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Welcome to a world where strange things happen and everything is not as it seems
Emily Dixon was riding the city bus home from work. She had graduated the year before and was still undecided about college. She was a very attractive young woman with long wavy blonde hair. She watched the world through eyes that were sky blue and hidden behind copper framed glasses. The bus was about half full of riders of various ages.

It had been a long day and she was tired and the motion of the bus relaxed her. She caught herself dozing every now and then she changed position in the seat to try to stay alert. A smooth stretch of road calmed her body and soon she was dozing off. A sudden jolt as the bus hit a pothole caused her to jump. She looked around and looked at her watch it was 5:00 pm. Why did it seem like this bus ride was taking forever she wondered. Emily's eyes began to get heavy again and an extended blink kept her eyes closed.

The bus began to slow for a stop to let on some more passengers. A few people entered the bus but one of them caught Emily's eye. He was tall with an athletic build and he was incredibly attractive. Emily found herself having some naughty thoughts running through her mind. He walked down the aisle and stopped near her, he gestured towards the seat beside her. Feeling herself blush she could only nod in response. She looked away for an instant idly wondering why she really couldn't make out what some of the passengers were talking about.

When she looked back at him he had a devilish smile on his face. He leaned in and kissed her, for a moment she froze but then recovered and kissed him back. The kiss was passionate and full of emotion, and she found herself getting aroused. While they kissed his hands began to wander all over her body. A part of her wanted to resist but his touch was amazing, he moved down and kissed her neck. She was turning to putty in his hands, normally a shy girl she found herself wanting him now. Her shaved pussy was wet and getting wetter.

He moved back and in a quick movement he yanked her shirt open popping all of the buttons and slid it off of her shoulders. He quickly unclasped the front of her bra freeing her firm breasts from their prison. He began to nibble and suck on her nipples, either he knew what he was doing or she was hypersensitive she wasn't sure. It wasn't long before she had been driven to an orgasm. She looked around and could see all of the passengers watching her, most with fascination a few with disgust. A couple of male passengers were rubbing their cocks through their pants. At this point she didn't care she was hornier than she ever had been. She took her shirt and bra off and tossed them to the side. He moved to the floor in front of her and grabbed her skirt, she lifted her ass and he removed her skirt and panties tossing them aside. Pulling her to the edge of the seat he easily spread her legs. He began to kiss her inner thighs moving up to her now soaking pussy.

He plunged between her legs and attacked her mound with his mouth and tongue. His attentions soon had her moaning in ecstasy. He continued his attack quickly driving her into a series of climaxes that had her screaming. Now oblivious to where she was her body and mind now focused on one thing, she wanted him inside her. She begged him to fuck her but he continued to lash her pussy with his tongue, and he lapped up her juices eagerly. In between climaxes she looked around only to see a couple of the other men moving towards her, their hard cocks in their hands.

When they got close enough she took their cocks in both hands and sucked on each one in turn. Now distracted by having two cocks in her face she focused on getting these two off. She wanted to taste their cum and swallow it. Moaning in between breaths she stroked and sucked vigorously and was rewarded with a groan from the first guy as his load shot into her mouth. She stroked and sucked him dry swallowing every drop of his cum. She then turned her attention to the second guy and not long after with a groan of pleasure, his load was shooting into the back of her throat. She milked the second cock dry and swallowed his cum.

With her distraction over she suddenly became aware of her own body as she came hard. She screamed loudly, her back arched, and her body trembled with a powerful climax. She tried to get away from the man between her legs but he wouldn't let go. He wasn't finished feasting on her pussy he loved the way she tasted and he wanted. Emily was rocked with another powerful orgasm her body trembling from the climax, her back arched again and even her toes curled. He finally stopped giving Emily a slight reprieve. She sat there trying to catch her breath. When she opened her eyes, he had released his aching cock from its confinement. It was the biggest cock she had seen in her life, and she had to have it. Gaining some composure she leaned forward and took it into her mouth she almost couldn't fit it in her mouth. She sucked on the head and licked down the shaft and he closed his eyes savoring the feeling. The crowd on the bus watched in rapt fascination as this sexual spectacle unfolded before their eyes.

After a while he stopped her and got on his knees, she spread her legs her slick mound beckoning. He moved forward and began rubbing the tip against her entrance covering the head in her slickness. He spit in his hand and stroked his cock covering it. He then slowly started to slide into her tight cavern until his entire length was inside her. Her eyes widened as he plunged into her depths she had never been filled like this before and she was loving it. He stayed inside her enjoying the tightness of her young pussy. He then slowly started to fuck her pulling out most of the way out before sliding all of the way in. It wasn't long before her screams of ecstasy filled the bus. His rhythmic pace driving her to climax over and over, until he couldn't handle her tight young pussy anymore. His pace quickens and he starts slamming into her, the sounds of her ecstasy filling the bus. His own climax gets closer with every thrust until finally he goes over the edge. With a final plunge into her he holds her hips and with a groan his cock explodes as jets of cum fill her wanting pussy.

As they both catch their breath the sound of the bus's engine can be heard. A loud thump and sharp bump startles her awake, looking around she is still dressed and everyone on the bus seems to have not noticed anything. Looking around she doesn't see the man that got on the bus anywhere, she looks at her watch and it's 5:05 pm. Was it a dream she wondered, yet she can feel her own wetness and feel the warmth of his load inside her. Confused she realizes that she is only a couple of blocks away from her stop. She gathers her things and presses the stop button and stands up her legs slightly shaky. As the bus slows to a stop she walks to the front. In the mirror above the driver, she sees her lover waving, she turns and looks where she saw him. The only person there is an elderly woman who is sitting next to where she saw him in the mirror. She is reading a book, a final glance at the rest of the passengers she also doesn't see the guys she sucked off. Shaking her head she steps off of the bus and makes her way home, unable to fathom what had just happened.
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