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*All characters are at least 18 years old. Contains minor inflation and ovipositor moments.*
Noelle scrolled up and down the Long-Long Club’s website, furiously searching for an answer to her predicament. There was a brief Q&A section about the site’s functionality, but it provided no answers.

Disappointed, Noelle distractedly forked a mouthful of Amy’s risotto into her mouth. It was probably the best thing she’d tasted all week; her own meagre experiments in the kitchen weren’t any more exotic than eggs and bacon.

"God damnit..." Noelle muttered. She glared down at her crotch where her main concern, a wiggling tentacle, poked out of her pussy.

It was bright green, the same colour of the orb she had accidentally swallowed. It was about as thick as three thumbs and, stretched out, was two hand lengths long, tapering into a rounded, smooth head.

"So, what are you supposed to be?" She prodded it, and was surprised to feel the touch of her finger through the appendage. Experimentally, she clenched her groin and the tentacle receded into her. "No no no! Not that way!" She grabbed the bulbous head and pulled at it, drawing it out until it was about the length of her forearm, but it extended no further. There was a resistance, and the tentacle was too oily to force any more.

"How am I supposed to get tentacle fucked with this in the way?" She moaned, collapsing back in her seat. Her mind wandered, and now that the initial panic was waning off she realised that she was extremely horny. Her fingers idly found their way down and she diddled herself absently. The tentacle got in the way occasionally, which was frustrating, but what was worse was that her ministrations weren’t easing the hot feeling. Frowning, she grabbed the tentacle and began stroking it, like a man would. The sensation was... strange. Good, but strange. She masturbated for a while, one hand massaging her clit, the other giving her new appendage a hand job. Her breathing grew heavy, her cheeks flushed. She stroked and rubbed faster and harder, the two actions synchronising in speed and rhythm. With a last gasp she came, her lower lips squeezing the sensitive tentacle as she clenched. Noelle relaxed back in her chair, awash in the euphoria.

After a moment, the tentacle began nagging at her, and she realised that the tentacle hadn’t come, only her own pussy had. She still felt horny, and it was definitely the tentacle’s fault. "Uugghhh.... What, am I not good enough for you?" She grumbled at her crotch.

Her thoughts swam like a lost dog in a lake as she continued to jack off the tentacle. Was this going to be permanent? Was she even still human? Would guys still be interested in her if they found out what was between her legs? Would Amy?

The last thought startled her, but it also brought an intense shock of pleasure to her masturbation. Her tentacle became rigid at the thought of her neighbour, wiggling slightly.

"What..." Was she... Did she have the hots for Amy now? She shook her head, trying to dispel the suspicion. But... Maybe...

Noelle pondered this course of action, spinning in her chair. Of all the girls in the hall, Amy was the kindest. And she knew about this already... sort of. Maybe she had some ideas about getting rid of the tentacle?

Noelle put on some underwear and a skirt and left her room, pausing to make sure there was no one in the hallway. Amy’s door was directly opposite hers and she knocked on it vigorously.

Amy opened the door and stood there, worried and fidgeting. "Oh. Hi. Um. Sorry." She apologised for nothing in particular. She still wore a taught blue shirt and tight shorts, bare legs leading down to white socks in white trainers. Noelle’s mind shorted a bit, and she couldn’t prevent herself from imagining those clothes cast off onto the floor...

Amy stepped back, withering under the intense inspection. "N-Noelle...?"

Noelle took a step forward, staring at her. They stood there for a brief moment, locked in their mutual gazes, before Noelle blinked and huffed. "Get in here." She commanded, grabbing Amy’s shirt and hauling her through the hall and into her room, shutting the door behind her.

Noelle locked the door and turned. Amy was taking in her room, eyes raking over her furniture, posters, discarded clothes and other miscellaneous debris. She stared at the strange vase for a few seconds, before finally turning to Noelle. "Um..." Noelle was staring distantly at her and Amy abashedly averted her gaze, eyes coming to rest on the empty plate. "Oh! How... how was it?"

Noelle blinked stupidly. "Huh?"

Amy pointed at the dish. "How was the risotto?"

Noelle followed her indication. "Oh. Yeah. It was... fine. I mean, Good. Great!"

Amy lit up. "I’m glad to hear it."

Noelle’s head burned with a muggy fog, ignited by Amy’s pleased expression. There was an itch deep within her, enveloping her entire consciousness, which grew strongest when she thought of Amy.

Amy was staring at Noelle’s crotch, then glanced away with a blush. "What’s that?" Amy pointed at the vase on the table, shimmering like it was coated in oil.

"Oh. Oh! Right, yes!" Noelle shook her head, dispersing some of the fog. "I need your help." She wagged a finger at Amy. "Promise me you’ll keep this secret."

Amy glanced at Noelle’s underwear again, then back up at her face, nodding. "...Sure."

Noelle put her thumbs in her panties and hesitated. This was the first time she’d be undressing in front of someone unrelated to her. A stranger. But she felt like she could trust Amy, she didn’t seem like the gossipy type. She looked down and pulled her underwear down her legs.

Sticking out of her crevice the green tentacle wobbled, happy to be free of the cotton. Amy’s eyes went wide and she stepped back from the emerald snake. "...What....?" Her legs bumped into the bed and she half fell, half sat.

Noelle recounted the events of the past hour, from the initial advertisement from the Long-Long Club, to the encounter with the Beginner’s Mate and her accident with the orb. All the while Amy never let her gaze waver from the wriggling tentacle, which had retracted its length slightly during Noelle’s story.

"So yeah," Noelle finished, waving at Amy to get her attention, "I need to get this out of me. Think of anything?"

Amy blinked, swallowing. "Um... Have you tried... pulling it out?"

"That was the first thing I tried!” Noelle huffed. “It’s stuck in there somehow."

"Oh..." Amy frowned. "Did it... hurt?"

Noelle shook her head. "Didn’t feel anything inside. Though I couldn’t get much leverage by myself."

"I... could try." Amy shifted where she sat on the bed. She couldn’t keep her eyes off the green tentacle, her gaze shifting back to it whenever she tried to look away.

Noelle flushed, the heat inside her rumbling up into her head. She initially shied away from the suggestion, feeling self-conscious about her personal space. But she’d tried nothing and was all out of ideas. "Alright..."

The tentacle agreed with this plan of action, wriggling towards Amy as far as it could stretch. Noelle approached, bringing the tentacle within Amy’s reach. Amy gingerly reached out a hand and the undulating tentacle brushed her fingers.

Noelle drew in a sharp breath. The touch felt ten times better than when Noelle had grasped it earlier. Amy snatched her hand back and glanced up in worry. "You okay?"

"F-fine." Noelle nodded, fighting to keep the eagerness out of her voice. "Go ahead..."

Amy nodded, reached out again and wrapped her fingers around the length of the tentacle. Noelle gasped as a wave of hot pleasure rocketed through her. She used one hand to steady herself on the chest of drawers at the head of the bed. Her legs felt weak, and she fought to stop herself from collapsing. The tentacle wriggled in Amy’s grasp, and Noelle began breathing hard. She saw Amy watching her, eyebrows high, and nodded quickly. "Do it."

Amy leaned backwards, pulling at the tentacle. It stretched out as long as it could, but still would not leave her vagina. What was stranger, though Noelle could see that Amy was exerting effort into pulling, she didn’t feel herself being pulled along. It was like the tentacle wasn’t attached to her at all. But she could still feel it.

Oh, yes. She could feel it!

"It’s... too slippery..." Amy grunted with effort as she lost her grip on the tentacle for the third time, her fingers sliding up the shaft of the tentacle before slipping off the rounded tip. She grabbed the tentacle again, but soon its oily sheen caused her grip to slacken and stroke the length of the squirming rod.

Noelle could barely notice; it was taking the entirety of her concentration not to fall over. Every time Amy’s hands slipped down the length of the tentacle, her body rocked with an earthquake of intense pleasure. Her breathing grew ragged and quick, her knees threatened to buckle, and the fog enshrouded her mind, dampening it to a muggy murmur of tiny thoughts.

Soon, Amy’s attempts to pull the tentacle grew slower, eventually stopping with her hand holding the tentacle about halfway up its length. Noelle blinked away the fog and looked at Amy, the tentacle mere inches from her face. Amy was staring at the tentacle, her cheeks flushed red and her mouth slightly agape, eyes hooded. "Noelle..." She almost whispered. "I feel... I... I feel...." Her voice was airy and dreamlike, as though she wasn’t quite aware that she was speaking. Amy squirmed as her free hand bunched up her shirt, fondling her hardened tits under the material, then brushed her hand down her body and tugged at the waistband of her shorts aimlessly. "I feel... I need... I want..." Amy blinked in confusion, looking up at her.

"Noelle... please..." She spoke, her voice ethereal, like a songbird from heaven.

Noelle’s thoughts slurred like honey. She looked down at that pretty face, with its shining eyes and cute hair and lovely lips...

And thoughts became irrelevant.

Noelle pushed herself off the chest of drawers, grabbing Amy’s head for support, and thrust Amy’s mouth towards the tentacle. Amy and the tentacle colluded to bring themselves together, and the green length of flesh disappeared down Amy’s throat.

The fog clamped its claws on Noelle’s mind as her hips took over, bucking her tentacle into Amy’s mouth. Amy snorted as the tentacle rammed in and out of her throat, but she didn’t pull away. She was still gripping the tentacle with a hand and began stroking it in time with the thrusts.

Noelle threw her head back, grinning goofily and her tongue lolling out stupidly, as her mind reeled with pleasure. Every worry and thought fell away as Amy’s mouth became the centre of her universe. She moaned animalistically as she fucked Amy’s face, the sound coupling with Amy’s own murmurs of satisfaction.

It was like nothing she’d ever felt before. Her dildos and vibrator couldn’t compare to the sensations that were passing from the tentacle into her; it was like she had a dick of her own. If this was how guys felt, no wonder they were horny all the time.

Noelle could feel the surge of a climax, different from her own, alien yet powerful. She began wrenching Amy’s head back and forth, forcing her to speed up. Unable to control the pulling, Amy’s frantic blowjob rammed into her crotch with enough force to unbalance her. Her wobbling legs gave out and she tipped over backwards, extracting the tentacle from Amy’s mouth as she crashed to the floor. Amy coughed and gasped for air, streams of saliva dripping down her chin.

Noelle knocked her head on the thin carpet, dispersing some of the fog in her brain. She rubbed at the sore spot as she sat up, blinking groggily. "Oh god, Amy! I’m so..." She noticed her tentacle sticking straight up into the air, wiggling desperately. Noelle looked up, following the eager rod’s direction, and her mouth dropped open. "...sorry...?"

Amy stood above her, her tight shorts down to her ankles and her thumbs in the straps of her pink panties. Her eyes were distant yet fierce, drilling into Noelle’s with an incredible lust. Slowly, Amy drew down her underwear, Noelle following the movement with her eyes. She watched them drop to Amy’s feet, where they were kicked off to lie next to the discarded shorts. Now all Amy wore were her shirt, socks and trainers, her glistening pussy dripping with desire, hovering above like a gateway to heaven.

"Noelle, I..." Amy breathed heavily, face scrunched up with barely restrained arousal. "Can I...?"

Noelle nodded dumbly, unwilling to draw her eyes from Amy’s lower lips. Amy crouched, moving down until the stretched tentacle could just touch the folds of her labia. They both simultaneously drew in sharp breaths as their sensitive parts made first contact. Amy paused, moaning brusquely as Noelle’s tentacle squirmed about Amy’s vagina.

Thoughts tried to race around Noelle’s head. She was about to have sex for the first time. Lose her virginity! To a real person! She tried to think of something to say, but the sensations coming from her penis-tentacle kept blowing away her thoughts like pollen on the wind. Instead she whimpered as Amy teased her, standing just out of reach of her tentacle.

Then Amy lowered, slowly impaling herself on Noelle’s green rod, the rounded tip parting her lips. They shared a continuous and lewd moan as Amy continued down the shaft of the tentacle, burying it within her at an achingly languid pace. Noelle could feel every ridge and bump of Amy’s slick cavern through the tentacle, kissing and massaging her. Her eyes rolled back into her head as she squirmed on the floor.

After an eternity of sliding, Amy finally came to rest on Noelle, their pussy lips meeting with a sloppy kiss. Every twitch and subtle move either of them made sent spasms of pleasure rippling through them. They remained where they were, breathing heavily, staring into each other’s eyes.

"I fucking love this~," Noelle slurred. "It’s so fucking gooood~."

Amy cracked a smile through her foggy daze and leaned forward, planting her hands on the carpet next to Noelle’s shoulders. Noelle swallowed as Amy leaned down, her still-wet mouth coming closer to her own. They met, and Noelle received her first kiss, fumbling and experimental. She’d never expected it to come from another girl, much less in the middle of heated sex. Amy’s tongue drove into her mouth, chasing Noelle’s in a slimy, sloppy wrestling match. Noelle felt a surge of love and desire for the girl currently riding on top of her and she wrapped her arms around Amy’s chest and held her close. Her passion demanded immediate action, and she flexed a muscle she hadn’t realised she’d had.

Amy moaned into her mouth, her tonguing intensifying. The two of them rocked together as Noelle lost control of whatever part she had intuitively used, and it took her brain a few moments of intense pleasure to realise what was going on. Her little green tentacle was pistoning in and out of Amy, fucking her with graceless abandon. Noelle could feel herself doing it too, like a hip thrust but... different. Schlocky noises poured from their conjoined pussies, the tentacle ravishing them both. The two girls fondled and groped each other as the coitus continued, squirming over each other in a haze of lust, seeking satisfaction. Their clitorises met several times, each faint brush of contact chain reacting into a devastating series of explosive moans.

Noelle brought her knees up, failing to wrap her legs around Amy’s waist, instead hugging Amy’s bare butt with her shins. As they squirmed, Amy fell to the side, pulling Noelle with her. They lay tangled together, side by side on the carpet, as Noelle furiously fucked Amy with every spare drop of effort she had.

Hands flew to each other’s pussy, delving into delicate folds in a race to be the first to find the other’s pearl of pleasure. Their questing fingers often ensnared her tentacle, driving Noelle wild and increasing the rate of thrusting.

Amy began to give out high pitched squeals, interrupted by her staccato breathing. "I’m-... I’m-..."

Noelle nodded and resumed making out with her neighbour, this time becoming the aggressor. She rubbed Amy’s clit like it would grant her a thousand wishes, forcing the tentacle to go as fast as she could fuck.

Her reward was a long, breathy moan from Amy, who vibrated like she was battery operated. The spasms caressed Noelle’s tentacle, and the building sensation within crashed through the gates like flood waters. Her tentacle pulsed and began unloading into Amy’s womb, every thrust pumping more and more cum into her dark depths. They held each other tightly, riding the orgasms together.

As the tentacle discharged its load, Noelle could see Amy’s belly inflating like a balloon. She dimly remembered the same thing happening to her, but Amy’s belly continued to grow, several times larger than her own had.

Finally, Noelle’s tentacle was spent, resting still buried in Amy’s snatch. They lay together on the carpeted floor, revelling in the afterglow, their breathing harsh and weathered.

After she’d caught her breath, Noelle patted Amy on her inflated belly, and immediately it began to deflate. Amy trilled in her dozy state as bright blue orbs began to pile out of her pussy. Noelle stared at the colour of the orbs, then frowned as the pile continued to grow. When the deluge ended, Amy had left about three times as many orbs as Noelle had. She picked one up, still warm and wet from Amy’s sopping mound.

The fog receded quickly after her incredible orgasm, and Noelle was left with a clearer head. It only then occurred to her what had just taken place within her room. "Holy fuck..." She mumbled, staring at the mostly naked girl on her floor. Amy’s face was slightly smiling in her dozy stupor, calm and content. Noelle didn’t know what would happen when she woke up. Was this a one-time thing? Would Amy hate her after what she’d done? Or maybe...

Noelle fidgeted, rolling the light blue orb in her hand. With a start, she remembered how orbs lost their value after too long. She crawled over to her desk, muscles twinging from her... vigorous session, and grabbed the oily vase. She sat on the carpet and began feeding the orbs into the opening. As she popped them in one by one, she pondered her fate. Her green tentacle had vanished from sight, but she could feel it still there deep inside herself. Perhaps it was like a guy and only became "erect" when she was horny.

Experimentally, she tried to flex with it, and found it surprisingly easy. The tentacle snaked out of her vagina and stuck out at her command. She made it move side to side, then curl into a spiral. It was almost like having a third arm, and almost as intuitive as if she’d had it from birth.

Noelle manoeuvred the tentacle so that it wrapped around the fluted neck of the vase and lifted it without much effort. She stood up off the floor and easily held the vase aloft with the tentacle protruding from her uterus. Only then did she realise how ridiculous she looked. "This is definitely the weirdest thing I’ve ever done."

"Oh don’t worry, honey," came a voice from behind her, "It gets weirder..."


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Awesome keep us, uh them cumming.


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You have a lot of talent, I hope to read more of your writing.

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It continues as good if not even better as it started! Can't barely wait to read the next chapter. Thank you for sharing.
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