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this is the story of my sister Em and I
Pt 10

Over the next four days our parents ran us ragged. Venice is beautiful, there is no doubt. It certainly doesn’t disappoint in any way except the heat. Fuck all, that place gets hot, and that’s saying something from someone who called Oklahoma home for 18 years. Each day we would venture out on a family outing. We would return late afternoons to the smell of Mia making something heavenly. Then it was showers, dinner, and usually some cheesy Italian TV until bed. We slept with the large veranda windows open, and the big ceiling fan turned all the way up. Even then, it got to be toasty in our room. Our parents’ room had air conditioning, as well as the common area with the tv, but the latter afforded us no privacy. As Mia cleaned our room and made beds each day, we made an effort to use both beds as to not raise suspicion. Em and I hadn’t fooled around at all since that first day in Italy. We were both exhausted after our intense day trips.

The following day Dad informed us that he and mom would be spending the night in the hotel room where the spent their honeymoon. One night back in the suite where day gleefully informed me I was “made”. Classy. We were handed a bundle of cash and told that the city, and the house, were all ours. Dad said we’d have to fetch dinner too as Mia asked for a night off. By 10am the parents were off. We waved goodbye from the 4th floor porch as the chugged up the canal.

As soon as they were out of sight Em grabbed my ass through my shorts. “Know what I wanna do first?” She teased?

“Probably the same thing I want to do too. Get in the air conditioning.” We both laughed. Em took my hand, and we went down to the lower floor and entered our parents’ room. It was close to 30 degrees cooler. We both let out sighs. Em walked to the large bed, her finger lightly touching the thin fabric that hung from each of the four posts. I closed the bedroom doors and made my way up behind her. I pressed my crotch into her rear and slid my arms around her. From behind I was able to kiss and nibble her ear and neck. I moved one hand under her thin blouse and up to a bare breast. Her nipple was hard, and I pinched it and rolled it between my fingers. My other hand traced a path down her stomach to the waistband of her shorts. I unbuttoned them and she shook her hips and allowed them to fall to the floor. My kisses were having the desired affect as my hand found her panty clad vag and it was already moist. Her thin panties pushed to the side; I entered my sister with a pair of fingers. She tensed for a second until her juices lubed my dry digits and allowed them to slide with less friction.

“I almost couldn’t wait any longer,” I groaned into her ear. She responded by pushing her rear back into me harder and grinding her bare ass cheeks against my pants.

“Take your pants off. Let me see it” Em was not asking.

I released her from my grip and stripped away my clothes. Em unbuttoned her blouse and opened it wide to reveal her beautiful breasts. She shrugged her shoulders and the dainty fabric fluttered to the floor. I moved to her and took her in my arms kissing her soft lips. My hands grabbed her ass and pulled her cheeks wide apart. My cock, now rock hard, slipped between her thighs, which she clamped snugly to hold my meat in place.

“Em, I want to fuck you so badly,” I begged. I could feel her warmth on my manhood. “Please.” I moved my kisses to her neck. I nibbled her ear lobe. She responded by placing one small hand around the still exposed shaft of my dick and stroking it quickly. “Mmmmm,” I moaned, “Oh yeah sis that feels good!”

“IF,” she started, still jerking me feverishly, “IF you were to enter me right now, all I’d get is a triple double. Three pumps and two apologies. You’re horny as hell. I read in Cosmo on the flight over here that men last longer after they’ve cum once. So here’s the deal stud. IF I decide you get to be my first, you have to last long enough for me to enjoy it. AND you have to treat me like a lady beforehand.”

My balls were churning and just the thought of being able to have actual sex with my little sister was getting me dangerously close. “Tell me what you want. I’ll do anything.” I pleaded.

“I’ll explain after, right now just enjoy the moment.” She pushed me back to the bed and onto my back. My petite sister climbed onto the bed and straddled me. She hovered her pussy just above my glistening cockhead. I watched in awe as she lowered herself to the point where my cock just touched her pussy lips. When I raised my hips up, she put her hands on my pelvis and pushed me back down. Once I was back flush to the bed, she took one hand and started stroking me, and the other played with her pussy. Occasionally she’d lower herself enough to slide my helmet between her lips to collect some lube. The feeling was sensational. I put my hands behind my head to prop it up and watch the show. Em’s eyes were closed, and she was coated in a light sweat after only a few minutes of pleasuring us. As I would get close and flex my abs, she would slow her pace, or release me all together, but she never stopped massaging her clit.

“Oh Em I’m gunna cum,” I whispered. I never wanted this feeling to end but I knew it was close to. She dipped her hips down again, allowing the tip to slip in just a little. Back off it she went for two strokes, then back down onto me. I could see almost my whole deep red head disappear into her folds. She used her hand to rub my head against her clit in small circles. This triggered her orgasm. Her grip on me tightened. Her pace increased. I felt my balls clench tightly and then I saw stars. My cock exploded. Days of pent-up semen gushed from me all over my sisters pussy and down to my pelvis. She slapped my dick against her a few times as we were both coming down from our much-needed orgasms.

Em flopped on top of me. Her warm and sweaty body both surprising me and sticking to my dryer skin. She was out of breath. I held her tightly and planted small kisses on her face but neither of us spoke. It was a perfect moment. Our bodies were intertwined, with our mutual fluids mixing together and causing a mess.

Eventually we got up and threw our clothes back on. Em’s blonde hair was a tussled mess, but she still looked great. I showered in the parents’ room while Em showered upstairs. When I returned to our room, I sat on the bed in just a large towel that was wrapped around my waist. It felt too hot to dress at the moment and I let the circulating air try to dry my skin. Em emerged from the bathroom shortly after. She stepped into the room completely nude. We both smiled and she walked past me to the large closet. She opened the door and inside was a full-length mirror. I couldn’t take my eyes off her amazing body. As she thumbed through her outfits that were hanging up, she would occasionally look into the mirror and smile at me as I just stared at her. Once she ***********ed a white sundress with floral print on it, she slipped on a pair of white thongs and slid the dress over her head.

“No Bra?”I enquired.

“No. It’s too hot.”

“Very hot,” I retorted. We both laughed. “What should I wear?”

“Well,” Em said. “I want this to be a special day. A date if you will. So, I want you to look as good as I do.” As she said that she made a full spin and her sundress lifted just high enough for me to catch a glimpse of her panties and ass cheeks.

“Look as good as you? Not possible Em. You are gorgeous.” She really was. She pulled her hair back and up, so it was off her neck. Her dress had a low, but not revealing neckline. She looked elegant yet sexy. I stood and dropped my towel; I was semi erect after watching her dress. Em noticed and raised an eyebrow?

“Is that from me?” she asked.

“Always” I replied.

I went to my closet that was across the room and by my bed. I slipped on some black boxer briefs and socks. As I was searching my wardrobe Em came over to me and sorted through my clothes with me. Most of the stuff I brought was not fancy at all. She slightly pushed me out of the way and kept digging. Eventually she found me an outfit of dark shorts, and a light tan shirt. I dressed while she watched me. We had become so comfortable around each other that dressing in front of her felt normal now.

By the time we left the house it was late morning. We walked awhile until we came to some shops my sister wanted to go through. For an hour she bounced from store to store but ended up buying nothing. After the shops there was a bridge, we took over a canal and into another small plaza with shops there as well. I noticed a café with outdoor seating and umbrellas, and we decided to grab a snack. We ordered and sat people watching for a bit. The shade felt good as the hottest part of the day approached. Em spotted a shop with dresses, and I gave her most of the Euros dad gave us so she could buy something nice. I stayed in the shade sipping my drink.

Later she returned with shopping bags and wearing a wide brimmed hat and sunglasses. She had obviously been enjoying her shopping time. We gathered everything and went back to our place. We unpacked her stuff and watched some TV while we cooled off. It got to be late afternoon and we were both getting hungry. We had yet to venture east toward the Grand Canal area. We were told it would be full of tourists and overpriced shops, but that would also have the most places to eat a nice dinner.

As we walked along one of the smaller canals Em grabbed my hand and held it. From a distance we looked like any other couple. We made small talk and stopped a few different spots to take in scenery or explore a small shop. Each time we got back on the path she would take my hand. It was a small, but intimate gesture. I felt more connected to her than ever.

When we got to the main plaza, we both were shocked by its size, and how crowded it was. There must have been thousands of people. They were everywhere. Every place that served food had a line waiting to be seated. As it was close to 6pm now I did expect a crowd, but this was insane.

“What should we do?” Em asked me. “It’s so crowded.”

“Well, I guess we keep walking, maybe head away from all the popular places?” We saw a tourist map on the wall by a shop. I traced my finger to where we were, and then scanned around there for something off the beaten path. Restaurants were marked with red dots, and just a few blocks away there was a cluster of them. “Let’s try here.” I pointed. Em nodded in agreement, took my hand, and pulled me toward our destination. Once out of the main plaza area it immediately got quieter. A block away and it was almost silence between the buildings. We could smell dinners being made and hear laughter as we passed the small apartments with their open windows.

Soon we cam to the small intersection of 2 canals that had 4 spanned bridges. Off the corner of one of them sat a fancier looking eatery that had indoor seats as well as a patio area. We stopped there and after a brief wait were seated on the back patio by a small fountain. Our waiter was a joy. He spoke English and was very friendly. He referred to us several times as a couple and we went with it. He brought us the house wine even though we clearly weren’t old enough. When he set it down and I gave him a curious look he said, “Old enough to be in love, old enough for the house wine, eh?”

“Is it that obvious?’ I asked Em when he had gone.

“Yeah, I guess. You’ve been grinning at me the entire time.” She laughed.

“I guess I can’t help it. You are beautiful. And I want to remember our first date.” Her face lit up when I said that.

“I’ve never been on a proper date before. I hope I do ok.” She flashed her large smile.

We continued small talk as dinner came and went. We both drank 2 glasses of wine with dinner. I could feel the heavy red liquid messing with my head. I decided not to have any more but poured Em another.

“Are you trying to get me drunk Keith?” Her cheeks were red, and I figured with how small she was she may be already.

“No just wanted you to enjoy all this. It’s been a great day, and maybe it will be a great night, who knows.”

“You don’t need to get me drunk to find out.” She winked at me, and I got a lump in my throat. I motioned for the waiter, and we got the check and left. The walk back was slower. We stopped a lot to look over the bridges or sneak a kiss by a fountain or shop. Soon we were back at the house. It was close to dark and as we made our way inside.

We entered the second floor and could feel the cooler air. The temp outside was still close to 90 but the second floor felt like heaven. I kicked my shoes off by the door and turned around to check on Em. On the floor, by the stairs to the third level, her dress was laying on the ground. I pulled off my shirt and dropped it next to her sundress and made my way upstairs. At the third floor landing the double door to our parents’ room was opened slightly and the light was pouring out into the darkening hallway. I entered and Em was standing there, her back against the bed post, legs slightly crossed and completely naked. Her tiny panties were in her hand. I started toward her, but she raised her hand.

“This all started because you were obsessed with my panties.” Her face was glowing, and she smiled wide. “So, you get to keep these. A reward for being a gentleman on our first date.” She flung them at me and I snatched them out of the air, and put them to my nose to smell her scent. “Now I want to give you something else as a reward.” She uncrossed her legs. My eyes fell to her bare pussy. She walked toward me and with both hands she undid my belt, and in a single motion pulled my shorts and boxers down.

One we were both completely naked, she grabbed my hardening penis, and led me like a dog on a leash to the bed. Once there she laid down and I slid next to her. We started kissing while my hand instinctively went right to her pussy. I found her willing opening and started slowly working my fingers around it. Em played with my balls lightly. She rubbed them and then would tug a little, then go back to rubbing in circles. I was surprised how quickly Em became excited. Very quickly her sex became hot and wet. I buried my two fingers into her easily. She had loosened up some since we first started our fooling around. I wondered if my dick would fit.

Em broke our kiss, she slid down my body until her mouth hovered over my cock. She took me into her mouth, gently at first, and started sucking me off. Her head moved about until my entire shaft was covered in slippery saliva. The she moved back up next to me, and rolled onto her back, legs spread slightly.

I moved down between her thighs and rolled myself onto her. I scooted forward a little on my knees until my cock head was placed at the entrance to her warm, waiting pussy.

“I love you.” I said.

“I love you too big brother. Be gentle please?” she responded.

I focused my eyes on her pussy. With my hand I spread her lips apart slightly and heard her inhale. I rubbed the head along the length of her pussy, scooping up some of her pussy juices to mix with her spit already on my cock. As I bumped her sensitive clit she jumped, then giggled a little. I continued a few more passes up and down. Finally, on a down slide, I stopped at her hole. I looked my little sister in the eyes and she just nodded, biting her lower lips slightly. With little effort I slipped my head into her. I had done this once before and the feeling was just as amazing. Without even trying my cockhead slipped into her. As I pushed a little, I could feel the tunnel narrowing. After two inches it got tight. I pulled back out to my tip, then slid myself back in, going just a fraction of an inch further than before.

“Ohhhhh….” Em moaned. “Oh that feels so big!” Her words made me feel like a God. I continued the in and out, slowly, working into her.

“It’s not all going to fit sis,” I said, half complaining. “You are so fucking tight now and I’m not halfway.”

“Please, just keep going. It hurts but in a good way.” She moved a hand to her pussy and used her middle finger to massage her clit.

I hooked my hands behind her knees and pushed her legs up higher in the air, and more back towards her head a little. This seemed to open her up some. My next dozen stroked I managed to get halfway into her. Suddenly she made some grunting noises.

“Yes, oh yes, fuck, cumming!” She yelled. I held steady in place. I felt her vaginal walls spasm around my cock it felt wonderful. Her legs wrapped tight around my mid section as she rode wave after wave of her intense orgasm. “Ohh shit that felt great. Holy fuck!” She exclaimed. As she relaxed a bit a continued my push into her, It was slightly easier now. After about a dozen shorter strokes, I was almost all the way in her. She felt amazing. The softness and warmth I felt engulfing my cock was unparalleled.

“Oh God I feel so full” Em blurted out. I had maybe an inch left that I just couldn’t get into her. I pulled all the way out, then pushed back in with more force. Em grunted as I filled her with my cock. I was in. I pulled back out and went all the way in again. “Yeah Keith, fuck me.” She begged. I picked up a rhythm. Slowly at first a few full strokes in and out the I moved a little faster. The quicker the pace, the better it felt for me. I knew I couldn’t last. I stopped and repositioned her hips, putting her feet behind my head.

With this new angle I was able to fuck my baby sister proper. I slid in and out at a decent pace, her pussy gripping me tightly the entire time. I few times I bottomed out and she grunted in pain, so I tried to avoid being to rough. Her tits jiggled as she rocked back and forth to the rhythm of my hips. Her eyes were closed but her mouth was open as she moaned aloud. I let out my own series of grunts as I worked toward my climax.

“Gunn cum soon.” I said as I was gasping for breath. I had worked up a sweat by now too. “Em baby, gunna…oh gunna cum”. I held a steady rhythm in and out of her.

“Same!” she yelled, and that only pushed me closer to the edge. She moved her feet from behind my head and spread her legs wide. Her hand went back to her now enflamed love button. With her legs spread so wide I was easily able to get in and out of her with a quicker tempo. My hands rested on the backs of her thighs, and as I pushed on them her legs spread even wider. We were fucking hard now and making a slopping wet suction sound with each thrust.

Suddenly I pushed into her as deep as I could, and my body went rigid and my balls exploded and I shot load after load of hot cum into her womb. Em screamed in ecstasy as she herself reached another orgasm and together we came hard. I slid myself out a few inches and her hand met my still hard shaft, and she stroked me while I was still inside of her, milking the last drops of cum I had left in me, into her.

Finally my deflated penis slid from her with a plop. She jumped up and ran to the bathroom. I became concerned thinking I’d hurt her.

“Are you ok?” I asked.

“I’m surprised I can even walk,” She shouted from the master bath, “But I have to pee so badly, and your cum is just pouring out of me too. Better to keep it of their bed.” She was right. I laid back all sweaty and exhausted from my first fuck. When my sister was done cleaning herself, she joined me on the bed. We kissed for several minutes.

“That was the best date I’ve ever had,” I said jokingly.

“Just wait for our second date.” My sister replied. “Now I know what it feels like to be fucked, and I don’t want to stop.”


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