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She may not want to get ‘involved’ with, nor spend time with other people, she may even be a Loner, but she still has a lot of fun.
Sandra is Different

by Vanessa Evans

Part 4

I woke just as the sun was coming up and started to remember the night before. I touched my butt and it hurt a little so I looked in a mirror and saw that it was red. Then I remembered my ‘dress’ and knew that I had to go and hopefully retrieve it. As it was very early and very quiet, I decided to go and look for it as I was, totally naked.

As I walked into the communal area I was surprised to see Geoff, Emily and Andy sat on the sofas quietly talking. I also saw a few bodies of people who had decided to crash on the floor.

“Hi Sandra,” Andy said, “how are you feeling, you looked totally pissed last night.”

“Yeah, I guess that I was, I’ve never been drunk before, is your head supposed to hurt this much?” I replied.

“Yeah, not much that you can do about that other than drink lots of water.”Geoff said.

“Err Sandra,” Emily said, “do you know that you are totally naked?”

I looked down at my bare front and replied,

“Oh, so I am, I hope that none of you are upset at the sight of me like this?”

“Hell no,” Andy replied, “do yo remember taking your clothes off last night?”

“Did I? Oh dear.”

“Hey, don’t worry about it Geoff said, no one was upset, in fact all the guys were commenting that you have a great body.”

“No I don’t, my tits are too small.”

“I wish that I had tits like yours Sandra.” Emily replied.

“They look great to me.” Geoff said.

“You think so?” I said as I cupped both of my tits, “they are rather pointy, like ice cream cones.”

I dropped my hands as Andy replied,

“Yeah, and those nipple, wow!”

“Stop it Andy,” Emily said, “you’ll embarrass poor Sandra.”

“I doubt that,” Geoff replied, “after last night and now this morning.”

“Actually,” I replied, “I don’t feel at all embarrassed at the moment.”

“That’s probably from the vodka last night, you’re probably still a bit pissed” Andy said, “you were drinking it like water Sandra.”

“Was I?”

Just then the guy who had crashed on the floor and I was stood right next to his head, groaned and opened his eyes.

“Fuck,” he said as he looked straight up to my pussy, “are you a boy or a girl?”

“I’m a girl you idiot, can’t you tell the difference? I replied.

“When a girl has a clit that big I have to wonder.”

“My clit’s not that big, is it?”

“No it’s not Sandra, it’s just that it sticks out a lot.” Emily replied.

“Don’t most girl’s clits stick out all the time?” I asked.

“No they don’t Sandra, “Emily continued, “just some, we’re all a bit different.”

“Oh, right, so I’m not some kind of freak then?”

“Far from it.” Andy said, “I bet that half the girls at uni wished that they had a body like yours.”

“I doubt that by thanks. I think that I’d better get that water now.”

“Don’t go.” The man at my feet said, “I was just enjoying the scenery.”

I went and got a glass of water and loudly gulped it down then I went back to where the others were and Emily said,

“Do you know that your butt is all red Sandra?”

“Has someone been spanking you?” Andy asked.

“What?” I said and tried to look at my butt.

“Oh, I don’t remember.” I lied as I untwisted my head and looked at Andy, Geoff and Emily.”

“I think that your dress is over there, behind that sofa.”

“Oh thanks, I was wondering where that got to.” I replied and went to look for it only to find that it was right next to another sleeping guy.

I deliberately kicked him to wake him and when he looked up and saw the naked me I saw his jaw drop,

“Excuse me, I need to get my dress.”

There was no response so I lifted one leg and put it on the other side of him giving him a great view of my spread pussy, then bent over at the waist and picked up my dress. As I extricated myself I thanked him the told everyone that I was going back to bed.

I’m sure that I had a few pairs of male eyes on my red butt as I walked out of the common room and back to my room where I put the ‘dress’ away then jumped on my bed, spread my legs and my fingers got busy.

“Another success.” I thought, “Now I can wander around here naked and no one will complain.”

After 1 orgasm and a bit of a nap I got up and did my normal bathroom routine. As I showered I thought about those 2 guys in my room the night before. I much preferred to sneak out of a guys room after he’d gone to sleep but pretending to be drunk and passed out had worked just fine in my room so that would become my ‘plan B’.

Looking out of my window I was disappointed to see that it was raining so there would be no wandering around in just that top. It needed washing anyway, so I resigned myself to a day of catching up with my chores and homework. I also helped my flatmates clean-up after the party although I did put a skirt and top on before doing that, I thought that I’d just be naked occasionally to start with and that I’d had my share of being naked around the others for at least a day or two.


After my lessons on the Monday morning I again headed to the sports centre taking only the clothes that I’d worn the week before. I’d decided that I was brave enough to repeat the last weeks exposure but I was still a bit nervous as I left the changing room to go to the workout room. Part of that nervousness was the fact that once I’d got the white, mesh leotard on I bunched up the crotch part inside my labia lips with it resting down one side of my clit. My clit was exposed and throbbing a bit and as I opened the door to the workout room I saw that there were indeed a couple more guys there than the previous week. I smiled as I guessed / hoped that going 30 minutes later had taken me to a time when more guys went there.

Also there was a couple of girls, one wearing shorts and a T-shirt, the other wearing a tank top and a little white tennis skirt which I thought looked cute.

I’d decided to do the same routine as the previous week and as I went to my starting place I saw that 2 of the guys were looking at me and talking to each other. I kept an eye on them as I started on the first machine which I’d adjusted to put a bit more resistance on it, something that I had decided to so with each machine and keep doing each week until I was struggling too much.

As I was straining I kept looking over to the 2 guys who were still staring at me but I ignored them and continued round the machines. When I got to the hip abductor I deliberately went up 2 notches and when it first forced my legs wide apart I was struggling to close my knees.

By the time I’d got to that machine I was covered in a layer of sweat which made my nipples and areolae more visible and with my legs spread very wide apart nearly all of my pussy was visible to everyone as well. I deliberately ignored everyone but at the same time using my peripheral vision to see who was looking at me, and this week it was more than the previous week.

I tried to look at the faces to see if any were familiar and when I thought about it, one of the two men who had been all the time did look a bit familiar. I wondered if it was the same guy and if he’d come back with a mate to see if I was there again. I also noticed that the girl in the tennis skirt was spending a lot of time looking at me.

As I strained to close my knees I wondered if the girl was a lesbian and what it would be like to be fucked by a girl.

When I gave up on the hip abductor I climbed off the moved on to the next machine noting that I had really got a sweat on and the leotard was very see-through.

I kept going and got to the end of the machines then went to the floor mats and tried to remember everything that I’d done the previous week. After a while I noticed that one of the two men was using one of the machines whilst the other had pulled a bench away from the wall and setting up some weights either end of a bar that was resting on 2 stands over one end of the bench.

When I finished the reps of one of the exercises and was having a short breather, the man came over to me and said,

“Hi there, my name is Alex and I was wondering if you could do me a favour?”

I looked him up and down and saw a nice bulge in his shorts then replied,

“Sure, I’m Suzie but I can’t imagine what I can help you with.”

“It’s dead easy but I have to have someone standing holding the bar when I lift it just in case my muscles give way and the bar comes down quickly, it’s called spotting.”

“Okay, I could do with a break, but you’ll have to tell where to stand and what to do.”

“No problem Suzie, and thanks very much.”

Two minutes later he was on his back on the bench with me stood at his head end of the bench and his eyes looking straight up at my pussy which was near as damn it totally exposed.

“This is cool.” I thought, I wonder if I have to stay like this for long enough to make me cum?”

When he told me to spread my hands and to hold them just under the bar I realised that standing with my feet together wasn’t a good idea from a balance point of view, and from my voyeur’s point of view, so I spread my feet a bit more than shoulder width apart.

“Perfect Suzie.” Alex said, “I’m hoping to do 10 reps, is that okay with you?”

“You bet it is.” I thought, “have a good, long look.”

What I actually said was.

“It won’t take too long will it, I don’t want to cool down too much.”

I have no idea how long it took for him to do the 10 reps but I had cooled down a fair bit by the time he had finished, but my leotard hadn’t dried out too much, especially around my pussy which had definitely got wetter.

Alex thanked me again and I replied that it was my pleasure, which it definitely was, before I went and continued my routine.

The girl who had been staring at me came over to me when I started my Katas and after she’d closely watched me for minute or so, and when I paused before starting the next Kata, the girl said,

“What are those things you are doing? I’m Isla by the way.”

“Suzie, Karate Katas, they’re specific sequences of motions that are used to practice Karate technique that are used for combat.”

“You’re into Karate then Suzie?”

“I was when I was at school but I gave it up when I came here because my parents wouldn’t pay for me to join a club round here.”

“So did you achieve Black Belt standard then?”

“Yes I did.”

“I bet that you can look after yourself.”

“If it came to a fight I’d kick the guy in his balls and run like hell.”

“Yeah, I’d probably do that as well. Okay, thanks for the info, I’ll let you get on. Mind if I watch?”

“Be my guest.”

I resumed going through the Katas but I’d only done 2 more when Isla said,

“Err Suzie, do you know that your leotard has bunched up on your crotch?”

“Again,” I replied, “I knew that it was a mistake buying this one, it’s not bothering you is it? I mean you being able to see my pussy.”

“Not at all, and I bet that the guys here won’t be complaining either.”

I giggled a little then said,

“Well they say that universities are the place to experiment and get to know yourself and others.”

“Yes they do, sorry to have interrupted you.”

Isla watched me finish my Katas then I said,

“Well that’s me done until next Monday. A shower then a relaxing swim for me.”

“Yes, I’m finished as well. A shower for me as well.”

We both left the workout room and went to the Ladies changing room where I stripped naked then went to the showers. There was a communal one and a couple of individual ones but I went to the communal one and turned a shower on. Just as it had warmed up I heard Isla say,

“Mind if I join you Suzie?”

“Please do.” I replied and turned to look at Isla.

She was totally naked and as bald below her neck as I am. I hadn’t noticed before but she is of a similar build and has small tits as well, although they of the conventional shape.

I watched Isla get under the shower and turn to look at me.

“Do you always wear revealing clothes to the gym Suzie?”

“I didn’t before I came here but something changed in me and when I saw that leotard I just knew what I wanted it for.”

“Wow, maybe I should get one of those myself.”

“You’d look good in one. You should see the bikini that I’ve bought as well. It’s got no material, just the strings”

“Where do you wear that? I mean it must be illegal.”

“I wouldn’t know about that, I wore it swimming in the pool here last Monday, that’s where I’m going after this.”

“And you’re going to wear a bikini that doesn’t cover your tits or pussy - again?”

“That’s right, although I did get a couple of guys staring at me last time.”

“I bet that you did, and I bet that the guys there will stare at you again. Do they let girls swim topless here?”

“No one said anything to me last week but they don’t have lifeguards here to say anything. There is a sign saying that if we drown it’s our fault not the uni’s.”

We just stared at each other for a few seconds with the water pouring down on us, then Isla said,

“You’ve got nice tits Suzie.”

“Thank you Isla, so have you, yours look more natural than mine.”

“Maybe they are more of an average shape but the shape of yours is better, I bet that all the guys stare at them, do you wear low cut and loose tops without a bra and keep bending over in front of the guys?”

“I never wear a bra, no point, and I haven’t really got any low cut tops.”

“You should get some Suzie, with tits like those you’ll drive the guys crazy, can I touch them please, to see if they feel like mine, they look like they’re made of car tyre rubber.”

“What? I’ve never had a girl fondling my tits before, I’m not a lesbian.”

“Neither am I but that doesn’t stop me appreciating a nice girl’s body.”

I wasn’t sure about being touched like that by a girl and after I’d been thinking about it for a few seconds Isla said,

“You did say that we are at university to experiment, and you can touch mine if you want.”

My hand raised up and so did Isla’s, and we each touched each other’s tits. Without saying anything and looking into each other’s eye, our hands started groping the other’s tits.

“So firm.” Isla said.

“So soft.” I replied, then be both leant forwards and our mouths met.

After a quick, then a long, tongue tangling kiss our mouths parted and I said,

“Wow, I never expected that to happen.”

“Neither did I.” Isla replied and our tongues tangled again.

Also, our right hands went to the other’s pussy and we started masturbating each other. I searched for Isla’s clit but it took a bit of finding and I guessed that my clit really must be bigger than most.

I orgasmed first, closely followed by Isla as I kept my fingers busy right through her orgasm.

We both stood there looking at each other, still with the shower water cascading down our bodies before Isla finally said,

“Wow, what a surprise, a nice surprise I must add.”

“Yeah,” I replied, “but I’m still not a lesbian.”

“Neither am I Suzie, but the odd little moment with another girl like you will always be nice. Can I shampoo your hair for you Suzie?”

“Thanks but I’ll wait to do that until after I’ve had a swim. Can I do you, I mean yours?”

“Thanks but I think that I’ll go for a swim as well, you don’t mind if I come with you do you?”

“Not at all, but have you got a bikini with you Isla?”

“No, after what you just told me I thought that I’d just wear my knickers.”

“Go topless?”

“You did last week.”

I laughed and replied,

“Yeah, I may as well have been.”

We finished our showers, dried and went to get dressed.

“No knickers Suzie?” Isla said as I pulled my skirt up.

“No, I’ve stopped wearing them since I got here.”

“Well after swimming in my knickers I’ll be going back to my room knickerless. Maybe I’ll stop wearing any as well.”

“It does make life more ‘interesting’.

“I can imagine.”

I watched Isla put her knickers on and saw that they were a G-string. I also noted that she didn’t put a bra on, in fact I never saw one.

We were soon in the swimming pools changing room and stripping off and Isla watched as I put the ‘strings only’ knickers bottoms on.

“I’ve got to get one of those.” Isa said.

I gave her the name of the shop where I work and told her where it was as we walked out to the pool, Two girls just wearing G-string bottoms, mine without any fabric in them. Being with Isla gave me a bit more confidence and I pushed my chest out as we walked.

There were more people than the last Monday and I immediately saw 2 guys look at us making my pussy get wet. Ignoring everyone, Isla and I dove in and started swimming to the other end, me immediately remembering the nice tickling of the water rushing passed my tits and pussy.

We stopped at the other end and as our heads came above the water Isla said,

“Wow, that was a nice feeling on my tits.”

“Wait until you feel the water rushing passed your pussy.” I replied.

Isla’s hands immediately went down to her G-string and it was soon in her hand above the water. I smiled as she wrapped it around her wrist then said,

“Come on, race you to the other end.”

The other end was the shallow end and we both stood up, the water only coming up to our waists, our tits attracting the attention of a few of the guys there. Ignoring them Isla said,

“Suzie, I’ve noticed that your butt is a bit red, are you okay or has someone been spanking you?”

“Both,” I replied, “long story but a couple of guys spanked me on Saturday night and it still hasn’t completely faded.

“Did you like being spanked, did they make you cum?”

“Yes, I think I do like being spanked, and no I didn’t cum, but I got close to it. Have you ever been spanked Isla?”

“Lots of times, I’ve got this uncle that I used to go to to get spanked, He knew that I liked it and he always made me cum.”

“Wow, do you miss him?”

“Yes I do, I haven’t had a good spanking for a couple of months now.”

“There must be hundreds of guys at the uni that would like to spank you Isla.”

“Probably, but I’m looking for an older man, a sort of father figure, that’s what turns me on the most.”

“Well if you find one let me know.”

“I will, I’ll amend my advert on Reddit, with 2 of us it might be easier to find someone, we might even get a sugar daddy who will pay us to present our bare butts to him.”

“That would be nice, lets swim again, there’s a guy heading our way.”

We swam off leaving him standing there watching our butts as we swam. As we swam I thought about Isla being naked and me not quite being naked and I decided that if she could then I could, so when we got to the end of the pool I pulled on the strings at my hips then wrapped the strings round my left wrist. I saw that Isla was watching me and smiling.

“We’re going to have to make a run for the changing rooms.” I said.

“Why bother,” Isla replied, “I’m sure than no one here is going to complain even if there was someone her to complain to.”

“Good point Isla, and I do like men seeing me naked.”

“Me too, maybe we should walk back to our rooms dressed like we are.”

“Nice ideas Isla but I think that that’s pushing it a bit too far, we need to find a place where there are loads of men and not much chance of anyone calling the cops.”

“Yeah, if I think of anywhere I’ll let you know.”

We swam some more lengths then decided that we should be leaving, Isla cursed as we swam towards the steps to climb out, just too late for a couple of guys arriving and diving in.

“We’ll just have to swim to the steps at the other end and get out there,” I said, “then we’ve got to walk the length of the pool to get to the changing room.”

“You’re as much of an exhibitionist as I am Suzie.” Isla replied.

We both giggled and swam to the steps at the other end of the pool. I got there first, climbed out then turned to watch Isla climb out. As I turned I saw that 3 guys had already stopped swimming and were looking at my naked front and Isla’s naked back as she climbed out. We ignored the guys and walked to the changing room.

“That was fun.” I said as we got out of the sight of all the guys.

“Yes it was, and you say that you come here every Monday afternoon Suzie?”

“I only started last week but I intend to make this and the workout a regular thing. I was a bit earlier last week and there wasn’t as many people around but this week I came a bit later and there were more guys so either word has got out or the place just gets busier as the day goes on.”

“So what time are you coming next week Suzie?”

“I think that I’ll aim for a 3 p.m. workout and see how many guys are there.”

As we entered the shower I continued,

“Isla, I have a confession to make, I’ve been using the name Suzie just to get a bit of anonymity when I’ve been going to parties with the sole intention of getting laid and it’s sort of stuck and I give that name to most people who ask. My real name is Sandra, I hope that you don’t mind that I lied to you.”

“Well SANDRA, I wish that I’d thought of doing something like that, I’ve been using my real name all the time, so no, I don’t mind and you are forgiven SANDRA. Will you shampoo my hair for me?”

“Only if you’ll do mine.”

“I’ll do your anything Sandra, can I play with you while you do my hair?”

“Only if you’ll let me do the same to you.”

Washing my hair took longer than normal but I didn’t care and I’m sure that it doesn’t take Isla that long to wash her hair but we both gave each other another orgasm so we were both happy.

“I don’t know if I’ll bother bringing this bikini next week,” I said as we were getting dressed.

“I’m not bringing a bikini or knickers either.” Isla replied, and with a bit of luck I’ll have a leotard like yours by next Monday as well. Where did you get it from?”

“So you’ll be joining me next Monday, I can teach you some of the Katas, and I got the leotard from where I work on a Thursday afternoon and a Saturday. It was quite cheap.”

I also told her that the shop is called and where it is.

“Do you think that we could workout naked as well Sandra?” Isla asked.

“I think that that might be pushing it a bit too much but maybe we should talk to some of the guys and ask them what they think?”

“I think that we know what their replies would be Sandra,”

“Of course, stupid me. We need to find out if the university has any rules about it. Do you know anyone on the admin side who we could ask?”

“No, but I might know someone who does. I’ll make some enquiries.”

We parted company when our buildings were in different directions, both of us promising to be at the gym at 3 p.m. the next Monday. As I walked the last quarter mile I was thinking about myself. I was starting to change a little, not be so recluse, enjoy other people’s company more, not be so shy all the time. I was actually smiling when I got to my room. The other thing was that being with a like-minded girl gave me more courage to do outrageous things, I smiled at the thought of Isla and myself streaking a football match or something like that.


On the Tuesday morning I woke just before 8:30. I had a lesson at 10 so I had plenty of time. As I lay there toying with my clit I heard someone’s door slam shut and I wondered if one of my flatmates was in the communal area or getting themselves some breakfast. Feeling a little aroused I decided to try out my idea of wandering around the communal area and kitchen area totally naked. I didn’t imagine that Geoff, Zack or Andy would complain but I wasn’t sure about Emily or Lizzy.

As I left my room Zack’s door opened and a sleepy looking Zack came out.

“Morning Zack.” I said.

“Oh yeah, morning Sandra, couldn’t you be bothered with any clothes?”

“Naw, you don’t mind do you?”

“Hell no. I might even bring my bed out here so that I don’t miss you walking around like that.”

“Hey Zack, I’m no top model, just an ordinary, average girl.”

“Not from where I’m standing Sandra, I think that you have an amazing body.”

“Thank you Zack, please forgive me if I don’t agree with you.”

“You should Sandra.”

I didn’t want the conversation to go any further so I went and put the kettle on. Zack was still there watching me when I walked back to my room with a mug of coffee in my hand.

The rest of the day, and the Wednesday daytime went much the same as other days at the uni but when I got home on the Wednesday afternoon I decided to go for a run. We’d been encouraged to run when I was at Karate so it was nothing new, just the location and what I was going to wear. That was my new white skirt, a spaghetti strapped tight top that was thin enough to mould itself to my body showing the bulges made by my little tits and nipples, and trainers, nothing else. When I put the skirt on it again felt like I was wearing just a belt and I checked the length, front and back. My butt and pussy were covered – just, so I set off knowing that the skater type skirt would bounce about, hopefully revealing both my butt and pussy to anyone who cared to look.

I ran through the streets to the park intending to run along all the paths but as soon as I got there I decided to stop and make the skirt even shorter. When I started running again my slit and the bottom part of my butt were visible to anyone who cared to look, more so when the skirt bounced up as I ran.

I passed quite a few people but I wasn’t sure if they realised what they could see or not but the excitement was in knowing that I was on display and they could could see my bits if they looked.

I ran passed a couple of young men who were walking the same way that I was and as soon as I was passed them I heard one of them say,

“Hey mate, look at that.”

I was only about 5 or 6 metres in front of them by then so I decided that one of my trainer's laces needed to be re-tied. I stopped, bent at the waist and retied it. I knew that they could see all of my pussy and I also knew that they would catch up to me in seconds, but they didn’t, and when I stood up straight and started running again, a quick look over my shoulder told me that they had stopped a couple of metered from where I had stopped, obviously to get a longer look.

I smiled and kept running.

I had intended to stop at the kids play area and maybe have a swing or a go on the slide, even have a climb on the monkey bars but when I got close I saw a handful of kids and a couple of parents with them so I kept running and thought,

“Next time.”

I didn’t look to see how many other people stared at me and saw my butt or pussy on the way back because I didn’t bother looking. The fact that my goodies were on display was enough for me, but my fingers did get busy when I had a shower afterwards.


The next morning I again went to get my breakfast totally naked. Unfortunately none of my flatmates were around to see me but it sort of felt ‘natural’ so I decided that I’d do the same every morning.

The next exciting thing was at work on the Thursday. It was just us 3, Lisa, Bella and me, that afternoon, and it turned out that it wasn’t too busy. Bella introduced me to a game that she sometimes plays with one of the other girls when it was quiet.

Whenever we saw a man waiting outside the changing rooms we took it in turns to go into a changing cubicle, that could be seen by the man, with a dress to try on. We’d give the one of us in the cubicle a minute or so to get naked then the other one of us would go and pull the curtain wide open, the ‘victim’ standing there just waiting to be exposed to the waiting man. Of course the ‘victim’ would pretend to be shocked and curse at the other one of us but taking her time to pull the curtain closed.

When the curtain was closed again the one of us who had exposed the other would walk out of the changing room saying to the man,

“Sorry about that, I never expected her to be naked.”

I was the ‘victim’ twice and each time I stared at the man for a few seconds before screaming and pulling the curtain closed.

As the shop was closing Bella left as quickly as she could and as Lisa was shutting the shop she asked me if I would be interested in earning a bit of money on an evening occasionally.

“Doing what?” I asked.

“Well, my boyfriend runs this business providing escorts for businessmen who haven’t brought their wives with them but need a partner to attend business diners and parties and I was wondering if that sort of thing would interest you Sandra?”

“Maybe, what would these escorts have to do?”

“Look beautiful and go along with whatever the businessman asks her to do.”

“You mean fucking her?”

“Maybe, some men just want a scantily dressed girl on their arm for 2 or 3 hours.”

“But, I’m guessing, some want to spend all night fucking her.”

“True, but the money is good.”

“It would need to be if some fat, forty or fifty something man was fucking me all night.”

“Agreed, but Steve always tells both the client and the girl that they have to discuss and agree the clients wishes, and the girl’s compliance before anything other than dinner happens. Steve has only ever had one frantic call from a girl asking him to come and rescue her because the man was fat and ugly and he wanted to tie her to the bed all night.”

“Isn’t that sort of thing just prostitution?”

“Not really because the girl is providing an escort service as well. If you’re not interested in that sort of thing, he sometimes provides girls for erotica conventions where the girls can do anything that they like from just wandering around naked to getting gang-banged on a stage with lots of people watching.”

“That sounds fun Lisa.” I replied, “And your Steve would want someone like me, a girl with tiny tits like mine? I would have thought that he’d only be looking got girls with big tits.”

“Truth be known Sandra, most men prefer small tits, tits that they can get in their hands and their mouths.

“Well Lisa, the escort bit doesn’t really appeal to me, I don’t get on well with pointless social chit-chat, but the walking around naked and getting fucked on a stage certainly does appeal to me.”

“Leave it with me Sandra, I’ll see what Steve is working on at the moment.”

Lisa and I went off to our homes in different directions, me getting all excited about the possibility of being totally naked in public and maybe even getting gang-banged on a stage with lots of people watching.

That night I decided to spent some of my limited money on a remote controlled vibrator, one that could be controlled from my phone. I wasn’t interested in anyone else controlling it, although that did sound fun, I just wanted to control it from my phone that I’d keep in my bag and that no one could see it vibrating away inside me. I saw a few of them that had a setting that would give random blasts of vibrations at random intensities and that really appealed to me. Although I looked at quite a few different ones on the internet I didn’t actually buy one but I did bookmark a few pages ready for going back to when I was sure that I had the money to spare. I was torn between the vibrator and some new skirts, on the one hand I wanted people to see me driven crazy by a vibrator and on the other hand I wanted my slit to be on display more often.


The Friday was nothing special, apart from Zack and Andy talking me into sitting in the communal kitchen to eat my breakfast. I knew that they just wanted to look at my body so took my time, lounging back on the chair so that they got to see all of me, all whilst them talking about uni stuff and me just agreeing when I thought it was appropriate.

The rest of the day wasn’t anything special other than the guys in my class looking up my skirt quite a lot and me not keeping my knees together. I’m getting quite good and showing my pussy whilst pretending that I didn’t know that I was showing it.

I made one of the teaching assistants blush when I deliberately opened my knees wide when I saw that he was trying to see my pussy as he stood at the front of the room.

The rest of the day was boring and I even stayed in my room all the evening as I was looking forward to going to work on the Saturday.


I chose to wear the white skater type skirt to work on the Saturday, wanting to feel like I was naked below the waist. It was a bit windy on the way there and I was pretty sure that the skirt was flying all over the place and I just ignored it, wondering if I’d given some of the men that I saw a pleasant start to their day.

I arrived at the shop 5 minutes before Lisa and stood sipping my take out coffee that I’d got from McDonald’s on the way there. When Lisa arrived we went inside and I stood around waiting for her to sort the doors out and when she came over to me she said,

“You like standing in front of that mirror don’t you Sandra?”

“What? Oh, I guess that I do. I wasn’t trying to flash my pussy at you Lisa, I’m not into girls but I do have a confession to make.”

“Do tell.”

So I told her all about my encounter with Isla, and I mean all of it. Bella arrived and caught the last part of it then she said,

“So you’re into girls now are you Sandra?”

“No, but it was nice, boys are in too much of a hurry to shag you. Hey, I need to tell you about the party at our apartment and how I got fucked and spanked by 2 guys that I didn’t even see their faces..”

“Bloody hell Sandra,” Bella said, “spankings and gang-bangs, you do lead an exciting life, tell me more.”

“Sorry girls, but that will have to wait, we need to get the shop ready for the customers.” Lisa said interrupted our conversation.

The day went well with all the sales assistants playing tricks on each other so that we were exposed to the male partners of girls getting changed. The other good thing about it was the skirt. Not only did I feel naked below the waist but I had great fun bending over in front of the males who came in, I also enjoyed standing in front of THAT mirror when any men were nearby.

Pete brought another deliver and Lisa sent me to deal with it. I was hoping to get the chance to get naked for him again but he was running late and in a bit of a rush so I had to settle for bending over to lift boxes and in that skirt I knew that he could see my bare butt and my pussy between my butt cheeks. He cursed and told me that there were some new dresses on one of the racks that he brought and that he had originally hoped that he would have been able to see me try one on.

I looked at them and saw that they were quite see-through, obviously intended to be worn over something. Because he was in a rush I told him to remind me the next Saturday and if we hadn’t sold them all I’d try one for him then.

As he was driving away I looked at the dresses again and decided that I was going to try one on, it covering everything but hiding nothing, to Lisa and some of the other girls. I wondered if Lisa would let me wear one for work so that all the customers, and their male partners, would see me.

I didn’t get the chance to do that because we got a bit busy then about 30 minutes before closing time Isla came in. I introduced her to Lisa and Bella as my skinny dipping partner which brought smiles to both Lisa’s and Bella’s faces.

“So you’re the one corrupting my newest recruit?” Lisa asked.

“More like Sandra is the one corrupting me.” Isla replied.

Anyway, Isla bought one of the leotards, a black one, and one of the strings only sets of underwear, Lisa letting me give Isla the staff discount.

Just as Isla was leaving she said,

“Sandra, tomorrow is supposed to be good weather, possibly the last decent day before winter starts to arrive, do you want to meet up and see if we can have a bit of flashing fun?”

I didn’t need to think about it and immediately said that I would, We arranged a time and place then Isla left and I got busy again, although I did think about what I could wear and also that Isla was probably right about the start of the cold, wet, miserable English winters coming soon.

The last thing that I thought about before helping a girl find a particular type of skirt was that I needed a warm overcoat because there was no way that I was going back to wearing jeans and big, heavy tops to keep me warm outside.

At the end of the business day I was one of the last to leave and as Lisa was locking up she asked me if I was still interested in doing a days work for her husband, Steve.

“Doing what?” I asked

“Just standing around and smiling at potential customers.”

“There’s got to be more to it that that?” I said,

“Well yes, you’d be naked all day.”

“Keep talking.”

“It’s an erotic equipment convention.”

“You mean sex toys.”

“Exactly. Steve has been asked by a company to provide a couple of girls who would be prepared to be naked on their stand all day, and to demonstrate their company’s products. Steve tells me that they import all sorts of sex toys from dildos to spanking machines and they’re hoping to sell them to sex shops all over the UK.”

“You say a couple of girls Lisa?”

“Yes, why, are you thinking that maybe Isla might be interested as well Sandra?”

“I am. I’m certainly up for it and I have a feeling that Isla might be as well. When do you need to know?”

“Steve’s got a few days yet.”

“I’m seeing Isla tomorrow, can I phone you tomorrow after I’ve spoken to her?”

“Sure, have you got my mobile number?”

“Yes, you gave it to me so that I could phone you if I couldn’t make it for my shifts.”

“Of course I did. Okay Sandra, I look forward to hearing from you.”

“I’m pretty sure that Isla will be up for it.”

“Good, I look froward to hearing from you. Bye.”

As I was walking home I was thinking, I’d had a great day interacting with people so maybe I wasn’t as much of a recluse as I thought I was, but interactions that I’d had weren’t exactly like having close friends or social events.

Back at my accommodation I could hear people talking in the communal area and they weren’t familiar voices so after I’d had a shower I went to prepare something to eat.

As I got closer to the communal area I realised that the voices that I could her were Geoff, Andy and 2 other unknown male voices. The only thing that I was wearing was a smile on my face but I wasn’t too happy when I saw them, all 4 were engrossed in video games and didn’t see me arrive.

I went to the kitchen area and got on with preparing a meal for myself and started to worry that I’d finish and leave before any of them turned and saw me. Just as I picked up my plate and mug I heard 2 of the guys cheering and the other 2 groaning.

“Never mind Geoff,” I said as I started to walk towards them, “better luck next time.”

All 4 guys turned to see who the female voice belonged to and as Geoff said,

“Oh hi Sandra, what’s for tea?”

I heard the 2 unknowns both say,

“Fucking hell.”

“I’m having beans on toast Geoff, I don’t know about you. Hi guys. Before you find your voices again I’m Sandra, I have a room down the hall.”

I watched all 4 sets of eyes look me up and down, my nipples and clit go hard and those same parts of me start tingling.

“Oh yeah,” Andy said, “guys this is Sandra, she’s recently become our resident nudist and exhibitionist. Sandra, this is Jack and Simon, we’re having a video games night.”

I thought about challenging Andy’s de***********ion of me but decided against it because he was right Instead I said,

“Well good luck with that. I can’t stand video games so I won’t be joining you. Nice to meet you Jack, Simon, maybe we’ll bump into each other sometime.”

“I hope so.” Simon said as I turned and walked back to my room.

I just heard the start of a conversation between them and about me, but I didn’t hang around to hear much of it. Instead I sat at my little desk and ate my food.

I had a quiet evening but I wasn’t complaining because it had been a tiring day, but I did rub one out as I thought about what Isla and I would do the next day.


I met Isla at McDonald’s in the shopping centre and was pleased to see that she was wearing just about as little as I was. Isla was wearing a very tight and very short, black skirt that obviously rides up as she walks because I could see her pussy lips hanging down between her legs. On her top she was wearing a white halter that was slightly see-through. It wasn’t fastened tightly, just hanging there showing the bulges made by her nipples. Me, I was wearing just ‘that’ top as a dress.

“Wow Isla, you look amazing.” I said as she walked over to me.

I could see the darker colour of her nipples through the white top and they were bouncing about just a little bit.

“Out to give give some guys a pleasant surprise with the blatant nipples look Isla.” I continued before she could say anything.

“Yeah, Hi Sandra, or do you want me to call you Suzie today? You can’t talk, at least my tits are covered. That top looks quite revealing as well, how short is your skirt?”

“I’m not wearing a skirt, just this top as a dress.” I replied as I stood up from behind the table that I was sitting at, letting her see just the top, and you can call me whatever you like Isla.”

“Jeez Sandra, I can see you slit and clit, does that ‘dress’ pull down, or are you out to let everyone see you goods? Maybe you should stick to Suzie today, it suits that outfit more that Sandra does.”

“Maybe we should think of a more slutty name for you too Isla, how about ‘Kitty Kat or just Kat’, that name has connotations.”

“It certainly does does, very slutty, it sounds like a stripper’s name.” Isla replied.

“Do you fancy being a stripper Isla, sorry, Kat?”

“Actually, I do, letting all those randy men see my naked body.”

“Well that’s something else that we’ve got in common Kat, I fancy being a stripper too. I think that we’re going to have to visit some strip clubs to see if they’ll employ us. I’m sure that they’ll employ you but I doubt that they will me, with these tits, not exactly voluptuous are they?”

“No they aren’t Suzie, but they are absolutely perfect in their own way, have you had any complaints about them?”


“There you go then Suzie, the randy men will love them just as much as those guys over there obviously do.”


“Those 2 guys are staring at your right tit, it’s escaped.”

I went to cover it but Isla said,

“No, don’t Sandra, let them look at it, in fact discretely use you hand to pull at the bottom of your top so that you fully expose it, give them a real treat.”

I did, all whilst looking at Isla and asking her what the guys were doing, and I have to say that knowing that they were staring at my tit was making both my nipples and my clit tingle something really nice.

I needed something to concentrate on, other than my exposed tit. I looked up and at the screen giving the status of each order. I saw that my number was moving up the list so I said,

“I ordered a coffee for you Isla, I hope that that was okay. My number says it is ‘being prepared’.” I said pointing to the screen giving the status of each order.

“Coffee is good for me, then we can decide what we are going to do today Suzie.”

My number moved from the ‘being prepared’ to the ‘ready’ column so I said,

“Our coffees are ready, do you want to go and get them Isla?”

“Hell no, this is your show Suzie, you go.”

I stood up and just knew that the top hadn’t fallen totally down to cover my butt and slit.

“It doesn't take much to cause a wardrobe malfunction in that outfit does it Suzie? I can see the end of your clit between your legs as well as your tit. Don’t sort it, go like that.”

I took a deep breath and started walking to the counter which involved walking right to the 2 men then turning. I smiled at the 2 men but they didn’t smile back, they never saw my smile because their eyes never went above my chest.

Neither did the eyes of the young server guy who’s jaw dropped as I walked up to him.

“Thanks.” I said as I picked up the 2 coffees and turned to walk back to Kat.

I didn’t look back to see if server guy was staring at my slightly exposed butt, but I did look at the 2 guys who had both turned to watch me. Again I smiled at them and this time one of them looked up to my eyes. He had a bit of a strange look on his face, a mixture of surprise and horror.

“What?” I asked, not expecting to get a reply.

As his expression turned to a big smile I added,

“It’s ‘Free the Nipple’ day, didn’t your wife tell you?”

The guy didn’t answer and I continued walking back to Isla.

“Free the Nipple day is it? Does a see-through top count?” Isla said as I sat down.

“Sure does, especially if you pull that top up so that the bottom half of your tits are exposed.”

“I might just do that, is it ‘Free the Clit’ day as well? I could see yours as you walked back here.”

Instinct told me to look down to see if I could see my clit but I couldn’t, I was sat too upright.

“I’ve gotta be on my toes in this ‘dress’." I replied.

“Is that to make sure your tits and slit are exposed or to make sure that they are covered?”

“Both,” I replied, “If I want to keep them covered I have to stand or sit straight and make sure that the top isn’t snagged on one of my nipples. If I don’t then at least one of them pops out.”

“Nice. So what do you fancy doing today Suzie? There’s a Funfair on not far from here.”

“That sounds like it could be fun, maybe we could get some free rides by flashing our goodies, but before going there can we walk around this place for a bit, go up some of the escalators and sit on some benches with our legs open?”

“Sure Suzie, I like going up escalators in front of guys as well.”

The 2 guys were still staring at us when we finished our coffee and left. Maybe others were staring as well but I didn’t look around to check.

As we walked around the shopping centre and went up and down the escalators, Kat and I talked. She told me that she was looking forward to the next afternoon at the gym, that she’d tried on the leotard again and was happy that she could expose herself as much as I did. I told her that I was looking forward to swimming naked again as well.

Then Kat told me that she’d amended her Reddit advert to say that there were 2 girls who wanted to be spanked and that she’d got an almost instant reply from someone with the pseudonym of ‘Master Thomas’, inviting us to go to a posh Gentlemen’s Club in town to receive our punishment.

“I don’t know Kat,” I said, “I want to be properly spanked to see if I can cum, but a men’s club, I don’t know, we might not be safe.”

“I thought that you were a Karate Black Belt Suzie?”

“I am but what if there’s lots of them and they gang-bang us?”

“You’ve already been gang-banged Suzie and you said you enjoyed it.”

“I did. They might want to use whips or something on us.”

“They might, but look at it like this Suzie, we both want to be naked in front of lots of men and we both want to get spanked, right?”


“The place is a Gentlemen’s Club, lots of rich men, think what would happen if they whipped us so much that we ended up in hospital. The doctors would tell the police and we’d have to tell them what happened. Think of the scandal, I’m sure that none of the ‘Gentlemen’ would want that. Hey, maybe there will be top lawyers or Judges, or rich businessmen there and they give us lots of money for the privilege of making our butts red.”

“And cumming, I hope.” I replied.

“Yeah, maybe we’d get enough money to pay off our student loans or go on holiday to exotic places.

“When do they want us to go there, I work on a Thursday afternoon and all day Saturdays?”

“What afternoons don’t you have any lectures or classes, and what evenings are you free?” Kat asked.

I told her then she said that she’d contact Master Thomas and see what she could fix up.

“Master Thomas?” I said, “he sounds like a school headmaster or the head of a university college?”

“Maybe he is, we may recognise him or any of the other men.”

“Maybe, he’s one of our lecturers, that would be funny.” I added.

By then we’d gone up 3 escalators and each time, without saying anything, we’d automatically timed it so that we were followed up by some young men, and we’d heard comments about our lack of knickers, all of which was causing my pussy to be very wet. We’d also been keeping an eye on my top and each time that one of my nipples had escaped I’d looked around and then covered it if there were any old biddies or young kids around. If it was young men we’d both turn to look at them hoping that they’d see our tits.

We thought about going into some fashion shops to see if we could flash some guys waiting for their female partners but after Lisa’s shop I was sure that we wouldn’t have as much fun.

“Shall we get something to eat before we head off to the Funfair?” Kat asked.

“Sounds good,” I replied, “but it will have to be somewhere cheap, I’m a poor student.”

“How about the Food Hall Suzie?”


As we went up another escalator, after waiting at the bottom for some unsuspecting guys to follow us up, Kat said,

“Maybe Master Thomas will pay us enough so that we can start eating at posh restaurants.”

“That’s if our butts won’t hurt too much for us to sit at the tables.” I replied causing us both to giggle a bit.

We found a cheap meal and then took our trays to find somewhere to sit and eat. As we looked around Kat saw a table along the side of the room and we headed there, both of us, probably, thinking that we could sit with our backs to the wall and spread our knees for any guys who looked our way.

As we were eating Kat logged on to Reddit on her phone and messaged Master Thomas telling him when 2 naughty girls were expecting to be punished. Whilst she was doing that I was people watching and also thinking about how well I was getting on with Isla, she was the only person that I really felt comfortable with, although Lisa and Bella came a close second. Not that I was falling in love with Isla, just feeling like she was the first ever real friend that I’d ever had, even if our friendship was based around us exposing our bare bodies to as many men as we could.

“There, done.” Kat said as she put her phone back in her little shoulder bag. “Let’s hope that Master Thomas can fit us in.”

“He’d be an idiot if he didn’t, how old do you think he will be?” I asked.

“No idea. Maybe he’s ancient and the sight of us 2 naked teen girls will give him a heart attack.”

“Maybe he’s a rich young man looking for a bit of fun away from his wife?”

“Who knows, I hope that he can punish us.” Kat replied.

We sat eating, talking, people watching and flashing men, both of us getting some pleasure out of the expressions on the men’s faces when one of them was observant enough to see what was on display.

A couple of times when young men were looking at us, Kat reached over to me and tugged a bit at my ‘dress’, causing one of my nipples to escape. I admonished her both times but took my time covering my nipple again then I looked at the guys to see the expression on their faces.

I just love it when a man’s expression tells me that they are enjoying seeing parts of me that other girls keep covered.

We were just getting near the end of our meal when I, without thinking, said,

“Wouldn’t it be good if we lived in a world where all girls up to the age of say, 40, had to be naked all the time, especially out in public.”

“Yeah, but there would have to be a weight limit on the girls, I’ve seen fat girls naked at school and it wasn’t a pretty sight.” Kat replied.

“And the law could say that they all had to be totally bare below their necks and that they’d have to spread their legs whenever a man asked them to.”

“Could the law be extended to men as well. I’d like to see all those hard cock bouncing around as they walked about.” Kat said.

“I wonder if the novelty would wear off and all those naked people would stop getting horny?”

“I wouldn’t.”

“Me neither.” I replied. “Oh well, fantasy over for today, let’s go.”

We finished our meal then headed for the exit. Just as we passed one of the escalators we saw a group of young men who looked like they were going to go up the escalator so without saying anything to each other we both turned and headed for the escalator, timing it so that we got there just in front of the young men.

We stood side by side, spreading our feet as much as the escalator would allow and it only took seconds for us to hear one of the men say,

“Hey guys, look at that.”

My pussy started getting quite a bit wetter and I’m sure that Kat’s was too. About half way up I decided to turn around and go up backwards. As I stood there with my feet apart and looking over the heads of the young men I looked down and saw 4 faces looking up at my pussy. I stayed like that until Kat told me that I needed to turn around again or end up on my back on the floor. Although the thought of those guys coming up the escalator and seeing me on my back with my legs spread wide really appealed to me I thought that I might hurt myself as I fell so I did what Kat suggested.

I have no idea what the young men thought when they followed us to the down escalator and we went down and they didn’t follow us.

Outside I asked Kat where the Funfair was. I still wasn’t too familiar with the city and although I had heard of the place I had no idea where it was or how far away it was so when Kat said that we could walk there I just took her word for it but was pleased that I was wearing sensible shoes.

As we walked I noticed that Kat’s skirt kept riding up and that she only pulled it back down to cover her slit when oldish women were walking towards us. I also decided that when any men were walking towards us I would suddenly have the need to quickly turn to ask Kat something, causing one of my nipples to escape.

After we’d passed about 3 lots of men and none of them had turned their heads to check us out I asked Kat why most men were so damned unobservant.

“Because they are stupid. All men are good for is fucking and a lot of them aren’t any good at that.” Kat replied.

“Well I hope that Master Thomas is good at spanking us.” I replied.

“So do I.” Kat replied.

It wasn’t that long before I saw some of the Funfair equipment on the skyline and we were soon walking onto another park that I didn’t know was there. I wondered if it would be good for jogging around.

“Jeez Kat,” I said as we walked through what I assumed was the main entrance, “this is bigger than I thought it would be.”

“Yeah, me too, but with a bit of luck it will give us more opportunities to flash our goodies.”

“You are a naughty girl Kat, what would your mother say?”

“She’s never going to know and I suspect that your mother will never find out as well Suzie.”

“True, where shall we start?”

“How about going clockwise round the edge then moving into the centre.” Kat replied.

And that’s what we did. We soon realised that most of the stall were being run by older people but the rides were run by young men, and it was the rides that interested us the most because of the opportunities. For starters, we had decided that we weren’t going on a ride unless we could do it for free. There being young men operating the rides meant that we could tease then into submission so that they’d let us on for free.

It was Kat who said it first,

“Will you let us ride for free if we show you our tits?”

And it worked every time, but it wasn’t only our tits that the operators got to see, most of the rides had fittings that held you in place and most of those fittings included a bar that came up between your legs and attached to one going round your waist so when we were getting on, and sometimes off, the operator had to put and lock those bars in place so with us wearing such short skirts the operators got to see our slightly spread pussies.

On one of the rides Kat dared me to play with my clit as we were spinning round and round, up and down and hanging upside down. I tried but failed to make myself cum because I was screaming too much.

One ride in particular was really good for exposing our pussies to the young operator, it was called something like ‘The Slingshot’, and the young operator made a big deal out of getting us properly strapped in so he got a really good look at our pussies. Neither Kat nor I were complaining that it took so long but once we were catapulted into the air with us screaming our heads off, I realised that if the operator didn’t strap us in properly we could have gone flying so high that we’d need a parachute to get back to earth in one piece.

When the cage finally stopped moving both Kat and I just sat there as the operator released us. Like most of the rides, my ‘dress’ failed to stay in place and conceal my tits, as well as my pussy, and the operator took ages releasing me. Me, of course, pretending that I didn’t realise that both my tits and pussy were on display.

When we finally were both free and our tits covered, the operator told us that a camera at the front of the cage had been taking some photographs of us and that we could see them on a computer screen at a nearby shed. We went and scrolled through all the photos of all the people that had been on the ride and we saw a few tits that had escaped but when we got to our photos I saw that Kat had pulled her top up so that her tits were on display as much as mine (I’d been too busy screaming to notice), and we could clearly see our pussies, sparkling from being so wet and all the lights that were coming up from all the attractions there.

“Shall we buy prints of those?” Kat asked.

“Naw,” I replied, “I can take photos of us showing more than that anytime. Hey, that gives me an idea, how about we try to be models for the university’s Photography club or maybe the Art club, you never know, they might even pay us to strip for them.”

“Why just uni clubs, there must be some clubs in this city that want nude models.”

“Yay, more places to get naked, we need to start looking.”

“We make a great team don’t we Sandra, sorry, Suzie?”

We walked off towards the next attraction which just happened to be the Dodgems, the Bumper Cars. There was 2 young men looking after things and when they saw us approaching they ignored all their other tasks and came over to us. We’d been hit on by most of the other ride operators but these 2 took it to another level, trying over and over to get us to go round the back with them.

On the way to the Funfair we’d talked about getting hit on by the young men there but we’d both agreed that it was probably a bit too risky, us not knowing where they had come from or what they might have so there was no chance that we’d go ‘round the back’ with them.

They finally got the message but not before we had exposed our tits and our pussies to both of them, and let them finger us whilst they stood in front of us.

Anyway, they finally let us have a ride on the Bumper cars, one car each, and it was fun. The bumping of the cars soon had both my nipples exposed and I got some amazing expressions from people who my car collided with and they looked at the driver of the car that had hit them. Of course I pretended that I didn’t know that I was exposed and just kept ramming other cars.

The Funfair also had a big Carousel with all those silly, plastic horses going round and round. Again we had to bribe the operators with flashes of our tits and pussies to get a free ride. One of the guys seemed fascinated by the shape of my tits and I didn’t stop him when he bunched the front of my top between my tits and started playing with both my tits with both of his hands. He seemed to like to put his fingers round the base of each tit and slowly slide then up until he had each nipple between his index finger and thumb, then he’s roll them and pull them to point even further forwards. Of course I liked this too and a couple of times I moaned before telling him that he shouldn’t be doing that to me.

Again, Kat and I refused to go round the back with them and they finally let us have a free ride on the Carousel. Both Kat and I asked for some help getting onto the horses and in doing so both Kat’s tight skirt, and my ‘dress’ rode up leaving us both exposed below our waists. When the Carousel started going round both guys came and stood by our horse’s heads and they were looking down at our spread pussies, both of us leaning back with one hand holding the pole so that the guys got a great view.

I wasn’t watching Kat, but some of the time that the Carousel was going round I played with my clit, my eyes watching the guys eyes that were staring at my pussy.

When the ride stopped and the other riders had got off, the 2 guys helped us get off the horses, and the guy that was with me somehow managed to get a handful of my very wet pussy. When I stepped back he lifted his hand to his face and licked it. I giggled and went over to where Kat was before we left, both of us giggling.

“That was fun.” I said.

“Yes it was,” Kat replied. “I hope that none of the other riders saw what those 2 guys were doing to us.”

“I really doubt it, they will have been too taken up with having their own rides.” I replied.

After that we decided to head for our homes. We’d had a great afternoon with lots of men seeing our bare goodies. The other reason was that Isla had an assignment due the next morning and she still had lots of work to do on it.

I decided to get my tea ready in the nude. I could hear a few unfamiliar voiced in the communal area and decided that maybe I could give them a bit of a thrill as well and giving me something different to think about when rubbed one out when I went to bed.

The voices were a couple of Geoff’s mates and when they saw me Geoff said,

“There she is, I told you that we had a resident nudist girl with a great pair of tits.”

“Geoff,” I replied, “did you invite these 2 here just to see me naked?”

“Yeah, you don’t mind do you Sandra? I know that you like people to see you like that.”

“What gives you that idea Geoff? Girls don’t go around showing their naked bodies to unknown men.”

“Yes you do Sandra, and we can put the ‘unknown men’ part straight easily, Guys, this is Sandra, Sandra this is Oliver and Simon. There Sandra, they aren’t ‘unknown’ any more so it’s okay them seeing your amazing little tits and the rest of your body.”

Geoff was, of course, right but I wasn’t going to make it too easy for him.

“Geoff, don’t you care about the embarrassment of your flatmates? It’s one thing you and the others who live here seeing me naked, you’re like family, but Simon and Oliver are strangers.”

“Not any more.” Geoff replied, “have a good look guys, maybe Sandra will let you feel her tits, they’re unbelievably solid. I swear that you could use them as a mould for ice cream or traffic cones.”

“What about Jelly Moulds?” Simon said.

“What?” I exclaimed.

“Hey mate, you might be onto something there, we could get girls to let us make Plaster of Paris castss of their tits then turn them into silicon moulds that can be used for jellies or other desert.” Simon expanded.

“We’d need a girl to try it out on first.” Geoff said, then he turned and looked at me and continued,

“Sandra, would you let us try it out on you first?”

“Seriously guys, you want to put Plaster of Paris on my chest to get a cast of my tits?”

“Yeah, we do,” Oliver replied, “how about it Sandra?”

I thought for a few seconds, thinking that they were just fantasising and that it would never actually happen so I replied,

“Okay then, get back to me when you’ve got your Plaster of Paris.” Also thinking that they’d never actually manage to get any.

I turned and went and got on with making my tea and feeling like I had 3 pairs of male eyes on me all the time which was making me feel like I’d have to rub one out long before I went to bed.

Tea made and eaten in my room, I was just about to take my plate to wash when my phone rang. It was Isla asking me to confirm that I could join her at the Gentlemen’s club on Wednesday afternoon and that I was free for the rest of that day.

“Does that mean that Master Thomas has been in touch with you Isla?”

“It does, he wants both of us there at 2 p.m. wearing our old school uniforms, have you got yours with you Sandra?”

“Yeah, my mum packed it for me telling me that I might want it for a fancy dress party.”

“Well I suppose that you could say that Wednesday will be a party.” Isla replied.

“How many men are going to be there Isla?” I asked.

“Master Thomas says 5 or 6, is that okay with you Sandra?”

“Sure, did Master Thomas say anything about money?”

“He did, he told me that each man there would pay each of us £250 for the privilege of spanking our bare butts. He also said that there was an option to earn some more money by us providing some ‘extras’.”

“And what did he mean by that?”

“He didn’t actually say but I’m guessing that he meant blowjobs or maybe even fucking us, is that a problem with you Sandra?”

“Not if the money is good enough.”

“Good, it’s a date then.”

We said our goodbyes after confirming the time that we’d meet at the gym the following day.

Geoff and his 2 mates were still in the communal room when I went to the kitchen where I gave them another good look at my naked body. Simon asked me if I was still okay with them making a cast of my tits. Feeling a bit frisky from my conversation with Isla, I turned to face them, tweaked both my nipples and said,

“Sure, but I want to make sure that my girls are as proud as they can be when you do it.”

“So do we.” Oliver said, then added, “And can we make a cast of your pussy as well, I just love the way your clit sticks out and that you don’t have very meaty lips.”

My right hand went to my clit and tweaked that as I replied,

“Sure, but let’s get my tits done first, okay guys.”

I turned and left them, them probably thinking about getting their hands on me and me thinking about then doing just that. I rubbed one out just as soon as I got back to my room.

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