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Horse Dick Harry is the Uncle of the two brothers and their cousin that took me against my will and turned me into a dick craving pervert
I was at home, early one Saturday morning, when the thought crossed my mind. '...David, you like huge dicks, your dick is so small, you crave big dicks. ...' Now what type of thinking was this for a teenage boy, all teenage boys think they have big dicks. I got to thinking about Charlie's Uncle Harry, that man's cock was at least eighteen inches long. His penile head was at least three inches across, man was it huge.

I thought of Harry's nick name, Horse Dick Harry, and the times that Harry had sex with me. I started to crave for his huge piece of man meat, even though I had swore I would not ever let him have sex with me again. I remembered the last time I showed up at his house and he had some bimbo there. Not only did he screw me but he also had me lick the whores cunt.

I got up and started to walk towards town, and found myself walking down the street that Harry lived. As I reached his house I saw him cutting the grass, Harry looked up and saw me. He stopped and stood propped up on the handle of the lawn mower.

I called out ' ... hi Harry, ... ' Harry called back ' ... come over here I got something to tell you. ... ' I walked over and Harry said ' ... I'm almost through, when I finish I would like for you to shower with me and have some fun. ... '

I told a lie ' ... I have to get to town and see Mr. Jacob about a job. ... ' Harry looked at me and said ' ... Mr. Jacob isn't there on Saturdays so just sit your butt on the step and wait till I finish. ... '

I watched Harry from the step as he finished cutting the grass. Harry put away the mower and collected me from the steps and we went inside. Harry walked to the back of the house and returned with his towel and told me ' ... get undressed, you are going to wash my back. ... '

I did as I was told and entered the shower with Harry, his huge cock was flaccid, yet long enough to reach almost to his knees. We got all wet and lathered up with soap, Harry turned his back to me and said ' ... wash my back good. ... '

I soaped up the wash cloth and begin to wash his back from his shoulders to his waist. Harry turned around to face me, as the water rinsed the soap off his back. ' ... Don't stop now, ... ' Harry said, ' ... wash my dick, ... ' I reached for his penis and began to stroke it with the soapy wash cloth. His man meat began to throb and stiffen till it stood straight out from his body like a tree limb.

Harry reached out and pulled me towards him, I stood on my tip toes and raised my leg so his massive cock could be nestled between my legs. Harry slowly worked his huge sex tool between my legs like he was fucking some whore.

I wrapped my arms around his neck and lifted my self up as Harry shut off the water, we dried off and walked naked to his bedroom. In his bedroom Harry was quick to move behind me and slip his massive cock between my legs. My testicles rested on his elongated penile shaft, my little dick looking very small by comparison.

Harry whispered in my ear ' ... I'm going to fuck you good this time and you are going to take it like a man. ... ' Harry lifted me slightly from the floor to where I had to tip toe as we walked to the bed. Harry pushed me off his inhuman size cock and lowered me to the bed.

I rolled over to my back, watching Harry as he retrieved his tube of lubricant. He slowly rubbed a generous amount on to his man meat, than lifted one of my legs and placed some into the crack of my buttocks, making sure that my anal opening was well lubed.

I trembled with anticipation as Harry maneuvered his massive piece of man meat between my raising legs. Harry Lowered his self to me allowing his huge man hood to poke at my butt crack. His huge cock head would poke at me anus and I would almost lose my mind in lustful expectation.

Harry placed the hollow of my knees in the crook of his elbows and raise my butt off the bed. His bug cock head was poised at my anal opening, I gripped his arms and looked into his eyes. Harry asked me ' ... are you ready to give me what I want,' I stuttered hesitantly 'yes I'm ready. ... '

Harry pushed his huge penile head into my butt hole, I gasped from the pain and pleasure. Slowly Harry worked his giant cock head into my relaxing butthole, my outer anal ring slowly allowing his humongous penile head to pass through.

Harry's cock head slipped into my butt and my anal ring snapped shut behind his penile head ring. Harry said ' ... just love it when you ass does that, ... ' slowly Harry began to hump back and forth. My butt slowly relaxed and let more and more of Harry's unbelievable sex organ up my butt.

I was clenching my teeth and gasping for air as that massive tube of meat invaded my neither region. Harry took his time, like a true cocks man. He worked his giant size sex organ into my little butt till he had half of his meat into my rectum.

' ... Relax and don't resist, ... ' Harry whispered. He adjusted his grip, moving his hand from my buttocks to under my shoulders gripping my shoulders, keeping from scooting away from him. Harry tighten his grip and began to force more and more of his man meat inside of my butt.

With all of his strength, Harry lunged his sex tool deeper in to my rectum. I cried out as harry worked his massive piece of man meat up my butt. I was getting what I hungered for, tears from the pain swelled up in my eyes and flowed down the sides of my face. Harry lowered his head and licked the tears from my face and forced more of his huge tool into my anus.

As Harry went farther and farther into my bowels, I could stand it no longer. I begged Harry ' ... OH, Harry please, go no deeper, please, don't go any deeper. ... ' Harry kissed me softly on the lips and whispered ' ... I'm going to fuck this boy pussy like I want, I've been cheating myself and letting you off easy. ... '

' ... HARRY, ... ' I cried as he plunge deep into my rectum, my sphincter tube relaxed from the force an allowed his huge head to go farther into my anus. I was clutching Harry's huge shoulders as he plowed into my colon. Iwas twisting my head from side to side trying to ease the pain.

Harry was determined to sink all his ridiculously huge man meat into my butt. I was striking his back with the heels of my feet and clawing at his shoulders. Harry worked his meat deeper and deeper into me till I began to babble unintelligible.

I was moaning and groaning begging Harry ' ... give me that dick Harry, fuck me like a whore, I'm your bitch, use me please use me, ... ' I cried out in passion. Harry fucked me with a steady pace sinking more and more of his huge tool up my butt.

Harry was so deep in my butt that I could feel his huge cock head in my stomach. Harry screwed deeper into my butt till I was delirious with lust ' ... fuck me, Harry, fuck me like you want too. ... '

With my feet up in the air Harry plowed into my but for what seemed like hours, I was going out of my mind. When Harry shot his enormous load of spunk up my anus I could feel every squirt and spurt. When his baby juice struck the rear walls of my rectum I thought that some body had thump me with their finger.

After a while Harry pulled his long, long piece of fuck tool from my butt, I was trembling like a leaf on a tree in a wind storm. Harry laid on his back, his massive tool laying across his pubic area hanging of his side. Like a sex starved bitch I climb over his panting body dripping man juice from my ass and greedily began to suck on that massive anal destroyer he called a dick.

Harry laid there panting from his workout, letting me slobber and suck wildly on his man meat. When Harry's dick began to grow and stiffen I hurriedly stuck it in to my anus and began to ride up and down on his rigid tool. I could not get enough of his fuck tool.

Harry soon tired of me and flipped me to my stomach and mounted me from the rear. His enormous fuck tool plowed deep into my anus till his pubic bone was riding on my buttocks. I was sure that Harry had ruptured me, he was fucking me as wildly as I wanted to fuck him.

Harry wrapped me in his arms holding my shoulders and pounding his massive man tool deeper into my anus. ' ... OH, HARRY, fuck me baby, fuck me. ... '

Harry plowed into my butt till he shot another load. Than Harry screwed his massive dick up into my butt shooting all of his baby fluid up into me. This time when Harry finished he didn't move he laid on top of me and drifted off to sleep. As I heard him snoring gently I grasped his hands and interlocked our fingers and went to sleep with Harry's huge penis still lodge up my butt.
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