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How Ronie show gratitude to his mom with sex
The "Absentee Mom"

We all thought the pandemic would be over in three months, or at worst, six months. So Dan, my husband, and I decided to shut down the business and leave the city. Our friend, Steve, invited us to share his vila in Florida. Dan accepted the offer but I declined to come along because Steve had a young new wife and I was still very close to his ex-wife, Josephin. I felt it would be a betrayal of our friendship if I decided otherwise. My son, Ronie had just had a fight with his father over what he planned to do with his life and so he was not going either.

I decided to spend the next few months with Ronie in my parent's old house in the countryside. He had just returned from his year long "vagobonding"/ "bumping around" in Europe. We had not been back here since my mom passed away two years ago. It took us three whole days to clean up the inside and many more days to get the yards back to any semblance of domestic orderliness. It would be the longest duration in memory that Ronie and I would live together as mother and son. Ronie was brought up mostly by his grandmother and nanny and had spent most of his teen years in a boarding school up state.

It was not an exageration to say that on our second day living as adults together I realised that we were not acting like mother and son towards each other. Ronie refused to engage me in any meaningful conversation. And he demonstrated an inordinate and surreptitious interest in my body. Actually I should not have been that surprised. I imagined, to him psychologically, I was maybe twenty percent a mother and eighty percent just another sexy mature women. Because I had given him very little mothering. He was always staring at parts of my body. My body-mass consisted of a 5 ft. 10 ins frame, and the rest of the 160 pounds was mostly made up of my big butt, thick thighs, an ample tummy and a pair of heavy droopy tits. As I worked around the place I constantly caught Ronie quietly admiring my body. A week later, one evening after dinner, I decided to do something to close the chasm between us.

"So. You are going for English literature in college next year?"


"No? I thought you were keen on creative writing. Haven't you spent many afternoons taking lessons from the writer, Angelina?"

"That was just a passing phase."

"Oh. Like your infatuation with Angelina. A passing phase..."

"So you knew about Angelina and me. Why haven't you say something about it?"

"I think what you really mean to ask is why I haven't objected to your sexual relation with a much older woman. Well, the answer is that I saw nothing wrong with you having sex with Angelina. At the time you were already an adult and I knew Angelina is a good woman."

"Mom, would you have sex with a man almost half your age?"

"I am happily married. So far I have not had to make that kind of a choice. But I can say that in the right circumstances I am not averse to it."

I have certainly given Ronie a clear enough message. The conversation drifted into some mundane chit chat before we called it a night. But I still have some reservations though. Before letting things go any further I needed to be doubly sure. Angelina had told me how she was caught in some embarassing situations when her young men were not really prepared for sex with a much older woman. It was one thing for Ronie to lust after my voluptuous body when it was sort of "camouflaged" in fine clothings and cosmetics. But when confronted with droopy tits, out of shape pussy, wrinkled butt and thighs, would he still get hard on his own? It would be quite disappointing and embarassing if I had to suck him hard.

The next morning before going out to work in the yard I removed my cosmetics. I wore very short shorts to expose my slightly protruding stomach and the blemishes and ungly features of my butt and thighs. I wore a lose shirt with no bra support for my droopy tits. Ronie worked besides me staking the branches and twigs we had chopped down yesterday. He had a really close look at my body. After about half an hour I stopped.

"I am going to have a shower. Would you like to help me scrub my back?". Ronie followed me into the bathroom. I took off my clothes and turned around to look at Rone. He was naked too. And his hard cock convinced me thatt my old body is good enough for him. I had a quick shower. He did not even have to scrub my back. I left him to have his own shower and walk sexually away, knowing that he was appreciating my big arse.

Ronie came into my bedroom a few minutes later. He was taking me on! He laid down next to me and immediately took hold of my tits, kneading and rubbing them. As he leant in and licked my neck I turned and took his lips for a hard kiss. He broke off the kiss to suck on my nipples and his right palm moved to lightly squeeze my pussy through the shorts.

"Hey! Your boxer shorts is starting to look too tight for comfort. Why don't you take it off. And mine too"

As his shorts came off I could confirm that he did have a very hard 7 ins cock. Next he took off his shirt and with some difficulty slowly pulled my very tight shorts off my butt and thighs. He then rested on his left side and caressed the inside of my thighs with his right hand. Next he used his palm to rub up and down my labias.

"Oh. That is good. So you know the Hindu tantric art of Yoni vagina massage."

He put an inch or more of his finger into my vagina and made circles along the inside of my hole. Much like what you would do cleaning the inside of a jar of honey. He moved between my thighs, inserted his thick thumbs and moved them up and down inside the entrance of my pussy, paying particular attention to the perineum which separated the vagina from the anus. As if that was not enough he started to eat my pussy ernestly, running his tongue over my labias and my clit.

"Honey Baby. I hope you have what it takes to fuck the hell out of me..... Now!"

He pressed his body down on me after having pushed his cock deep into me. His cock moved piston-like inside my pussy, lubricated by my pussy juice. I have not experienced this kind of furious poundings for a very, very long time now. I moved my butt up to meet many of his cock's downward thrusts and also sideway to increase the pressure on his cock.

"God. Fuck. Fuck. Ah. Urg. si. si. si. si." I clenched my teeth tight and starting sucking in my breath threw them.

The orgasm came early and was a lot more intense than usualy. My thighs actually trembled a little.

"Come. Let's finish you off in my mouth"

I raised myself up to lean against the headboard while Ronie shifted to kneel on my right side. I turned and took most of his cock in my mouth. I alternated between caressing the cockhead with my tongue, and squeezing and stroking his cock shaft with my lips. When I felt he was near I squeezed his cock tightly with my hand making his cockhead swell slightly and more sensitive. As my tongue caressed his cockhead Ronie gave a long, loud groan and shot his load into me in spurts.

"I am sure ours was the first incident of incest in our entire family history." I smiled self consciously.

"There will be lots more. I plan to compensate you with pleasure for the pain you suffered while birthing me." Ronie turned and kissed me on the mouth.

Ronie was a man of his word. The next few weeks were blissful as Ronie sought to fuck me every chance he got. We talked about what to do when Dan came back. We were sure we would find some ways to continue. Our bond of sex and love grew stronger as the days passed.

It ought to feel like a honeymoon for me, except that I was approaching my 40. I tried keeping the fucking to at most three times a week. This was not enough for Ronie. But I felt it was time for him to learn about compromise, in sex and in other aspects of life. But more than that, an idea was slowly taking shape in my mind that sex could be an instrument to bring some discipline into his life and maybe even to guide him onto a path that I thought would be good for him. So instead of simply denying him more vaginal sex I would give him more sexual relief by my mouth, my hand or even my anal.

"I am going to give you anal sex. I am not expecting my orgasm from it. And you must stop as and when I wish you to stop."

The very sight of my naked body was enough to get his cock hard. But to make sure that he needed to fuck my asshole less to get his orgasm, I decided to give his cock plenty of oral and hand stimulation first. It has been years since I first tried anal sex for its novelty but never learned to love it. I bent over the back of the couch in the living room. Even with a very hard cock and my relaxed sphinster he needed plenty of lubrication to penetrate my anus. With much effort on his part and some pain on my part, he got in. He was in sexual highs because my big fat arse, as seen from the back, and this tight hole, were his favourite. I had never got an orgasm out of an anal fuck before, but for Ronie I would go for it one more time. I rubbed my wet, slippery labias and clit in time with his fucking. Even though I had kind of "lost control" just one minute into it and farted loudly, Ronie, like a trooper, kept at it until he blew his load in less than five minutes. I still did not get an orgasm. After he had recovered I tried to get closer to him with more intimate, probbing conversation

"I would like to hear your opinion on woman in general. Maybe you also can say something about me."

"I suppose, like most men I dislike domineering women. But I seem to attract many of them. I would say Angelina and my last girlfriend were domineering women."

"Oh! Interesting! Surely I wasn't one of them. If I were a proper mom, I would have to dominate you to raise you properly. By the way, how do you feel about having sex with your mom?"

"Do you even need to ask? Wao! Wao! Wao! Mom"

Good to know! I would be careful and avoid any act that could be construed by him as dominating. Time flies as the inconvenience and boredom brought about by the quaratine were ameliorated by our enjoyable incest. Fast forward. Dan came back from his holiday and the stars of this story have to adjust to a new situation. Before I knew what routine Dan would follow in this new environment I did not have a chart to navigate around it to carry on with incest. This meant I suspended all sexual contact with Ronie. Three days later Dan, the foodie, could no longer stand the frozen food and canned food that we had and decided to go to a big town two hour's drive away to stock up on his favourite food.

He decided to drive the old junk Dad had given him. They shared a love for such old relics. Twenty minutes later the car broke down. He called the workshop which had been taking care of this old junk for the past ten years. After towing the junk back to the workshop the guy gave him a lift home. But he would not risk getting his car stuck in the half flooded, muddy country road so he droped Dan off some distance away and Dan had to trudge through the mud to get home.

When Dan left I did all I could to hold Ronie at bay before finally giving in. He wanted to play out a fucking scene in the kitchen where I would be preparing food in just an apron and stilettoes. I decided to humour him. I leant over the counter with just a slight bent at the waist. Ronie kept an upright standing posture when he pushed his cock in. Because of my thick butt-cheeks, even with his 7 ins. cock he managed to get just three inches inside me. With his hands on my shoulders he banged hard at my butt-cheeks to get more of his cock into me. Maybe this way he would last longer. I hoped this old body of mine could take this much pounding.

When Dan got back he walked around the house and headed straight for the kitchen where he could get rid of the dirty shoes and pants and get himself a big drink.

As Dan got closer, looking through the kitchen door which was opened to the yard, he saw the whole fucking scene. He was stunned for two whole minutes before turning around and headed back to the front of the house. How could Dan, already in such a foul mood, keep his cool and not burst upon the scene? The answer was that I was the dominant character in the marriage relationship. Few people realised that it was I who had built up the business. Fewer people knew that sex-wise Dan actually owed me a big debt. He was caught fucking the female employees twice and I forgave him for both infractions. Dan called out loud at the front door, announcing his return so that Ronie and I could get ourselves ready for him.

Dan kept his secret in his head for two whole days before breeching his defensive wall that night and told me that he had seen us fucking in the kitchen. I was surprised but I was ready for the possibility of such a confrontation.

"It shouldn't be such a big deal, should it? After all he is your very own son. It was a custom in some cultures for the son to inherit his father's harem. Ghenghiz Khan didn't mind it!" I smiled and Dan smiled back. Perhaps sheepishly.

"I wanted Ronie to get his life in order. And maybe to take over our business. Do you know of a better way to turn him around?"

A good fuck with Dan that ended that night kind of sealed a deal between Dan and I. He worked extra hard at eating my pussy that night.
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