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Jenny and Gracie go visit Griffith Observatory and meet a heavenly body.
After drying a little, touching up their makeup and getting pleasantly high, the two girls jumped into Gracie's car and headed to their destination. Jenny had been an astronomy buff since kindergarten. Her parents took her at a young age to Kitt Peak and Lowell Observatories as well as Meteor Crater. She had grown up watching Dr Who, Battlestar Galactica, Star Trek and Star Wars which had only furthered her interest in space. Jenny giggled at a distant memory then told Gracie, "When I was in college, I thought I could take care of my math requirement by taking an Astronomy Class. I thought I could breeze through it after all the astronomy I devoured up to then. Needless to say I dropped that class when I found out it was less about Uranus and all about Calculus!' The two girls giggled and sped on. The Griffiths Observatory in Los Angeles had been featured in countless films one of her favorites being 'Bowfinger'. Jenny giggled again and quoted a line from the movie, "Gotcha Suckas!!" As the observatory was up in the hills, the trip took them about a half hour from Gracie's house. As they pulled up to the observatory, Gracie reached into her pocketbook she whipped out some sort of badge, showed it to the guard and turned her car off and got out. 'Get yer sweet ass out and come with me! I've got a surprise for you!' The two girls stood by the little guard shack and within seconds two more guards showed up in a golf cart. One got out and Gracie handed him her keys. She took Jenny by the hand and led her into the back seat of the cart and the guard sped off towards the observatory. Surprisingly the guard headed towards a back entrance and Jenny looked at Gracie curiously. Gracie giggled, kissed Jenny on the cheek and told her, 'It's not what you know, it's who you know!' The cart stopped before a door marked 'Security' and as the girls approached, the door flung open and an extremely attractive girl came out and hurried down the stairs.

The girl had long purple hair and a body that filled out her uniform quite nicely. She squealed and hugged Gracie. 'Gracieeeee!!', she screamed and the girls shared a deep hug and kisses on their cheeks. 'And this must be Jenny whom I've heard soo much about!' She turned towards Jenny and pulled her in for a soft hug. As her creamy body pressed against Jenny she couldn't help but ooze a little into her panties. 'This is my very good friend Missy, head of security here at the observatory. We've been friends since pre-school, we're getting the VIP Tour today baby!' Missy led the two girls up the stairs and Jenny could hardly keep her eyes off the shapely ass in a rather tiny skirt before her. The girls stepped into her office and Missy pulled two badges off her desk and handed one to Jenny. The other she draped around Gracie's next and hugged her again. 'Its so good to see you Gracie and by the way your friend is sexy AF just like you told me!' Gracie and Missy giggled and Jenny turned away and blushed. 'You're both hot!' She looked down at her badge which read 'VIP All Access'. Missy took both girls by the hands and led her to her back office closed and locked the door. From a shelf behind she pulled out a liter of Crown Royal. She pulled out glasses and poured a liberal amount in each and pulled out ice and limes from a small fridge behind her desk. From a narrow drawer in her desk Missy pulled out an enormous blunt lit it and blew clouds at the girls seductively then handed it to Jenny. Her finger slid slowly along Jenny's as she pulled away and winked at Gracie. Missy licked her lips and turned back to Jenny. 'You're both my special guests today, the Observatory is closed, we have the place to ourselves!'

Jenny took a hit from the blunt and blew a few puffs towards Missy then towards Gracie. Gracie took the blunt and blew more towards Missy then some towards Jenny. The girls sipped their drinks and Missy took an enormous hit and blew clouds of smoke over Gracie and Jenny and licked her lips once more. She flipped off her cap, took off her jacket and unbuckled her belt. Underneath was a sleeveless low cut blouse that exposed Missy's creamy shoulders. Without the hat Jenny suddenly became lost in Missy's beautiful eyes. Gracie noticed Jenny starting and reached over to close her lips. 'Yeah she's a looker ain't she? And before you ask, YES we've messed around occasionally but you're MY girl now Jenny!' Missy growled..'You're BOTH mine today! C'mon my lovelies lets get lost in the Universe!!' Missy took both their hands and led them out of the office. Minutes later they stepped out on the enormous Planetarium floor. The dome stood high above the girls and for a moment Jenny felt really small. Missy hit a switch and the lights darkened. Another click and lasers flashed above making patterns and shapes above them. One more click and Pink Floyds 'Dark Side of the Moon' began playing. A voice intoned, ' big.' Without warning the dome blackened and stars, galaxies and planets danced above the three girls.

Missy lit the blunt she had taken with her and this time pulled Jenny close and blew a hit between her juicy lips. Missy quickly took another hit and pulled Gracie close this time and blew through Gracie's plump lips. Missy took another enormous hit and beckoned both girls towards her. Three sets of beautiful lips met and as Missy blew out her hit, three tongues began licking and lapping as the warm smoke dribbled between the three girls wet mouths. Pink Floyd's 'Breathe' blared through the speakers as the three girls continued a wet dripping drooling kiss under the universe displayed above them. Jenny felt two sets of hands caressing her creamy body and she could feel her clit begin to leak freely. Missy took another deep hit and pulled Jenny and Gracie tightly against her soft body. Warm smoke dribbled from her lips and tongues tangled as tendrils of weed smoke flowed over them. The kiss intensified as the girls felt the effects of the weed, Crown, lasers and the show above them penetrated their bodies. Gracie ripped off Jenny's panties and Missy joined her starting to lap and lick at Jenny's now rock hard she cock. Missy and Gracie's dripping mouths met over the head of Jenny's girl cock and shared cock filled kisses over it. As Missy and Gracie alternated lapping up and down her shaft, Jenny began dripping her sweet sissy pre-cum over their luscious tongues. Jenny's hands ran through their hair as Gracie began to fondle lick and suck on Jenny's soft creamy balls as Missy took Jenny's cocoa cock deep down her throat.

'On the Run' began to ooze through the sound system as Missy's wet tongue circled Jenny's girly balls and Gracie took the time to slide Jenny's hardness down her creamy throat. Two sets of fingers met at Jenny's sissy hole, intertwined then first Gracie then Missy slid a wet finger in Jenny's sweet pussy. Jenny let out a wet moan as two fingers slid in and out of her tight cunt. Harder and faster the two girls slurped sucked and licked Jenny's cocoa cock and Jenny moaned like a dirty wet whore as she felt another finger penetrate her. Now four fingers, two from each girl were thrusting in and out of her quivering sissy pussy and as Jenny felt two sets of lips and tongues and two sets of fingers in her creamy cunt Jenny's moans began to echo just as the female vocals began to erupt. Jenny felt her head being pushed down and her ass lifted up. Gracie spit on Jenny's hole then Missy. Jenny had a brief vision of watching 'Wizard of Oz' with the sound turned off and 'Dark Side of the Moon' playing instead of the dialogue. Jenny's head spun as the haunting vocals continued just as Dorothy spun in the tornado. Cash Machines rung, adding machines hummed as 'Money' began and Jenny felt a hard clit at the entrance to her juicy pussy and thrust deep inside. Not a split second later another clit invaded her hole and Jenny felt the two girly cocks thrusting in and out of her. Jenny screamed as she felt Missy and Gracie begin pounding her pussy reaching deeper and deeper with each thrust.

Missy and Gracie kissed hard as they fucked Jenny mercilessly. Soft hands roamed over three bodies, then Gracie slid a wet finger from between Missy's drooling lips down the front of her body all the while still pounding Jenny. Missy picked up the blunt once more and took another huge hit. This time Gracie and Missy lips met with smoke dribbling and fingers in each others mouth and both began to drool freely. Missy and Gracie pulled back with ropes and ropes of drool oozing from them both. Spit dribbled everywhere as the two girls shared another sloppy dripping kiss behind Jenny. 'Ohhhh I'm gonna...', moaned Missy and the two girls slid out of Jenny's hole and spun her around. Jenny opened her own dripping mouth only to be met with two hot ropes of spit from Missy and Gracie. A second later huge spurts of sweet sissy cum erupted from first Missy then Gracie over Jenny's wet tongue. Three sloppy moans mixed with the music playing above as Jenny's mouth was filled with rope after rope of gooey girl spunk. Three sets of greedy mouths met and cum oozed dripped and mingled between lips and tongues. Not wanting this creamy gooey sloppy kiss to stop, the three girls pulled each other tighter and their hot bodies ground up and down as they shared the creamy mess. Hard hot gooey tongue kisses melted into soft licks and kisses. Finally the three girls collapsed on their backs with the Universe still spinning above them as 'Brain Damage' began.

'Hehe we're some lunatics aren't we?', Missy murmured and Gracie giggled. Jenny stared intently at Gracie and Missy. 'There is no dark side of the moon. Matter of fact it's all dark.' Missy playfully shoved Jenny causing her to topple over finding herself face first between Gracies creamy legs....
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