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I could feel both the girls tighten around my fingers and cock as their own orgasms built faster and faster. I glanced down, amazed by the way my sister’s pussy gripped around my shaft, impossibly stretched open by the girth alone. Fuck, these girls were made for me.
“Are you fucking kidding me?”

My fiancée sat straight up in shock, her boy-toy fumbling to cover himself with the sheets. All I could do was repeat myself as I stared at them, unable to form any other words. “Are you
fucking kidding me?”

“Brandon, baby, it’s not what it looks like, I promise -”

“I’m not your fucking baby.”

“No - please -” Jamie had tears in her eyes that I was sure were fake. She stood up, bringing the blanket with her. I would have laughed at the other man hastily covering his junk with a random pillow if I wasn’t so angry. I would have laughed if it had happened to anyone else.

“Get your shit and get out.” I said in a low, warning tone.

“No - Brandon, honey, please - you don’t understand -”

“No, I understand
perfectly,” I growled. “I understand that you’re a fucking whore, and that you don’t deserve your fucking ring.”

“My ring?” she repeated incredulously. She suddenly sounded angry. “Come on, that thing is worth more than a month of my paychecks! I’m at least selling it. You can’t stop me.”

“I put money down on it, and the payments are in my name. It’s mine. I’ll fucking sue you for it if I have to.”

“Fine! Sue me! You’re gonna miss me, Brandon, you fucking know you will!”

“I told you to get out.” I didn’t want to hurt her - I’d never be able to forgive myself for laying hand on a woman - but I couldn’t even look at her right now. “Give me the ring, get your shit, and go.”

“You’re gonna miss me -”


Suddenly I was in absolute physical bliss. My eyes were closed - or maybe it was just too dark for me to see three inches in front of my face. Either way, my cock was rock hard and pulsing with need, and something warm and wet was wrapped around it, moving up and down along my shaft. Almost as soon as I registered that the sensation was not a pussy, but a skilled mouth instead, a tongue slithered up along the base of my shaft and licked a line to the tip, swirling around it before the mouth deepthroated me and wagged the tongue along my aching ballsack. Fuck, this girl was talented.

I attempted to reach down with one hand and grab a fistful of long, soft hair that smelled of strawberries and vanilla, but was thwarted by my own knee-jerk reaction to the second tongue that joined the first, a sensation that sent me reeling onto my back in absolute ecstasy. I felt unholy moans leave my chest as the two soft, warm tongues slicked their way up and down my shaft. One of them hesitated at the tip, pulling it between two plush lips to suck like a lollipop while the other tongue focused on my balls.

My orgasm rushed toward me like a crashing wave, colors fluttering behind my vision as I surged forward from the hips, thrusting up involuntarily into the two mouths, wanting more and more as I planted my seed deep in the mouth on my tip. I shut my eyes and gritted my teeth as I rode out the intense pleasure. It took a moment for me to catch my breath, and when I finally started to cum down from my high, I opened my eyes groggily - and was met with an all-too-familiar set of beautiful brown eyes.


The evening sun streaming through my blinds in golden rays bright enough to startle me as I jolted awake. Memories of the dream I’d just had were dancing in my brain like little puffs of smoke, already fading away before I could catch them. What the hell was that? I thought, remembering the honey-colored eyes staring gleefully up at me through the mess I’d left.

Shaking my head, I tossed the covers off and stumbled to the bathroom, still wearing my pajamas from the morning before. The door clicked behind me, and I sighed as I flipped on the faucet and ran my hands under the water, gently splashing my face as I tried to clear my head. Everyone has dreams like that once in a while, right? Especially when you’re as close as I am to my sibling.

Being the only family each other had left, Brittany Marie and I had grown incredibly close. People looked at me weird sometimes for being so close to her. I’d hear things like, “It’s just not normal,” or “Don’t you guys ever fight, even a little?” Or, my favorite: “Ugh, I could never - I hate my sibling!” But Brittany and I were different. My baby sister was my everything. I used to joke that entering the armed forces was me making good on my promise that I’d take a bullet for her, any day.

So it was normal, right?

Considering how close we were, and that I hadn’t had sex in the time it had taken me to leave Jamie fucking Shenton, break my lease on my apartment, and close on a house with my sister, it was probably reasonable that I’d be having dreams about her. She was one of the most important women in my life - my brain probably just put her face on the image of a blowjob.

Right? Sure. Yeah.

But who did the other tongue belong to?

An excited pounding on the door, accompanied by a two-tone flurry of giggles, pulled me out of my own thoughts. “Bran-doooooon, are you finally awake?” Brittany’s voice called from the other side.

“Who the hell sleeps until seven o’clock at night, anyway?” drawled another playful, cheery voice. Kelly.

Kelly Rose Peterson had been our best friend for as long as I could remember. She was like a second sister - though I would be lying if I said I hadn’t snuck a few glances as we aged. When they were 18, Kelly developed a beautiful body, the type that Vogue and Covergirl drooled over. But that was before I got with my ex. Once Jamie and I got together, I’d done my best to keep my eyes off of Kelly - but I’d never tell her about the occasionally playful kiss I’d shared with my best friend, or the cuddles and movie nights, or the way we’d complement each other’s figure from time to time. It wasn’t wrong - we’re best friends - but I knew Jamie would’ve never understood.

“It was just a nap before we go to the party,” I called as I pat-dried my face. “Is that such a crime?”

“You sound like a boring adult.” Kelly quipped, drawing another giggle from Brittany.

“I am a boring adult. Get lost so I can pee, I’ll be out soon.” They disappeared with more laughter, and I did my business in peace, washing my hands and stepping out into the crisp sunset-air of our just-cleaned-yesterday house. It was a beautiful structure, really, and we had taken good care of it, taking our time to make sure it was truly our own. I loved it here, honestly.

Following the sound of excited laughter and talking, I made my way to Brittany’s bedroom, where she and Kelly were re-doing each other’s hair at the foot of her bed. I smiled as I leaned on the doorframe and watched. The party we were supposed to go to had started hours ago, and I could see they were eager to get there. “Are you guys still gonna try and match?” I asked, glancing at the small pile of yellow and blue spandex on the bed.

“Nah.” Kelly hopped up and skittered past me excitedly, giving me a pat on the ass as she walked by that made me jump indignantly. “Brittany wants to be modest.”

“There is nothing wrong with a basic bikini!” Brittany called after her. She rolled her eyes, grinning at me. “She’s such a fucking slut,” she said affectionately, and I laughed.

“We love her for it,” I reminded her. “So I’m guessing the scraps are hers? What are you wearing?”

“A normal bikini, don’t worry.” She reached across the bed and grabbed a bundle of cream-yellow fabric. “A little more coverage than hers.”

“You’ll both look gorgeous either way,” I mused, wandering over and pulling her in for a hug and a kiss on the forehead. Memories of my dream tugged at my brain, and I coughed in an effort to distract myself. I refused to think about my sister like that - I just wanted to have a nice time at the party tonight.


We arrived when the party was in full swing. The front door to the host's house was open to the public, with partygoers having fun on the front lawn as well as inside. The sun had gone down, and several people had glowsticks hung around their necks and wrists, and loud music talking about drinking and dancing and fucking was carrying out to us from the thick of the fun.

Brittany and Kelly rushed in almost immediately, like dogs let off the leash at a dog park. I smiled as I watched them, and headed in after them. I didn't think I had to worry about them getting too drunk tonight, since none of us were really drinkers and this wasn't a special enough occasion for them. No, they were here to socialize and dance, and had dragged me with them. Not that I minded.

I followed in after them, doing my best not to push anybody - a difficult enough task when it wasn't so crowded, considering my heavy-set, well-muscled build. Still, I found my way in with only a few small bump-ins, and it was easier than I thought it would be to mingle with the party. I couldn't remember what this party was for, but I quickly found one of my friends - an old buddy from my time in the forces - and we got to talking and having fun.

The next few hours went by in a blur. Music pumping so loud that I was sure I'd hear ringing the next morning, and at some point I ended up alone on the couch, gazing absently at everyone around me. Couples. Couples holding each other, grinding on each other. Dancing together, drinking together, laughing, smiling. The party started to blur and my face felt hot. Couples around me were kissing, grinding, getting handsy and smacking each other away playfully. My hands clenched into fists in my lap. Couples acting just like Jamie and her fuckbuddy, God only knows how many times before I caught them.

Fuck it. I couldn't take it anymore.

I stood up with a huff, startling the girl sitting on the arm of the couch with her boyfriend between her legs trying to kiss her neck. Eyes watering against my better will, I rushed past the happily-milling couples - and smashed right into Kelly.

"Hey! Wha- Brandon? You okay?" Her indignant voice shifted immediately to concern as she saw my red face and wet eyes.

"S'fine," I hissed, darting past her. It hurt to brush her off like that, but I couldn't focus right now.

I stumbled through the house until I finally found an empty bedroom, and took a moment to fumble with the lock before I stumbled into the center of the room, nearly tripping over the bed. I glared at the piece of furniture, as if it held all the woes of my last bullshit relationship, before letting out a frustrated growl and punching down hard on the mattress. The memory foam gave way easily, only serving to piss me off more, and I grabbed two pillows and threw them across the room with all my strength. One knocked a picture frame off the wall - the other disappeared somewhere.

“Brandon? You okay?”

Kelly’s voice, and the accompanying knock, carried in from the other side of the door, and I wiped away the tears that were threatening to betray my usually-manly appearance. Fuck, I’d spent my whole life around women, I knew it was okay to cry, but fuck this. “I’m fine,” I called, wincing as I heard my voice crack. “Go away.”

“No. Brandon, open the door,” she said firmly. I hesitated, and as if she could sense it, she knocked again, this time more demandingly. “Brandon, come on, don’t be a bitch.”

I sighed and did as she told me, unlocking and opening the door before plopping myself down angrily on the bed as she entered and closed the door behind her. She was still in her bikini, which was slick with poolwater, the blue mosaic-like pattern darkened and sticking to her tan skin. She brushed her damp blonde hair out of her face as she came to sit next to me, her denim overshirt falling loosely off her shoulders. “You’re gonna get the bed wet,” I muttered.

“You think I care?”


“That’s right.” She put her hand on my knee. “What’s wrong?”

My lip trembled as I spat out the words. “These stupid fucking couples.” I sniffled, my hands gripping the edge of the bed until my knuckles turned white. “They think it’s okay to be here sucking and fucking like nobody can see them -”

“It’s a party, of course they are.”

“Yeah, and I’m happy for them, sure, but it’s just so fucking tiring to watch, and to be around them, and I just… ugh!” I broke off in another snarl, frustrated. Kelly waited for me to catch my breath, and I ripped my hands off the edge of the bed to press my palms against my eyes. After a moment that consisted of two deep breaths and a gruff cough that cleared the growing lump in my throat, I finally looked up at her. “You know I haven’t even gotten a blowjob in, like, eight months?”

Kelly looked taken aback. “Eight months? How?”

“I dunno,” I said. She knew I was a bad liar. “After Jamie… I dunno. After we split up, I never got out there. Never fucked around, y’know? Hell, I hadn’t even had sex with Jamie for a while before I caught her. And I certainly never tried to find love. But that means I’ve gone this whole time just jerking off into tissues while thinking of…” I trailed off, remembering my dream from my nap earlier. She couldn’t know about that.

What if Kelly was the second woman?

The thought crept into my mind before I could stop it, and I cringed inwardly. Not at the idea of Kelly being in that sort of position, no. It was more like disgust at myself, for thinking of my best friend and my sister like that. But then, while I refused to think of Brittany like that, Kelly would admittedly look amazing on her knees like that. Sucking me off, her tongue working wonders, her hair tugged into a half-assed ponytail by nothing but my hands…


I startled back to the present, not realizing I had just been staring blankly at her as I mused over the morality and sexual appeal of my dream. I blinked at her. “Uh… shit. Sorry, what?”

“It’s what best friends do, right? They help each other.” Her cheeks had flushed pink, but I was no closer to comprehending what she had said.

“Sorry… repeat the part before that? I kinda spaced out.”

“I could suck you off.”

My heart skipped a beat, and I felt my face grow warm. My body stood up without me asking it to. “I - what?

“You didn’t hear a word I said, did you?” She giggled, as if what she had just suggested didn’t cross a line that had suddenly blurred. “Sexual frustration is nothing to mess around with. Blue balls are… greatly exaggerated, but the idea is real. You’re my best friend, and I’m not seeing anybody, and I know that seeing all these sluts hooking up with other sluts can be difficult when you haven’t had another person make you cum in a while. And I haven’t had anything to drink yet, I am stone-cold sober, so it’s not like I can’t say yes. I could blow you.”

I could barely breathe. Why did this feel different? Different from our little kisses here and there. Different from cuddling. Different from her slapping my ass, or me picking her up and throwing her around. It was different from all of it. And yet, my dick was suddenly standing at attention, straining against my pants in a way that it hadn’t done in months. My body wanted this, whether it was different or not. Hell, I wanted it, but I could only choke out a couple of words: “I… um - what about Brittany?”

“Brittany…” Kelly repeated to me as she thought about my sister. She looked away for a moment and chewed on her lower lip. Then she turned back to me, holding eye contact as she placed her hands gently on my hips and guided me to sit back down on the edge of the bed. “Brittany doesn’t have to know.” She slid gracefully down on her knees in front of me, and I felt my breath catch in my throat as her hands started to undo my belt.

The world was starting to blur around me. Was I sure I hadn’t had anything to drink? Fuck, I knew I was sober, which meant that this shit wasn’t a dream, it wasn’t a hallucination, it was real. My body was suddenly very tingly and my head was spinning. Cold air brushed around my shaft as her soft hands freed all eight inches of my erection. I was shaking, and I couldn’t tell if it was from shock or excitement.

Then her mouth was on me.

I gasped, tensing as her lips wrapped around the tip, her tongue circling it for a moment before she pulled off and licked a stripe up from the base to my frenulum, sending sparks radiating through my thighs and chest. The fizzing ecstasy settled in my face as I let out an involuntary moan, and she barely gave me time to think before her mouth closed on the head again, and this time her hand wrapped around the base to pump the shaft in time with her skilled mouth.

Fuck, this was amazing.

I hadn’t felt this good in months, and even so, I couldn’t remember the last time I’d had a blowjob this good. Kelly was surprisingly talented, her tongue moving in waves on my shaft as she worked her way down, then sliding up to graze the tip again. I found myself hunched forward, arching into her mouth, and had to fight my own body to lean back and breathe, letting myself enjoy the sensations. I glanced down to see her blinking up at me with grinning eyes, her lashes fluttering as she sucked me. She looked so fucking pretty with her mouth full. And she knew it. Her soft, plump lips were stretched wide around the thickness of my shaft, drool spilling from her mouth, only serving as lubricant for her to take me further in her mouth, her hand gripping me just tight enough to drive me insane, and her other hand moved to caress my balls. Each time she moved down the length of my cock again, her lips closed tightly around me, and her tongue swirled down along the underside of it, and her dazzling eyes locked onto mine, and her hands moved just right, and it was all so fucking delicious…


Shit, shit, shit, shit. Before I could stop myself, before I could do anything to hold back, a rush of pleasure washed over me, and I groaned as my hands tightened on the bed sheets once more, my hips surging up against her face. She didn't seem to care that I'd cum much too quickly - instead, she took her hand off my shaft and deepthroated me, and my load shot straight into her mouth. She swallowed around me with ease, and I was suddenly gasping as fireworks went off behind my eyes.

It took a moment for the sheer ecstasy to subside. Kelly pulled away from me, smiling, and I felt my face flush pink with embarrassment. "I… um… I didn't mean to… it's just been so long - and you're really good, I-"

"Quiet," Kelly said sharply. "Don't worry about it. You feel any better?" She giggled as I nodded slowly. "Good. My work here is done." She stood up, wiping her mouth as she turned towards the door that led to the room full of copulating couples.

No! Suddenly, part of me didn't want her to leave this bedroom. If she did, that meant that our temporary little escapade was over, and I just wasn't ready for that yet. "Wait!" I scrambled to pull my pants up again. Not bothering to redo my belt. "Let me return the favor."

"Return the favor?" Kelly turned around with a glint in her eye, and I laughed nervously.

"Yeah. Uh… lay down. I wanna make you feel as good as you just made me feel."

"Oh, come on, it was nothing," she said, but she still sauntered past me and sat gently on the bed, her thighs pressed together. "Been a bit since I've let a guy go down on me." She smirked. "Not as long as you, though, I bet."

"Probably,” I agreed quietly, getting onto my knees at the edge of the bed. I could already feel my body responding to what I was about to do. Gently, I hooked my fingers into the waistband of her bikini bottoms and peeled them off, letting her assist me by lifting her legs straight up into the air. She crossed them at the ankles as soon as I had the bottoms off all the way, and I took a deep breath as I put my hands on the backs of her thighs and spread her gently, staring at her perfect pink pussy. For a moment, I could only stare, unbelieving that I was about to eat out Kelly Rose fucking Peterson.

Then I buried my face against her, and my tongue stretched out of my mouth. The most delicious flavor fell on my taste buds, and I heard Kelly moan softly as I touched her. Suddenly I was ravenous, and I hungrily slid my tongue up and down her slit before pushing it into her tight hole, wanting to taste as much of her as I could. My hands moved from the backs of her thighs, sliding up her legs to hold her there as I licked her. Her thighs trembled as I worked, and I felt my heart pounding in my chest as I tasted her sweet juices. God, her flavor was intensely amazing. I couldn’t get enough. I groaned as I slid my tongue up from her hole to her clit, lapping at it feverishly, my cock hardening slowly as she moaned.

I could feel myself losing control, driven mad by my best friend’s juices. My hands gripped her legs, and I spread them, her perfect pussy lips blossoming for me like a fucking rose. Finally, I could get a good look at it, and I realized I’d need a moment just to stare. But I couldn’t leave her unoccupied and empty, could I? Slowly, I trailed two fingers down from her clit to her taint, then dragged them back up again, spreading them as I went, admiring the way her sticky, wet cum was seeping out of her hole. Her clit was bright pink and erect, a perfect little nub that beckoned to my lips.

Eagerly, I kept her spread with my fingers as my lips latched onto her clit, sliding my tongue up to the underside of it and sucking gently. Kelly arched her back, her hips pushing harder against my face, and I answered by sliding the two fingers keeping her pussy lips open down to her entrance, drawing a teasing circle before pushing them in. She moaned louder at this, and I grinned as I pulled away with a small pop and started flicking her clit vigorously with my tongue. I turned my palm up, my fingers curling inside her to hit a soft, spongy spot that made her grip tight on my hair. “Fuck!” she suddenly hissed, her hips grinding on my face now. “Fuck, fuck, oh, my God, don’t stop, don’t stop!”

Another heartbeat passed, and I stared as she squirmed on the edge of the bed, her back bent in a perfect arch, her hips grinding, her skin still glistening from the pool, she was perfect, so fucking perfect.

Then suddenly her walls tightened around my fingers, and a rush of warm liquid splashed over my chin and my chest as she took one hand off my hair to cover her mouth in a desperate attempt to muffle her squeal of pleasure. My cock twitched as I watched her, felt her, tasted her. I stayed there for a moment, letting her ride the wave of her high, just watching, thrown by the fact that this was really, truly happening. Then I closed my mouth, my fingers leaving her pussy, and I stood up, unsure of what to say.

“No!” Kelly suddenly wrapped her legs around me at the hip, dragging me towards her so fast that I had to put both hands out on either side of her to catch myself. I stared, wide-eyed, as she grabbed a hold of my shirt and looked me square in the face. "Fuck me."

"What?" The word barely escaped my shocked, open mouth.

"Fuck me," Kelly repeated. I wanted to help you, and I helped you. Now you're gonna help me. Fuck me, hard," she growled.

And Jesus fuck, I wanted to. So bad. Maybe I wasn't thinking straight, but goddammit, I needed this.

Dropping my loose pants, I lined myself up. I knew I didn't need a condom - Kelly and I told each other everything. I knew she was clean, and so was I, and I knew she was on birth control. The thought of shooting my seed into her naked cunt had me reeling. I glanced back up at her face, and she nodded at me, her bottom lip turning cherry-pink from the way she was biting on it.

So I steeled myself - and pushed in.

Jesus fucking Christ.

It had been so fucking long. I shut my eyes tight as I felt her warm, soaking wet pussy wrap around all eight inches of me, and her hands tightened their grip on my shirt as my girth stretched her open. "Shit," she whispered, "fuck, you're gonna tear me in two."

I shivered, pushing further in until I was completely bottomed out, watching her the whole time, making sure she didn't tell me to stop. Eventually, my hips were flush against hers, and I took a deep breath before sitting up to peel my shirt off. It was soaked in the chest anyway. Kelly followed my lead, unconcerned with grace as she pulled her bikini top off. I bit my lip, mesmerized by her perky tits and hard pink nipples. She seemed just as fascinated with the rippling pecs, taut abs, and tempting v-line I had never seen her notice before. Her hands touched my chest again, and I wrapped my strong arms under her waist, pulling her up to me. “How hard do you want it?”

She hesitated - then our lips met, and I melted into the passionate kiss, rolling my hips against hers. When she pulled away to breathe, her mouth was barely an inch from mine, her hands tangled in my hair. I groaned as she spoke in a low, sultry voice: “I don’t wanna be able to walk home.”

I shuddered, drawing my hips back until just the tip was inside. I let her squirm for a minute, whimpering at the sudden emptiness - then I slammed into her, every inch forced into her until I felt the tip push against what I was sure must be her cervix. She yelped, her grip tightening on my hair, and I blinked at her. “Too hard?”

“No - more. Faster, harder!” I let her go, and she fell back onto the bed with her eyes alight with ecstasy.

“Fuck, you’re gonna kill me,” I laughed. I grabbed her by the waist, and suddenly I was driving myself into her as roughly as our bodies would allow. She was thrashing in pleasure, one hand flying to her mouth to mask the screams that would surely bring any of the partygoers to our hidden fuck-session. The muffled moans only egged me on, and I felt sweat beading on my forehead as I pounded my best friend. She was perfectly warm and tight, barely fitting around me so that I could feel every texture of the inner walls, and the way her legs trembled around me only made me wanna go deeper.

“Touch me,” I groaned before I could stop myself. One hand slid up along the muscles in my forearm, and I damn near growled as I leaned forward a little. “That’s it, that’s it, baby girl.”

“Fuck,” she moaned, her other hand gripping the bedsheets, and I chuckled softly, my hips stuttering for a second to instead grind slowly and deliberately against her. Her hand tightened on my arm, her walls clenching around me. “You motherfucker… shit, I’m gonna cum.”

The words thrilled through me, swimming in my brain. “Good,” I hissed. “Cum for me, my little slut.” I reached down with one hand, rubbing her clit, and she gasped, her back arching and her tits pushing up into the air, her pert nipples standing up proud as her pussy quivered around my hard cock.

I waited until the shivers subsided - then I pulled out, turning her over with ease and grinning as I stared at her ass. She had such a gorgeous body. I held my dick in one hand, teasing her with the head, rubbing it up and down her pink slit, more of her creamy juices gathering on the very tip. She pressed back on me, and I obliged, pushing into her as far as I could go. My hands found her hips, and one slid down further to wrap around and circle her clit again. I could feel myself getting closer and closer as I fucked her, and could hear her moaning as she buried her face in the bedsheets. I smirked, breathless, as I smacked her ass. “That’s right, princess, take it,” I huffed, fighting not to cum yet. “God, you’re so fucking pretty. You love this big, hard cock don’t you?” My other hand moved from her hip to her breast, grabbing a handful as I thrusted harder. “You want me to cum in you, baby?”

“Yes!” she moaned loudly, throwing her head back and arching further against me. “Fuck, yes, give it to me!”

The near-screams were all I needed to drive me over the edge. Another crashing wave of euphoria fell over me, and I groaned as I pushed harder into her, until I was sure the head of my cock would breach into her womb. My body was buzzing as I felt myself cumming, spurting warm ropes of semen deep into her tight, needy pussy.

And with my head spinning and my eyes shut, my cock throbbing, and with Kelly moaning and pushing back on my cock to get more of it inside her, neither of us noticed Brittany walk in. She stood there, shocked, but didn’t say a word. She turned on her heel, shut the door, and didn’t look either of us in the eye on the drive home later.


When we arrived home, I headed to the front door first, mentioning to the girls that I was exhausted and wanted to get to bed. Kelly teased me a little about how I’d already taken a nap that day, but I just chuckled. “It’s nearly two in the morning,” I said over my shoulder. “I’m hitting the hay.” Kelly hugged me goodbye, and I was grateful that it didn’t feel any different after what we’d done at that party. Brittany, however, dodged the usual side-hug and kiss on the forehead that I gave her before bed most nights. I was too tired to think anything of it.

“Brandon has some leftovers in the fridge,” Brittany said as I disappeared upstairs. “Help yourself. I’m going to bed, too.”

Kelly looked at her curiously. “What? I thought we were gonna watch something and have some ice cream? You said you’d wanna chill after the party.”

“Yeah, well, I’m tired, okay?” Brittany snapped. “You can stay the night if you want, just don’t bother me.”

“Um, excuse me?” Kelly said indignantly. “You’re the one who invited me to stay the night tonight, you said the party would probably run late.”

“Well, why don’t you just go home if you have such a problem with it?” Brittany spat, turning on her heel in the open entryway. “It’s not that far a walk, you’d be fine.”

“Brittany Marie, what the hell? This isn’t like you, come on. I know you’re not just tired, what -”

“I know what you and Brandon did!”

Kelly stopped in her tracks, her stomach hitting the floor as she and Brittany stared at each other. Her face flushed red, and her heart was suddenly beating very fast as Brittany glared at her. “Yeah,” she said after a moment, “yeah, I know what you did with Brandon. With my brother.”

“Brittany -”

“How could you?” she hissed, tears welling up in her eyes. She stormed away a few feet, then spun around again. “How could you? You know how close we are! And you’re supposed to be my best friend, and you went and fucked my brother? Are you serious? Why wouldn’t you at least talk to me first?”

“Talk to you?” Kelly’s whisper sounded incredulous. “Britt, I am a grown woman. I shouldn’t have to talk to you about any of my hookups. I talk about them because I want to, maybe I didn’t want to talk about Brandon!”

“It would’ve been nice!” Brittany argued. “Do you realize how betrayed I feel? How many times have you -” She broke off, her voice cracking. Her body collapsed so that she was sitting on the couch, and her soft brown hair fell in her face for a moment. “How many… how many times have you guys done it?”

Kelly closed the front door and came to sit beside her, placing her hands gently on her best friend’s knee. “Brittany, babe, I promise you, that was the first and only time. I won’t do it ever again.”

“Why did you do it this time, then?”

She hesitated before answering, choosing her words carefully. When she spoke, it was slowly and deliberately. “Remember when he broke up with Jamie?”

Brittany nodded. “That was… explosive. I don’t think I’ve ever seen him that depressed, not even when he came back from deployment.”

“I know, me too.” Kelly took a deep breath. “You know the three of us tell each other everything. And he felt safe enough to confide in me, and tell me that he hasn’t had any action since even before Jamie cheated on him. And you saw how handsy everyone was getting at the party. I guess seeing all that was just too much for him. I found him in one of the bedrooms -”

“I know, I saw you.”

“- and he was about to have a panic attack or something.” Kelly tried to ignore the comment, embarrassed. “I didn’t know how to help, and I figured the best I could do was… blow him. And it kinda, uh…” Brittany looked up at her, and she blushed, looking away. “Snowballed.”

Brittany sighed, looking down again, but she placed her hand on top of her friend’s. There was a long moment where neither of them spoke. Then Brittany leaned back on the couch, her body seeming to deflate as she relaxed. “It’s not just the fact that you guys had sex,” she muttered. “I just… you didn’t have to hide it from me. You could’ve told me, after the party. But you guys didn’t say anything the whole drive home.”

“I know. And I’m sorry.” Kelly took the liberty to lean on her best friend’s shoulder, the way they did when things weren’t so tense. “I promise you, it won’t happen again.”

“Thank you,” Brittany said softly, reaching around to pull Kelly into a warm hug. “I’m sorry for snapping.” She pulled away, standing up with a soft sniffle. “I’m gonna change. Do you wanna pull up Netflix?”

Kelly nodded, thankful for the strength of their bond. They really could tell each other everything.

The air around them finally settled as the night went on, and the light of the TV glinted white and blue on their skin as they bundled up in fluffy blankets and silk pajamas. Brittany was returning from the kitchen, holding two small pints of ice cream, and she handed one to Kelly as she came to sit down again. “I still can’t believe you had sex with my brother,” she giggled. The subject suddenly felt much lighter. She sat with her legs criss-crossed, popping the lid off her ice cream as she leaned toward her best friend. “Was it good? Did you cum?”

“I did,” Kelly said with a soft laugh. “And honestly, he was… really good. Like, he might be the best I’ve ever had.”

“You’re kidding!” The girls fell into a hunched mess of shushes and giggles as Brittany squealed under her breath. “The best?” she added when they settled down. “You’re kidding. That’s… wow. So he’s good good, then, right?”

Crazy good,” Kelly said through a mouthful of ice cream. “He eats pussy like a beast, and - well, I dunno.”

“What?! What? Tell me, what is it?” Brittany urged, shoving her friend lightly.

Kelly blushed, swallowing her mouthful and setting her pint and spoon down. “Dude…” She gestured with her hands, holding her open palms about eight inches apart, her eyes wide and suggestive.

“Ohhhh my God,” Brittany gasped, and the girls dissolved into a fit of laughter that they had to muffle with their hands and blankets. “Oh my God, you’re telling me my fucking brother is hung like a horse?”

Literal monster cock, I’m not even kidding you!” Kelly whisper-shouted, blushing. “It was huge, I don’t think I’ve ever actually had bigger. Even that one guy I used to date - you remember him?”

“I do,” Brittany giggled, her face also pink. They were quiet for a moment, their hushed laughter fading as they gazed blankly at the TV. Then Brittany cleared her throat. “Y’know, I… I watched you guys, for a minute. Towards the end.”

“You did?” Kelly felt comfortable enough not to be too flustered or embarrassed. “Did my ass look good? I would’ve put on a better show if I knew you were watching.”

Brittany giggled, not making eye contact. “Right. But like… I watched you guys, and… I kind of enjoyed it.” She hugged her knees to her chest. “I was even… kinda jealous.”

“What?” Kelly leaned back a little. “Jealous. Of… of me?”

“Yeah. I just… I dunno, you’re closer to him now than I’ll ever be. And he did look like he knew what he was doing. I know it’s wrong to think about him like that, but I can’t stop myself.”

Kelly readjusted her blanket. “I mean, I get it.”

“You do?”

“Yeah. Think about it.” She pulled her legs up and reached behind her neck to pull her hair over her shoulder. “Imagine if he wasn’t related to you. Like, just for a second.” She counted on each finger as she spoke. “He’s Greek-god-handsome, he’s absolutely jacked, total sweetheart, and he knows you better than anyone else! On paper, he’s a perfect catch!”

Brittany scoffed, smiling. “Yeah, except that when we say ‘grandma’, we’re talking about the same lady.”

“Hey, no need to bring grandma into this,” Kelly said with a laugh. “Besides… does that really matter?”

What?” Brittany stared wide-eyed at her friend. “Of course it matters.”

“But like, does it?” Kelly was holding a pillow in her lap now, fiddling with the tassels on the corner. “What exactly is wrong with that kind of thing?”

“It’s illegal.”

“If you get caught. You’re on the pill, so it’s not like you guys would be breeding. As far as anyone is concerned, it’s just two adults having some consensual, mind-blowing orgasms.” Brittany looked like she was seriously considering some things, and Kelly sighed, reaching forward to put her hand on Britt’s shoulder. “Look, when I hooked up with him, it was just to make him feel better. To get his mind off that cheating bitch. Don’t you think he could use all the help he can get? Last night at the party was the first time in a while he finally decided to go out with us, and it was only after a long-ass nap. And when we did get there, he just ended up depressed again.” Her hand moved to Brittany’s chin, turning her to face her friend. “I just wanted to help him. Don’t you think he deserves that much, from both of us?” She smiled softly. “You’d be the best sister in the whole damn world.”

“What are you suggesting?” Brittany said. Her voice wasn’t exactly suspicious - rather, just intrigued.

“I’m suggesting that you shouldn’t be ashamed of what you felt when you were watching me and Brandon. I’m suggesting that maybe you could put it to use.”

Brittany looked away for a moment, thinking. When she turned back to Kelly, it was with an excited glint in her eye. “Yeah… maybe you’re right. But, uh… I dunno.” She hesitated, biting her lip. “I don’t think I could do that kind of thing alone.”

“Well, I could do it with you.”

“You are bold, you know that?”

“I took a job as a nude art model for a room full of nerds with cramping fingers and broken glasses, nothing scares me now,” Kelly giggled. “But come on, you know having me there would help! For one thing, I’ve already done him. And you’d probably be a lot more relaxed if I was there, at least showing you what to do.”

“I’m not a virgin, I know what to do,” Brittany laughed. “It would just be really awkward. I’ve never even kissed another girl, let alone seen one naked. I’m straight!”

“That’s fair. I’m pretty sure I’m straight, but I’ve never kissed a girl either. Or seen one naked.” Kelly thought for a moment, her eyes looking off somewhere into the distance as she gathered her thoughts. “Do you wanna kiss me?”

Brittany bit her tongue over another comment about Kelly’s boldness, instead trying to work her way into her next few words with pure logic alone. “I guess if I was gonna kiss any girl, it would be you,” she said, looking up. “Like, right now?”

“Sure,” Kelly responded, leaning forward with a smile. “I don’t see why not.”

Brittany leaned in as well, Kelly let her hand slide up to caress her friend’s face, and the two giggled nervously before their lips met. It was just a small peck at first, and they nearly fell over giggling and muttering “wait, wait, no, wait” to each other, but eventually the kiss was slow and genuine. Experimental above all, but Kelly couldn’t deny that she loved the softness of Brittany’s lips, and Brittany smiled at the taste of cookies-and-cream ice cream as she kissed her best friend.

When they separated, they were smiling brightly, and Brittany giggled. “I can’t believe we just did that,” she said with a soft chuckle.

“I know,” Kelly said with a sigh. “So… you think you can do it for Brandon?”

Brittany was quiet for a moment, thinking. When she looked up at Kelly again, it was with a smile. “For Brandon.”


The girls awoke to the sound of a guitar from upstairs. They had fallen asleep on the couch, and I had finally gotten a good night’s rest. The sun streamed in through cracked-open blinds, and my fingers held each string just right for the next chord, and my voice carried through the otherwise quiet house.

What if I run away to Mars?

Would you find me in the stars?

Would you miss me in the end, if I run out of oxygen?

When I run away to Mars?

I stopped playing and glanced over my shoulder as I sang the last line, startled by a second voice joining me in a beautiful harmony. Brittany was standing in the doorway, smiling in her skimpy little silk pajamas. “You’ve always had a wonderful voice.”

“Same to you,” I said with a grin. “How’d you guys sleep?”

“Good,” she drawled, sauntering over to me and plopping herself down on the bed. “Play me some more.”

Kelly eventually came up to join us as we sang, and I realized that the air between them felt happier, more gentle. Part of me questioned whether Brittany knew about last night’s hookup, but I pushed it away for the sake of the moment. I didn’t wanna think about any of that right now. I just wanted to enjoy their company as I basked in the rays of sunlight that hadn’t felt this good in months.

And so the next week or two went.

Finally, I was feeling better. Maybe Kelly had had the right idea, and all I needed was a good orgasm or two to get my mind off of things. I was happier now, though I could feel the memories of what my ex had done tugging at the edges of my mind. Instead, for the next two weeks, I tried my best to focus on the confidence boost I’d gained from my hookup with Kelly. My muscular body felt strong and revitalized, and I found myself going to the gym for fun again, rather than just to distract myself. We were a power trio again.

And still, the memories of what had happened still tried to pull me into the shadows again. I kept having dreams about Jamie, dreams where she’d scream at me, or turn into a giant monster, or just where I’d walk in on her over and over again. I still reminisced about the good memories I had with her, and the plans we’d had for our wedding. She would’ve looked so beautiful in her wedding dress, if the mere idea of her with another man hadn’t warped my mental image of her from an angel to a wretched succubus.

The girls, however, made sure I never fell too far into it.

Every time I started going a little too hard at the gym, Kelly would walk by and trace her hands along my biceps and my back, reminding me of her touch that night at the party. Every time I started feeling sluggish and tired at home, Brittany was there to give me a quick hug or a kiss on the cheek, making me feel safe and comfortable again. Did I notice when the gentle kisses and hugs and the occasional teasing started to escalate? Did I notice when Kelly would bend over in front of me and “accidentally” rubbed up against my dick? Did I notice the way she would make it a point to rub up against me while passing me in the hallway when she came to visit us? Did I notice when Brittany started showering with the door open, or let me walk in on her in the middle of changing?

No, not quite.

But I did notice the way Kelly’s tightly toned body looked ever-so-soft and touchable in the shorter shorts and tighter shirts she kept wearing to our house. And I noticed, against my better will, how Brittany’s body had filled out since we were younger. The way her hips looked perfectly grabbable, and her breasts were a perfect handful each. I knew I shouldn’t be thinking about my own sister like that, but as I’d told myself once or twice before, it was normal, right? She was the closest woman to me, of course my brain would drift that way.

So of course, in trying to justify my admiring of their bodies, I pushed away the dirty thoughts of them, and instead focused on just how fucking grateful for them I was. They were truly my everything, and I was lucky to have them.


All the teasing that I hadn’t caught on to came to a head one evening after I’d cooked dinner. I was washing dishes, humming to one of the songs I’d been writing, and I was sure Brittany and Kelly had gone upstairs - so I was a little startled when a soft pair of hands with immaculate nails wrapped around me, tracing their way down my chest and stroking the outline of my soft cock in my pants. I sighed, grinning. “Kelly, come on… Brittany’s gonna catch us.”

“What’s so wrong with that?”

I immediately spun around, my heart racing. That voice wasn’t Kelly’s.

Brittany was smiling at me, her hands up in mock surrender. “Easy, dude, you’re fine,” she teased lightheartedly.

“No, no, not fine, what exactly were you doing?” I sputtered, flustered with myself for getting hard at her touch.

“Brandon, chill,” Kelly said, and I noticed she had perched herself on the counter, also smiling brightly at me.

“No, this is not chill. Brittany, we’re close, you know that, but that was -”

“I know what Kelly did for you,” Brittany said gently. “I know she helped you. And I wanna help you too.” She reached forward, and my hands gripped the counter behind me, frozen as she started to undo my belt. “We’re adults. We know what we’re doing. I just want to help you forget about Jamie.” I couldn’t respond. All I could do was sit there, pressed up against the counter. I wanted this, and my body knew it, judging by the way that my cock stood straight up as my sister freed me. I watched anxiously as she lowered herself to her knees, unsure of whether I should stop her or not. She was right, we were adults, and she just wanted to help, right?

“You’re okay, Brandon,” Kelly said softly, sauntering over and putting her hand on my chest. “We just wanna make you feel good.”

“We… we shouldn’t be doing this.”

That was all I could muster before Brittany took the head of my cock into her mouth, and Kelly’s hand wrapped around the base.

All rational thought flew out the window. I was awash in absolute bliss. One woman doing this would’ve been amazing, but two? Christ, I was in heaven. Kelly’s hand kept perfect time with Brittany’s mouth, pumping me slowly and deliberately. My sister worked with her tongue, swirling it around the head before dragging it back and forth over the underside of the tip. I brought my hand up to my mouth and bit down on my knuckles in a feeble attempt to stop the obscene noises rising in my throat. Kelly pushed my hand away gently, her own hand touching my face as she leaned in and kissed me. I moaned as her tongue slid past my lips, welcoming her ministrations as Brittany sucked me off. Fuck, this was incredible. This was, quite literally, a dream come true.

My heart felt like it was going to burst right out of my chest as Kelly suddenly let go of my dick, and Brittany took nearly every inch down her throat. She was shockingly skilled, more so than our best friend, and I was glad that this time, I felt like I was going to last longer than the hookup at the party a few weeks ago. I broke my kiss with Kelly, my head falling back in pleasure as my hips pressed forward against my sister’s face, and I shivered as Kelly trailed sloppy kisses down my jawline, over my sensitive neck. Fucking hell.

“We, um… could we t-take this to one of… fuck… one of the bedrooms?” I huffed, my chest heaving as I tried to breathe. “Or just the living room. T-that works.”

Brittany pulled away, and the girls looked at each other and giggled. Brittany stood up, and together they led me to the living room, where the dying sun was shining warmly through the barely-open windows. The girls put me on the couch and tugged my pants off, and my eyes widened as they both dropped to their knees in front of me. My cock was throbbing by now, and as Kelly’s tongue touched it first, I closed my eyes and let myself enjoy the sensations flooding my body.

Both of them put their lips around the sides of my shaft, moving up and down in almost perfect sync. Their tongues slicked up and down the length of it, and I could only lay back and groan in absolute bliss. I tried my hardest not to squirm as one of their tongues hesitated on the tip, licking circles around it before deepthroating me, wriggling back and forth over the base as my eight inches poked into the back of her throat. The muscles spasmed around my tip as she gagged, but she managed to take me regardless. The other girl moved down to my sack, gently sucking my balls into her mouth and moving her tongue over them in ways that had me dizzy. I opened my eyes to look, and was met with Brittany’s brown doe-eyes blinking up at me as she took every inch of me into her mouth. Fuck me, she was more talented than I could’ve ever imagined. I reached forward to stroke her hair out of her face, catching a whiff of her strawberries-and-vanilla shampoo, and she pulled off of me with teary eyes from taking me so deep, grinning at me as she sucked the first few inches, up and down, up and down.

Kelly pulled away as well, and I almost protested at the sudden feeling of emptiness. I kept quiet, however, as they pulled me gently onto the floor with them. I haphazardly tugged off my shirt on the way down, and they giggled, their hands exploring my chest and hips as they laid me on my back. Kelly glanced at me. “Comfortable?” she asked, her mouth wet with drool and precum. I nodded so fast I thought my head would fly off.

They laughed like little schoolgirls at a slumber party as they started to undress each other, and I stared, mesmerized once again by the perfection of their bodies. Slim, smooth-skinned, lightly tanned beauties with perky tits that bounced just a little as they unhooked each other’s bras. For a moment I wondered if they’d ever seen each other this naked - then suddenly my best friend was stroking my cock again, and my sister was mounting my face.

I stared up at her, hypnotized, as her pussy hovered right above my face. She was perfect in every way, and the pinkness beckoned to me like a fucking siren. I took a deep breath through my nose, wanting to smell her, and fuck, all it did was make me want her more. I couldn’t help myself - I knew it was wrong, but I wanted it so goddamn bad. Before I could rationalize a damn thing, I poked out my tongue and flicked it over her clit, drawing a moan from her.

My sister tasted fucking heavenly.

I reached up and grabbed her around the thighs, pulling her down onto my face. She gasped, moaning again as my tongue immediately entered her, lapping up all of her sweeter-than-honey juices. I couldn’t get enough, and her thighs were suddenly trembling in my palms as she reached down and grabbed a loose handful of my hair. I was so entranced by her wet, delicious pussy that I had almost forgotten about Kelly stroking my dick, until I suddenly felt her straddling me as well, a moment before the head of my cock slid deep into her all-too-familiar pussy. I moaned loudly, the vibrations making Brittany squirm on my face, and I prodded deeper with my tongue, my hips thrusting upward into the tight depths of Kelly’s pussy. Everything around me was so wet and warm and delicious, I could die now and die a happy man.

My hands held Brittany tighter as I let my tongue explore her folds, flicking over her clit before sucking gently on whatever I could find. I didn’t give a shit about giving good head right now, I knew I was skilled enough that whatever I did was pleasurable. I only wanted to taste her. Meanwhile, Kelly was riding me at an agonizingly slow pace, gliding up and down on my throbbing cock with the muscles in her pussy tightened so that I could feel every texture within. I was surprised, honestly, that I hadn’t cum already. Brittany leaned forward a little, her soft brown hair falling in a gorgeous curtain around her sweet face, her mouth agape as she moaned, her hips bucking over my face. Her movements were faster and more needy than Kelly’s, and I realized that I hadn’t seen my sister visit a guy or bring one home in a while. Shit, she probably needed this as bad as I did.

Kelly started to pick up the pace, slowly but surely speeding up until she was truly riding me. I was overwhelmed with pleasure now, and it seemed to be the case for the girls as well. Are they really going to cum at the same time? I thought to myself, feeling my cock twitch excitedly. I was almost right - Kelly’s inner walls spasmed and quivered around me, and I heard her moaning louder as Brittany bit her lip and shut her eyes tight. My sister humped my face for just a moment longer before her legs started to shake, and I felt her clit throbbing against my tongue as a small trickle of thick, sticky cream touched my chin. Jesus fuck, this was perfect.

The girls rode me for just a little bit longer, and I allowed myself to let go and be used, until Brittany finally settled down and said something that made my dick twitch again and my heart beat impossibly faster: “Kelly, get off. I wanna fuck him.”

I moaned at the thought of it, dazed and thrilled as the girls rearranged themselves. Before I knew it, Brittany was sitting on the couch, her legs spread, with Kelly right beside her in the same position. Two perfect pussies, all mine. I sat up on my knees, staring. Their hips were at the perfect height for me to fuck them, and as I looked at Kelly, she giggled and gestured to my sister, who reached down with one hand to spread her pussy lips open for me, the soft pink folds practically begging to be railed.

Quietly, I moved forward, taking my cock in my hand and rubbing the tip up and down her pussy. She was so soft, and wet, and I took a deep breath before pushing in as slow as possible. I wanted to savor the feeling of her around my dick.

Every inch felt like heaven. As I pushed further and further in, I couldn’t help but fall forward, gritting my teeth in an effort not to cum right then and there. Her pussy felt like it was fucking made to take my cock, and I could only stare at her face as I pressed in to the hilt, watching as her expression screwed up in pain from the penetration, but she nodded to me to go deeper, and suddenly our hips were flush against each other. Slowly, gently, I started to slide in and out. I sat up, and my fingers found Kelly’s pussy, sliding in with ease. Kelly leaned over to kiss Brittany as I fucked them both, and I moaned at the sight. I knew I wasn’t going to last very long, but I wanted to make it as mind-blowing as possible, for all of us. It took everything I had to hold back from pounding Brittany relentlessly, but I managed, carefully pumping in and out of her as my fingers worked inside my best friend.

Brittany broke the kiss with Kelly to tip her head back for a moment, and with Kelly’s hands roaming back and forth over her breasts, before looking up at me. “Brandon, please… faster.”

I groaned in sheer pleasure and did as she asked, my hips speeding up as I fucked her. She was so fucking tight, so soft, dripping wet like her body was begging for me. I couldn’t take it. “I need to fuck you,” I said, breathless, “I need to fuck you hard and fast, please.”

“Yes!” Brittany moaned loudly, and it was all I needed.

Almost immediately, I began pounding her, fucking her like an animal in heat. My fingers moved in and out of Kelly’s wet pussy, and I was thriving off of the moans that were quickly turning into screams of pleasure, each of the girls begging for more, telling me how good I was, how they were mine, all mine, how they were mine to use and fuck. They were shaking, trembling, and I could tell we were all getting closer. I could feel it surging through my body, every cell aching for release, and I could feel both the girls tighten around my fingers and cock as their own orgasms built faster and faster. I glanced down, amazed by the way my sister’s pussy gripped around my shaft, impossibly stretched open by the girth alone.

Fuck, these girls were made for me.

I grunted like a fucking animal as I felt my body start to tremble, the first few sparks of my own climax sending shivers down my spine, and I glanced back up at the girls’ faces. “Fuck… shit, I’m gonna cum,” I huffed, fucking Brittany harder.

“Cum inside her,” Kelly gasped, with my sister looking up at me pleadingly. It was all I needed to send me over the edge. My hips faltered, and I used the last of my strength to thrust as deep as I could into Brittany’s tight pussy, making her scream in pleasure as a splash of warm liquid hit my lower belly, her pussy tightening around me as if her body was milking me for all my worth. In the same moment, Kelly reached down to grab my wrist as I played with her, not wanting me to stop as she came on my fingers. In that moment, as I shut my eyes and filled Brittany’s pussy and felt them both shaking against me, we were nothing but a single moaning, trembling, sweating, euphoric mess.

For a moment, I let myself float through the waves of pleasure. Then I opened my eyes to two smiling, tired-looking girls that meant the world to me. Gently, I pulled my fingers out of Kelly’s pussy, then slowly pulled out of Brittany’s, much to both of their dismay. I laughed as they pouted half-heartedly at me. “Hey, hey, come here,” I said in a shaky, breathless voice. I rearranged us so that I was laying between them, with one of them under each arm, their heads resting on my bare, sweaty chest. “That was… wow.”

“Yeah,” Brittany purred, “wow.” She looked up at me, smiling lazily. “So… you feel better?”

“Much better,” I smiled, realizing that the memories of my ex no longer had such a tight hold on me. “Thank you.” I craned my neck to kiss each of them on the head, my body still feeling weightless.

“We love you, Brandon,” Kelly said, sounding sleepy.

“Yeah, we love you,” Brittany added through a yawn. “Glad we could help you.”

I smiled, staring up at the ceiling and marveling at how fucking lucky I was to have them both in my life. “I love you, too. Both of you.”


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