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Sara confused and abandoned by her peers starts to fall in love with the one who has destroyed her world, she is imprisoned and admits guilt to save her new found love.
Mixed Emotions...

Acceptance of who we are, is something we all struggle with. sexuality can be difficult to navigate. What is considered normal is blurred in the eyes of some but so clear in others, To be so strong and find yourself submitting to an-other's will is a powerful thing , That moment your life changes, that moment you understand who you really are...

Sara's moment was fast approaching.

That moment Emily placed her lips on mine, and I reacted without hesitation, the butterfly feelings swept right through me. That giddy sensation as she tongue fucked my mouth.. her breath so sweet and warm tinged with the faint sweet scent of wine. and that hint of vanilla perfume scent.. I knew I was falling in love.

My breath taken away , the sweet praise she whispered so softly and often in my ear. That grateful feeling that surged through me, That ache in my heart, as she left me alone in my cage with my new best friend...

Ares.. no longer frightened me ..I submitted to him on demand, wary of letting him knot in my anal cavity, setting myself just right for him to take me vaginally..

The fight and fire had left me, now just confusion, my emotions so fragile, my feelings mixed, every day my heart would flutter as soon as Emily would come to collect me for the next film session or photo shoot. Always in remote locations, or occasionally at a customers private estate, Those were the times i would spend my time being restrained, whipped or subjected to other types of bondage and torture at the whim of the customer..

Emily would coax me kiss me and leave me to the mercy of whoever had paid for my time.. Always cameras and video in use. I longed for her to return and collect me.. Often beaten and bruised. Welts from belts and other such toys.. Her soft touch as she applied band-aids and lotions the few stitches here and there when things got a little to rough, her soft voice no longer calling me slut and other degrading names...

The mini bus I was shuttled around in was set with a modified seat for me .. it had two large inflatable dog cock dildos, I had to lower myself onto them, then they would be inflated, the knot locking me to the seat, the only way off that seat was for the knot to be deflated.. never a chance to escape. The windows so darkly tinted I could see out. But little could be seen inside.. it took time to stop feeling uncomfortable sitting naked, locked to a seat and watching pedestrians and motorists passing by the windows.. sometimes looking right at me... the humiliation and embarrassment had long subsided, so conditioned to being naked , so normal to be told to present myself to what ever dog the customers had brought along to the set with a smile.

The travel to site with these dreadfully large objects locked firmly inside me prepared me for what ever size dog was to fuck me.. anally or vaginally,

I found it strange that it was the women mostly that wanted to see me knotted anally.. the ohhs and arrrs they would make as I was subjected to the various humiliations and instructed to smile for the audience.

Waiting to be released I would watch their reactions , some held their hand between legs others at their mouths, always wide eyed and staring at the swollen bulge at my entrance as the knot distorted my rectum on the way out...

The gasps as I released the cum, now having learnt to put on a display of squirting short sharp gushes intermittently and save a little for when they dared to come closer.. positioning myself to splash a little on those that dared get to close.

Months past.. each day in a blurr, some times i would be hidden in a life like dog skin, medicated with their favourite anaesthetic, completely alert but paralyzed .those were the interstate journeys, in a cage on a plane, in the hold with everybody else's pets.

I would hear the discussions of how this dog was anxious and valuable so the need for her to be drugged for the duration of the flights, and please keep her cage covered.

At first I would try so hard to yell and move but not a muscle would obey.. just the thoughts in my head.. several plane changes, different cities.. loaded and unloaded like a piece of cargo..

Not once did any one pick up that I was curled up inside this realistic dog. Such an ingenious way to transport and traffic their i had become to think of myself , just waiting for that dreaded day when i would be bundled into the hold of an international flight.. for my final destination.

As time past, the sexual acts and bestiality acts became more and more degrading. The demand for me to be displayed as something for everybody's fantasies and fetishes increased. And slowly unconsciously I began to enjoy my role smiling and playing the slut every body expected me to be.

Arriving at an isolated film set on an out- back station.. I found myself faced with the humiliation of having sex with a horse.. there was nothing more left of my dignity. Nothing could be more degrading I thought I was ordered to do the most disgusting things to my body, filmed with horse cum dripping from my mouth and flowing from between my legs, bent this way and that way so sore and tender.

So conditioned and so helplessly hooked on my growing feelings for this terrible woman that now ruled my every day life. I was prepared to do anything to please her.

Like a childish school girl with her first crush, perhaps it was like my first crush... my first female crush. I would do any thing for her, to hear those words of praise..

Today felt no different, Emily sat beside me.. "Ares" lay on the floor behind me... I am locked to the seat.. rocking back and forwards, the sensations building.. Oblivious to the traffic noise , with every small movement i am gasping in pleasure .. that familiar tugging and fucking motion as we stop- started from traffic lights and pedestrian crossings. Almost at the point of no return the wetness pooling under my bare cheeks wriggling and jiggling faster and faster staring at the people out side.. my fingers manipulating my engorged nipples, watching the look on Emily's face, longing for her to touch me.. kiss me.. the tears so close.. the ache in my heart..

Emily's voice breaking my thoughts..

Today my dear sweet girl.. we are heading into the city.. You my gorgeous star are about to have your name in lights.. ohh and did I tell you, you are quite famous now, on the news and everything..she whispered..

Not sure what she meant, but the warm touch of her hand on my breast and the touch of her lips on mine had my heart skipping a beat, savoring the affection bestowed upon me..

I shook violently as i exploded with a series of mini orgasms each one more powerful than the other.. her tongue continued to explore my mouth. her fingers entwined in mine..

Whats the matter Sweetie she whispered as i fought to hold back my tears.. did you just cum!!

I nodded my head.. looked away out into the passing city .. tears pouring down my face.. I blurted out the words .. stuttering and blubbering..

I think I lllovee youu ..

The silence seemed to go forever.. Then Her whisper. I Know Honey... I think I love you too..Sweetie.. a small cough.. Thats what makes today so hard sweetie..

looking at her face .. i saw the small crack in her expression the pain in her eyes and the tiny tears before she turned away..

I felt the release of pressure inside me the knots relaxed I, lifting myself off the dildos.. I turned to her, the tears real on her cheeks..

Wwwattt dooo yyou meaan Em.. choking back a horrible feeling..

This is our last day Sara.. Your new.. she choked out a cough .. Owner is waiting for you Honey... I'm to drop you off for the last time sweetie.

Choking on my words gasping for breath,, But I love you .. Ive never felt this way about anyone before I whispered.. I want to stay with you and Kate .. ohh please ...

I promise I'll be good... I will do anything I begged ,, Iv'e let you do things to me ... I love you i choked... I can do more... please Emily ..don't let them have me please don't...shouting and starting to become hysterical..

Emily reached down and lifted a package up dropping it at my feet.. Honey put this on... Cover yourself up.. can't have you arrested in the nude can we..

My face dropped .. arrested i softly queried.. why...what's happening..

Honey the police think you are the one that they have been looking for...

They have a warrant for your arrest.. it's the only way I could stop you being smuggled out of the country.

We get our money.. Not our fault you are arrested after the deal is finalized.. giggling and crying as she said it.. I get the cake and keep your horny pussy for myself.. hehehe.

Ohh fuck it .. tears welling in her eyes...I tipped of the police with an anonomous call, they were looking for you anyway.. I told them you were making a new beasties ... here..

Kate set it up to look like you were the one who took the girl that escaped.. Sorry sweetie your videos are all over the internet.. were making the naughty ones and selling them, got greedy and started using the hookers you had dealings with.. then started kidnapping other girls.. cough..the silence was broken by her choked back sobbing.. honey I'm so sorry.. they think you are the guilty one..there's witnesses to prove it was all on you..

We tried to make it look like you had a minor role, but .... it didn't work..

I just sat looking at her .. My heart breaking that she was so upset ..

Em ... I will say it was me..i wont mention you or Kate.. just promise me .. you will still like me.. maybe visit me .. choking back a sob.. I smiled.. you saved me .. I will always love you.. and those pricks I worked with. They can go to hell.. they always hated me any way.. but hey ..I do like girls after all.. and and prison , I suppose there's girls that are like me..

Em.. I will never tell them about you...

I opened the package. it was the same dress i first wore when this started.. I looked in the bag .. No panties.. her face lit up and smiled.. I just rolled my eyes What the fuck...everybody's seen my pussy anyway... giggling pulling the repaired dress over my head I wriggled into it attempting to stretch it down .. Did you shorten it I giggled..

Yep... it covered to much of that delicious pussy honey. now lets get you arrested. But first I get our money..

Handing me a cloth.. her eyes rolling .. and that sexy wicked grin.. Sara you better wipe your legs.. not becoming of a lady to be leaking down her legs while shes being read her rights...giggling wildly.. what ever would the press make of that..

The mini bus pulled up at the curb next to a tall building, the place was busy.. people walking in and out .. my nervousness hit a high.. attempting to stretch the dress lower to cover my bare buttocks, I twisted around I could see my cheeks partly exposed.. the touch of a warm hand ran up my inner thigh. Em's smile melted my heart letting out a small moan i clamped her hand tightly .. whispering don't let them take me.Em!!!!m PLEEEESE.and I'm yours forever to do what you like ..anything Em...anything..

Peering out the windows,I spotted the officers i had worked with .. the one woman that had been the meanest to me sat in plain clothes in front of the building, the others in scattered positions,, in a car over the road sat Kate in full uniform .. quietly pretending to read a paper, but looking directly at me over the top..

Emily clipped a short lead to my collar, gathered up Ares's lead and stepped out onto the foot path, embaressed i stepped out. head low looking at the ground.. Ares beside us .. marching briskly towards the door .. her only words..

Heel Slut.. Heel Ares..

i saw people glance at me in a shocked manner. the few guys walking past twirled around to catch a look at my bare arse and semi exposed pussy.. a few wolf whistles cut short by a savage look from Emily.. the astonished looks and comments a blurr. teary eyed i stared at the ground , face beet root red nerves causing me to stumble .. The breeze reacting on my damp thighs and twitching pussy.. nipples growing harder with each step...

Top floor please commanded Emily... and If you don't take your fucking eyes of her pussy the dog will rip your balls out...

I giggled and stood a little taller.. my inner thoughts were i would like to see if that would happen .. a growl from Ares, then his nose buried itself between my legs making me blush even more. Ares was getting horny ..

Shit i thought.. Hope he doesn't decide to fuck me now.. then burst out giggling as the lift man turned red . and stared at the wall with the mirrors .. cheeky thoughts flashed in my mind.. i slowly turned and bent at the waist to pat Ares.. peeking at the mirror just enough to see my open lips and the sheen of wetness trickling out.. my inner thighs reflecting the dampness.. i could smell my own sex.. any wonder Ares was getting horny... smiling i wriggled a little .. his erection so evident..

You fucking Tease...whispered Emily .. save it for inside.. Slut.. a smile breaking on her serious face.. .

As we left the lift i smiled at the poor guy, and whispered ,, He does fuck me .. when ever he wants .. And I let him , I ran my hand down over his bulge. licked my lips and blew him a kiss as the door closed.

Little slut reprimanded Emily, then let out a giggle.. maybe we should call him back up.. and give him a quick blowy.. fucking harlot.. poor guys so hard and embarrassed . probably cum in his pants if you had let Ares lick you '' Why didn't You..

As we entered the room.,. i pleaded again.. Don't let them keep me Em.. please.. please.. A tear escaped and rolled down my cheek..

I looked up sheepishly as Emily introduced herself.

The accents Russian i thought..

Their was only women in the room.. All dressed immaculately in expensive clothes and jewellery that spoke lots of money.. they all started walking around me touching me in all the intimate places women shouldn't touch other women.

Fingers poked and prodded, one took my chin in her hand and lifted my face up .. smiling and nodding her head, Speaking in Russian.. laughing ..

my face turned red .. as the other woman ran her hands between my legs all the way up into my sex.. i shivered .. her eyes lit up Ohhhh.. So wet already this is good Noo..

Emily smiled. and handed the lead to a tall woman ..

Her complexion was perfect such a beautiful woman. quite a bit older than the rest.. she seemed to dominate the air around her.

As beautiful as she was .. her eyes had a cruel look in them.. she tore my dress off me.. stunned, i just stood there trembling. her hands groped my breasts then lifted and dropped them. slapped them from side to side.

I gritted my teeth. it hurt. . Flicking my nipples and making some comment to the others .

A box was handed to her, she extracted a set of rings , quite huge.. small bells attached to them, as she shook them i heard the jingling ring tone..

Take those out, put these in she ordered. I want to hear her make beautiful music when she is fucked..

A girl stepped forward and removed my nipple piercings.. the new rings were way thicker . I cried out as they were forced through my sensitive nipples. the next was my navel ring . and then she knelt down and reached for my clit piercing..

Enough ..I leapt back .. the sudden slap. brought tears to my eyes a loud command from Emily..

Slut!!! stay..

The pain as the new ring replaced my small piercing.. I screamed only to be struck by a riding crop...bring more tears to my eyes.

Sobbing i stood still.. the hands exploring every part of me. my nose, my ears. my vagina. Her hand almost disappearing inside me. I jumped.

With her eye brows raised and a pleased smile on her face .. mmm very well prepared for your new role I see. She called to all around .

The next was humiliating and took all my will power not to scream for Emily to stop her.

.The woman not so gently dragged me by my collar to the table, pushed me face down.. and like a police officer kicked my ankles wide apart.

Signalling two other girls, one either side holding me down face first. I felt the cold liquid dribble down between my bottom I clenched as the fingers delved into my anal cavity.. one . two .three. four. she counted as one by one she inserted her fingers into my resisting rectum, tears streaming down my face .

The words kit kat were recited, then another finger was roughly pushed into my stretched hole,

I cried out, all five fingers now buried in me, Then the in out motion and more cold liquid trickled down my cheeks.

I tried to pull away but the pressure increased,

Trying desperately to relax my rectum I felt the stretch. The short sharp pain then her entire hand was in-side me..

Shivering and sobbing ..I looked accusingly at Emily who just stood smiling and watching ..

Ahhh not a kit kat girl I see .the tall cruel woman called out to Emily. No... way more than four fingers..

Laughter broke out..

The hand exploring inside me clenching and un-clenching pushing deeper than i thought possible a funny sensation as i could feel her hand pushing my belly out up near my belly button..

Groaning and panting . I kept trying to relax.. as she fist fucked me slowly increasing the speed.. i started to feel myself nearing an orgasm, the humiliation ,the fear and the sheer sensation of this massive full feeling.. I jerked and writhed on her hand until I came in a rush, my juices running down my legs . As her hand started to slowly slip out of me i struggled to breath.

Okay Emily we need to just see her in action with this monster you have brung with you.. then we finalize our transaction .. Maybe.. A glass of Champagne or Vodka perhaps while my new pet shows me what she can do..

Present Slut!!! Yelled Emily... Down.. I looked at her pleading with my eyes.. I felt I knew what hole this woman would want me to demonstrate.. I prayed I was wrong.

Still sore and swollen from her hand being inside me. I quivered and waited for Ares to start sniffing and licking me .. his tongue felt rough today.. the wet swipes were angry, his growling and nipping much more aggressive than before..

Oh fuck i thought !!

He had been smelling me since we got in the lift . so angry and excited now he will take it out on me for making him wait so long.

As soon as he mounted me I saw my new owner mouth,.. No front pussy.. The back pussy..

A girl cautiously approached Ares, he growled .. and bared his teeth.. i knew he was going to make me pay.. I cringed .. He didn't need this girl to guide his cock into my sore arse hole.. No he had already decided.. i just knew by his aggression. I yelped as on the second stab he slammed into my gaping hole still swollen partly open from my fist fuck..

As expected the screen on the far wall was displaying different angles. each girl was moving around with cameras pointing at me to capture all and every thing.. Ares hammered into me like the wild animal he is.. his cock growing as it continued to fill me with his seed .. i moaned my mind delirious with the sensations my k9 lover was filling me with, He was far more aggressive than ever before I cried out in the throws of unimaginable new pleasures.

The angry and destructive way he was fucking me brought out my submissive inner slut .. his knot forcing into my rectum hurt like hell but added to the desire to be torn open, completely dominated and fucked senseless .. i screamed as the knot was fully rammed home.. my anal muscles closing over him locking him tightly in me..

no escape of the warm dog cum filling my colon and forcing its way deeper into my belly,

unlike the fist .. this sensation made me feel controlled.. He owned me.. body and mind,, screaming and moaning I erupted with a massive orgasm.. the feeling of myself squirting my womanly fluid out of my quivering cunt and the injection of copious amounts of semen into my swollen rectum. set me into a massive sexual high.

Towering over me he stayed still.. the rapid pulse of his cock injecting his seed the only sign that he wasn't finished ..

Whimpering like a bitch in heat, i used my muscle control to milk his magnificent cock, sucking like a mouth tightly clamped over his knot, whimpering and groaning trying to draw him in deeper..

panting and exhausted i shuddered through another shattering orgasm then collapsed my head to the floor.. I felt him raise his leg,

i wriggled to help him twist around .. now back side to backside . i knelt in a pool of sweat and cum. my mouth drooling. eyes glassed over,

just the sounds of my ragged breath and the panting of my massive lover. no voices, no clinks of glasses. nothing just soft rapid breathing all around me, and the hum of the cameras..

silence... peace and quiet my mind drifting in and out still enjoying the feeling of him twitching inside me.. just the dread of him pulling out the only concern in my mind..

I was drifting ,, on the waves of pleasure.. the voice , whispered bye Sara love you Honey.. i hadn't heard the finalization of the transaction, I have no idea what a dog fucking slut is worth on the black market, I have no Idea where i will be taken,

all I know is I have just lost the one I love.. my heart was broken i put my hands over my head and started to cry..

The yelling .. the sirens and the splintering of the door broke my thoughts. I am still on my hands and knees tied tightly to my lover, he starts to growl at the commotion,

he drags me through the room like a rag doll hanging off his swollen cock.. The shouts are near..

.Police!!! Drop Your Weapons, on the floor .. Stop or I will shoot..

The noise after my silence.. was deafening, Ares is going wild i'm being flung around at the back of him, trying to calm him,

ARES stay i scream..

HOLY fuck Look at this,, Shit its our missing lesbian ,,, fucking hanging off a fucking dog cock.. ohh boy.. the voice of a female officer shouted.

Call your dog or lover boy off Sara... or I'll shoot him.

I called softly. Stand down Ares.. Down... He stopped but kept growling Being protective of his bitch..

Get Up Sara . Get up Now and hold that fucking dog. A voice commanded.

Holy fuck is he stuck in you.. a female voice rang out.. Shit she's fucking dogs as well as hookers,

Fuck she's going to get the book thrown at her ..

Is he really stuck in you . The shocked voice asked again..

My face red.. tears of shame running down my cheeks I struggled to whimper

I can't get up.... I'm stuck until he releases me ...looking down to hide my shame..

Kate's voice boomed out every body just back up and clear the room .. Except you Helen.

Out and shut the door..she yelled.

I looked up.. Surprise on my face.. it was Emily .. looking around , who's Helen I whispered..

Kate winked and pointed to Em.. Sara meet Helen.. her eyes shot up at my puzzled look..

Ohh you never met Helen ''did you .. she's our head psychologist slash profiler..

What!! Rolling her eyes and shaking her head...Kate started giggling..

You going to tell me, you two have been fucking each other and you don't even know her name..

Fucking unbelievable .. fucking little sluts .. hehehe. Kate giggled loudly.

Your in deep trouble Sara, the sudden change in her voice concerned me.. my eyes said it all without speaking.. her next words floored me..

We have a little problem now that this silly bitch wanted to keep you for herself.. I certainly hope you are a good fuck, its the only thing that will keep you safe inside..

Ares ,was still locked deep in me. unconsciously i was holding him firmly massaging his huge cock with the reflexes of my anal ring.. sucking and releasing with the contraction of my pelvic muscles , if anything his knot was growing instead of shrinking... The flood of semen starting to expand on the inside, tiny cramps coming and going..

Omg Kate sighed.. there was so much more left in this one Em..and you had to fuck it by falling in love with the little bitch. Sighing heavily and giving me a disapproving look.....

Sara.. Kate whispered who is that pretty officer that was so rude to you .. The one with the cute face and hot body..hmmmm tasty looking .. nice arse ... wonder if she likes dogs , hehe

I thought for a second amused by her de***********ion.. raising my eyes .. you mean the blonde chick with the nasty mouth.. umm that's Peta.. the one that was apparently right about me , I sneered. Reckons I'm a lesbian..

Hmmmm has a nice body too ..giggle.. what do think Em we need a new replacement.. Kate said with a devious smile.

How's that little knot going Sara, don't look like any time soon..

and for fuck sake stop doing that he's going get a second wind.. hurts ahh..

Em call that Peta in here..

I want a closer look at her..... sexy arse she quietly whispered.

As soon as Peta entered the room , a tube of lube was thrown at her..

Officer see if you can get some of this in her. to get that damn dog out of her arse..

just wet your fingers and push down around that knot .

See if you can loosen her up a bit.

Now girl we can't wait here all day were busy .. get your fingers in her. Kate demanded..

I leaned up on my elbows .. Hi Peta.. how you been ..

Smiling and pretending nothing out of the ordinary was happening. I made myself gaze into her eyes.

If you get lots on you fingers and ease them in me around his knot I can try and squeeze him out. I quietly whispered.

I was gently sucking his cock in harder with my pelvic movements..

Peta looked away and tried to poke the lube in. I smirked and screamed as if in pain hitting my head with my hands. And smiling to myself.

Carefully!! ohh it hurts so much I screamed. Then gave Kate a wink..

Damn girl watch what your doing Kate shouted.. her arse isn't on the ceiling, now be careful and get your fingers in there. Keep yours eyes on her.

I yelped and deliberately squeezed her fingers with my anal muscles.. and pushed back on Ares.. I felt him start to swell again..

Get your other hand under her her vagina...see if you can manipulate him out while you get as much lube in her as possible make it nice and slippery .. that's it right in there can you feel him. Yelled Kate again, a tiny smile on her face .

I cant whispered Pete.. how do I get him out.. he's huge .. her eyes wide in shock..

I started to whimper and moan .. gyrating my hips.. my vagina sucked at her fingers;

I whispered seductively to her, Oh that feels so good.. Ohhh fuck that feels soo I good . you like fingering my arse Peta I teased.

Her face went red.. ohh that's it just deeper . Ohh fuck I'm going to cum I groaned...her hands shook.

One hand under me with her fingers in my pussy, the other on my arse with her fingers inside me..

Eyes wide, unsure of what to do.. Kate ordering her to shove your fucking fingers in around his cock and lube it up for fuck sake I need to do it myself.. Kate once again shouted at the poor girl.

Smirking I stared into her eyes.. she was embarrassed beyond belief.. hey Peta .. you been finger fucking girls long. you could at least kiss me before you fuck me..

Beetroot red and unsure what to say. I watched her mouth start to quiver.. her hands trembling. Then Kate casually asked her if she liked dogs.. I started to giggle.

Confusion written on her face, I glanced at Kate and Em.. both were nodding their heads in agreement to the unsaid idea..

I looked from them to Peta. The vision of her in my place , the girl that helped make my life so miserable ..getting payback for being such a bitch to me.. I could imagine the look on her face ..

I looked her in the eye, moaning loudly the bells in my nipples jingling in time with my rocking motion.. The look of shock and red face . Set me off..

I started giggling then burst out laughing.. The spasm caused by my uncontrolled laugh and the way I shook as I gasped for breath.. The tiny bells making musical noises..

So much slippery stuff now in my anus, The sudden lurch forward in a fit of hysterical laughter the knot started to pull outwards .

I shook in hysterics. crying through the pain as Ares stepped away from me,

Pressure blew his knot the rest of the way outwards the long thick cock started to pull out..

I gasped as the trickle turned into a river running down my thighs..

The yelp from Peta as I felt the flood burst out.. .

My position as the last of his massive cock slid out . aimed straight at Peta's face .. her scream as I power sprayed her with Ares cum..

The gushes and noises as the internal pressure released from deep in my belly.

Embarrassing noises.. and then a powerfully spray followed by more noises..

she just stood in direct line .. I peeked around at her..

Her face was covered in sticky liquid. her mouth was half open. cum dribbling down off her cheeks.

All I could mutter was Wow.. "In the mouth"

Then a another rumble from my tummy and she wore another fine spray .. her hair, face ,chin and top dripping wet...

Wow I muttered again..

Orders from Kate rang out, Female officers only in here please..

Now.. get this woman cuffed and read her. her rights..

I want her in the cells within the hour..

Come on Helen we got to put something together for the press before they start inventing stuff..

Alone with four of the girls I had worked with.. The comments and sneers, as I stood quietly, naked.. liquid still dribbling down my legs.

My anus quivering and slowly starting to retract and return to its right size...

The air that had been pumped into me making its escape in sharp bursts farts followed by dribbles of cum....

Holding my cheeks as tight as I can.. I offer my hands for the cuffs.. instead Peta roughly twists my arms behind me.. The cuffs are tight ..uncomfortable and unnecessarily over tight.

My rights are read. I nod that I understand. Tears in my eyes

The other officers are watching the screen as I am displayed from all angles being fucked by Ares.. different clips from the other videos popping up randomly.. all of me in disgusting sexual displays..

The looks of disgust I see aimed at me starts to break down my tough look shield.. tears flow.

Roughly pushed to the door of the penthouse I manage to mumble through my tears..are..are you going to cover me..

Why...don't mind flashing that filthy cunt around on the Internet. You dirty slut .. a little walk of shame might teach you how those other girls you kidnapped felt..Fuck you..

I hope the women inside rape the fuck out of you slut. Words that dripped with hate from those I had worked alongside.

I step outside... the walls are lined with the male officers, all making remarks and filthy comments about what i can expect in prison..

I stumble and find it hard to breath.. I'm roughly shoved into the lift..

the same guy that brought myself and Emily up is staring wide eyed at my naked body..

i feel so much more humiliated.. i try to stem the trickle of fluid down my thighs.. another uncontrolled burst of wind echos in my ears.. a cramp deep inside my bowels.. a wet sensation running down my inner legs.

Ohh so humiliated.. we travel in silence down the floors.. a mutter of voices..

I hear questions directed at the lift man...

Do you recognize this "Thing" coming up here this morning.. Peta asked.

I glance at the lift guy.. he is nodding not taking his eyes of my naked body..

Yeah .. she was with a big dog and another lady... not wearing much more than now though.. with a stutter.. figured she was just another hooker .. gets lots in here you know.. Did she ... uhhmmm you know do something with it ,, the dog I mean,, that stuff leaking .. its not gunna stain or something ehh he sniggered..

I turned my face away hiding the tears.. .. a loud splutter noise and i felt the remainder of Ares gushing out...Looking at the stunned faces I forced a smile to my face. Yep That might stain I said with a grin.

Out on the street i am roughly pushed and shoved towards the waiting police car..

The reporters are milling around slowing us down,,

Self aware that the gathering crowds are closing in and gawking at my naked form..I try to blank my mind out.

The questions fired off by the reporters. The flashes of camera's and the sound of news readers scrambling to get quotes.

The officers are surrounding me but allowing the news teams to get clear unobstructed footage of me as my walk of shame continues..

Smirking and enjoying the delay Peta whispers.. Every one you ever arrested is watching you slut,

You will be lucky to survive in there for a week.. hope you get whats coming to you.. slamming my face into the door sill on the car and smiling.. Ohhh so sorry Sara,, she smirked .. then shoving me in the car.. I tasted the tangy flavour of blood on my tongue..

Booked written up and thrown in a holding cell ..

Still naked and sticky with dried cum coating my legs, so uncomfortable and feeling dirty.. the wetness still trickling slowly from inside my backside. that slick sticky sensation from the copious amount of lube used to free me from Ares.... Taky and uncomfortable between my arse cheeks smeared over my bare skin sticking my skin to the seat.

Cold, disillusioned and angry at my fellow officers for their lack of compassion..

My request to have a blanket or clothing ignored .. the parade of officers into the cells looking at me like i was a display in a window. trying desperately to cover my private parts.. the degrading words.. and taunts about what the women in prison were going to do to me..

My chance to explain had long gone.. days then weeks passed before I was sentenced, every day a nightmare reliving the horrors of my ordeal tears flowing constantly. my heart torn in two, my confusion over the deep feelings i hold for this woman that has torn my world apart.

Nervously I waited to see what my fate would be.

The Judge and Jury took little time to decide my fate, the evidence was overwhelmingly against me the witnesses were plenty, I sat shocked unable to breath as the sentence was passed in record time, Branded as a sexually depraved criminal the lowest of the low, 25 years in high security prison no parole provision no early release.

My cell mate a tough attractive woman just looked at me and said dogs on the floor..

I sat in the corner on the floor wishing i was dead. Scared to close my eyes.. the dreadful feeling that my life was about to turn to hell...

Fast asleep.. The click of the cell door alerted me that something was wrong.

.The whispers and soft giggles.. my cell mate slipped out and four women rushed in..

The sudden attack. Took me by surprise my dress torn over my head , my panties ripped clean off and jammed in my mouth the duct tape wound around my head covering my screams for help...

Gagged .. hands bound behind my back , I was half carried half dragged out and down to the laundry.

Shoved face first down over the work bench .. giddy with fear.. I waited.. my bra roughly ripped off and thrown in the sink.. held tightly on the bench I twisted my head . .Cheryl. The woman who seemed to run the place stood smiling at me.

Been asked to make sure you get cleaned out properly.. she softly whispered with a smile.

Apparently you like things up your arse... giggles all round .. she held up a toilet brush and slammed a small bucket on the bench with another brush in it , ohh this is complements of your friend Peta .Nice girl that one... pays real well..

I watched in fear as the brush in the bucket came out... long wooden handle small round head the bristles soaked in the slimy stuff.

Thoughts of the handle being used soon faded, as I felt my cheeks pulled apart and the wet sensation hit between them .

Struggling and kicking to no avail.. slowly but surely I felt the brush force it's way inside me ,

Bristles folded back making forward progress. Then the tug back expanding it like fish hooks deep in my cavity..

Then the next one forced in my vagina.. laughing and giggling my assailant's faded away..

Painfully easing of the bench.. tears streaming down my face .. bow legged .. legs wide I stared down at the long wood handles protruding from between my legs.. I could feel the brush heads expanding ,

I couldn't scream , couldn't move.. just stood legs shaking wide apart and stared at what they had done..

Paid to do by the people I had once trusted.. frightened to move. hands bound behind me . once again naked and alone..

Hours passed as I slowly.. painfully shuffled out the door and down the corridors past the inmates laughing as I slowly did a shuffle of shame to my cell,

The door was closed my stuff strewn everywhere.. The alarms going off prison officers running towards me..

Just standing still. Head pressed against the wall legs wide apart , a puddle of urine and blood beneath me..

Rushed to hospital sedated and relieved of my internal cleaning implements. Hand cuffed to the bed a police officer at the door .. I lay watching the television..

An item of news covered the infamous Sara..

Ex police officer gone bad.. porno queen.. queen of bestiality .. pictures of me in various displays of sexual positions with women and dogs.. a scan of a horse stable with the word of nothing appears to have been out of the question for this disgusting woman..

The witnesses and new evidence that has come to light by the relentless work of our police force will most definitely keep this evil person off our streets for a very long time. also the officer credited for bringing in Sara Edwards has recently been praised and promoted .. her exemplary work in breaking the trafficking case has earned her a position in the investigate dept.. more on the weather...

My heart sank.. The lump in my throat choked me.. I looked at the disgusted look on the nurses face..

Her question stunned me.. Why did you insert them brushes in yourself...

Idddidntt. I sobbed they did pointing at the television..

My appointed police psychologist walked in and asked the nurse to leave us.. I was facing the wall when I felt the soft lips on my cheek..the words sweetie brought a smile to my face.. her hands caressed my battered body.. The hug had me crying tears of joy,

The phone appeared in front of me it had a video playing..

My tears blurred the scene.. then it became clear. On hands and knees, chained in my old kennel Cheryl was blankly starring at the camera..

on her back was my Ares.. panting and fucking her frantically.. I smiled.. then saw the camera pan around. A bucket and two large toilet brushes sat directly in front of her...

Helen whispered she was released yesterday, Paper work glitch I believe, silly cow legged it. Now she's in hiding .. giggling her sexy giggle.. ohh and apparently she asked how you were.. sends her love .

hopes to brush up on her manners asap..hehe

The new replacement is being primed as we speak. give you an update as soon as she's got her "upthedate" Emily giggled.

Back inside the walls of the prison healed and nervous .my new phone tucked delicately in side me.. I felt the vibration..

Smiling I waited enjoying the thought that Helen knew where I kept it.. recalling her words when I told her its hiding place... you put it where!! lots of text from me then .. she squealed as her hands did there usual exploration between my legs.

Ducking out of sight I squatted and retrieved it.. giving myself an extra rub..

The screen lit up. The videos started playing. .Cheryl moaning and screaming as Ares stood knotted deep in her arse hole. it was puckered and swollen. a collar on her neck. With a chain holding her down in my old position.

Peta standing naked beside her wearing a collar and cum running down her legs.. the voice ordering her to turn .. I gasped and felt just a little sorry.

Protruding from out from between her bum cheeks was a long wooden handle.. in her hand was another toilet brush dripping with slippery slime.. tears in her eyes a familiar voice demanding she clean her pussy for the next fuck session.

I opened the next video msg a smile broke out on my face as I watched.

Okay you lesbian dog fucking sluts tell them other sluts what happens if my Sweetie Sara is touched, looked at sideways or even has to wipe her own pussy.. Am I understood..

We can get anyone we like girls. Bye now these two have a plane to catch .. Russia I believe.. pray we don't need to see you..

Stepping out into the corridor I hear gasps and whispers.. Did you get this... ohh fuck see what they've done to Cheryl and that other copper.. ohh fuck she's got friends in high places..

My phone vibrated.. I glanced around then slid my hands between my legs a little wriggle slipped it into my hand and hit the msg button

Msg.. you really enjoy that in you pussy. will send you a vibe.. text sent to all prisoner phones they should get it now.. take care ? Em. Call later.

I grinned . texted back love you too, just going to get my pussy wiper up to speed..? do yours later..

Walking through the corridors the silence was golden.

No more jeers or threats.. the ones that been the nastiest looked away. the nervous eyes on me gave me a thrill ..

I lifted my head high and entered my cell.

My cell mate was busy putting my stuff neatly on the only table .. my clothes in the shelf and my sheet back on the mattress..

I made for the dirty toilet bowl and turned . lifted my smock and lowered looking directly at her a strange excitement arousing me in a sexual way,

i went to reach for the paper then smiled at her, With my finger i signalled come here..

Her reaction was wary, the muttered words from her sexy lips reached me.

You must have friends in high places, shaking as she knelt in front of me and reached for the roll..

Uuuhhhuu. I grunted .. poking my tongue out and licking the air.. pointing from my tongue to my pussy .. one hand holding my phone with the screen saver flashing Cheryl on all fours .. a wooden handle protruding out her hole.. Peta standing next to her with tears cascading down her cheeks and her two wooden handles protruding from between her legs.

My new pussy cleaner nodded her head and crawled forward. the small tears trickling down her face. the disgust on her face exciting me even more.

I stood up and spread my legs smiling down at her.once again that strange thought of finding another woman attractive fleetingly passed through my mind.

That little pee I had saved trickled on her tongue.. the disgust on her face gave me a thrill, turning around i bent slightly forward and commanded this hole as well. Pet.

I pointed to the bowl.. "Needs a clean" Use your tongue. Or maybe you would like my friends to brush you up on manners as well.

Picking up her belongings i tossed them in the corner smiling ..

Pets on the floor hun.....
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