a sample of Barbara's warning about her new found vocalism. The moans and cooing had now been replaced with cries of:

"Oh God, Pierre, you're so good at that."

"Yes, just there."

"That's it."

"Oh God."

"Oh God."


"Fuck me now, Pierre."

"Oh God please Pierre, I need that beautiful black cock of yours in me now."

Her plea was being answered as her words were replaced with grunts. The slap of body against body sounded relentless, each trust taking Barbara closer to orgasm. As she climaxed, Barbara started to scream but Pierre continued his rhythmic fucking, not pausing for her to recover. Her next orgasm came quickly and was followed by another, taking her breath away, which she sounded unable to catch her between his thrusts.

These noises were almost painful for me to listen to. I knew then that Barbara was currently having by far the best sexual experience she has ever had in our bed. With that realization, I ejaculated, dribbling down my hand. As it turned out, Barbara and Pierre were only getting warmed up. I lay there stroking as I listened to them through the wall.

I must have dozed-off because I suddenly became aware of the noise of their bedroom door opening. From where I was lying I could see Pierre walking to the bathroom. He strode naked across the hall.

I had seen him naked before at the beach but he wasn't erect then. I imagine that he wasn't fully erect now but nevertheless his cock bobbed horizontally in front of him, turgid and glistening with my wife's juices. I was in awe of it.

I had got Barbara to describe it to me numerous times but nothing she said conveyed the sense of power it had. I panicked slightly at the thought of what such a thing could do to my wife's pussy but I realized that by now she was accustomed to it having probably fucked Pierre more times in the last few weeks than she has me in the last year.

I think I must have drifted-off again. My mind, delirious with lust and jealousy, was filled with images of my wife fucking Pierre, her pussy, the pussy she shaves for him, being stretched and filled, her whole body convulsing with wave after wave of orgasm that he gives her.

I awoke again with the sound of the their bedroom door. This time it was Barbara; she too was naked and was tiptoeing towards my room. She stood in the open doorway, her beautiful body silhouetted by the lights behind, her legs slightly parted framing her puffy used labia.

"Are you awake?" she whispered.

"Yes" I replied. Barbara crept in and crouched beside my bed.

"Are you okay? Oh, I see that you are keeping yourself busy" she said seeing my hand tugging at my tired cock. "Have you cum?"

"Yes, lots."

"Good, so have I."

"Yes, I could hear you. Are you coming to sleep in here?" I asked hopefully.

"No, I just popped out to get a drink for us and to check on you."

Barbara leaned in and kissed me. Her mouth had a salty tang to it. As we kissed, I ran my fingers up her thighs to her pussy, it was hot and sticky.

"Goodnight." she said as she got up, running her finger along my penis, and left me alone again. I lifted my hand to my my face, smelling my fingers before licking her dampness from them.

The following morning, I woke to the sound of Barbara and Pierre making love. I say that because it wasn't the heated fucking of last-night, it sounded slower and more caring like the way we might have made love on a Sunday morning. The tempo picked up and a short while after they had climaxed I heard them getting up.

I was in the kitchen when Pierre and Barbara came in and joined me for coffee. Pierre was showered and dressed while Barbara was completely naked. In the light of day, I could now see her used body in more detail. Her hair was no longer neatly piled on her head but was a tangled mess. Her pussy lips were pink and swollen and she appeared to have the signs of dried cum across her breasts.

"Good morning." she said, giving me a peck on the cheek. As she did so, I was taken by the smell of sex that surrounded her, a combination of fresh and stale cum mixed with her warm body and her own juices. Intoxicating!

Pierre drank his coffee quickly saying that he had to get going. He shook my hand and thanked me for dinner. Barbara walked with him to the door where they kissed passionately. Pierre slipped a finger into her wet cunt, giving her a few strokes before leaving.

Barbara closed the door behind him and walked back to where I was standing. Her unrestrained breasts swaying as she rolled her hips in a most alluring way.

"I'm going to take a shower; would you like to join me?" .

We must have spent almost an hour under the hot water, soaping each other, holding each other, kissing and caressing. After our shower, cuddling Irene on our bed, in the same place where she was fucked so well only hours earlier, got me hard.

Barbara felt my penis pressing against her. She leant over and handed me a condom out of the bedside table as she always does when we make love. I slipped it on and she took me in her hand and guided me into her pussy. She was warm and loose. I slowly started to fuck her while we kissed.

"Did you enjoy last night?" she asked me as I lay above her enjoying the feeling of her pussy.

"Yes." I admitted, slightly ashamed.

"Which bits did you enjoy most?" she asked.

"I liked seeing you on the balcony."

"Oh, what did you see us doing on the balcony?" she teased.

"I saw you sucking Pierre's cock and I saw that you weren't wearing any panties."

"Oh yes, that was Pierre's request. He said he wanted to be able to play with my pussy as we ate."

"And did he?" I asked.

"What do you think?"

"I think he did. Did you touch him at dinner."

"How could I keep my hands off that cock of his? If you want to know, while we sat there eating, I was holding the end of Pierre's cock in my hand, using my thumb to slowly rub his pre-cum all over his glans."

Barbara sensed that her de***********ion took me closer to orgasm.

"Did you enjoy Pierre exposing my breasts to you and then fondling them while you sat watching? That's the closest that I have ever come to orgasming just from being undressed. Could you tell that I was so turned on? How about when I took him to our bedroom, did you listen to us? Could you hear him licking me out? Could you hear him fucking me? What does your wife sound like as she is orgasming with the huge cock of another man buried deep in her cunt?"

I couldn't last any longer and came inside the condom. Barbara didn't orgasm but the experience brought us back together again.

It was soon time to go to Doris's, Barbara's boss. We went together and Doris answered the door when we got there.

"Hello you two." Doris said, greeting us. "I hope you had a good evening. Well I know Irene will have had one, but how about you, Dean, did you enjoy yourself?"

I was somewhat flustered by Doris's direct questioning and mumbled a "Yes, thank you."

Later that evening, we sat together on the sofa tired from the weekend's events.

"Dean, thank you so much for encouraging this; last night was wonderful. I've been thinking how to deal with me sharing my life with you and my body with Pierre."

"Yes, I read your letter. After what I heard last night, I couldn't possibly argue with you about the fact that I just can't give you anything close to what Pierre can but does you saying that you want to give him your body mean that you will no longer want to have sex with me?"

"Oh no, baby, that's not what I mean at all. As long as I'm not too sore, I want to make love to you and I want you to be sexually satisfied. It's just that I now know that what I need to be sexually satisfied. However, luckily, I think that a lot of your satisfaction is going to come from knowing that Pierre is regularly fucking me. Isn't that true?"


"So, I was thinking perhaps we should try and integrate him into our family life."

"What? You want him to move in?" I asked, a little shocked.

"No, I just think that we need to be more honest with people about the relationship. It seems that a lot of the tension and problems come not from the fact that I fuck Pierre but from the fact that we feel we have to sneak around to do it. With friends and family, we can be fairly explicit.

Many of them already know about your small penis, so it probably won't be a shock to them, while others, like Doris, already know everything. How does this sound to you?"

I thought of how humiliating it would be if our friends all knew that Barbara had taken a lover because I couldn't satisfy her and my stomach began to knot with arousal.

It had been almost two weeks since my wife, Barbara, and I had last had sex and several weeks since Barbara had decided that we should be more open about her relationship with Pierre.

Since then, we had made a conscious effort to ensure that Pierre came around to collect Barbara at a time I would greet him in a friendly manner, chat with him like a friend and then kiss Barbara goodbye before she went out with him.

Of course, in all likelihood, within half an hour of that kiss, Barbara would be on her back, naked and panting, as she guided Pierre's thick black cock in to her cunt.

To reinforce the normality of Pierre and my wife's relationship, Pierre had even joined us for the occasional evening meal. Although there was nothing sexual about these encounters, I couldn't help but be aroused by seeing him acting normally with us.

My gaze would return to the unavoidable fullness of his trousers. I could not keep from thinking about the two of them naked and wild with passion, their bodies joined by what that now lay there dormant.

However, this was pure imagination; I had seen them together naked, I had heard them fucking, I had seen how stretched Irene was after they had had sex, I had even caught a glimpse of Pierre's semi-erect cock but I hadn't actually seen them together. That was something that Barbara had decided to keep between them.

Barbara returned home from work on Friday evening looking tired but sexy in her office clothes. As I held her close and kissed her I could detect the, now familiar, taste of another man's cock.

My hands roamed over her ass and there was no hint of panties below her tight skirt. A few months ago, Barbara would never have dreamed of leaving the house without panties, let alone to go to work, but it was now a regular occurrence.

She has told me how she likes to flash Pierre during the day, spreading her legs to give him a view up to the lips of her pussy, his pussy and the labia of which she kept hairless at his request.

Pulling away from me, she said with an excited smile, "I need you to be around tomorrow morning to help with a delivery."

"Okay, I wasn't planning on going anywhere. What have you bought?"

"You will see tomorrow but I can assure you that you will like it."

With that she left the room to change from her work clothes.

The following morning we were going about our usual weekend routine of clearing up the breakfast things when there was a knock on the door. Barbara answered it and let in two delivery men carrying a large plastic wrapped object.

"What is it? What is it?"

I looked at Irene with a sense of intrigue.

"It's a sofa." she answered and then, in a whisper to me, "It's where you are going to sleep when Pierre stays over."

The delivery men carried the sofa into our bedroom and placed it against the wall beside our marital bed. I am sure I caught both the men smirked at me before leaving. Barbara told me to remove the wrapping and, she demonstrated how the arms folded down to convert it into a narrow single bed. We didn't discuss it again until later that evening when Barbara and I were again alone in our room.

As I got ready for bed, my mind was racing and my little penis hard just from looking at the sofa and thinking about the words Barbara had whispered to me earlier. Barbara had noticed where my attention lay.

"Why don't you try it out?" she said, pointing to the sofa. Barbara stripped naked as I converted it in to a bed.

"Lie down. I want you to tell me what you can see from there."

I did as I was told and, when I was lying down, Barbara started to move around the bed. She walked to the side of the bed and bent over resting her arms on it. She started jerking her hips back and forth as if she were being fucked from behind, her breasts swinging freely with each thrust.

"How does this look? Will you get a good view of Pierre fucking me from behind?"

I grunted a reply, struck dumb by the sight in from of me.

"How about like this?" lying face down on the bed with her feet towards me. She places a couple of pillows under her hips, raising her ass in the air. Her legs parted to reveal her moist pussy. "Sometimes, Pierre fucks me like this. His cock feels so good in this position." As Barbara said this she slipped a hand under her body and slowly ran a finger back and forth along the length of her pussy.

My penis was now as hard as it gets. I was so close to cumming that the slightest touch would set me off. Barbara rolled on to her back and moved the edge of the bed so that her feet were wide apart on the floor. Both pairs of her labia were now parted as if preparing to invite in an object of significant girth. She was alternating between rubbing her clit and dipping a finger inside.

"Will you get a good view of Pierre's cum running from me in this position?"

"Yes!" I gasped. This was too much, my penis twitched of its own accord and I came.

Barbara sat up quickly and looked at me sternly.

"Have you just cum over the new sofa!?!"

"Yes" I whimpered, embarrassed at how little it had taken for me to lose my load.

"Well, I think you had better spend the night on there, don't you?"

With that she got in to bed and turned off the lights.

"I'm sorry for being angry with you" she said after a while. In the darkness, her voice had softened to a more loving tone. "It's my fault; I forgot that you don't have the same self-control that Pierre has. Good night."


"Good morning, Sexy. I'm feeling very horny." Barbara's voice drifted to me through my half-sleeping state.

"Good morning" I mumbled, taking a moment to orientate myself as I remembered that I was on the new sofa-bed.

"Yes, I'm naked and touching myself." she continued in a seductive tone.

I looked up. The morning sun revealed that Barbara was indeed naked. She was propped up on pillows, one leg stretched out straight, the other bent at the knee, partially d****d with the sheet. Barbara was using her fingers to caress her right breast, tracing its shape and using the palm of her hand to feel its weight. Barbara seemed to be purposefully avoiding touching her nipple, which was already tight with arousal.

"No, not since the one you gave me after work on Friday."

It was only then that I realized that Irene wasn't talking to me but was on the phone.

"No, we haven't...I probably wouldn't have cum even if we had... Yes, it arrived yesterday...Ha-ha, yes, he's on it now... Please come over this evening, and we can put it to use?... What do you want me to say? Do you want me to tell you that my cunt is aching for you to fill it; that I want to fall asleep with your thick cock still inside me, that I want to wake up with you licking me in the way that only you can?...No, he won't... Excellent, come around in time for dinner... That's it, make love to me rather than fuck me...I 'm sure you'll manage...Yes, I'm still touching myself... Okay, it'll be hard but I'll save that for you."

Barbara hung up the phone, looked straight at me and then, without saying a word, she walked to the bathroom.

With two strokes I was cumming.

When she returned, Barbara had showered. "Dean, please could you change the bed sheets when you get up. Pierre and I will want fresh ones for tonight."

I changed the sheets in preparation but, in snatched conversations throughout the day, I discussed with Barbara whether it was actually a good idea to have Pierre stay over.

It wasn't that I wasn't really turned on by the thought of watching them, I was; admittedly, I was also a bit nervous that I might not be able to deal with actually seeing it for real.


I returned to the sitting room, I crept in, hoping to catch Irene and Pierre being naughty. Instead, I found them sitting together quietly on the sofa, staring in to each others eyes. Pierre was slowly combing his hand through Irene's hair and she looked as though she was almost purring from this attention.

I was somewhat taken aback by this. I guess I was expecting and hoping for sexual tension but this was more like sensual tenderness. I guess I had been naive because I had always imagined them vigorously fucking whenever they were alone.

While I'm sure they do, it stands to reason that they would also be loving and tender. They leaned in close and started gently kissing. As their tongues explored each others mouths, they were seemingly unaware of my presence in the room.

Gradually their kisses became more passionate. Pierre's hand moved from Barbara's shoulder down to her breast. Unrestrained beneath her shirt, her nipples were already erect and poking at the fabric.

Pierre caressed Barbara's breast, running his figures over the hard nub, before squeezing the whole breast more roughly. This rough treatment elicited a moan from Barbara. Pierre responded by pulling at her nipple. Barbara squirmed with pleasure. Her hand dropped to Pierre's lap where it deftly rubbed the length of his cock through the material of his trousers.

After a few minutes of this, Pierre broke from their embrace and softly asked Barbara "Shall we continue this in bed?"

She bit her lip and nodded yes with a seductive smile. Pierre turned to me and in a sterner, matter of fact, tone said, "Your wife and I are going to your bedroom to make love to each other. I believe that there is now a sofa-bed in there. I have agreed with Barbara that you may be present but you are to remain on the sofa-bed at all times, unless we tell you that understood?

"Yes...thank you." I replied my voice cracked with excitement and a feeling of submission.

"Good." Turning back to Barbara, Pierre's manner softened again. "OK, I think that it is only proper that I carry you over the threshold of the marital bedroom."

He bent down and scooped her up in to his arms. Barbara shrieked with surprise and flung an arm around his neck before burying her head in to his shoulder to stifle her giggles. Her skirt was too short to be trapped by Pierre's arm as it supported her under her knees and, as a result, it hung down exposing the backs of her thighs, her bottom and, poking out between her legs, her labia.

They were swollen in anticipation of what was to come and, presented as they were, cried out to be licked. My eyes dropped from this beautiful sight to the bulge in Pierre's trousers, just a few inches below.

The outline of his cock was now clearly visible, running down one leg of his trousers.

He looked larger than I remember from when I saw him on the beach but not erect just more turgid. It wasn't straining the fabric but it was obvious there was a significant mass there that moved out of time with each step he took towards me. "Lead the way, Dean"

Pierre carried Barbara into the bedroom and playfully threw her on to the bed before jumping on after her. I sat on my sofa-bed while they returned to their kissing. Their hands were now exploring each other with more urgency. They both undid each others shirts and struggled out of them. Their hands again continued their explorations; Barbara's over Pierre's muscular frame while Pierre's enjoyed the curves of her breasts.

Both now topless, Barbara pulled Pierre up until he was standing by the bed before she knelt on the floor in front of him. She kissed along the line of pubic hair that ran from his navel down in to his trousers.

She fumbled with his trouser button before slowly pulling down his zip. With an air of excitement, delight and wonder, she peeled the two halves apart to reveal a thatch of public hair and four inches of his cock, the rest still contained within the trouser leg.

Barbara worked Pierre's trousers down and as she did so his cock bobbed free. Letting the trousers drop to the floor, Barbara continued her kisses along his shaft.

Once at the tip, she eagerly grabbed the shaft with both hands and started running her tongue around the head as she slowly massaged its length. He started to get thicker and longer until he stood rigid at 45 degrees, his gland dark red and glistening with my wife's saliva.

His manhood emanated a power, a sense of control, a certainty that it was going to have its way.

I felt humiliated and slightly scared that this was about to penetrate my wife and yet, at the same time, I was probably more turned on than I had ever been seeing her handle it with familiarity and excitement.

Pierre lay back on the bed and Barbara quickly clambered over the top of him adjusting his position so she was facing towards me. Squatting over Pierre, my wife took his cock in her hand and looked directly at me.

She rubbed the tip of it up and down along the length of her pussy, still looking directly in to my eyes, slowly lowering herself down on to it. As his black cock head disappeared between her now taut lips, Barbara's eyes rolled up and she let out a groan.

She had only taken half of him inside her on the first stroke but her body was soon moving down for a second and this time two-thirds of his shaft made it in. The third subsequent movements of her body took all of Pierre within her. I looked on in awe as her cunt stretched with his girth.

Initially, Barbara had been aware of my presence but she was now lost in the act of fucking. They changed positions until Barbara was on all fours on the bed and Pierre was standing beside it fucking her from behind.

Viewing this in profile, as I was, was amazing. I couldn't see Barbara's pussy but I could see Pierre's black cock moving in and out of her in rhythmical strokes. One moment their bodies are six inches apart, connected only by the bridge of meat protruding from Pierre's loins, the next moment, with a sharp slap, he is buried to the hilt and they are as close as can be.

Each slap of flesh on flesh was accompanied by a load grunt from Barb. Luckily she had her face buried in a pillow to deaden the noise. Pierre picked up the pace, slamming in to Barbara with more and more force until her grunts became one long scream and her body convulsed with orgasm.

Without seemingly removing his cock, Pierre flipped Barb on to her back, pulled her hips to the edge of the bed, and placed her ankles on her shoulders before continuing to fuck her.

"Oh God...that's deep" Barbara gasped between thrusts. It sounded as though she was struggling to get her breath back.

"Have you been a naughty girl since I last saw you?"

"Yes" she stammered.

"Have you been flirting with Jose?"

"Oh yes"

I was shocked and excited by something I had witnessed this evening. My assumption that all Pierre and Barbara did was fuck was shattered. Of course they would play and fantasize with each other and, given my wife's relationship with Pierre, this could include other people.

I was now desperate to know more. I knew Jose; he was someone we hung out with socially. I also suspected that he would fuck Barbara given half the chance but I didn't know that she had been flirting with him or that Pierre knew and seemed to be encouraging it.

"He volunteered to...oh god yes keep going like that... he volunteered to fill in for you...and fuck me.... when you weren't available."

"What did you say to that?" asked Pierre while continuing with his steady fucking.

"I said that that would be a big task."

"How did he respond?" Pierre chuckled.

"He sent me...oh yes...a picture his cock."

"Oh really, and..?"

"Oh, it's nice...he's thick...not quite your length." Barbara's voice was beginning to crack.

"How did you respond?"

"I sent him a photo...oh yes...of how...oh yes... of how wet he made me" Barbara's confession was consumed by a powerful orgasm, the most powerful orgasm I have ever seen her have. It was almost too much for me, seeing my wife cumming from another man's cock while hearing that a friend of ours now had an image of her cunt that she had sent him.

Pierre joined Barbara on the bed and caressed her as she came down. After a while he moved himself between her legs and started kissing, nibbling and licking around her now red and swollen pussy. When he could sense that she was ready, he moved his attention to her labia and her clit.

When Barbara's cooing turned to panting, he introduced a finger in to her and soon had her coming again, not as intensely but still significantly.

Barbara didn't need to recover this time, as soon as she could talk, she looked down at Pierre and said, "Get that black cock of yours back inside me."

Pierre didn't need telling twice, he jumped up between her legs and began fucking. The two of them fucked for five minutes before their pace quickened. Again Barbara was moaning with each thrust and, indeed, Pierre was also beginning to grunt as he slammed in to her.

Suddenly, Barbara grabs a pillow and smothers her own face as she lets out another cry. At the same time, Pierre releases a low grunt and from my vantage point I can see his balls contracting with each wave of his orgasm; each contraction pumping load after load of semen in to my wife's cunt.

Pierre lay on top of Barbara for a while, his cock still inside her, as they both caught their breath.

After a while they started gently rocking. Pierre raised himself up and out of Barbara, kneeling between her spread legs.

I thought that this might signify the end of their encounter but Pierre was still erect. Not with the same hardness as before but with, as I realized to my own shame and excitement, still a greater volume than I currently had in my most erect state.

Pierre took hold of one of Barbara's legs by the ankle and swung it in front of him, providing me with a view of her pussy now dripping with their juices. This seemed like a familiar move to Barbara and she rolled on to her side with her leg propped up.

Pierre lay down beside her in a spooning position while Barbara fed his cock back in to her wet cunt. With her leg still raised, I could see him slowly moving inside her and her gentle rocking of her pelvis to match his movements. Each small thrust appeared to coax more of the wetness from Barbara's pussy. It pooled on her thigh before dripping down on to the sheet.

Barbara turned her head back and kissed Pierre over her shoulder.

"Can I give him some relief?"

Pierre nodded and Barbara turned to me and beckoned me with a finger.

"Dean, come and stand here by the bed."

Naked, I walked towards Barbara and stood where she had indicated. Without the length and weight of Pierre's cock, mine did not bob as I walked; instead it just stood straight out in front of me, as far as it does.

They continued to rock against each other both now looking at me. My penis was fully hard and aching for release and I was very conscious of the comparisons that must have been going on in their minds. Standing this close to them as they made love was even more intimate than watching from the sofa-bed. I could smell their bodies and it seemed almost an invasion of their privacy.

Barbara reached between her legs and collected some of the wetness from the pooled cum on her thighs and Pierre's cock.

"Point your penis away from us."

I turned slightly to the side and she reached up and rubbed their juices over the end of my penis. With two fingers and a thumb, she rubbed the warm, slippery liquid up and down my shaft. Within three strokes, I buckled over and spilled my seed on the floor, my knees trembling from the release of sexual tension. Barbara immediately let go of my penis.

"Could you turn the light off when you go back to bed."

I wiped my cum of the floor still coming down from my orgasm, turned out the light and went back to my single bed. In the quiet of the now dark room I could hear them both slowly fucking and kissing.

I began to feel a little left out; that was our marital bed they were in; that was my wife he was fucking. But then I realized that, in all the years that we had slept together in it, never had Barbara had as many orgasms nor ones as powerful in that bed, in one night, as she had had tonight.

I understood that this is how it should be. In the darkness the speed of their fucking was increasing and Barbara was now whimpering with every thrust. They both groaned and the bed shook before it all went quiet.

I imagined my wife contentedly drifting off to sleep with Pierre's cock slowly softening inside her.

Slipping my hand down to my own penis, it was sticky with the product of their previous orgasm. As quietly as I could, I stroked myself off to sleep.


"Dean, I think its best that you go over to Doris and Marcus's and then wait with them for their baby-sitter to arrive. When she gets there, you can drive Doris and Marcus back here. By the time you have done that, Pierre will have got here and I will have started cooking dinner."

Barbara had obviously given some thought to the arrangements for tonight's dinner party with our friends.

"Darling, how will Doris and Marcus get home after?"

"I was thinking that perhaps you wouldn't mind not drinking and then you can drop them back."

"Okay." I agreed somewhat reluctantly for two reasons. Firstly, if we're having friends over for dinner, I'd quite like to have a glass or two of wine and relax with them. Secondly, after a social gathering such as this and with a couple of glasses of wine in herself, Barbara has a tendency to get horny.

As my wife's lover, Pierre, is staying the night at ours, I certainly won't be getting the chance of sex with my wife but I may get the opportunity to observe her and Pierre fucking. However, if I'm out playing taxi driver, I'm sure to miss some of the action.


I was met at the door by Marcus, who was dressed smartly in trousers and a shirt. Marcus was several inches taller than me and was also a dominant black man.

"Doris is upstairs getting changed but she should be ready soon." Marcus said. "The babysitter is already here but would you like a drink of something while we wait for her?"

I was just about to accept when Doris came down the stairs. As she descended, I first noticed her black high-heels, then her legs clad in black tights or perhaps stockings, which swished against themselves and her short green skirt with each step she took. The skirt came to just above her knees and clung nicely to her thighs. On top, she was wearing a thin, figure-hugging black jumper beneath which I could see the subtle bounce of her sizeable breasts.

There was no obvious sign of a bra but there were the very noticeable bumps of her erect nipples. Doris is Barbara's boss at work and friends with her and her husband. From the moment I first met Doris I have had a thing for her, not least because of her body but also because of the way she dresses and the strong sexual air she seems to have about her. I was trying not to stare but when our eyes met it was obvious that I had been caught looking at her tits.

Once Doris and I had said hello and both Marcus and I had complemented her on her appearance we got in my car and headed back to our house.


As we entered our kitchen, Barbara was preparing the meal and Pierre was helping. Well, I say helping but in fact he was just stand beside her as she cooked. He had a glass of wine in one hand while the other was hidden beneath my wife's short black skirt, where it appeared to be caressing her buttocks or perhaps Pierre was even slipping a finger between her legs, searching out Irene's moist pussy.

Either way, I knew that his hand would be touching my wife's bare skin because Pierre always insists that Irene is panty-less when he is around. Whenever I see them like this, I always get a knot in my stomach and a rush of blood to my penis but with Doris and Marcus standing beside me this feeling was intensified.

Neither Pierre nor Barbra flinched when we entered. Obviously my wife was happy for our friends, her boss and her husband, to see her getting felt up by another man with her own husband in the room. Pierre only removed his hand to greet our guests.

A few months ago, Barbara and I recognized that, partly due to my small cock, I wasn't able to satisfy her sexually.

It was decided that she would get the satisfaction that she needed and deserved from another man.... Pierre, who also happened to be her work colleague.

After several weeks of this arrangement it became clear that the practicalities and stress of managing what would be seen as an affair to anyone outside of our marriage was impacting negatively on our home-life.

Therefore, it was decided that it would be better if we came clean with friends and family about Pierre's role. As a result, Pierre can now spend more time with Barbara at our house.

Doris and by association Marcus were the first to know about Barbara and Pierre fucking but this dinner party is the first time that we have all been together socially since it became public knowledge.

I don't know if it was Pierre's open fondling of my wife's ass that set the tone for the evening but there seemed to be a thick sexual atmosphere throughout dinner.

The two couples, my wife and Pierre, Doris and Marcus, were both acting like young couples. They were sitting close to each other and taking every opportunity to touch their partners. From my seat and with the tablecloth in the way, I couldn't see what was happening under the table but I'm pretty sure that there was some touching going on there too.

It was both humiliating and exciting to sit at the table talking with Doris and Marcus knowing that they were both aware that Pierre was much better endowed than me and a better lover and, as a result, Barbara had decided that her body would be his to service.

Their acceptance of this was demonstrated throughout the evening by the way they seemed to treat Barbara and Pierre as a couple.

By the time desert was finished, Barbara and Doris were tipsy from more than a few of glasses of wine.

The conversation so far had been light with an undercurrent of naughtiness but that changed when there was a lull in the conversation,

Doris fixed Barbara with her piercing eyes and asked:

"So, tell me Barbara, does this little arrangement you have with Pierre mean that you have found someone who can give you what you need sexually?"

Barbara flushed with embarrassment and she buried her face into Pierre's shoulder, giggling and nodding. "Yes" she replied, having regained her composure a bit. "Oh, yes!" she added, giggling again.

"So, what are you getting from Pierre that your husband can't give you?" she said, giving me a quick glance.

Smiling, Barbara turned and stared in to Pierre's eyes placing her hand on his thigh.

"Pierre is a wonderful lover, he has a magnificent cock but importantly he has stamina. God, does he know how to fuck me!"

After looking into his eyes for a bit longer while rubbing his thigh, Barbara looked over at me,

"Sorry darling. it can't be nice for you hearing your wife admit that."

"It's okay....I know it's true."

"A magnificent cock, hey? Now you've got me wondering just what that looks like. I've always thought my Marcus's cock as being a rather fine example of the male form."

Watching Barbara's hand was still stroking Pierre's thigh, Doris continued "Barbara, is he getting hard?"

Barbara bit her lip and nodded.

Doris started to stroke Marcus's thigh too.

Tentatively, Doris continued, "Marcus once told me a story that got me instantly wet. He told me how, when he was at school, the boys used to go behind the bike shed and compare their erections with each other. There is something deliciously naughty about the idea of coming across a group of men showing off their hard cocks, all different shapes and colors, all throbbing for release. It's something that I've thought about quite a bit since. Does that excite you Barbara?"

Barbara nodded.

"Do you think that the boys would do that for us now?" Doris asked.

Barbara looked at Pierre for approval; he smiled, shrugged his shoulders and nodded. Barbara got up from the table and excitedly led Pierre in to the center of the room where they were joined by Doris and Marcus. With a single look, Doris made it clear that I should join them, which I did.

It was clear from the bulges in their trousers that both Pierre and Marcus were on their way to being erect, aided by the women who were stroking their respective partners.

Doris and Barbara looked at each other and then, having exchanged some unspoken communication, began undoing their partner's trousers.

Both struggled to extract the semi-rigid members from their lairs but eventually they were free and being slowly stroked to full hardness. In length, there was very little between the two; however, there were differences in their appearances.

Pierre's cock is thick along its entire length and, even when at it's hardest, his foreskin moved freely backwards and forwards over his glans and shaft as Barbara moved her hands up and down it.

By contrast, the head of Marcus's cock was much larger than his shaft and his foreskin had retracted to leave it as a dark purple knob glistening with the pre-cum that Doris's thumb was expertly rubbing over it.

Doris watched as Barbara continued to stroke Pierre while eyeing up Marcus's cock. "Nice, isn't it?"

"Hmm..." Barb replied, nodding but still not taking her eyes off that glistening head.

"Hold him." Doris directed.

Without hesitation, Barbara reached out and took Marcus in her hand. She looked back and forth between the two cocks she was holding as if weighing them up. She then looked up at me. "Take off your clothes." she commanded.

The now familiar combination of sexual tension and humiliation surged through me as I removed my trousers to reveal a penis that we all knew could not compare to either men. The other obvious difference between us was that I needed no coaxing to reach full erection.

No, just the thought of having to display my cock to our friends and Pierre was enough to have it fully turgid.

Doris gave me a quick glance before continuing her conversation with Barbara. "Would you like to try sucking Marcus's cock? As you can see he's quite a mouthful but it appears you are used to that."

Barbara nodded and, without releasing either cock, she knelt between the two men. Leaning forward, she slowly ran her tongue over the head of his cock, the tip of it probing his slit for pre-cum. Then she opened wide and took his head fully inside her mouth, holding him there for a while before starting to rock back and forth, fucking his cock with her mouth. After a couple of minutes of this she pulled him from her mouth with a pop and instantly replaced him with Pierre's cock.

Barbara continued like this until Doris, who was now standing beside her gently stroking Barbara's hair as she sucked both men, said "Why don't you take them both to the bedroom where you can get more comfortable?"

Irene looked up at her, "Are you sure?"

Doris nodded. Barbara looked at Pierre, and eagerly led both men out of the room. I felt a pang of jealousy that she hadn't looked to me for approval or even at all before leaving but I had agreed that, sexually, she should give herself to Pierre and it was therefore, rightly, his decision who else she sleeps with and not mine.

Their exit left me standing naked in the center of the room with a full erection and the embarrassment of my wife going to our bedroom with two men sporting very hard and very large cocks.

A fully clothed Doris now sat back down in a chair facing me and sipped from her wine glass. She casually looked me up and down seeming to enjoy my predicament.

"So, Dean, has Barbara ever fucked two men at the same time?"

"No" I answered.

"Oh! Well this is going to be quite a night for her; especially, given the equipment she will be playing with. I remember my first was several years ago now. My partners at the time hadn't had a threesome either and it took a little while to sort out who was putting what where but we got there in the end."

Doris paused, presumably reminiscing to herself about that night. Then, looking me in the eyes, she said. "That's not a problem Barbara will have tonight. Marcus knows what he's doing as I'm sure Pierre does as well. Between the two of them, she is going to get the fucking of her life. What do you think? Is tonight going to be Irene's most sexually satisfying yet?"

"Yes, probably." I said, bowing my head in shame.

"Does admitting that humiliate you?"


"It's hard knowing that your wife's best fuck was given to her by two black men, while you stood naked in another room. A real man would be able to satisfy his own wife but you get turned on by someone else doing your job for you, don't you?"


"I can see that. Your small penis is as hard as it gets from just thinking about it, thinking about another man claiming Barbara's cunt as his own"

My cheeks flushed with embarrassment and arousal. I looked down at my penis; Doris was right, it was throbbing. I reached down to relieve some of the desire that was building there.

"Stop that! I don't want to watch you playing with your little thing."

"Sorry." I said, quickly returning my arms to my sides.

"I bet you have noticed quite a change in Barbara over the past few months haven't you?" said Doris, quickly changing the subject.


"Everyone at the office certainly has. There has been the obvious change in clothing style, the shorter skirts and the frequent lack of underwear. Bless her, I think Barbara thinks that she is being subtle but I would guess that probably more than half the staff have caught a glimpse of her cute little shaved cunt."

Doris was staring at my penis as it twitched, fueled by the images she was putting in my head.

"Oh you like the thought of that, don't you? You like the idea of others seeing your wife's most intimate parts. Was shaving it her idea or Pierre's?"

"Pierre's. Barbara says he likes her like that"

"I bet he does, the horny bastard."

"And why do you shave off all your pubic hair? Is it so you can flash your penis at your office?"

"No. I shave because that's what cuckolds do and..."

"And what?" Doris demanded.

"...and to try and make it look bigger." I mumbled.

Doris burst out laughing. "Well, I hate to be the one to tell you this but it doesn't seem to be working."

There was a pause as Doris drank her wine and I stood flushed with humiliation, my penis now throbbing painfully.

"Do you have a ruler anywhere?" asked Doris.

"Umm...there might be one in the drawer over here." I said walking towards where we keep office things.

"Stay where you are. Nobody said you could move."

She slowly uncrossed her legs and got up from where she was sitting. As she did so, I could hear the swish of her stockings and thought I might have very briefly caught another glimpse of the creamy flesh of her thighs above her stocking tops and was that her bush I saw or perhaps panties.

Doris rummaged around in the drawer for a bit before turning back to me, triumphantly holding a pink six inch ruler with cartoon characters on it.

"This should do." she said, walking back towards me.

Doris was stood next to me, about to speak, when we both heard a deep guttural moan coming from our bedroom. It was obvious that this had emanated from Barbara.

" that's a good sound, isn't it?" Doris teased, looking deep into me with her piercing eyes. "I bet your mind is racing, thinking about all the things that might be causing your darling wife to make such a noise."

She was right and, almost to prove the point, another moan, perhaps slightly more urgent this time, filled the room.

"All those things you are thinking of, they will probably all happen at some stage tonight. You do realize that don't you?" she asked, still not breaking her gaze. I nodded.

"Well, those images have got you as hard as you probably get." she said looking down at my little rigid penis pointing straight out. Well, not quiet straight out, its curve to the left made it look as though it was trying to point away from Doris to make itself seem as big as possible.

"Dean, Barbara has told me how small you are," she said, waving the rule at me "but I want to hear it from you before I check for myself."

"Four and a half inches." I replied meekly.

"And a half inches!" Doris exclaimed giggling, "Why do you emphasize the half inch? Do you think that is going to make a difference how people view it? Do you think Marcus or Pierre bother with fractions of an inch?"

"No, I guess they don't need to." I replied.

" I suppose that when you are your size every little bit is important. Let's face it, that half inch is over 10% of your total length. Okay, let's check whether you are telling the truth."

With that, Doris knelt down beside me and placed the pink ruler on top of my shaft. She was careful to ensure that her fingers didn't touch me at all.

"Well, this says only four inches." Doris said with an accusatory stare.

"You need to press it tight against my pubic bone and then add a bit on because the ruler doesn't start measuring from the very end." I mumbled in explanation.

"What a fuss to eke out an extra half inch." she said, but she pushed the ruler against the fat of my pubis. Rather than just pushing it in and holding it, Doris used a sort of jabbing motion that moved the ruler against the whole length of my shaft in a rhythmic and pleasurable way.

"Oh yes, I guess you could probably call that 4.5." Doris stated while continuing her jabbing motion with the ruler. Each jab moved the skin back forth along my shaft.

I let out a sigh and arched my back slightly to increase the pressure of my penis against the ruler. The current situation with Doris almost touching my cock and the sounds of Barbara being pleasured by two black men had me close to orgasm.

Suddenly the pressure of the ruler was gone, replaced by the thwack of plastic on skin and a shot of pain from my balls.

"I'm not here to jerk off your tiny penis." Doris reprimanded me with a tone as sharp as the slap she had just administered with the ruler. She returned to her seat leaving me standing, naked, in the middle of the room, desperate to cum.

The silence that had fallen between Doris and me was filled with the noises from behind the closed door of the bedroom or, more accurately, from my wife. Barbara's moans had now turned in to rhythmical grunts. As we listened, the grunts suddenly became muffled.

"Well, it sounds as though someone has her mouth full. Which of them, do you think, is she sucking right now?"

Barbara's grunts got louder and more frequent as she apparently reached her climax and then she came, her muffled scream unable to escape through her mouth.

"Do you hear that? That's the sound of your wife getting properly fucked. I bet you've never heard her make those noises when you have been fucking her have you?"

"No" I replied.

"Why is that?"

"Because I' have a small penis." I admitted feebly.

"Did you know, I have seen Irene suck off Pierre before tonight?" Doris asked after a short pause. "No?" she continued seeing my quizzical expression. "Oh, Barbara didn't tell you that I caught them in the office. Yes, I left them both to finish off some work and then lock the office behind them when they were done but, when I got about ten minutes away, I realized that the papers I needed for my meeting the next day were still on my desk. So, I returned to the office.

They obviously didn't hear me enter because they continued what they were doing. Pierre was leaning against one of the desks, clothed, but with that beautiful cock of his protruding from his trousers. Your wife was completely naked and on her knees in front of him. Her head was bobbing up and down on his cock while her hands vigorously worked his shaft. As I'm sure you can imagine, it was quite a sight, not least because her exertions were making Barbara's tits jiggle about in a most pleasing manner.

As I watched Irene brought Pierre to orgasm in her mouth. It looks as though he came quite profusely because even though it appeared that Irene was eagerly swallowing his semen some still escaped the corner of her mouth and dribbled down her chin and on to her breast.

They still hadn't noticed my presence so I decided to have a bit of fun with then. I started shouting at them that this is no way to behave in my office, that I expected more of them, especially of Pierre. They jumped about two feet in the air and tried to cover up. 'Stay where you are.' I told them and they did. Your wife naked, looking sheepish, with cum still on her breast.

Turning to Pierre, who stood with with his rapidly deflating cock still hanging impressively from his trousers, I said I expected more from him than to leave Barbara unsatisfied. Their looks of guilt turned to those of confusion. 'Barbara, lie on that desk. Pierre bring her to orgasm.' They both complied, well I guess they had to, I am their boss! Pierre got on his knees and expertly licked your wife to an orgasm while I stood beside her and rubbed his cum in to her breast. It's obvious that Pierre is a skilled lover as well as having a very nice cock. Would you agree with this?"

I nodded a yes in reply.

Again there was a pause in our conversation and again we both found ourselves listening to Barbara, Pierre and Marcus enjoying themselves.

Doris broke the silence "I reckon that Marcus's cock is flaccid it is larger than you are now. How small are you when you are soft?"

"Less than two inches."

"Oh my God!" Doris exclaimed in a fit of laughter "That's smaller than most boys! Earlier, Barbara said that it's not just your size that's an issue but it's also your stamina or lack of. Is she right? Do you have trouble controlling yourself?"

"Yes." I admitted feebly.

"Your little penis is twitching now and it hasn't even been touched yet. I bet the slightest bit of titillation and you would loose it."

Doris pulled her thin jumper over her head revealing a black quarter-cup bra. The lace material seemed to gentle hold Doris's breasts, its trimmed edge finishing below her erect nipples. The effect was stunning.

Doris briefly glanced at me before standing and carefully placing the jumper over the back of her chair. She turned back towards me and unzipped the tight skirt at her hip. Doris wriggled out of it leaving the green satin in a pile on the floor and standing in just her stockings and suspender belt and bra.

What I had thought might have been Doris's panties was in fact her bushy cunt. It was a mousy blonde color that matched the hair on her head, hanging out from between what appeared to be the slightly damp hair between her legs were her succulent, engorged labia.

Doris's pussy was almost the complete opposite of Irene's and this unexpected view of it was too much for me. I groaned, my penis throbbed, suddenly I was uncontrollably depositing my semen all over the carpet.

Doris stood there watching with wry amusement. "There you go, I was right. I'm going to see if Barbara needs a hand dealing with our men. Perhaps you ought to stay here and clean up your mess."

Doris sauntered towards our room, her round bottom framed by the suspender straps and her swollen pussy clearly visible between her thighs.

I followed Doris to our bedroom and could just see past her into our bed as she entered.

I only got a fleeting glance but the view I did get was both exhilarating and humiliating.

Barbara was naked and on all fours on the bed, her breasts hanging heavy and swinging backwards and forwards. Standing at the foot of the bed was Pierre, his thick hard shaft, slick with my wife's juices, was rapidly thrusting in and out of Irene's cunt his balls audibly slapping against her clit with each stroke.

At the other end, Marcus was kneeling on bed in front of Barbara while she gagged on his cock as it too thrust in and out of my wife.

The door closed and I returned to clean up my semen from the carpet and then sat listening, in the frustrated agony familiar to other cuckolds like myself, to the sounds of my wife and Doris getting thoroughly fucked.


It was well after midnight before the bedroom door opened and Doris and Marcus came out. I had remained naked, as Barbara and Doris would have wanted.

My penis was semi-erect and I still had a desperate urge to cum. The hours of listening to the fucking that was occurring in my bedroom was agonizing. I had been touching myself in an attempt to relieve some of the throbbing tension but I didn't want to ejaculate.

When they emerged, Marcus was dressed again but Doris was completely naked and carrying her shoes and stockings. She wandered across the room and picked up her skirt, treating me to a view of her wonderful breasts swinging unrestrained beneath her. Having zipped up her skirt she slipped on her jumper, collected her bra and was she was ready to leave.

"Get dressed, Dean, and you can then drop us home."

I looked over at the closed door of the bedroom and, in an instant, Doris read my mind.

"Pierre and Barbara want a bit of alone time. I think Pierre wants to give her one more load."

I quickly dressed and we were soon in the car. Doris had opted to join Marcus in the back seat. They had cuddled up to each other. Even with the rear-view mirror adjusted, I couldn't really see what they were doing other than kissing but I could hear fragments of their whispered conversation.

"Did you enjoy that?... I told you she was shaved... Did she feel tight?... Well obviously her ass was but how about her cunt?... No, I don't think she had either but she certain learned fast... she did something with her tongue on my clit that made me cum so hard... Are you going to take Pierre up his offer? He did say any time you want to, you can fuck her again.... he also said she will be made available to the other black men in the office to suck their cocks and fuck her pussy and ass.... Pierre said he wants to turn her into a proper black cock slut, get her collared and leashed, tattooed with sign of ownership, with Black Queen of Spades visible front and back"

Doris looked straight at me, "Dean, are you listening to our private conversation and masturbating your tiny penis?"

"Sorry, yes, but I didn't hear much." I replied, grateful that because I was driving I didn't have to look directly at her.

"As punishment, I want you to cum now, in your trousers. You are then going to leave it there until you get back to your home where you are going to show them the mess you have made of yourself."

I rapidly moved my hand over my penis and then ejaculated.

When we arrived at their house, Doris and Marcus got out of the back seat and were ready to go up the walk to their front door.

After listening to their conversation, and Doris's commands to me, I got out of the car to show her my pants to further my humiliation.

I was starting to accept my submission to both of them, but especially to Marcus, as the dominant Black Man he was.

I willingly dropped to my knees, and offered to kiss Doris's pussy as a sign of my new acceptance of my place in all of this.

After Doris raised her skirt and showed her beautiful pussy, I tenderly kissed and used my tongue to tickle her clit.

As Marcus was standing there watching all this, I didn't want him to feel left out, especially since he was the person who was to become more important in my new life.

I asked if I could also offer my mouth to worship his big black cock; he readily agreed and pulled his now semi-erect cock out of his pants to allow me to also kiss the head of his cock and take the large head of his cock in my mouth and proceed to give it a good suck.

After this demonstration of my submission to them, I got back in the car to return home, mindful of Doris's instructions.

Upon returning home, I knocked softly on the bedroom door, and requested that I had something to show them. I explained Doris's instructions to show my messed pants and the reason that they were that way.

I also described my overhearing Doris and Marcus's conversation on the drive back, and what I had done once there.

Both were smiling and seemed very happy that I had done that. They were also pleased that I had come to the conclusion on my own that I would willing accept their dominance over me

I then took off my clothes, to be totally nude, again, in front of them.

I then professed my desire to always be naked in their presence, to willingly follow their every direction to ensure their pleasure and enjoyment in my submission to them.

After my initial proclamation of my willingness to accept my new place in our relationship, Barbara sat up in bed.

She continued to smile at me and told me that she and Pierre had been discussing what I had overheard in the car with Doris and Marcus. With the newfound sexual release Barbara was feeling, she felt it was best course to fully submit to Pierre and Marcus, and embrace totally becoming a black cock only bitch slut.

Going forward, she would always be ready for any black man who might wish to use her for his enjoyment, no requests refused.

Pierre and Marcus had more black men friends who they were looking forward to sharing Barbara with.

Barbara went on to tell me she and Pierre had been hoping I would come to the realization that she could not go back to the way we had been. They were going to talk to me about my fully joining in this new life-style and hoping I would have the reaction I had already come to.

There would be changes in our relationship, but Barbara stated that she would never leave me and that she loved me even more for having opened this door to this sexual freedom.

“You will be naked in our presence at all times, especially when I am entertaining any black men visitors, and will be subservient to them as well.

All of your body hair will be removed permanently, and when I say 'all'.....I mean all: head, body, legs and especially pubic.

We will let you keep your small penis and balls, for now, but to further enhance your need to serve as a bitch boi for us, you will be fitted with a steel chastity cage, with an urethral insert, to restrict any future tiny erections you may have.

You will learn to properly worship my pussy and any other women, especially black women, who may desire that service.

You will provide cock-sucking service to get black men ready to fuck me in whatever hole they wish. You will also offer your ass to those black men who may have the desire to fuck a white faggot bitch boi.”

At this point, Barbara looked to Pierre, who had been nodding his head, agreeing with everything Barbara had been saying.

I could tell that Pierre was waiting for Barbara to finish, as he also had some comments to make on this new development.

“Dean, I am so very pleased and proud of your admitted willingness to submit your body and life to serve me and Black people.

However, it will not be just me you will be serving; after Doris came upon Barbara and me in the office, Doris and I had a long discussion about the possibilities of turning Barbara into the black cock submissive she has become.

And as Barbara has come to realize she wants to live in this life-style and not return to what you and she had before, she has already committed in her own way to this. We had long discussions of what to do with you in this scenario.

As it turns out, Doris and Marcus have been looking for a submissive white male to make into their sexual toy. The events earlier tonight were kind of an audition of sorts to see if you might be the one that could fulfill this need.

Based on the times Doris spent with you, and Marcus with Barbara, we all came to the conclusion that you will fit this role nicely. When you followed all of Doris's commands without objection, and your own initiative to offer your mouth to them, only reinforced the feeling that you could be trained further.

At this point, I am very happy with the arrangement you have provided by offering Barbara to me and will take her training as you overheard Doris and Marcus discussing.

As I said, though, Doris and Marcus are so very happy to be able to have you available to them for their use.

Marcus especially is looking forward to having a white faggot bitch boi to train and use for his enjoyment. As I am sure you can imagine, Doris also has some plans for you.

They will coming back later, after we have all had time to fully comprehend of the life-style we are embarking upon. In the meantime, there are additional thing to consider.

Barbara and I have a feeling of being your true owner, and like k**s of old, allow others to play with our toys. We were very protective of our toys and didn't want or allow any damage or breakage come to them. That is how we feel about you going forward.

Doris and Marcus have discussed some of their ideas and plans of how they will use you, body and mind, when given to them.

Marcus likes the idea of your total nudity and chastity; he has no use for your tiny penis and balls, and the nudity at all times reinforces your submissiveness. Your already small penis will shrink from continued chastity, and though we will probably keep that to facilitate your peeing, eventually you will be castrated to become a sissy eunuch. Your cute nipples will be pierced with rings to provide handholds or to hang other sissy faggot adornments from.

He does have plans to use your mouth frequently. To ensure there is no accidents with teeth, all of yours will be removed to ensure even more pleasure when you are sucking a black cock and can massage your gums on those cocks for a more intense feeling.

You will taught other services from a white bitch boi, such as rimming and piss-play.

Marcus has friends who really like fucking white bois.

Doris also has plans to offer you to other Black Women to use: pussy eating, asshole rimming, nursing at their breasts or using a strapon on your boi-pussy as well.

If all of this is still something you desire to serve us, and to be shared to any other Black Man or Woman, this is your last chance to say no.”

I immediately reached out for Pierre's black cock, took it in my mouth, and began to lovingly worship his cock as a sign that I wanted and needed nothing more than to serve Black Men and Women for their pleasure and enjoyment by my submission to them.
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