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This was inspired by my formal King, and he and I are the only ones with rights to use parts of this story. Enjoy the read lovelies. ❤
The Wait

The sound of running water in the next room filled the air. Several computer screens filled a corner of an elaborate desk in the bedroom corner. Each screen showed another chart or graph that would lead their owner to a strong and stable financial future; stocks, business ventures, and budget plans. Around the room were the nearly bare walls of a person who had trouble with the idea of settling down or staying stationary. The bed was a simple mattress on the floor, with both padded and waterproof covering beneath the fitted sheets, no flat sheet in sight. Steam poured out of the top of the cracked bathroom door flooding upwards covering the ceiling with a thin layer. On the wall opposite the bed, and the same wall as the computer desk, a dresser stood holding miscellaneous things as well as some clothes. A night stand beside the bed looked innocent enough supporting only a Xbox and a bedside pen and notebook. A window occupied the majority of the wall opposite of the bathroom door, the curtains barely kept out any light and were essentially translucent to passer-bys at night time if the lights were on.

Sitting upright was a woman just over 30 who occupied the center of the bed with her legs stretched out to the edge of the bed, crossed over one another. Her hair was bright yellow tipped and eyes were a very dark brown. Wearing nothing but an obsidian ring, she enjoyed and advocated for nudism but always kept her protection stones close. She’d let herself in and locked the door behind her as she was instructed and took very little time to shed her clothes and get comfortable. She eyed the room intently although she already knew what she’d see. Looking out of the window she could see the sun setting in the distance through the sheer curtains. She always wondered what the point of them was since they seemed to give so little protection or privacy. Her eyes roamed around the room.

The computer screens now idled and each screen had characters from different favorite anime shows appearing to peer back out of the computer screens and into the room as if this reality was their entertainment. On the wall next to the bathroom door hung a dry erase board with different letters and boxes with hash marks in them, directly next to that, many wall hooks and mounts were attached. On these hooks hung different things that began to make the woman's heart race by just seeing them. The first couple of hooks were the resting place of ropes of a few different colors. The next set of hooks hung 5 different spanking devices in order from smallest to largest point of impact. A little further over, there hung two collars, one pretty and obviously special and one basic and dull in color.

She began thinking to herself, “When is he going to get out of there?” She found it ironic that the thing she pretended to hate about this man was one of the very things that pulled her in so helplessly and continued to keep her curious about him. Ever since the two met she was pretty much guaranteed that she would always part ways with him feeling very satisfied. Even at times when he wouldn’t verbally agree to fulfill her needs, they would end up filled and overfilled by the time she left his presence. He was a busybody in his own way and had things to do and goals to complete before he was willing to focus on pleasure for himself or others. She was greatly turned on by his self-discipline, but since he was such a primal man she didn’t understand why he wasn’t on board to put his meat in her every time she asked no matter when or where they were.

He was so powerful, he did whatever he wanted whenever he wanted, so why not take her? She loved the privilege of spending time with him but being that every time she felt grateful or found him sexy, she just wanted him inside her. She sometimes found it fairly taxing to be with him for such long periods without any sexual gratification or ease of tension. From the very first time they met he carefully built her anticipation first via text, then video chat, followed by a physical meeting and night out on the town where he let her firmly grope his package while out shooting pool, still not allowing her to relieve any pressure until further into the night.


He’d take her places and paw at her to get her in the mood but he’d insist that waiting is better and it wasn’t the time. Over time, she noticed the more he built anticipation, the more incredible the orgasms would be. The less she insisted he give her what she wanted right away, the more effort he put into her satisfaction when the time arrived to have it. This shifted her impulsive nature to be more appreciative of being told “no” at times. She knew her patience would be rewarded greatly if she could manage to not be a real brat about the wait. Her patience is always rewarded when it comes to him. It had been nearly two months since he had been inside her this time.

Though she was attractive and popular enough she could easily share her body with nearly anyone of her choosing, her body chose him. It wanted to be shared with him. She had her own ways of reaching her climaxes but nothing was ever the same as a person she trusted willing to push her over the edge just when she thought she couldn’t go any further. What she liked most about sharing herself and pleasure with him was how proud he would be during and after causing her body the most extreme of pleasures. As she reminisced on all the times the anticipation built and the explosions caused by this, she decided to breathe and occupy her mind as he showered.

Her eyes took in the view of the pleasure wall, allowing her imagination to take over. She bit her lip as she eyed a new paddle that had the word “Mine.” carved out of it. This woman loved to be spanked and the idea of it easily made her grin to herself. Her grin was accompanied by butterflies as she imagined what it would feel like to see her ass with the word “Mine.” across it, knowing it had been put there by her favorite man. That, he too, saw this word.... exactly where it belonged. Just as the woman noticed that these thoughts were causing her to become wet down below, she heard the shower turning off. She could hear heart begin to beat faster as she knew he’d be coming out soon, without clothes, she hoped. After a few moments of feeling her heart flutter she saw the door begin to open. Emerging from the doorway was Kailas wrapped in a town from waist down, she saw his abs glisten as though he didn’t finish drying himself completely. His red tipped dreadlocks stopped at his shoulder blades usually but were still tied back from his shower. As he looked her over, he saw from her body language that she was already feeling stimulated before he joined her.

He first expected to see her cell phone or something else that was causing this look on her face. Then as he looked around the room to see what was going on before he came out, his eyes fell on the new paddle, then back to her who was now looking at it again. “Ah, Hello Katriel, I see you see the new tool.” He chuckled, “Someone sent that to me anonymously, kinda wish I knew who, it’s perfect, it suits me. ‘Mine.’ With a period. No if, ands, or buts.” He stepped closer to the bed where Katriel was sitting. Kneeling in front of her, he carefully took her by the top ankle and uncrossed her legs. Since she was taking up a large space on his bed she pulled her legs in toward her chest and hugged them so that he could get on the bed. Instead of joining her, he took her by both ankles and pulled her closer to the edge of the bed and to him. He separated her feet and planted them at the end of the bed playfully coaxing her legs to separate. He silently studied her in this position for a few moments. She remained quiet, the only thing she wanted to say, her body was already loudly begging for it.

Safe and Secure

His hands pressed lightly on her shoulders, encouraging her to lay back. Her elbows rested behind her, propping her up so that she could meet his gaze. Though his face was unreadable, his eyes had locked on hers. His fingers wrapped around her right ankle lightly before walking his index and middle finger slowly up the inside of her thigh. The slow movement of his hands seemed to intensify the sensation of every touch. She could feel a pulse down below for each point of contact getting closer and closer to her desired destination. He maintained eye contact as his fingers marched up her leg and past her knee. She could feel a slight tingle emerging and radiating from her lady parts. With his hand drawing nearer, just under two inches away now, she could feel the warmth of his hand meet and mix with the warmth of her mostly napping kitty.

Katriel began to tremble as his flingers faintly caressed her outer lip, sending a pulsing sensation right down the center of her vagina. He did the same to the other side a few times intensifying her anticipation. Feeling her moisture spread onto his index finger, he began to run it over her clit, back and fourth. This was a sudden sensation and she started to worry she would climax too fast for his liking. A whimper was heard before she began squirming under his hand. His face changed for the first time since he exited the bathroom. A disgruntled look began to form as he stroked her again, this time firmer. She began inching herself backwards and away from the simulation very slowly. In response to this Kailas grabbed her by her ankles again. A sharp "No ma'am." was delivered. Being pulled back into place and her feet again placed in the same spot helped her understand what he expected, but when it was accompanied by, "Stay." She nodded apologetically and took a breath. "Yes sir."

He began to stroke again, this time allowing more of his fingers to become coated with her slippery juices. Moving his focus from her clit, his hand began to descend until she could feel two fingers sliding into her entrance. His eyes still locked on hers, he smirked seeing that she stayed in place as he stretched her open by adding another finger and pressing into her more deeply. A whimper morphed into a moan while she kept herself there for him. As this was the first penetration she'd had in a while, her entrance and walls gave quite a bit of a squeeze to his fingers. "Mmm. There you go." hearing the pleasure in his voice caused almost her whole body to relax, only leaving her pussy clenching around his fingers, imploring him to give her more. Happy to appease her, his fingers began to move in and out of her still watching her eyes closely. As his pace quickened and became harder to anticipate, Katriel's moans grew louder, causing her to cover her mouth.

Her muffled moans agged him on to press deeper and eventually a fourth finger joined the others, spreading her wider. This was shocking to Katriel causing her to move slightly out of the position she was placed in. Since she felt her body slip out of place she began to thrust herself against him but this didn't last long. He removed his fingers with a growl and slapped two of them right at the tip of her clit, making her body twitch and whimper on contact. He then stood, walked to his wall of wonders, retrieved a yellow rope, and returned to the bed. He looked her over with a calculating look on his face, as he studied his bed and the loops all around it made for securing rope, it didn't seem to offer the solution he seemed to be seeking. He then left the rope by the bed and disappeared into the bathroom, closing the door behind him. Knowing there was a closet in the bathroom she wondered what he was doing or looking for and what was about to happen to her now.

As she sat on the bed she could hear mysterious bumping in the other room. Normally she would offer help but she could sense that he meant it on multiple levels when he told her to stay. She sat there waiting, cooch throbbing; dripping wet. Sitting there wondering how long he'd be, she began to daydream about the things he might be preparing to do to her. After a while she heard his closet door open and then the bathroom door, now in plain shorts, he was hauling out a frame of some sort that had aquamarine and lavender satin ribbons draping from it and velcro in random spots on the frame. This frame, when erected covered all of his bed and the ribbon hung down onto his mattress.

Since she hadn't moved the entire time he spent putting up the contraption, the ribbon was now draping over her left breast and another over her still dripping vag. "Don't worry about it, you won't have to work so hard at it soon. You'll be focused on another job." he gazed down at her with a sneer as he began tying the ribbon securely around different parts of the frame. He wanted to appear displeased but seeing her there being so patient and accommodating for him while draped in his favorite two colors together, made him very tempted to give her what her body was silently requesting from him. A faint laugh could be heard as he shook his head, turning away from her, now paying attention to what his hands were doing. She watched him tying knots that left loops of ribbon hanging in several parts over the bed.

She loved watching him tying, his usual erratic nature becoming focused and deliberate, careful and considerate, slow and thorough. His breath slowed as he tapped into his zone, double checking every knot tied and assuring that the ribbon was just as tight or as loose as was needed for its intended function. Her breath too slowed as she observed how satisfied he was becoming with the test tug of each knot. It was soothing to her that his relaxation of mind imbued her body with its own relaxation. She'd only seen him tying rope before, and generally only around her. This ribbon felt to have entranced her as the ends of it glided beautifully through the air above her. As he made his arrangements, he made sure to often bump the lavender ribbon he had intentionally left running between his company's legs ever so slightly, so that it rubbed her kitten in such a teasing way.

Her body remained free of tension and anxiety as she stayed still for him. Though her body was still, with each bump of the ribbon she could feel a pulse as it rubbed against her still throbbing clit. She was used to this method of anticipation building; she knew he meant for the tension in this exact spot to grow and grow. A smile could be seen on his face as a small moan escaped her mouth. She wondered why his pretending to do it unintentionally seemed to amplify the feeling that was growing between her thighs. The pressure below began to make her want to squirm but she knew he wouldn't appreciate this. She bit the inside of her lip while he tugged at his last knot. Turning back to her, Kailas smirked down at her reaching out his hand to her. Taking his hand she could feel him pull her up to her feet and against his chest. She let her cheek rest on his chest tattoo of a centaur representing his Sagittarian sun sign. Sometimes she would get lost in just sharing touches with him forgetting there was a bigger picture and plan.

After a moment he stepped off of the bed creating some distance between them and began to wrap a free hanging lavender ribbon around her wrist. Feeling that the fabric didn't seem to be very tight, Katriel began to relax more as she looked around at the make of this device. She knew where this was going but she'd never been there before. Being suspended was always something on her mind, however she wasn't sure if she had reached that level of trust, yet for him she had no hesitation putting her fears on ice for the time being. She could now feel the turquoise ribbon constricting her left wrist and her heart began racing as she realized she was about to be completely at his mercy. "Stay." he repeated, now reaching for the yellow rope and stepping back onto the bed. One of his favorite things to do was to match any rope he used on her with either her hair or her outfits. He knew she enjoyed his work but had her own style as well and he liked when they could complement one another. This rope was wrapped around her midsection in a way that didn't feel like his usual art work, it had none of the smart or pretty knots he would usually tie. It was just simply wound around her and tied tight behind her back.

The end of this rope was thrown through a loop at the very middle point of the frame around the bed. When the rope came down and he began to pull on it she could feel her midsection begin to become weightless and her legs to begin to feel heavy. She enjoyed his silent, focused energy as he worked. This always made her feel so calm that she was in a near meditative state as he made all of his adjustments, each knot causing her to feel more and more supported. He then tightened down the rope and swiftly began wrapping ribbon around her shoulders and knees in what seemed to be random ways. After he had a few loops around her body he then began to support her thighs with intricately tied ribbons as well. After securing ribbon in many places, he then removed the rope that was no longer needed for support. Once finished, he took a step back and marveled at his craftsmanship. She was now facing the pleasure wall and bathroom, suspended over the bed a few inches able to sway only a little ways, 'Beautiful." He smiled to himself. The outline of a hard dick could be seen as he enjoyed his view.

Test Run ("Hold"ing)

He stepped back a little further scratching his chin for a moment. “Ah.” He stepped towards the night stand closest to the bed and pulled out the drawer. Katriel gasped softly, afraid to look over and see what he would be getting out of the nightstand so soon. “This is what we need,” He said as he stepped back again. She looked forwards at him seeing that he was holding a camera lining up a shot of her and his work. Seeing how happy and proud this made him softened her heart. After seeing that he needs no help financially, in the kitchen, or even with laundry. She really was able to find much joy in the few things that he did ask of her. A smile spread on her face as the clicks of the camera admired her body and his art. These pictures were going to make him happy and that made her happy. He captured her from a few angles and in different lighting before returning the camera back to the drawer. Before closing the drawer he pulled out a mid sized butt plug and sat it noticeably on the night stand along with a tube of lube.

She looked over to the table and stared in wonder for a moment. He loosened the drawstring of his shorts and again stepped up onto the bed, regaining her attention. She could see his second head emerging from the top of his shorts and she was more than happy that he finally made an appearance. The tip brushed across her cheek then her lip. As it passed her lip a second time she gave it a kiss before attempting to pull it in her mouth. He pulled back with a grin. “Yeah, see, you know exactly what I want. Good. Carry on then.” He leaned in again, slowly she began taking him into her mouth since her wrists were tied in a way making them unable to move closer to assist with this process. She’d never used her mouth without also using hands on a man of his size before but certainly was up for the challenge. She was taking her time when she felt him pressing himself fully into her mouth, filling it much faster than she anticipated. Her body swayed backwards an inch or so as she began gagging around his manhood.

He didn’t move back at all and allowed her to struggle for a moment until she finally figured out how to manage him in her mouth with no help from her hands. Looking down into her eyes he let out a sigh of relief when she began using her neck and head to move him in and out of her mouth, swirling her tongue at the tip as it exited and entered again and again. “Mhm. Yeah. That’s it.” A moan escaping from around his dick could be heard and felt as he pressed deeper. She always enjoyed pleasing him in this way, as her throat became filled with his meat, her pussy always responded to this stimulation. The deeper he pressed, the more throbbing she could feel from her nether region. She could feel her saliva begin to drip around his hardness. He began thrusting against her face causing her to gag once more and her body began to tremble. Around her gags, groans of pleasure could be recognized as her body continued to shake, then tense. She could feel a climax coming to the surface.

“No, no, Hold it miss.” He plunged into the back of her throat and she scrambled, unable to slow him down or avoid his thrusts. Her focus moved from pleasing him to not cumming and somehow breathing between his deep rammings. Catching her breath and adjusting to his rhythm, she felt control of her body returning and her excitement grew as she took him into the back of her throat as far as she ever had before. He let out a groan as he felt himself reach the back of her esophagus. While he held himself there for a moment she began to flex her throat muscles. She could hear a satisfied chuckle from above before he pulled himself out. “Good.” He said, wiping her mouth and chin clean with the bedsheets then turning to the nightstand again and stepping fully out of his shorts.

Looking to the night stand she could see that the plug and lube were no longer there and he was making his way around to the back side of her. Looking forward she began to relax, knowing that relaxation was the best way to prepare for what her captor had in store for her. “That was quite the mouth full eh?” He teased her. “I really love how my knots are holding up.” She could feel him strumming on different ribbons behind her. “Good job to you too, for holding it by the way.” She could hear the sound of the tube being squeezed and emptied behind her. “Now let's see if you can hold it when I’m a little closer to the party.” She could feel him spreading her ass cheeks and soon she felt the wet tip of the silicone plug knocking at her back door. As she breathed she could feel her ass slowly stretch to take in the plug. She was grateful that he moved slowly allowing her tight asshole to accept the plug at its own pace. Causing her to groan now, the plug stretched her more and more nearing being completely inserted into her rump. Just as she could feel the very last centimeter of the silicone meant to fill her rectum, she felt it pull back, nearly out of her.

She felt just the tip still in her right before feeling the full length of the plug swiftly press its way back into her. She gasped as her clenching rear end took in the rest of the silicone toy. A pleasure filled whimper echoed in the room as she felt the plug lock into place. Wetness now began to creep slowly down between her thighs, leaking from her starved kitten. Kailas felt a sense of satisfaction realizing that he had her exactly where he wanted her; though she was fairly hardheaded this wasn’t the case when it came to him. He could feel her body release its resistance to his will. “Mmm, good girl.” a finger could be felt creeping up her inner thigh until it met with the moisture. “Perfect.” She could hear his smile through his approving words. The head of her favorite shaft began to press its way into her unfilled opening. The pressure from the butt plug made her pussy feel so much tighter around him than she was used to feeling.

As he continued he could tell she was not used to double penetration, “Relax, You're going to be fine. You know you're always safe with me.” after sliding half way into her he began moving in and out of her. “Oooh.. Yeah” Her sensual voice encouraged him to go deeper. Going a little deeper than before he could hear her moans change tone as the butt plug applied more pressure than she calculated. Even though this seemed to be too much for her she very desperately wanted more of him inside of her. “Please can I have you deeper? Please?” His eyebrow raised accepting her challenge, “If that’s what you want.” He pressed more deeply into her. She let out a shriek and her body began to shake. “Oh yeah… that’s it.” She panted. The sensations caused her body to begin tensing up. She knew she was close now. He grasps her by her hair, close to the scalp, firmly pulling her head back, “Ah ah ah. Hold it for me.’

He whispered into her ear, “I don’t want a bunch of little ones, I want that one big one.” He continued in and out of her going deeper with each penetration. “You asked for this. So… Take it. Keep holding it. I mean it.” The pressure the plug was adding seemed unbearable, closing her eyes and focusing on not cumming she scrambled to keep her composure. After a few breaths she was able to focus and anticipate the pace of the ramming. When she thought she was in the clear she felt a sharp “TWACK” on her ass. This sent a pleasure shock through her body and it took all of her not to release everything and cum with her whole body. After holding back her orgasm her eyes went to the wall in front of her. The new paddle was missing. Each time that he felt her body relax he changed his rhythm and pace again. Her body seemed to balance itself as he made her his again and again from behind. He continued for a while like this trying to throw her off her game, spanking her one more time. He enjoyed watching her adapt each time and found her resilience intriguing.

Still with a fist full of hair, he pushed into her as deeply as he could, testing to see if she would break and spill out all over him or if she really had regained control of her body. Her groans escalated into near screams of pleasure that sounded a lot like they were begging for mercy. A sense of pride filled him and a low growl escaped his throat as he ran his fingers over the swelling words “Mine.” on each of her ass cheeks now. Satisfied with her compliance, He pulled himself out of her and stepped around to the front of her. “Very good.” He stroked her cheek, giving her an affectionate smile as she struggled to catch her breath, looking up at him.

He first wiped himself clean in the bathroom and pulled up his shorts pulling the drawstring tight. He then reached behind her and slowly removed the plug from her, causing her to moan again and began detaching velcro above her repositioning her body one limb at a time. “You've behaved so well for me today,” He paused, “...and lately actually...” A silk blindfold could be felt sliding onto her face and everything went dark. She could feel her body being rearranged while still suspended above the soft bed below. Her mind raced with what might come next.

Having Company

Now positioned where she was cradled by the ribbon in such a way that almost felt as if she were sitting in a chair, her body began to relax again. Her arms hung as if they were on arm rests. She could feel him wiping the sensitive and juicy parts of her anatomy clean again with a warm wet cloth. The blind fold allowed no light to reach her eyes, seeming to enhance her sense of touch and sound. Hanging there, she heard the creaking sound of two doors and felt a draft wafting over her erect nipples as her cute shape waited suspended over the bed, legs spread a little and dangling slightly over the side of the mattress. She could feel her heart still racing from the pounding she just withstood. Her breath was slowing down now that she wasn’t being pressed to her limits. Her figure relaxed more and more, becoming more in tune with her breath. Her heart rate finally returned to normal pace and her body, now completely loosened, hung there awaiting whatever fate was in store. Suddenly the room seemed to fill with a sweet smell that she did not recognize. It smelled as if it were another woman’s body wash or spray or something else she wouldn’t think her lover would have on him.

She wondered if he was going to groom her again tonight and smiled at the idea of him preparing her bubble bath for her. Breathing in this scent Katriel became even more comfortable, now feeling like she was about to receive her reward for being good for the evening. As she sat in anticipation she could now hear his steps returning from the closet, passing through the bathroom and stopping in front of her blindfolded face. Her chin was lifted up for a moment and she felt his thumb stroking her cheek. “Do you remember the dream you told me about, love?” She hesitated for a moment, feeling chill bumps creeping up her spine. She had shared all of her dreams and fantasies with him at one point or another so she began trying to imagine what dream would be relevant tonight. The thought of some of her fantasies filled her mind causing her blood to flow and pulsate down below. Not being able to see any visual cues from his face, she could feel her pulse escalating yet again. The woman felt two different pairs of hands simultaneously cup each of her breasts and began to massage them gently.

She could hear his voice become more lustful, “Ladies, I would love it if you could help my prize relax a little more.” The hair on the back of her neck stood, now realizing what dream her favorite freak was speaking of. She let out a groan of relief when she realized she had no options to back out of her deepest desires today. Crying out in pleasure, Katriel accepted that she could not run from the sensation of mouths latching around either of her perky nipples. Many could not tell that she was still lactating but this secret was well known by her keeper. Though he had not indulged in this pleasure with her, he knew that it was her most secret and beloved ecstasy, even though she pretended it didn’t matter to her very much. Always wondering and asking what would please Kailas, she often kept her innermost desires inside only to be shared when she was drinking or rambling with the assumption he wasn’t listening to her. She did talk a lot, but he always heard what needed to be heard.

The woman’s body softened, while the sensations of her breast being depleted of their milk was washing over her, she couldn’t help but feel her heart flutter furiously in her chest. She’d imagined and knew she would love the feeling of dual nursing, but she had no clue there could be an extra layer of pleasure added on simply by her partner's willingness to make her fantasies reality. The soft attentive suckling from the mystery women caused quite the amount of wetness between her legs once more. Tugging against the ribbons around her wrist, for the first time, she found that he fastened everything so that moving out of place wasn’t possible for her and that escaping pleasure wasn’t an option. Her silent gasps and soft whimpers grew into pleasure filled moans and “Oh god yes”s as the mouths began to suck and drain her tits more and more hungrily as time progressed. Her pussy began to ache from throbbing so urgently. She was nearing her limit. As her moans changed tunes and her breath became shaky she was now finding it hard to hold back the climax that was on the horizon.

Feeling her milk being guzzled from both sides, her eyes fluttered, she was happy to be blind folded knowing that even though her eyes were open beneath the fabric, they had retreated to the back of her head and probably looked pretty scary. Her body began to tremble as she felt herself losing control again. Not knowing where Kalias was or what he was doing seemed to add to the delightful chaos in her mind and body. To quiet herself she bit her lip and held back a few moans, allowing her to hear the returning footsteps of her host. She heard the distinct click of his camera several times at different spots in the room covering a few angles. She wondered what was next just before her body began spasming uncontrollably. “Oh, p p…please sir. Please.” Her voice becoming louder and louder, no longer able to hold back her sounds of pleasure, she heard some encouragement “Mmm. That's right… you’ve been so good for me. I’m happy to be able to grant this level of pleasure to my good girl. Enjoy it, let it rise.” His words sent chills down her spine again pushing her right to the brink of her ocean of pleasure.

“Please…” she cried. “Okay, sure, you may let it take you over the edge no….” Before Kalias could finish his sentence, a scream filled the room accompanied by a river of juices that had been begging to be released for months, soaking the bed below. “Oh…oh… oh my!” She whimpered. The fluid continued to spurt out from her, her body writhing from the women, still greedily feasting away, sucking the life out of her breast. “There she is,” He purred.

She struggled to breathe regularly as the sucking felt more and more intense with each wave her orgasm sent over her causing her to gasp and cry out. She tried to escape the ribbon but felt as though the more she shook and pulled against it the tighter it seemed to get. Still climaxing she hung there, helplessly being devoured by her own fantasy, unable to stop the waves of pleasure coming over her. A few more moments passed and finally she heard, “That’s enough ladies.” Her breasts were immediately released and left exposed to the cool breeze, leaving her still moist nipples to tingle. Her right breast still had a small trail of milk dripping down and onto her ribcage. Focusing on coming down from the pleasure, she felt a pat on her head. “It’s time to clean up and set the table for our special guest, don’t you think?”

The Queen's Banquet

She could feel the body heat from the two visitors move away from her and heard the sheets and mattress protector being removed from the bed. The smell of chamomile entered her nostrils just before hearing the sound of a glass candle being placed on the nightstand closest to the bed. Adding to the aroma of the candle, the scent of fresh laundry surrounded her right before she heard his alluring voice again. “Oh no, wait, wait...” The sound of sheets floating in the air could be heard along with the sensation of air flowing by her softly. “Okay, miss, I need you to hold it again while we clean up.” This statement confused her a little since she couldn’t see anything and she didn’t have to put any effort into her body being suspended since the ribbon was expertly strung and tied so she was sure she was safely in place. After a few seconds of thought, her attention returned to her inner thighs, which were still dripping wet, she began to brace herself for another moist towel.

Expecting to be wiped at any moment, a sudden gasp exploded out of her mouth at the same time she felt the tip of a tongue glide from her asshole to her clit. Chill bumps overtook her skin. The next thing she felt was a tongue lapping up the wetness that had run between her thighs. A second tongue joined in this on the opposite inner thigh. Feeling the two heads moving up her thighs she drew a deep breath and breathed into this warm feeling that was over taking her body. The tender nature of the cleaning crew brought on more of a relaxing feeling than a sexually pleasurable one. The dangling woman released a deep sigh of tranquility and let her head back, swaying gently to and fro. Her eyes had closed and rested for a few moments, allowing herself to enjoy the moment. After a moment her eyes were uncovered and she allowed them to open hearing him speak.

“You know,” Looking up to Kailas she saw nothing but adoration in his eyes looking back at her, tossing away the blindfold. “You’ve always been a great toy for me.” He paused, arranging her hair so that it perfectly framed her face. “I started to get the feeling you’d forgotten your place.” He ran his hand over the word “Mine.” once more. The mouths had now made their way to her outer lips and a soft moan escaped her. “No.. No sir.” She quivered, curious how she may have disrespected him in recent events, being that she had gotten into the habit of not needing much from him. As he stepped behind her once again, she glanced quickly to the wall to see if another funishment device was removed from the wall. Nothing was missing.

She felt the mouths separate, one focusing on her clit and the other's tongue heading further and further south. She allowed her eyes to close again as the rogue tongue began digging deeply into her rectum. She found it easier to keep control of her body this time and not worry what he meant, besides, she was enjoying this inescapable profound stimulation. A groan of deep pleasure accompanied her letting back her head again. She knew looking down and getting the full visual would only inevitably cause her to lose control.

She could feel his hand on the back of her head lightly pressing to encourage her to let her head down and look forward. As soon as she yielded to this silent request, something resembling a halo began to apply pressure around the top of her head. Feeling the metal combs slide into place on her scalp caused her to open her eyes with euphoria. Now, in front of her was a full length mirror leaning on the wall in front of the dry erase board. Her eyes fell on the majestic view the mirror provided. There she hung; two lovely women between her legs, grooming her for her next phase. As her eyes moved from the women and up to her own shimmering nipples, the chill bumps on her skin expanded from the view.

Cradled there in the safest, most carefully weaved lavender and turquoise throne she could ask for, her crown now perched perfectly atop her head. This crown was white gold, with amethyst and sapphire and diamonds embedded within. She could actually feel her crown chakra energy center open and become free flowing the moment she saw herself. She could feel how powerful she was there, even though she was put there and bound into place by her favorite rigger. He stood behind so that she could not see him as she peered at herself in the mirror. She loved this crown but hadn’t worn it in quite some time. She hadn’t realized how long it had been until now. While she was here she always left it behind, knowing it had a tendency to incite jealousy and ridicule from those unsure of their own place in the world. Uncomfortable in their own skin. This made things simpler when she had to share her space with others in her host’s life when she visited him here. She did miss it though.

“Surrendering to me doesn’t negate who and what you are…” He rubbed his hand over her branded buttocks, “My Queen.” Hearing this provoked a powerful arousal within her she’d not felt in some time. As the girls continued their process between her legs she could feel the relaxing cleaning shift into a more pleasurable technique. She whimpered and held herself back from leaking in more places. “You listen so well during play time so I want you to hear me and remember something for me darling,” He leaned in by her ear slowly as her whimpers became slightly louder and whispered, “You are only permitted to minimize yourself during playtime with me. Never outside these walls and this scene.” She looked at him and stared for a moment taking in his statement. “Understood?” He asked sternly. “Understood my King.” She nodded in agreement, her breath now growing harder from the pleasure down below.

“Okay girls I think you got it all, I think we're good now.” The tongues and lips faded away from her body again; the new mattress protector and fitted sheet were placed on the bed while Kailas retrieved the warm wash cloth from the bathroom sink. He slowly wiped her lady parts down, he was careful with her so he didn’t apply too much pressure to her throbbing pieces. After the room was reset, the two helpful women retired into the bathroom closet. Katriel hung there viewing herself in the mirror, crown shimmering in the flickering light of the sweet smelling candle. She was so beautiful there. “Okay, confession. None of that was your reward for how good you’ve been.” He grinned mischievously, looking at her in the mirror.

A Special Guest

She met his gaze, now feeling invigorated with a familiar energy. At this point questioning him wasn’t even a thought. She smiled back at him, knowing that in his own time he’d drop the mystique and show her his intentions. Seeing that the anxious demeanor had vanished and the confidence in her eyes now simmered softly as if she was remembering a past life, an amorous look took over his face complete with the proudest smile. Retrieving his camera again, he proudly snapped pictures from many angles. “I love how calm , clear, and…. well.. yourself you are after your orgasms.” This inspired her to look back into the mirror and take in the majestic view of herself yet again. She was overflowing with how much love she felt for herself as she peered into the mirror. Each click of the camera now making her think more of how happy she will be to frame these pictures of herself for herself.

Once he finished he stood in front of her looking around the room. “Okay I think we are all set. Are you ready for your treat for behaving so well while we were out and about today and holding it so perfectly tonight here for me?” he looked to the blindfold then to her crown and shook his head. “Could I ask you to just close your eyes for me for a moment.” Her face softened. “Of course, my liege.” Her eyes closed softly. She could hear the bathroom door creek and sense another body in the room. But only one other this time.

“Oh wow.” an unrecognizable feminine voice murmured. The room was filled with the scent of chamomile and fresh laundry but now the distinct smell of shea butter and another sweet smell joined in. “You can loooook.” He said. The woman’s eyes opened yet again. Her jaw fell open upon seeing who was standing in front of her. This woman was wearing a white button up blouse with butterflies sewn into it. Her bottom half was covered in a forest green long flowing skirt that stopped just at her ankles. The outfit had butterfly earrings that matched the color scheme. The woman was more stunning than Katriel could have imagined. To her surprise, her beautiful eyes were ogling Katriel’s body right back. “You are so.. Astonishing.” Katriel declared. This was the woman Katriel had befriended online years ago, interacted purely through social media, and never met in person. She had the biggest infatuation with her and always thought she was such an inspiring spiritual goddess.

She was her biggest secret admirer and only one person knew the way she discreetly pined for her somedays. She’d imagined so many ways she would one day bring her the most extreme pleasures, yet never spoke of her lustful thoughts to her and always stayed in the background. The two women silently checked each other out for a moment before he spoke again. “I spent a little time talking with this lovely woman and she agreed to come here to see you tonight under my conditions.” He smiled at her. “I appreciate you for agreeing to that madam.” He began adjusting velcro, lowering her down onto the bed but still keeping her arms out. “Turns out she likes you and would like to get to know you too, my sweet.” He finished positioning her, she was just about eye level to her crush’s bikini line if she stepped closer to her. “Well, I also explained how much I like making you wait and building your anticipation.”

He walked the special guest over to his bed, her crotch stopped just short of Katriel’s nose bringing with it a heavenly aroma. She felt the ribbon around her wrists loosen enough for her to grab her right then if she wanted to. “You’ll only have 10 minutes with her tonight. It looks like you two have already wasted two and a half minutes of it staring. You have seven minutes to say hi in the way that feels the most natural to you at the moment.” This news was surprising to Katriel but it was not something that was unlike her lover to do. He loved making her make snap decisions and always encouraging her to take a walk on the wild side. She always admired and adored him for his spontaneity.

She looked the woman deeply in the eye, “May I? … May I say….” she paused briefly then whispered against her crotch, “...hello?” A slight gasp could be heard from above. “Oh please,” She trembled, sliding her hand into a hidden split in her skirt and splitting it open, revealing herself, no underwear to be found. “Yes, you may.” Giving her outer lips a few kisses first, Katriel then used both hands to pull her in by her ass cheek and began devouring her with a sequence of licking, suckling, lapping and even soft bites to just the right places. This incited a symphony of incredible moans that sounded like music to Katriel’s ears. As her enthusiasm grew, she sank her fingertips in more deeply to her ass, pulling her in even closer, feeling her try to slip away. She was now harassing her clit with alternation of strong sucks and playful flicks with her tongue. “Oh, gosh.. Oh yes.. Oh..” This woman's groans of pleasure felt as though they were charging Katriel in some way, she could feel herself growing more powerful and bringing her new visitor pleasure was all she could focus on.

She was trying to pull against the ribbon enough to be free to work a finger or two into her muse but it was to no avail. She could feel the woman begin to shake and her thighs begin to tighten around her face. She decided to go in for the kill now that she had her where she wanted her. Suddenly she heard a familiar alarm going off. She knew this meant play time was over and she was to stop right away. She released her guest who stepped back a little trying to regain her bearings. “Times up.” Kailas announced. You could tell by the way she looked at him, the new guest really didn’t know what he expected of her or what was allowed. “Um… Before I go… I want to um…I know I agreed to the ten minutes but is it okay if I…” She stepped over to him and whispered into his ear. Whatever was said caused a smirk to spread across his face. “I’ll allow it.” the woman nodded. “Thank you.” She stepped back over to the edge of the bed and knelt down, spreading Katriel’s legs she leaned in and kissed a few times before sharing a very intimate French kiss with her dripping wet cookie.

She stood afterwards and began walking out of the bedroom door, “You, yourself are very beautiful as well by the way…your majesty.” Her voice rang in Katriel’s ears. She closed the door behind her with a smile. Katriel squealed excitedly. This was the last thing she thought Kailas would surprise her with. He sat on the bed next to her. “I figured you’d never shoot your shot with her soooo….” She let out a sigh of relief. “She normal, she’s not a catfish, she’s fucking beautiful, she’s real, her voice is beautiful.” He poked her side “And she likes you too.” She grinned to herself. “I hope I left an impression on her..” He laughed and began rearranging her body once again. Setting her crown on the nightstand. “Yeah yeah, It’s my turn now though. But trust me when I say dear, you made quite an impression for sure, she wants more. Trust me I have a sense for these things. Plus you tried devouring her like she was your last meal. If she’s not hooked, she is curious.”

Cream Fraîche

He carried on with his rigging now, turning her around and binding her hands behind her back, leaving her knees on the bed. He bent her over to the point that her chest and face were on the bed as well now and began securing her in this position; the only thing her hands could reach was her own rump. This time she was facing the window and could for the first time see the full moon peeking in on them. She felt him behind her and again heard the cap of the lube come open. Her ankles became warm, feeling his shorts drop onto them. Shortly after she could feel the head of his sausage creeping into her asshole. ‘Mmmm” She let out a sigh, loving how he felt slowly stretching out her back door. After pushing himself the majority of the way in he began to thrust gently, gradually quickening the pace and going deeper. She held back a moan and breathed into the experience so as to not lose control of her body.

He continued in and out of her, his own breath now becoming heavier. “You are free to come as quickly, as often, and as long as you would like. Hold nothing back now. Let it all out.” He released two velcro straps that were holding her down, he reached for her hair again pulling it backwards causing her body to lift half way up. His pace initiated her moans growing loudly and her eyes again rolling backwards and fluttering for a moment. Once again she was surprised by the sensation of two hungry mouths, draining her breasts one more time before bed. ‘Oh man!” She cried out as the surprise caused her asshole to clench around her lover's stiff dick deeply implanted in her. This sent her over the edge. Her body began to tremble and shake and her moans again became screams of joy and madness. Hearing her breaking and feeling her body clench and vibrate on his cock added even more pleasure to each deep stroke.

Her tight ass contracting repetitively began to summon his climax at a much quicker rate. She could hear his breath intensify with each stroke and knew he was very close now. The women draining her breast were now suckling from her breast as if they would die if they did not collect the last drop. The intense suction felt as though it pushed Katriel into another reality, almost out of body feeling, she could feel a pleasure she'd never felt before and she knew she could never explain it. Tears flowed down her face as she began thanking the ladies for how vigorously they were slurping down her milk. Another climax crept up on her as she went from thanking them to gasping for air and cumming wildly, again causing her ass to grip more tightly around the meat buried in her buttocks.

This spasm proved to be more than Kailas was braced for and he found himself thrusting harder losing himself into her. He grunted a bit as he pressed himself deeply into her. He felt his seed spilling out and into her, and much to her delight, filling up the cavity. As they both stayed in place for a short time, catching their breath, the women released her breast from their mouths and began massaging them instead. Moments passed before anyone spoke or moved. Kailas finally removed himself from her insides and immediately the hands stopped massaging and both ladies made their way around Katriel. The last two straps that were loosened were tightened again pulling her downwards leaving her bottom more exposed. Kailas then stepped away, starting the shower and closing the door behind him.

After Snack (Food for Thought)

The two helpful women very enthusiastically took turns probing her ass to retrieve the semen of the man of the house. They alternated between fingers and tongues, leaving Katriel moaning and begging for more. Though it seemed like they were supposed to be getting her clean she couldn’t help but notice her ass was being fingered and tongued specifically to please her. A pair of hands held her ass open while three fingers slid into her, another joined. These fingers pressed fairly deeply then were removed. Next she felt a fist trying to squeeze its way inside. This caused outcry that was a little more dramatic than the other sounds heard throughout the night.

The bathroom door opened and Kalias peered out of it and suddenly she felt no hands on her.. “Ladies, Ladies….” He shook his head. “You nearly made it without a punishment this whole week. This isn’t what I asked you here to do tonight… Did I give you permission to play like that?” He laughed softly, marking two hash marks on his board in the corner. He rearranged Katriel to be squatting over the bed, and the women weren’t far behind. “That’s okay, I’ll get to you two another day. Please finish cleaning, finish it right, and have a wonderful night ladies.” Kailas returned to the bathroom, closing the door again. This time the helpers diligently removed all bodily fluids from the scene using their mouths without being distracted.

Once all the fluids on the outside were gone, they prospected her asshole with their tongues until every drop of juice was gone. She loved the feeling and she wished it could have gone on for the rest of the night but she didn’t want to get anyone in trouble. Still, she couldn’t help but feel like they may have been drawing it out for her satisfaction. She heard the shower stop running a while ago but she was carried away in the sensations. Once the ladies had finished working on her undercarriage they released her from the contraption and replaced the ribbon with a silk canopy top with the same two colors. Again the sheets were changed. She could tell the women had been asked not to chit-chat but, as the ladies waved bye to her, she pulled them both into a full hug. “Thank you wonderful women for being part of such a wonderful experience. Please be safe going home, and have a goodnight.”

She was just about to lay down on the newly made bed when the bathroom door opened. The light was off but flickering flames could be seen dancing on the wall in the bathroom. “Come here.” She couldn’t see him but she knew where he meant for her to go. Stepping into the bathroom, she again could feel him slipping her crown onto her head. As she looked around she saw that he had run a bubble bath for her and made sure lavender bath salts and candles were involved. She smiled brightly as this was truly the only thing she needed to complete the perfect night with the exception of resting her head on his chest for sleep tonight. Looking into the mirror over the sink she could see the two of their naked bodies glowing by the candlelight. Kailas smiled softly back at her, pulling her closer to him by the hip. As her rump rested against his thigh, the backwards word. “Mine.” Stuck out in the mirror.

She rested her crown and face against his chest as she gazed into the mirror peacefully, wondering if she’d ever tell him she was the sender of his new favorite paddle. Moments passed as the two just admired the markings and basked in the passionate energy they had created. After a while he released her and kissed her forehead.” Enjoy your quiet time. I'll meet you in bed, goddess.” With a new glow she smiled, “Of course my King, I appreciate you greatly.” As he disappeared into the bedroom, she stepped into the bubble bath and let her mind drift away in gratitude that she is so often reminded of her truth. She knew her adventures could only expand from here. Closing both of her eyes she opened up her third eye and began connecting to her most authentic future. This was only her beginning to an entirely new phase of life. The best was yet to be witnessed.

Kailas = “Abode of The Shiva” or “One who bestows peace”

Katriel = “God Is My Crown”

New to publishing. Would appreciate any feedback and ratings. Please share your thoughts. Thanks in advance.
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