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The spell begins to spread across the midwest
Thanks for all the feedback! I see some people are having a hard time finding all the links, should I post the story as one post once I am done?

Dave 8

Sacramento highschool 10 am Monday, Jill Sharp went from group to group of amorous school children.

"Put your mask back on!'' She yelled this phrase over and over, quivering with rage over the students defying her orders. "Stop kissing, put your shirt back on, get that out of your mouth! Jamie don't go in the boys locker room!"

None of them paid attention to her, most pretending that her voice was too muffled by her own black mask. Someone ran past and snatched her mask away.

"Give that back!" she screamed her voice shrill in panic. She did not see the cheerleader step up behind her and kiss the palm of her own hand.

Sylvia Wiss had always hated this self righteous bitch she clamped her hand over the teachers flapping lips. Using the same hand she turned the teachers head to face her.

"Calm down Sharp, can I take of your shirt and bra?" Jill could not think of a good argument, her mouth tingling.

"Yes that would be fine." She said breathlessly

"Goody!" Silvia said with a giggle and began to strip the teacher from the waist up.

Behind Sylvia, a girl from the drama club was sitting on her plump ass sucking the dick of one of the boys from the chess club.

"There," Sylvia said admiring her work. ``You really are sharp looking."

the teacher was pale and thin but, her C-cup tits were like cones with bright pink nipples.

"Why don't you come to the boys locker room with me?" Holding hands the teacher and the teen girl went into the boys locker room, they received a warm welcome.

David was in his own room, he had gotten his whole weeks worth of homeschooling done by noon. His sister and Lola were in her room doing schoolwork as well.

Once he was done he turned to his web page to check on offers for the books. There was already a 2400$ offer on the Oliver twist book. Dave turned it down; he hated low ball offers.

There was another offer, this one from one of the colleges he was interested in. They offered to have the book appraised and certified for free. If the book was real they offered him a full 4 year scholarship tuition and book fees in trade for the book!

A PDF of the contract was available for download for his lawyer to look at.

Julie came into the room since the door was open, stark naked as was her new usual.

,"What you printing big brother?" she asked with a sloppy kiss that tasted like Lola's pussy.

After explaining she was excited. "Wow! I hope it's real!"

"I think it is, they don't know about the private journal yet."

Bringing out the book he thumbed through the brittle pages with care to the last entry.

"Hmm," he said.

"What?" Julie asked.

The last entry talked about the spell he had seen. David began to read aloud

"It says; The whore made an offer for her life. She had the nerve to say that if we all would fornicate it would cure the pox and all other ills. I have kept the scrap if paper with her lie on it to show the magistrate."

Julie looked at David. "Did that jerk doom people for ages because he was a limp dick?"

,"Sounds like it, how does my face look ?"

"What? Well sexy as ever." She said with a smile

"No no I mean I had a bit of acne, is it gone?"

Looking close she said. "Yeah, not even a scare left!"

Jumping up with a start he shouted. "Lola come here please!"

"What?" said the dark skinned and half naked girl, as per usual she had a long sleeve shirt on.

"Can I see your arm?"

Looking a little panicked she asked "why?"

Julie was catching on. "just to show him baby, it's ok."

Looking unhappy she pushed up the sleeve. They all looked on in Stark wonder and the smooth skin. Quickly taking off her shirt and Poking at her arm.

"What the Hell?"

David felt like ice water had splashed on him, he started to think haed.

"Wait, I found the paper Friday and kissed Julie and mom. Julie kissed you Saturday. Julie, have other of you kissed anyone else?"

Julie blushed to her waist. "I kissed the pizza guy."

David started doing math in his head. "f(x) = 2x this is a double cascade."

Both girls looked a little confused.

David said "We want to kiss people who are not under the spell. Kissing spreads it 100%. It's been 3 days, the pizza guy works at a public restaurant. I bet they move 300 a day plus employees. Delivery guys have to be on board by now."

He started to pace. "Lola, have you seen people perform public affection more than usual?"

"Oh yeah all over even, two boys."

David began to talk louder. "We are less than 2 hours from an international airport!"

"So? Said Julie, "we have spread love and a cure for sickness."

"True, he agreed I wonder if anyone will notice and try a quarantine? I mean with the covid lie out people are already paranoid."

David sat at his computer and called up a free game that is a simulation of a world wide plague. Setting the parameters to 100% contagion with the infected willingly spreading the disease.

"72 hours give or take. It could be as little as 2500 people or as much as half a million."

Going to the window he looked out, the street was empty as a ghost town. The girls joined him, "Where is everyone?" asked Lola.

"I bet they are all inside fucking!" Julie giggled. "Come on let's do the same. I need some orgasms after all the class work." The three young people headed to the big bed in the master bedroom.

1500 miles away a 747 landed at Albuquerque NM. All 500 passengers and crew quickly got dressed and masks haphazardly in place. Numbers and email addresses exchanged before disembarking.

David could not know that his coefficient was woefully low the real number of people in the thrall of the spell was well over 1.3 million now.

The wave of passengers spread over the airport hugs and kisses exchanged with friends,family, and complete strangers, Ensured that every out bound plane carried the spell.

Dr Evelyn Maxwell was having the worst day of her career, so were the other two doctors as far as she knew. They all worked in the same small office the small town of yelm Washington.

More than half of all the patients and canceled their appointment for the day. Every single one claiming they feel better than they ever had in their lives. The receptionist tried to explain that they would have to be billed for canceling it the last minute, almost all of them rudely told them to try and collect it.

The majority of the patients who didn't show up only did so in order to tell her and her fellow doctors about how well they were doing. And how bad a job the medical profession had done and helping them before now.

She couldn't explain it, two of her patients were wheelchair bound last she had seen them. Both of those patients walked in under their own power.

Dr Maxwell thoroughly believed and strictly followed all the covid guidelines. She maintained a six foot distance from her patients as much as possible.

More upsetting was that patients were constant attempting to try to kiss her hands. At this point she was now wearing two layers of rubber gloves.

Now Evelyn sat terrified in her office. She was certain she could hear two people in the room next door having sex, in the doctor's office!

At this point she wasn't sure if she had gone crazy, or the rest of the world had. Someone knocked on the door, one of her nurses asked to come in.

Hesitantly granting entry Dr Maxwell allowed the plump receptionist to come in. She was a tall woman with short hair and lots of tattoos. Maxwell had never really approved of hiring her.

"What is it Irene?" Maxwell asked,"Another cancellation?"

"No," the taller woman said smoothing her dress. Evelyn noticed that it was rather wrinkled.

" I just came to see if you needed anything: coffee, tea, maybe a hug?"

"What on Earth has gotten into everyone, why are you wearing a mask?" demanded Maxwell. "Has everyone lost their ever loving mind?" He voice was shaking with fear now.

"No." Irene said, flashing a stunning smile.

"All this seems rather silly. Everyone seems to be so much better. Sometimes it's simple hug and a kiss make you feel better than anything else right?

Evelyn realized that she had gotten up from her desk and back into a corner during this conversation. Nurse Irene was slowly making her way across the room.

Maxwell tried to dodge, Irene was much quicker and stronger than she looked. Part of the reason the other doctors had hired her was her ability to help restrain over excited patients.

The larger woman placed her hands on Evelyn's shoulders and said. "Look at you, you're shaking like a leaf." Dr Maxwell could smell the faint smell of roses.

"Everything's just so strange today." she confessed, " What good will

I be if no one is ever sick?"

Ireane slowly brought the smaller woman within the circle of her arms, hugging her to her breasts. Dr Maxwell turned her head up face woman who gently kissed her on the mouth.

"There isn't that better?"

Maxwell wondered what she had been so upset about. "Yes I can feel much better, were you always this pretty?"

Roscoe was just getting done with his meal at waffle house when someone tapped him on the shoulder. When he turned to looked a cute young girl leaned in and kisses him on the lips. Taken aback he asked " Excuse me do I know you?"

"I am Melissa I am working my way across country to Florida. Can I get a ride?" She had reached out and ran her had down his chest.

"I am married with a girl almost your age.'' he said, his cock growing hard in his pants.

"Oh goody," she said "I like girls as much as men. Can we go now?"

He dropped money on the table and headed out the girl close behind no one seamed to look or even care. The staff was way more flirty than he remembered, and so was every customer.

Many people were holding hands or kissing. He could swear a couple was heading to the bathroom together.

Once inside his pickup the girl slid over to the middle seat, "Oh I love these old trucks," she said. "The seats are so big you can lay down on them."

Roscoe pulled out on the road trying to not wreck the truck, as the girls clever hands unbuckled his belt. On the highway she took out his stiff prick and squeezed it hard as she slowly jacked it up and down.

"Do you know a quiet place we can pull off and test the seat?" She said with a smile.

"Yes," he said almost panting. "New Mexico has lots of places no one goes." She leaned up to lick his ear and whispered, " Good, find one so I can taste your cock."

Melissa had a dress on that had buttons all the way down the front and she started to undo the buttons. She kicked her slip on shoes into the floor board and showed him that she had nothing on under the dress. Her shapely legs parted to revel her small puffy mound with a light dusting of hair.

Her deep brown eyes looked at him. "Do you like what you see?"

"Yes," he said, `` why did you pick me?"

"You look a little like my daddy, he lives in Florida, I am going there to fuck him. My mom lives in Washington and has been pimping me out for drugs so I decided to go fuck some one who loves me."

Once off the main road Melissa had stripped naked and was now masturbating herself and Roscoe while he looked for a secluded spot. He had not been able to hold an erection this long in years. He knew it might be from the extremely taboo situation, but he did not think so.

Arriving at last at a grove of scrub pine trees he shut off the engine and took off his jeans.

The little girl all but smashed her face into his crotch, taking his cock half way down her throat. As she worked her face up and down she encouraged him to move to the middle of the seat. After another feverish minute of sucking him off she came up for air and climbed into the seat.

Her little bare feet on each side of his hips the little brunette put her hands on his broad shoulders and said " guide me in daddy" as she began to squat down on his wet dick. She plunged down on his cock in one motion. Rosco felt like a fist with a velvet glove had clamped down on him.

"Oh fuck me daddy, fuck me hard." Panted the girl, her A cup tits scrubbing against his work shirt.

The old mechanic grabbed her narrow waist and began to thrust her up and down on his steel hard prick. He was amazed, he was harder than he has been in 15 years!

The old truck was rocking on its springs and the sound of slapping flesh filled the cabin. The girls tight pussy was drooling on his lap, as she reached down to rub her clit with her left hand.

Rosco dropped his hands to her ass and clutched a firm butt cheek in each hand. The girl was practically jumping up and he would slam her back down.

Melissa screamed and came squirting in his lap her tight pussy clamping painfully on his cock. Cum shot out of his balls with the same gusto it had when he was a teenager.

The spot between the two lovers was wet and splashing as his young lover continued to pound up and down on him as she orgasmed once more as he started to deflate.

Like a felled tree the girl slowly tipped to one side still twitching. "God I needed that, now take me to your house so I can watch you fuck your daughter. Afterwards I will eat your cum out of her."

Rosco had been suffering from ED for years and kind of doubted he would get it up again.

16 minuets later they were in sight of his house. Melissa lay in the seat sucking his hard prick with her dress on but unbuttoned.

The girl stayed in his truck as Roscoe tucked his raging cock away and went to kiss his confused daughter and angry wife.

After a moment his wife told him, " Bring that sexy little bitch in here, you are getting every man's fantasy tonight my love. The 3 of us are going to fuck you till the sun comes up."
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