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She may not want to get ‘involved’ with, nor spend time with other people, she may even be a Loner, but she still has a lot of fun.
Sandra is Different

by Vanessa Evans

Part 7

It was Sunday and an opportunity to sleep late but that was only after I woke at dawn and used the magic wand on myself. It was Isla that woke me with a phone call. She’d had a call from Master Thomas asking if we were available on Wednesday afternoon again. She’s said that we both were without even asking me.

After I’d quickly thanked her she went on to explain that Master Thomas had told her that he only wanted one of us to go to the Gentlemen’s Club and the other to go to a posh hotel in town. When she’d asked why he’d explained that a distinguished gentleman had asked for an unconscious girl for him to fuck.

“So you’re going to the hotel and I’m going to get my butt spanked again?” I asked.

“No, I was, I still am, a bit nervous about being unconscious in a hotel room with an unknown man so I volunteered you to be the first to try it and then you can tell me if it was okay.”

“Fair enough, if that’s what you want Isla but I’m not sure what I’ll be able to tell you, I’ll be out cold for most of the time.”

“Yes but I still don’t fancy going first.”

“Okay Isla, I’m not going to try to make you change your mind. I know that you’ll have a great time on the Sybian.”

Isla gave me the details then we talked about other things before I asked her if she was going to the gym on the Monday afternoon.

“Hell yes, I’m looking forward to it, working out in a see-through leotard that doesn’t cover much of my pussy with men staring at me, try and stop me. I’m so pleased that you started going and showed me how to show off.”

“My pleasure Isla, but you’ve encouraged me to go further. If it wasn’t for you we wouldn’t be skinny dipping afterwards.”

“I think that you would have got there on your own Sandra. Half an hour later than last week?”

“Yeah, hopefully there will be more guys there” I said, “I wonder if Sofia will be there?”

We made some more small talk then ended the call. I got up, did my bathroom thing then went and got myself some breakfast. Geoff was sat at one of the tables working on one of his assignments.

“Not wearing your vibrator this morning Sandra?” He asked.

“Not yet, I only got up a bit ago.”

“You did look knackered when you went to bed.”

“Thanks, that was all of your lots fault tiring me out like that.”

“You certainly looked like you were enjoying it though-.”

“Oh I was, it’s just that it went on for too long.”

“Sorry about that, I’ll make sure that it doesn’t last so long the next time.”

“What makes you think that there will be a next time Geoff?”

“With you walking around like that there’s bound to be a next time.”

“Don’t you like me walking around without any clothes on Geoff?”

“That is a silly question Sandra, there’d be something wrong with me if I didn’t appreciated a beautiful naked girl.”

“Was that a compliment Geoff?”

“It certainly was.”

“Well thank you Geoff.”

I went and got my breakfast ready then went and sat on one of the sofas to eat it. I was sat in Geoff’s line of sight and with my knees quite wide apart. I kept looking at Geoff and I saw that he kept looking at me. When I was finished I went and washed up then headed back to my room. As I left the common room Geoff said,

“Sandra, I really like looking at you without any clothes on but you are such a distraction when I’m trying to concentrate on my assignments.”

“Sorry Geoff, I’ll try to be a bit more considerate next time.”

As I walked to my room I was smiling, knowing that Geoff liked looking at my naked body.

I cleaned my teeth then thought about what I was going to do for the rest of the day. I looked at my new toys then I opened a window and looked outside. It wasn’t as cold as I expected but I knew that winter was coming soon so I decided to go and look around the shops to see if I could find a suitable coat, one that would keep a naked girl warm but at the same time allow her to flash her naked body quickly whenever she wanted to.

I put a top and skirt on and just as I was about to head out I decided to wear my new vibrator. Sliding it into my permanently wet pussy I looked at myself in the mirror and saw that tip of the purplish antenna was only just visible. I was feeling naughty so I changed skirts to a shorter and thinner one then looked in the mirror again.

I giggled as I saw a good 4 centimetres of the Ohmibod hanging down. Then I bent the antenna and laughed as I saw it tenting the front of the skirt like a cock would have.

“This could be interesting.” I thought as I straightened the antenna then left to go shopping.

As I walked along I knew that people would be able to see the antenna but I was disappointed that no one appeared to notice it. Okay, quite a few men looked my way but that happens all the time, it was to be expected, what man wouldn’t look at a slim girl wearing a very short skirt and a top that showed 2 large pokies and moulded itself to the pointy shape of her little tits.

There was no point in going to Lisa’s shop as I knew that she didn’t sell coats. Lisa’s main opposition shop did so I went there first and was amazed to find one that I liked. It’s heavy but microfibre lined so it would feel warm on my naked body. It has no buttons, only a belt and is short enough that some people would call it a jacket. It has 2 pockets on the outside which I though could be used to hold the front in place without the belt.

I took it to the changing room, got naked and put it on. As I held the 2 sides from inside the pockets I could easily hold it in its proper place or pull it wide open just like you’d imaging a dirty old man in a raincoat flashing his goodies would.

“Yes, this will do.” I thought and was very happy that I’d found one so easily.

As I wandered around wondering if anyone had noticed the purplish antenna hanging below my skirt, I decided to have a coffee and went to a coffee shop that I don’t usually go to. I don’t usually go to that part of the shopping centre but my wandering had led me there. The Barista had a really long look at my pokies which got harder as he stared at them, then I went and sat at a table. Unfortunately the place was busy and I didn’t really have the opportunity to flash my pussy at anyone.

But, looking out of the window I saw a little shop that I’d never really noticed before. In the window I saw a sign saying that they sold ‘covert cameras’ and this got me thinking. I liked the idea of a man abusing my body when I was out cold, hell, I’d pretended that that was happening a few times, but actually being out cold when it was happening excited me. Okay I was probably a bit weird getting excited by that, but that’s me.

But at the same time it would be nice to know exactly what the man, or men, were doing to me. Master Thomas had told us that no physical harm would come to us, and I believed him so I wasn’t worried about that but to watch a man actually abusing my body when I was out cold was exciting me. I even had to check that the back of my skirt wasn’t under my pussy so my juices wouldn’t stain it.

The ‘covert cameras’ really had got me thinking, so much so that my coffee was getting cold as I thought.

If I did get a camera and somehow videoed me being abused that would mean that I could identify the man. I thought about blackmail but that wasn’t why I was thinking of doing it, it was about my body being used when I was out cold.

I wondered if I’d have an orgasm if the man tried to give me one when I was out cold. If I got the answer to that I’d know that I’d more than likely cum when I was having nice dreams. It would explain my very wet pussy when I wake up on a morning.

“Yes,” I decided, “I’m going to see what they’ve got.”

Finishing my coffee I got to my feet, not even thinking about straightening my skirt. Nor about the antenna hanging between my legs, and I almost marched over to the shop.

Inside I saw a middle-aged man serving another middle-aged man. Both of them stopped talking and stared at me for a few seconds before turning to face each other and continue talking. As I looked around the shop I saw lots of cameras, microphones and all sorts of things that I didn’t know what they were. I saw clocks that looked just like clocks until I guessed that they had a camera hidden in them. I saw binoculars, telephoto lenses for cameras and a telescope that looked like it was powerful enough to see pubic hair stubble half a mile away. That thought made me laugh.

Then I heard the shop door open and when I turned around it was just the shopkeeper and me there.

“Yes madam,” the shopkeeper said, “what can I help you with?”

I suddenly realised that I couldn’t tell the man the truth so I quickly invented a story,

“I err, I think that my boyfriend is cheating on me whilst I’m at work and I’m wanting to put something in our bedroom to find out if he is.”

“A common problem these days madam and I’m sure that we will have something that can help you prove it one way or another, are you looking for audio or visual?”

“What, oh yes, can you get both?”

“Yes you can, in fact most of the devices these days record both. Are you looking for WiFi or stand alone?”

“I hadn’t thought about that, I guess that it had better be stand alone, that would be easier to setup wouldn’t it?”

“It would. Permanent recording or activated by movement?”

“So many options that I hadn’t even considered.” I replied. Movement activated I guess, that will make the batteries last longer won’t it?”

“It will, let me see, I’m sure that I’ll have something that will meet your needs.”

And he did, quite a few things actually. He showed me various clocks, a car key, a pen, a lipstick, a little portable radio, a mobile phone and a mains USB charger. Apart from the USB charger all had batteries that the man said would last for a good 2 hours of recording. He even showed me some of the videos that had been recorded on them. The quality was hardly high definition but they would have been good enough for what I wanted.

All the time that the man was showing me these cameras I had forgotten that I was wearing a very short skirt and had the purplish antenna hanging below my pussy. I don’t think that the man saw that because of the sales counter but I did notice that he was staring at my chest a couple of times.

Because most of the items were quite cheap, presumably made in China, and the fact that I would be getting £3,000 for a couple of hours sleep, I decided to get 2, the car key and the mobile phone. To me, both looked realistic and were things that a girl would probably take to a hotel room with her.

The man asked me to get one of each out of the bottom drawer of a display at the other side of the room whilst he got me some batteries, micro memory cards and an adapter so that I could watch the videos on my laptop.

As I was getting the boxes out of the drawer I heard the man cough and I suddenly remembered what I was wearing and not wearing. I guessed that the man had seen my bare butt, pussy and the antenna as I bent over to get the items. I smiled to myself and took my time.

When I turned to go back to the sales counter the man looked a little flushed and he said,

“Oh yes, batteries and memory cards.”

He turned and walked towards the back of the shop and I smiled to myself.

Somehow he managed to forget to charge me for the batteries and I didn’t bother mentioning it.

On my way back to my room I got my phone out and turned the vibrator on. Only on low vibrations because I wanted to experience walking in public with the vibrator purring away inside me. Just as I got to my building I turned the vibrations up to half way to experience going up the stairs with it on. It was different and a bit more exciting as the different movements of my legs made it feel different inside me.

That evening I did some work on one of my assignments with the vibrator purring away inside me. I suspected that I wouldn’t get a brilliant mark for the assignment because I found it hard to concentrate.


I woke the next morning with the magic wand vibrating away between my legs. I remembered using it to make me cum to 2 orgasms but nothing after the second one. I guess that I fell asleep with it still vibrating against my pussy having slid down from my clit.

I decided to have a respectable morning at uni, well as respectable as a girl wearing only a thin top and an ultra short skirt can be. My pokies were doing me proud but the other students and teacher in my class were used to that by then. They were also used to the quick flashes of my pussy as I never cross my legs in class, nor anywhere else for that matter.

When I got out of class I couldn’t wait for it to be gym time. I used the magic wand to bring myself off 3 times before I decided that I needed my energy for my workout.

I met Isla on the way to the gym and we had a quick chat about our new toys. Isla had got herself a Hitachi Magic Wand and a couple of dildos, one which she told me she had stuck on the chair in her room so that each time she sits at her desk to do some uni work she has to impale herself on it. She too said that she feared that it might be too much of a distraction.

When we walked into the ladies changing room we both stopped dead in our tracks. In front of us was Sofia and another girl and they were both wearing only the same leotards that Isla and I had.

“Hi,” Sofia said, “this is Wren, a friend of mine, Sofia this is Suzie and Kat, I told her all about you 2 and your workout outfits and she wanted to come and join the fun. I hope that you don’t mind us both getting the same leotards, but they are in different colours.”

“Hi Sofia and Wren,” I replied, “no I don’t mind you coming along, nor the same leotards. I guess that we could call them the ‘flasher girls outfit’ or something like that. Give us a couple of minutes and we’ll be ‘in uniform’ so to speak.”

As Kat and I got changed I was thinking, I was a bit jealous that all the male eyes wouldn’t be on me all the time but at the same time I was happy that more girls were coming to show off their goodies. Both Sofia and Wren have bigger tits than Isla and me so I knew that some of the guys would be concentrating on them.

Through the fine mesh of Wren’s and Sofia’s leotards I could see that their pussies were as bald as Isla’s and mine.

Anyway, minutes later all 4 nearly naked girls were walking into the workout room and just about everyone there, including us 4 girls got a shock. The people who were already there because there were 4 nearly naked girls, and us 4 girls because there were nearly twice as many guys and girls than there were the week before. Word must really be getting round about the nearly naked girls working out.

“Wow.” Kat said, “I wasn’t expecting this place to be this full, it will take ages to get round all the machines.”

“Yeah,” I added, “but that means more time to show our gorgeous bodies.”

Both Sofia and Wren giggled a bit.

“So,” I said, “what does everyone want to do?”

“Follow you round Suzie then we can all do the floor exercises together.” Kat said.

It took a while for all of us to be on machines at once but I found that some of the guys even vacated a machine when one of us went to it. Then they just stood back and watched.

It wasn’t long before the crotches of all 4 leotards had bunched up and disappeared between pussy lips and all 4 leotards were wet with sweat. I checked out all 4 girls, yes, me as well, in the big wall mirrors and clits or clit hoods were all on display as well as 8 areolae and nipples may well as not been covered at all. I was surprised when I looked at Wren’s chest and saw that she’d had her nipples pierced and was wearing barbells. I could even see that they were gold coloured.

That started me thinking about getting my nipples pierced, and maybe even my clit hood. I wondered if I could get something that would bang against my clit as I walked around. That sounded fun. I made mental note to do some research.

We went round all the machines that I usually use with quite a number of the guys, and a couple of the girls in there watching us. Being watched like that is such a turn-on for me, and probably Isla, Wren and Sofia as well judging by the expressions on their faces, their visible through their leotards nipples and their shiny crotches.

Then we got to the exercise cycles. Two of them were free and the saddles had been set for guys who were taller than us and Kat and I climbed on.

“Aren’t those seats too high for you?” Wren asked.

“No. they are just right, watch this.” I replied.

A few minutes later both Kat and I were struggling to keep quiet as we orgasmed. When I started to regain my wits I looked at Sofia and Wren and saw smiles on their faces. I also looked around the room and saw some mesmerised faces and bulging shorts. I also saw one girl with a hand on one of her tits rubbing it. I didn’t think that anyone else had noticed.

Kat and I climbed off the cycles and Sofia and Wren climbed on. I got the impression that neither of them were expecting the feelings that they got as their pussies slid from side to side and Wren wasn’t so quiet when she reached her peak.

I looked around and didn’t see one face that looked unhappy about what has happening in front of them.

When it came to the floor exercises Kat suggested that the 3 of them just follow my lead and I felt a bit like a karate or yoga teacher taking a class as the 3 of them repeated everything that I did. When I looked at Wren and Sofia they looked quite happy to be displaying their pussies like Kat and I were.

Wren ans Sofia also had a go at the standing splits and it was a little amusing for me to see their efforts but they kept trying, me guessing that they were enjoying displaying their spread pussies to the audience There were at least a dozen guys standing around watching us.

When we had finished the routine I told the 3 girls that there was one more exercise that I wanted us to do. I told them to do what I did which was lay on my back, put my legs up in air and use my hands to pull them further apart and push them down so that our legs were at 90 degrees to our bodies. We were all successful doing this to one degree or another and I had to smile as I saw one guy suddenly rush out of the room.

Workout at an end we went to the changing room. As I walked out of the workout room I looked back and saw lots of the guys were watching us walk out, presumably looking at our bare butts.

In the changing room Wren was the first to talk,

“That was fucking awesome Suzie, I’m so pleased that Sofia told me about it. Do you come here every Monday afternoon? Would you mind if I came every week? How do we get away with wearing so little in the gym, we may as well have been totally naked? Do you think that I could workout at other times in just my leotard? By the way, that shop that Sofia took me to has some really cool clothes and the sales staff there don’t seem worried if you show a lot of skin whilst you are trying things on.”

“Wow, that’s a lot of questions Wren,” I replied as I started to peel my leotard off, “for starters it’s not up to me who comes to the gym and when, as far as I know any student can come whenever the place is open and I intend to come and cum here every Monday afternoon, Judging by the audience this afternoon I think that we’ve got the time right now.

As you saw when you arrived, the girl receptionist is only interested in getting people to sign in, probably some fire regulation. There are no signs up about a dress code and I’ve been wearing less and less since I started coming here and no one has complained so I’ll continue until someone does complain. The worst that they can do is to tell me to wear some ‘more appropriate’ clothes although that is stupid because the ancient Greeks used to take part in the Olympics totally naked. There’s a good chance that we’ll get away with it as long as we don’t start masturbating or fucking where other people can see us.

Besides, we could always claim that it is our human rights to exercise naked. There’s so much of that sort of crap going on at the moment that they might not know what to say.

It’s the same for the swimming pool, no one seems to care that we go skinny dipping, there’s even a sign there that say that if we drown it’s our own fault.”

“You go skinny dipping as well? Isn’t there a lifeguard who stops you?” The now naked Wren said.

“Nope, hence the sign.” I replied, “Kat and I are going swimming after we’ve showered, you’re welcome to come too.”

“Will there be lots of guys there?” Wren asked.

“Probably, the numbers have been increasing each Monday afternoon just like in the workout room.”

“I can’t wait.” Wren replied.

By then all 4 of us were in the shower and it’s fair to say that we were all looking at each other’s naked bodies. Wren was actually staring at my chest for ages before she said,

“You’ve got amazing tits Suzie.”

“Thanks.” I replied.

“I wish that mine were all pointy like yours. They were when they started growing but they soon grew in this more conventional way and look at them now, pretty average.”

“Your tits are bigger than mine Wren.” Sofia said.

“Yeah but I think that the bigger they get the less sensitive they are, I bet that Suzie’s are really sensitive, look at her nipps, they look like she’d cum if I just touched them.”

“It wouldn’t be the first time.” I said.

“Lucky you.” Wren said.

“Have you seen Suzie’s clit ladies, it’s the biggest that I’ve ever seen.” Kat said.

“I think that everyone in the workout room saw Suzie’s clit,” Sofia said, “I saw you adjusting it so that your clit was showing.”

I giggled then replied,

“I like people seeing my clit.”

“I’m sure that there were a couple of dozen people in there that liked seeing it as well.”

“Good.” I replied, “it turns me on when I know that someone is looking at it.”

“Yeah, it turns me on when people see my pussy as well.” Wren added.

By then most of us were starting to towel ourselves dry and Wren said,

“It seems a bit crazy having to dress to walk to the swimming pool, we should be able to walk there like this?”

“It’s a separate building Wren,” Sofia said, “you have to go outside to get there.”

“I know, it just seems crazy.” Wren replied as she started to pull her skirt up.

I thought about what Wren had said and I agreed with her, it would be nice to walk around the university totally naked. It’s private property so maybe they could let us girls be naked.

Another part of my brain told me that I was being stupid because there are too many groups of narrow minded people about these days and the people of authority are too scared of them to stand up to them. It’s easier for them to just go along with the stupid demands.

Anyway, back to reality, I’d noticed that I hadn’t seen 1 bra or 1 pair of knickers being put on and we were quickly saying ‘bye’ to the girl on reception who seemed to be engrossed in something on her laptop. As we went outside I noticed a chill go up my tiny skirt and tickle my pussy and Sofia said,

“And you wanted to walk to the pool naked Wren, your nipples would freeze and drop off.”

“Maybe next spring when the weather starts to warm-up again.” Wren replied.

Minutes later we were entering the swimming pool building, and like every other time I’d been there there was no one sat at the reception desk so we went straight to the ladies changing room and within seconds there were 4 naked girls heading towards the pool.

“This is soo cool.” Wren said as soon as we were looking at the pool and the number of guys looking at us made me smile and tingle.

And there were more of them than the previous week as well. The word was getting round.

The 4 of us just stood there for a few seconds facing the pool, all of us with our hands by our sides letting everyone there know that we wanted them to look to us. I suddenly this image of us being at one of those naturist resorts and us standing by a pool with no one batting an eyelid about us being naked, but we weren’t at a naturist resort, we were at a university swimming pool and just about everyone was staring at us, and it was making my nipples and pussy tingle.

“Come on,” Sofia said, “last one in has to sit on the side with her legs wide open and she has to rub one out for the guys.”

I smiled and I walked as slow as Kat did to the side of the pool then dived in.

When we had all surfaced Sofia said,

“I was only joking ladies.”

“Shame,” I replied, “I was looking forward to doing that.”

We all giggled but it had started me thinking,

”How could I get myself into a position where I could masturbate in front of a load of guys?”

I didn’t get the chance to think any more about that idea because Wren said,

“I love swimming with no clothes on.”

“Done it before have you Wren?” I asked.

“Yeah on holiday a couple of months ago, in the Mediterranean, the sea was lovely and warm.”

“Tell us more.” Kat said.

“I was on holiday with my BFF, one last fling before going off to uni and he took me to the nudist beaches.”

“Wait, your BFF was a boy?” I asked.

“Yeah, he lived down the street, our parents were friends so we sort of grew up together. We sort of developed into friends with benefits. It was great in Ibiza we went to the nudist beaches nearly every day and did it in the sea loads of times. The hotel was good as well. It was one of those adults only hotels so no one cared about what you did or didn’t wear. On the days that we didn’t go to the beach we lounged around the pool. I took 3 bikinis on that holiday and I never wore any of them even once. I didn’t wear much the rest of the time as well, my knickers and bras never even came out of the suitcase. Nor did most of my clothes.

Tom, my BFF, bought me this crochet cover-up on the first day and I wore just that nearly every day. My nipples usually found their way through the holes in the crocheting and my slit was visible through the holes all the time. I’’m sure that the person who made it wanted the wearer’s pussy to be on display.”

“Let me get this straight Wren,” Kat said, “you were on holiday with a boy who wasn’t your boyfriend, presumably sharing the same bed, you wore nothing most of the time and you fucked like rabbits all the time and presumably lots of people saw you naked and fucking.”

“Yeah,” Wren replied, “that’s near enough the truth.”

“Get her to tell you about the wet T-shirt competitions and the nude dancing on the bars sometime ladies, my friend is a right slut.” Sofia said.

“No I’m not.” Wren replied, “I only fucked 1 man for the whole of the holiday.”

“But how many times?” Sofia asked.

“I stopped counting at 100 but that doesn’t include the times that I rubbed one out for Tom on the beach or on the sun loungers at the hotel. I did that at least twice a day for him, and for me of course, I love it when men watch me rubbing myself.”

“All that in 2 weeks?” Kat asked,

“Yeah, why not.”

“Why not indeed.” I said. “You’re only young once and that explains the all-over tan as well”

Kat started splashing the rest of us and it soon developed into a real messing about session with us seemingly ignoring the guys that were watching us but I, maybe the others as well, kept looking around to see the guys watching us.

After what seemed like an eternity the messing about stopped and we started some serious swimming, again, outwardly ignoring everyone else but revelling in the silent attention that we were getting. It was when we were all stood in the shallow end with our tits above the water line that the first guy tried to talk to us. He said something about not knowing that it was a naturist swim. We all turned to face him so that he could see all out tits and Kat said,

“It isn’t but we didn’t have our bikinis with us so we decided to go skinny dip.”

“Couldn’t you have just worn your knickers and bras?”

“None of us own any of those.”

That sort of shut him up a bit and he just stood around as we ignored him.

“Pity we haven’t got a ball, we could played some ball games.” Wren said after a good minute or so.”

Sofia laughed and replied,

“We could still play some games with balls.”

“Or miniature traffic cones.” Kat said.

“Not mine,” I said and I cupped my tits then swam away.

The other 3 joined me for a bit more messing about before we all got out at the opposite end to the entrance to the changing rooms. It was a slow walk to the changing rooms then into the showers where we joked about all the guys watching us as we helped each other wash our hair and soap our backs. Hands wandered, the showers ran cold but we’d all had a pleasurable time – if you know what I mean.

We all left the sports centre with promises of returning the next week.


The Tuesday dragged for me. I didn’t have a lesson until 10 so my Magic Wand earned its keep for an hour or so before I couldn’t put off getting up any more. The evening turned out to be interesting, Simon and Oliver arrived and together with Geoff they knocked on my door just as I was getting to the edge again. Simon told me that they needed me to go with them to one of the Art department laboratories where the 3D scanner was setup ready to scan me so that they could print a model of me.

I was naked when I opened the door and they watched me put just a dress and shoes on before we all went to the laboratory.

“How long will this take?” I asked as they told me to get naked and stand on a mark on the floor.

“Not long.” Simon replied.

It was like I was in some sort of SiFi movie as this beam of red light went up and down my body. They did that from all 4 sides of me then asked me to lay on a table with my legs wide open so that they could scan my pussy. Standing there in front of the 3 guys whilst they all stared at me had got me all aroused so my clit was at its best and I was a bit wet. I lay there wondering if any droplets of my juices were visible and if the 3D model would show them.

As we walked back to our building Simon and Oliver asked me if I’d like to go for a drink with them. When I said that I had some unfinished business to take care of back in my room Geoff offered to get some beers and we could all drink them back at the flat.

“You just want me to be naked with you guys don’t you?”

“Busted.” Oliver said.

“Sorry guys, but I really do have something that I need to take care of.”

That something was my pussy and as soon as I was alone my magic wand got to work as I wondered what would happen to me the following afternoon.


I was up early and after my bathroom routine I checked my fake car key and phone – again, before leaving for my lesson. I thought about wearing my Ohmibod for the class but I decided that thinking about the afternoon would stop me appreciating what the vibrator would be doing to me.

Finally the lesson ended and I rushed back to my room to get ready. I did my full bathroom routine again, even though it wasn’t necessary then put a dress on. I didn’t want to wear a skirt that might leave some impressions on my skin. Then I left to go to the hotel feeling quite nervous carrying just the fake car key and the fake phone.

At the hotel reception I gave my name and asked if there was an envelop for me. There was, and as I walked away I opened it and found a room key card.

I’d never been in such a posh hotel before and I was very impressed at the luxury. After looking around the room I placed the car key and phone where I thought that the cameras would get a good view of the huge bed, then I swallowed the tablet that was waiting on the side, using one of those miniature bottles of vodka that I found in the fridge to wash it down.

After getting naked then having a pee I got into the soft bed and lay flat on my back and waited. Before going to sleep my pussy was getting wetter and wetter with the anticipation.

The next thing that I knew was that I was in the same position as when I went to sleep but my pussy was feeling like it had after a gang-bang, my tits were a little sore, my jaw ached a bit and my butt felt a bit sore. The other thing was that the bed wasn’t quite as tidy as it had been.

I lay there for a while then got up, mentally checking my body to make sure that I felt okay, then I looked at the car key and phone, both were where I had left them but there was an envelope next to them. I quickly opened it and saw a wad of £20 notes. I quickly looked through them checking that all the pieces of paper were £20 notes then I squealed and threw then up in the air, I was rich. Picking them all up I counted them and was happy to find that there was indeed £3,000.

Only having a shower in my room I decided to have a long, hot, relaxing bath so I went and filled the bath then climbed in using all the little bottles of bubble bath, shampoo and conditioner. When the water finally started to go cold I got out, got dried and dried my hair, I never knew that hotels provided hair brushes but this one did. I got dressed and left.

I rushed back to my room wanting to use my real phone to call Isla and when I did she was eager to tell me all about her spanking, Actually, it didn’t take long, the only real difference to the last time was that the other men with Master Thomas were different men.

“So you got to show your naked body to different men Isla?”

“Yes, now tell me about your afternoon Sandra.”

“What can I say, it was a very posh hotel, the room was amazing, I took the sleeping pill then I woke up.”

“Is that it?”


I wasn’t going to tell her about the cameras, I intended to keep that to myself.

“Well,” I added, “I was a bit sore in all my 3 holes when I woke up.”

“So you got fucked in your mouth and butt as well?”

“I must have, either that or he, assuming that it was a he, used some big dildos on me.”

“I doubt that when he could have used the real thing.”

“Maybe he only has a tiny cock and he was embarrassed to show a conscious girl.”

“Guess that we’ll never know, I wonder who he was? I can’t wait for my turn.”

The subject was changed and we talked about the coming erotic equipment convention.

“So this Steve guy is picking us up at 8 a.m. on Sunday outside the uni main entrance and we’ll be naked all day?” Isla asked.

“Correct.” I replied.

“Is he expecting us to be naked when he picks us up?” Isla asked.

“Nice idea Isla, but I doubt it, besides it’s quite chilly at that time of the morning these days, we’d freeze our nipples off. I’m only going to wear a dress.”

“Or freeze your clit off Sandra, no doubt your pussy will be all wet with anticipation so your wet clit would freeze quickly.”

“My clit has never felt cold. Hot, throbbing and wet but never cold.”

“Mine neither, I was just joking Sandra. I think that I’ll just wear a dress as well, easy on, easy off.”

I knocked my fist on the table then said,

“Gotta go Isla, there’s someone at my door. Talk soon and see if you can find out about any parties for Friday. I fancy picking-up just one guy this week.”

There was no one at my door, it was just that I was eager to watch the videos.

I quickly copied them to an encrypted folder on my laptop then played the first one. It started with a middle-aged man in a smart suit walking to the bed. I could see myself fast asleep and covered in the duvet.

The man looked down at me then said,

“Hello, are you awake?”

Getting no response he slowly pulled the duvet down the bed. When my tits came into view I heard him say,


I tapped on pause and zoomed in on my tits as much as the video player would allow and I stared at my tits. They looked a bit different to when I’m stood in front of a mirror. I liked what I saw, two cones with narrow bases that looked like someone had just put upturned ice cream cones on a boy’s chest.

I tapped on play with my left hand, grateful that I can easily use either hand on my laptop, because the fingers on my right hand had made their way to my clit.

The duvet got pulled further down the bed and my pussy became visible. I didn’t remember going to sleep with my legs spread but they were when the duvet came off them. I heard,

“Nice, you’ve found a good one this time Thomas.”

Then the man went to the side of the bed and I saw his face for the first time. I didn’t recognise him. He sat on the bed then the awake me jumped as I watched because he slapped my face. My sleeping body didn’t react to the slap which was obviously painful.

Then he took hold of one of my nipples and pulled and twisted it. The awake me moaned but the asleep me didn’t react at all.

“Good, well done Thomas.” I heard as the man’s fingers went to my pussy. Then he said,

“Nice and wet, keep the young ones coming Thomas.”

Then the man stood up and started taking all of his clothes off. I’d seen my father wearing just his boxers hundreds of times and I thought that my dad looked good for his age and this man looked equally as good, except that I’d never seen my dad’s cock so I didn’t know how it compared with this man’s which I thought looked big. It was erect and the awake me, knowing that it had already been inside me, wanted it inside me right there and then.

Instead I had to watch the man spread my legs wide then mount me missionary style.

“Is that it?” The awake me asked myself.

It wasn’t. After he fucked me missionary style for a few minutes that he withdrew then stood up. The awake me was a bit disappointed that he hadn’t cum inside the sleeping me which I deduced from his actions and by the fact that his cock was still pointing to the ceiling.

The awake me wondered how a middle-aged man couldn’t have cum when he put his cock into a hot, wet pussy like mine, which was part of a slim, teen girl’s body with tits that I think are amazing. I wondered if he’d taken a Viagra tablet.

Then the real action started. The man must have watched some of those flexyteen porn videos because he moved my body and limbs all over the place, thrusting his cock into me every time his cock got near my spread pussy. He moved me about like a rag doll, moving me all over the bed. He must have had his cock inside me over 50 times but he never once looked like he was cumming, nor did his cock go soft.

One time he had me on my back with my head hanging over the end of the bed and he fucked my mouth and throat, again apparently not cumming. By then I had decided that there was no way that he hadn’t taken some Viagra. How could he still be so hard if he hadn’t?

Then as he had my legs up and over me, spread wide and my toes touching the bed and his cock going in and of of my pussy I heard the sleeping me groan then I saw the sleeping me jerk and shake almost uncontrollably for at least a minute.

“Well,” the awake me thought as the fingers of my right hand worked faster, “that answers the question about girls being able to orgasm whilst they are asleep.” I’d just watched the sleeping me cum although I was a little disappointed that I wasn’t very vocal.

Shortly after that I had to pause the video as I reached my awake edge and then I went over it.

As my orgasm started to subside I wondered how I could be so aroused at watching myself get fucked, but I was, and although I didn’t know how, I was still very aroused.

As I started the video playing again I looked at the video player’s timer and saw that it still had 55 minutes to go. Which explained why I was so sore and knackered when I’d woken up.

The man continued pounding all 3 of my holes and I started to wonder that If I’d been awake could I have taken all the pounding. My body obviously could because about 15 minutes later the sleeping me orgasmed again but I could understand why, the man had spread my legs wide and he was eating the pussy of the sleeping me.

It was difficult to see because the man’s head was in the way but he looked to be really chewing my clit, another reason why it had been a bit sore after when I’d woken up.

On and on it went with him going round my 3 holes with him moving my body for each time that he entered me. It was like he was trying everything that he could think of to find out which way he liked fucking me the best.

Then the man manipulated my sleeping body onto my hands and knees at the edge of the bed then started fucking me doggy style, and he really looked to be ramming his cock in hard with each thrust. Finally he rammed it in and kept it there and I could hear him groaning. The awake me could almost feel his cum shooting deep inside me and that was enough to make the awake me cum again.

He was perfectly still for over a minute before he backed away from the sleeping me and just stood there. When he finally turned I saw that his cock has gone soft. He turned and walked out of the camera’s view and seconds later it stopped recording.

When the player started playing the next video it continued with the half dressed man walking in front of the camera. I watched him put his trousers, shirt and tie on then he turned to the sleeping me and I heard him say,

“You can’t hear me girl but that was amazing. I’m going to ask for you each time that I come to this damned city.”

Then he lifted the sleeping me into my original sleeping position and straightened the bed. It and the sleeping me looked just like we had been at the start of the video.

The man went out of the camera’s view but I heard his phone dialling a number. Then I heard a one-sided conversation,

“Thomas my man, good to hear you.


“Yes, everything was perfect.”


“Yes, I’ve just put the envelope with the money next to her phone. She may have cost me more than the other girls but she was really worth it. Where did you find her?


“Well I suppose that these university girls are lucky in that they can sell their bodies to get some money.”


“I want this girl every time that I come to this city and I might just want her to escort me to some function.”


“See if you can lure her in with more money, that may make her change her mind.”


“Okay, bye.”

Then I watched the man come to the side of the bed, lean over, lift the duvet, kiss my tits, replace the duvet and walk presumably to the door.

The video ended and when the next one started playing it was the sleeping me stirring in the bed then getting out and walking to the cameras to switch them off.

“Wow,” the awake me said to no one.

I was really happy on a couple of fronts, firstly I’d gone through with it. And secondly the money, I was feeling rich. I decided to wait until the next day to watch the other video but I was still very horny so I went to the common room and plonked myself on one of the sofas next to Geoff and opposite Zack.

When I first saw the guys that I shared the flat with and seen that they weren’t fat or ugly, I’d made myself a promise that I wouldn’t get involved with any of them so as to avoid any difficult situations. At that time I hadn’t for one minute thought that I’d be wandering round them totally naked but here I was trying to decide if I wanted to let any, or all of my flatmates fuck me.

“Hi Sandra,” Geoff said, “you’re looking radiant today.”

“Thanks Geoff.”

“If you don’t mind me saying so Sandra,” Zack said, “you look a bit err red around your tits and pussy.”

“No I don’t mind you talking about my tits and pussy Zack. If I did I wouldn’t be putting them out there for all to see. It doesn’t surprise me that they look a bit red, they’ve recently been well used.”

“Wow Sandra,” Geoff said, “you’re admitting that you’ve just been well fucked, who was the lucky guy?”

“No one that you’d know Geoff.”

“Well whoever he was he’s one lucky bastard.”

“So was I, but I’m not going to talk about that. So Geoff, when is the 3D printed version of me going to be finished?”

“I don’t know, Simon told me that there’s a bit of a problem with your tits.”

“What’s wrong with my tits?” I asked as I took hold of them with both hands then tweaked my nipples with both Zack and Geoff watching me.

“Nothing’s wrong with them Sandra,” Geoff replied, “what could possibly be wrong with a rack like that, it’s amazing. No, the Art tutor saw your 3D image on a monitor and asked Simon and Oliver how they’d changed the scan image to make your tits look like they do. Simon and Oliver had to convince him that it was a true image, they even offered to get you over there to prove it. He finally believed them but that started them thinking about a program that would allow then to manipulate scanned images.”

“I hope that they’re not thinking of changing my image, I like my tits as they are.”

“So do I.” Both Zack and Geoff said at the same time which made me giggle a bit.

“I could go and model for them if they want,” I offered, “I hear that Art students often want live models to draw.”

“I’ll pass your offer on Sandra.” Geoff said.

“So when they’ve all stopped talking about my tits, when will the 3D model be finished?”

“Simon and Oliver were going to print you over this last weekend but now that the tutor has got involved it’s going to take a bit longer, we’ll just have to wait and see.”

“Okay, I guess that there’s nothing that can be done.”

Just then Emily walked in and said hello as she went to the kitchen area to get a drink then she came and sat on a sofa. That sort of killed off my thoughts of fucking Geoff and / or Zack which maybe wasn’t a bad thing, but at least I’d teased them quite a bit, and kept my arousal level up.

After a quick chat with Emily I went back to my room and plugged in my Hitachi. As I did so I wondered if I could get a battery version.

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