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At long last the story ends
(OK so here is part B of the continuing sexual adventures of Robert & Ashlynn, my two favorite characters that I have thus far written! Tell me, do you think this series should continue?)

I woke. The room’s king sized bed slept nice with a gorgeous woman into it. Another perk the Hilton should consider. A peek at the clock showed more than 5 hours had passed, and our room plus the hotel was very quiet. There was a small amount of distance between us, and I was able to ‘skoonch’ my arm out. When I did, Ashlynn rolled partly on to her back.

To avoid disturbing this gorgeous sleeping woman (for the moment, heh-heh…) I moved very s-l-o-w-l-y until I was just where I wanted to be. Under the sheets, I gave her hip a kiss, then inside the hip. She oved instinctively to her back. Lifting the satin top I kissed under it; lower and to the side of her pubic hair. Gently I shifted her legs and tugged the ludicrously small panty to the side as I kissed again. I could smell her, and the scent was nice

Ashlynn had obviously fallen into a deep sleep. And it was apparent her dream was a good one. She woke slowly, and when she realized those were kisses, she knew it was going to be a GOOD morning. Johnathan Roberts stubble tickled her thigh. He was kissing the ‘seam’ at the top of her leg, and moving. She understood, and it made her moan in anticipation.

Her hands fumbled trying to remove the panties as she was not awake, so I lifted my head long enough to say “Still, bae….still…” then back to work. The silly string things were barely worth having, and came off easy enough. With my head to one side I gave that bright pink clit a flick of my tongue, and the worked my way down one side of her labia. I played with the entrance to her vagina, then right up the slit with a slow LAAAAAP. When I took her clit into my mouth to suckle it, Ashlynn Luker’s hips pushed her ass off the bed in reaction, replete with a gasping yelp.

I kept at it, working the other side. I knew from her reactions I was doing a whole lot right. Ashlynn was squirming and calling out my name. I grabbed her thighs tightly in my arms and said “Hold STILL”…then continued. She did her best, but it made her moan even more loudly. Within just a few more repetitions she was now rubbing her pussy on my face. I just continued to work from clit to vagina and back again, enjoying her sexual torment.

Ashlynn was beginning to squirm again. She couldn’t help it. Getting awoken to receiving oral was really something! If this were an actual perk of the hotel, then every woman she knew would be making reservations, she was sure of it. Ashlynn could feel her body tightening. It was an intense one coming.

It was true, there was more to this than just cash and fucking. I could now tell that she was getting close, I knew her body that well. I had already worked a finger inside her, but pulling it out, I used my tongue in a similar manner, and flattening my hand, I moved my fingers really rapidly over her clit.

Holy-crap is a good thing my head wasn’t a walnut! I say that because Ashlynn mproceeded to CLAMP my head in her thighs while she thrashed and yelled as loud as she possible you could ‘OH SHIT-OH SHIT-OH SHIT – I’M-CUMMMMMMMING!” She lay there for several minutes, just gasping. I got a towel from the bath and came back, wiping my face. Laying down beside her, she gave me a deep kiss with tongue and said “Johnathan… that was…incredible!”


It took a bit of rest for her to recover, but soon Ashlynn rolled me onto my back, and began kissing down my chest. My boxers were gone as I “slid up” to place my back against the headboard, and gently I moved Ashlynn Luker’s hair out of the way as she took my throbbing cock into her mouth. It was beyond words, watching and feeling this total hottie go down on my shaft. He also kneaded and toyed with my balls, making it my turn to moan.

Damn woman had skills, that’s for sure. Ashlynn would deep throat me, my dick way back in the soft of her throat, then up to and holding only the head while she jacked me. When she did this, she would look up at me with those gorgeous doe eyes, then she would pop me out, running those lips along the shaft.

Now it was my turn to squirm. At first, she played with me by not wanting me to touch her head. This allowed her freedom of movement, and damn that woman made the most of it. Lips on the side, working up and down but by far the best was Ashlynn holding the mushroom head in her mouth, swirling her tongue over it while pumping with her hand. THAT got me going.

Ashlynn Luker could tell he was getting close, and unlike other men she’d been with, she wanted his cum in her. Ashlynn also knew Johnathan Roberts had a weakness for throat-fucking, so she pulled all of his considerable thickness back into the soft area oh her throat. She twisted her head a little…worked herself around… and felt his hips start bucking.

Ashlynn backed par of the way out, and turned her head slightly. Yes……with a whimpering moan, her lover dumped long spurt after long spurt into her mouth and cheek. Johnathan Roberts was a virile man, and while it wasn’t as though it was a true mouthful, it was warm, wonderful to her, and certainly quite a bit. Ashlynn sat up, and proudly opened her mouth to show her lover his load, then with a loud gulp, she swallowed it & opened her mouth again to show her efforts.

I was floored by Ashlynn Luker’s willingness to take my load, and show me that she had swallowed it. NO ONE had ever done that. She got up, and went and brushed her teeth, while I lay there recovering, then returned with a warm washcloth & a towel, and cleaned and dried me. Again, the deep kiss, then, after rearranging the sheets a bit, she snuggled back into me, and drifted off to sleep. ‘What were we doing here’ indeed.


I could feel her shifting a bit. The clock had some time after 7. She was starting to wake, but I had been up for a while, wondering what the Hell we were doing, and also just enjoying holding this treasure. She rousted and I got a peck on the lips, and then she went to the restroom. When she came back, I was texting the office.

“Don’t tell me you’re going to use the ‘Late for work’ excuse.’” She said.

I smiled. “No, in fact we have time. I was just letting the desk know I would do door dash for breakfast. You?”

“Actually, yeah, I have class in a few hours. Plus, need to check on the sitter.”

“So what ARE we doing here, anyway?” I finally asked.

“Beats me, but wow am I ever enjoying it.” Ashlynn looked out at the mountains. “I don’t like being here, though.”

“I’m enjoying it too.” I replied, then added “I’d rather be near the Gulf. And I must admit, wish you were as well.”

With a large sigh, Ashlynn turned around and said, “Bae, (I have to admit, I liked it when she called me that) I am SO thankful that you’re here, and I’m hating that this may be the only time we get to be together while you’re here,” as she said this, she stripped off the top, then continued, “so could we do it one more time…please?” she ended with an evil smile

Like I’d say no to that.

I enjoyed the taste of Ashlynn Luker as I gave her oral. It was the last time I’d get to eat my favorite pussy for a few months, so I’d made the most of tasting her. She was enjoying it too, grinding her hips into my face as I parted her labia & licked up her slit with long, slow, deliberate laps. I moaned into her cunt, and that made her whimper loudly. I liked that she held my hair and yelped “there!” when I hit that oh-so-certain spot.

Ashlynn was making the most of this. She liked that her lover was giving her oral in an incredibly pleasing manner. ‘Damn that Johnathan Roberts’ she thought. He knew JUST how to hold his mouth, and just the speed to move that both provided the most pleasure and the most torture for her, all at the same time. It amazed her that a man 16 years her senior had the skill and stamina he displayed, pleasing and teasing her all at the same time.

She was on her back, grinding her hips. I moved my mouth hip, and taking her clit into my mouth, I worked my pointing and middle fingers inside her. S-l-o-w-l-y I increased my suction, while doing the same with the fingers inside this incredible woman. The volume and the rate of her moans increased, along with the gyration of her hips.

Ashlynn wanted to hold on, but couldn’t. It was just that THIS particular man did it for her, and it was a combination of his slow, deliberate build, what he was doing, and the fact that it was Johnathan Roberts that did it. She began to involuntarily lift her hips as she ground her hips against him, “BAE!” she called out, then again. Then, it changed to a scream “B-AA-AA-EEEEE!!!!!”

I just kept it up as I felt the additional juices of my lover flow onto my face. She contorted and screamed so much, I was thankful the place was only partly full, because I’m sure the cops would have otherwise shown. My lover finally, after an honest 10 very long seconds, settled back into the bed. She was gasping as she panted. I Wiped my face on the sheet, and ‘came up for air,’ accepting a kiss from my lover. As I repositioned a pillow beside her hips, Ashlynn understood what I wanted, and obligingly rolled on to it.

Ashlynn LOVED the feeling of her body yielding to her lover’s dick. It’s thickness was a bonus, and it made her experience discomfort as it slid inside her, triggering her natural submissiveness. Her lover had moved her so that her hips were on the edge of the bed, her feet on the floor; classic ‘doggystyle,’ and she was loving it. He was thrusting harder now, her submissiveness & her moans increasing as her lover happily pounded away.

I was continuing the thrust. She was just laying there taking it, and the feeling was incredible. I had continued to pound, enjoying that pussy, and Ashlynn had one knee on the bed, giving me that slight angle for just a tad more depth. She was grunting and moaning as I continued to thrust away. She looked back at me and smiled, motioning. I slowed to a stop, balls deep. Ashlynn stretched and reached, and was ju-uu-st able to reach her phone. She looked at me and smiled.

Her lover’s cock was sliding in and out of her faster when the idea hit her. She liked that her lover just naturally picked up on what was going on, slowing to a stop. Part of her liked being fully impaled on that dick, and normally she would take a minute to enjoy just that, but now she had a plan. Flipping it to ‘video’ and ‘selfie, she heled her hand in front of her. She angled the phone and could see a bit of her face, and her lover face, as he sat balls deep.

“Bae…” she said, “Tell me how it feels inside Your pussy.” She said, video on.

“MY pussy feels – ahhh – wonderful.” I responded

“How – uh-uh-uh – much do you want this pussy?” Ashlynn asked.

“I – day-umm – want not only this pussy, I want the woman that owns it.” There. I said it.

Ashlynn was shocked to momentarily speechless. “Bae…I want-damn bae- I want you too. Cum in me Johnathan Roberts, PLEASE..”

That was just too much. I stared right at the phone as I came, roaring while I emptied every drop into this incredible woman. I had gone over the edge, and for FAR more than the orgasm, it seemed.


“It’s a nice place” I said. “Gated condos, very secure. Close to the University for when you transfer. Three bedrooms. We can even make it look like we’re placebic, if you want to go that route.”

“My mom will fucking freak out.” Ashlynn Luker said, then added “What are we doing here?”

“What we agreed to.” I replied. “business is so much better here in the Capital, I should have moved here years ago. Oh yeh, this one has garage parking too. Baby will never have to get wet.”

“Mom will freak out. I mean…well…what do you think your dad will say?”

“As long as I’m happy so will he be.” I got my devilish grin, “Brother David is going to be jealous.” I pushed the lease agreement across the table to her. “So whadda-ya say, Ashlynn….wanna play house, or just play?”

Ashlynn Luker smiled, signed her name, slid the paper back, and said, “I’m expecting us to christen every one of these rooms.”

I grinned, and as the property manager was coming I whispered “let’s get him out of here first”
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