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King Levan, away at war for months, returns home and gets busy with his harem.
"Will you be my wife?"

Mona's eyes snapped open and her body stiffened atop her king. She had been grinding Levan's cock inside her lower body, gyrating her hips with him completely swallowed by her pussy, stimulating her clit against his pubic flesh, an orgasm brewing inside her pregnant body. When he spoke the words aloud, she heard a trio of gasps from around her, and her eyes sought out Levan's serious brown eyes below her, searching them for humor or lies, and finding none. The concept thrilled her, the permutations of power, pregnancy, influence, and love soaring through her mind, and she unconsciously began moving her hips again. The stalled orgasm roared and burst inside her as her clit ground against Levan and his dick angled up inside her, her body writhing as the pleasure washed over her, her throat releasing a tumultuous moan.

Hands touched her from either side, the soft feminine touches of her daughter Petra and the exotic beauty Joan, their attentions trying to calm the shivers wracking Mona's body as the orgasm wound down. She managed to pry her eyes open and look blearily down at her king and tell her answer very clearly.


Levan smiled with lust, cut with a good amount of joy and excitement, his hands traveling up her hips as she sat in his lap and clasping either side of her pregnant belly. This is the first time he had been inside her since he left five months before to defend his kingdom, and this was the first night of his return. Mona was overwhelmed and ecstatic, moving her hands to cover his as he felt the growing curve of her midsection, his still-rock-hard cock held tightly in her muscular flesh on the other side of her swelling womb.

"If this is a boy," Levan said, "he will be the next king!"

"My mom is going to be queen?" Petra said rhetorically, her eyes wide in wonder on Mona's left side. The younger woman was just as pregnant as her mother, having been bred mere days apart, but her tits were very big, bigger than the rest of the group's. Levan found great joy playing with them, to Petra's pleasure.

Mona smiled and leaned over, kissing her daughter's forehead and patting her hair with affection.

"This is so romantic, I can't stand it!" Gita said. She sat above Levan's head, her hands at her reddening cheeks and a picture of glee on her face. She was pregnant as well, and lost none of her lithe grace that she had since they all met. She shook her shoulders back and forth as she squealed in happiness, her tits swinging copiously with the motions.

"I'm so happy for you," Joan said smoothly, leaning in close so that her dark brown pregnant belly brushed against Mona's arm, and planted a soft kiss on Mona's cheek, "my queen."

All four pregnant women were hyped up now, all giggling and fawning at the weighty proposition. Mona got back to the task at hand though, unable to keep a grin from her face as she rode the king's cock the way she knew he liked it, her hands on his pectorals, watching his face for signs of impending explosions. Levan was a picture of immovable resolve, a slight smile tugging at the corner of his mouth as he bounced on the mattress beneath Mona's rhythmic motions. Mona narrowed her eyes and bit her lip in concentration as she focused on maintaining steady rhythm, pushing her full hips down against him and his member up into her at a steady hard rate as she stared into his eyes.

It was a game he was meant to lose.

The swelling of his cock came immediately after the change in his face. A little 'ha!' came from Mona as she witnessed the changes, her mouth opening with a grin of victory as her king, her betrothed, came inside her body. The wet bond between them grew more slick and squishy as he flooded her insides, his groans earnest as he flexed for her. Mona rode out the waves, drawing circles in his chest hair as he gripped her tightly, his face frowning with effort and pleasure.

"Wow, daddy came hard!" Petra said, looking at Levan as he expended himself. Mona laughed as Levan looked over at her daughter with a quizzical expression.

"That's because mommy knows just what he likes!" Mona said. She leaned down over her pregnancy, and planted a soft, sexy kiss on Levan's lips which he returned, his fingers grasping her head and sliding through her hair as he dick pulsated softer and softer in her strong interior.

"I'm glad you remember," the king said, his hands falling to her thighs, which he squeezed, "you'll make a good attentive wife for me, I'm sure."

Mona lifted herself off of him, her tits swinging as she swung a leg over backwards and knee-walked off the bed, drawing a deep breath as she felt his semen slipping out of her.

"Yes I will," she said, her mind turning forward to think of her future.

"Clean me up, my beauties, how I have missed your soft tongues."

At Levan's command, Petra, Joan, and Gita all swept around him and used their tongues to lick up extra fluids around his crotch, Gita finding a dollop of his cum on his leg that had left Mona's pussy as she stood up. Mona sauntered over to the cleaning niche and cleaned herself up, stepping out just as Levan was dressing to leave. The girls were smacking their lips and giggling as they sat among each other on the bed, whispering to each other.

"Come to my bed tonight, Mona," Levan said as he tied his trousers closed, "sleep with me."

"I will, my king," Mona said with barely contained excitement. She had never been this excited to sleep with a man in her life, even when she was young and naive and about to be married off to a boring sycophant. Now she was over thirty winters and pregnant, and about to be queen of a kingdom. Her grin was for many things as she returned the gaze of her king, foremost was how grateful she was to the fates for giving her such fortune.

The king nodded and smiled at her, swept aside the door of beads and paced down the hall, closing the exterior door behind him.

"Oh mommy I'm so glad!" Petra said, sliding daintily out of the bed and coming over to hug her mother, "does this mean I'm a princess?"

Mona laughed, "I think it does, Petra!"

"I have to admit," Joan said as the mother and daughter walked back over to the bed, "I'm a little jealous."

"Yeah me too!" Gita chimed in.

"Don't be jealous, we are all carrying the king's babies, and we all get to have him inside us," Mona said to them.

"Yeah, but you get to sleep with him!" Gita pouted.

"You want to sleep in the same bed as a smelly man?" Petra said, wrinkling her nose at the thought.

"I don't care about the smell. I want to sit on the throne!" Joan said, smiling at the dream.

"Sitting on the throne next to the king means more responsibilities. Responsibility means less time for sex and love. Do you really want that?"

The girls' eyes shifted in thought at Mona's words. The last five-plus months had been spent idly, casually fucking each other in Levan's absence, working with the clothier to design new dresses, and various other low-stress things. They were comfortable, and they hadn't thought about the job of a queen.

"Like I said, have some humility for your position. Things are almost as good as they could be for you, and things could be a lot worse," Mona gently reminded them.

That evening they worked together to make Mona as beautiful and presentable to her future husband as possible, constructing her hair in elaborate rings and dousing her with tasteful combinations and amounts of scents, and dressing her in a dark red dress that spoke perfectly what Mona wanted her body to say to her king.

After dark, Mona strode through the short hallways toward her king's chambers, hearing the fabric of her dress whisk around her as she deftly moved through the palace. She felt different now, no longer feeling servile to all she met when moving amongst others in the palace, as she did when she was basically a glorified concubine. Now, heads turned at her confidence, whispers cast about asking who the pregnant woman was in the red dress going to the king's chambers. She smiled lightly as she came up to the strong wooden door and rapped lightly against it.


Mona shut the door behind her as she came in, and turned to meet Levan's eyes as she beheld her.

"I am glad you agreed to my proposition," the king said, setting aside the scroll he had been reading, his eyes roaming from the top of her head to the hem of her dress.

"I could say nothing else; I had dreamed of it," Mona replied. It was true too, after he had come to her on his last night before going off to war, the idea had been in her head periodically, and she had yearned for it.

"You had dreamed of being my wife?" Levan asked as he came around his desk, regarding her straightforwardly.

"Yes, my king," Mona said, her certainty wavering at Levan's candid gaze.

"You were in my dreams when I was away. You sat at my side in court more than once while I slept."

Mona couldn't believe what he was saying, the most powerful man in hundreds of miles had dreamt of her while off to war? The thought brought blush to her cheeks and caused her breast to heave. Could it be true?

"All of the women you can have, and your sleeping mind turned to me?" Mona said in disbelief, her back rigid.

"Yes. There is no lie in my heart, Mona. It seems that I want you, in every way."

Levan's voice dripped truth and earnesty, his eyes level. Mona allowed herself to believe such an outlandish thing and threw herself at him, throwing her womanly poise to the wind as she clutched him in a fierce hug.

"Oh!" Levan laughed as he held her to him pressing his body against hers, "be careful of your stomach, my sweet!"

"I love you, my king, now and always," her voice was muffled in his tunic, but her words reached him.

Prying her apart from him, Levan looked down at her with humor on his face.

"It is good of you to address me still as your King, and it is appropriate in court and amongst others. But here in my chambers and otherwise while we are alone, call me Levan."

"Alright, Levan," Mona breathed. It sounded to alien to speak aloud, after months of calling him her king.

"Not so hard, eh?" Levan smiled. They regarded each other for a moment, never having taken the time to learn the lines of their faces in such an intimate setting. Mona found lines she hadn't seen before, contours she hadn't noticed, and flecks of color in his eyes she hadn't ever looked closely enough to find.

They were kissing somehow, and Mona didn't mind one iota. She had no clue how long they kissed, but she didn't care about that either, so long as she was there in his arms, being kissed by him. Finding herself on the bed, her dress taken apart and off her body was not a surprise, she knew this was going to happen since he told her her to come to his chambers to stay the night.

The lamps were all but doused, casting the dimmest of warm light around the room, flickering as the wicks guttered. He crawled atop her, his lips kissing her every corner as he did. She could feelmthe strength in his arms as he supported himself above her and between her legs as she spread them apart for him, her crotch opening wetly as she did. They both sighed together as he slid his rigidity into her ready and willing depths and began to move. Neither of them were in a rush at first, for a new level of intimacy existed between them now, and it was like a new exploration of the same territory. Careful of her swollen belly, he leaned over her to share a lengthy kiss, his hips moving against her pelvis, their hot breathing mingling together as they made love.

Mona was taken with the experience, her flesh tingling as the man who dreamed about her moved inside her womanhood, her slickness increasing with every minute. Her sighs were vocal now, calling for more of what he was doing to her. Her legs lifted to rest at the small of his back, her heels crossing, feeling as though she was helping to push him deeper inside her sex.

He was moving faster now. As he picked up speed he was now slamming against her clitoris and his readjusted angle was hitting a spot somewhere deep inside her that was accelerating things undeniably. She gasped and grasped his writhing shoulders in the semi darkness, hanging on for dear life as something built between and inside them, roiling like a maelstrom until release finally came for them both.

"Levaaaaahhhh!" Mona cried as her orgasm possessed her body and mind, her muscles unconsciously clenching to keep him against and inside her.

"Nngghhh!" Levan grunted out as he produced his seed for her, leaving it to pool inside her deepest, warmest folds.

They flexed together in pleasure for an eternity, shaking with effort, until Levan began breathing again, as though he had run around the city in one long sprinting effort. He collapsed to the side of her, managing to mind her belly. Her hand held the back of his head as she opened her eyes while she panted, looking at the ceiling as the pleasure washed through her and her panted at her shoulder.

"Ohh, Mona," Levan breathed beside her, "I hope I dream of you tonight."

Mona shuddered with pleasure at such passion, and held him close while they both drifted toward sleep.

That week, Levan took a new queen, known as Queen Mona to his subjects, had the wedding ceremony take place and a second throne erected beside his own in the palace, where Mona resided when court assembled. The kingdom accepted her and this became the new norm. She gave birth a few months later to a perfectly healthy baby boy, and named him Levan after his father. Petra, Gita, and Joan all gave birth to healthy baby girls around the same time, and were all overjoyed at the coming of new life into the kingdom.

A month after the birth of their children, King Levan and Queen Mona walked hand in hand through the halls of the palace, approaching the harem rooms. The royal couple had visited the harem and their offspring often during the previous months, but no sex had been had since the birth of the children, as recommended by the doctors.

The bead door parted and Levan stepped in, greeted warmly by his harem.

"Best give the babies to the maids," Levan said, unbuttoning his tunic, "we've got more to make."

The end...?
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