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New revelations and plans for the future.
It must have been a good ten minutes before any of us stirred. Jeff was flat out on his back, Mum was lying beside him, her head on his tummy as she nuzzled his flaccid cock. Dad was sitting up looking at one of Jeff’s magazines while playing with his cock. I crawled over to him to see what was in the magazine, not surprisingly it was full of girls and boys having sex with animals. Some of them looked younger than me.

I pointed to one photo of a boy with a Labrador knotted in his bum hole.

“I’d like to do that,” l said, “what about you Dad?”

“Mmmm,” he said, turning over a couple of pages to two photos, in one the girl was holding a horse’s cock, in the second she was covered from head to foot in white cum. “I’d like to do that,” he said. “Do you think we could get your mother to take a horse cock up her cunt?”

“Well she took my fist easy enough,” l said.

He went quiet for a few seconds. “David,” he said, “how do you really feel about me dressing like this, does it embarrass you?”

“No Dad,” l replied, “you know l love you, you are a great Dad. If doing that makes you happy then that’s great. Have you ever done it outside the house?”

“No l’ve never have the nerve,” he said. “I have gone to a couple of what they call cruising sites and sucked off cocks, twice l’ve been fucked but l was too nervous to dress up, l would love to do it though.”

“Well we’ll have to arrange something,” l said, “l’m sure Jeff will be able to sort something out.”

“I’m hungry!” Mum said, sitting up, “shall we order a takeaway.”

We decided on pizza and phoned the order through.

“I think you should answer the door naked when he comes,” Jeff said to Mum.

“Better still, what about Dad,” l said.

Dad went bright red but l could see the excitement on his face. Both Mum and Jeff thought that was a great idea. Mum took Dad out to the hall, kneeling and sucking his cock to make sure he was fully erect. I don’t think he needed any help though. I was keeping a lookout from an upstairs window and called down as soon as l saw the delivery guy enter the street. Mum made sure that Dad’s cock was fully on display then we all rushed into the lounge watching the action via the reflection in the hall mirror.

The doorbell went and Dad opened the door. The boy almost dropped the pizzas when he saw Dad. Mum almost burst out laughing. Dad took the pizzas then just stood there, so did the boy, staring at Dad’s cock.

“We paid by card on the phone,” Dad said, “but if you want a tip l’m happy to suck you off.”

Mum had to grab me and bury her face in my neck to stop herself from laughing. The boy hesitated, then stepped into the hall. Dad put the pizzas down then knelt in front of him. He unzipped his trousers and took out his cock, it was a nice size, about as big as mine. Dad set to work straight away, taking his full length into his mouth, the boy held his head and started fucking him. Dad put his hands behind the boy’s bottom and pulled him in hard with each thrust. It took less than a minute for the boy to cum. By the look of how hard Dad had to swallow l guessed that the boy had a good load of cum.

Dad sat back when the boy had finished, he asked him for his name and if he’d enjoyed it.

“My name is Oliver,” he said, “l did enjoy it, usually the men who want me want me to suck them, only my boyfriend sucks me off.”

“We’ll if you’re a good boy and don’t tell anyone, you can come back for another one or perhaps you would like to fuck me.”

“Could l?” He said excitedly, “l’ve only ever fucked my boyfriend. Can l tell him, can he come round too?”

“Okay,” Dad said, “but you have to keep it secret.”

“Oh l will,” he said, “can l say l think you look amazing, my boyfriend cross dresses but he doesn’t look as good as you, can l have a photo?”

He took his mobile phone out of his pocket. He must have seen the look on Dad’s face.

“I will only show my boyfriend,” he said.

“Okay,” Dad said, “but l will take one of you as well just in case.”

Dad stood back in the hall lifting his skirt to show his cock fully. Oliver took his photo.

Dad took his mobile off the hall table and Oliver posed with his trousers and pants round his ankles and his cock on display. Dad took his photo and Oliver got dressed.

Dad wrote down his mobile number on a piece of paper then gave it to Oliver, telling him to wait two days then to call and arrange for the two of them to come round. Oliver looked very excited as he went back to his moped and rode off.

When Dad came back into the lounge with the pizzas we all congratulated him for thinking on his feet like he did.

“I could tell by the way he looked at my cock that he was up for it,” Dad said, “l have to admit that being dressed like this made it so much better, l know l should have told you Mo,” he said, “also l’m so sorry l cheated on you by going out cruising but l was afraid of losing you when you found out what l was doing.”

“You silly man,” she said, reaching over and kissing him, “no more, okay, you tell me everything in future, if you want to go with men that’s okay with me as long as you still give me a good fucking.”

“Oh l never want to stop fucking you baby,” he said.

We all sat in a circle on the floor, Mum opened the pizza boxes.

“I’d like extra sauce on mine,” she said, giving me a cheeky grin.

“Don’t look at me Mum,” l said, “my balls are empty, if we wank over your pizza now we won’t have any spunk left for later.”

“I need more cocks, that’s the problem,” she laughed.

We laughed and chatted as we ate. I was so pleased that Mum and Dad accepted Jeff so easily. After the meal, Jeff shared out some magazines and we all discussed the contents.

“What do you think of that,” Jeff said to Mum, showing her a picture of the woman l’d thought looked like her only in that photo he was showing she was under a donkey with half his cock buried in her cunt.

“Wow!” Mum said, “that must feel so good.”

“Have you ever done it with an animal?” He asked.

“Not fucking,” she replied, “when l was a young girl we had a pet dog, he was a mongrel, medium sized, he used to sleep at the foot of my bed. I was playing with my pussy one night then fell asleep without covering myself with the quilt, l woke up when l felt him licking my pussy. I went to push him away but then it felt so good l just laid back and let him make me cum, l was only eleven then and had only just started seriously frigging myself.”

“I bet you let him do it every night after that,” Jeff laughed, “did you ever play with his cock?”

“Only to touch it,” she said, “l never made him cum, but it only lasted just over a month, he got run over and was badly injured, the vet had to put him to sleep.”

“That must have been sad,” he said, “did you ever play with another dog?”

“No,” she said, “l blamed myself for his accident, l decided it was all because l was doing naughty things with him.”

“So what about now,” he asked, “what do you think about being fucked by a dog?”

“David told me you two have been talking about that,” she said, “and Peter has been talking about it too.”

“Would you do it?” He said.

“I don’t see why not,” she replied, looking through the magazine, “all the women in here seem to be enjoying it, even the one with the donkey.”

“What would you say if l told you that l know a group of men and a couple of women, that would pay to watch you doing it live.”

“That sounds brilliant Jeff,” Dad said, “when can you set it up.”

“Hey!” Mum stopped him, “l think it should be my decision. What do you mean Jeff, you mean l would get paid like a whore.”

“Well, I suppose so,” he said, “But they would be paying me for me to go through the expense of setting it up, l have a friend who would film it all and either publish it as a DVD or put it on the internet, whichever you prefer.”

“So then everyone would see me,” she said, “this is only a small town Jeff, l wouldn’t be able to show my face on the high street.”

“Actually it wouldn’t be like that,” he said, “the people who would see it on the internet would never want it known that they were watching stuff like that. Think of the thrill of walking past people who have seen you getting fucked by a dog but are scared to admit it.”

“Oh go on baby,” Dad said, “say you’ll do it.”

“I don’t know,” l said, “l’m not going to make a decision yet, l wouldn’t mind being fucked by a dog for you to watch but to make it public like that….l don’t know…let me think about it.” She turned to Dad, “And don’t you try pressuring me or it will be you getting posted all over the internet, dressed like a cissy and with a dog up your arse.”

“That can be arranged as well,” Jeff laughed, “but fair enough, it’s a big decision, take your time, no pressure.”

We carried on looking through the magazines, commenting on the pictures. There was one in particular that caught my attention, it was a girl about my age sucking the cock of a German Shepherd. I was immediately comparing her to Alice Smith, thinking that if only l could get that stuck up bitch to do that.

Jeff saw me looking at the picture, he must have read my thoughts.

“Let me show you something that l think will give you the upper hand with that,” he said, opening his laptop. He inserted a thumb drive, opened a file then paused it. “David has already seen this one,” he said.

He pressed play and the picture came up, it was the inside of the door into the adult room. The door opened and Mr and Mrs Smith walked in.

“That’s Anna and Jack Smith,” Mum said, “he’s alright but l hate that woman with a passion she is such a gossip.”

“It’s the inside of my adult only area,” Jeff said.

“Wow!” Mum laughed, “who would have thought they would be in there, she’s such a prude, she had a go at me once for showing too much cleavage at a church meeting.”

“What the fuck were you doing at church Mum?” I laughed, “l like you on your knees but not to pray.”

“Stop it,” she giggled, punching me, “you shouldn’t talk to your mother like that.”

“How about ‘Open your legs l want to fuck you up your arse’ is that better?” I said giving her it a squeeze.

“Mmmmmm, don’t tempt me,” she giggled them bent down and kissed my cock.

Jeff pressed play and the cameras followed the Smiths around the room. As they ***********ed different magazines they giggled together. I noticed that this time Jeff had turned the sound on.

“Look at this one,” Mr Smith said, turning a magazine towards his wife, “how would you like that up your cunt.”

“That is a picture of a young girl being fucked by a huge black cock,” Jeff explained.

Mrs Smith looked at the picture and giggled, then looked up at her husband and kissed him, it was a deep kiss and Mr Smith groped her tits as they were kissing.

They moved to another camera.

“This is the young area,” Jeff said, “now listen carefully.”

Mrs Smith picked up a magazine while her husband undid the buttons on her blouse, pulled it open the pushed up her bra, her massive tits fell out.

“Fucking hell!” Dad shouted, “look at the size of those fuckers, l know she’s a bit fat but they are still fucking huge, l’m surprised she can stand up straight.”

We all laughed.

Mrs Smith turned the magazine to her husband. “She looks about the same age as Alice,” she said, “do you really think she was ready?”

Mr Smith looked at the photo as he was mauling her tits. It looked like he was playing with two huge lumps of dough, her nipples were enormous and he was pulling and twisting them. We could se that she had one hand on the front of his trousers.

“It has to be done,” he said, “l wasn’t having that Ellis boy popping her cherry, she tells me she can’t put him off much longer.”

She dropped the magazine and started to undo his trousers, the camera didn’t have a clear view but we could tell she was taking his cock out.

“ l don’t want him fucking her at all,” she said, “they are a common family, that Maureen Ellis is a right tart, parading round town in those tight jeans.”

“Nice arse though,” he said, pushing her back against the wall and mauling her tits harder, “and when she wears those tight sweaters her tits look amazing, l wouldn’t mind putting my cock between them. I like her, she’s fun.”

“And what’s wrong with my tits?” She said.

“Nothing sweetheart,” he said. He moved and suddenly we had a good view of his cock.

Mum burst out laughing. “Is he serious,” she said, “that’s not a cock it’s a peanut, l doubt he could pop anyone’s cherry with that.”

As we watched, Mrs Smith took hold of his cock. Jeff paused the recording.

“Look,” Mum said, “she can only use her thumb and finger, that’s pathetic, l feel sorry for her if that’s the only cock she gets, no wonder she’s such a miserable cow.”

“Nice udders though,” Dad laughed, “l bet they don’t buy milk in that house.” We all laughed.

The recording started again. Mrs Smith looked sideways. “Can we go and look at that stuff now?” She said.

“I’m surprised you waited this long,” Mr Smith replied. They moved out of shot then appeared on another camera.

“This is my specialist area,” Jeff explained. Mum and Dad looked closer.

“Shall we start with dogs or bigger animals?” He said.

“You know l prefer dogs,” she said, “l don’t think l could take a donkey anyway let alone a horse.”

“Jesus Christ!” Dad said, he was wanking hard.

“Calm down,” Mum said, putting her hand on his and stopping him, “don’t you dare waste that spunk.”

“Your cunt would take an elephant,” Mr Smith said.

“Oh Frank,” she giggled, “that’s cheeky, you know l love it when you talk dirty to me.”

“Suck me off,” he said.

“Yes master,” she said, dropping to her knees.

“Good luck with that one Anna,” Mum shouted, “if that’s the only cock she’s sucked she’s never been deep throated that’s for certain.”

“Suck it bitch,” Mr Smith said.

We all burst out laughing as she pressed her face against his groin.

“There’s a girl here with one big bastard up her arse and one in her mouth,” he said, “l’d love to see you like that. Just think of it Anna, your arsehole and mouth full of dog cum you dirty cunt.”

We saw her visibly shaking. She released his cock, looking up at him. “Take me home Frank,” she said, “take me home and fuck me, you can have my arsehole if you like but fist my cunt first.”

“I want Alice to watch,” he said, “it’s time for her to do more than just suck my cock.”

“Okay darling,” she said, “let’s take a DVD home, one with some big dogs, we can watch it while you do me.”

“Okay,” he said, doing his trousers up while she tried to get her tits back into her bra. We all laughed again watching her struggling to get them contained.

“Do you think it’s right for her to see dogs doing it?” She said as he ***********ed a DVD from the shelf.

“She has to see it sometime,” Mr Smith said, “it won’t be long before she will be wanting to do it herself, she’s got all the makings of a dirty little slut that one.”

“We’ll she’s got you to thank for that,” Mrs Smith said, “you’ve been training her for a couple of years. You know she wants to do it with that Ellis boy but l’m trying to steer her away from him, he must be a bad piece of work, just look at his mother.”

“The two faced bitch!” Mum shouted, “talk about double standards. You should make this recording public Jeff.”

We watched as the Smiths left the room.

“I’ve been thinking about that,” Jeff said, “also what David had told about him trying to fuck Alice. I might have an idea that will give you all a victory over that woman.”

“I don’t understand David why you even chose Alice for a girlfriend anyway.”

“It was a bet Mum,” l said, “she’s always been a struck up bitch, my mates were talking and they put up a prize for the first one to fuck her.”

Mum laughed, “What is the prize?” She asked.

“A bar of chocolate,” l replied, “l was given six weeks, l only have two left.”

“Well we had better get a move on,” Jeff said, “but now we have the right ammunition to make sure the little tart has her cunt filled soon.”

“I have to show them a photo of my cock up her cunt,” l said.

“Why don’t you contact Alice’s mother and invite her and her husband round for a chance to get to know each other,” Jeff said, “l know you don’t like her but that would be the best way to implement my plan.”

“No, l understand,” Mum said, “getting David up Alice’s cunt is important, l have her number because she is a church warden, l can do it now.”

She fetched her mobile and dialled the number, putting the phone on speaker. I crawled over to Dad, rested my head on his tummy and took his cock into my mouth. Jeff followed me and did the say to me.

Anna : Hello

Mum : Hello Anna it’s Maureen Ellis.

There was a prolonged silence.

Anna : What do you want?

I saw Mum take a deep breath and compose herself.

Mum : It’s about my son and your daughter Alice, l believe they are seeing each other.

Anna : That’s the first l’ve heard of it, l wouldn’t have thought he was her type, we don’t mix socialy with people from your end of town.

Mum was bright red with anger but took another breath.

Mum : Look Anna, l know we have never really been friends but l thought that seeing as our children are seeing each other, perhaps we should get together and get to know each other.

There was a pause, the lack of any sound at the other end told me that she had put her phone on mute.

Anna : l’ve just spoken to Alice she says that she’s not seeing your boy.

Mum : Oh you know teenagers Anna, you never get the full story out of them, l virtually had to interrogate David before he told me.

Anna : Are you calling my daughter a liar?

Mum : Of course not Anna, she’s such a sweet child, l was so glad that David had picked a girl with a brain instead of some of the other girls l’ve seen standing on street corners.

Anna : We don’t have girls like that in this part of town, this is a respectable area.

Mum looked at me, biting her lip, l gave her the thumbs up.

Mum : Well there is another reason l’m calling, it’s about the summer church fete which l believe you are organising, you always do such a good job.

She looked at me and put two fingers by her mouth pretending to make herself vomit

Mum : l’ve been talking to Peter and he says that he might be able to donate some serious cash from his business in return for a bit of advertising in the fete programme.

There was another period of silence.

Anna : What are you suggesting, l couldn’t have you over here, the neighbourhood watch keep a close eye on strangers coming into the area.

Mum : No, no, l was thinking if you and your husband came round on Tuesday evening, just for a few nibbles and a glass of wine.

Anna : We don’t drink cheap wine.

Mum : Okay, l’ll get a nice bottle from that wine merchant in the high street, l’m sure he can do better than the supermarket stuff l usually buy.

More silence.

Anna : Okay then, we can make seven thirty.

Mum : Wonderful Anna, looking forward to it already, bye.

There was no reply and Anna disconnected.

Mum let out a huge sigh. “What an obnoxious cunt that woman is,” she said.

Jeff lifted his head from my cock. “Don’t worry Maureen,” he said, “you’ll get your revenge on Tuesday evening.”

“Yes well right now l need fucking,” she said.

“Thought you’d never ask,” he said crawling over to her, “which hole do you want filled.”

“Everybody seems to want my bum hole lately,” she said, “would you mind fucking my cunt for a change.”

“Certainly Madam,” he laughed, “spread your legs.”

“Yes sir,” she giggled, lying back with her thighs parted wide her knees bent.

I lifted my mouth from Dad’s cock. “Mum said she’d like to see you fucking me,” l said, “come on Dad, let’s put on a show for her.”

Jeff wasted no time, within seconds he was balls deep in Mum’s cunt, she had her legs wrapped round him, meeting him thrust for thrust. His hands were mauling her tits, pulling and twisting her nipples hard.

“Are you sure,” Dad said. I was on all fours with my bum up, he was behind me.

“Positive Dad, you look so sexy in that outfit and your cock looks so big, do it deep and hard Dad, l can take it.”

“Oh yes Peter,” Mum shouted across, “this is a brilliant birthday present.”

“Shit,” l said, “with everything that has been happening l forgot it was our birthday on Tuesday.”

Mum always refers to me as her best birthday present, l was born on her eighteenth birthday.

“Don’t worry baby,” she called over, “this whole situation is down to you, this is my best birthday present since you were born.”

I felt Dad’s cock nudging against my anus, his hands on my hips. Before he had chance to change his mind l pushed back hard and his cock went right up me.

“Oh yes Dad,” l cried. After his initial reluctance he soon got into his stride and soon he was giving me long smooth strokes. Although not by much his cock is bigger than either mine and Jeff and that little extra length and girth made a lot of difference. I pushed back to meet each stroke and gradually he increased his speed and strength.

“Give it to him baby!” Mum shouted, “oh Peter you looked wonderful l wish l had a photo.”

Jeff paused fucking her, reached over and picked up her mobile, handing it to her.

“Both look at me,” she said holding up her phone, “pull back a bit Peter so l can see your cock going in him….brilliant,” she said taking the shot. She made an adjustment on her phone then told us to carry on fucking while she filmed it.

I saw Jeff start fucking her again and l wondered if she was able to get a decent video of us. Then she suddenly threw the phone down.

“Oh fuck!” She said, “lift my legs up and stick it up my bum Jeff, and don’t hold back.”

Jeff pulled out then pinned her ankles either side of her head, rose above her and drove his cocky deep into her arsehole.

“Oh Jesus fuck yes!” She yelled and l saw juices spurting from her count as she came.

Jeff didn’t slow down and kept pounding her arsehole. Dad was doing the same to me. He felt so deep inside me. I came, shooting my spunk onto the floor.

I heard Mum cry out again.

“I can’t stop, l’m cumming!” dad cried.

“Yes Dad,” l said, “ fill me with your spunk, do it Dad.”

He plunged into me and l felt the heat of his cum deep in my belly. I could feel his cock throbbing as he pumped his seed into me.

“Oh god Dad, that’s beautiful,” l sighed. He was grunting as he humped into me, there was so much spunk l could feel it leaking out, coating my balls.

Mum was screaming and it looked like Jeff was unloading in her, he was bathed in sweat as he continued to ram his cock into her.

Slowly we all calmed down, l felt Dad’s cock slowly slipping from my bottom, the flow of cum followed it. Jeff had pulled out of Mum and she called Dad over and told him to clean her out. He did it eagerly, pressing his mouth against her gaping bum hole. Then Jeff came over and did the same to me. He pulled away, looking down at me with his face covered in cum and the mucous from my bottom, he leaned forward and kissed me on my mouth, his tongue entering, being met by my own, we kissed passionately.

When we finally broke away, Mum and Dad were watching us.

“That was so beautiful to watch,” Mum said.

Mum and I went up to the bathroom, Dad and Jeff used the downstairs shower.

“That was beautiful when Jeff kissed you,” Mum said as l soaped her, fingering her cunt and arsehole. She was washing my cock and balls and fingering my bum.

“Don’t worry Mum, l’m not in love with him or anything, we both like cunt too much to be proper homos,” l said, “it just seemed the natural thing to do.”

“As long as you still fuck me l don’t care,” she giggled, kissing me. “Now what do you want for your birthday?”

“Well apart from your mouth, cunt and arsehole, l would like a mobile phone, l know money is tight but just about everyone else in school has one.”

Mum kissed me. “We’ll see, the first three you can have anytime.”

We went back downstairs, Dad was naked but Jeff fully dressed. He explained he had to get back as he did his accounts on a Sunday evening. He left us the magazines and said he would see us on Tuesday. “Unless you would like to see me tomorrow David,” he added.

I told him l would call in after school. He was pleased with that, kissed me on my lips, he did the same with Dad, then kissed Mum, putting his hand between her thighs and slipping two fingers into her cunt. “I’ll be working on something special for you,” he said.

“Mmmm, l hope so,” she giggled.

We cleaned up the lounge, luckily it was a wood floor so the areas of cum and cunt juice were easily dealt with. Once everything was back to normal, Mum poured her and Dad a glass of wine, l had a bottle of cola from the fridge. We sat together on the sofa, Mum immediately spreading her legs over us.

“Oh this is nice,” she said, “what a day, l can’t imagine anything more to make it better.”

“How about a nice big dog to come in and rape you,” l said, putting my hand on her cunt and sliding two fingers inside.

“Yes that would be nice,” she replied, “l hope Jeff sets something up soon.”

“What about you Dad?” I said, “now we all know about your cross dressing and your trips out cruising, what would you like to do, your wildest fantasy.”

“Oh there are a few,” he said, he was playing with Mum’s tits, gently tweaking her nipples. “Watching her with a dog would be one, another would be if she walked round town dressed like you said, l always like it when men look at her with lust in their eyes.”

“But what about you sweetie,” Mum said, she had her glass in one hand but the other was stroking his cock. “You never have to be ashamed again, neither David or I will judge you, we love you too much for that, we just need you to feel you are free to live the way you want to. Would you like to dress up and go out in public?”

Dad gave a sigh. “That has always been a fantasy,” he said, “but l could never do it in this town, everyone knows me. I’ve never been able to go cruising round here, l go fifty miles to the outskirts of the city, there’s less chance of being recognised.”

“We’ll have to put our thinking caps on,” she said, “David and I want you to be free as well, we’re both only thirty three, well l will be on Tuesday, we have a lot of life to live baby.”

“What about a gangbang Dad,” l said, “something like half a dozen men using you like a whore, hopefully a couple of black ones.”

“I wouldn’t know how to be in something like that,” he said, “when l go cruising there has only ever been one or two there and it’s been men like myself, very nervous, no-one wanting to be too rough.”

“I bet Jeff could set something up, he must have loads of contacts to get all the stuff he sells, he’s obviously well into the bi-sexual scene, would you like that Dad.”

He went very red. “It’s not easy David,” he said, “admitting doing what l do to my wife and son, let’s face it, most people would call me a pervert.”

“Ha!” Mum laughed, “I think after today that de***********ion covers all of us.”

“But it’s not what a son should know about his father,” he said.

“I do understand Dad,” l said, “but nothing will change the fact that l love you, and you did look sexy dressed up, l wanted to fuck you as soon as l saw you.”

“Would you like David to fuck you now?” Mum said, “a nice slow gentle one, why don’t you lick my pussy while he fucks you.”

Dad glanced at me, his look said a thousand words. I stood up, my cock was fully erect.

“God he’s amazing Peter, the pleasures of youth he’s had a hard-on most of the day, come on baby, let him fuck you and show you how much he loves you.”

We could both see how much he wanted it, he slipped off the sofa and got on his knees between Mum’s thighs, she pulled her cunt lips apart and he started licking her.

“Mmmmm, that is nice,” she said , “you’ve always been a good cunt licker, even in school all the girls said you were the best, that was why l was determined to get you. It as when l really got to know you l fell in love with you but l always remember my 13th birthday when we played hide and seek, we both ended up under the stairs, you started feeling me up and then you licked my pussy, it was the best orgasm l’d ever had. Janet Evans said she knew we were under the stairs but when she heard me moaning she left us to it.”

I knelt behind him, smeared my pre cum over the head of my cock then pulled his bum cheeks apart. I could see his anus pulsating, l could see how much he wanted it. I pressed against him, slipped inside slowly then gradually worked my way until my tummy was pressed against his bottom. He let out a deep groan and l felt him relax.

I stayed deep inside him, letting him feel my cock pulsating gently. I looked up at Mum, she smiled at me. I saw emotion on her face as Dad stimulated her with his mouth and tongue. I began a slow, steady motion, drawing almost all the way out then back in again, l could tell by the noises Dad was making that it was having the desired effect.

Mum gave a deep sigh and l heard Dad sucking on her cunt as her juices flowed into his mouth. I dearly wanted to fuck him harder but l restrained myself, it was more important that Mum got what she desired.

Dad lifted his head from her cunt, “l have to fuck you,” he said.

“Yes baby, do it now,” she said, then looked at me, “now fuck him David, make him drive his cock into me.”

I stayed deep in his arsehole as he climbed onto her, nestling his cock between her cunt lips. I pulled back then drove into him, forcing him to give Mum his full length in one thrust.

“Oh yes!” She cried out, her body convulsing. All three of us came together, we fell apart, Dad and I collapsing on the floor, Mum lying on the sofa with a big grin on her face.

We were all shattered, it took ages for Mum to be the first one to move. “I’m going up for a shower then going to bed, l’m completely bushed.”

Dad and I stayed where we were. “It’s been quite a day,” he said, “when l think that if l hadn’t forgotten my membership card for the golf club this would not have happened.”

“Well it wouldn’t have stopped me raping Mum,” l said, “and sooner or later l would have arranged it for Jeff to fuck her, but this is much better and now we can all be a lot more relaxed with each other.”

“And you really don’t mind about me?” He said.

“Not at all Dad,” l replied, “after all, l was getting fucked by Jeff before today so l can hardly judge you. What about me fucking Mum though, doesn’t that bother you?”

“Your mother and l have been talking about that for over a year,” he said, “it was one of our fantasies when we were having sex, l’ve been on for years about wanting to see her with other men, l suppose it was probably going to be just one of those things that we would never do and we would have ended up as a frustrated old couple, so what you did this morning cleared the way for all our fantasies to come true.”

“It’s going to be fun Dad, l can’t wait to see Mum with a dog, l want to do it myself, what about you?”

“God, can you imagine all three of us getting fucked by dogs at the same time,” he said.

“It would be amazing Dad,” l replied, “we would be a proper family of perverts then.”

“Jesus David, l’m getting hard again,” he said.

“I’m too tired to fuck Dad,” l said, “l’ll suck you off if you like.”

“I can’t imagine l have much spunk left David, l think l had better make do with a cold shower then go and join your mother.”

Dad went up to the bathroom, l used the downstairs shower. I went up to my room and laid on my bed listening to music as l stroked my cock and thought about how the day had panned out.

In the morning l went downstairs dressed, ready for school. Mum was in the kitchen, only wearing her apron. I went over and kissed her.

“Wow Mum, you look fantastic,” l said.

“That’s what your father said,” she giggled, “He’s already gone to work but had time for a quick fuck before he left, look.” She bent forward, pulling her bum cheeks apart, l could see Dad’s spunk in her cunt.”

“Jesus Mum,” l said, “ l was determined to go to school without fucking you but now l’m rock hard, l can’t walk down the street like this.”

“Well you could use my other hole,” she said, “l greased it when l got up just in case one of you wanted it.”

“Fuck Mum!” I said, taking off my trousers and pants, “If you’re this fucking horny now, how are you going to get through the day?”

“I know baby, l’m dreading it,” she said, bending over the table, “you know old Mr Hawkins across the street, l look in on him now and again, he lost his wife two years ago, l said to your father that if l went over dressed like you said he might want to touch me or something at least.”

“That sounds like a good idea Mum,” l said, standing behind her, resting the head of my cock against her anus, “you could go down to Jeff’s shop, he will find time to give you a quickie, if you go through to his private room get undressed and wait for him, he likes me to do that.” I pressed forward and my cock slipped easily into her arsehole.

“Mmmm, that’s nice,” she sighed as my cock slid in the full length, “l will do that, l like Jeff.”

I couldn’t waste time or l would have been late for school so l started fucking her, she clenched her muscles to grip me and l fucked her harder.

“Oh my bum hole is going to be so big,” she said, “the way you all keep fucking it, you’ll be able to get your fist up there.”

“You’re a filthy slut Mum,” l said ramming myself in again. I humped into her, grinding my pelvis against her bottom, then l came.

“Mmmmm, oh that’s good,” she said as she felt my cock pulsating, filling her with spunk.

I forced myself to empty as quickly as l could, then pulled out. Mum dropped to her knees and took my cock into her mouth, sucking it clean, she moved down my shaft cleaning that then sucked each of my balls into her mouth.

“There,” she said, looking up at me, “now you’re ready for school, can we make this our morning routine.”

“I know Jeff said there was a slut inside you Mum,” l laughed, “but l never expected you to be like this so soon.”

“I want to be everything for you, you’re father and even Jeff,” she said, “all the things you’re father and l have talked about, they won’t be fantasies any more, l want to do them all.”

“You’re amazing Mum,” l stepped away, putting my pants and trousers back on, then l kissed her, tasting my spunk on her lips, and grabbed a piece of toast before heading for school.

All morning Alice ignored me, when l wasn’t looking at her l could feel her eyes boring into me but as soon as l turned to look at she turned away. She was at her usual desk behind me and to my right, usually l would be able to see up her skirt and sometimes lately she had been sitting with her legs parted so that l could see her white panties but today her thighs were tight together and she had even put her school bag in front of her to partially block my view.

At break time l saw her talking to two other girls, l went to go over to her but she said something to them and they all walked away.

At lunch time l found her eating her sandwiches at the corner of the football field, she was alone.

“Come over behind the toilet block,” l said.

She looked up at me, her eyes pierced me. She got up and marched across the field and went behind the toilets. There were usually a few others there, it was a popular place to get a blow job and some of the trashier girls let their boyfriends fuck them, but this time we were on our own.

I stepped up to her, put my hand on her tiny tits and tried to kiss her. She pushed me away hard.

“You get none of that,” she said, “just what did your trashy mother think she was doing telling my mother we were seeing each other.”

I almost told her that l knew her mother already knew, but that was only because l’d heard her talking about it on the recording.

“But we are seeing each other,” l said, “come on Alice,” l said stepping towards her, “let me kiss you and feel your tits, you know you like it.”

“Don’t you dare,” she said, putting her hand up to stop me. “My mother was livid after that phone call, she even warned me that l could catch some disease by even kissing you.”

“Oh for fuck’s sake Alice,” l tried again to get closer.

“Don’t you dare use that language with me,” she said, putting her hand up again but without as much force. I had noticed lately that she got a lot more friendly when l talked dirty to her.

“Why?” I said, getting closer, “does it make your cunt wet when l talk dirty to you, let me feel.”

I put one hand on her chest and the other went up her skirt, l leaned down to kiss her.

“Don’t,” she said turning her face away, but she made no effort to stop my hands.

I reached the gusset of her panties. “I can feel you’re wet,” l said, trying to pull them down, “let me put my finger in you.”

“No, stop it,” she said, “I’ll report you.”

“Come on Alice,” I said, “nearly all of my mates are getting blow jobs off their girlfriends, some are even fucking them, just let me finger your cunt.” I felt her panties getting wetter, it was the furthest l’d ever got with her and my cock was hard.

I took my hand off her chest, taking hold of her hand and pressing it against the front of my trousers. “Take it out and hold it,” l said.

“Stop it David,” she said, “l could get you thrown out of the school for this.”

Despite her verbal protest, l had managed to get her panties down to her knees and when l put my other hand back on her tits she kept her hand pressed against my cock.

“Come on Alice,” l said, “this is what girlfriends are supposed to do, take my cock out, you know you want to.”

My hand moved up the inside of her thigh, l reached her cunt, l slid my finger along her slit, her cunt lips were wet.

“My mother warned me about you,” she said, “she says your whole family are trash, even Vicar John…”

She suddenly stopped herself as if she realised she was about to say something she shouldn’t.

“What about Vicar John?” I said, “that man is a pervert, l know two boys that said he showed them his cock and wanted them to suck him.”

“That’s a lie,” she said, “pushing me away violently then pulling her panties back up. Vicar John wouldn’t do that, not with boys.”

I saw the look on her face, she realised that she had said too much.

“Why? Has he done it with you?” I said, “have you sucked his cock, is that it. Fuck Alice, l’m your boyfriend and you won’t even wank me off but you’ll suck off the vicar.”

“Stop it, that’s disgusting,” she started crying, “you are disgusting, you’re not my boyfriend any more.”

She stormed off back around the building. Just then Jill Baker came around the building, everyone knows her as the class slut, a few of my mates have said they’ve fucked her.

“What have you been doing to Alice?” She said, directing her gaze to the bulge in my trousers. “I don’t know why you bother with her David, she’s a stuck up little virgin, you’d have much more fun with me.’

I wasn’t in any mood to mess about. I pushed her back against the wall, she smiled at me as l pulled her shirt out of her waistband, pushed it up together with her bra, exposing her tits.

“I’ve got proper tits David,” she smiled, l could feel her hands at the front of my trousers, she was obviously an expert as she had my cock out in seconds. “Oooooo, and you’ve got a proper cock, you don’t want to be wasting it on Alice Smith, you need to be putting that into a proper cunt.”

I put my hand up her skirt and discovered her naked cunt.

“I always take them off at lunch break,” she said, “there’s usually someone round here waiting for a fuck. Oh and don’t worry, l’m on the pill.”

“That’s good because I don’t have any condoms.” I said.

“I always have a couple in my pocket,” she said, “some of the boys are afraid of catching something because so many of them fuck me but l’m clean, l’m going to be a porn star,” she said, “l’m going to get lots of money and be famous, l know a man who’s going to arrange it all, he was the one who got me on the pill, he says l have to do a lot more fucking to make my tits bigger.”

I didn’t think there was much wrong with her tits, they weren’t as big as Mum’s but they were about the biggest in the school and they were very firm, she had big nipples too. She shivered when l pinched them.

“Get a move on Dave,” a voice sounded from behind me, two of my pals were there, both with their cocks out, “we thought you were fucking Alice then we saw her run away then we saw Jill arrive, we usually fuck her every day.”

Jill put her arms round my neck and wrapped her legs round my waist. She was obviously an expert as she got her hand between us and guided my cock into her cunt.

“Get a move on,” she said, “there’s only twenty minutes left and l have these two to satisfy.”

I pushed her hard back against the wall, my cock sliding easily up her cunt. Her arms and legs held me tight as l humped into her. I was still angry with Alice and had to take it out on someone so l drove into her as hard as l could. I came quickly, ramming in deep as l filled her with spunk.

‘Oh that was nice,” she said, “you’re good, l nearly came, we should do this again.”

I pulled away and was rapidly replaced by the next. I wiped my cock on my handkerchief. Jill looked over the shoulder of the boy fucking her, she smiled at me and winked.

As l walked around the end of the building l saw Alice sat on a bench, she was crying. I almost felt sorry for her, especially as l knew her world was about to fall apart, but then l thought of the way her mother had talked about my mother and all sympathy for her melted away.

I sat beside her, saying nothing, listening to her sobbing. It seemed like ages but was probably ten minutes at most. Jill emerged from the back of the toilet building, she walked past us, giving me a wink as she did. Alice saw her wink and her sobbing increased in volume.

“Y…you…you just did it with her didn’t you?” She said.

“I had to do something Alice,” l replied, “you wouldn’t let me feel you up, my only option was to either fuck Jill or wank, l couldn’t let the others catch me wanking when Jill’s cunt was available, they would all have been laughing at me.”

“That language,” she said, “do you have to speak like that.”

“Oh come on Alice, fuck, cock, cunt, spunk, everybody says those words these days.”

“Not decent people,” she turned to face me, “not the sort of people girls like me should be going out with. I hate this school, l hate this town, everybody hates me.”

“Well that’s your fault for being a stuck up cow Alice,” l said, “you disapprove of us all, walking around with your nose in the air, pretending you’re better than everyone. You won’t even let me feel your tits most of the time, you need to loosen up Alice, l felt your cunt just now, l know you wanted it, you were soaking wet, you can’t be a virgin all your life.”

“I’m not a virgin!” She shouted, then quickly looked around to see if anyone was near enough to hear.

“Oh that’s fucking brilliant,” l said, “l’m supposed to be your boyfriend and l can’t even get a hand job but you give your cunt to someone else.”

“It’s not like that,” she protested.

“Why?” I said, “did someone rape you, tell me who it is l’ll sort them out.”

“You don’t understand,” she said. “I shouldn’t be telling you this, Mummy made me promise not to tell anyone and Vicar John made me swear on the bible.”

“So it was Vicar John that fucked you then,” l laughed, “l told you he’s a pervert.”

“No, it wasn’t Vicar John,” she said, “although Mummy says he will have to do it in order to purify me.”

“Oh that’s a new one,” l laughed, “l wonder how many boys and girls he purifies.”

“You make it sound dirty and disgusting,” she said, “it won’t be like that, Mummy said that now Daddy has broken me, Vicar John has to purify me, he’s going to do it on Sunday after the service.”

“So it was your Dad that fucked you then?”

“It wasn’t what you call fucking,” she protested, “it was something Vicar John said he had to do, Mummy helped him and told me to be brave when he did it, l thought it was going to hurt but it didn’t.”

I almost said that l doubted if her father’s cock was big enough to pop her cherry, no wonder it didn’t hurt. I felt so good learning all this, l couldn’t wait to tell Jeff and my parents.

The bell rang for the end of the lunch break. Alice said she had to go and get changed for her hockey lesson. I wanted to hear more but she went to run off, then stopped.

“You mustn’t tell anyone David,” she said, “you have to promise not to tell anyone, Vicar John said l would go to hell if l told anyone, you have to promise.”

“You have to suck my cock then,” l said.

“But David,” she pleaded.

“Suit yourself,” l said, “you either agree to suck my cock or everyone in school knows you let your father fuck you.”

She staggered, her legs having difficulty to keep her standing, l could see her battling with herself.

“Okay,” she said, “but you have to promise not to finish in my mouth.”

“You’re not in any position to negotiate Alice,” l said, “straight after school, behind the toilet block, you had better be there, l don’t have much time as l have places to go, but you had better be there Alice and no begging, you suck my cock, that’s it.”

She burst into tears and ran off. I was so excited, my cock was fully erect again, l had to dive into the toilets for a wank, l knew it would make me late for lesson but l could think of some excuse. The afternoon was going to drag but l had Alice’s lips around my cock to look forward to.


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