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Jenny and Gracie sit down for breakfast and things get a little messy.
Gracie and Jenny dried themselves off and touched up their dripping makeup. They quickly changed into sexy summer outfits. Gracie threw on a sexy skimpy black tank top with short short SHORT jean shorts. Jenny put on a super low cut white tank top with matching micro shorts. They kissed and as Gracie pulled away and giggled. "I hope your hungry Jenny, I whipped up something special just for you!" The two girls giggled and hand in hand they practically pranced down the stairs to the kitchen. Gracie smirked. "So..knowing you're a former New Englander I thought you'd like a taste." She reached into the refrigerator and pulled out a huge bowl of pancake batter, and real Vermont Maple Syrup. Jenny's eyes widened. "Ohh my gawd girlfriend! I LOVE you!!" Gracie began pouring batter and told Jenny to look in the fridge. Jenny squealed with delight and began pulling out whipped cream and strawberry and blueberry compote. Gracie quickly finished a huge batch of pancakes and the girls sat down to eat.

Jenny put three pancakes on her plate and covered them with both flavors of compote and piled the whipped cream high. She scooped a tiny bit on her finger and fed it to Gracie. "Uhhhh.." Gracie moaned and sucked Jenny's fingers greedily. Gracie dipped her pinky into the bowl of warmed up Maple Syrup and fed it to Jenny. Jenny lustily lapped the sticky syrup from Gracies finger and let out a wet moan. "Ohh girl we better be careful or we're gonna have to take another bath!" Both girls giggled and began to munch on their breakfast. Jenny couldn't help herself and treated Gracie to a show of her licking the whipped cream seductively off her fork. Not to be outdone Gracie lapped a spoonful of the warmed syrup. Jenny of course had to one up her and took a ladleful of compote and opened her mouth wide to let the gooey topping on her tongue, licked her lips and swallowed greedily as if she was gulping down a huge load of cum. Gracie moaned and took a ladle of the strawberry compote and let it drip down lustily on her tongue. A line of drool mixed with the compote oozed down from her juicy lips and that sent Jenny over the edge.

Leaning across the table Jenny lapped at the gooeyness leaking from Gracie's luscious lips. With her she brought the ladle full of the blueberry compote and let it spill between the two girls lapping tongues. A long line of spit and blueberry juiciness fell from Jenny's lips and upon seeing that, Gracie grabbed Jenny by her dripping tank top and sucked the line of spit, juice and wetness from Jenny's now drooling lips. "Fuck.", Jenny moaned and let another line of spit leak from her sopping lips. Gracie took the hint and let another line of spit leak. The two girls moaned and let the spit and berry juice pass between two sets of wetter and wetter lips. They kissed hard..pulled back and both girls moaned as long ropes of spit pulled from their juicy lips only to meet again in the middle swapping the spit, juice and syrup between their sloppy lips. Jenny's eyes rolled back as the mess passed back and forth. It snowballed between the two of them and their juicy kisses intensified. Gracie could stand it no longer and yanked Jenny on to the table right down on to the bowl of whipped cream. Jenny came up with the cream sliding her dripping body and Gracie climbed on to the middle of the table.

Jenny grabbed the cream with one hand and the strawberry mess with the other. Gracie grabbed the sloppy blueberry mess and the Maple Syrup with the other. The two girls knelt on top of the table facing each other. Two low wet moans echoed through the room and they kissed hard again this time with ropes and ropes of drooling dripping spit spilling from their mouth and shared a hard sloppy kiss. First, whipped cream was added to their juicy kisses, then the whipped cream. Then the bowl of blueberries was poured over two sloppy faces mixing with their gooey kisses. Finally Jenny slowly poured the strawberry over two greedy covered tongues and they melted into each other mixing cream, fruit, syrup and spit into kisses that kept snowballing into a sloppy gooey mix.

Gracie pushed Jenny face down onto the table and let a long line of drooling mess down on Jenny's gorgeous ass. She ripped down Jenny's shorts and panties and let another stream slide from her drooling mouth down the crack of Jenny's quivering hole and Jenny moaned loudly. Jenny squealed as she felt Gracies covered tongue invade her sissy hole. Gracie's wet, gooey licks brought Jenny to an earth shattering orgasm and she screamed as Gracie reached down to scoop up her cream and add it to the mess on her puckered gooey cunt. Gracie wasted no time and slid deep inside Jenny fucking her with an intensity matching the hard pounding Gracie had given her in the bathtub. With every thrust of Gracie's she cock she felt her cock mixed with all the gooey mess slipping, sliding and impaling her now sloppy pussy. Gracie's thrusts increased and as she grabbed Jenny's hips to give her a deep dicking, Jenny felt Gracie explode inside her, filling her with her sweet girl spunk mixed with the creamy gooey sticky mess Gracie used to lube her already well fucked cunt.

Gracie pulled Jenny up to her after she slowly slid from Jenny's pussy. Jenny moaned like a whore as Gracie scooped cum and gooeyness from her. Gracie shoved her gooey cream covered fingers in Jenny's wet mouth and the two girls kissed hard again. This time Jenny pulled back slowly letting more spit ropes pull from their sloppy lips. Both girls sucked on the ropes until their lips met again sharing another saliva filled kiss. The ropes snowballed once more. Gracie licked up a line of drool spilling from the corner of Jenny's mouth. Jenny lapped away at Gracie's tongue sucking up a load of spit then drooled it back down to Gracies waiting tongue. Back and forth the two sluts dripped lines of gooey spit. As their kisses once more began to snowball the girls moans grew louder.  Gracie leaned over to grab a gorgeous glass container in the shape of a Maple leaf. She opened the cap and let a line of sticky syrup cover Jenny's already rock hard and leaking she cock. Gracie licked her way down Jenny's cocoa shaft all the way down and Jenny could feel Gracie's gooey tongue lapping away at every drop. She poured another line of gooey syrup and added what was left of the whipped cream to it. Looking up a Jenny with complete lust in her eyes Gracie lapped, licked and sucked the creamy mess from Jenny's girly cock and cleaned it completely. Jenny could take it no longer. She pushed Gracie face down in the bowl of compote and lifted her amazing ass in the air. Jenny poured the rest of the syrup and whipped cream over Gracies tight cunt and began pounding her. With each thrust Gracie's face got pushed into the juicy bowl harder and harder. Gracie screamed as she felt Jenny's cocoa cock deeper than even in her. Jenny grabbed Gracie's creamy hips and sank even deeper into her sticky gooey pussy and held it. Gracie pushed back and wiggled which made Jenny unload deep up inside her. "Ahhhhhhhh!!" Gracie screamed once more as she felt Jenny's creamy girl spunk fill her insides.

Spent, the two creamy gooey girls collapsed on the table. They kissed softly once again sucking and lapping at gooey ropes of spit. After a few minutes of another spit and goo filled tongue kisses, Gracie pulled away and giggled. "Ohh what a creamy mess we've made!" She climbed down from the table and grabbed Jenny's sticky hand to help her down. Luckily the tarp was still on the kitchen floor and the two of them raced outside to hose each other off in the glorious morning LA Sun. Giggling they sprayed each other down and Gracie grabbed the half smoked blunt and they lay in the sun, smoking sharing shotgun kisses occasionally mixed with lines of spit and dried off.

Gracie pulled back and giggled. "Okay girlfriend, I'm not much of a tourist anymore but I'll take you anywhere you want!" She growled.."EXCEPT Disney World!!" Glared at Jenny and then broke up laughing. "We'll do Star Tours next time, I promise!!"

Jenny smirked. "Take me to that observatory they always show in the movies, and while we're there I hope we get to see..Uranus!"
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