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After getting my first taste of Indian pussy

I would venture to India. What could go wrong.
Hi my name is Ralph. I am a light skinned Black man. I am 6-3 and weigh 215 pounds. I am 65 years old and retired from work. After retiring, this is how I almost got killed when I went to India for six months.

Part 1:

I made my money as I was the owner of a computer technical computer.

I started and owned that company for ten years before I sold it and retired. During that time 70 percent of my workforce was Indian and from that 20 percent of them were female. Most of the female were married. About 7 Indian female were not. I always encouraged group luncheons or after work parties.

But once a month on Fridays I would rent a private room at a restaurant or bar. Everyone always had a great time. I would also make sure that no one over did it when came to drinking.

I would learn a lot about India. I would hear stories from both the men and women. Some of the stories I could not believe. I especially loved it when the unmarried Indian women would tell me some of the stories. They didn’t think of me of someone that was trying to get into their pants but honestly I would have love to fuck one of them senseless. Especially Kavita.

Kavita was a perfect dream for me. She was a long statuesque

woman at 5-11. She weighed about 150-155 pounds. A nice rounded ass which was uncommon for young Indian women. She had tits that were approaching 34 D. A damn pretty face and smile. Enchanting eyes and long shiny jet black hair that she wore in a ponytail. I often wondered why she wasn’t married. Sometimes she would smile at me and my dick would get hard instantly. I would smile and then walk away as I did not want to let her see the bulge in my pants.

Once a New Year’s Eve party got a little out of hand. Varni one of the unmarried Indian got a bit too tipsy. So at the end of the party Kavita asked me could I help take Varni home. I said of course. So then I said we will take my car and take her home then we can do one of two things. Drive back to get your car or I can drive you home. Kavita said you can drive me back to get my car as Varni does not live that far from here. So the party has ended and both carried Varni to snd from the car. We took her up to her apartment. Then Kavita covered her up. We locked the door and slipped the key under the door. Then I drove Kavita back to her car. Then I waited for her to drive off. I waited for up to 5 minutes then I got out of my car and approached her. I asked her what was going on. Kavita said that her car won’t start. I said look I will drive you home. Kavita said thanks Ralph I really appreciate that. So Kavita gave me the directions snd we we off.

Once we got to Kavita’s building front door, Kavita said I know you must be really tired, do you want to come upstairs for a while to rest before you drive home. I said yes that would be nice. So Kavita had me park the car in the guest parking area. Now we got to Kavita’s apartment. Kavita said sit down and make yourself comfortable.

Kavita asked me if I wanted a cold glass of water. Once again I said that would be nice. Somewhere along the line I dozed off. So around 4:30 AM I woke up and had to go to the bathroom. As I walked down the hall I looked into each room looking for the bathroom. Then one door had a night lite on. I looked in and to my surprise it was Kavita laying in the bed. The sheet had been pushed to the side and I could see her nice tits , at least one of them. She had 50 cent sized aureole and a finger tip sized dark brown nipple. I gawked at her mellon sized tits for 20-30 seconds.

WOW , what a mouthful.

Then I moved on to the next door where I found the bathroom. Then I unloaded the beers that I had been drinking.

I then returned to the couch and went back to sleep.

I was woken up by Kavita saying hey sleepy head wake up. Kavita had on shorts and a tee shirt. She was also wearing flip flops.

I got up and said sorry I must have been very very tired. Kavita said yep, you dozed off 10 minutes after you sat down on the couch. I just put a blanket over you and I went to bed.

Kavita asked me did I get up during the night. I said yes I had to use the bathroom. I then said let me wash my face and then I can drive home. Kavita said what’s the rush , I made breakfast for us. I said WOW that was is nice. But I still have to wash my face. Kavita said let me get you a tooth brush and a face cloth. So I washed up and sat down at the kitchen table.

Kavita made scrambled eggs , toast and had various fruits in addition to tea.

At the table we talked about the party and then the conversation quickly turned to things that happen in India.

The conversation started like this. Kavita said did you know that parents sell their daughters.

For cash or a dowry for marriage. In the case of case if a stranger were to offer a good amount of money the parents would agree to the proposition.

He would then take her and do what he pleased with her. I said wow that is so dreadful. Then Kavita went into detail and said some of these girls were young, shameful.

I then said to Kavita, so you were lucky.

I then said well it’s about time that I hit the road.

Kavita then said wait, I want to go into the city but please let me take a shower first. I said no problem I’m not in a rush. Kavita took her shower as I waited in the living room. Then Kavita came out of the bathroom with a towel wrapped around her. She marched across the living room. I then whistled.Kavita said what are you whistling at. Then I said your nice long legs and your nice ass.

Kavita said you are bold. I then said it’s easy to compliment such beauty.

Then Kavita dropped the bottle of hair conditioner and suddenly reached for the dropped bottle. That sudden movement caused her towel to come loose and also fall to the floor. Embarrassed Kavita reached for the towel but it was too late. Wow I could now see Kavita totally naked. She looked at me and I blew her a kiss and said wow you are truly beautiful.

Kavita started blushing. She went to wrap the towel around her that she just picked up. I then said please don’t wrap it around you. I just want to look at your gorgeous tits. Kavita said I thought you got a good look last night. I said I did and so you were awake. Yes I heard someone bumbling around.

So you like my tits. I said yes they are lovely. Boy what I would give to have those in my mouth.

Kavita said would you give me a promotion. I then said well that would be starters for you to get a promotion. Kavita then started moving slowly towards me. Then she holds up both her tits and smiles at me and said I hope you can handle this. I slowly moved toward Kavita. Kavita thought that I was going to caress , lick and suck on her nice tits. I guess I shocked her as I dropped to my knees, parted her bushy , silky pussy hairs and started running my hot long tongue up and down her pussy slit. Kavita gasped as my hot tongue passed over her clit. Kavita then spread her legs wider to give me more access to her now wet pussy. Then she held the top of my head as she leaned against the living room wall. You could now hear the lapping sounds of me licking Kavita’s hot wet juicy pussy like a dog drinking water.

Yep I was a dog lapping up all of Kavita’s pussy juice. Three minutes if this and Kavita rewarded me by cumming in my mouth. Kavita took a deep breath as her orgasm subsided.

I now got up off my knees and started sucking on Kavita’s nice succulent tits.

Kavita loved this as her nipples were now standing at attention.

With my right hand I unbuckled my pants and unzipped them. I let my pants drop to the floor and then I removed my underwear. By the time I was doing all of this, I now had my cum coated , pussy juice coated tongue in Kavita’s mouth. My left hand was massaging Kavita’s right nipple. I then took my hardened dick and ran it ip and down Kavita’s dripping wet pussy slit. Kavita gasped as she now had her arms wrapped around my neck. After massaging Kavita’s pussy slit with the head of my 7 inch dick, I slipped the head of my dick into Kavita’s tight pussy hole. Kavita held me tighter as she gasped again. Kavita softly kiss me on my neck. By this time I had 5 inches of my 7 inch dick up in Kavita’s tight pussy hole.

I was now fucking her good. Then it happened. Kavita was cumming but she started peeing all over me and my dick. I thought at first that she was squirting, so I continued fucking her.

Kavita was embarrassed so she pushed me away and said I am so embarrassed and then she also said sorry. Kavita had said that she just peed. I said to myself damn. I then looked at my pants on the floor and they were soaked from Kavita urinating on them.

Kavita said sorry as she led me to her bathroom. She gave me a wash cloth and towel. She turned on the shower and said that she would put my clothes in the washer.

As Kavita was leaving I reach for her arm and lured her into the shower with me. I had Kavita’s back against my chest. My still hardened dick was poking Kavita right in her ass crack. I then started soaping up her nice tits. I could feel her nipples getting hard. I could hear Kavita moaning as she had now started grinding her ass into my dick. I then kissed Kavita on her neck. My right hand has now moved to her juicy pussy. I was now massaging her clit. In 5 minutes Kavita came for me for the second time. I then turned Kavita around and placed my hands on her shoulders. Kavita got the message and slowly dropped to her knees. Without using her hands , Kavita has now got 3 inches of my dick in her mouth. What a wonderful sight to see Kavita’s pretty lips wrapped around my 7 inch dick.

Then Kavita started using her hands as she was now stoking my dick while she was sucking it. Four minutes later I unloaded more than a mouthful of my hot sticky cum deep into Kavita’s warm mouth. Kavita then punched me and yelled you came in my mouth. I then immediately said sorry, but I wasn’t lol. I just wanted to know if she was that mad , why did she swallow almost all of my cum.

So after washing up we then get out of the shower. We both have towels wrapped around us.

I then grab Kavita push her against the bathroom wall, remove her towel and once again drop to my knees and started to devour Kavita’s pussy.

Kavita cums in my mouth almost instantly. Gasping for air Kavita leads me into her bedroom. Kavita pushes me onto her big soft king sized bed. Kavita then started sucking my dick again.

I was stunned that she would start sucking my dick again especially after she was mad at me for cumming in her mouth.

Nevertheless she was licking and sucking away. After 5 minutes I told her I was cumming Kavita just kept on sucking. Then I once again unloaded my hot sticky cum in her warm mouth yet again. Even though I had just cum Kavita kept on sucking. Kavita was draining the remaining cum out of my dick canal. Then she licked clean my dick as she lapped my cum off of my simi hard dick. I in no way said I’m sorry this time but boldly said now that’s the way to suck this dick. I hoped you liked it this time. Kavita just smiled as she wiped some of my cum from her lips with her fingers. Then Kavita stuck her fingers in her mouth and sucked the my cum off of her fingers. WOW.

My dick was now like a wounded solder. Limp , laying in the battlefield unresponsive to anything. Yes Kavita had done a masterful job of sucking my dick. She totally put my dick to sleep. I wondered to myself how did she learn to suck dick that good. She was not the angel in the office as she projected. Damn she was good.

I was now encircling my hot tongue around the nipples of Kavita’s nicely round tits.

I once again had Kavita’s nipples standing at attention.

I now had Kavita moaning in her own bed. I then started massaging Kavita’s nice warm pussy slit. Then I started massaging her clit. Kavita came for me once again. Kavita was once again gasping for air. I did not stop there I inserted two fingers inside Kavita’s tight pussy hole. Kavita was trying to stop me from the intrusion of her sensitive pussy with my fingers. I held her down as I started massaging her G Spot. Kavita was twisting and turning trying to get me to stop. She was also pleading for me to stop. Her pleads fell on deaf ears as I kept on massaging her G Spot. Then 30 seconds later I heard her moan. Then she moaned again and then again. Kavita’s legs were now wide open. Her ass was grinding in the bed as she wiggled side to side. Then she heaved her ass up into the air as she came all over my fingers. She held her ass up off the bed for about 10 seconds then plopped that nice round ass onto her bed.

I could now see her pussy juice running down her throbbing pussy slit. I looked at Kavita’s face only to see a look of total bliss. Her eyes were still closed as she was breathing deeply.

But now I knew that Kavita needed to be fucked. So that’s exactly what I did. I eased down between Kavita’s opened legs and shoved my 7 inch dick directly into Kavita’s pussy hole.

Kavita yelled out loud as she grabbed me. I then shoved my tongue into her mouth. Her grasp on me became tighter as I was now giving her the dick she wanted , the dick she needed. I had all 7 inches of my dick buried into Kavita’s tight pussy hole. I was hitting Kavita’s cervix and she was loving it as she called me baby and said baby just like that. I knew I was fucking her good. When she continuously kissed me on my neck. She also had her legs wrapped around my ass and locked with her feet.

Yes I was deep down in the canyons of her tight pussy hole as the fat head of my dick was massaging her cervix.

Six minutes of fucking her like that, Kavita came for me yet again and 4 minutes after that she came again. Hell I lost count on how many times she came. On my out stroke I could see that my dick was almost all white, covered with her cum.

Now after 20 minutes of fucking the shit out of Kavita I could now feel the swell of my balls. 30 seconds later I unloaded a ton of my hot cum deep down in Kavita’s pussy hole.

I then rolled off of Kavita as I was now exhausted. Kavita eased down between my legs and started sucking my dick. I could not understand what was going on in her head. Damn she once was mad at me for cumming in her mouth. I was puzzled but not complaining.

Then Kavita laid down by side.

Kavita then whispered that she has never been fucked that good in her entire life. Kavita also said that she really like sucking my big dick, wow 7 inches. Kavita then said she was mad at me for cumming in her mouth because her boyfriend’s cum was so salty. After yelling at me for cumming in her mouth Kavita realized that my cum tasted way much better than her boyfriend’s cum. So that explained why she was a cum swallowing slut with me. Kavita said that my cum really tasted good. Damn I spent the whole day making love and fucking Kavita. Soon it was time to leave. I told Kavita that she just got promoted. Kavita smiled. I would soon get dressed and then just like that I was on my way.

I would find out on Tuesday at work that Kavita in fact got her car fixed. A month later Kavita got her promotion.

Kavita invited back to her place to thank me for giving her the promised promotion. She was a bigger freak than I had imagined. She also wanted me to fuck get in the ass. But that’s a story for another time.

Part 2:

Be sure to check back in two weeks. My trip to India.
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